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Iran Has Done Nothing But Come To Syria's Aid
The Result Has Been Syria's Successful Defeat Of ISIS
This Has Angered The U.S. Alliance Which Funded ISIS Under The Guise Of Moderate Rebels
The U.S./Israeli/Saudi Alliance Is Now Pushing For Full Scale War Against Iran

Pentagon Threatens More Aggressive Stance Toward Iran

Economic Sanctions Are Acts Of War
‘Strongest sanctions in history’
 Pompeo issues 12 demands to Iran, vows ‘unprecedented pressure’ 

‘US can’t decide for the world’
 Rouhani rejects Pompeo’s Iran demands

Letter From Iran
 Dear Mr. Trump, You've Been Served

By Sponsoring Terrorism To Bring Down Syria
The U.S. Alliance Forced Iran Into Syria Because Of Their Mutual Defense Treaty
The U.S./Israel/Saudi Alliance Now Bemoans The Presence Of Iran In Syria
Which By Their Own Misguided Actions The U.S. Alliance Brought On By Itself

Iran to Stay in Syria 
as Long as Damascus Wants - Tehran

Pompeo says terrorist Iran turned Syria into kill zone, Or did the US? 

Iranians should deliver strong punch to mouth of Pompeo – IRGC commander 

No Plan B: New US demands on Iran set stage for war

Iran Deal: Why EU is Likely to Give in and Play by Trump's Rules 

Syria Wins Against U.S. Terrorist Alliance
Syrian Army Has Full Control of Metro Damascus After ISIS Ouster 

For First Time in Years Damascus Fully Under Government Control

False Prophet Praises The Abomination Of Desolation
 Now Standing In The Holy Place Where It Aught Not
Jesus Warned That This Would Bring War & The Desolation Of Jerusalem - Matthew 24: 15/ Luke 21: 20
SHOCK: Watch Top Protestant Leader 
Hagee Heap Praise on Israel at US Embassy Opening

Israeli Jets Actively Patrolling Syrian-Lebanese Border – Reports 

Syria fired over 100 missiles at our war planes, Israeli Air Force chief claims 

Soon Bull Dozers Will Come To Demolish The Mosque
To Make Way For A Jewish Temple That Will Never Be Rebuilt
War Will Cut Short The Antichrist Plans To Rebuild The Temple In Defiance/Sacrilege Against Christ

Hundreds of Israeli settlers raid al-Aqsa Mosque

Destroyer of Peace & Whole Nations
The United States Is The Beast Empire & Abomination Of Desolation
It's Embassy Represents Death & Destruction To Middle East Nations
‘Americans seen as invaders’
 Palestinian officials equate US embassy move to Israeli occupation 

‘War crimes’
 Palestine calls on ICC to investigate Israeli ‘human rights violations’ 

Adolf Hitler definitely died in WWII, new research says

Hitler In Argentina…AFTER The War Ended

It's Just A Matter Of Time
When The West Coast Earthquakes Happen
 The U.S. Global Financial Empire Will Collapse Overnight
Arizona Preparing For Post-Earthquake Inflow Of 400,000 Californians 

Vanuatu to permanently evacuate volcanic island

More Poison For Our Oceans
Contaminated Fukushima 
Water Storage Tanks "Close To Capacity", TEPCO Admits 

Americans for Legal Immigration Calls for Senator McCain to Retire

U.S. Global Financial Empire Used As A Weapon Of War
The Result Will Be Eventual Economic & Monetary Backlash Against The Empire
Trump administration slaps new sanctions on Venezuela after ‘sham’ election 

Selfish US diktats could push Europe to develop ties with Russia, China & Iran

Oil Topping $80 Is Making Putin's Ambitious Social Investment Program Fundable

Russian Lower House Passes Bill on Countermeasures to US, Allies Sanctions 

U.S. First Strike On Russia Now Impossible
Without Devastating Retaliation
Checkmate: Russia's Hypersonic Missile Ready for War by 2020

Now Facebook Serves NATO's Needs

Facebook & Atlantic Council unite
 Now social media giant serves NATO’s agenda


US to apply ‘strongest sanctions
 in history’ on Iran – Pompeo 

Iran And Russia Discuss Transacting In Crypto
 To Avoid International Sanctions 

EU, Iran Working on Details of Direct Money Transfers: Official

Europe & Iran now have the perfect excuse to drop the US dollar – Max Keiser 

EU, Russia, and China in Talks on New Iran Nuclear Deal 

US has bigger stick to hold EU hostage over Iran sanctions – ex-EU Commissioner to RT 

Brussels Rises in Revolt Against Washington
 A Turning Point in the US-European Relationship

French Forces Deploy More Heavy Military Equipment to Eastern Syria

Russian Navy Transports More Military Equipment to Syria

Iraq’s Sadr Talks ‘Inclusive’ Govt in Early Coalition Talks 

Trump administration ends aid for northwestern Syria

US will hardly withdraw its troops from Syria in near future, expert says

US-Backed Militias Suppress Popular Uprising in Manbij in Northern Syria

Why were 60 French snipers on their way to a US base in Syria? 

US anti-tank missiles found at former Al-Nusra facility in Syria – Russian MoD (VIDEO)

Saudi Crown Prince Absent from Cadets Graduation Ceremony

Saudi Concerns Growing over Fate of MBS as People Start Asking His Whereabout

Yemen’s Houthis claim ‘Saudi base’ strike as Riyadh says it intercepted missile fired at ‘civilians’

Saudi Arabia intercepts missile from Yemen after Houthis target ‘military airport’ 

Israel, US Try to Block International Force for Gaza Strip 

Video: Israel, 200 Nuclear Weapons
 Targeted against Iran

Iran-Israel confrontation in Syria won’t morph into massive war, vows expert

Spokesman: Iran to Maintain Presence in Syria

12 signs of imminent war between the West and Russia

The Ruinously Expensive American Military

Yuan oil contracts to strengthen China's currency
 status to compete with US dollar – analyst 

U.S./Israel/Saudi Arabia Self Destruct
While Russia Quietly Takes Over Global Leadership
U.S. Leadership Controlled By Israel & False Prophecies Leading To It's Ultimate Doom
Evangelical Leaders are Wrong 
 Today's Israel Is NOT the Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy

EU Blocks US Sanctions Against Iran 

Blowback Begins
 EU To Ditch Dollar In Payments For Iranian Oil

Merkel heads to Sochi
 Russia-Germany détente on the horizon?

Everyone in EU agrees it is essential to stick to the Iran deal

Unpredictable US Policies 
Threaten Austrian, EU Economic Interests - Kurz 

Russia sanctions ‘useless’
 & only harm European economy – Italian Lega Nord politician 

Energy Commissioner
 EU to Stand in Support of Iran against US

US to Support Kurds in Manbij against Turkey

US-Backed SDF Forces Looting Historical Artifacts in Manbij

US Says Ready to Defend as Russia Deploys in Mediterranean

Iranian Media Speculates About Possible Death of Saudi Crown Prince 

Saudi King Absent in OIC Meeting on Palestine
 Amman Publicizes Differences with Riyadh

US approves $45mn sale of 3,200 bombs & bunker busters to Bahrain 

S. Arabia Starts New Wave of Arrests over Ties with Israel

Trump Is Giving Saudi Arabia an Easy Path to Nukes 

OIC Underlines Strong Opposition to US Decision on Jerusalem
 Reaffirms Full Solidarity with Palestine

Divide & conquer
 America’s blueprint for ‘world peace’ simply a roadmap to disaster 

US, Israel can aid coup in Iran & if it fails
 let Iranians fight each other – ex-Mossad official 

Israel must quickly leave UN rights council

Israelis are doing to Palestinians what Nazis did to Jews during WWII – Erdogan 

Cheers as Syrian flag raised in Homs

West Continues to Underestimate Support for Assad in Syria – UK Shadow FM 

Kremlin wants foreign invaders out of Syria

Russian heavy Golan-1000 rocket launchers for Assad
 Kalibr cruise missiles off shore 

New ICBM in 2020, hypersonic glider in 2019
 Putin outlines nuclear deployment plans 


Over 1,000 Israeli settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque

Top Israeli MP: Army Has Enough Bullets for Everyone in Gaza

Gaza Hospital Overwhelmed with Casualties Hit by Israeli Snipers

White House: Israel Not to Blame for Gaza Killings

‘Gruesome propaganda attempt’: White House blames Hamas for Gaza deaths

Israeli ‘toxic influence’ responsible for extreme US policy – Max Blumenthal 

Impunity ensured: US blocks UN call to probe Israeli crackdown on Palestinians 

A short flight to Armageddon: Trump & Netanyahu bringing us closer to end of times 

‘No link between US embassy move & deaths of Palestinians’ – Nikki Haley at UNSC 

Turkey tells Israeli ambassador to leave the country over Palestinian protest deaths

US imposes new sanctions on Iranian bank - Treasury Department

President Rouhani: Iran to Continue Support for Lebanon against Terrorists, Israel

Iranian Gov't Strongly Condemns Israeli Crimes against Palestinians, Blasts US for Collaboration

Russian Airbase in Syria: US Supporting ISIL through SDF

Turkey-Backed Militants Continue Blackmailing Civilians, Looting People's Assets in Northern Syria

Exclusive: Israeli Assassins in Turkey Now, Erdogan Targeted 

Popular Uprising against Kurds Reported again in Northeastern Syria

Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Fuels Syria Crisis 

Pro-Saudi Forces Announce Start of Offensive Against Last Yemeni Rebel Port 

Is Putin’s Strategy Finally Beginning To Work?

Google probed in Australia for allegedly tracking phone users at their expense 


Beginning Of The End For Israel
U.S. Embassy Is The Abomination Of Desolation Standing In The Holy Place
This Move Will Help Ignite A War Against Israel/Jerusalem Just As Jesus Foretold - Matthew 24: 15-21/Luke 21:20-24
US Jerusalem Embassy Opening May 14

US Embassy in Jerusalem to open as Israeli forces crack down on protesters in Gaza

‘Terrible massacre’
 Israel kills 43, injures 1,900 Gaza protesters as US embassy opens in Jerusalem 

US chose to be part of problem
 not solution, with embassy move to Jerusalem – Erdogan 

‘All people can live in peace,’ 
says Jared Kushner as Israel kills dozens of Palestinians

US opens embassy in Jerusalem on ‘great day’ as Palestinian protesters are killed & injured

Trump sows death in Gaza Strip as US embassy moves to Jerusalem
 Al-Qaeda calls for Jihad against USA

Israeli forces kill at least 52 Palestinians 
protesting in Gaza as US moves embassy to Jerusalem.

Massacring Palestinians with Impunity

Scores dead in Gaza fence protest as U.S. moves embassy to Jerusalem

Israel Repurposes Nakba Myths To Justify Today's Massacre in Gaza 

Israel Baits the Hook. Will Syria Bite?

Israeli Air Force Strikes Gaza Strip, More Than 20 Missiles Fired 

Israel to Close Border Crossing With Gaza Strip - Reports 

US Fears its al-Tanf Base in Syria May be Captured by Iranian Forces – Reports 

US-Led Coalition Strikes 2 Syrian Villages, up to 17 Civilians Killed - Reports

Syrian Air Defense System Destroyed by Israel Was Allegedly Unarmed (PHOTO) 

Trump's Pyrrhic Victory
 The US Opts For A Path That Can Only Lead To War

Trump's Neocon Folly
 Goodbye Nuke Deal, Hello Global Debt Crisis

Has Donald J. Trump Just Set off the Global Sovereign Debt Crisis?

Key Iraqi Cleric Sadr Takes Substantial Lead in Weekend Vote 

US Threatens EU Companies With Sanctions for Doing Business With Iran 

Hawaii volcano spurs new evacuations on Big Island after new lava fissures reported

Hawaii Authorities Warn of Possible Powerful Volcanic Explosion 

Correction: West Coast Volcanoes-Q&A story


US plans to withdraw 
from Iran nuke deal, reinstate sanctions – report

Rouhani says Iran ready, warns US of historic remorse

Iran Is Key Partner in China / Russia Integration 
 They Will Support Her in Nuclear Crisis Against Israel

God's Chosen People?
How Do They Get Away With This?
Openly & Outrageously Threaten To Murder The Leader Of Another Nation

Israel Threatens to Topple Assad If Iran Retaliates Over Recent Israeli Strikes 

Israel Vows to Eliminate Assad if He Keeps Letting Iran Operate From Syria 

Word Is - Iran Is Just Waiting For Trump Decision
 On Nuke Deal Before Retaliating On Israel

Israel on Edge Over Possible Missile Attack
 by Iran After April Strike - Reports

Hezbollah, Allies Win Majority in Lebanon’s Election

Israeli Minister Says ‘Lebanon Equals Hezbollah’ After Vote 

Regional War Cometh
Dogs of war meeting in Israel

Saudi Warplanes Level 
Yemen Presidential Palace, Killing Civilians 

Yemeni ballistic missile destroys Saudi positions in Asir

Yemeni Rebels Begin Attacking Saudi Oil Infrastructure
 You Know What That Means 

A Christian Pastor's Advice to John McCain as He Faces the Gates of Hell

The Myth of Low US Unemployment 


Israel Is Clearly The Aggressor Against Iran
By Comparison Iran Has Done Nothing To Provoke Israeli Attacks In Syria
It's Just A Matter Of Time Before Iran Hits Back Against Israeli Aggression
US Officials: Israel Preparing For War
 With Iran, Seeking US Support

U.S. Officials: Israeli F-15s Struck Syrian Base 
Storing Iranian Anti-aircraft Missiles

Era of ‘hit-and-run’ strikes over
: Any attack on Iran’s bases will get ‘heavy response’ – Khamenei 

By striking Iran in Tehran as well as Syria
 Israel opened another war arena outside Syria 

Iran Envoy: If US Pulls Out, There Is No Nuclear Deal Left 

Public Support for Iran Deal Returns to Record High Ahead of May 12 Deadline

Israel’s information about Iran's nuclear program apparently outdated Lavrov assumes

 Syrian Kurds ‘sold out’ by initial backers who fueled their separatism, notes Lavrov

US, France Attempting to Recruit Tribal Forces in Eastern Syria against Army

Civilians Uprising Suppressed by US-Backed Kurds in Raqqa

Russia Deploys New Advanced Fighter Jets in Syria

Army Finds Israeli-Made Arms in Anti-ISIL Operations in Southern Damascus

Source: US-Made Missiles Fired by Israeli Fighter Jets at Syria

Hasaka: Turkish Army Sends Military Convoy to Syrian Borders

Israeli PM Given Power to Declare War With Only Defense Minister's Approval 

Trump's Foreign Policy: Making Russia Rich Again

US Shows Undisguised Economic Aggression Toward Russia - Moscow on Sanctions 

US Treasury De-Escalates Russia Aluminium Sanctions After They Cause Huge Blowback in the West

China Warns Trump "We Will Outlast You" As US "Significantly Escalates" Trade War

De-Dollarization an Idea Whose Time Has Come 

Skyrocketing US debt
 can’t be supported by dollar printing forever, crisis may be coming – analyst

Ford Targeting Massive $25.5 Billion Cuts, Confirming End Of Major Automotive Cycle

Almost 2/3 Of Americans Have Given Up On Political Parties, Citing Corruption In Government 

And Now Millennials Are Fleeing The Democratic Party

America’s Worst Enemy Is Its Trillion-Dollar Military

"We're Full Of Crises Right Now" - Egyptian Billionaire Piles Billions Into Gold 

Scientists: Earth's Magnetic Field Is Acting "Weird", We Could Experience A "Shudder" 


Syrian People Rising Up Against U.S. Oppressors
Syrian's Freed From US Back Occupation
 Flock to Join Army

Popular Uprising
 against Turkish Occupiers Reported in Northern Syria

Syrian Army Regains Control over New Regions in Southern Damascus

U.S. Continues War Against Syrian People
Murdering And Butchering Syrian Civilians Like Animals 
More American, French Military Convoys Arrive in Northern Syria

More Blood Sacrifices Required For Demon Of War
More Civilians Killed
 Wounded in Fresh US Air Raid in Northeastern Syria

ISIS Not - It's All About Destroying The Syrian People
US plan of last push against ISIS raises specter of Syria partition

Military Expert Underlines 
US, Israel Collaboration in Missile Strikes on Syria

In All Out War Iran Is Going To Kick Some Israeli Bottom
If Israel Starts War With Iran It Won't End Until Jerusalem & Tel Aviv Are Destroyed
US Officials Warn Israel Preparing for War With Iran 

The Tragedy of Bibi Netanyahu

Israel's only state in Middle East that actually has nukes’
 Analysts denounce Bibi’s Iran WMD claim 

Netanyahu "Nuts," Only IAEA can assess any claim on Iranian nuclear program: Mogherini

MoA - Netanyahoo's "Iran Files" are Well Known, Old and Purloined from Vienna

UN Nuclear Agency: No Credible Indications of Iran Nuclear Activity After 2009 

Hannity Shilled for Israel Yesterday - Guest Pat Buchanan Nailed Him

Koreas, Keep in Mind
 Collapse of the American Empire Is Inevitable

Drain the swamp?
 Trump made it worse – poll

NATO Would Probably Lose a War Against Russia

 US-made Javelin missile systems won’t give advantage to Kiev troops, Donetsk says

Russia’s Military Spending Declines; US Now a Third of Global Spending 

 Russia cuts military spending for first time over past 19 years - report

Russia's S-400, Pantsir-S Air Defense Systems to Get Major AI Boost 


Israel/Netanyahu Completely Control Washington
President Trump Is A Figurehead & Israeli Puppet
Middle East Regional War Now Nearly Unavoidable
Full-Scale US War in Syria Coming?

U.S. Military Under Israeli Control
U.S. Being Drawn Into An Eventual Long Term Vietnam Style Guerrilla War It Cannot Win
Iran/Russia/Syria Will Continue War Until Hell Freezes Over

US Warplanes Struck Syrian Army Positions in Deir Ezzur Province

Delusional Lawless Warmongers Rule A Fake Israel
Modern Israel Has No Connection To Biblical Israel
It's A Facade Perpetrated By Globalist/Real Estate Bankers
It's Also The Seat Of The False Prophet/Prophecies  = Christian Zionism

Israel will continue to operate freely in Syria: Lieberman

Israeli Analysis: What Should We Do About Russia's S-300 Anti-Aircraft System?

Iran Denies Israeli Strikes on Syria Hit One of Their Bases

Main Reason For Demonization Of Iran
Iran Is Challenging Israel/U.S./Saudi Arabia For Economic/Military Domination Of The Middle East
Iran's Rejection Of The Petrodollar Also Marks It For Destruction
Iran Hasn't Made Any Hostile Move Against Any Nation
Nuclear deal
 Netanyahu accuses Iran of cheating on agreement

An Israeli Mouthpiece In The Guise Of A U.S. President
Should be Removed From Power As A Foreign Agent
Trump answers Netanyahu bombshell on Iran
 ‘Not an acceptable situation’

‘Infamous liar’
 Iran blasts Netanyahu for claims Tehran had nuclear weapons program

Official: Israeli PM Playing Old, Childish Game

Iran: Netanyahu's Anti-Iran Rhetoric "Ridiculous Propaganda"

MoA - Netanyahoo To Again Cry Wolf
 But Something Bigger Is Up (Updated)

Total Nut Case With Finger On Nuke Button
Knesset gives power to PM to declare war with single vote backing

Total War With Iran = Israel's Downfall
Israel Unable To Defend Against Destruction Of Tel Aviv/Jerusalem
Iran is A Larger Nation With Long Term Resolve & Military Resources To Destroy Israel
Israel Reportedly Won't Rule Out Attack on Iranian Soil if Hit by Iran's Proxies

Real Reason = Iraq Wants U.S. To Leave
End of ‘major combat’: US closes anti-ISIS HQ in Iraq

More Nut Jobs With Finger On WWIII Button
Mike Pompeo, Jordan's King Agree on Urgent Need to Confront Iran in Syria

War Soon To Expand In Ukraine
Russia Will Arm Kiev Resistance With Counter Weapons
If Russia Is Threatened There Will Be Direct Conflict
US State Department Confirms Delivering Javelin Missile Systems to Ukraine

American Collapse
- Great Podcast About How and When - with James Howard Kunstler

China's Oil Futures Are Gaining Momentum

UBS: "The Petroyuan Will Undermine America's Dominant Role
 And Create A Sea Change In Global Markets"

Move Over Chernobyl
 Fukushima is Now Officially the Worst Nuclear Disaster in History

Abandoned Fukushima: Images show town amid row over tainted soil


Military targets in Hama & Aleppo
 Syria hit by missiles – state TV 

Missiles launched at Syrian army’s positions near Hama, Aleppo — TV

Source: No Iranian Military Advisors Killed in Sunday Night Attacks in Syria

US Planes Stay on the Ground 
as Syria and US Backed Kurds Fight

On Pompeo’s first Mid East trip
 Saudis strike Houthi leaders, missiles hit Iranian targets in Syria 

Russia Wants Ankara to Deliver Control of Afrin to Syrian Gov't

Israeli Air Strikes Target Hamas Navy in Gaza Port

French envoy to Israel warns of possible war with Iran if Trump kills nuclear deal

US No Longer Has Resources to Start Full-Scale War Against Iran - Prof -

Russia-Iran Ties Surge Under US Pressure

Iran drops the dollar
 Others tried and were bombed
 It's all about the banking says Lee Camp

Iran: US-Saudi Collaboration Yields War, Arms Race, Extremism in Region

 Why Most of Those Tomahawks Never Hit Their Targets in Syria

Russia’s S-400 Air-Defense System Proves to Be Red Rag for the US Bull

Pompeo lands in Saudi Arabia, immediately calls for new sanctions against Iran 

UK, France & Germany unite to defend Iran deal amid US threats to fix or leave

Riyadh: Palestinians Should Come to Negotiating Table or Shut Up

Donald Trump is a Hoax
 and Only a Bit Gay and Jewish as Well 

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