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The Dragon Makes A Move
US, UK, Jordanian forces enter S. Syria

Grand Mufti: Jordanian Soldiers to Leave Syria in Tears

Syria Is Worried About US Military Incursions
 But They Probably Won't Come From Jordan

Trump-Lavrov meeting focused on Syria safe zones & need to expand them nationwide

The Silent Slaughter of the US Air War

Has US Agreed to Hand Over Eastern Syria to Its Government in Damascus?

Trump Changes Gear: Strategic Syria Policy Now Lies With Tillerson and Lavrov

‘US military bureaucracy has made it clear it wants long-term war in Mideast’ 

The Unites States — Not Russia — Is the Biggest Threat to Peace in Syria

Deputy Top Commander: US Unable to Precisely Assess Iran's Defensive Capabilities

Abomination Of Desolation Standing Where It Shouldn't
When This Happens The Arrival Of The Kingdom Of God Is Very Near
Moving US embassy would help peace by ‘shattering Palestinian fantasy’ – Israeli PM 

Hezbollah Eyes Offensive Within Israeli Borders

Russia Is Enemy 
Because It's Blocking U.S. Domination Of The World
Re-translate To Read: No Reset Until Russia Is Subjugated Under U.S. Control
’You cannot reset:’ No way for US & Russia to start over ‘with clean slate’ – Tillerson 

Washington Viewed As A Nut Orchard
Nuts to Impeach Nut After Nut Fired Nut
 When Nut Refused to Drop Nuts Conspiracy After Nut Won Election Against Nut?

U.S. Global Empire Leading To American Financial Collapse
Time To Step Aside For A New Economic Reality 
US in Denial as Beijing Lays Groundwork for New Economic Order


A True Syrian Patriot
President Assad Rules Out Making Concessions on Syria's Sovereignty

Syria Safe Zones Mean Less Fighting — Not a Third World War

President Trump Is Basically Calling The Russian Government Liars
When Actually Trump Is The Biggest Liar By Betraying Campaign Promises Not To Engage In Foreign Regime Change

Trump Claims Syria’s Assad Still Has Chemical Weapons

Assad: Idlib Chemical Attack a Cover Up for American Intervention in Syria

Syria: Terrorist Commanders Sent to Dara'a with Hefty amount of US Dollars

Syrian Soldiers Win back Strategic Airbase in Eastern Aleppo

U.S. Move & Russian Countermove
Russians Reveal Plan to Lift the Siege of Syria's Deir ez-Zor

Syria & Iraq Close To Securing Borders
Iraqi Popular Forces Target ISIL's Defense Lines Near Borders with Syria

PMF Commander Speaks of Closing Border with Syria as "Iraq's Strategic Objective"

Has Erdogan Run out of Friends?

Turkish PM: US Promises Kurds Won’t Stay in Raqqa -

Does Donald Trump want to be president? 

Lavrov: Era of Western Lecturing Is Long Over

Washington Fanning Flames Of WWIII
With Knowledge Of Impending U.S. Surprise Nuke Attack
 Russia & China May Decide To Nuke The U.S. First

Are You Ready to Die?

Russia Has Become The Only Major Force Remaining On The Planet
Preventing Complete U.S. Military Domination Of The World

80 Years Ago Edgar Cayce Predicted Putin’s Role in Stopping WW3

The Pacific Rim Is Moving Again
Entire West Coast Of The United States Is In Danger Of Resulting Earthquakes

18 earthquakes hit Seattle area in the last 24 hours - 40 tremors last week


Another Brilliant Move By Russia
Removes U.S./Israeli Objections To Iran Being On Doorstep
Also Removes Justification & Excuses For Continued U.S./Israeli Military Action Inside Syria
Russian monitors for Syrian Golan - not Iranians

The Beast Just Won't Let Go Of Syria
U.S. Still Training Terrorists In Effort To Destroy Syrian Civilization
US and Russia Could Be on a Collision Course in Southern Syria

US Special Forces Are Secretly Fighting Alongside Syrian Rebels

Private Armies & Mercenaries
No Wonder U.S. Debt Is A Staggering $20 Trillion
A Very Expensive Way To Establish U.S. Dominance Over The Lesser Nations Of The World
When The U.S. Credit Card Is Finally Cut Off This Will Very Quickly End
 Washington’s Criminal Activities are only Getting Messier 

U.S. Allies All Support Wahhabi Ideology Of Terrorism
Syria's Assad Terrorist Groups, Turkish President Two Sides of Same Coin

Terrorists Surprised at Syrian Army's Powerful Military Vehicles in Eastern Damascus

More Good News For Syria 
Continuing Restoration Of Syrian Borders & Syrian Social Structure
Hezbollah says it has secured Lebanon's border with Syria

Russia-initiated safe zones in Syria offer real chance for reconciliation – Assad 

Trump Wants Russia to Carry out His Syria Policy for Him. Fat Chance 

Peaceful coexistence of Palestine & Israel essential for regional security – Putin to Abbas 

Follow the money
 UK ignores Yemeni slaughter as Riyadh spends more on British military equipment

US ready to deter Russia in Europe: Mattis

Why Does Celebrated War Criminal Jim Mattis Think He Can Claim Moral High Ground Over Russia?

 South Korea Election Makes It Clear: War With the North Is off the Table

China Hopeful New South Korean President Can Help Ease RegionalTensions

Aircraft Carriers Are Now Sitting Ducks
China Warns Washington Its Latest Missile Can Sink A US Aircraft Carrier 

World stocks retreat from record highs as valuations give cause for a pause 

Fukushima wildfire revives worries over airborne radiation from “difficult-to-return zone”  


Beast Empire Just Won't Stop
U.S. Warmongers Refuse To Let Syria Go
Syrian Troops Now Forced To Defend Against Possible U.S. Invasion
Diverting Precious Resources Needed To Defend Against ISIS Terrorists
Syrian Army Sends Hundreds of Reinforcement
 Troops to Jordan Border to Confront US-British Plots

U.S. Aiding ISIS
By Threatening Military Invasion Of Syria From Jordan
 Crisis to Flare Up
By Dangerous Developments in Southern Syria

All Are Expendable In The Goal To Conquer The World
Jordan Will Be Reduced To Ashes In Regional War
Beast Empire Cares Not For The People of Jordan
Only That It Can Gain Some Military Control Of Syria
Monarchy Of Jordan Better Think Twice Before Allowing U.S. To Stage War From Jordan
Retired General
 Jordan Won’t Support Ground Invasion of Syria 

The U.S. Assumes Imperial Rule Over The Nations Of The Earth
Emperor Telling A Free Sovereign Nation What It Can Do Inside It's Own Borders

Trump to Russia: ‘Rein in the Assad Regime’

Trump: Russia Must Rein in Assad, Iran-Backed Forces in Syria

Perpetual War Is The Best The U.S. Can Promise To Iraq
U.S. Supports & Fights ISIS At The Same Time
Mosul Hasn't Been Fully Liberated Because of Washington

U.S. Will Do Anything To Gain A New Foothold In Syria
Turkey warns US against arming Syrian Kurd ‘terrorists,
’ ponders end of ‘strategic partnership’

Erdogan Rips US Plan to Arm Syrian Kurds

US-Backed Kurds Capture Syrian Town of Tabqa, Nearby Dam

South Korea has a new president. He and Trump see North Korea very, very differently. - Vox

New Moon over South Korea may doom US THAAD anti-missile system 

Wheels Of The Beast Empire 
Continually Greased With The Blood Of Innocence
US Airstrike Kills 11 Civilians in Northern Syria

Syria in Past 24 Hours: 30 Civilians Killed, Wounded in US-Led Coalition Airstrike in Raqqa

Innocent Blood Is Sacrificed To The Dragon
Madness Consumes The Emperor As His Soul Goes Into Increasing Darkness
It All began With The Murder Of This Beautiful Little Girl In Yemen In The First Days Of The Trump Presidency 

Since Then President Trump Has Been Sinking Into Increasing Madness & Instability
‘Hey, I’m President!’—Donald Trump’s All-Madness, No-Method Administration 

The Same Madness That Cursed Many Of The Emperors Of Rome
As They Murdered Their Way In The Advance Of Imperial Domination Of The Known World
‘Idiot, clown and embarrassment’: New poll shows falling ratings & scathing attitudes to Trump 

Why Does Such A Tiny Nation Need All Of This Money?
Where Does All This Money Go?
All Of This Money Is Charged To The U.S. Credit Card
Future Generations Of Americans Will Suffer For This Charge-a-card Give-a-way

IRmep asks appeals court to block Trump transfer of $3.7 billion in US aid to nuclear Israel

French Election A Catastrophe For World Peace 

Nuts At The Helm
Let Them Rave On So The Whole World Knows They Are Mad

Russia full-scope cyber actor which will remain & major threat to US - intel director 

This Goes To Failing Infrastructure
 U.S. Continues To Direct All it's Wealth To War & It's Global Empire Abroad
While Leaving The United States An Empty Shell Of Previous Greatness
Hanford warned in 2015 study that contaminated rail car tunnels at risk of collapse

Emergency Crews Begin Work On Collapsed Nuclear Facility Tunnel - Latest Update

"Serious Situation" After Tunnel Collapse At WA Nuclear Facility; Evacuation Ordered, No-Fly Zone In Place

Hanford Tunnel Collapse Shows State of Nuclear Waste Storage


Trump Administration Triggering Expanding Regional War 
U.S. Invasion Of Syria From Jordan May Be Imminent
Jordan About To Enter Direct Conflict With Syria/Russia
Pro-Israeli Trump Won't Stop Attempts At Syrian Regime Change
Drone Images Expose Major US, Jordan Military Build-up On Syrian Border

US Forces Enter Syria's Territories to Train More Terrorists

Trump Extends Order Condemning ‘Brutal’ Assad Regime 

Syria Preparing For War On Jordanian Border
Syrian Warplanes Attack Rebel Outposts Near Jordan Border

Lebanon Included In Expanding War Scenario
Syrian Army, Lebanese Hezbollah to Launch Joint Operation against ISIL

Syrian Army Ends 1st Phase of Operation to Restore Security to Border with Iraq

Turkey/U.S. Alliance Now Possibly At End
Turkey warns US against arming Syrian Kurd ‘terrorists,’ ponders end of ‘strategic partnership’

Trump Approves Direct Arming of Syrian Kurds With Heavy Weapons

More Civilians Killed, Wounded in US-Led Coalition Airstrike in Northeastern Syria

Earthquake Swarm Causes Nuke Disaster
Over 50 Million Gallons Of Nuclear Waste In 177 Underground Tanks At Risk
Government Ignored Earthquake Swarm And Continued Work As Usual
Plutonium Fuel Rods Contained Under Collapsed Portion Of Tunnel

Hanford Nuclear Storage Facilty tunnel collapses after earthquake swarm 


Hanford Nuclear Site: Tunnel Collapse Causes Workers to Take Cover


Return Of Christ
Arrival Of The Kingdom Of God
Famines, Pestilences, Wars & Rumors Of War, Earthquakes In Diverse Places - Matthew 24: 7
Global Collapse: Children Are Literally Starving To Death In Venezuela And Yemen

Russia Preparing For U.S. Nuclear First Strike
Will Russia/China Wait Or Strike U.S. First?
Russian Lt. Gen.: US Wants to Nuke Russia China 
And Use Missile Shield to Prevent Retaliation

Anonymous Issues Frightening World War 3 Warning:
 "They Are Preparing For What Comes Next... The Citizen Will Be The Last To Know"

U.S. Preparing For Joint Military Invasion Of Syria From Jordan
US, British, Jordanian Forces Readying for Joint Operation in Syria

Syrian Army Continues Operation in Southeastern Homs to Foil US-Led Plan to Invade Deir Ezzur

Countdown Starts for Syrian Army's Massive Operation against ISIL in Eastern Aleppo

Syria: Saudi Aid Packages Found in Terrorists' Positions in Eastern Damascus

Interior Ministry's Special Forces Committed to Restore Security to Syrian Cities

Spokesman Warns of Iran's Angry Reaction to S. Arabia's Possible Aggression

Iranian DM Mocks Saudis' War Rhetoric against Iran as "Bluff"

UAE Prepares for Leaving Saudi-Led Anti-Yemen Coalition

Erdogan calls on Muslims to flood Jerusalem's iconic mosque and protect its Islamic identity

Prepare For Major Earth Changes To Come
And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away - Rev. 21: 1
Alaska Hit By 45 Significant Earthquakes Within 24 Hours 
As The West Coast Wonders If ‘The Big One’ Is Imminent – End Of The American Dream

US could face magnitude 9 earthquake
 sparking tsunami, mystic Frank Hoogerbeets claims

Sympathy For The Devil? Trouble Is Brewing In Banker Paradise 

Just A Quick Reminder Of Who's Really In Charge

Maria Zakharova: A Spokeswoman for Sanity

Zakharova Amazed by Kiev's Boundless Incompetence


Days Are Numbered For The Beast Empire
Without An Endless Supply Of New Debt The Empire Cannot Be Sustained
Current U.S. Debt Is Already Unsustainable In Future Markets & Rising Interest Rates
Financial Markets Are Valued Way Over Actual Economic Realities & A Big Correction Cometh 
Former Reagan Administration Official Is Warning
 Of A Financial Collapse Some Time ‘Between August And November’

How Information Is Controlled by Washington, Israel, and Trolls, Leading to Our Destruction

End Of ISIS Is Now A Reality
Commander: Iraqi, Syrian Resistance Forces to Launch Joint Operations at Borders

US Support for Terrorists in Syria Prevents Conflict Resolution

Terrorists Violate De-Escalation Zones Agreement by Shelling Syrian Army Positions in Dara'a

Syria Safe Zones Hold, Violence Drops Significantly

Russia's Syria De-Escalation Zones Deal Is Very, Very Clever

Eastern Damascus: Syrian Army Seizes Large Number of French Missiles in Terrorists's Convoy

Saudi Arabia will be razed except for Mecca & Medina if it attacks Iran – defense minister 

Billionaire Zionist mad at Trump over Israel

US Carrier Parked off Iran Complains Iranian Surveillance a Nuisance

Iran's Top Commander Warns to Attack Terrorists' Hideouts in Pakistan

Saudi Exceptionalism: Trump hates radical Islam, except when you can make money from it 

Alaska Struck by 5.2-Magnitude Earthquake – USGS

Dead Whale Shows Highest Pollutant Level Ever Seen by Scientists in an Animal


The U.S. Cannot Win A Nuclear War Against Russia/China
There is much discussion about U.S. preparations for a nuclear first strike on Russia/China, because the Washington/Pentagon warmongers believe that such a global nuclear war is now winnable for the United States. That's how far down the bar has been lowered for the intelligence of the nut driven, whacked out, minions of the Dragon, who now covertly rule the U.S. global Beast Empire. I think it's really an act of suicide in the face of some impending event that will soon sweep the empire from global power. Take away it's spending power, and money, money, money, and the Beast Empire, along with it's armies and weapons, crumble to dust. So it must be an impending financial crash that's driving the roaches completely mad and out into the sunlight. The idea is that the U.S. can distribute so-called defensive weapon systems in areas near Russian/Chinese borders, as for example S. Korea, and thereby nullify retaliatory nuclear missile attacks against a U.S. nuclear first strike - articles below. These efforts are in conjunction with new U.S. technological improvements to it's nuclear arsenal that greatly increase targeting capabilities such as never before possible - article below. 

There are many gapping holes in their mad scenario. There is no such thing as a 100 percent effective weapon system either defensive or offensive. There are always failure rates, and other surprises, and unknowns, not figured into the planning. No matter how perfect the system may be, or how many are deployed, it's a simple fact that Murphy's Law, and the law of averages, dictate that at least some Russian/Chinese nuclear missiles will get through. With the current incompetence thus far demonstrated by the U.S. military, such as the indiscriminate killing of civilians in Iraq and Syria, and other weaknesses in the U.S. nuclear war systems - article below, also factored in, it's a sure bet that a certain percentage of Russian/Chinese nukes will get through. There is also the added uncertainty of the unknown locations of Russian/Chinese nuclear submarines, which could be right off the East and West coasts of the United States, as well as new course altering evasive weapons, and undetectable close terrain cruise missiles, and stealth technology, and electromagnetic jamming devices, used by Russia/China, that surely guarantee that some nukes will get through.

Now lets also figure that many of these Russian/Chinese nuke missiles are multiple warheads able to hit at least five simultaneous targets, and maybe more. If only ten such multiple warhead missiles get through, but probably more, it would add up to a minimum of fifty H-Bombs, and again probably more, exploding over the United States mainland. The United States as a nation could not withstand the simultaneous detonation of 50 H-bombs and maintain national integrity. It would bring the U.S. to an end. Figuring these are dirty bombs, designed to inflict lasting radioactive fallout for hundreds, if not thousands of years, the death rate would be in the millions, both instantly, and over time, with no medical services available to treat the millions of survivors. 

Russia is thought to have in excess of 4000 nukes, and China about 260. If a thousand such missiles are launched from both Russia/China, which includes simultaneous submarine launches from other unknown and unpredictable sea locations, what are the odds of at least 50 to 100 missiles getting through and reaching the U.S. mainland? Would you gamble that at least 50 get through? The odds are very good that at least some will get through. It's a sure bet. There is also the danger that Russia/China actually believe, and with very good reason, that the United States is about to nuke them in a first strike, and decide to strike the United States first. In this scenario it's probable that many more Russian/Chinese nukes with multiple warheads will wipe out the United States in a cloud of nuclear destruction and long lasting nuclear fallout. 

In addition to the nuclear induced (EMP) = electromagnetic pulse, that would cause immediate destruction to all existing electronics in the United States, and instantly reducing it to the stone age, and figuring that these are very dirty H-bombs, and well targeted for maximum effectiveness, what targets are going to be hit? Here is just a small list that if fulfilled would bring the United States to a very quick end. 1. New York/ Wall Street. 2. Washington D.C. & the Whitehouse/Pentagon. 3. A minimum of at least 50 to 100 hits on major cities across the nation. Los Angeles. San Diego. San Francisco. Seattle. Boston. Chicago. Huston, and so on, and so on, twenty to one hundred times over. The United States could not function and the government would collapse. 

All sources of supply and transport would be cut off, not only nationally, but internationally as well. Three quarters of the planet would be poisoned by lingering radiation for many years to come. Civilization as we now know it would come to an end, both nationally and internationally. No trade. No food, No water. No shelter or medical help for millions of displaced people dying of radiation sickness across the entire United States mainland, and the world. No television or cell phone communication. No cars, or trucks, or electrical energy grids, because of EMP destruction, and no gas or fuel. No utilities or sanitation. Poisoned crops and animals and poisoned food. No food. No money. No banks, No communication or social networks, phones or anything lease. How long would the United States remain as a nation? 

The minions of the Dragon who now rule the United States Beast Empire are deluded, mad, stupid, and suicidal. They don't care if they are responsible for the death of billions of people around the planet, or the suffering and destruction of humankind, so long as they rule the world, and even if it's a wreaked world. They certainly don't care about the people of the United States, who are as expendable as the civilians now murdered in Syria and Iraq, in the name of empire. How long could these crazy lone survivors and would be rulers of the planet last without civilization? Not very long. With nobody remaining to produce their food, and keep them supplied, they would eventually run out of stored supplies, and kill each other, for whatever remained, until the total extinction of humanity would be the end. If the people of the world, and the United States don't put an end to this madness, the forces of Heaven will be forced to intervene and put an end to it for us. Isn't that exactly what Jesus Christ predicted? 

For Then Shall Be Great Tribulation
 Such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: 
But for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. Matthew 24: 21 -22

America’s Top Scientists Confirm
U.S. Goal Now Is to Conquer Russia -

Sauron Rules in Washington

The US Is Ready To Instigate WWlll
By using the North Korea missile testing as an excuse.

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 6, 2017 

Syria Secures It's Borders As A Sovereign Nation
Syrian Army Ready to Seal Border with Iraq with Russian Help

Syrian Army Restores Full Security to Vast Parts Along Border with Lebanon

Syrian Army, Russian Special Forces Preparing for Imminent Anti-ISIL Operation in Deir Ezzur

US Conducting Secret Attempts to Deploy in Western Iraq in Post-ISIL Era

Russia satisfied with OPCW conclusions sulphur mustard gas used in Syria by terrorists

Ayatollah Khamenei: Iran Not to Abide by UNESCO 2030 Agenda

Afghan MP: ISIL Members Trapped in Nangarhar Battlefield Rescued by US

Russian military brass slams Pentagon official’s remark as retrograde Cold War rhetoric

Mannarino Warns
“There Is A Massive Amount Of Financial Engineering Supporting The Stock Market Right Now”


A Brilliant Move By Pure Genius
Judo Master Putin Outfoxes Washington Again
Using An Opponents Own Ideas And Momentum Against Him
U.S. Plans To Partition Syria With No-fly Zones Are Now Directed Against The U.S. By Russia Implementing The Same Idea First
Thus Giving Russia Complete Control Over The Situation & Putting The U.S. In A Defensive Position
Also Giving Syria A Much Needed Enforced And Defended Airspace

Deal on safe zones in Syria to come into effect 21:00 GMT on May 5 – Russian MoD 

Safe zones in Syria come into force: Here’s what we know about them

Suppression Fire: Russia Warns Violators of De-Escalation Memo in Syria

Washington Not Happy With Putin's Proactive Countermove
US Dismisses Ban on Aircraft Over Syrian Safe Zones 

US won't celebrate Astana deal on Syria; despondence & guarded comments likely

Russian & US top brass discuss plan for Syrian safe zones

US Pilot Hailed as Hero After Not Bombing Hundreds of Civilians

Russian Air Forces Stopped Operations in Syria De-escalation Zones From May 1

Russia Has Irrefutable Proof Syria's Chemical Weapons Disaster Was a Provocation

Iraq PM: No US Combat Troops Will Stay After ISIS War 

Saudi Arabia, US in Talks on Billions in Arms Sales 

US advancing sale of smart bombs to Saudi

‘Saudi aid to Yemen – camouflage to conceal war crimes’ 

Iran urges global action against Saudi terrorism

Peaceful Defense: What's Behind Iran's Decision to Send More Advisors to Syria?

U.S. Destabilizing Balance Of Power
Russia/China Believe U.S. Making Preparations For Nuclear First Strike
Will They Wait Or Strike First?
N. Korea Is A U.S. Orchestrated Excuse To Deploy Missiles In S. Korea Against The Chinese Mainland
To Neutralize Chinese Nuke Retaliation Against U.S. First Strike
What the N. Korean “Crisis” Is Really About

Russia accuses USA of ‘declaration of war’ over North Korea chaos

North Korea sanctions declaration of war on Russia by US warns Vladimir Putin's MPs

The Same Incompetence Can Be Witnessed By The Killing Of Civilians In Syria & Iraq
‘Close’ Doesn’t Count in Nuclear War
 US ICBM Defense Riddled With Weaknesses

Critical Warning from Rogue Economist Harry Dent
 “This is Just the Beginning of a Nightmare Scenario as Dow Crashes to 6,000”


Deal on safe zones in Syria
To come into effect 21:00 GMT on May 5 – Russian MoD

US-led coalition warplanes banned 
From Syria safe zones – Russian envoy 

 Russia to do Utmost 
To ensure no-fly regime in Syrian de-escalation zones

End Of Israeli Bombing Flights Inside Syria
Putin & Trump discuss Iranians on Israel’s border

Moscow ready to send observers to Syria safe zones 

Russia to Deploy Military Police in Safe Zones in Syria

‘Very good sign Syria ‘safe zones’ deal endorsed by Washington & UN envoy’

No Mercy on the Weeds: Russia's Lavrov Vows to Finish Off Daesh

US troops could be ‘accidentally’ hit
 In strikes against Kurdish militants – Erdogan adviser 

Pentagon finally ‘admits’ US jets bombed mosque with civilians in Syria 

US Airstrikes in Raqqa City Leave Tens of Civilians Dead, Wounded Again

Mark Of The Beast Empire
Continued Military Occupation of Iraq
US troops could remain in Iraq after ISIS defeated – govt officials 

Putin Proclaims Turkey Relations Fully Restored After He Gets More From Erdogan Than He Gives at Sochi Summit

Saudi Power Struggle Could Destabilize The Entire Middle East

Trump ‘backing off’ on Jerusalem embassy

 Afghanistan’s ex-president calls Islamic State group ‘US product’

America's Brilliant New Exit Plan in Afghanistan: Never Leave

War Plans On Korea To Begin With False Flag Attacks On Asian Capitols

‘Trump’s stance toward North Korea goes from one extreme to another’ 

Angry South Koreans Oppose US Missile Defense Deployment

US House Bill on Port Controls Amounts to Declaration of War - Russian Senator

 Senator lambasts Washington’s plans to impose control over Russian ports

Russia is ‘greatest threat of any nation on Earth’ – FBI director 

Russia Denies: No, We Did Not Plant Secret Nuclear Tsunami Bombs On U.S. Coast

Poll shows over 80% of Russians approve of Putin’s work


Russia, Iran, Turkey sign agreement on creation of Syria safe zones 

Army Moves to Counter US-British-Jordan Plan in Southern Syria

Popular Forces Ready to Back Syrian Army in Northwestern Aleppo

Erdogan threatens to say ‘goodbye’ to EU as official warns Turkey won’t be joining bloc

Russian Troops Deploy to Syrian Border to Stop Turkish Attacks on Kurds

Iraq: ISIL Uses Chemical Weapons in Mosul Again

Spokesman: US Plots against Iraq Foiled by Hashd Al-Shaabi

Survivors Describe US Airstrike That Killed Hundreds in Mosul

Saudi Arabia ‘supports terrorism, seeks destructive regional policies’ – Iran’s Foreign Ministry 

Saudi prince accuses Iran of ‘extremist ideology,’ ambition to ‘control Islamic world

Yemen: Another Country Where US and Al-Qaeda Are on the Same Side

Alarm Grows in Washington as Saudi Coalition Attack on Yemen Port Appears Imminent 

Saudi Land Push in Yemen Would Cause Heavy Casualties: DM

Who's Really in Charge of the United States Government? 

Two Stories Signal Trump's No Longer Running the Show

Trump: US "Needs A Good Shutdown In September To Fix This Mess"

Donald Trump's stunning U-turn in less than seven days

‘North Korea’s true crime? It’s not completely dominated by the US’ 

American Democracy: A Dead Man Walking 

Why There Will NEVER Be A Political Solution To America’s Problems

Russia Has Been Acting as Empire's Binman and It Has Been Earning It Nothing but Grief From Washington

Experts Agree: McMaster Is a Major McAsshole

Abomination Of Desolation Standing In The Holy Place
Trump gives ‘serious consideration’ to moving US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem – VP Pence 

The ’51st U.S. State’ Declares Bankruptcy
 As Corporate Insiders Sell Stocks At The Fastest Rate Since The Last Financial Crisis

U.S. Auto Sales Plunge Dramatically As The Consumer Debt Bubble Continues To Collapse

Debt Insanity: Does Anyone In Washington Even Care That We Are 20 Trillion Dollars In Debt? 

Undecided GOP rep: Healthcare bill still a few votes short

HIV eliminated from ‘humanized’ mice in groundbreaking study 


Syria Continues To Take Back It's Territory
Syrian-Lebanese Forces Kick off Anti-ISIL Operation in Palmyra's Countryside

Aleppo: Syrian Army Deploys Fresh Soldiers in Russian Base near Border with Turkey

Syria: Popular Uprising against Terrorists Starts in Southeastern Deir Ezzur

As Civilian Toll Grows, Pentagon’s Undercount in Iraq, Syria Worsens 

Hidden damage: RT talks to Syrian children suffering from severe psychological trauma 

Which Side Are They On?
Serious Loose Cannon Continues To Roll Around On Deck
Tensions Grow Between US, Turkey Along Syrian Border 

 Turkey, Russia clinch agreement on S-400 air defense system deliveries

MP: Turkey Attempts to Occupy Northern Iraq in Coordination with US

President Trump's Favorite Allies
 Source Of Greatest Evil In The Middle East
Document Reveals S. Arabia, 
UAE Financial Support for Al-Qaeda, ISIL

UAE Shows Growing Regional Military Ambitions

Saudi-Led Forces Ammunition Depot Destroyed in Yemeni Army's Artillery Attack

Turkey, Qatar Fighting Proxy War against S. Arabia in Eastern Damascus

DM: Iran's Capacity for Manufacturing Combat Arms 100 Folded

Is THAAD Actually Targeting Chinese Nukes In Prep For U.S. First Strike?
The Chinese Seem To Think So
China demands ‘immediate’ halt
To THAAD deployment in South Korea 

Direct Result Of U.S. THAAD Deployment
Russian Retaliatory Nukes That THAAD Can't Touch
Putin is planting deep-sea mole nukes near the US

US anti-missile defence system in S Korea goes operational

McMaster says US will pay for THAAD anti-missile system in South Korea

Russia, China See Diplomacy as Only Solution of North Korean Crisis – Ambassador

North Korea says U.S. bomber flights push peninsula to brink of nuclear war 

U.S. Propaganda Mouthpiece Finally Gets Gagged
State Department Finally Realizes Nikki Haley Needs Adult Supervision

Fearless Leader Can't Take The Pressure
Is Trump Suffering from “WMD-Ophobia”? 
Leading Psychiatrists Express Concern at President’s “Dangerousness”
 “Instability” and “Unpredictability” 

Trump’s Op-Ed Big Lies

U.S. Global Military Empire Gets More Money For Bombs & Mercenary Armies
While U.S. Infrastructure Continues To Rot From Financial Neglect
Congress Reaches Deal To Keep Government Open Through September 

Congress to Add $12.5 Billion in Military Funding; Trump, Pentagon Seek More 

US Dropping Bombs Quicker Than They Can Be Replaced 

Bolivia Drops Truth Bomb: Independent Monetary Policy Is Key to National Sovereignty