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The United States In Bible Prophecy

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The Ten Horns, Crowns, Kingdoms, Of Daniel & Revelation 13/17
Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Basrah, Baghdad and Mosul = Iraq

Why Don't Muslim Nations Unify Instead Of Fighting Each Other?
The Ten Kingdoms of the Middle East:
No better description of the Ten Kingdoms can be found than the toes of the Neb. Statue. It perfectly describes the inability of these ten Muslim Nations to come to an agreement with each other = partly broken, and yet at the same time they are bound by the same Islamic Religion = partly strong. Even though they are similar in religion they will not cleave one to another, or unite in common purpose. That is the reason why there has not been a unified Muslim federation of nations in the Middle East. Though they are of similar persuasion, they constantly squabble with each other. 
In the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed - Daniel 2: 31-45

ISIS Doesn't Exist By Itself
Muslim Nations Are Funding Mercenary Armies To Bring Down Neighboring Muslim Nations
U.S. & Allies Take Advantage Of This Infighting And Bring About Regime Change By Toppling Unfavorable Governments
‘West seeks Assad ouster via militants’

US ‘leverage in Syria’ thanks to collusion with terrorists 

Lebanese Source: US, French Intelligence Officers Captured by Hezbollah in Aleppo

Al-Nusra Terrorists Continue to Cross Turkish Border into Northern Syria

Is Turkey's Military About to Intervene to Save the Country From Erdogan?

US says no to Russia over Syria strikes

Senior US commander secretly visits Syria to ‘prepare push to Raqqa’

Scores of Terrorists Surrender in Damascus

Syria asks Russia to rebuild its energy sector 

13 Iraqi Resistance Forces Lay Siege on Fallujah From 4 Directions

Israel ‘infected by seeds of fascism’ - ex-PM after Netanyahu’s rightward shift 

‘War minister!’ Hundreds rally in Tel Aviv to decry Israeli PM’s defense chief pick 

Is The West Trying To Commit Suicide Via WWIII?
There's sound physiological evidence that warns of the possible development of self destructive impulses when individuals are faced with imminent defeat, romantic trouble, imprisonment, or loss of financial resources, control and power. It is, or has been, the motive behind many suicides since the beginning of time. This also applies to nations, empires, and to those individuals and controlling groups within. There are examples in history, such as recent world wars, where whole nations and governments, and individual rulers thereof, chose personal, political, and national suicide, rather than defeat or loss of power and control. The idea is to win or take the whole ship down trying. When we begin to observe these self destructive actions being played out in the international arena of finance and state, it's a sure sign of some impending major event, such as a natural disaster, global financial/economic crash, or the collapse of regional power and financial/currency systems. The minions of these political and financial domains are aware of these coming events, and are powerless to prevent what's to come, and are now in panic mode, and even suicidal in foreign policy and financial affairs. We witness these events daily in the news by the reckless and extreme action of nations and governments in the financial and international arena. Examples such as Q.E., exploding national debt, currency warfare, economic sanctions, warmongering, saber rattling, provocative military maneuvers, state sponsored terrorism, are all signs that great powers and empires are now facing their imminent demise, and they know it. Nations and empires are about to fall, and as a result becoming reckless and suicidal in course of action. Proxy wars are now being fought over control of future boundaries. Allies are choosing sides. Whole regions are aligning and re-aligning in a cold war soon to become hot. As a result, we are all in great danger of a nuclear war by reprobates who are attempting to shape reality to their own heinous self serving plans, or destroy the world in trying to keep the status quo and their grip on power. Everybody loses in a nuclear war, insomuch as no flesh will remain alive. In this, there is a Biblical promise, that for the elect sake, these days shall be shortened - Matthew 24: 22. The inevitable destruction of humanity by nuclear war will not be allowed to happen, and will be prevented by the sudden and unexpected arrival of the Kingdom of God in a mass arrival scenario. To this end we now await the coming legions of Heaven as humanity lives out the final chapters of the Book of Revelation in this generation. 

Russia Has Last Seen Such Amassing of Hostile Forces on Its Borders in 1941

WWIII? A "Hybrid Geo-Financial War" Between NATO and Russia Is Dangerously Escalating

Europe realized isolating Russia is ‘failed policy’ – Russia’s envoy to NATO 

ASEAN ready to ‘seriously look into’ free-trade deal with Russia-led EAEU – Malaysian PM to RT —

Russian trade with ASEAN expanding

The EU, not the US, Is Russia’s Major Opponent in the West

Russia Remains Determined To Stop Israel-Turkey Pipeline Deal

Hell opens? Costa Rica volcano erupts, spewing ash, column of smoke (PHOTOS)

Horseradish Removes Cancer From The Body 


Global Economic/Financial Collapse Of Revelation 18
Awaiting A Trigger Event
Could Be War - Natural Disaster - Political Unrest - Collapse Of E.U./Nations - Market Correction - Dollar Devaluation
The Calm Before the Coming Global Storm

Recipe For Financial Disaster
U.S. Debt Deepens While Previous Debt Buyers Now Dump Dollar Assets For Gold
U.S. debt dump deepens in 2016 

Going for Gold: Russia, China Ditch Billions of Dollars for Prized Bullion

Warnings Of Imminent Crash Now Abound
Undeniable Evidence That The Real Economy Is Already In Recession Mode

Global Strategist Warns: "There Is Insane Speculation... Investors Are Fleeing To Safety... A Lot Of Unknowns"

Bank of America Corp(NYSE:BAC) Reveals Nine "Reasons To Worry" About A Big Market Drop

Here Is A Major Black Swan Event
Could Trigger A Global Financial Meltdown In One Hour - Rev 18
Evidence That Tectonic Pressure Is Building Along The Entire Western Portion Of The United States
A major seismic event along the west coast of the United States is very much in the cards. It's not a question of if, but when? Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland Oregon, and Seattle Washington, are all in extreme danger of major earthquake activity in the weeks and months ahead. Pressure is building between the Pacific and North American Tectonic Plates, as volcanic and earthquake activity continue to plague the entire Pacific Rim of Fire. This increasing pressure is extending deep into the North American plate as volcanic activity increases all along the western states region. Should a major volcanic or seismic event happen in the United States, there will be financial and economic ramifications enough to trigger a global market and banking collapse. 

Swarm of 62 earthquakes rattles Mount Hood Volcano in 24 hours - Strange Sounds

Major Eruption Imminent? Earthquake Swarms Reported At Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier And Mt. St. Helens

The San Andreas Fault Is About to Crack

6.7 earthquake strikes western Ecuador - USGS 

1 Killed, 85 Injured in Ecuador's Latest Earthquakes

An unusual earthquake in Japan is prompting calls for new skyscraper designs 

Bad Karma Comes To Nations & People Who Engage In Aggressive Warfare
This US Government Is The Most Corrupt In History

 Obama at War Longer than any President in History 

‘Obama’s US exceptionalism statements rival Hitler quotes’ – top Russian judge 

"We're Running A Casino" Congressman Admits DC Is A "Sinkhole Of Leeches"

Obama rushes to kill the economy in final months 

Over Half of US Population Favors Repealing Obamacare

Bad Karma Extends To U.S. Allies That Aid U.S. War Activities
EU is in process of collapsing on itself: – Marine Le Pen to RT (EXCLUSIVE)

Erdogan is a ‘Ruthless Tyrant Digging his Own Grave’

US's Plan B in Syria Would Legitimize Daesh

‘Saudi Arabia’s Plan B on Syria calls for support for terrorists’ 

US, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi mull Syria op’

Saudi Arabia warns of ‘Plan B’ for Syria while US calls on all sides to work together 

Senate Unanimously Passes Bill Allowing 9/11 Families to Sue Saudi Arabia 

House Rejects Bill That Would Lead to Debate on ISIS War Authorization

Russian Planes Soon to Return to Syria, This Time Ship-Based

Russia Attacks ISIS In Syria

Syria: After Detours US Finally Agrees to Russian Ceasefire Plan

Playing With Fire & WWIII
Calls Into Question The Sanity Of Those In Charge
Unless Those Days Are Shortened No Flesh Will Survive - Jesus - Matthew 24: 22
Obama Launches Military Buildup Along Russia’s Borders Out of ‘Total Panic’

NATO exercises on Russian border: Are these people actually mad? 

NATO Missile Shield Is Practically Guaranteeing a Russian First Strike

Obama Ratchets Up to Invade Russia

Putin Is Being Pushed to Abandon His Conciliatory Approach to the West and Prepare for War


Lavrov: There are grounds to say Turkey benefits from oil business with terrorists

It’s Official! Turkey is Abetting ISIS in Syria

Records on ISIS terrorists ignored: Turkish MP accuses govt, passes police data to media 

King of Europe: Erdogan's Greatest Weakness Emerges

ISIS covers fighters’ hefty bills in Turkish hospitals, leaked phone taps reveal

A Friend in Need: Iran Sending Hundred Military Advisors to Syria and Iraq

Terrorists being used as ‘asymmetrical weapon of destabilization’ in Yemen 

Saudi Arabia Gives Green Light to Al-Qaeda's Deployment in Southern Yemen

Declassified documents detail 9/11 commission's inquiry into Saudi Arabia

Moodys downgrades Saudi Arabia 

US reveals Saudi Arabia’s US debt holdings for the first time (and it’s big)

Architects of disastrous Iraq War still at large 

Lawmakers to Obama: Don’t Supply Syrian Rebels with Stingers

The U.S. Army’s War Over Russia -

US, Russia Trade Warnings Over North European Buildup 

‘Ludicrous to believe NATO missile defense in Eastern Europe not targeting Russia’ 

‘Moscow has every right to feel threatened by US missile defense in Romania’

Anti-Russian sanctions should be lifted ASAP – leader of Saxony, Germany 

US predicted that sanctions would tear Russian economy apart, but they didn’t – finance minister 

The Psychotic Militarization of Law Enforcement

Paralyzed by Fear - America's Descent Into Insanity

Defense Bill Coming This Week: A Boost for War and Tyranny

"Markets Have No Purpose Any More" Mark Spitznagel Warns "Biggest Collapse In History" Is Inevitable 

400,000 People Just Had Their Pensions Cut By 50%: "Going to Happen To The Rest Of Pensions in the United States"

This is how the next financial crisis will spread around the world economy 

Why China's Redback Is the Single Biggest Threat to Dollar Hegemony

The End of Hegemony? Russian Bond Yields Plunge Below Pre-US Sanctions Levels

5.6 magnitude earthquake strikes outside Tokyo

Magnitude 4.7 Quake Strikes Off Japan’s Northeastern Coast - USGS

Japan riddled with active faults: a chain of major quakes could strike anywhere

The Center of Consciousness is One's Heart 

The truth isn’t that out there: Aliens existed in the past 


Syria: US Smoke and Mirrors to Protect Terrorist Proxies in Aleppo

Syrian rebels may have committed war crimes in Aleppo – Amnesty 

US, Britain, France Attempt to Bring Peace to Syria by the Clever Use of Salafist Jihadi Terrorists

Top Iranian Commander: Assad to Remain in Power Despite US Dreams, Wishes

Syria: ISIL Declares State of Emergency in Raqqa

 Trucks loaded with chemical warfare munitions spotted north of Aleppo

Syria – the war can be limited, by Thierry Meyssan

Russian Foreign Ministry: Turkey Aiding Daesh, Hindering Syrian Peace Talks

Leaked wiretaps of ISIS agents show Ankara routinely ignores terrorist cross-border activity 

Moscow calls on EU not to support Turkey’s plans of safety zones in Syria

Here Is Why Moscow Isn't Interested in an Aleppo Offensive Right Now

New Evidence Points to Saudi-9/11 Link, Battle Lingers Over Redacted Papers

Rumors in the Kingdom: What Elites Are Whispering About the Increasingly Shaky Saudi Regime 

Yemen's Ballistic Missile Hits Saudi Military Base in Jizan Province

‘Scared to death’ of US retaliation, Europe shuns trade with Iran 

Zionist Israel Hides Its Crimes Behind Its Smears of Truth-Tellers -

US: “Largest Ever” Aid to Israel -

Israeli Airstrikes over Damascus Confirmed

The United States Doesn't Give a Damn About International Law

Wikileaks Confirms: Brazil's New President Is a US Asset

Putin: Russia forced to consider tackling threat posed by NATO anti-missile shield 

 Putin: NATO’s missile shield complex activation in Romania complicates global situation

How Russia Could Emerge the King of OPEC

"Unconstitutional": Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Illegally Funded Without Congress Authorization

Everyone Is Still Selling: Biggest Monthly Outflow From Global Stocks Since US Downgrade

The San Andreas Fault Could Crack Soon—Here's What Will Happen When It Does 


Chastisement Of Babylon
For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities
Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double. How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she says in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judges her. And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buys their merchandise any more: Rev. 18: 6-11
With A Historic -150% Net Short Position, Carl Icahn Is Betting On An Imminent Market Collapse

Evidence A Crash Is Imminent
Nations & People Who Know Are Loading Up On Gold
Following The Crash Gold & Gold Backed Currencies Will Retain Value & Replace Fiat Currencies Including The Dollar
Central banks buying up gold to diversify away from US dollar 

Russia and China Continue Loading up on Gold Despite Rising Price

If So, The Petrol-Dollar Is Dead As Well
OPEC is dead, says Rosneft 

The Big Squeeze
Another Domino In Global Financial System Begins To Topple
E.U. Bankers & I.M.F. Squeezing European Nations For Debt
Revolt And E.U. Break-up Will Result As Global Debt System Implodes

‘France must move forward’: Govt imposes controversial labor reform by decree, despite opposition 

Financial Inequities & Taxation Fuel Revolution
It Was The Cause Of French & U.S. Revolutions Of Past History

‘Democracy, where are you?’ Clashes erupt after French govt forces through labor law

French govt forces labor bill without parliament approval, faces no-confidence vote 

From Nation To Empire
Stolen Wealth Used For Imperial Global Wars Instead Of Domestic Infrastructure
U.S. Government More Interested In Events In Iraq Than Events At Home
Extra $1.44 trillion needed to rectify US infrastructure problems

ISIS/ISIL Does Not Exist By Itself
It's Nations Hiring Mercenary Armies To Take Out Neighboring Nations
Nations And Armies Are Collapsing  Except For Those Nations Responsible For Hiring The Mercenaries In The First Place
Iraq on the brink of collapse 

ISIL on Verge of Collapse in Mosul

Those Pointing Fingers
Are Themselves Guilty Of What They Speak
Erdogan accuses EU of harboring terror groups, urges bloc to fix own laws 

U.S. & Allies Have Lost The Capacity To Negotiate & Propagate Peace
War Is The Only Answer Which Solves The Empire's Problems At The Expense Of Nations & People Abroad

Source: US Supporting Saudi Arabia to Wage All-Out War against Yemen

Saudi Military Threatens to Occupy Yemen Capital if Peace Talks Fail 

‘Yemen instability represents failed US policy throughout region’ 

IRGC Navy Commander: Iran Sees US as Only Threat

Israel's blockade keeps Gaza in the dark 

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires.
 He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. 
When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies - John 8: 44

Obama Has Broken the Promise Made to Russia to Demand Syrian Opposition Separates From Al-Qaeda

Playing With Fire
European Missile Shield: The US Has Just Restarted the Nuclear Arms Race

Russian Missile Capable Of Taking Out Entire State Of Texas
Russia to test massive Satan; N-missile

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The United States In Bible Prophecy

The United States is mentioned with outstanding clarity in Bible Prophecy, but few people are able to recognize it's identity. The Ten Kingdoms are not developing in Europe as people are taught to expect by most popular religious sources, but already exist in another area of the world, and few people recognize them. What is the importance of this? Because the Bible explains that the Kingdom of God will arrive following the rise of an eighth major world empire symbolized by the Second Beast of Revelation 13, and during the simultaneous reign of Ten Kingdoms symbolized by ten horns or crowns. When these come into existence, it is a sign that the arrival of the Kingdom of God is very close, and because these kingdoms already exist, the Kingdom of God is much closer to arrival than most people think.

"And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever"- Daniel 2: 44.

The European Union cannot be the location of the Ten Kingdoms. This idea is based on a theory that the Roman Empire is the forth beast/empire of Daniel, and that the Ten Kingdoms, represented by the ten horns, have their beginnings in Europe, in a reconstructed Roman Empire. There are twenty eight member nations in the E.U., and twenty eight is a number far greater than ten that the Bible very clearly defines over and over again. Yet, despite the obvious fact that there are more than ten member nations in the E.U., and the fact that Revelation 17, explains that the Ten Kingdoms will arise from an empire following that of the Roman Empire, these beliefs are still clung to as reality. However, when you dispose of these flawed understandings, the biblical identity of the eighth empire, and the Ten Kingdoms spring prophetically into view. 

Arrival of The Kingdom of God

The arrival of the Kingdom of God is a literal event that will soon take place in the future of humanity, and it will forever alter reality as we know it. It is the end of mankind's sojourn in this sorrowful realm of birth and death, and the ascension to eternal life. It is an event that will be led by the mass arrival of extraterrestrial beings biblically referred to as Angels, and when Jesus Christ returns. It is mentioned numerous times in both the Old and New Testament Bible, and is in fact the very purpose and foundation upon which the Bible is based. 

The Bible is a prophetic vision, and chronology of empires, and nations, symbolically represented, spanning the entire history of humanity, that lead up to the arrival of the Kingdom of God. It describes the development of eight major empires, and ten smaller kingdoms, that precede the arrival of the Kingdom of God, the final Kingdom that will reign upon the Earth. These eight empires all have one similarity in common. Each, no matter how briefly, ruled the location of ancient Babylon. The first seven empires are represented by the seven heads of the First Beast of Revelation 13. These seven empires have already come and gone. They were the Babylonian, Media Persian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Grecian, Roman and British Empires. The eighth empire is represented by the Second Beast of Revelation 13, and is the United States of America, which joined this lineup when it conquered and occupied Iraq, the location of Babylon.

The Ten Kingdoms that the Bible forecasted would arise and continue to exist at the time of the arrival of the Kingdom of God, have already been formed, and remain in existence today. No, they are not member states of the European Union; a common misconception by most. This theory is based upon the mistaken notion that the forth beast of Daniel was the Roman Empire, and that the Ten Kingdoms must therefore arise from the same area as the old Roman Empire. Actually, the Ten Kingdoms are in the area of the ancient Seleucid Empire, as foretold by Daniel , and now exist within eight nations located in the Middle East.

The forth beast of Daniel was not the Roman Empire, because as Daniel describes, "The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces." The Roman Empire was not diverse from rest, and it did not devour the whole earth. However, the British Empire was diverse from all the other previous empires, as an island nation with global sea power, and did literally devour the whole earth, because it was the world's first truly global empire, and it did tread down and break up the world into colonies, and later nations. There was a time when the sun never set on the British Empire, and just as Daniel foretold, ten kingdoms, or monarchies, did arise out of this kingdom in the Middle East.

By 1921 the British Empire held sway over a population of about 458 million people, approximately one-quarter of the world's population. It covered about 14.2 million square miles, about a quarter of the Earth's total land area. This certainly qualifies the British Empire as the forth beast of Daniel, and makes it very diverse from all the rest. The ten horns of Daniel arising from the forth beast are in fact the formation of ten Middle East monarchies, by the British Empire, after it gained control of The Middle East During World War One, following the defeat of Turkey, and the Ottoman Islamic Empire, in conjunction with treaties involving France, and the League of Nations. 

The ten kingdoms are.......Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, (Basrah, Baghdad and Mosul) = Iraq. The Ten Kingdoms were formed as monarchies, after the defeat of Turkey, and the Ottoman Islamic Empire, by the British Empire during World War I. Later, Basrah, Baghdad, and Mosul were combined to form the nation of Iraq, the little horn that uproots three, just as Daniel had foretold. 

The Ten Horns of Daniel are also the Ten Horns and Crowns mentioned within the Book of Revelation, that sit upon the seventh head of the First Beast of Revelation 13, symbolic of ten kingdoms arising from this seventh empire, and which remain in existence following it's collapse, and into a period when an eighth empire represented by the Second Beast of Revelation 13, rules the same area of the Middle East. The reason why the eighth empire is not within the body of the first beast is because it exists in a completely different geographical location, and on an entirely different continent, and is therefore represented as the Second Beast of Revelation 13. It is the North American Continent to be more exact, and the United States is the eighth and last great empire to rule the location of Babylon, before the arrival of the Kingdom of God.

United States Driven By Ancient Demon Of War
Beast From The Bottomless Pit Rises Again
The Beast That Was, Is Not, Yet Is - Revelation 13&17

But wait, there is still more. Woven within the prophecy of the eight empires, and the Ten Kingdoms, is another prophecy about a demonic manipulation of world events. The Bible explains that Alexander the Great, the first king of the Grecian Empire, was empowered by what is described as the dragon - Revelation 13, which is the same as the beast that ascends from the bottomless pit - Revelation 17, a demon of war and conquest - First Beast of Revelation 13. This is evidenced by the historical feats of Alexander, one of history's greatest conquerors, who forged the Grecian Empire. Alexander was a man whom legend and history describe as having almost miraculous power in his ability to conquer and make war, and of whom it is said wept because there were no more worlds to be conquered. 

With the sudden death of Alexander at a very young age, the Grecian Empire, which was the fifth biblically prophesized empire to exist prior to the arrival of the Kingdom of God, was divided into four smaller kingdoms, which wounded the Dragon, because plans for world domination via the Grecian Empire were thereby stopped. However, the Dragon returns as the beast that ascends from the bottomless pit during the future reign of an eighth empire. His deadly wound is healed insomuch as the Dragon commences original plans for war, conquest, and world domination, by empowering another man who presides over this eighth empire. 

Here we have the basis of the so called Anti-christ, another popular misnomer, because he is actually never referred to as Anti-christ in the Bible, but as the Beast. This of course means that if the United States is the eighth empire symbolized by the Second Beast of Revelation 13, the Beast must then be a President of the United States. Perhaps this is not symbolic of a specific man, but any man who becomes President, or is President, during the final closing days of this prophecy, because the eighth empire is covertly controlled by the Dragon. Any man elected President during this time is only the puppet of a secret ruling cabal, that actually gives the orders, and dictates policy, just as Alexander was given his power, and seat, and great authority, by the Dragon, and the same secret ruling cabal. 

There are a number of biblical prerequisites for the position of the Beast in this scenario. He must be the most powerful man in the world, and rule over a great world empire. He must be preoccupied with war, military might, and empire building. His name must be associated with money, because nobody can buy or sell without the number of his name. He must also be the ruler of Babylon = Iraq, the eyes, and the mouth speaking great things, within the little horn that uproots three, as described by Daniel. All of these prerequisites now exist within the definitive confines of the President of the United States. 

The President of the United States is the most powerful man on Earth, and rules over a great global military and economic empire. He is commander and chief of the greatest military machine in history. He is preoccupied with war and military might by virtue of the war on terrorism, and a power base that demands he protect, and expand the U.S. Empire. Former Presidents are printed on the face of U.S. currency, the world's reserve currency, and various Presidents represent the denominational amounts, so that nobody on Earth can buy or sell without using U.S. currency, the value of which is represented by a specific U.S. President, which is the number of his name. For example, Washington is one Dollar, and Franklin is one hundred Dollars, and so on - US Coins and Currency. The President of the United States was also the ruler of Babylon = Iraq, by virtue of conquest and U.S. military occupation.

The biblical prerequisites for the eighth and final empire represented by the Second Beast of Revelation 13, are that it must be the most powerful nation on Earth, dazzling the world with it's greatness, and a warlike nation that masquerades as peaceful, with horns like a lamb but speaks like a dragon. It must be an image of the ancient Grecian Empire, because it forces other nations of the world to remake themselves in the same image or likeness of the first beast that came before it, which was the fifth head of the First Beast of Revelation 13, the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great. It's monetary and financial system must be dominant worldwide, insomuch as nobody can buy or sell without the use of it's currency and financial system. 

All of the above prerequisites are met within the definitive confines of the United States of America. It is the most powerful nation on Earth, militarily, financially, and economically. Although appearing peaceful on it's exterior, the United States is very warlike, with a history of many wars, and current wars waged on a global scale, and a military budget second to none. It's military might is historically unprecedented. The United States is a copy or image of the ancient Grecian Empire, the founders of democracy, and the democratic republic. 

Grecia was a collection of individual constitutional republics, or city states, later ruled under a single federation, with Alexander as the first king, not unlike the United States, a similar collection of individual constitutional republics, or states, under a federal government presided over by a President. The founding fathers of the United States patterned their new nation in the image of ancient Grecia, and democracy, and a democratic republic. The United States also goes about forcing other nations to remake themselves in the same image, which is a copy of itself, and the first beast empire that came before it, the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great. Nations that don't worship this image are destroyed, and it's people killed. The U.S. financial and banking system are used globally, and it's currency, the dollar, is the world's reserve currency, so that nobody on Earth can buy or sell without the use of it's currency.

There is one other prophecy contained within Revelation 17-18, that further identifies the eighth empire as the United States of America. It describes the great city Babylon, and it's role as the center of a global economic empire which can be none other than New York City & Wall street. These passages also foretell of hatred from within the Ten Kingdoms that bring ruin to the global economy, and Babylon. This end time global economic and financial system is referred to as the Great Whore That Sits Upon Many Waters. The fall of Babylon, and the collapse of the global economy, are one of the last events just prior to the arrival of the Kingdom of God. How can this come about?

The United States is involved in a territorial dispute between Israel and Muslims over Palestine and Jerusalem, and arming Israel against Islamic Nations which include the Ten Kingdoms. It is engaged in a war on terrorism also involving the same Ten Kingdoms. The United States conquered Iraq, which contains three of the Ten Kingdoms, Basra, Baghdad, and Mosul, and is threatening Iran, another of the Ten Kingdoms, by imposing economic sanctions, and threatening possible military action. The war on terrorism, and the U.S. alliance with Israel, are causing great hatred of the U.S. amongst the Muslim populations within the Ten Kingdoms, and contributing to a greater threat of terrorism, and war throughout the region. 

The United States is contributing to the violent overthrow, and regime change within Syria, and the sale of military weapons and arms to Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, to be used against other Middle East Nations, while siding with Israel against Lebanon, all of which are among the same Ten Kingdoms. From these facts it can be safely concluded that a growing hatred of Mystery Babylon within the Ten Kingdoms has already begun, and insomuch as U.S. financial interests in the world are coupled with U.S. policy in the Middle East, it is no surprise that such hatred could lead to the financial and economic collapse of Babylon. 

The U.S. is dependant on Middle East oil supplied by the majority of the same Ten Kingdoms, which also hold vast reserves of U.S. denominated assets such as U.S Treasuries. The fact that oil is traded in U.S. Dollars gives the Dollar it's strength as the world's reserve currency, by forcing the nations of the world to hold vast reserves of U.S. Dollars, and to invest in U.S. Dollar assets such as U.S. Treasury Bonds, so as to transact the purchase of oil in U.S Dollars. Here is another fulfillment of Bible Prophecy, "These have one mind and give their power and strength unto the beast."- Rev.17: 13. 

(These have one mind), is to say that the Ten Kingdoms are all Muslim Nations, and (Give their power and strength to the beast), is to say that they give power to the Beast Empire by forcing global oil transactions to be in U.S. Dollars, thereby giving power and control of the global oil supply to the U.S., and strength to the Beast Empire by strengthening it's currency. The war on terrorism is perceived as a war on Islam by many within the Ten Kingdoms. Military funding of Middle East Nations allied with the United States, and the destabilization, and threats of war against non allied Middle East Nations, are bringing further hatred and dissention against the United States, from amongst the people within the Ten Kingdoms. 

Extended and protracted wars are causing a deepening financial burden for the United States, and weakening the dollar in the face of other economic and financial troubles now facing the nation. A resulting devaluation of the Dollar will cause a move out of the dollar, and a sell off of U.S. Dollar assets on a global scale, and also force the oil producing nations to trade in currencies other than the U.S. Dollar. Such a move out of the dollar, will bring down Babylon almost overnight, and the global financial and economic empire it supports. Given these facts, it is easy to see how a growing hatred of the U.S. within the Ten Kingdoms can bring down the empire, and it's global economy, dependant on Middle East oil, and the Dollar. As biblically foretold, hatred of Mystery Babylon by the Ten Kingdoms will bring down the entire global economic system.

The biblical prophecies concerning the eight great empires, and the Ten Kingdoms, foretold to happen prior to the arrival of the Kingdom of God have already come to pass. This means that the arrival of the Kingdom of God is very close, and much closer than most people now realize. However, most people believe that the Ten Kingdoms are yet to happen in some future European domain where the so called Anti-christ is yet to rule, despite the fact that at last count there were twenty eight member states in the European Union, and not ten as the Bible clearly defines. 

Perhaps that is why Jesus Christ said that many people will be taken by surprise when the Kingdom of God arrives. They are still waiting for these biblical prophecies to be fulfilled, while they have already come to pass right before their eyes. I can only conclude that the false prophet mentioned in the Book of Revelation has everything to do with the false interpretation of Bible Prophecy that blinds people to history, and keeps them from viewing their own nation, and their own leaders, as the fulfillment of these same prophecies.

But even so, there is one other prophecy related to the above that is yet to be fulfilled before the Kingdom of God arrives. It is the Abomination of Desolation, spoken of by Jesus Christ, as a final sign of His imminent return. The Abomination of Desolation has nothing to do with the so called Anti-christ placing a statue, or profaning a newly rebuilt Jewish Temple as many people now believe. In fact, the Bible actually indicates that the Jewish Temple will not be rebuilt - See Biblical Proof The Jewish Temple Will Not Be Rebuilt & The Reason Why

The Abomination of Desolation is actually the armies, Muslim armies to be sure, that stand in the holy place = Temple Mount, as the abominable cause of the desolation of Jerusalem by warfare. So, for those of you waiting for a final sign that the end is near, and the arrival of the Kingdom of God is at hand, I say to you, "Watch Jerusalem!" When you see the Abomination of Desolation as described by Jesus, Luke 21: 20-24, the Kingdom of God, and the return of Jesus Christ will be at the door. See also Holy Place And The Temple Mount.

Reference Map Of The Middle East


Amazing Fulfillment Of Bible Prophecy In This Generation
Main stream religion of today is wrong in the interpretation of these prophecies. They cannot see the forest for the trees. They expect the Beast Empire and the Ten Kingdoms to come into existence at some future time, while the Beast Empire and the Ten Kingdoms are already here. The so-called Anti-christ, biblically known as the Beast, is already here. That is why Jesus said that many would be taken by surprise when the Kingdom of God arrives. Blinded by false interpretation of these prophecies, they are still waiting for what has already manifested before them. Because these prophecies have already been fulfilled, the return of Christ, and the arrival of the Kingdom of God, are now at the door.

The Ten Kingdoms
These ten kingdoms were formed by the British Empire following WWI
Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Basrah, Baghdad, Mosul
Later, Basrah, Baghdad, and Mosul were combined to form the nation of Iraq, leaving eight.
"And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings." ( Basrah, Baghdad and Mosul = Iraq) - Daniel 7: 24
What Eight Nations Are Now Almost Daily In News Headlines?
Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Iraq

The Beast Empire
"And there are seven kings: five are fallen" (1) Babylon (2) Media Persia (3) Assyria (4) Egypt (5) Greece, "And one is" (6) Rome, "And the other is not yet come" (7) British Empire, "And when he comes, he must continue a short space." All of the above empires ruled the same area of Babylon = Iraq. Just as Biblically foretold, the British Empire ruled Iraq for only a short space following WWI. "And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth." (8) United States, "And is of the seven." The U.S. is of the seven because it also ruled Iraq = Babylon, via military conquest, and also because the U.S. is an image of the 5th empire (Greece), and the democratic republic. "And goes into perdition." Which means the United States will go into destruction. "And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings, (listed further above). "Which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast." In other words, the Beast Empire will exist at the same time as the Ten Kingdoms. "These have one mind." They are all Muslim. "And shall give their power and strength unto the beast." The strength of the United States is based upon the Petrol Dollar, in mutual agreement that Middle East oil can only be transacted in U.S. Dollars.

And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, 
Which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, 
but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever. Daniel 2-44.
The arrival of the Kingdom of God is now at the door

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