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The United States In Bible Prophecy

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Final Days Are Here At Last
But Where Is The False Prophet?
The False Prophet of Biblical renown, is in fact the false 'Christian Zionist' prophecies of the Rapture, and the unjustified glorification of Israel in the final days, by many so-called Christian Churches and teachers of these false prophecies. There is no real Biblical support for these false teachings in the New Testament of Jesus Christ. There is of course the resurrection of the dead upon the return of Christ, but no other event such as the Rapture is mentioned, except as a description of the resurrection itself. There is no separate event known as the Rapture independent of the resurrection. Nor is there a glorification of Israel.

Israel's special position as the chosen people ended with the Old Testament dispersion of the twelve tribes into the dust pan of history, because of their failure to follow the will of God. The promises from God to Israel were thereby nullified upon Israel's disobedience to God's laws which were the stipulations required for the fulfillment of these promises. When Israel failed to comply with the required stipulations, those promises were nullified, and the Nation of Israel was dispersed. Just as there is no Anti-christ personage mentioned in the Bible, with only reference to a state of mind, as being anti-christ. The Bible only refers to 'The Beast' as the leader of the Beast Empire = Mystery Babylon, in the final days before the return of Christ. 

These false teachings have lead to the election of warmongers in the United States, and support of Israel, despite it's aggressive and warlike behavior. It has caused the deaths of millions of people in the Middle East, whereas true Christians should be opposed to unjustified warfare. It will be the cause of WWIII. Jesus Christ began a new covenant between humankind and God. He became the new temple to a living God. He was perfect and unlike Israel, fulfilled all of the stipulations required for the fulfillment of God's promises which will be enacted upon His return at the end of time. The Jewish Temple will never be rebuilt because Jesus Christ is the true temple of the living God. The purpose of the old Jewish Temple is no more. 

The United States is Mystery Babylon, and the Beast Empire of Biblical renown. It has become a blood thirsty global empire out to dominate the world in the same spirit as that of Alexander the Great. It is the resurrection of the beast from the pit as described in Revelation 13 & 17. It is responsible for the murder and extermination of millions of people, and the continuation of endless wars and the suffering of humanity in the interest of power, wealth, and global domination. Russia is the new embodiment of Christianity in the final days, and the standoff between Russia and the United States fulfills the Biblical Prophecies concerning the armies of the Beast aligned against the legions of heaven in the final days - Revelation 19. 

We are now in the final chapter of these prophecies. There is yet to come a global economic crash as God's punishment of Mystery Babylon described - Revelation 18. Then there will be the destruction of Israel/Jerusalem as described by Jesus - Matthew/Mark/Luke. This will happen after the U.S. moves it's embassy to Jerusalem in the few months remaining ahead. This is the 'Abomination of Desolation' standing where it should not, in the holy place, and marks the final days before the return of Christ and the arrival of the Kingdom of God. It is the the embodiment of Satan, endless war, and the desolation of nations, standing in the Holy City, a place of worship to God, and a symbol of peace between the nations of the Earth. It marks the beginning of a final war that if not stopped by Heaven, no flesh will remain alive. In the interest of the chosen, these days will be shortened, and the arrival of the Kingdom will put an end to war. 

Assad Is Popular and Enjoys Broad Support
 Media Are Lying (as Usual) When They Say Otherwise

Popular Uprising against Tahrir Al-Sham Reported in Northwestern Syria

Russia, US Backed Fighters
 Preparing for Colossal Showdown in Eastern Syria

More Civilians Killed in US-Led Coalition Airstrikes in Hasaka

Source warns about possible chemical provocations in Syria

Trump’s Disastrous Syria Attack

Trump's two nice and smart missiles
 delivered to Russian military

Syria hands over two unexploded cruise missiles
 to Russia found after US strike — source

Unexploded Western missiles in Russia's hands
 Russian air defenses to get even better

Moscow Can Boost Its Defenses 
by Studying Intact US Missiles in Syria - Analyst 

 Kremlin mum on Russia's possible deliveries of S-300 air defense systems to Syria

Washington's Logic Is That Of A Lynch Mob
Should we wait around? 
US defends premature Syria strike ahead of OPCW probe 

 Russian military uncovers
 militants’ chemicals lab in Syria’s Douma

BREAKING: Rand Paul Tells Wolf Blitzer He Thinks Syria Gassing Was False Flag (Video)

Army Finds Traces of White Helmets
 Saudis in Terrorists' Chemical Sites in Eastern Ghouta

Syria in Past 24 Hours: Army Finds Traces of White Helmets' Chemical Sites in Eastern Ghouta

A Pro-Trump US TV Channel Reporter in Syria ‘Finds No Evidence of Chemical Weapon Attack in Douma’

Containers with chlorine from Germany
 smoke bombs from UK's Salisbury found in E. Ghouta – Moscow

Militants blocking OPCW inspectors from ‘chem-attack’ site in Douma – Russian deputy FM 

Boy in Douma ‘Chem Attack’ Video Says He Was Lured With Cookies, Then Sprayed With Water

This Will Surely Trigger Regional War - Saudi Arabia/Iran/Israel
Trump’s Syria withdrawal plan
 Arab occupational force and Arabs will pay for it – reports

Bolton pushing for Arab military force in Syria

Humeimim Airbase Warns
 against Saudi Intervention in Syria

The Neocons' Real Plan For Syria Emerges From The Lack Of Rubble 

US Plotting to Create Independent Terrorist State in Southern Syria

Secret Cable Spells out Saudi Policy: Overthrow the Syrian Regime, but Play Nice With Russia

Iran strongly determined to fight for Golan Heights
 Moscow unable to hold Tehran back

Top Commander Stresses Enemies' 
Weakness to Calculate Iranian Armed Forces' Response to Possible Aggression

Top Commander Underlines Iranian Armed Forces' High Preparedness

DM: Iran Willing to Expand
 Defense Cooperation with Iraq

Iraqi air forces carry out strikes on ISIS positions in Syria 

Israel Hints It Can Hit Iran's "Air Force"
 in Syria if It Retaliates for T-4 

Israel Continues to Wag the Dog for Middle East Wars

Israel Forced to Use Own Air Force After US Drags Its Heels in Syria

Abomination Of Desolation
 Standing In The Holy Place
Trump ‘looking forward’
 to moving US embassy to Jerusalem 

Breaking: US Senate moves to limit President Trump’s war powers

‘Won’t pass, won’t work, likely to make things worse’: Ron Paul on new presidential war powers bill

Russian jumbo jets will no longer transport NATO tanks and military hardware

Turkey has withdrawn its gold reserves from the US Federal Reserve

U.S. Engaged In Massive War Crimes
Time to End longest 
U.S. War and occupation of Afghanistan 

Russia Sells Off Billions in US Debt Amid Skyrocketing Tensions 

Fed official worried about recession indicator

Israeli Police Training Is The Major Cause Of Police Brutality In The U.S.
Here's One City That Has Opted Out
‘Military-style training’ ban
 Durham becomes ‘first US city’ to halt police exchanges with Israel 

 Gordon Duff explains why Facebook has BANNED Veterans Today!

Fight For Freedom Of Information
Stop Using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter 

Popular Social Media Are Agents Of The State Out To Control Freedom Of Information
Social Media Are Trolling For Personal Information To Be Used By Government Or Highest Bidder
Independent Private Websites Are The Last Bastion Of Freedom On The Internet

Delete Facebook, Google Search, & Chrome
Switch To Yahoo & Firefox As Alternative
Get Free Of Excessive Cell Phone Addiction
Turn Off Goggle Driven Android & Apple Phones When Not Required
Use Home Computer For Information Instead Of Cell Phones


Cavalier Launch Of U.S. Advanced Missiles On Syria
Revealing Weaknesses To Russians In Future Wars
Russians Using Opportunity For Testing Advanced Anti-Missile Systems
USA's stupid missiles 
ensure major victories for Russia on many fronts

Epic Fail 
Russian Countermeasures Killed Trump Syria Attack

Russian military releases full report
 for US-led missile attack on Syria

Syrian Observatory: 65 Allied Missiles Intercepted Over Syria 

It's Soon Going To Get Even Harder To Attack Syria
Lavrov on S-300 Supply
 After West's Attack, We Mull All Options to Defend Syria

 Russian top brass reveals 
true targets of US-led strikes against Syria

Syrian Fighter Jets Go Back Home After US Strikes End

No release of chemicals is best proof there were none
 employee of bombed Syrian research site 

Syrian Army Discovers Documents Proving Terrorists'
 Activities to Make Chemical Weapons in Douma

Syrian Army Captures British Military Men in Eastern Ghouta

Russia shows OPCW how White Helmets staged provocation in Syria — Russian diplomat

Chemical Inspectors Launch Probe in Syria’s Douma 

Syria's Church Leaders Condemn Trump's Brutal Aggression
Salute the Courage of the Syrian Arab Army

He Says He Will When He Won't
This Has Become The Trump Trademark
This Actually Means U.S. Troops Are In Syria To Stay
Trump wants to pull troops from Syria
 as quickly as possible, but it won't be very quick 

Trump still wants U.S. troops to leave Syria, but no timeline - White House

Washington Post: Trump is crazy

Haley Says US Troops Not Leaving Syria
 Rules Out Talks With Assad 

Escalated US-Led Aggression on Syria Not the End of It - Stephen Lendman

Do You Really Think This War Is Over?

Breaking!US Syria Attack Ongoing, US Denies as Tomahawks Downed, Every Single One

Syrian air defenses respond to missiles over Homs province – state media

Syria’s air defence shoots down nine ‘Israeli missiles’ after fresh airstrike over Damascus

Reports of Monday night attack on Syrian base blamed on false alarm 

Lebanese Media: Damascus Rejects US Proposal for Talks

Arab Media: Popular Forces Lay Siege on US Military Base
 in Northwestern Baghdad to Prevent Attacks on Syria

White House Walks Back Haley’s Vow of Russian Sanctions 

Turkey The Enigma
Who's Side Are They On?
Turkish Army Replacing Northwestern Syria Residents with Terrorist Commanders

Iran Condemns Israeli Aggression against Syria, Warns of Response

Iran: N. Agreement A Done Deal, Case Dismissed, Revision Impossible

Iran Warns against Consequences of Arab League Policies 

Israel Is The Most War Like Nation On Earth
Never Any Apparent Attempts At Diplomacy Or Reconciliation
Israel won’t accept limitations
 on ‘actions’ in Syria from Russia, others – defense minister 

‘Russia can’t restrict Israel activities in Syria’ 

Tel Aviv Acknowledges Attack on Iranian Military Advisors in Syria

Western strike on Syrian chemical sites
 isolates Israel against Iranian-Russian axis 

Escalating war of words
pushes IDF and Rev Guards closer to clash in Syria

Lieberman: An Iranian-led warfront is coalescing against Israel

Is This The Real Reason
For Arrogant U.S. War Posturing?
Syria is Just Kabuki Warfare 
As We Sail Into Financial Armageddon

New Study: US Economy Actually About to Sink

China slaps 179% charge on US sorghum imports

 Russian Central Bank eyes clamping down on foreign currency borrowing

Durham becomes ‘first US city’ to ban police exchanges with Israel

Facebook’s facial recognition tool 
faces class action suit over mishandling biometric data

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The United States In Bible Prophecy

The United States is mentioned with outstanding clarity in Bible Prophecy, but few people are able to recognize it's identity. The Ten Kingdoms are not developing in Europe as people are taught to expect by most popular religious sources, but already exist in another area of the world, and few people recognize them. What is the importance of this? Because the Bible explains that the Kingdom of God will arrive following the rise of an eighth major world empire symbolized by the Second Beast of Revelation 13, and during the simultaneous reign of Ten Kingdoms symbolized by ten horns or crowns. When these come into existence, it is a sign that the arrival of the Kingdom of God is very close, and because these kingdoms already exist, the Kingdom of God is much closer to arrival than most people think.

"And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever"- Daniel 2: 44.

The European Union cannot be the location of the Ten Kingdoms. This idea is based on a theory that the Roman Empire is the forth beast/empire of Daniel, and that the Ten Kingdoms, represented by the ten horns, have their beginnings in Europe, in a reconstructed Roman Empire. There are twenty eight member nations in the E.U., and twenty eight is a number far greater than ten that the Bible very clearly defines over and over again. Yet, despite the obvious fact that there are more than ten member nations in the E.U., and the fact that Revelation 17, explains that the Ten Kingdoms will arise from an empire following that of the Roman Empire, these beliefs are still clung to as reality. However, when you dispose of these flawed understandings, the biblical identity of the eighth empire, and the Ten Kingdoms spring prophetically into view. 

Arrival of The Kingdom of God

The arrival of the Kingdom of God is a literal event that will soon take place in the future of humanity, and it will forever alter reality as we know it. It is the end of mankind's sojourn in this sorrowful realm of birth and death, and the ascension to eternal life. It is an event that will be led by the mass arrival of extraterrestrial beings biblically referred to as Angels, and when Jesus Christ returns. It is mentioned numerous times in both the Old and New Testament Bible, and is in fact the very purpose and foundation upon which the Bible is based. 

The Bible is a prophetic vision, and chronology of empires, and nations, symbolically represented, spanning the entire history of humanity, that lead up to the arrival of the Kingdom of God. It describes the development of eight major empires, and ten smaller kingdoms, that precede the arrival of the Kingdom of God, the final Kingdom that will reign upon the Earth. These eight empires all have one similarity in common. Each, no matter how briefly, ruled the location of ancient Babylon. The first seven empires are represented by the seven heads of the First Beast of Revelation 13. These seven empires have already come and gone. They were the Babylonian, Media Persian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Grecian, Roman and British Empires. The eighth empire is represented by the Second Beast of Revelation 13, and is the United States of America, which joined this lineup when it conquered and occupied Iraq, the location of Babylon.

The Ten Kingdoms that the Bible forecasted would arise and continue to exist at the time of the arrival of the Kingdom of God, have already been formed, and remain in existence today. No, they are not member states of the European Union; a common misconception by most. This theory is based upon the mistaken notion that the forth beast of Daniel was the Roman Empire, and that the Ten Kingdoms must therefore arise from the same area as the old Roman Empire. Actually, the Ten Kingdoms are in the area of the ancient Seleucid Empire, as foretold by Daniel , and now exist within eight nations located in the Middle East.

The forth beast of Daniel was not the Roman Empire, because as Daniel describes, "The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces." The Roman Empire was not diverse from rest, and it did not devour the whole earth. However, the British Empire was diverse from all the other previous empires, as an island nation with global sea power, and did literally devour the whole earth, because it was the world's first truly global empire, and it did tread down and break up the world into colonies, and later nations. There was a time when the sun never set on the British Empire, and just as Daniel foretold, ten kingdoms, or monarchies, did arise out of this kingdom in the Middle East.

By 1921 the British Empire held sway over a population of about 458 million people, approximately one-quarter of the world's population. It covered about 14.2 million square miles, about a quarter of the Earth's total land area. This certainly qualifies the British Empire as the forth beast of Daniel, and makes it very diverse from all the rest. The ten horns of Daniel arising from the forth beast are in fact the formation of ten Middle East monarchies, by the British Empire, after it gained control of The Middle East During World War One, following the defeat of Turkey, and the Ottoman Islamic Empire, in conjunction with treaties involving France, and the League of Nations. 

The ten kingdoms are.......Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, (Basrah, Baghdad and Mosul) = Iraq. The Ten Kingdoms were formed as monarchies, after the defeat of Turkey, and the Ottoman Islamic Empire, by the British Empire during World War I. Later, Basrah, Baghdad, and Mosul were combined to form the nation of Iraq, the little horn that uproots three, just as Daniel had foretold. 

The Ten Horns of Daniel are also the Ten Horns and Crowns mentioned within the Book of Revelation, that sit upon the seventh head of the First Beast of Revelation 13, symbolic of ten kingdoms arising from this seventh empire, and which remain in existence following it's collapse, and into a period when an eighth empire represented by the Second Beast of Revelation 13, rules the same area of the Middle East. The reason why the eighth empire is not within the body of the first beast is because it exists in a completely different geographical location, and on an entirely different continent, and is therefore represented as the Second Beast of Revelation 13. It is the North American Continent to be more exact, and the United States is the eighth and last great empire to rule the location of Babylon, before the arrival of the Kingdom of God.

United States Driven By Ancient Demon Of War
Beast From The Bottomless Pit Rises Again
The Beast That Was, Is Not, Yet Is - Revelation 13&17

But wait, there is still more. Woven within the prophecy of the eight empires, and the Ten Kingdoms, is another prophecy about a demonic manipulation of world events. The Bible explains that Alexander the Great, the first king of the Grecian Empire, was empowered by what is described as the dragon - Revelation 13, which is the same as the beast that ascends from the bottomless pit - Revelation 17, a demon of war and conquest - First Beast of Revelation 13. This is evidenced by the historical feats of Alexander, one of history's greatest conquerors, who forged the Grecian Empire. Alexander was a man whom legend and history describe as having almost miraculous power in his ability to conquer and make war, and of whom it is said wept because there were no more worlds to be conquered. 

With the sudden death of Alexander at a very young age, the Grecian Empire, which was the fifth biblically prophesized empire to exist prior to the arrival of the Kingdom of God, was divided into four smaller kingdoms, which wounded the Dragon, because plans for world domination via the Grecian Empire were thereby stopped. However, the Dragon returns as the beast that ascends from the bottomless pit during the future reign of an eighth empire. His deadly wound is healed insomuch as the Dragon commences original plans for war, conquest, and world domination, by empowering another man who presides over this eighth empire. 

Here we have the basis of the so called Anti-christ, another popular misnomer, because he is actually never referred to as Anti-christ in the Bible, but as the Beast. This of course means that if the United States is the eighth empire symbolized by the Second Beast of Revelation 13, the Beast must then be a President of the United States. Perhaps this is not symbolic of a specific man, but any man who becomes President, or is President, during the final closing days of this prophecy, because the eighth empire is covertly controlled by the Dragon. Any man elected President during this time is only the puppet of a secret ruling cabal, that actually gives the orders, and dictates policy, just as Alexander was given his power, and seat, and great authority, by the Dragon, and the same secret ruling cabal. 

There are a number of biblical prerequisites for the position of the Beast in this scenario. He must be the most powerful man in the world, and rule over a great world empire. He must be preoccupied with war, military might, and empire building. His name must be associated with money, because nobody can buy or sell without the number of his name. He must also be the ruler of Babylon = Iraq, the eyes, and the mouth speaking great things, within the little horn that uproots three, as described by Daniel. All of these prerequisites now exist within the definitive confines of the President of the United States. 

The President of the United States is the most powerful man on Earth, and rules over a great global military and economic empire. He is commander and chief of the greatest military machine in history. He is preoccupied with war and military might by virtue of the war on terrorism, and a power base that demands he protect, and expand the U.S. Empire. Former Presidents are printed on the face of U.S. currency, the world's reserve currency, and various Presidents represent the denominational amounts, so that nobody on Earth can buy or sell without using U.S. currency, the value of which is represented by a specific U.S. President, which is the number of his name. For example, Washington is one Dollar, and Franklin is one hundred Dollars, and so on - US Coins and Currency. The President of the United States was also the ruler of Babylon = Iraq, by virtue of conquest and U.S. military occupation.

The biblical prerequisites for the eighth and final empire represented by the Second Beast of Revelation 13, are that it must be the most powerful nation on Earth, dazzling the world with it's greatness, and a warlike nation that masquerades as peaceful, with horns like a lamb but speaks like a dragon. It must be an image of the ancient Grecian Empire, because it forces other nations of the world to remake themselves in the same image or likeness of the first beast that came before it, which was the fifth head of the First Beast of Revelation 13, the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great. It's monetary and financial system must be dominant worldwide, insomuch as nobody can buy or sell without the use of it's currency and financial system. 

All of the above prerequisites are met within the definitive confines of the United States of America. It is the most powerful nation on Earth, militarily, financially, and economically. Although appearing peaceful on it's exterior, the United States is very warlike, with a history of many wars, and current wars waged on a global scale, and a military budget second to none. It's military might is historically unprecedented. The United States is a copy or image of the ancient Grecian Empire, the founders of democracy, and the democratic republic. 

Grecia was a collection of individual constitutional republics, or city states, later ruled under a single federation, with Alexander as the first king, not unlike the United States, a similar collection of individual constitutional republics, or states, under a federal government presided over by a President. The founding fathers of the United States patterned their new nation in the image of ancient Grecia, and democracy, and a democratic republic. The United States also goes about forcing other nations to remake themselves in the same image, which is a copy of itself, and the first beast empire that came before it, the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great. Nations that don't worship this image are destroyed, and it's people killed. The U.S. financial and banking system are used globally, and it's currency, the dollar, is the world's reserve currency, so that nobody on Earth can buy or sell without the use of it's currency.

There is one other prophecy contained within Revelation 17-18, that further identifies the eighth empire as the United States of America. It describes the great city Babylon, and it's role as the center of a global economic empire which can be none other than New York City & Wall street. These passages also foretell of hatred from within the Ten Kingdoms that bring ruin to the global economy, and Babylon. This end time global economic and financial system is referred to as the Great Whore That Sits Upon Many Waters. The fall of Babylon, and the collapse of the global economy, are one of the last events just prior to the arrival of the Kingdom of God. How can this come about?

The United States is involved in a territorial dispute between Israel and Muslims over Palestine and Jerusalem, and arming Israel against Islamic Nations which include the Ten Kingdoms. It is engaged in a war on terrorism also involving the same Ten Kingdoms. The United States conquered Iraq, which contains three of the Ten Kingdoms, Basra, Baghdad, and Mosul, and is threatening Iran, another of the Ten Kingdoms, by imposing economic sanctions, and threatening possible military action. The war on terrorism, and the U.S. alliance with Israel, are causing great hatred of the U.S. amongst the Muslim populations within the Ten Kingdoms, and contributing to a greater threat of terrorism, and war throughout the region. 

The United States is contributing to the violent overthrow, and regime change within Syria, and the sale of military weapons and arms to Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, to be used against other Middle East Nations, while siding with Israel against Lebanon, all of which are among the same Ten Kingdoms. From these facts it can be safely concluded that a growing hatred of Mystery Babylon within the Ten Kingdoms has already begun, and insomuch as U.S. financial interests in the world are coupled with U.S. policy in the Middle East, it is no surprise that such hatred could lead to the financial and economic collapse of Babylon. 

The U.S. is dependant on Middle East oil supplied by the majority of the same Ten Kingdoms, which also hold vast reserves of U.S. denominated assets such as U.S Treasuries. The fact that oil is traded in U.S. Dollars gives the Dollar it's strength as the world's reserve currency, by forcing the nations of the world to hold vast reserves of U.S. Dollars, and to invest in U.S. Dollar assets such as U.S. Treasury Bonds, so as to transact the purchase of oil in U.S Dollars. Here is another fulfillment of Bible Prophecy, "These have one mind and give their power and strength unto the beast."- Rev.17: 13. 

(These have one mind), is to say that the Ten Kingdoms are all Muslim Nations, and (Give their power and strength to the beast), is to say that they give power to the Beast Empire by forcing global oil transactions to be in U.S. Dollars, thereby giving power and control of the global oil supply to the U.S., and strength to the Beast Empire by strengthening it's currency. The war on terrorism is perceived as a war on Islam by many within the Ten Kingdoms. Military funding of Middle East Nations allied with the United States, and the destabilization, and threats of war against non allied Middle East Nations, are bringing further hatred and dissention against the United States,