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Lies Of The Beast
New President Making Propagandized Statements Without Any Proof Or Factual Substantiation

Everybody In The World Watched As Free Elections To Join Russia Took Place In Crimea 
Trump: Russia Took Crimea by Force

Master To Slave - Parent To Child
U.S. Expects Russia To Behave As Puppet State
Russia won't be talked to ‘from position of strength’ – Moscow on US statement 

Unacceptable White House Demands on Russia

Lawmakers introduce bill to block Trump from lifting Russia sanctions 

Putin: NATO keeps trying to draw Russia into confrontation, meddle in internal affairs 

"It's Over Folks" The Neocons & The "Deep State" Have Neutered The Trump Presidency

The Guy Trump Just Put in Charge of the Economy Has Deep Ties to George Soros


Over 9,000 People Sign Petition Urging Trump to Expel Soros From US

Palestinians support Trump’s call for Israeli settlements ‘pullback’, wary of ‘one state’ idea 

Did Anybody Ask For Syrian Approval?
Proposal to deploy US ground troops in Syria is ‘possible’ – Pentagon official to CNN 

‘Echoes of failure: West shot itself in the foot over Syria’ 

Turkey Should Get Out Of Syria
Rifts Widening Among Turkish-Backed Militants, SDF Says Not to Allow Turkey to Approach Raqqa

U.S. Ally Saudi Arabia Home To al-Qaeda
Saudi-Backed Forces Team up With al-Qaeda in New Yemen Offensive

The Ancient Dragon
Book Of Enoch Ethiopian Translation
Evil Extraterrestrials Who Fell To Earth And Faked Themselves As Gods
Altering Humanity From It's Original Form As Intended By God
How Did Adam & Eve Fall From Grace And Eternal Life?
Was It When Their Immortal Bodies (Temple Of God) Were Somehow Contaminated With Animal DNA?
Thus Causing The Once Immortal Humans To Fall Into The Realm Of Birth & Death Like The Animals?

Interesting Email In This Same Regard

Hi Larry,  

I believe and I may be wrong, that the temple of God is us, we who love the Lord and strive to obey his commandments hold within us the Spirit of the living God. This is an amazing thing that takes a life time for true Christians to partially understand. I believe that there is a moment in time when the mixing of man and machine/animal will bring the coming of Jesus our Lord. This is the moment when humanity will be compromised. 
An example of this is the attached youtube clip.

As always may Jesus bless your ministry as we approach the end of days.  

Your Brother in Christ


The Abomination OF Desolation Standing Where It Ought Not
Has anyone given thought to the possibility that the 'Abomination of Desolation' - Mark 13: 14, could be the U.S. Embassy re-located and standing in Jerusalem? The U.S. Embassy is a symbol of the U.S./Beast Empire, which can be considered an 'abomination of desolation' when linked to the wars and destruction of Libya, the invasion of Iraq, and terrorism in Syria, via regime change in the Middle East. No U.S. President has yet made this move because of the potential for violence that it would cause in the Muslim world and including within Israel itself. We know from what Jesus said while being asked about the signs of the end and His coming, that Jerusalem will be desolated by encompassed by armies - Luke 21: 20. What could cause such an uprising in Jerusalem? Re-locating the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is certainly high on the list of possibilities. Not even the Israelis themselves recommend such a move because of the potential for violence and war it would cause, and no P.M. of Israel has up until now dared to support such a move. It would be tantamount to U.S. acknowledgement that Jerusalem is the Capitol of Israel. 

Jerusalem is known as the 'Holy City' by Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike, and certainly qualifies it as the "Holy Place" described by Jesus - Matthew 24: 15. The Muslim world has already threatened war if such a move were to be made. No American President has so far dared to make this move. Not even Obama dared to do it. President Trump at first decided he was going to do it, but since has changed his mind too. However, this could change very quickly with the renewed ties between the U.S. and Israel since Donald Trump's election. He's just the type of person who would be the first to make such a move. He's daring, unconventional, and arrogant enough to do such a thing. It would be a statement to Iran just who is boss. It would also fulfill the prophecies of Revelation seventeen, whereby the Ten Kingdoms at first give the Beast Empire their power, and strength, and later turn on the Beast, hating it, and burning it with fire - Rev. 17: 12-17. Such a move by the Emperor of the Beast Empire would turn the entire Muslim world against the United States, including it's current allies such as Saudi Arabia, who would be forced by popular demand to condemn it. With the other signs so far converging in perfect Biblical synchronization, the movement of the U.S. Embassy, a symbol of the warmongering Beast Empire, ruled by the Dragon, standing in the holy city of Jerusalem, would qualify as a fulfillment of this prophecy, and likewise touch off of a war with central focus on Jerusalem that could bring about it's desolation by surrounding armies. Remember that this is one of the very last signs of the return of Christ, and the arrival of the Kingdom of God. 

‘Our land:’ Russia tells US that Crimea won’t be ‘given back’ to Ukraine

 Russia not to discuss Crimea’s return to Ukraine with foreign partners — Kremlin

Trump Expects Russia to ‘Return’ Crimea. Come and Take It, Genius

Russian Officials See Flynn’s Resignation as a Major Blow to Diplomacy 

Western Interests Aim To Flummox Russia - PaulCraigRoberts.org

Dissident Figure Discloses US, Israel's Attempts to Block Political Process in Syria

Military Source: Saudi-Backed Mercenaries Tasked to Prevent Convergence between Jordan, Syria

Dissident Leader: S. Arabia Plays Almost No Role in Syrian Issue

Saudi-Backed Militias' Concentration Centers Destroyed by Yemen's Zalzal-2 Missile in Ta'iz Province

Turkish Army Plans to Deploy Troops in Northern Syrian City

More Civilians Killed in Turkish Army Attacks in Northern Syria

Leader: US Saber-Rattling Meant to Derail Iran's Attention to Economic Progress

US Continues to Increase Involvement in Saudi Air War in Yemen

Russia "Secretly" Deploys Banned Cruise Missile In "Latest Challenge To Trump"

Troops in western Russia go on combat alert in snap check

US admits using toxic depleted uranium against ISIS in Syria 

Japan protests Russia naming 5 uninhabited Kuril islets 

NATO accuses Russia of fake news, while hysterically warning of WWIII 

Kiss Your Freedoms Goodbye: The Future Will Be Cashless

Coming Soon to a City Near You: The U.S. Military’s Plan to Take Over America 

‘Polarized & divided’ US may become destabilizing factor for world – EU foreign policy chief 

Beijing warns Washington against naval patrols in disputed S. China Sea

Enormous pit of melting carbon the size of Mexico discovered under US 

Pizzagate Arrests Coming? Police Nab VIP Pedophile Connected to Clintons


Trumped By The Dragon
Breaking News
Trump expects Russia to ‘return Crimea – White House 

This is an impossible request that Russia will never agree with. Crimea voted unanimously and democratically to join Russia. Historically it was never really part of the Ukraine, and always with Russia. Everybody in the world knows this, including the U.S. Government, which now reveals the true extent of evil that still prevails in Washington. The Dragon continues to rule, and the electorate were fooled again. America's last hope for peace has just been shattered. Prepare for the demise of the Beast Empire by it's own hand as Biblically foretold - Rev. 18. The empire simply cannot continue charging wars endlessly to the national debt, and cannot prevail in a world that is politically fracturing and economically isolating itself from the U.S. dollar and financial system. The U.S. organized the coup in the Ukraine, and installed a Nazi oriented puppet regime. Fear of being terrorized by the U.S. installed Kiev regime is what caused the people of Crimea to go over to Russia. If they were to return now, which will never happen, they would become victims of a violent anti-Russian regime. This is bad news and confirms what I have been saying all along. The new boss is the same as the old boss. There is no difference in what President Trump is now doing than what Obama was doing or what Hillary Clinton wanted to do. Putin cannot and will not turn Crimea over to the Ukraine, and betray all of those people for Trump. The same can be said of Iran. This means of course that there will be no lessoning of hostility between Russia and the United States. Dittos for Iran, a Russian Ally in the Middle East. World War III coming soon. The U.S. sanctions against Russia will only make it stronger while continuing to weaken the U.S. dollar abroad, as Russia, China, Iran, and many other nations of the world continue building an alternative financial system supported by gold in defiance of the U.S. Federal Reserve debt based system. The continued U.S. support of Saudi Arabia, and Israel, and it's hostility towards Iran, is going to exacerbate the situation in the Middle East, and must result in a direct conflict between Russia and the United States now bent on a collision course. 

New Boss Same As The Old Boss
Elections Make No Difference
U.S. Not Ruled By The President Or Even Congress
The Dragon Rules & Gives The U.S. Government It's Power, Seat, And Great Authority - Rev. 13

ISIS Kills 39 Syrian Soldiers in New Aleppo Offensive

Syrian Army Restores Full Security to T4 Airbase in Eastern Homs

Russia Reinvigorating Air Force's Combat Capabilities in Syria

Source: Terrorists' Attacks against Dara'a Ordered by Persian Gulf Arab States

Syrian Army Captures Energy-Rich Field in Eastern Homs

Syrian Analyst: Terrorists' Attacks on Dara'a Ordered by US to Create Human Shield for Israel

Declassified CIA Memo Shows How US Has Been Plotting Syrian Regime Change For Decades

Turkey Killed Over 60 Syrian Civilians in Past Week of Strikes 

More Civilians Killed in Turkish Army Attacks in Northern Syria

Turkey Killed Over 60 Syrian Civilians in Past Week of Strikes

Trump Policies Fuel Iraqi Anger, Doubts About Alliance’s Future 

Weekend Protests Signal New Shi’ite Power Struggle in Iraq 

‘We see eye-to-eye’: Netanyahu enthusiastic on his way to Washington to meet Trump 

Iran – Trump’s Evil State №1 To Be 

Saudi-Backed Militias Military Positions Come Under Yemeni Forces' Heavy Attacks

S. Arabia Recruits 350 Comorian Militias for Yemen War

Campaign to Impeach Trump Continues

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Resigns 

Flynn resignation internal US matter – Kremlin 

Why Donald Trump Needs The Next Recession To Start As Quickly As Possible

‘Blackwater Air’ Is Back, and Flying for U.S. Special Forces 

Strong Indicator Of An Imminent Potential Financial Crisis 

The Numbers Don't Lie: The NYT Is Dying, And Digital Subscriptions Won't Save It

US Scrambled to Fill Empty Vaults After Germany Requested Return of 300 Tons of Gold

The Seven Heads Of The First Beast Of Revelation 13
Babylon, Media Persia, Assyria, Egypt, Greece, Rome, British Empire

Beast Empire & Image Of Grecia
The United States Of America

Ten Kingdoms Risen From The Seventh Head British Empire
Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Basrah, Baghdad and Mosul = Iraq


The Non-Republic As Empire
An Image Of The Grecian Empire Of Alexander The Great
Revised & Updated)
A Must Read For Proper Understanding Revelation 13-19
The very fact that one person elected as President can make sweeping changes in U.S. domestic/ foreign policy clearly illustrates that the United States government is a form of dictatorship, and because of U.S. global military and financial domination of the world, we can say that the U.S. is in fact an empire with an elected emperor at the helm. Congress doesn't actually represent the people because there hasn't been any additional representatives added since the Republic was formed, even though there are millions more people now than when the Constitution was drafted. Nobody will allow a constitutional convention to add Representatives consistent with the growing population, because there is fear of unwanted changes, either to the power structure, or changes in the Bill of Rights, that would take away the freedom of the people. On the other hand, if you can't change a constitutional republic that's supposed to represent the people, and reflect changes in population, then what good is it? The people can only make meaningful change by electing a new emperor. This elevates the President to an importance not originally intended by the framers of the Constitution. 

Four hundred and thirty five Representatives and one hundred Senators cannot fairly represent over 324 million people. Congress actually represents only two political parties with minimal representation of the people, and is held captive by partisanship, and dominated by the President. If the President is of the majority party, then there is more dictatorial power available for the President and that party's demands. If not, then congress has more power, but always within party lines, which are mostly determined by committee and not by the electorate. A true republic cannot function without proper representation, and when there are so few that govern so many, it becomes a dictatorship by committee, (communism?) in disguise. Since true communism controls the source of supply, and the U.S. government allows private business, and is dominated by corporations, we would be more accurate to call it Fascism, or a dictatorial government in league with corporate entities that control supply. The government is assigned social, political, police, and military power, while the corporations supply the weapons to government and goods to the people. It's a Fascist dictatorship ruled by committee under an elected king. Because it also decides the fate of the world it's also an imperial dictatorship with an elected emperor in control. 

Congress, including the Senate and House of Representatives, make decisions concerning the empire abroad, which involve billions of people on the planet, and these politicians have now become more interested in events in foreign lands than the states from which they were elected. They make decisions about war and peace in other nations where the people have no voice in the decision making process what-so-ever. This can be defined as classic imperialism. This was never meant to be and was not the intention of the framers of the U.S. Constitution. It is however, following in the footsteps of ancient Greece. 

The United States was patterned by it's founding fathers in the image of the Grecian concept of the constitutional democratic republic. Ancient Grecia was a collection of city states each established as individual constitutional republics. These city states were later federalized by Alexander the Great who became the first king of the Grecian Empire - Daniel 8: 21. Alexander then used his power to form armies to conquer the world under a single empire. Similarly, the United States was formed as a collection of States, each established as independent constitutional democratic republics. The States were originally almost like individual nations, but as time went on, and especially after the time of President Lincoln, became increasingly federalized as the United States, with the President assuming an increasingly greater dictatorial role as king, while the states lost individual sovereignty to increasing federal authority. 

The United States is an image of the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great, and similarly has set out on the same goal to conquer the world under a single global empire. Enemies are not actual military threats to the mainland of the United States, but are threats to the expansion of the empire either militarily, economically, or even monetarily, in the global geographic arena. War, regime change, or economic sanctions are assigned to those nations that don't pay proper tribute to the empire. Those nations that become vassal states to the empire are allowed to exist, and are supported financially and militarily by the empire even though they be non-democratic monarchies, with evil intent and purpose. This too is a copy of the Grecian Empire which after conquering a nation such as Egypt for example, installed a puppet regime, which became the Ptolemaic Empire under one of Alexander's generals. 

The Second Beast of Revelation 13: describes an empire that's an image of the first beast, the Leopard, which was the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great - Rev 13: 1-18. It foretells of this empire causing people to worship the first beast and it's (image), which would be itself and the Grecian Empire. This can be compared to the U.S. espousing democracy as invented by ancient Grecia and which it copied as it's own form of government. You could call it self righteousness. The deadly wound that's healed symbolizes the resurrection of the Grecian Empire in the later days. It's an empire of war insomuch as "Who can make war with him?" - Rev. 13: 4. It also describes this empire as having power over the money of the world, where nobody can buy or sell without the use of it's currency. This can easily be compared to the U.S. Dollar, as world's reserve currency. Revelation 17, describes this same empire as an 8th kingdom which is of the seven - Rev. 17: 8 - 18. The United States fits this description in two ways. First, it also ruled the location of ancient Babylon = Baghdad Iraq, as did the previous seven head kingdoms, of the First Beast of revelation 13, and secondly, it is an image of the 5th head empire which was the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great.

Why is this so important? Because the Bible goes on to describe the destruction of this same empire - Rev. 18, via global economic collapse, and other chastisements assigned by God, such as burning with fire, and thrown down by violence, because of it's iniquities, crimes, and the blood of those slain upon the earth. When the United States invaded and conquered Iraq, it became the 8th empire in a Biblical line-up that includes the seven heads of the First Beast of Revelation 13. As such, it has become the Beast Empire and the subject of Revelation 18. Since that time, war, regime change, and the defense and expansion of the global empire has been the dominant feature of the United States. It's as if a demon of war has risen from the pit, and taken control of the nation after the invasion of Iraq, and now leads the nation into perdition - Rev. 17: 8. It's now just a matter of time before the final events of Revelation 18 & 19 unfold before us. The new President is another elected emperor who by default must defend the empire. The Dragon covertly rules, and gives the Beast, and whoever is King/President/Emperor, his power, seat, and great authority - Rev. 13: 2. It's the Dragon who rules. A person may have ideas of what they'll do after becoming President, but this changes after being elected and the forces of the Dragon take control.

The Seven Heads Of The First Beast Of Revelation 13
Babylon, Media Persia, Assyria, Egypt, Greece, Rome, British Empire

Beast Empire & Image Of Grecia
The United States Of America

Ten Kingdoms Risen From The Seventh Head British Empire
Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Basrah, Baghdad and Mosul = Iraq

Chase Out Natives & Build More Condos
Lieberman: All Palestinians should leave Israel

You Haven't Seen Anything Yet
There Will Be Division In The Land And Mob Rule
Wait Till The Economy And The Dollar Begin To Falter

Sperry: Obama Organizing Violent Anti-Trump Protesters Just Miles from White House

Safe Zones Will Become Havens For Terrorists To Hide
Erdogan says safe zones must be created in liberated Syrian regions

Erdogan: Turkey’s End Goal in Syria Is ISIS Capital of Raqqa 

Starting With Turkey
Never Forget The Photos Of Lines Of Oil Tankers Crossing The Turkish Border And Stealing Syrian Oil

 Damascus to demand apologies from countries that were destroying Syria

Residents of Besieged Syrian City Remain Defiant: 
‘We’re Not Afraid of ISIS. Even Our Women Can Take up Arms’ (VIDEO)

Russian Special Forces Prepare to Retake Palmyra

Russian MoD releases drone footage of Roman theater in Palmyra blown up by ISIS (VIDEO)

Lots Of Luck On This One
Russia expects close anti-terror cooperation with US in Syria

Seven Killed, Hundreds Wounded as Protests Hit Baghdad

Abadi: Iraq Not Interested in Participating in ‘Regional Conflict’ 

Wishful Thinking By Israel & U.S.
Putin Will Not Backstab Iran For Trump
Any Nation That Sheds It's Own Blood In Fighting ISIS Will Not Be Sacrificed By Russia

Analyst: Russia Blocks US Aggressive Policies against Iran

Very Dangerous Loose Cannon Now On Deck
Revealed: Trump Administration Aborted Operation That Would Have Provoked War With Iran

Tit For Tat & Eye For Eye
Saudi Warplanes Destroy Yemen House, Killing Six Civilians 

Saudi Arabia's Arms Depot Destroyed in Yemeni Rocket Attacks

Afraid Of Setting Off A Regional War
Trump: Israeli Embassy Is Not Moving to Jerusalem

Example Of A Safe Zone Which Houses & Creates More Terrorists
Afghanistan Is Now a Safe Haven For ISIS. And Washington Wants to Keep It That Way

Locals: US Airstrikes Kill 22 Afghan Civilians in Helmand Province 

NATO attacks: Cause driving Afghan people into opposition hands’ 

Trump Not Pro-Russia, Says Its Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman

‘Irrefutable evidence Kiev used WMDs’ against E. Ukraine civilians – Russian investigators 

Charged To The National Debt
The Rising Cost Of Supporting Military Allies & The Expanding Empire
 Are Eating Away At U.S. Infrastructure & Military Readiness
Half of All US Navy Aircraft Can't Even Fly. Have Fun Fighting China, Guys!

NWO Enforcer: NATO Threatens WW III


Unipolar World Will ‘Lead to Chaos’ — Putin’s 2007 Speech Predicted a Decade of Conflict (VIDEO)

The Rot in the System Is Starting to Show. Anti-Trump Hysteria Is the Establishment's Last Stand

Trump frustrated with running White House

Trump's America First = U.S. Allies First
For Better Or Worse
The Emperor Must Defend The Empire's Allies Israel & Saudi Arabia First
People Of The World Are Dreaming If They Think Otherwise
Trump Offends Palestinians

US backs Israel by blocking ex-Palestinian PM’s appointment to lead UN mission in Libya 

NATO Supports Kiev’s Putschist Regime, Trump Signals It

Neocons Use Ukraine to Reverse Trump Plan to Thaw Relations with Putin and Wage Global War

Syria Retaking The Nation Right Up To It's Borders
Syrian Army Launches Anti-Terrorism Operation at Border with Jordan

Turkish troops enter ISIS-held Syrian town, Erdogan says army will continue on to Raqqa 

 Russia, Turkey, Iran work on new meeting between Syrian government, armed opposition

Turkish Army Sends Fresh Soldiers, More Equipment to Northern Syria to Cover Recent Defeats

Turkish Army's Further Advance Blocked after More Towns Joined Peace with Syrian Army 

CIA Files Reveal US Intelligence Used Psychics to Spy on Iran

Excuses Are Getting Old
17 Years or War & Rumors Of War
‘US military can no longer plead ‘collateral damage’ when it’s been happening for 17 years’

Any Loose Cannon Event Could Trigger War
Not Since Nazi Germany Has Such Events Happened Without Cause Or Justification
Response to NATO: What Forced Russia to Conduct Snap Check of Aerospace Forces

Trump, Putin, and the Fear of Operation Barbarossa II

 Lavrov plans to discuss with US secretary of state situation in Ukraine

One Nut In An Orchard Of Rotting Nuts
CIA Chief Pompeo Awards Saudis with Medal for Combating Terrorism

Here we Go Again Right back To The 80's
Why Is Everything Defined As War On This Or That?
President Trump Pledges to Escalate War on Drugs 

Corporate Media Is Extension Of Government
Everybody Knows It Now
Western media losing viewers as audiences seek alternative news sources 

Another Example Of Corporate Media Fake news
Reports that Moscow is to ‘gift’ Snowden to Trump meant to pressure new administration – Zakharova 

The U.S./NATO Amass Troops On Russia's Border Without Provocation
While Doing Nothing About This Provocation & Obvious Threat To The U.S. Mainland & Allies
N. Korean test missile ‘flies 500km, lands in Sea of Japan’