Trump Is A Fraud

Americans Dread Vote Between Two Unpopular Candidates

Biden and Trump avoid talking about both Ukraine and Middle East

Beware The Trump Inflation Bomb!

Trump Strikingly Softened His Tone On Invaders
 in Private Meeting With Top CEOs - (He’s A Fraud)

Buffett-owned agency warns of ‘Trump recession’

Trump is 101% Jew led 
 says Israel must ‘finish the job’ in Gaza,
 makes false charge regarding October 7 ‘deniers’

Moron Trump says death sentences
 for dealers will solve US drug problem

Trump Pledges Help for Hunter Biden after Conviction 

Trump vows to crush pro-Palestinian protests, if re-elected 

Zionist Trump Told Jewish Money Donors He'll Crush Pro-Palestine Protests 
(And The First Amendment) And Will Deport Demonstrators! He’s Such a fraud

Trump wants to bomb Moscow and Beijing

Macgregor torches Trump
 over his support for bill funding Uke and Israeli wars

Zionist Dupe Trump 
doubles down on support for genocide and mass bombing of Palestinians

Trump Comes Out 100% For Israel
A Vote For Trump Is A Vote For Continued Neocon/Zionist Wars 
And A Continuation Of Current U.S. Global Imperialism
When He Said Finish The Problem - Below, He Means Finish Off Iran
Since His Admitted Murder Of Iran's General Soleimani, Continued Enmity Still Exits
Trump Will Attack Iran And Set Off A Regional War That Could Expand To WWIII
Emperor Trump May Actually Be God's Plan To Finish Off The Destruction Of Babylon
Trump Is All Jewed Up

Zionist Trump Says Israel Needs to Finish The Job’ (Genocide) in Gaza,
 Pledges to Restore Israel Lobby’s Power Over Congress

Trump calls for pro-Gaza protests to be Stopped
after being bought off by Zionist money men

Trump Calls Into Hannity 
 Says Anti-Israel And Anti Gaza Genocide Protests 
Are ‘Anti-Semitism’ And Must Be Stopped - Who Owns Trump?

Smotrich congratulates Trump 
for retracting support for two-state solution: Report

Trump sells America out for Ukraine, Israel

Trump Played Big Role in Getting Ukraine $61 Billion 
Says Boris Johnson - Donald Is Pro-War, Hates Russia

Trump Sold-Out His Base
 to Shovel $95 Billion to Ukraine and Israel, by Mike Whitney

Wake Up Conservatives 
 Trump Not the Second Coming of Grover Cleveland

 Trump Lied, Millions Died
How To Kill 5 Billion Humans 

Repugnant Trump 

COVID Propaganda - Vile Trump Brags AGAIN 
About Operation Warp Speed, Shills Vaxxes

U.S. Sanctions Cause De-dollarization
How Can More Sanctions Reverse The Process?
Trump plans to sanction countries for refusing to use dollar

Trump Is Jewish-Owned 
Worst-Kept Secret In American Politics

In Preparation For Pro-Israel Trump Presidency
Jared Kushner, Trump’s Son-in-Law and Former Advisor,
 Suggests That the Gaza Strip’s Waterfront Property Can be Prime Real Estate

(Zionist-owned) Trump - 
‘Only an Idiot Wouldn’t Respond Like Israel Did to Oct. 7’