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Risking Major Escalation
 Trump Weighs Killing Of Russian Fighters In Syria As Sign Of "Tough Stance" Toward Putin

Russia’s topline Su-57
 deployed to Syria to challenge US, Israeli air might 

Trump Administration Says 2001 AUMF Authorizes Endless Iraq, Syria Presence

Trump's Office: US Troops Can Stay in Syria Indefinitely Without Congress's OK

Lavrov Slams US Regime Change Agenda in Syria - Stephen Lendman

Overthrowing Syrian govt is aim of West’s proposed UNSC resolution – Lavrov

‘Truth is the 1st casualty of war’: Syria’s East Ghouta battleground distorted by MSM propaganda 

Kurdish Fighters to Deliver Key Town in Northern Aleppo to Syrian Army

Turkish Army Captures More Kurdish-Held Regions in Northern Syria

Syrian Army Opens Fire at Ankara Forces after Turkish Missile Attack on Humanitarian Convoy

New Convoys of Syrian Army, Russian Forces, Equipment Sent to Eastern Damascus

Russia Falsely Believes Diplomacy with Washington Can Work

Is US War on Russia Inevitable? - Stephen Lendman

Russia's UN envoy reminds Nikki Haley Russia has legally elected government, not ‘regime’

Trump mega-donor Sheldon Adelson may bankroll US embassy’s Jerusalem move 

Aid Group Faults Saudi ‘Aid’ Plan for Yemen as War Tactic 

Russia opposes US bid to ‘condemn’ Iran at UN over Yemen

Gaza ‘on brink of collapse’ as residents remain ‘caged in’ – author Norman Finkelstein to RT

Who Will Buy Trillions Of US Treasuries???

Gail Tverberg: "Raising Interest Rates Is Like Starting A Fission Chain Reaction" 

Russia Surpasses China With Massive Gold Purchases In January

Time to Admit the Afghan War is Nonsense


Fed President Sounds Panic Over Level Of US Debt

Brandon Smith: New Fed Chairman
 Will Trigger A Historic Stock Market Crash In 2018 

Peter Schiff Warns
 "We're Ripe For A 1987-Style Crash"

The Calm Before The Inflationary Storm 

Saudis Ready To Swing Oil Market Into Deficit 

Turkey moves to revive Iraq oil business as Iran looms

US Helicopters Spotted in Al-Hasakah
 Reportedly Evacuating Daesh Members (VIDEO)

Investigation Reveals
US Weapons for Sale on Syrian Terrorist Website 

Terrorists killing civilians
 with West’s backing: Syria to UN

US ‘game of provocations’
 caused military conflict in Syria’s Afrin – Lavrov 

Assad’s Syrian Checkmate 

Syrian ambassador slams Turkey’s operation in Afrin as ‘blatant violation of sovereignty’

Russia and Syria Falsely Blamed for Civilian Deaths in EasternGhouta

 Russian senator chides US for failing to mop up pro-IS factions, hurling baseless claims

Kremlin blames Eastern Ghouta crisis on pro-IS terror groups in Syria

MP slams US accusations against Russia over situation in Eastern Ghouta as groundless

 Kremlin says work is underway to improve situation in Syria

Overthrowing Syrian govt 
is aim of West’s proposed UNSC resolution – Lavrov 

 West seeks regime change plan
 in Syria instead of Geneva process, says Lavrov

CONFIRMED: Russia Moves Its 5th Gen Su-57 Fighter to Syria

US Airstrikes in Syria Take Civilian Tolls Again

US Raises Security Status at Bases in Iraq
 after Warning by Popular Forces

Moscow brokers provisional Turkish-Syrian truce in Afrin 

Syria Sends More Fighters to Afrin in High-Stakes Standoff With Turkey 

Purported Video of Syrian Forces Preparing to Fight Against Foreign Aggression

Tehran says nuclear deal ‘under threat’ if banks cannot do business in Iran

Iraqi Ambassador Slams Turkish ‘Invaders’ on Iraqi Soil 

Saudi Airstrike Kills 15 Civilians in Northern Yemen

House of Cards
 Israeli Opposition Prepares to Celebrate End of Netanyahu Era

Geophysical Pole Shift Of The Earth
Edgar Cayce Predictions Coming To Pass Exactly As Foretold
There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the Torrid  areas, and there will be shifting then of the poles so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semitropical  will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow. And these will begin in those periods in ’58 to ’98, when these  will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen again in the clouds. As to times, as to seasons, as to places, ALONE is it given to those who have named the name and who bear the mark of those of His calling and His election in their  bodies. 
To them it shall be given

Global Warming Not Human Made
Coming From Increasing Volcanic Activity Within The Earth
Ice Melting At The Poles = Volcanic Upheavals At The Poles
Volcanic Eruptions In The Torrid Zones Are Now Happening With Increasing Regularity

Indonesia's Mount Sinabung Volcano
 Erupted Today and the Photos Are Spooky as Hell

Signs Of Increasing Disturbances
 Within Magma Currents Circulating Deep Within The Planet

Yellowstone Alert: 200 Earthquakes
 In 10 Days As Ring Of Fire Awakens 

Yellowstone Eruption Imminent?
 Geologists Worried by Intensifying Activity


The System Is Breaking Down
 Collapse Is All But Guaranteed

Here Is Goldman's Chart 
Showing Why The US Is Headed For "Banana Republic" Status 

US stock slide was ‘appetizer’ 
with ‘main course’ still to come – Morgan Stanley 

New Yellowstone earthquake swarm in February 2018:
 Fears for deadly SUPERVOLCANO ERUPTION after 12 quakes in one day
and specialists saying the volcano is under strain

These People Can't Exist Without War
Do They Even Have A Diplomatic Department Of State?
Top Israeli General Warns of Increased Chances of War in Golan Heights

Tehran’s retaliation 
will ‘level Tel Aviv to the ground,’ Iranian official warns Israel

Syrian Fighters Enter Afrin
 Turkey Retaliates With Immediate Bombardment Sending Turkish Lira, Stocks Tumbling

Erdogan: Syrian Forces Tried to Enter Afrin, Retreated After Turkey's Shelling

Pro-govt Syrian convoy tried to enter Afrin, retreated to east of Aleppo – Erdogan spokesman 

 Syrian ambassador slams Turkey’s operation
 in Afrin as ‘blatant violation of sovereignty’

Kurdish MP: Turkey's Afrin Offensive Launched after NATO's Green Light

Trucks Carrying Chemical Materials Cross Turkish Border into Syria

Arab Analyst: Afrin Developments New US Plot 
to Divert Attentions from Israel's Danger

Iran: US Reviving Terrorist Groups in Region, North Africa


Dark Storm Clouds On The Horizon
Prepare For Stormy Days Ahead As Multiple Financial Crisis Events Converge
Signs Of Growing Volcanic & Tectonic Instability In The Pacific Region Threatens The Entire West Coast Of The U.S.

American Empire Continues It's Borrowing Binge
U.S. Debt Now Flooding The Bond Market & Forcing Interest Rates To Rise
US Fiscal Policy
Will Lead To A Debt Catastrophe: Goldman

Rising Interest Rates Will Trigger Financial & Economic Crash
Alert !!! PETER SCHIFF Warns (Feb 16,2018) 
The Imminent Economic Crash Will Hit This March 2018 - YouTube

Deutsche Bank Which Owns $trillions In Global Derivatives Also Nears Collapse
Will Trigger A Resulting Collapse Of The Global Derivatives Market & The Global Financial System
Deutsche Bank To Fire Up To 500 Amid Tumbling Trading Revenues

U.S. Government Begins Trade Wars
Setting A Course For Rising Prices
China Threatens To Retaliate If US Imposes Metal Tariffs

U.S. Imperial Armies Continue To Waste $Billions Per Day
In Foreign Wars Of No Military Value To The Nation
The US Wants the War in Syria to Continue

US Turns Prison in Northeastern Syria into Military Base

Turkey Warns Syrian Army
 Against Supporting Kurds in Afrin

If Syrian Forces Enter Afrin
 It Will Lead to Catastrophe - Turkish Deputy PM 

Afrin: ‘If the Syrian government moves in
 the US has to move out’

Pro-govt Syrian fighters
 begin entering Kurdish Afrin despite Turkish threats – Syrian TV 

Syrian Government Forces Enter Afrin - YPG Representative to Sputnik

Turkey will lay siege to Syria’s Afrin in coming days — Erdogan 

Netanyahu Complains Of Iran In Syria Helping To Fight Terrorists
While Israel Continues Arming Terrorists To Bring Down The Syrian Government
Israel Arming at Least Seven Syrian Rebel Groups

Getting Ready To Pull The Poison Gas Card Again
White Helmets Preparing for New Plot in Eastern Damascus

US-Led Coalition Airstrikes Near Deir Ez-Zor Kill at Least 16 - Reports 

Dozens of Russian, CIS citizens killed & injured in recent clashes in Syria – Foreign Ministry 

Jordanian Paper Warns of ISIL Revival in Iraq by Abu Yahya al-Iraqi

Iran Warns Tel Aviv against Military Folly

Iran Has No Military Bases in Syria - FM Zarif 

Lebanon ready to confront any ‘Israeli aggression at all costs’ – army

The US Is Executing A Global War Plan

Western pattern: ‘Seek out ethnic tensions
 inflame & use as leverage to serve your agenda’

US, NATO try to deny IS terrorist group’s presence in Afghanistan — Lavrov

Thousands march in Kiev calling for Ukraine's president to quit

Another Sign Of Growing Volcanic & Tectonic Instability Within The Pacific Region
Entire Pacific Coast Of The U.S. Vulnerable To Mega Earth Quake Activity
Armageddon ash cloud: Explosive volcano spews debris 7km into skies (VIDEO, PHOTOS)


Natural Disasters & Financial Ruination
Will Eventually Force The U.S. To Withdraw From The Middle East
US must immediately leave area
 it controls in southern Syria — Lavrov 

Escalation In Syria
- How Far Can The Russians Be Pushed? 

 Moscow calls on US not to play with fire in Syria

Americans ‘obsessed,’ 
act out of short-sighted self-interest in Syria – Iranian FM

Nation-building in Syria - or nation-wrecking? 

U.S. Imperial Armies 
Far Greater Than Required For National Defense
EXCLUSIVE--Rand Paul: Is Our Military Budget too Small, or Is Our Mission too Large?

Forced Recruitment by Kurds Reported again in Northeastern Syria

Kurds Confirm Deal for Syrian Army to Join Afrin Battle Against Turkey

Syria pro-govt forces to enter Afrin ‘within hours’ amid Turkish military op – state media

Cavusoglu: Nobody can stop Turkish forces in Afrin

IRGC Deputy Commander Blasts US, Israel
 for "Ridiculous" Allegations against Iran

Lavrov: Russia won’t accept statements on destroying Israel or on fighting Iran

Atwan: Netanyahu Goes Crazy by Iran's Name, Growing Power

Israeli Warplanes Pound Gaza After Border Bombing

Pro-Saudi Forces Attack Yemeni al-Qaeda Region, Dozens Killed 

Ignorant Imperialist With Reality Issues
Sanctions & NATO pressure will make Russians look out of ‘deep black hole,’ Biden thinks

Indictment of Russians over US election meddling is case of pot calling the kettle black 

Winn-Dixie reportedly plans to close almost 200 stores - BI

Entire West Coast Of The United States
In Danger From Mega Quakes
Ring Of Fire Quake-Cluster 
Prompts Scientists To Warn Of "Large Rupture Sooner Than Later"

5.9 magnitude quake shakes Oaxaca, Mexico — USGS


Israel/Netanyahu - Greatest Threat To The World
His speeches are full of unsubstantiated lies and deceit. Every word that comes out of his mouth promotes war. He speaks from a position of arrogance, acting as if Israel rules over the entire Middle East. He never speaks a word about negotiation or reconciliation. He's an evil man hiding behind an evil and demonic military empire, with it's failing foreign policy, and corruption. He too, is so corrupt, that the stench cannot be hidden behind his false front of statesmanship. His continuous threats against Iran pose the biggest threat to world peace since Adolf Hitler during WWII. He never mentions Israel's alliance with Saudi Arabia, and the hundreds of thousands of murdering terrorist hordes that invaded and destroyed Iraq, and Syria, murdering millions of people, with Israel's aid and assistance. This was the main reason for Iran's recent moves into Syria/Iraq, which was to aid in the defeat of ISIS. He calls Iran the world's biggest sponsor of terrorism, which is a total lie, without any proof or substantiation whatsoever, while he and his Zionist henchmen, and their bloody Saudi cohorts, have sponsored and launched a terrorist onslaught against Iraq and Syria unprecedented in the history of the world. This is already a matter of recorded history, and proved conclusively, and cannot be denied. Ask the Russians, or the Iraqis, or the Syrians. They will tell you. It's no lie. He overreacts to insignificant threats such as tiny surveillance drones crossing into Israeli airspace by retaliating with air strikes against targets in neighboring nations with pompous intolerance and disregard for reason or human suffering such actions cause. His biggest mistake would be a direct attack on Iran as he now threatens - article below. He's a nut case who's assessment of Iran's military capabilities are clouded by his own false bravado, and arrogance, that will put Israel way out on a limb, to be cut off by regional alliances, and the Russian military, if Israel is so inclined to enter into regional war. He's out of touch with the current military might of Iran. He completely disregards recent game changing Russian alliances with Syria/Iraq/Iran. If Netanyahu makes good on his threat to attack Iran, it will trigger a war between Israel and Iran that will last for years. Remember the Iraq/Iranian war? It lasted ten years. Such a war would turn the entire Muslim world against Israel, and result in the total destruction of Israel, by simple attrition. The tiny nation of Israel cannot prevail in such a war, no matter how well armed. It's the height of conceit to even think that such is possible. He's obviously counting on dragging America into a regional conflict, which accounts for his boisterous war mongering speeches overstating the military capabilities of Israel. His greatest miscalculation is that the United States will be unable or unwilling to engage in such a conflict because of financial calamities soon to befall the debt burdened empire, as well as a greater war with Russia, already positioning itself militarily within the Middle East, and endangerment to oil and gas resources within Saudi Arabia, and perhaps even the Petrodollar, already under global assault by Russia/China. This little man, with his bulging forehead, and his quirky little finger, always pointing to everybody else but himself, is indeed the greatest threat to world peace now in existence in the world today. The people Of Israel would do well to oust this madman from power and begin to talk of peace instead of war.

Netanyahu Fails To Mention
U.S./Israeli/Saudi Involvement With ISIS Against Iraq/Syria
Which Caused Iran To Enter Syria In The First Place

Netanyahu: Iran is the greatest threat to the world

Striking A Much Larger Nation Such As Iran
Would Be Israel's Biggest Blunder
It Will Trigger A War Lasting Years That Will Eventually Destroy Israel Via Attrition
Netanyahu: Israel will strike Iran directly if need be

Israel hits target in Gaza with tank fire after ‘device explodes’ near IDF patrol 

IDF Hit Over Dozen of Hamas Targets in Response to Explosion Near Gaza Strip 

Chase Out Natives & Build More Condos
Netanyahu Tells UN Chief That Golan Is Forever Israel’s

Arab Daily: Tel Aviv's Military Superiority Questioned by F16 Crash

Iranian FM calls Netanyahu’s drone stunt
 ‘cartoonish circus,’ says Israel ‘not invincible’ 

Iran, Russia, Turkey
 and the Acrimony with the US in Syria

Playing With Fire: Russian FM Warns US Against Interfering in Kurdish Issue 

Mediator in US-Kurd Talks with ISIL Gunned down in Northeastern Syria

US Fighter Jets Continue Green-on-Blue Bombing in Eastern Syria

Pentagon Watchdog: No Significant Progress Made in Afghanistan 

Kurdish Media Reveals Secret Cooperation between ISIL Terrorists, Turkish Army in Northern Syria

The Polar Vortex Split – Wild Weather to Come

Scientists create human-sheep chimera with hopes of affordable organ transplants


When Russia Gets Quiet - Watch Out
Russian Military Never Telegraphs Moves
Recent U.S. Hostility & Military Aggression Against Russians In Syria Is Quietly Being Countered
The U.S. is totally outnumbered and surrounded in Syria. There's no way any ground currently occupied or taken by several thousand U.S. troops can ever be held over the long run. It's pure foolishness and an unnecessary risk to U.S. military personnel to continue remaining uninvited inside Syria. The U.S. is surrounded on all sides by thousands of Iranian, Hezbollah, Russian, and Syrian Troops, as well as thousands more civilian militia and possibly even Chinese Troops rumored to be arriving in Syria. It's just plain stupid arrogance and moronic imperialistic incompetence, or continued Israeli control over U.S. military operations within the region that keeps U.S. military forces within Syria. The U.S. could be instantly overwhelmed and wiped out at any time by overpowering forces now surrounding it on all sides. There are rumored to be over eighty thousand Iranian forces alone currently inside Syria. The only reason U.S. forces haven't yet been attacked is because of preoccupation by the Russian/Syrian/Iranian alliance with ongoing mop up operations against remaining pockets of terrorists still active in Syria, but this is rapidly coming to and end as the Syrian Army continues it's final clean up operations and total defeat of remaining terrorist factions within Syria. The U.S. is fully contained within it's fortified bases at present, and any land currently held will be rapidly retaken after the U.S. is forced to leave. Full attention to U.S. presence inside Syria will become more pronounced as time goes on. Any ground taken or held by U.S. forces cannot be anything but temporary at best. The U.S. cannot hope to partition Syria or overcome existing forces arrayed against it with only a few thousand troops held captive within it's own fortified bases. Any terrorists trained and released into the Syrian countryside from these bases will be wiped out by Russian air power. Russian satellite surveillance of U.S. bases is no doubt 24/7. Everything the U.S. does is being watched and recorded. At a moments notice U.S./Israeli air power can be completely alleviated at any time by Russian anti aircraft systems already in full operation. This can be done with full legal justification and international support since the U.S. is illegally occupying Syria without invitation. Without air support the U.S. bases inside Syria are sitting ducks against overwhelming forces surrounding them. The United States is not holding inside Syria because of it's own military might. It's allowed to remain by the Russian/Syrian/Iranian alliance now quietly forming and fortifying offensive and defensive military options against the U.S. occupation forces stuck within the parameters of their own self imposed prison/bases. The Russians have been very quiet as of late with regard to continued U.S. aggression against them within Syria, and while limiting their revenge to public rhetoric and condemnation, are very stealthily laying out a military strategy against U.S. positions in Syria that will soon become apparent to everyone. There is a remote possibility of a military invasion of Syria from Jordan launched by Israeli/U.S. forces building in that nation, but I suspect that this too has also been checked by the Russian/Syrian/Iranian alliance, and would result in a regional war and full retaliation against Israel. It's now just a question of how far the moronic Israeli/U.S. imperialists want to go with this? Is limited occupation of Syria worth a full on regional war?

Region Likely to Witness Bigger Incidents
 than Israeli Fighter Jet's Crash
: Arab Analyst: 

Arab Daily: US Risking War with Russia in Quest for Syrian Oil

Russia Is Taking Over Syria’s Oil And Gas 

Hezbollah threatens attacks
 against Israeli offshore oil & gas operations (VIDEO)

You Can't Make Deals With The Devil
Turkey, US agree to work together in Syria occupation

The U.S. Will Say Anything & Do Anything To Stall For Time
While Covertly Arming & Assisting It's Terrorist Operations

US Continues to Evacuate ISIL Commanders
 Trapped in Hasaka

US Aims to Separate Part of Syria
to Create Kurdish-Dominated Autonomy - Lavrov

US has been arming Kurdish units in Syria
 ignoring Turkey position - Lavrov

U.S. Supported Forced Military Enslavement Of Syrians Backfiring
New Wave of Defections Pushes Kurdish Forces into Panic in Northeastern Syria

Turkish Army Dispatches More Military Equipment to Border with Syria

U.S. Has Withdrawn From Reality
Iranian President: US to Regret Withdrawal from N. Deal

The End Of The Petrodollar? China Unveils Oil-Futures Launch Date

Russia Replaces U.S. As Bread basket Of The World
 Russia’s grain export close to record-breaking 50 mln tonnes - expert

This Goes As Evidence - Articles Below
Global Warming Is Not Caused By Carbon Emissions
Is Instead Caused By Rising Temperatures Within The Earth Itself
Which Radiates Outward Through The Earth's Crust
Warming The Oceans And Air Currents Above & Melting Sea Ice From Below

This is crazy: Antarctic supervolcano melting ice sheet from within 

‘Worst case scenario’: Underwater magma chamber ‘could kill 100 million people’

Belgian court orders Facebook to stop collecting data on citizens, threatens fines of up to $125mn 

With Traffic Sliding, Facebook Unveils Its Latest Dirty Trick To Juice Engagement 


Beast Empire Coming Apart At The Seams
Nations Rejecting U.S. Self Proclaimed Domination Of The World
Washington imperialists continue unrestricted borrowing on global wars and military spending with multi $trillion deficit spending going out into the future as far as the eye can see. Electoral promises of withdrawals from the Middle East and elsewhere were total lies. Imperialists imbedded deep within the halls of the U.S. Government are sacrificing national security in a vain attempt to prop up a failing and collapsing global military empire, by pushing the U.S. national debt to unprecedented levels, now threatening the Dollar and financial markets. A glut of U.S. Treasuries in support of an out of control national debt, and a shrinking global demand for same, are forcing interest rates to rise, and threatening heavily leveraged and over valued financial market balloons with rapid implosion and corrections as borrowing costs must eventually rise. Markets are all rigged and artificially supported, and when the crash comes it will catch most totally out of the blue. It simply cannot continue. Imagine if a household were to continue borrowing without limit and without thought of payment. It wouldn't remain financially solvent very long. The difference is that the U.S. Government can simply increase the money supply to cover losses and pay back debt in dollars of lesser value, while passing the difference to ballooning financial markets, and to the consumer, in the form of inflation. Global resistance to U.S. imperial actions abroad will continue and increase until it overcomes the U.S. ability to continue borrowing unlimited amounts in support of it's global military empire. It's a replay of the downfall of the British Empire in modern times. Resistance will continue in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Europe, and from Russia and China until the rising cost/borrowing of supporting it's global military empire simply crushes the ability of the U.S. to continue. The writing is on the wall and the end is in sight. The Russians and Chinese already know what is about to befall U.S. financial markets and are simply waiting, and cranking down on destabilizing pressure. That's why they're stocking up on gold. Insane imperialists within the U.S. Government have apparently decided to bring down the nation rather than give up supporting their mad dreams of global military domination. Unfortunately they will leave economic and financial ruination to a nation and people who have lost all political representation to a government gone mad with power, corruption, and the desire to rule the world.

Animosity Toward US
 Brings Turkey, Russia, and Iran Together for Summit on Syria

US coalition strike in Syria is an ‘act of aggression’ – Russian senator

US-Led Coalition Deliberately Destroyed 90 Percent of Raqqa - Syria's UN Envoy

King of Jordan hails Russia’s role in Syrian settlement

Reports of scores of Russians killed in Syria are disinformation by anti-govt forces - Moscow 

Tensions Raise Possibility for Clashes 
between Syrian Army, US-Backed Kurds in Deir Ezzur

Turkish Troops Deployed in 6 Regions in Idlib Province

US Continues to Supply Kurds With Arms, Provoking Turkey - Moscow

Tillerson says US-Turkish relations at crisis point

Tillerson’s Turkey Visit to Be Tense as Erdogan Demands US Split With Kurds 

Syria, Iran Lash Out at US
 for Allegedly Supporting Daesh -

Syria strikes back as Israel discovers its warplanes aren’t invincible (Op-ed)

World Watches as All-Out War Between Israel and Iran Inches Closer

The US Is Permanently Occupying Northern Syria, and That’s Trouble

Syrian air defenses spread out to target US as well as Israeli overflights

Nearly half of Israelis believe police over Netanyahu regarding PM’s corruption – poll 

The Israel Lobby - an Epidemic of Wholesale Corruption

Washington no more
 Palestine turns to Moscow for future Israel talks

Iran’s Rouhani slams US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital 

Sorry, Washington? New poll says Iranians want jobs, not regime change 

David Stockman Warns 
Washington Just "Crossed The Fiscal Rubicon"

This stock market is ‘nuts
 parallels with 2008 crash — investment manager 

Plunging US dollar boosts gold’s safe-haven demand 

Fannie Mae Seeks Bailout After Posting $6.5 Billion in Quarterly Losses 

Taliban says Afghan War could continue for 100yrs
 with no result, calls on US to start peace talks 

China Approaches Parity With US Military in All Domains - PACOM Chief 

Fearing Economic Competitor
 US Launches Full-Scale Confrontation With China

New Data Shows Yellowstone Supervolcano "Strained" - Magma Chamber Under Immense Pressure 

Facebook ‘quality news’ prioritization may result in ‘bias & won’t change quality’ 


U.S. Debt Overshadows Bond Market
Era Of Seemingly Unlimited Credit Has Finally Been Reached
Interest Rates Must Rise To Facilitate Greater U.S. Treasury Sales To Cover Debt
Rising Interest Rates Will Conversely Make The U.S. Debt Unserviceable
Stock Market/U.S. Economy/Financial Markets All Negatively Impacted By Rising Interest Rates

Investors flee bond market 
as fears of ‘crash’ grow 

Swan Song Of The Central Bankers
 Part 1: Last Week Wasn't A Mistake

This May Be The Beginning Of The Great Financial Reckoning

Do Financial Markets Still Exist?

Russian banks ready to switch off SWIFT – official

China about to throw down the gauntlet to the petrodollar

The Importance Of Gold In 2018 And Beyond

Netanyahu era really over?

Netanyahu defiant as Israeli police recommend indictment over bribery charges 

Netanyahu says Israeli govt ‘stable’ as police recommend indictment

Israel threatens to ‘bite hard’
 after downing of its fighter jet in Syria

Israel squares off for showdown with Iran in Syria

Syrian Official: More Surprises Await Aggressor If It Chooses to Attack Again 

Warehouses With Israeli-Produced Weapons Discovered in Deir ez-Zor - Reports

Russia could host Palestine-Israel talks as US can no longer be the sole broker – Palestine FM 

 Kremlin hails Russia-Turkey-Iran cooperation on Syria

US Drone Destroys Russian Tank in Eastern Syria 

Kremlin Not Ruling Out Presence of Russian Citizens Apart From Military in Syria

Russia warns of US plan for quasi-state in Syria

US to Continue Training Local Security Forces in Syria - Tillerson 

Erdogan Calls on US to Stop This Theater With Daesh in Syria 

Erdogan threatens US with Ottoman slap
 says all NATO countries created equal 

Iran supreme leader’s aide says US should leave Syria, defends Tehran’s presence 

Iranian Leader's Top Aide Asks Withdrawal of Uninvited Foreigners from Syria

Pro-government tank destroyed in second ‘defensive’ US airstrike in Syria this week 

 King of Jordan: Our relations with Russia are based on mutual trust

Hashd Al-Shaabi Official Stresses Iraq's Security Cooperation with Iran, Russia, Syria

S. African Envoy Rejects US Terrorism Allegations against Iran, Supports N. Deal

CNN Firing Dozens Ahead Of AT&T Takeover: Report

Wicked Weather Control Chemtrails Off WA State
GeoEngineering And No West Coast Winter