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Earth's Magnetic Field Moving Towards Siberia
Geophysical Pole-shift Now In Progress

Earth's Magnetic Field has Moved Unexpectedly, and Scientists Aren't Sure Why

Magnetic North Pole's 'Pretty Fast' Moving to Russia's Siberia - Scientists

The articles above point out two proven scientific facts.

1. The Earth’s magnetic north pole is migrating towards Siberia with ever increasing speed.
2. The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening.

With this in mind we can deduce the following facts and equations: 

The Earth is composed of mostly iron. The Earth’s geomagnetic field is produced by an electrically charged iron core/interior. This electro-magnetic field is projected outward and reaches far out into space surrounding the planet. It’s existence is expressed by the magnetic North & South Poles that cause a compass to point North. Solidified iron produces a strong magnetic field, whereas molten iron cannot be magnetized. Therefore, a weakening geo-electromagnetic field is a sign of an increasingly molten and liquefied iron core interior which cannot hold an electromagnetic field. The increasing molten liquidity of iron within the interior of the planet can only be explained by an increase in the internal temperature of the planet. 

The Earth’s crust consists of large tectonic plates separated by cracks and fault lines which float on a sea of molten magma below. The tectonic plates are likewise mostly composed of iron in layers ranging from a hard surface crust to an increasingly pliable and molten condition the deeper down you go. The greater temperature and liquidity of the molten iron/magma beneath the tectonic plates produces increasing volcanic activity as internal pressure tends to vent towards the surface. This same increasing liquidity of the iron core interior also produces greater instability beneath the various tectonic plates floating above, as magma currents become more turbulent and shift as dictated by internal pressure and centrifugal force exerted by the spinning planet. 

The shifting mass, increasing pressure, and greater turbulence of the molten sea upon which the tectonic plates float causes a greater movement and interaction between fault lines resulting in greater earthquake activity on a global scale. The excess heat generated by the interior of the planet is radiating outward through the crust and thereby warming the seas and landmasses above, and melting the glaciers and sea ice from below. Earth’s weather patterns are changed by wind currents impacted by the warming seas and landmasses. This is now labeled as global warming by popular media and political activists although not so much manmade as these popular sources would have us believe. 

The moving geomagnetic north pole towards Siberia is indicative of two possibilities. Either the interior of the planet is shifting relative to the outer crust and taking the magnetic field with it, or the outer crust of the planet is shifting relative to the planet’s interior, while the Earth's magnetic field remains stationary. 

The further down we go into the interior of the planet, the lesser the circumference and greater the spin, which produces an increasingly strong gyroscopic force, which tends to hold the interior of the planet to a fixed direction of rotational axis. This makes it highly improbable that the interior of the planet is shifting relative to the outer crust. It’s more likely the outer crust is shifting relative to the planet’s interior. The sea of molten magma upon which the outer crust floats is becoming increasingly liquefied and losing it’s adherence to the solidified outer crust. This allows the outer crust to move like the entire skin of an orange around the liquid interior as dictated by imbalances within topographic and oceanographic weight distribution as governed by centrifugal force within a spinning orb.

We are already well into a process that will soon culminate in a geophysical pole-shift of the planet. The interior of the planet is locked in a fixed gyroscopic axis of rotation while the outer crust of the planet is losing it’s grip on the interior because of the increasingly liquid and molten magma upon which it rides. If the Magnetic North Pole is moving towards Siberia, it can just as well mean that the Geophysical location of the North Pole is actually moving in the opposite direction towards Greenland. It means the entire outer crust of the planet is shifting so that Greenland is moving south and more towards the equator while Siberia is moving North to become the new location of the geophysical North Pole in sync with the geomagnetic north location.

When centrifugal force and weight distribution within the outer crust overrides or overcomes the weakening adhesive qualities of the molten sea upon which it rides, the entire outer crust of the planet will shift, and the North and South geophysical poles of the planet will be relocated accordingly. This has been exacerbated by shifts in the Earth's crust as a result of recent mega earthquakes especially on the ocean floor. The imbalances in the outer crust have thereby been made much worse. 

At first it will appear to be a shift in the Earth's magnetic field which is really stationary and held firm by gyroscopic force and cannot move. In reality it is the outer crust of the planet that is moving in relation to the fixed magnetic field. There will be increasing earthquake and volcanic activity on a global scale, as well as changing weather patterns as the result of global warming, leading right up to a geophysical pole-shift of the planet. Many temperate regions of the planet will become more tropical and areas now located in the artic circle will become the new location of the North Pole itself. Stay prepared and ready for earthquakes, especially in areas already proven to be in such danger, as instabilities beneath the tectonic plates increase with the upheavals already underway within the interior of the planet. 

Geophysical Pole Shift Of The Earth
Global Warming As A Mechanism For Shifting Poles

Global warming is real but is not caused by carbon emissions as falsely claimed by most corporate media sources. The real cause of global warming is from within the earth itself, from beneath our feet, and is the beginning of a process that will ultimately lead to a geophysical pole shift of the planet. The earth is a gigantic electromagnetic generator and there are enormous voltages of electrical current flowing within the interior of the planet. The source of this electrical energy is simple electromagnetic induction, and is very similar to an alternator or generator that runs the average car. The equation is simple. Electrical energy produces heat, and a greater amount of electrical current produces a greater amount of heat. As a result of increasing voltages of electricity contained within the interior of the planet, the interior of the earth is warming up, and the heat is radiating outward, and warming the oceans, continents, and atmosphere above, and melting glacial and sea ice from below.

The molten interior of the earth has little or no adherence to the solid crust surrounding it. Like liquid Teflon, it's molten state isolates the deep interior, like water within a bottle, and because of it's smaller diameter, it spins faster than the solid outer layers surrounding it. This makes the core of the earth gyroscopic, which holds to a fixed axis or center of rotation. The interior structure of the planet thereby acts as a natural electric generator, the description of which is a rotating iron core, encased within a surrounding electromagnetic field. The magnetic field is the result of electrical energy contained within the solidified crust surrounding the core, which subsequently produces more electrical energy via the spinning core. This is known as electromagnetic induction. In addition to these natural sources of electricity from within the planet, the earth also orbits the sun as it moves through space, and travels through immense fields of electromagnet particles, and huge areas of fluctuating magnetic fields, not only produced by the sun, but also from galactic and intergalactic sources as well. Again, an iron core moving through magnetic fields produces electrical energy within the interior of the planet. 

All of these things combined produce enormous voltages of electrical energy within the interior of the planet. The external sources, such as electromagnetic particles in space, fluctuate in time and space, causing varying degrees of electrical energy to be generated by the earth over time. It could be cyclic in nature, when there are times of greater or lesser electrical energy, and a resulting greater or lesser temperature of the planet. This could explain the sudden appearance and disappearance of ice ages. Suffice it to say that the earth has entered a period of strong electromagnetic stimulation, and the heat caused by the rise in electrical energy is supper heating the magma chambers and magma currents circulating within the planet. 

The crust of the earth is a series of interlocking tectonic plates floating over an inner ocean of molten magma. As the magma superheats, it causes magma chambers within the earth to well up, producing increased volcanic activity on a global scale, but especially in the equatorial regions of the planet, where the greater centrifugal force of planetary rotation produces a greater upwelling of the molten magma from below. Magma currents circulating within the earth become more excited and more turbulent, which causes greater instability and movement of the tectonic plates floating above, resulting in greater and more frequent earthquake activity, especially in areas of existing fault lines. The movement of large areas of the earth's crust upward and downward as a result of earthquakes, as well as the movement of magma, and the melting of glacial and polar ice, and rising sea levels, have contributed to a redistribution of weight, which has resulted in an imbalance in the rotation of the earth, or a wobble, which has become very pronounced since the Sumatra mega-quakes that shifted huge areas of the ocean floor.  

While the internal temperature of the earth continues to rise, the liquidity of the magma closer to the surface becomes less adhesive between the solid outer crust and the molten inner layers upon which the outer crust rides. The imbalance and wobble in the rotation of the planet is causing a lateral stress between the outer crust of the earth with tendencies to move in relation to changing weight redistribution, as opposed by the fixed position of the gyroscopic inner core. As the adhesion between the molten inner layers and solid outer layers of the earth's crust decreases, there will come a time when the outer crust breaks free, and driven by the uneven weight distribution, the solid outer crust of the planet will slide around the fixed position of the gyroscopic inner core, like the entire skin of an orange sliding around it's center. The outer surface of the planet will shift en-mass around it's fixed center, so that the continents will occupy different positions relative to the North and South poles, while the inner portions of the planet are still held firmly in place by gyroscopic forces that maintain the same direction of axis.

Thus, global warming is but the beginning of a process that will eventually lead to a geophysical pole shift of the planet. As a cyclic event, this probably happens repeatedly over long periods of time encompassing thousands of years, and there is ample geological evidence to suggest the previous repositioning of various continents closer or further from the poles. For example, the melting glaciers and permafrost of Alaska, which contain the remains of forest and life forms more suited to a tropical or semitropical environment. These appear to have been suddenly flash frozen in the ice, as if by a very sudden change in the environment, as would be the case following a geophysical pole shift. Earthquakes and volcanic activity will continue to increase as a sign of the impending pole shift. Global warming will continue changing weather patterns, and melting glaciers and sea ice right up until the change comes.

The Bible foretells of a great earth shaking event at the time of the end, which ushers in the return of Christ, and the arrival of the Kingdom of God. The book of Revelation is full of such prophecies, but especially Revelation 6: 12-17, "And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places." and Isaiah 24: 20, "The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again." These are but a few of the many Biblical warnings concerning great earth changes in the final days of these prophecies. And finally, Revelation 21: 1, "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea." This prophecy describes the earth following a geophysical pole shift. A 'new heaven' relates to the altered positions of the stars and constellations when viewed from the earth after a pole shift, and of course, a 'new earth' relates to the shifting of the continents relative to the poles. 

United States In Bible Prophecy

The United States is mentioned with outstanding clarity in Bible Prophecy, but few people are able to recognize it's identity. The Ten Kingdoms are not developing in Europe as people are taught to expect by most popular religious sources, but already exist in another area of the world, yet few people recognize them. What is the importance of this? Because the Bible explains that the Kingdom of God will arrive following the rise of a satanic global Beast Empire, which is symbolized as the Second Beast of Revelation 13, and during the reign of Ten Kingdoms, symbolized as ten horns or crowns, which rise during the same period as the beast kingdom. When these have come into existence, it's a sign that the arrival of the Kingdom of God is near, and because the Beast Empire and the Ten Kingdoms already exist, the Kingdom of God is much closer to arrival than most people think. 

The arrival of the Kingdom of God is a literal event that will alter reality as we now know it. It's the end of humanity's sojourn in this sorrowful realm of birth and death and it's ascension to eternal life. It's an event that will be led by the mass arrival of extraterrestrial beings biblically referred to as Angels, and when Jesus Christ returns. It's mentioned numerous times in both the Old and New Testament Bibles, and is in fact the very purpose and foundation upon which the Bible is based. 

"And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever"- Daniel 2: 44.

The European Union cannot be the location of the Ten Kingdoms. This idea is based on a theory that the Roman Empire is the forth beast/empire of Daniel, and that the Ten Kingdoms represented by the ten horns have their beginnings in Europe, in a reconstructed Roman Empire. There are twenty eight member nations in the E.U. Twenty eight is a number far greater than ten that the Bible very clearly mentions over and over again. Yet, despite the obvious fact that there are more than ten member nations in the E.U., and the fact that Revelation 17 explains that the Ten Kingdoms will arise from an empire following that of the Roman Empire, these beliefs are still clung to as reality. However, when you dispose of these flawed understandings, the biblical identity of the eighth empire and the Ten Kingdoms spring prophetically into view. 

The Bible is a prophetic vision and chronology of empires and nations symbolically represented which span the entire history of humanity leading up to the arrival of the Kingdom of God. It describes the development of eight major empires and ten smaller kingdoms that precede the arrival of the Kingdom of God, the final Kingdom that will reign upon the Earth. These eight empires all have one similarity in common. Each, no matter how briefly, ruled the location of ancient Babylon. The first seven empires are represented by the seven heads of the First Beast of Revelation 13. These seven empires have already come and gone. They were the Babylonian, Media Persian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Grecian, Roman and British Empires. The eighth empire is represented by the Second Beast of Revelation 13, and is the United States of America, which joined this lineup when it conquered and occupied Iraq, the location of Babylon, during the previous Bush Presidency in 2003.

The Ten Kingdoms, of which Daniel, and the Book of Revelation, had foretold to exist at the time of the arrival of the Kingdom of God, have already been formed and remain in existence today. No, they are not member states of the European Union, a common misconception by most, but were formed by the British Empire following WWI. This theory is based upon the mistaken notion that the forth beast of Daniel was the Roman Empire, and that the Ten Kingdoms must therefore arise from the same area as the old Roman Empire. Actually, the Ten Kingdoms are in the area of the ancient Seleucid Empire, as foretold by Daniel, and now exist within eight nations located in the Middle East.

The forth beast of Daniel was not the Roman Empire, because as Daniel describes, "The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces." The Roman Empire was not diverse from the rest and did not devour the whole earth. However, the British Empire was diverse from all the other previous empires. As an island nation with global sea power it did literally devour the whole earth. It was the world's first truly global empire, and it did tread down and break up the world into colonies and later nations. There was a time when the sun never set on the British Empire, and just as Daniel foretold, ten kingdoms, or monarchies, did arise out of this kingdom in the Middle East.

By 1921 the British Empire held sway over a population of about 458 million people, approximately one-quarter of the world's population. It covered about 14.2 million square miles, about a quarter of the Earth's total land area. This certainly qualifies the British Empire as the forth beast of Daniel and makes it very diverse from all the rest. The ten horns of Daniel arising from the forth beast are in fact the formation of ten Middle East monarchies by the British Empire after it gained control of The Middle East During World War One, following the defeat of Turkey and the Ottoman Islamic Empire, in conjunction with treaties involving France and the League of Nations. 

The ten kingdoms are: Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, (Basrah, Baghdad and Mosul) = Iraq. The Ten Kingdoms were formed as monarchies after the defeat of Turkey and the Ottoman Islamic Empire by the British Empire during World War I. Later, Basrah, Baghdad and Mosul were combined to form the nation of Iraq, the little horn that uproots three, just as Daniel had foretold. 

The Ten Horns of Daniel are also the Ten Horns and Crowns mentioned by the Book of Revelation, that sit upon the seventh head of the First Beast of Revelation 13, which is symbolic of ten kingdoms arising from this seventh empire. These ten kingdoms remain in existence following the collapse of the seventh kingdom, and into a period when an eighth empire represented by the Second Beast of Revelation 13 comes to rule the same area of the Middle East. The reason why the eighth empire is not within the body of the first beast, is because it exists in a completely different geographical location and on an entirely different continent, and is therefore represented as the Second Beast of Revelation 13. It's the North American Continent to be more exact and the United States is the eighth and last empire to rule the location of Babylon before the arrival of the Kingdom of God.

United States Driven By Ancient Demon Of War
Beast From The Bottomless Pit Rises Again
The Beast That Was, Is Not, Yet Is - Revelation 17

But wait! There is still more. Woven within the prophecy of the eight empires and Ten Kingdoms is another prophecy about a demonic manipulation of world events. The Bible explains in Revelation 13, that Alexander the Great, the first king of the Grecian Empire, was empowered by the dragon, which is the same as "the beast that ascends from the bottomless pit" in Revelation 17, a demon of war and conquest. This is evidenced by the historical feats of Alexander, one of history's greatest conquerors, who forged the Grecian Empire. Alexander was a man whom legend and history describe as having miraculous power in his ability to conquer and make war, and of whom it is said wept because there were no more worlds to be conquered. 

With the sudden death of Alexander at a very young age, the Grecian Empire, which was the fifth Biblically prophesized empire to exist prior to the arrival of the Kingdom of God, was divided into four smaller kingdoms, and wounded the Dragon, because it's designs for world domination via the Grecian Empire were thereby curtailed. However, the Dragon returns as the beast that ascends from the bottomless pit during the future reign of an eighth empire. His deadly wound is healed insomuch as the Dragon commences it's original designs for war, conquest, and world domination, by empowering another man/government which presides over this eighth empire. 

Here we have the basis of the so called Anti-christ, another popular misnomer, because he is actually never referred to as Anti-christ in the Bible, but as the Beast. This of course means that because the United States is the eighth empire symbolized by the Second Beast of Revelation 13, then the Beast must be a President of the United States. Perhaps this is not symbolic of a specific man, but any man who becomes President, or is President, during the final closing days of this prophecy, because the eighth empire is covertly controlled by the Dragon. Any man elected President during this time is only the puppet of a secret ruling cabal that actually gives the orders and dictates policy, just as Alexander was given his power, and seat, and great authority, by the Dragon.

There are a number of biblical prerequisites for the position of the Beast in this scenario. He must be the most powerful man in the world and rule over a great world empire. He must be preoccupied with war, military might and empire building. His name must be associated with money because nobody can buy or sell without the number of his name. He must also have been the ruler of Babylon = Iraq, the eyes, and the mouth speaking great things as described by Daniel. All of these prerequisites now exist within the definitive confines of the President of the United States. 

The President of the United States is the most powerful man on Earth and rules over a great global military and economic empire. He is commander and chief of the greatest military machine in history. He is preoccupied with war and military might by virtue of the war on terrorism and a power base that demands he protect and expand the U.S. Empire. Former Presidents are printed on the face of U.S. currency, the world's reserve currency, and various Presidents represent the denominational amounts. Nobody on Earth can buy or sell without using U.S. currency, the value of which is represented by a specific U.S. President, which is the number of his name. For example, Washington is depicted on the One Dollar Bill, and Abraham Lincoln is depicted on the Five Dollar Bill, and so on - US Coins and Currency. Not all U.S. Currency is represented by a U.S. President, but most is, and that's enough to fulfill these Biblical Prophecies. The President of the United States as commander and chief of the U.S. military was also the ruler of Babylon = Iraq, by virtue of conquest and U.S. military occupation.

The biblical prerequisites for the eighth and final empire represented by the Second Beast of Revelation 13, are that it must be the most powerful nation on Earth, dazzling the world with it's greatness, and a warlike nation that masquerades as peaceful, with horns like a lamb but speaks like a dragon. It must be an image of the first beast that came before it, which is the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great, the fifth head of the First Beast of Revelation 13. It forces other nations of the world to remake themselves in the same image or likeness. It's monetary and financial system must be dominant worldwide insomuch as nobody can buy or sell without the use of it's currency and financial system. 

All of the above prerequisites are met within the definitive confines of the United States of America. It is the most powerful nation on Earth, militarily, financially, and economically. Although appearing peaceful on it's exterior, the United States is very warlike, with a history of many wars, and current wars waged on a global scale, and a military budget second to none. It's military might is historically unprecedented. The United States is a copy or image of the ancient Grecian Empire, the founders of democracy, and the democratic republic. 

Grecia was a collection of individual constitutional republics, or city states, later ruled under a single federation, with Alexander as the first king. This is not unlike the United States, a similar collection of individual constitutional republics, or states, under a federal government, presided over by a President. The founding fathers of the United States patterned their new nation in the image of ancient Grecia, the inventors of democracy, and the democratic republic. Over one hundred of it's cites are named after Grecian examples in history and mythology, and many government buildings are copies of ancient Grecian architecture. The United States also goes about forcing other nations to remake themselves in the same image, a copy of itself, a democracy, as was the Grecian Empire that came before it. Nations that don't worship this image are destroyed. The U.S. financial and banking system are used globally, and it's currency, the Dollar, is the world's reserve currency, so that nobody on Earth can buy or sell without the use of it's currency. 

There is one other prophecy contained within Revelation 17-18, that further identifies the eighth empire as the United States of America. It describes the great city Babylon, and it's role as the center of a global economic empire which can be none other than New York City & Wall street. These passages also foretell of hatred from within the Ten Kingdoms that bring ruin to the global economy, and Babylon. This end time global economic and financial system is referred to as the Great Whore That Sits Upon Many Waters. The fall of Babylon, and the collapse of the global economy are one of the last events just prior to the arrival of the Kingdom of God. How can this come about?

The United States is involved in a territorial dispute between Israel and Muslims over Palestine and Jerusalem, and arming Israel against Islamic Nations which include the Ten Kingdoms. It is engaged in a war on terrorism also involving the same Ten Kingdoms. The United States conquered Iraq, which contains three of the Ten Kingdoms, Basra, Baghdad, and Mosul, and is threatening Iran, another of the Ten Kingdoms, by imposing economic sanctions, and threatening possible military action. The war on terrorism, and the U.S. alliance with Israel, are causing great hatred of the U.S. amongst the Muslim populations within the Ten Kingdoms, and contributing to a greater threat of terrorism and war throughout the region. 

The United States is contributing to the violent overthrow and regime change within Syria, and the sale of military weapons and arms to Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, to be used against other Middle East Nations, while siding with Israel against Lebanon, all of which are among the same Ten Kingdoms. From these facts it can be safely concluded that a growing hatred of Mystery Babylon within the Ten Kingdoms has already begun, and insomuch as U.S. financial interests in the world are coupled with U.S. policy in the Middle East, it's no surprise that such hatred could lead to the economic collapse of Babylon. 

The U.S. is dependant on Middle East oil supplied by the majority of the same Ten Kingdoms, which also hold vast reserves of U.S. denominated assets such as U.S Treasuries. The fact that oil is traded in U.S. Dollars gives the Dollar it's strength as the world's reserve currency, by forcing the nations of the world to hold vast reserves of U.S. Dollars, and to invest in U.S. Dollar assets such as U.S. Treasury Bonds, so as to transact the purchase of oil in U.S Dollars. Here is another fulfillment of Bible Prophecy, "These have one mind and give their power and strength unto the beast."- Rev.17: 13. 

"These have one mind," is to say that the Ten Kingdoms are all Muslim Nations, and "giving their power and strength to the beast," is to say that they give power to the Beast Empire via their oil resources. This is done by forcing global oil transactions to be in U.S. Dollars and thereby giving power to the Beast Empire by strengthening it's currency. The war on terrorism is perceived as a war on Islam by many within the Ten Kingdoms. Military funding of Middle East Nations allied with the United States, and destabilization and threats of war against non allied nations, are bringing further hatred and dissention against the United States from amongst the people within the Ten Kingdoms. 

Extended and protracted wars are causing a deepening financial burden for the United States, and weakening the dollar in the face of other economic and financial troubles now facing the nation. A resulting devaluation of the Dollar will cause a move out of the dollar, and a sell off of U.S. Dollar assets on a global scale, and also force the oil producing nations to trade in currencies other than the U.S. Dollar. Such a move out of the dollar will bring down Babylon and the global financial and economic empire it supports. Given these facts, it is easy to see how a growing hatred of the U.S. within the Ten Kingdoms can bring down the empire, and it's global economy, dependant on Middle East oil and the Dollar. As biblically foretold, hatred of Mystery Babylon by the Ten Kingdoms can bring down the entire global economic system.

The Biblical prophecies concerning the eight empires and the Ten Kingdoms foretold to happen prior to the arrival of the Kingdom of God have already come to pass. This means that the arrival of the Kingdom of God is very close, and much closer than most people now realize. However, most people believe that the Ten Kingdoms are yet to happen in some future European domain, where the so called Anti-christ is yet to rule, despite the fact that at last count there were twenty eight member states in the European Union, and not ten as the Bible clearly defines. 

Perhaps that's why Jesus Christ said that many people will be taken by surprise when the Kingdom of God arrives. They are still waiting for these Biblical prophecies to be fulfilled, while these same prophecies have already come to pass right before their eyes. I can only conclude that the false prophet mentioned in the Book of Revelation, has everything to do with a false interpretation of Bible Prophecy that blinds people to history, and keeps them from viewing their own nation and their own leaders as the fulfillment of these same prophecies.

But even so, there is one other prophecy related to the above that is yet to be fulfilled before the Kingdom of God arrives. It is the Abomination of Desolation, spoken of by Jesus Christ, as a final sign of His imminent return. The Abomination of Desolation has nothing to do with the so called Anti-christ placing a statue, or profaning a newly rebuilt Jewish Temple as many people now believe. In fact, the Bible actually indicates that the Jewish Temple will not be rebuilt - See Biblical Proof The Jewish Temple Will Not Be Rebuilt & The Reason Why.

  Abomination of Desolation 
"And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh."- Luke 21: 20.
These are the final signs before the return of Christ, and the arrival of the Kingdom of God, "When they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory." "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption drawled nigh." Luke 21: 27-28. 

The Abomination Of Desolation Standing Where It Ought Not

Has anyone given thought to the possibility that the 'Abomination of Desolation' - Mark 13: 14, could be the U.S. Embassy relocated and standing in Jerusalem? The U.S. Embassy is a symbol of the U.S./Beast Empire, which can be considered an 'abomination of desolation' when linked to the wars and destruction of Libya, the invasion of Iraq, the terrorism in Syria, and regime change in the Middle East. No U.S. President has previously made this move because of the potential for violence that it would cause in the Muslim world and within Israel. We know from what Jesus said while being asked about the signs of the end and His coming, that Jerusalem will be desolated by encompassed by armies - Luke 21: 20. What could cause such an uprising in Jerusalem? Relocating the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is certainly high on the list of possibilities. It would be tantamount to U.S. acknowledgement that Jerusalem is the Capitol of Israel. 

Jerusalem is known as the 'Holy City' by Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike, and certainly qualifies it as the "Holy Place" described by Jesus - Matthew 24: 15. The Muslim world has threatened war if such a move were to be made. No American President up until now has dared to make this move. Not even President Obama dared to do it. President Trump has now decided to move the U.S, Embassy to Jerusalem as of this year, 2018. This may well explain the prophecies of Revelation seventeen, whereby the Ten Kingdoms at first give the Beast Empire their power, and strength, and later turn on the Beast, hating it, and burning it with fire - Rev. 17: 12-17. Such a move by the Emperor of the Beast Empire would turn the entire Muslim world against the United States. With the other signs so far converging in perfect Biblical synchronization, the movement of the U.S. Embassy, a symbol of the warmongering Beast Empire, ruled by the Dragon, standing in the holy city of Jerusalem, would qualify as a fulfillment of this prophecy, and likewise touch off of a war with central focus on Jerusalem, that could bring about it's desolation by surrounding armies. Remember that this is one of the very last signs of the return of Christ, and the arrival of the Kingdom of God.

Reference Map Of The Middle East


Amazing Fulfillment Of Bible Prophecy In This Generation
Main stream religion of today is wrong in the interpretation of these prophecies. They cannot see the forest for the trees. They expect the Beast Empire and the Ten Kingdoms to come into existence at some future time, while the Beast Empire and the Ten Kingdoms are already here. The so-called Anti-christ, biblically known as the Beast, is already here. That is why Jesus said that many would be taken by surprise when the Kingdom of God arrives. Blinded by false interpretation of these prophecies, they are still waiting for what has already manifested before them. Because these prophecies have already been fulfilled, the return of Christ, and the arrival of the Kingdom of God, are now at the door.

The Ten Kingdoms
These ten kingdoms were formed by the British Empire following WWI
Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Basrah, Baghdad, Mosul
Later, Basrah, Baghdad, and Mosul were combined to form the nation of Iraq, leaving eight.
"And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings." ( Basrah, Baghdad and Mosul = Iraq) - Daniel 7: 24
What Eight Nations Are Now Almost Daily In News Headlines?

The Beast Empire & Revelation 17
"And there are seven kings: five are fallen" (1) Babylon (2) Media Persia (3) Assyria (4) Egypt (5) Greece, "And one is" (6) Rome, "And the other is not yet come" (7) British Empire, "And when he comes, he must continue a short space." 
All of the above empires ruled the same area of Babylon = Iraq. Just as Biblically foretold, the British Empire ruled Iraq for only a short space following WWI. "And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth." (8) United States, "And is of the seven." The U.S. is of the seven because it also ruled Iraq = Babylon, via military conquest, and also because the U.S. is an image of the 5th empire (Greece), and the democratic republic. "And goes into perdition." Which means the United States will go into destruction. "And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings, (listed further above). "Which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast." In other words, the Beast Empire will exist at the same time as the Ten Kingdoms. "These have one mind." They are all Muslim. "And shall give their power and strength unto the beast." The strength of the United States is based upon the Petrol Dollar, in that Middle East oil can only be transacted in U.S. Dollars.

And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, 
Which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, 
but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever. Daniel 2-44.
The arrival of the Kingdom of God is now at the door

Global Economic Collapse & The Fall Of Babylon
Fulfillment of Revelation 18

The current global economic and financial crisis is unprecedented in human history, because never before has there been a time when the entire world was under a single economic system, and a single currency, the Dollar, of a single nation, the United States, and a single banking system, the Federal Reserve. It has taken since World War II, to develop the current economic and financial system, and the causes for it's collapse, and it is unlikely that such a system will again be implemented in our lifetimes. After the existing global financial/economic system fails, the world will move towards a gold backed multi-currency system, which has already been suggested by many. Because of the unprecedented nature of the global economic crisis, and when viewed along with the other biblical signs that have already come to pass - Prophecies of Jesus, there is no doubt that this is the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy. Revelation 18: 11, warns of such a global economic collapse in the final days before the arrival of the Kingdom of God: "the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buys their merchandise any more."  

Middle East War
Fulfillment of Revelation 19
War in the Middle East is now developing in conjunction with a global economic collapse, and will fulfill the biblical prophecies of Revelation 18 & 19. First there is the judgment of the great whore, and the fall of Babylon, symbolic of a collapse of the Beast Empire and it's global economic and financial system - Revelation 18. Then follows a gathering of armies for war - Revelation 19, which is then followed by the arrival of the Kingdom of God - Revelation 20. We know from the biblical prophecies contained in Revelation, Ezekiel, Daniel, and the Prophecies of Jesus, that this war will be in the Middle East, where now exists the Ten Kingdoms, in the area of the ancient Seleucid/Babylonian Empires, Syria/Iraq, but also in Palestine, and the area of ancient Samaria, the location of Armageddon, and in Jerusalem, which will be desolated by surrounding armies.

The Global Economic Collapse Is Now Underway
War In The Middle East Is Now Upon Us
The Arrival of the Kingdom of God Is Very Near At Hand

Biblical Warning To Prepare
"Come out of her, my people, that you will not be partakers of her sins, and that you not receive her plagues." Revelation 18:4 - In the final days people are warned not to be dependent on the global economic system so they won't suffer after it's collapse. A global economic collapse will mean a shortage of food and other essentials required for survival. This is a warning from God to detach ourselves from reliance on the economic system and prepare for hard times to come. Stock up on food and emergency supplies, and keep extra cash, or gold, so that you aren't dependant on supermarkets, banks, or credit cards for your survival. There's no telling how much time will elapse between the global economic collapse and the arrival of the Kingdom of God.
"For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled."- Luke 21: 22.

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