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Global Economic Collapse & Regional War In The Middle East
The global economic crash foretold by the Book of Revelation 18, and the regional war foretold by Jesus - Luke 21: 20-24, resulting in the destruction of Jerusalem, are beginning to take shape almost simultaneously. Perhaps it is the same as with most previous wars, such as WWI & WWII, for example, which also began against a backdrop of financial and economic instability. Whatever the reason or outcome, the current unrest in the Middle East is happening in conjunction with growing financial troubles within the home of the Petrodollar (Saudi Arabia), and the unsustainable debt of the United States, and many other nations of the E.U, also burdened with unsustainable debt as well. The stock market and bond markets are way overvalued and facing major corrections. Global financial systems are so intertwined that a domino take down is more than highly probable. The global derivatives market will implode as a result of market losses and will take down the rest. A major stock and bond market correction will have global implications, and nations heavily in debt, such as the U.S., which are tied to a global bond market, will be in deep trouble. Already, because of the U.S. economic war on Russia/China, and the economic sanctions imposed by the U.S. Government against these nations, the world of nations are reacting by setting up alternative economic and financial systems outside of the U.S. Dollar and banking system. The result is that the U.S. is isolating itself in future markets. For a nation dependant on global support of it's debt, economic sanctions are nothing less than national economic suicide. China and Russia are buying gold at a record pace in anticipation of a coming collapse, and dumping U.S. Treasuries so as to help bring about a collapse in retaliation for U.S. economic sections against them.

The United States, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, have been the main sources of terrorism in the Middle East. These facts are now widely know by the nations afflicted by the mercenary armies sent against them by the evil triad above. There is now much evidence to prove this, including admission by the terrorists themselves, of monthly paychecks from the same group as mentioned above. It's not a religious war propagated by Muslims, or a civil war within the nations afflicted, but rather mercenary armies hired by nations against other nations in the interest of regime change. If there is a regional war in the Middle East, Israel will not escape destruction. The United States, already losing face in both Syria and Iraq, and with Israel and Saudi Arabia it's only viable allies, against a Russian/Chinese/Iranian alliance, will be hard pressed to maintain a military foothold in the Middle East sufficient to prevent the destruction of Saudi Arabian oil assets, or a major military assault on Israel. Even if Israel nukes Iran, it will not escape the resulting deluge of missile and military attacks already waiting in preparation around its geographic location. Saudi Arabia, is likewise ill prepared for a major missile attack, and reliance upon anti-missile systems for defense is foolish insomuch as such systems will be overwhelmed by the shear number of incoming missiles involved. There are rumored to be thousands of missiles already targeted against Saudi/Israeli cities and oil assets. There are thousands of Iranian and Hezbollah military people ready to move on command. It's the real reason for the recent Trump/Israeli anti-Iranian hostility. Under such circumstances you would think that the U.S./Israel would be negotiating some sort of peace with the neighbors. But not so. It seems that the more in debt the U.S. becomes because of it's endless wars abroad, the more crazy the actions of the government become in it's increasingly aggressive military posturing against Iran and Russia. Power and military might are the only answers the U.S. is able to muster while diplomacy has become non existent. Such are the attributes of a global military empire. 

 Therefore, in the weeks ahead, as more cracks developed in the U.S. global financial and economic system, and nations continue dumping the dollar, and armies continue preparing for war against Israel and Saudi Arabia, expect more such simultaneous events, both economic and militarily, to develop as a prelude to regional war involving Iran, Lebanon, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, with the United States and Russia increasingly at the threshold of war. The United States (Beast Empire) is being challenged by Russia/China, in it's attempt to dominate the world, and in it's attempt to do so, the U.S. has placed itself under crushing debt that cannot be sustained in projected future markets. Especially if the financial dominos begin to fall. Knowing that there is little time remaining, and that the window of opportunity is rapidly closing on global military domination versus financial collapse, the minions of the Dragon, have pulled out all the stops, and now rush headlong into war even at the expense of humanity now facing the threat of extinction. Nuts are coming out of the woodwork so to speak. In today's articles posted below we can see much evidence to support what I have written above. Perhaps the earthquake reported on the Iran/Iraqi border is a warning from God, that big things are about to happen in the Middle East as a prelude to the return of Christ, and the arrival of the Kingdom of God. Be prepared as always, but never lose faith, because in the end light will prevail over darkness, and the Kingdom of God will reign over all the nations of the earth. 

Iranian President
US, Israel Enraged by Foiled Regional Plots

War Clouds Beyond Lebanon 

Arab Media
 Barzani Seeking to Mend Ties with Iran, Worrying US

Things Are Escalating Quickly 

The U.S. and Saudi Arabia 
Are About to Make More Disastrous and Idiotic Mistakes – Part 1 

The U.S. and Saudi Arabia 
Are About to Make More Disastrous and Idiotic Mistakes – Part 2

Saudi Warplanes Attack Yemeni Capital, Wounding Civilians

Saudis Reopen Yemen Border Crossing, Still Block Aid 

Arab Media: Lebanon to Take Saudi Detention of Hariri to UNSC

Arab Media: French President Not Allowed by Saudi Crown Prince to Meet Hariri

Terrorists Plundering Infrastructures in Northwestern Syria

Syria: SDF Plundering People's Possessions in Northeastern Deir Ezzur

Civilians Killed in US Air Raid on Ambulance in Eastern Syria

US Air Raids Still Killing Civilians in Eastern Syria

Iraqi Forces Impose Control over Most Important Border-Crossing with Syria

War on ISIS cost Iraq over $100 billion – PM 

Erdogan rejects ‘moderate Islam’ as a Western tool to weaken Muslims 

Turkish Army Deploys near Key Town in Northern Syria

Official: Iran among Top 10 World Drone Manufacturers

Trump, Putin reportedly agree to defeat ISIS in Syria

 Putin, Trump statement on Syria does not allow double interpretations - Kremlin

Putin: Moscow will introduce tit-for-tat measures over US attack on Russian media 

Russia Gobbles up More Gold, Dumps More US Treasuries

North Korea accuses Trump of ‘begging’ for nuclear war as rare US 3-carrier drills get underway 

Hamid Karzai
 US colluded with ISIL in Afghanistan

Trans-Pacific Partnership talks collapse after Canada pulls out of trade deal

7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Iran-Iraq border region - USGS 

Volcano spews plume of ash into the sky near Mexico City (PHOTOS, VIDEO)


Hezbollah chief: Saudi Arabia declared war on Lebanon
 PM Hariri forced to resign & detained

Lebanon Demands Saudis Return PM Saad Hariri

Saudi, UAE, Kuwait urge citizens to leave Lebanon 

Saudi Arabia Orders Its Citizens To Leave Lebanon Immediately

Saudis, UAE, Kuwait Order Citizens to Leave Lebanon 

The Saudi Purge
 The Middle-East Is On The Verge Of A New War

More Saudis arrested in $100B corruption sweep

Saudi-led strikes
 target defense ministry in Yemeni capital 

Yemen vows to keep up defensive missile attacks

Missile targeting main Saudi airport was Iranian – US Air Force 

Yemen Doctors
 Hundreds Will Die Within a Week to Saudi Blockade 

Progressive Rep. Ro Khanna
 Stop All Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia Now

‘Saudi king to soon abdicate power in favor of son’

How Broke Is The House Of Saud?

Israeli legislation on Hezbollah in the US Congress 

The Secret Reason Trump Is So Cozy With Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Coup Is the Geopolitical Feather in Trump and Putin’s Cap

In Shifting ISIS War, US Scrambles to Build West Iraq Outposts 

 Moscow to take reciprocal measures against US media next week

New US "Russia" Sanctions Take Aim at Oil Projects Outside Russia

Russia and China Open HUGE Copper Mining Complex in Siberia

From Superpower to Incompetence - PaulCraigRoberts.org

This is crazy: Antarctic supervolcano melting ice sheet from within 


Iran threatens to hit Saudi, Abu Dhabi and Dubai air and sea ports
 ships more missiles to Yemeni Houthis 

Saudi Arabia v Iran
 What’s behind bitter feud between Middle Eastern powers? 

Saudi Arabia seeks to colonize Yemen on behalf of US, UK’

Good Cover In A Purge To Secure Power
A Behind The Scenes Power Grab Supported By U.S. Warmongers
$100bn embezzled, misappropriated 
in Saudi Arabia over several decades – attorney general 

‘Saudi anti-corruption purge was endorsed by Washington’ 

John Kerry condemns Israel, hails ‘extraordinary’ restraint of Palestinians 

Palestinian Authority Resumes Security Ties with Israel 

Complete Victory At last
Now To keep The Serpent Out Of The Garden
Syrian army & allies capture last major ISIS held town in Syria 

Syrian Troops Seize ‘Last’ ISIS Stronghold 

Deir Ezzur: Syrian, Iraqi Troops Meet at Joint Borders

US, EU Back Lebanon, Despite Saudi War Threats 

A Horrible Waste Of Borrowed Money
Nothing Positive Accomplished & U.S. Infrastructure Completely Ignored
The Cost of War for the U.S. Taxpayer Since 9/11 
Is Actually Three Times the Pentagon's Estimate

US Budgetary Costs of Post-9/11 Wars Through FY2018: $5.6 Trillion

NATO Keeping World In State Of Perpetual War
There Can Never Be Peace For Those Constantly Preparing For War
NATO Ministerial Meeting Preparing for War on Russia?

NATO Gen Sec Wants Europe's Civilian Infrastructure Ready for War

An Empire Already Past It's Prime & On The Way Down
Nobody’s Quaking in Their Boots Before the US, Anymore

A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes
US Mideast Axis Reels as Russia Allies Power Ahead

The Truth Draws The Wrath Of The Dragon Beast From The Pit
Washington orders RT America to register as foreign agent by Monday 


Orchestrators Of War
Their Own Arrogance & Overconfidence Will Destroy Them

"Explosive" Leaked Secret Israeli Cable
 Confirms Israeli-Saudi Coordination To Provoke War

Iran Blames Jared Kushner For Middle East Turmoil 

Iran rejects false, dangerous Saudi claims

Saudi Arabia repeats claim of Iran involvement in Yemen

Saudi Airstrikes Kill Over 30 Civilians in Northern Yemen

Houthi missile attack on Riyadh
 a ‘reaction to Saudi aggression’ – Iran’s Rouhani

After "Declaration Of War", Yemen Rebels Threaten Attacks On Saudi Arabia 

Yemenis threaten to hit Saudi, UAE ports, airports

Yemeni forces showcase domestically-built missiles

Houthis threaten to torpedo Saudi warships with new ‘underwater missiles’ 

Watch Members of Congress 
Attempt to Explain Why They Won’t Vote on War in Yemen

On The Verge Of Catastrophe
 Saudi Arabia Says Lebanon Declared War

Warning To Israel/Saudi Arabia Not To Invade Lebanon
Iran vows full, unwavering support for Lebanon

Downfall Of A Monarchy
Instability And Financial Trouble Within The Home Of The Petrodollar
Apparently The Saudi Monarchy Figures They Have Nothing More To Lose In A War With Iran
Saudi Arabia Is About To Confiscate $33 Billion From Four Of Its Richest People

Saudi Purge Goes Nuclear: Over 1,200 Bank Accounts Frozen

Pepe Escobar: The Inside Story Of The Saudi Night Of The Long Knives

Turkish Army Sends More Troops to Northwestern Syria

A Good Portion Of This Money
Has Gone For Monthly Checks To Pay Mercenary Terrorist Armies
US spent $5.6 trillion on wars since 9/11 – study 

US Choppers Transfer 
Daesh Commanders From Syria's Mayadin - Witnesses 

Leader's Top Military Aide: 130,000 Terrorists Sent to Region by US in 80 Months

Majority of Americans have ‘unfavorable opinion’ of both major parties – poll 

North Korea on Trump's speech: We're done listening

For The First Time In 13 Years, U.S. Deploys 7 Aircraft Carriers Simultaneously 

Russian nukes would cause ‘overwhelming damage’ to any potential enemy – Moscow 


Saudi Arabian War Mongers
Bombing The Crap Out Of Yemen Cities & Market Places
Whines About Yemen Missile Retaliation
Unjustifiably Blames Iran For Yemen Counter Strikes
KSA blames Iran for outcomes of its wars of aggression

Saudi Arabia says it intercepts ballistic missile northeast of Riyadh 

Saudi Arabia threatens Iran after Yemen missile strike

Saudis Call Missile Attack "Blatant Act Of Aggression" By Iran, "Could Be Considered Act Of War"

Saudi Arabia Says Lebanon, Iran Declare War

Saudi-led coalition to close all Yemen land crossings
 sea & air ports after missile targeted Riyadh 

Yemeni Popular Forces Threaten to Hit Saudi Warships with New Missiles

Yemen Confirms Russia, Korea's Assistance to Increase Range, Precision-Striking Power of Missiles

Yemen cancels all flights under Saudi blockade

Iran rejects Saudi-led coalition's provocative accusations

Destruction Of Jerusalem Foretold By Jesus - Luke 21: 21-24
Should The U.S./Israel/Saudi Arabian Alliance Attack Iran
Saudi Arabia & Israel Will Be Reduced To Ashes

Israel Begins "Largest-Ever Aerial Military Drill"
 As Saudis Consider Missile Strike "Act Of War"

IRGC Commander: US Not Even Thinking of Using Force against Iran

Cracks In The Foundation Of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Purge Mounts, Another Prince Dies as New Travel Bans Imposed 

Advisor to Iranian FM: Saad al-Hariri's Resignation Ordered by Trump, Saudi Crown Prince

Second Saudi Prince Confirmed Killed During Crackdown

Saudi Banks Begin Freezing Accounts Of Arrested Royals, Private Jets Grounded

U.S. Wars To No Good End Whatsoever
American Taxpayers Have Spent Over a Trillion on Wars

‘Splendid isolationism not best 
- Trump’s going to learn hard lesson on Asia trip’ 

The USA is Cracking Up Just Like the USSR Did - In Fact, They Are Related

Israeli Talking Head Fans Flames Of War
President Trump/Israeli Pipe Dream
Iran Cannot Be Neutralized Without The Resultant Destruction Of Israel & Saudi Arabia

Trump Endorses Saudi Crackdown to ‘Neutralize Iran’ 

Syrian Army Command Declares Restoration of Security to Deir Ezzur City

Fate of Terrorists in Syria Sealed - Russian Deputy Defense Minister 

Iraqi Forces Impose Full Control over ISIL's Important Stronghold at Border with Syria

Iraqi Forces Drive ISIL out of 20,000 sq/km of Land in Anbar Province

Iraqi, Syrian Gov't Forces Advances Close off ISIL's Key Supply Line between Two States

By Their Actions You Shall Know Them
U.S. Largest Supporter Of Terrorism - Next 10 Articles
US Sends 120 Trucks With Arms to SDF for Deir ez-Zor Operation

US-Led Coalition Declines to Comment on News of Chemical Weapons in Deir ez-Zor 

Putin: One day weapons go to ‘moderate opposition,’ the next they are with terrorists 

US Army Continues Heliborne Operation to Take ISIL Commanders Away from Deir Ezzur

Terrorists Use Chemical Weapons to Slow Down Syrian Army Advance in Hama Province

Southern Syria: Terrorists Establish Military Training Camp at Border with Israel

Terrorists Kick off Heaviest Attack on Syrian Army Positions with Israel's Green Light

How Radical Islam Is Purely the Invention of US Intelligence Agencies

Iraqi Official: Baghdad Pressured by Washington Not to Liberate Al-Qaim

Turkish Daily: US Plotting to Divide Iraq, Syria into 7 Small State

The EU Is Finished

Preparing For EU Collapse

Leaked German military doc predicts 
EU collapse & rise of pro-Russian ‘Eastern bloc’ by 2040 

Does Russia Now Have Superior Military Technology?

 Russia announces breakthrough in furnishing army with long-range precision weapons

Shattered US-Russia ties ‘greatest threat’ to world peace – German FM 

Did Russia's Iranian Energy Deal Kill Four Birds With One Stone? 

Ron Paul: We Are Reaching A Point Of No Return

Israel Creates Problem In Druze Village Of Hader
Supporting Terrorist Attack On Syrian Army 
Uses Resulting Death Of Civilians As Excuse To Invade Syria
Terrorists Kick off Heaviest Attack on Syrian Army Positions with Israel's Green Light

Israeli military ‘ready to protect’ Druze village in Syria over factions clash 

Israel Protecting Village From Terrorist Attack It Supported
Israel ready to go into Syria to protect Druze village

Why Russian-made air-defense missiles miss Israel Air Force raiders 

US Sets up Another Military Base in Syria

Russian long-range bombers & submarine launch ‘massive strike’ on ISIS hideouts in Syria 

Syrian Army One Step Closer to ISIL's Main Stronghold at Border with Iraq

Syrian Army Fully Liberates Deir Ezzur City

ISIL's Large Arms Depot Seized by Syrian Army in Deir Ezzur

Hundreds of Turkey-backed Chinese Militants Arrive in Syria to Fight Gov't Forces

Syria: Turkish Military Invasion Expands from Idlib to Lattakia Province

Northeastern Syria: SDF Expels Thousands of Iraqi Refugees towards ISIL-Held Region

ISIL loses al-Qaim in Iraq and Deir Az Zor in Syria

Hezbollah is Not a Threat to America 

To Gain True Independence, Russia Embraces Blockchain

The Real “New World Order” Is Coming To Life

78% Of US Workers Are Living Paycheck-To-Paycheck & 71% Of Them Are In Debt


Israel Mimics United States or Visa Versa 
No Diplomacy - Only War
‘State terrorism’
 Damascus urges UN to condemn Israeli attack on Syrian copper factory

Syrian army targets Israeli jet over Homs

Damascus Calls Israel Agent of Terrorism 
After Airstrike on Syrian Factory

Order Of Importance
When Syria Finishes Defeat Of ISIS
It Can Deal With Illegal Incursions By Foreign Governments
Syria in Past 24 Hours: ISIL's Presence in Deir Ezzur City Ending

Report: Syrian Army Finishes Capturing Deir Ezzor From ISIS

Absurdities of Syrian war propaganda 

Demon Of War Requires Blood Sacrifice 
Constant Fresh Supply Of Innocent Blood
 US actions near Syria's al-Tanf
 may qualify as war crime— Russian top brass

Yemen pounded by deadly Saudi bombardments

Watch This Orwellian Pentagon Briefing On Syria: "Over 4000 Troops... No, Sorry... Just 500..."

25 Killed in Fighting Between Turkish Troops and Kurds Near Iraq Border 

U.S. Occupation Of Iraq = Babylon
Mark Of Beast Empire
Greatest threat to peace in Iraq
 is not Isis – it’s Donald Trump

Russia censures ‘illegal’ US sanctions on IRGC

Economic Sanctions Isolating The United States
 Alternative Financial Systems Will Soon Dominate World Trade
Iran Supreme Leader Suggests Putin Helps Isolate the Americans by Ditching the Dollar

New U.S. Sanctions Threaten Russian Oil Projects

New sanctions: US won’t forgive Russia for foiling its plans in Syria, Ukraine’ 

Kremlin Slams New US Sanctions Against Russia as Unacceptable 

It's Not About President Trump
It's About The American People And A Government Out Of Control
Bannon Says Trump Unable to Survive Impeachment Vote - Reports 

 Trump Blames Kushner For Mueller Probe As West Wing "Fears Impeachment", VF Reports

Another House Dem Files Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump

 Void discovered inside Pyramid of Khufu requires examination — analyst


Beast Empire Sinking Under Unsustainable Debt
Cost Of Global Empire & Endless War Bringing About Imminent Collapse
Any Black Swan Event In The U.S. Global Financial System Can Domino Into A U.S. Financial Crisis
$250mn each day for 16yrs:
 The staggering cost of ‘War on Terror’

The US Government Quietly Added $200 Billion
 To The National Debt This Month Alone

Is It Insanity, Evil, or Both 
that Has the Western World in Its Grip - PaulCraigRoberts.org

Russia/China Eating Away At U.S. Dollar Dominance
Dethroning Of The Dollar Is Ending Global Support Of U.S. Debt
Exacerbating Ability Of U.S. To Sustain It's Ever Growing National Debt
Forcing The Federal Reserve To Buy Back An Increasing Amount Of U.S. Bonds
Dollar should not dominate the world 
 Russian PM Medvedev 

Russia & China to extend currency swap
 agreement to lessen dollar dependence 

Russia and China Continue to Bypass Dollar Dominance
 Extend Currency Swap Agreement

As Long As U.S. Credit Remains Open To Endless War
Neocon's Will Never Stop Until They Destroy The World
Neocons Hijack Trump's Syria Policy
  Ron Paul Asks "Haven't We Done Enough Damage?"

How America Spreads Global Chaos

US launches worldwide nuclear war drill

Russia Draws the Line
 on Phony Syria "Sarin Gas Attack" at the UN

Turkish Forces to Set up First Military Base in Syria's Aleppo

Israel Attacks Syria’s Homs Province
 Syria Fires Anti-Aircraft Missiles

 Russian top brass puzzled by US general’s remarks on situation in eastern Syria

Syrian Army Regains Control of New Regions in Northern Hama

Syrian Army on Verge of Full Cleansing of Deir Ezzur

Syria in Past 24 Hours: ISIL's Presence in Deir Ezzur City Ending

Iraq Threatens to Resume Invasion of Kurdish Territory 

U.S./Israeli War With Iran Will Be A War With Russia/China
Putin visits Iran, praises joint efforts in solving regional issues 

Russia Begins Construction Of Two Nuclear Plants In Iran

What Putin negotiated in Iran and why US Senate grilled social media giants

Putin confirms readiness to supply gas to Northern Iran via Azerbaijani pipeline

Russia to Build an Iran-India Gas Pipeline, Empire Loses Again

Spokesman: US Seeking to Make Up For Defeats in Region by Sanctioning IRGC

Iranian Deputy FM Dismisses Renegotiation on N. Deal

US coalition defeat in Syria undeniable: Leader

IRGC: US regional forces within range of Iran missiles

US is #1 enemy, Iran will never yield to it – Supreme Leader Khamenei 

Secretary of Int'l Union of Resistance Conference: ISIL Defeat Victory of Resistance Front

Lebanon Next in US War on Middle East?

Hamas Hands Over Gaza Border Crossings to Palestinian Authority

Seat Of The Petrodollar 
Main Source Of War & Terrorism In The Middle East
Saudi Warplanes 
Attack North Yemen Market, Killing 29 Civilians

More Civilians Killed in Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen

Yemen: Over 180 Militants
 of Saudi-Led Coalition Killed, Wounded in Sana'a Province

Iran Blames S. Arabia for Dire Conditions of Yemeni People, Children

Demon Of War Demands A Constant Sacrifice Of Innocent Blood
U.S. Government More Than Willing To Continue Murdering Innocent Civilians 

House Rules Committee Guts Challenge to Yemen War Legality

Statement on Setback for HCR 81 To Stop US Support of Saudi War on Yemen

N. Korea won’t think twice about ‘pressing button’
 if US strikes, defector and former diplomat warns 

Jewish lobby in US is too powerful

Kremlin condemns ‘detrimental’ exterritorial reach of Washington’s anti-Russia sanctions

MP slams Pentagon explanation on harvesting Russians’ biomarkers as ‘fairy tale’

Moscow lambasts US senator's remarks about ‘fascist’ Russian leadership

US Bans Providing Goods, Services for Arctic Offshore Projects With Russia

Russia to pipe gas from Iran to Pakistan, India

California Clears First Hurdle In Effort To Split Into Three States

Gas Prices Across California to Spike

‘Breakthrough’ discovery 
inside Giza Pyramid baffles scientists