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Unstoppable Syrian Army
Taking Back Syrian Territory From U.S. Terrorists
Battle to Liberate Southwest Syria Underway 

Russian-Syrian Offensive on Southern Rebels Kicks Off
 Russian Air Force in Action After 1 Year Pause

Syria launches comprehensive assault on Daraa
 Quneitra under threat next 

11 towns in southern Syria
 voluntarily went under control of govt forces – Russian MoD 

MAJOR: Syrian Army blocks U.S base in push against ISIS 

US Tells Southern Syrian Rebels They’re on Their Own
 There Will Be No American Intervention

US Won't Intervene as Syria Strikes Rebels in Southwest

Popular Syrian Uprising
Bushwhacking U.S. Terrorists
Popular Resistance Force
Formed in Northern Syria to Face Foreign Occupiers

Another Senior Terrorist Commander Gunned Down in Northern Syria

Fresh Clashes Reported between Two US-Backed Militant Groups in Northeastern Syria

More Militants Join Syrian Army as Gov't Forces Advance in Dara'a Province

U.S. Rescuing It's Terrorist Commanders
Hasaka: US Conducts Another Heliborne Operations 
to Rescue Foreign ISIL Commanders

Hundreds of SDF Militants Enter Raqqa Following Unprecedented Kurdish-Arab Tensions

 US Training 8,000 ISIL Terrorists
 in Syria against Iraq: Senior MP

Senior ISIL Commander, Aides Hunted in Baghdad

Iraqi Cleric Sadr Forms Political Alliance With PM Abadi 

Israel Hit Iraqi Militias 
Fighting ISIS in Eastern Syria. 20-50 Dead

Iranian FM: Europe Guarantees Iran's Oil Sales Despite Sanctions

Senior Iranian Commander Killed in Syria - Reports

United States demands that Japan stops buying oil from Iran – reports 

Spokesman: Iran's Yemen Policies Remain Unchanged

Erdogan wins 1st term as president ‘under new system’

Israel launches missile at a drone approaching from Syria 

Kushner touts ‘deal’ to Palestinians as Middle East peace process in tatters after US Embassy move 

Currency war can end global US dollar dominance & those who own gold have power 


No Worse Enemy
Than Those Engaged In Defense Of Their Own Country
Popular Syrian Uprising Against The U.S. Will Make Continued Military Occupation Increasingly Difficult
US will suffer ‘another Vietnam’ in Syria
 Iranian leader’s top aide warns 

Failed Israeli-Russian deal
 opens SW Syria to Syrian bombardment, Iranian/Hizballah presence 

Syria's president calls current negotiations with US ‘a waste of time’

US tells rebels not to count on its help 
as Syrian army advances into country’s southwest – report 

US Backtracks 
from Supporting Militants in Southern Syria

Russian Jets Continue Targeting Terrorists
 as Syrian Army Launches Another Heavy Attack

Russian air strikes back Syrian southern offensive
 US to Southern Front rebels: You’re on your own

Popular Uprising & Bushwhacking
 Of U.S./Turkey Backed Terrorists In Syria Increases
More Senior Terrorists Commanders 
Assassinated in Northwestern Syria

Senior Commander of Turkey-Backed Militants
 Assassinated by Unknown Raiders in Northern Syria

Spokesman: US Forces, Allied Militants Attacked
 by Unidentified Gunmen in Syria's Al-Tanf

US-Backed Militias Continue Looting
 People's Assets in Northeastern Syria

Syria: Former Terrorist Commander Escapes to Turkey with Large Amount of Money

Manbij Military Council
 US Not to Allow Turkish Deployment in Manbij

Turkish Army, Allied Militants in Panic over Kurds' Attacks in Northern Syria

Popular Uprising against Turkish Occupiers
 Reported in Northeastern Syria

Syrians will reconstruct country after war themselves, Assad says

Damascus roadblocks removed after Syria army victories

Jabhat al-Nusra plotting provocation in Syria’s Idlib - Russian reconciliation center

Hashd Al-Shaabi Commander Dismisses JOC's Statement on US Attack

This Terrorist Group Just Won't Go Away
Even After Being Caught With Their Fingers In A False Flag Chemical Attack
White Helmets Plotting New Chemical Attack in Southern Syria

Modern US-Made Weapons Sent to Militants in Southern Syria via Border with Jordan

Oil Minister Raps Trump for "Iran Regime Change" Illusion

Iran will face wrath of entire world if it tries to develop nuclear weapons – Pompeo 

FM: US Pursues Iran's Withdrawal from N. Deal

West & its Arab stooges are terrified of a genuinely independent Yemen 

Arab Analyst: Britain Issues UAE Travel Warning 
to Nationals as Yemeni Missiles on Way to Abu Dhabi, Dubai

What Trump’s U-turn on North Korea shows

This Will Probably Leach Over Into Replacement Parts As Well
Trump threatens 20% tariffs on all European cars coming into US 

Russia may raise duties on cars as tit-for-tat measure following US restrictions

Trump's goal to keep China from using nuclear option of dumping US debt – Max Keiser 

Rickards Warns A New Global Debt Crisis Has Begun

Julius Caesar Had A Very Large Cranial Capacity
Lifelike reconstruction of Julius Caesar reveals extraordinary head (PHOTO) 

Mega-quake In U.S. Northwest Very Likely
Instability Caused By Earthquake & Volcanic Activity Around The Pacific Plate
Putting Pressure On The Smaller Juan de Fuca Plate Along The U.S. Northwest Pacific Coast
A megaquake is coming
 to the Northwest and it’s not a matter of if but when

The volcanic unrest continues
 Eruptions at Anak-Krakatau and Sinabung in Indonesia, Shinmoedake in Japan and Telica in Nicaragua 

Hawaii volcano eruption
 Kilauea shoots lava 180ft into air and shows NO sign of stopping 

U.S. Morphs Into A Military Occupation Force In Syria
Openly Training & Arming Terrorist Mercenary Armies Against Syrian Government
Arresting & Killing Syrian Citizens In Popular Uprising Against U.S. Military Occupation
Bombing & Killing Syrian/Iraqi Military Troops & Militias Fighting U.S. Backed Terrorists
 US Training Terrorists in 19 Military Bases

US Troops, Allied Militias Cooperating with ISIL
 to Attack Syrian Army in Deir Ezzur

Arming Terrorists
 A High Crime Against Humanity - Stephen Lendman

US Coalition Bombs Damascus Army Troops in Southern Syria

US Sets up New Military Base Near Syria's Manbij

US military advisers came under attack
 in Syria’s Al-Tanf – coalition

Syrian army takes two rebel-held strategic points on way to Golan and Daraa

Iranian Leader's Top Aide
 US to Experience 2nd Vietnam War in Syria

Syrian Army's Strong Presence
 in Central Badiyeh Foils US Plan in Support of ISIL

Popular Uprising against US-Turkish Agreement Reported in Manbij

Tens of Civilians Arrested in Northeastern Syria
 after Intensified Tensions with US-Backed Militias

Iraqi Troops not Withdrawing 
from Syrian Border after Alleged Israeli Attack

Iraq militia vows vengeance for deadly Syria raid

Iran may exit nuclear deal in coming weeks – Deputy FM 

Trump’s military drops a bomb every 12 minutes, and no one is talking about it 

Fingers In The Cash Register
Interesting That The U.S. National Debt Is About The Same Amount
The Pentagon Can't Account for $21 Trillion (That's Not a Typo)

China cuts US investments by 92% amid escalating trade war 

China can hurt America in trade war six ways from Sunday

 Goldman Sachs: Buckle up. Trade war fears will likely get worse

Tit-for-tat: World responds to Trump's tariffs with levies on US goods 

US trade tariffs are economic sanctions in disguise, says Putin 

Russia gets rid of US Treasury securities and buys gold 

America Forfeits Its Influence at the UN for Israel

From the EU to China, world blasts US withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council 

Time for the Big One?
 Research suggests risk of California earthquake higher than previously thought 


Step By Step & Day By Day
The United States Is Being Isolated By The Global Community Of Nations
The Crazy Part Is That It's A Self Inflicted Isolation
Washington's Strategy Is To Rule The World Or Destroy The Nation If It Fails

4 Signposts of American Collapse
 Which Also Occurred in the USSR

Trump Is Bought and Paid for by Zionists 
Who DEMAND War with Iran - Time For America to Say NO!

No Bigger Proof 
The U.S. Has Become A Colony Of Israel
Further Isolating Itself From Normal International Forums & Relations
US leaves hypocritical and self-serving UN Human Rights Council

US Withdraws From UN Human Rights Council, Citing Approach to Israel 

Slowly But Surly The Economic Losses For The U.S. Will Add Up
As More Nations Align Against U.S. Imperialism & The Dollar
Dow falls 350 points as trade war fears escalate

Russia introduces additional duties on imports of US goods

Russia to introduce tit-for-tat import duties on goods from US

Chinese Envoy Proposes Joint Action by India
 China to Counter US Protectionism - Sputnik International

Weaponizing the Debt
 How Dumping of US Treasuries May Dethrone the Dollar

Russia & India ditching US dollar in defense deals 

Another Sanctions Own Goal – Russia and India Ditch Dollar in Defense Deals

Europe will hit US products with tariffs starting Friday

Moscow Ready to Join EU Safeguard Measures Amid US Exit From JCPOA 

Trump to Europoodles: Roll Over. Bark. Beg…Crawl

‘Al-Qaeda in Syria is losing in spite of us’ – Ron Paul 

No Disguised Iranian and Hezbollah Forces in Syrian Uniforms

Lavrov and Pompeo on Syria 

U.S./Israeli Air Support For Terrorists
Causing Major Uprising Amongst The People Of Iraq & Syria
Iraqi Popular Forces
 US Airstrikes Aimed at Supporting Terrorists

Iraqi Shiite militia threatens US and Israel with revenge

Arab Daily: US Bases in Iraq, Syria Easy Targets
 for Iraqi Popular Forces Retaliation

Iraqi Hezbollah Warns US of Retaliation for Monday Airstrikes

Syrian Air Defense Shoots down Intruder Israeli Drone

Popular Uprising
Bushwhacking U.S. Terrorists
US-Backed SDF Suffers Several Casualties 
by Unidentified Gunmen in Northeastern Syria

Money Can't Buy Patriotism
Saudi Arabia Can't Conquer Yemen
Mercenary Armies Don't Have The Patriotic Spirit Required For The Job
Riyadh, Abu Dhabi Conceal Tolls
 in Yemen War for Fear of Protests at Home

Saudi-led Forces Seize Parts of Yemen’s Hodeidah Airport in Heavy Fighting

Ansarullah: Saudi-Led Front Blocked behind Al-Hudaydah Airport

Is There Any Point to a Putin-Trump Meeting Anymore?

‘Way to disaster’: Moscow warns US
 against deploying WMDs in space, threatens with ‘tough response’ 

Mad Dog Mattis, the destroyer of Raqqa
 frets about losing moral authority

US prepares for space battles and Russia to side with China in trade war

Separating children from their families is nothing new, US has been doing it for decades 

No F-35s for Turkey: US Senate blocks sale of fighter jets to Ankara 

Pentagon to deliver F-35 fighter bombers to Turkey bypassing Congress approval

Leaving The Garden Of Eden 

San Andreas Fault: Scientists Find Slow Earthquakes That Could Trigger More Destructive Quakes


Babylon Has No Moral Authority
U.S. Becomes A Colony Of Israel As President Trump Concedes Power
Israel & Imperialism Will Be The Downfall Of The United States/Babylon
Mattis: Putin Is Trying To
 "Undermine America's Moral Authority"

US has no moral right to accuse Russia
 demand someone’s release — embassy

US not superpower
 operates as colony of Israel

Diplomat: Russia opened up to West, but was deceived

NATO Is Building up for a Major War Against Russia

Imperialists Don't Care About The U.S. Economy
Only The Domination Of The World 
 Via U.S. Military Might & Banking/Monetary Systems Controlled By The Federal Reserve
Trade wars, sanctions, tariffs, military Threats, reneging on treaties, pulling out of negotiations and international forums, are the imperial way of doing business from a position of elevated self importance. The U.S. is responsible for it's own trade deficits and not China. It comes from years of pushing the Dollar as the world's reserve currency. The more foreign goods purchased by the United States, the more Dollars circulate around the globe, and the stronger the Dollar becomes, by forcing the world into greater Dollar usage. This coupled with the global oil trade in Dollars keeps the U.S. in domination of global markets. Therefore, U.S. tariffs and sanctions won't restore the trade balance, but will only make economic matters worse for the American consumer, by increasing the price of goods and by the loss of U.S. jobs and farming interests related to same. The days of U.S. supremacy are over. By over extending and over use of economic sanctions and trade wars, the U.S. is shooting itself in the foot, by forcing the global community of nations out of the Dollar and into alternative monetary/trade systems, such as gold, direct trade, and crypto currencies. The world is forming economic systems outside and against U.S. monetary polices. 

Trump raises stakes in trade war with China
 targets further $200bn-worth of imports with tariff

On Donald Trump's "Madness" & A New Gold Standard

"Blow For Blow" US-China Trade Spat Expected To Become "War Of Attrition"

Iran and Russia Discuss Using Crypto to Bypass Sanctions

U.S./Israel Attack Syrian Army Forces
Helping Terrorist To Kill & Enslave The Syrian People
Giving Terrorist Further Incentive To Continue Fighting
Airstrikes Hit East Syria Military Site, 52 Killed 

US official: Israel conducted air strike near Abu Kamal

‘Israeli’ Airstrikes Hit East Syria Military Site, Scores Killed

US State Department Again Threatens Syria Not to Retake Its Own Territory

Syrian Army's Military Columns, Russian Forces Enter Dara'a Province
 for Imminent Anti-Terrorism Operation

Israel Drives U.S. Involvement In Syria
Netanyahu De Facto Commander & Chief Of U.S. Military In The Middle East
Netanyahu Vows to Keep Israeli-Syrian Border Free of Iranian Troops 

Trump Regime Escalates Aggression in Syria 

ISIL Hands over Base in Northeastern Syria to US-Backed Militias

US Setting up New Military Base in Northeastern Syria

Same Tactics Used By Israel In Palestine
Terrorists set orchards ablaze in southwest Syria

Syrians Bushwhacking U.S. Terrorist Commanders
Notorious Terrorist Commander Assassinated
 by Unknown Raiders in Northwestern Syria

Unidentified Raiders Assassinate Notorious Terrorist Commander in Northern Syria

Gov't Spokesman: Iran Not to Hold Talks with Trump

Israel Lost in Syria
 But It's Ready With Another War Crime: Yemen

Lesson To Be Learned By Wealthy/Corrupt Saudi Monarchy
Mercenary Armies Can't Defeat Armies In Defense Of Their Homeland
Saudi Arabia Being Defeated In It's Invasion Of Yemen
Hundreds killed and thousands flee
 as Saudi-led forces bomb Yemeni port to ‘liberate’ it 

UAE Demands ‘Unconditional’ Rebel Pullout From Yemen Port 

160 Fighters of Saudi-Led Coalition Held Captive by Yemeni Army

Saudi Coalition Pinned Down behind Al-Hudaydah Gates, Ansarullah Digs Ditches

Deputy Chief of Staff of UAE Armed Forces Killed in Yemen

Yemeni Houthi Rebels Launch Missile 
Targeting Saudi Town of Jizan - Reports

Ansarullah Official: Aggressors Supply Lines Cut Off in Western Yemen

Yemeni Army Dismisses Saudi "Illusions" of Victory in Hudaydah

UN chief Antonio Guterres: Gaza on brink of war

More Borrowed Money Charged To The National Credit Card
Russian Rocket Engines Used In U.S. Space Force - Go Figure!
Trump Orders Establishment of Space Force
 Vows to Dominate Space 

The US Doesn’t Need a Space Force

Despite New, Tough Sanctions, US Takes Delivery Of Russian Rocket Engines 

USA threatens to pull out from treaty that holds the Earth together

The threat of war in Korea has its roots in Washington and not in Pyongyang

Volcanic unrest around the world
 eruptions at Fernandina island (Galapagos), Sakurajima (Japan),
 Klyuchevskoy (Russia) and Kilauea (USA)


U.S. Takes Sides With Terrorists In Syria
Attacks Government Forces & Civilians Fighting Against Terrorism
U.S. Determined To Destroy Syrian Government At Any Cost
Syrian People Are Now Rising Up In Popular Movement Against U.S. Military Occupation

Syria Sends More Troops To South
 Despite New US Warnings

US-led coalition destroys
 by bombing Syrian army position in eastern Syria

US-led coalition strikes Assad's army in Syria

US Fighter Jets Strike Syrian Army Base
 at Border with Iraq to Provide Backup for ISIL

Pentagon denies reports on airstrike at Syrian army positions near Bukamal

Syrian People Begin Executing U.S. Terrorist Commanders
Notorious Terrorist Commander 
Assassinated by Unknown Raiders in Northwestern Syria

Several US-Backed Militias Killed in Booby-Trap explosion in Raqqa

Syrian Kurds units capture town on border with Iraq

Russia Countering U.S. Navel Buildup Near Syria
Russian Naval Fleet Heads toward Syria Carrying Heavy Weapons

Russia sends assault ships 
to counter US aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea

Rotting Bodies
Gift To Iraq After Horrific War & Resulting Terrorism
U.S. Then Bombs Civilians & Destroys Cities
 To Remove Terrorists Created By It's Allies Israel & Saudi Arabia
Iraqi People Are Now Rising Up In A Popular Movement To Oust The U.S. From Their Nation

‘You can smell the bodies’
 Angelina Jolie in Mosul one year after ‘liberation’ by US-led coalition

Iraqi MP: Expulsion of US Forces 
Minimum Penalty for Attacks against Hashd Al-Shaabi

Another Blood Soaked War 
Caused By U.S. Imperialism Via Allied Proxies & Mercenaries
Saudi Aggressive Attacks against Hodeida 

CONFIRMED: Yemen destroys Saudi-led coalition warship 

Saudi-led forces bogged down outside Hudaydah

Envoy: Switzerland to Continue N. Cooperation with Iran

Announcement of Trump's Deal of the Century Imminent? 

Bennett: ‘The West Bank will soon become part of Israel’ 

Israeli jets strike 9 targets in Gaza in response to ‘explosive kites & balloons’ (VIDEO) 

The Outhouse Is Going Up In Flames
Imperialistic Politicians Sacrifice The U.S. National Economy
By Using Economics As A Weapon Of War To Enforce Imperial Rule Over Other Nations
Further Destroying U.S. Global Financial Status & The Dollar

Russia Dumps Half 
of Its US Treasury Bonds, Nearly $50 Billion!

Russia Attacked US Debt, Because Trump Attacked Its Aluminium

Did Russia Mass-Dump Its US Bonds in Coordination With China?

India to tax 30 American products in ‘equivalent’ retaliation for US tariffs hike

China Warns US Corporations
 You Are About To Become Victims Of A Trade War

When It's All Over
The U.S. Will Be Cut Off From Free International Trade
The Cost Will Be Passed On To The American People = Inflation
China blindsides US
 with new energy tariffs threat

They Care Not For America
Only That Their Imperial Rule Over Other Nations Not Falters
Dow falls as US-China trade wars intensify

Trade war
 America risks killing the global growth it needs

Russia, Saudi Arabia Move to Control Global Oil Markets - Analyst 

Video: The Military Industrial Drain

The REAL America
 21.5% Jobless, 10% Inflation, Negative Economic Growth

4.7 earthquake strikes center of Japan 

Strong eruption at Sakurajima volcano, pyroclastic flow, ashfall reported in Kagoshima, Japan

At least 3 killed, 200+ injured after 6.1 quake strikes Osaka, Japan 


The United States 
Has Made Itself An Enemy To The Nations Of The World
All Of Which Are Now Uniting Against It & The Dollar
Half of Russia’s US Treasury Bonds Sold in April

Here Is The Stunning Reason Why 
Treasury Yields Blew Out In April

Markets waiting for Trump's announcement on US$ 50bn tariffs against China 

China&'s retaliatory tariffs
 to hit US lobsters, soybeans

Chinese Tariff List Translated, 545 Items: 
US Farmers and Automakers Clobbered - Mish Talk

The Texas Bullion Depository Officially Opened For Business This Week 

I Never Thought That I Would See The Day
The Once Great Nation Of The United States of America
Would Openly Engage In Funding & Support Of Terrorism Against Another Nation
White Helmets: A tool for ‘regime change’
 in Syria that’s too important to stop funding? 

US-Backed SDF
 Planning to Drive Turkish Troops out of Northern Syria

US-Backed SDF 
in Eastern Syria Threatens Families of Army Forces

Infighting Erupts among US-Backed Terrorists
 after Looting Arms Depot in Northeastern Syria

US Attempts to Coax Tribes in Eastern Syria
 into Facilitating Terrorists' Transfer

U.S. Clearly Defending The Terrorists
Against The Syrian Army's Efforts To Rid The Nation Of Terrorism
US Threatens ‘Measures’ 
Against Syria for Offensive in Southwest 

Countdown Starts
 for Major Battle to Free Southern Syria

Civilians Killed Again in US Airstrikes in Deir Ezzur

People Of Syria Rising Up 
Against U.S. Terrorist Operations & Turkish Occupation
Bushwhacking Has Begun 

People in Northern Syria 
Call for Expulsion of Turkish Troops, Allied Militants

Another Terrorist Commander Assassinated
 amid Intensified Infighting in Northern Syria

Saudi Arabia Makes It's Move On Yemen
For Oil & Power A Nation Is Invaded & Bombed In Full View Of The Entire World
Few There Are In The West Who Stand Against It
Saudi-Led Forces 
Seize Airport Entrance Amid Move on Hodeidah

Saudi-UAE led forces capture Yemen's Hudaida airport

Saudi Arabia, UAE conduct air strikes on Yemen's Hudaida airport 

UN Rejects Plan for Ceasefire in Yemen Port 

US senators urge Pentagon to fully disclose its role in Saudi-led war in Yemen 

As crimes pile up, they become invisible: 
Western complicity in Saudi Arabia's dirty war in Yemen 

US-Turkey row: American lawmakers urge Mattis to immediately halt ‘inconceivable’ sale of F-35s 

Why We Should Be Alarmed That Israeli Forces and US Police Are Training Together 

An Ever Expanding Real Estate Project
 Of Self Forecasted Regional Proportions
Israeli banks ‘pillage’ 
Palestine through settlement program and may be guilty of war crime – HRW 

Sheldon Adelson: the Casino Mogul Driving Trump’s Middle East Policy

North Korea Isn't Dismantling Missile Facilities, Satellite Imagery Reveals

As We Have Told You For The Past 7 Years
 The Fukushima CALAMITY Has Killed Off The Pacific Ocean In An Extinction Level Event