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Here's The Poison In Trump's Politics & Policies
Kissinger suggests aggressive Western dominion

Trumps Also Poisoned By Israeli Bias
Everybody Else In The World Say's Iran Is In Compliance
Trump: Iran ‘Not in Compliance’ With Nuclear Deal 

Rogue state, what rogue state?
 Burgeoning EU-Iran relations signal US adrift 

Intl. Community recoils 
as Saudi Arabia goes on Crusade of mass killing in Yemen 

Saudi aerial blockade kills 10,000 Yemenis: NRC

The More U.S. Sanctions Fail
 The More The World Will Rebel Against U.S. Imperial Aspirations
The More Isolated The U.S. Will become In The World Of Nations
 Lavrov calls US desire to ensure economic interests in Europe through sanctions impudent

Russia Eyes Rapid Middle East Energy Expansion

Russian Federation Sitrep, 10 August, 2017

Russia's top diplomat vows Islamic State will be defeated

ISIL's Supply Lines Hit Hard in Syrian Air Raids at Border with Lebanon

Lebanese Army Resumes Assault on ISIL's Defense Lines near Syria's Border

Sweida: Terrorists Continue to Retreat from Border with Jordan after Syrian Army Advances

Death Spiral: 6.5 Million People Choose To Pay Tax Rather Than Buy Obamacare

‘N. Korea builds up nukes & military in fear of US intervention’

Pyongyang may hit US targets in S. Korea
 if provoked by Americans – Russian general to RT 

China will prevent US first strike
 against North Korean regime – govt daily 

Trump: Military solutions
 ‘locked & loaded’ against North Korea 

Trump can strike North Korea without approval from Congress - Sen. Graham 

Now we have a smaller payroll
 Trump thanks Putin for cuts to US diplomatic staff in Russia 

Had A Sudden Death In The Family 
Will be on a trip for funeral services lasting at least a week 
Will not be posting anything during this upcoming time period
When Posting Stops You'll Know Why


Global Deception
“The War on Terror” is a Campaign for Permanent War and Terror

US Anti-Russian Sanctions
A Bad Looney Tunes Remake

Now, A Trade War
 Next A Shooting War?

U.S. Credibility Already Lost
Nations Don't Care About Crazy U.S. Government Actions Anymore
Now Actively Working To Circumvent U.S. Dollar & Financial Systems
Russia Reacts to White House Soap Opera With a Shrug

Russia to reduce reliance on US dollar 
payment systems in response to sanctions 

More Reasons To Dump The Dollar
Russian Citizens Now Subject To U.S. Asset Forfeiture Anywhere In The World
Russians Should Urgently Repatriate Their Assets From the West

Diplomacy Is Completely Dead
Lavrov and Tillerson Meet, Accomplish Little

Even U.S. Sponsored Terrorists Are Moving Toward Eastward Alliance
Pentagon Confirms Its In-House Rebels Defected to the Syrian Army

Syrian Government Continues To Regain It's Territory Up To The Borders
Syrian Army Regains Control of Several Other Regions Near Jordan Borders

Total Violation Of International Law
U.S. Continues It's Illegal Intrusion Into Syria & The Insane Bombing Of Civilians
Syria in Past 24 Hours: Over 70 Civilians Killed, Injured in US Airstrikes

This is No Liberation: US Coalition Lays Waste to Raqqa 

Turkish Army, Militants Restart Hitting Kurdish Positions in Northern Syria

Foreign Policy Commission Approves Iran's Countermeasures against US

U.S. In Cahoots With Saudi Arabia To Destroy Yemen
The United States Is Complicit in the Destruction of Yemen

Israel In Cahoots With Saudi Arabia To Destroy Syria
Report: Saudi Crown Prince in Hectic Diplomacy with Israel

Israel Held Secret Talks With US, Russia to Object to Syria Ceasefire 

What Goes Around Comes Around
What Saudi Arabia  Has Done To Syria May Come Back To Haunt
Saudi Arabia Not Immune From Invading Armies
Yemeni Army Warns to March on Saudi Cities

The Same Image Of The Grecian Empire Of Alexander The Great
U.S. Military Domination Of The World
And he exercises all the power of the first beast before him
And causes the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast
whose deadly wound was healed - Rev. 13: 12

Foreign Military Bases Aren’t Defense 
 They Are a Threat to Our Security

Rand Paul Rages
"Civil Asset Forfeiture Turns The American Justice System On Its Head"


Trump Will Now Become the War President 

Giant Sucking Sound
U.S. Imperialists Expanding Military Domination Of The World
Vast $ Expense Charged To U.S. Credit Card
Not In Defense Of The United States But In Defense Of Global Empire

US plans ‘global’ drills
 to counter Russia & other complex threats – top US military official 

Beast Empire Must Invent Wars
 To Justify Constant Global Military Expansion
Economic Sanctions Are First Shots Fired In War With Russia
‘Vast stupidity’
 Oliver Stone slams ‘dumb’ US sanctions against Russia

Oliver Stone slams US decision to impose new sanctions on Russia

US-led Coalition says 624 civilian casualties from airstrikes in Iraq, Syria 

US Sanctions move on Russia might lead to a new ‘Cold War’ in Syria 

Syrian Army Fortifies Positions at Borders with Jordan

Lebanese, Syrian Forces Coordinating to Launch Joint Border Operation

‘Iran nuclear deal under threat after new US sanctions’ 

Israel Continues to Assist Terrorists in Syria

Hundreds demand closure of Israeli embassy in Jordan after shooting of teenager 

McCain's Death Bed Secret Just Came Out About Who He Killed After Skeleton Suddenly Resurfaces

5.8 earthquake strikes Mindanao, Philippines 


Trump Quietly Signs Anti-Russia Sanctions
 Enshrines Massive Geopolitical Screw-up Into Law

‘US-Russia relations at all-time & dangerous low. Thank Congress’ – Trump

Trump’s approval rating plunges to new low, poll shows

‘Trump is danger to US & whole world’ 
German chancellor hopeful Schulz 

Global fears of US power top those of Russia & China – Pew poll 

Washington slides into ‘primitive Cold War clichés’, Moscow says

Cut the Americans off from space? 
Here’s how Russia might respond to new US sanctions 

‘US sanctions will hurt Russia, Europe, China, Iran, Trump & many more’ 

Trump To Launch Trade War
With China On Friday, Beijing Vows Retaliation

Winners And Losers When Trade War Breaks Out Between The US And China 

Moscow ‘won’t bend or break’ over US sanctions – Russian envoy to UN 

PM Medvedev: US declared massive trade war
 on Russia by tightening sanctions

‘Full-fledged economic war’:
 Medvedev slams Trump’s ‘humiliating’ cave-in on Russia sanctions 

Ron Paul: Trump ‘racing towards disastrous war’ with Iran or N.Korea 

The Mask Is Off:
 Trump Is Seeking War with Iran

Eyeing Russia, Pentagon Wants Global War Games 

Pentagon Expert Says Russians Would ‘Annihilate’ US Army on Battlefield 

Totally Out Of Touch With Reality
No Hint Of Civil War In Syria
Rex Tillerson: U.S. Hoping to Avoid an Outbreak of Civil War in Syria Post-Islamic State

Perhaps The U.S. Is Attempting To Start A Civil War In Syria
Bombing & Killing Civilians
Tens of Civilians Killed in US-Led Coalition Airstrikes in Raqqa, Deir Ezzur

Syria in Past 24 Hours: Tens of Civilians Killed, Injured in US Air Raids

"Accidental" US Airstrikes Won't Stop the Syrian Army From Liberating Deir ez-Zor

Ceasefire Near Syrian City of Homs Leads to New Safe Zone 

Syrian Army, Kurds Set Up Joint Operations Room for Battle in Deir Ezzur, Raqqa

Hezbollah and Syria Just Cleansed Lebanon of Al-Qaeda
 Will the US Send a Thank-You Note?

Lebanese Army Preparing for Large-Scale Operation against Terrorists at Border with Syria

Iran vows ‘intelligent & proportional’ retaliation against US sanctions

Russian military police to control 3rd de-escalation zone coming into force in Syria’s Homs – MoD 

Plans to Rethink America’s Malls Can’t Keep Up With Retail’s Collapse


Washington Is Going for the Jugular
 Putin Can't Afford to Be Patient Anymore

Russia warns of further retaliation against US

‘Furious’ US Complains of Russian ‘Lockout’ at Site 

‘Russia sanctions harm European countries
 for the sake of US internal political interests’

US bill on anti-Russian sanctions contravenes international law — German minister

Germany Urges EU Retaliation 
Over US Sanctions on Russia

Putin Should Thank US for Sanctions: Russia and Iran Ink $2.5 Billion Deal

Russia Will Adapt
But Don't Expect Washington to Change

Is Russia's Failure to Respond
 to Aggressive US Actions Encouraging War?

Trump’s Choices - PaulCraigRoberts.org

The Next Escalation
 Pentagon Offers to Arm Ukraine, McCain Delighted

Russian Official Warns US Arms Deliveries to Ukraine Will Fuel War

China Has the Leverage to Kill the Petrodollar

Isolated America?
 What if China Really Responds to Suggested US Sanctions

Trump Now Owns Russia Sanctions 
And Their Disastrous Fallout

Assumption of US dominance in the world has ended
 inevitable imperial decline is looming

North Korea Or Iran - Ron Paul Asks "Who Will Trump Attack First?"

Trump approval rating drops to new low of 39% – poll 

Exclusive Photos: Backed by Russian Air Support, Syrian Army Storms ISIS Stronghold in East Hama

Hundreds of Russian Forces Deploy in Southern Syria

Heroes of Our Time: Defenders of Deir ez-Zor

If You Can't Beat Him: Syria Rebel Fighters Defect to President Assad's Forces

More US-Backed Militants Surrender to Syrian Army in Al-Tanf

Over 7,700 Terrorists, Family Members to Leave Eastern Lebanon's Heights for Northwestern Syria

Tens of Civilians Killed, Injured in US Air Raids in Northeastern, Eastern Syria

Body Organ Trafficking: Militants Focus on Children Now

Top Security Official Warns of US Plot to Discard N. Deal at Iran's Expense

Yemen war pushes country ‘towards the edge of a cliff’ – UN 

Naive: Israel Rules Out Handing Over Golan Heights to Syria 


US committed to path of conflict with Russia
tensions higher than in Cold War - Paul Craig Roberts

Is the US Trying to Start a Hot War with Russia? 

US attitudes to Russia unlikely to change soon, says Putin

Imperial Folly Brings Russia and Germany Together

The Real Reason for Sanctions?
 Stubborn Russia Won't Surrender Its Sovereignty

Putin: 755 US Diplomats Must Leave Russia

Kremlin Stops Waiting for Trump and Moves to Retaliate Against US Sanctions 

Russia and US must ‘start anew or everything will be in tatters’ – Russian Deputy FM 

Trump intends to sign ‘final version’ of Russia sanctions bill – White House

Trump, Putin, Xi: Talking fades to shows of force

About 80% of Germans Disapprove of New US Sanctions Against Russia – Poll

U.S. Drones
Another Manifestation Of Pure Evil
US Drones “Kill Women, Children, They Kill Everybody”

Happening To Frequently To Be Accidental
US Coalition's Bombing Reportedly Kills Civilians in Syrian Deir ez-Zor Again 

Civilians Killed in US Airstrike on Hospital in Syria's Albu Kamal

8,000 to Evacuate Syria-Lebanon Border Under Ceasefire Deal 

Syrian Army Inches Closer to Raqqa's Border with Deir Ezzur Province

Hezbollah says mission accomplished in Arsal

Russia’s efforts in Syria: We invite all to join 

Turkish Army Invades Two Villages in Northern Syria

‘Declaration of war:’ Hajj controversy widens row between Saudi Arabia & Qatar 

Iranian President, Speaker, Judiciary Chief Discuss New US Sanctions

Israel risks igniting religious war over Jerusalem security measures, warns head of Arab League

N. Korea ‘years and years away’ from viable nuclear device – Russian Deputy FM

The U.S. Is Inches From A War With North Korea In Which Millions Could Die

Time for talk on North Korea ‘over’ – US envoy to UN 

Watch Swarms of Earthquakes Sweep Across Oklahoma


U.S. Sanctions Against Russia 
Enacted Because Of Unproven Allegations Of Russian Meddling In U.S. Elections
When The United States Government Passes Such Draconian Laws Without Any Physical Evidence Of Support
It's No Longer Governed By Law & Reason And Becomes A Rouge Nation Outside The Civilized Order Of International Law
The Nations Of The World Will Unify Against It And Bring It Down
This Is Especially True When The U.S. Is Dependant On Global Support Of The Dollar And It's National Debt

The U.S. Empire
 Continues To Stumble Towards Ruin

 White House Confirms
 Trump To Sign Russia Sanctions Bill 

Trump to Approve Sanctions
 US-Russia Detente Tied to Cement Block and Thrown Into Potomac River

The Dollar Is The Main Strength & Weakness Of The United States
The Nations Of The World Are Now Aware Of Madness, Division & Instability Within The U.S. Government
In The Interest Of Self Preservation These Nations Must Now Move Against it
There Will Be A Mass Sell Off Of U.S. Treasury Bonds In favor Of Gold And Other Hard Assets
The Federal Reserve Will Not Be Able To Support U.S. Debt & Financial Collapse Will Be The End Result

US Sanctions Push Russia Closer to Abandoning the Dollar
Deputy FM Sergei Ryabkov

It's Become A War
Russia Can No Longer Tolerate
 Insane U.S. International Policies Based Upon Media Fantasies
‘Russia's response to sanctions
 - beginning of pushback against increased US aggression’ 

Breakup Of The Beast Empire
Europe Will Now Break Away From U.S. Alliance
Move Toward The Russian/Chinese Sphere
Trade war?
 EU ready for economic counter-sanctions if US anti-Russia bill signed – top officials 

‘We told you so’
 EU reaps bitter harvest of siding with US in sanctions row – Russia’s UN envoy 

It’s not a gas 
 time for Europe to stand up to US hawks on Russia 

The Russians Have the Sanctions Hammer

Crazed U.S. Government
 Sanctioning Iran For Satellite Rocket Technology
Obvious Attempt To Keep Iran In Technological Box In Favor Of Israel
US sanctions Iranian companies after satellite launch 

War With Iran Is War With Russia
Iran Now Justified To Drop U.S. Nuclear Agreement With U.S.
Any Resulting Attack On Iran By The U.S. Or Israel Will Escalate Into A war With Russia
US Claims Iran Satellite Launch Failed, Imposes New Sanctions 

US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian vessel in Persian Gulf for 2nd time in days – Tehran 

Iranian Envoy Blasts US, Certain Arab States for Supporting Terrorists in Region

Syria Has Won The War Against ISIS
Syrian Army 60 Km From Deir ez-Zor, ISIS Smashed at Suknah, US and Kurds Penned In

On the Syrian frontline, the battle against Isis is reaching its crescendo

US-Backed SDF Attack Syrian Army Positions in Western Raqqa

Hezbollah Cleaning Out ISIS In Lebanon
Hezbollah Fighters Enter Largest Military Site of Terrorists at Lebanon-Syria Border

Hundreds of Terrorists to Retreat from Heights at Lebanon-Syria Border

Turkey Destroying U.S. Aims At Syrian Occupation
Turkish Army Preparing for Imminent Operation against Kurds in Northern Syria

ISIS Claims Deadly Attack on US-Backed Kurdish Forces in Syria 

More Women, Children Killed in US Airstrikes in Northeastern, Eastern Syria

Several Terrorists Killed in Popular Uprising Following Syrian Armed Forces Operations in Deir Ezzur

Sudanese, UAE Mercenaries of S. Arabia Killed in Yemen

Yemeni Army Captures Key Military Base in Najran Province

Giant Sucking Sound
Outrageous U.S. Military Budget Raping The The Nation In Favor Of Global Military Empire
Imperialist Congressmen & Senators Entrenched In U.S. National Government Continue To Charge It To U.S. Credit Card
Few Remaining National Patriots (Rand Paul) Fight Against Insane Rape Of The Nation

Rand Paul Blocks DOD Authorization Until September 


Act Of War Against Russia
U.S. Sanctions Against Russia Are Permanent
Offer No Room For Negotiation Or Redemption
Leaving Russia No Choice But Retaliatory Warfare Against The United States
‘New anti-Russia sanctions
 is economic suicide for America’ – Max Keiser

This Is Now War
Russia & China Will Dump The Dollar With Renewed Vigor
A Direct Retaliatory Strike Against The U.S. Financial Structure
Forcing The U.S. To Sink Into A Morass Of It's Own Debt And Hyperinflation
Washington Signs Its Own Death Warrant
 New Russia Sanctions Will Ensure the End of US Dollar Dominance

Goodbye NATO
U.S. Financial & Military Ties With Europe Will At Last Be Broken
Expert warns new sanctions against Russia may drive wedge between US and EU

U.S. Using Political Muscle To Sustain Energy Grip Over The Planet
A Clear Breech Of International Law & Previous Trade Agreements
Economics first 
‘US Congress clearly targets Nord Stream-2’ 

Whither President Trump Signs It Or Not
This Is The End Of U.S. Imperial Rule Over The Planet
The Nations Of The World Now Realize The United States Government Has Gone Mad
Senate Sends Russia Sanctions to Trump, 98-2 

When Russia Expels U.S. Diplomats It Means War
It Means That Talking Is Over & Diplomacy Is Considered Useless
Sanctions retaliation
 Russia tells US to cut embassy staff, stop using storage facilities

Report: Hundreds of US Diplomatic Staff to Be Expelled From Russia

Russia Finally Gets The Message
The United States Is Not A Partner In Any Sense Of The Word

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Moscow Retaliates Against US Sanctions

Moscow not ruling out any measures to ‘bring US to its senses’

Putin Aide: US Sanctions Could Severely Curb Russia’s Economic Growth

Not Just Russia
U.S. Government Sticks It To The American People As Well
Senate rejects Obamacare repeal in blow for Trump 

Minions Of The Dragon Committing National Suicide
Jumping Ship In The Face Of Collapsing Global Empire
The Elites Are Jumping Ship As The Financial Collapse Draws Near

America's Warmongers Are Getting Desperate

US-Trained Iraqi Soldiers Committing War Crimes in Mosul 

U.S. Trying To Stifle Any Iranian Technical Progress
To Perpetuate Israeli Domination Over The Middle East
US: Iran Satellite Launch Violates UN Resolution 

Saudi Blockade Prevents Fuel Aid Reaching Yemen 

Saudi Arabia intercepts Houthi missile targeting Mecca - coalition 

Israel Tear-Gasses Worshipers at al-Aqsa Mosque, 113 Injured 

Netanyahu touts land swap with future Palestine in talks with US officials – report


Those Whom The Gods Would Destroy
They First Make Mad
U.S. Government Totally Out Of Touch With Reality

World Wars Always Begin With Economic & Trade Wars
Unless Heaven Intervenes
Prepare For WWIII & Global Thermo Nuclear War
 Expert believes US bill on anti-Russian sanctions may trigger new Cold War

Putin: New US sanctions are cynical, destroy international law 

U.S. Now In Unofficial War With Russia
Without Reason Or Justifiable Cause
U.S. Government Gone Mad Pushes Ahead With WWIII
Trump Is Being Moved Aside
 So That Conflict with Russia Can Proceed 

Russian Officials Warn
 New US Sanctions Put Them in ‘Uncharted Waters’ 

Russia Warns of ‘Painful’ Response
 If Trump Backs U.S. Sanctions - Bloomberg

Russia's tit-for-tat sanctions
 looming and oil price hikes on the horizon

Crazed U.S. Government Brings An End To E.U./U.S. Alliance
Forcing Europe To Move Towards An Eastern Alliance With Russia/China
As Will Most Of The Nations Of The Middle East
New US Russia sanctions ‘absolutely unacceptable
come at expense of EU jobs – Austrian chancellor 

Russia to Welcome the Wedge in US-EU Relations,
 Courtesy of New Sanctions Bill

Iran Warns of Retaliation If US Imposes New Sanctions 

Washington Making The U.S. Most Disliked Nation On The Planet
Isolating The Nation Economically, Financially, & Losing Allies Fast
‘Contradicts international law’
 Politicians speak out against new US sanctions 

‘Terribly bad mistake’
 US Senator says Russia sanctions go against EU energy security & free trade 

 Washington to use new sanctions to curb Russian energy projects, experts say

Study: Russia Insulated From Further Sanctions by Import Substitution Success

Washington Forcing An Alliance Of Enemies It Cannot Defeat
Deputy Top Commander
 Iran's Armed Forces to Give Crushing Response to US Mischiefs

Deputy Top Commander
 Enemies Key Points Under Iranian Armed Forces Full Monitoring

China aims for peace 
but won't let others hurt its interests – Beijing responds to CIA chief 

Giant Sucking Sound
Military Expansion Of Global Beast Empire
Sucking All Wealth From U.S. As Host Nation 
U.S. Expands Military Budget 
How Will This Affect Syria

Turkey says Jews should appreciate Ottoman Empire, Israel says its days have passed

Israel’s Deliberate Trajectory Towards an Escalating Conflict 

Netanyahu threatens to kick Al Jazeera out of Israel for ‘inciting’ Al-Aqsa protests 

Temple Mount conflict:
 ‘Situation explosive once religion gets into political dispute’

Russian Military Police Begin Monitoring Ceasefire Near Golan Heights

Putin Ratifies Continued Russian Presence In Syria For Many Years To Come
Putin signs law on ratification of Russia air force grouping in Syria

U.S. Sponsored Terrorists Defeated & Running
Ceasefire Takes Effect Along Syria-Lebanon Border
 As Al-Nusra Starts Leaving for Idlib

U.S. Better At Killing Innocent Civilians Than ISIS
30 More Civilians Killed in US-Led Coalition Airstrikes in Eastern Raqqa

US Kicks out Rebel Group From Tanf Base After It Refuses to Stop Fighting Damascus

Putin believes ending bloodshed in Syria crucial

President Of The United States Totally Out Of Touch With Reality
Trump Slams Hezbollah After Praising Its Anti-ISIS Operation

Hezbollah Wins Control of over 95 Percent of Heights at Lebanon-Syria Border

Terrorists Control Less than 10sq/km of Area in Arsal
 Hezbollah on Verge of Great Victory

How the Deep State Extorted Obama to Arm the Syrian Jihad

U.S. Military Commanders Totally Out Of Touch With Reality
Would Nuke China Despite Retaliation That Would Wipe Out The United States
I’d launch nukes at China on Trump's orders, says US Pacific Fleet chief 

U.S. Diplomats Totally Out Of Touch With Reality
Sees Russian Tanks That Aren't Really There
Trump's Neocon Envoy
 Russia Has More Tanks in Ukraine Than There Are in Entire Western Europe

U.S. Media Totally Out Of Touch With Reality
Morns End Of U.S. Support Of Terrorism
Media Mourns End to CIA Killing Syrians and Strengthening Al-Qaeda

DNA of human embryos edited for 1st time in US – report