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American Republic
Went Down Without A Whimper
The Rutherford Institute
 The Republic Has Fallen
The Deep State’s Plot to Take Over America Has Succeeded [SHORT]

Mainstream News Is Simply A Propaganda Outlet For Government
American People No Longer Have Supporting Investigative News On Their Side
Fox News’ ratings slide as Americans’ mistrust of mainstream media grows 

Everything Is Pro-Government With Little Or No Voice For The People
American People No Longer Believe The Government's Mainstream Spiel
The Final Nail in the Mainstream TV News Coffin: Fox News Ratings Plummet to 17 Year Low

It's All B.S. Designed To Distract Attention Away From True Reality
Harvard Study: Two Thirds Of Americans Believe Mainstream Media Is ‘Fake News’

When Nation Becomes Empire
Pro-Imperial Budget Sucks Life Out Of America
Everything Goes To Building & Policing Global Empire
‘Trump’s $4 trillion pro-business budget will ruin his reelection chances’

Everything Rigged - Get Out Now
Legendary Investor Asher Edelman Says "I Have No Doubt" PPT Behind Market Rally

What's Up Russia?
Turkey Out To Destroy Syria

How Does Russia Justify Continuing Relations With NATO Turkey Under These Circumstances?
Something Is Rotten In Turkey & Everyone But Russia Seems To Smell It
 Russian diplomat warns about possible escalation of violence in Syria

Trump Turns War On Terrorism On It's Head
U.S. Middle East Policy Is Purely From Israeli Perspective
Saudi Arabian Wahhabi Terrorists Are Friends & Allies
Because They Aid In The Destruction Of Neighboring Nations Resisting Israeli Expansion In The Region
Pro-Israeli Trump Now Pushes For The Same Destruction Of Syria & Iran As Top Priority
Trump’s Love Affair with Saudi Arabia, The Fountainhead of Terrorism

Trump's Israeli Biased Middle East Foreign Policy
Not In The Best Interest Of America
It Sponsors Terrorism By Aiding Saudi Arabia - The True Source Of Terrorism
Penalizes Iran & Syria - The Only Nations Currently Defeating ISIS

Americans Criticize US Administration
 over Friendship with Saudi Arabia, Animosity toward Iran

Top Security Official:
 Iran, Russia Inflict Heavy Damage on Terrorists in Syria

Western-backed Saudi onslaught against Bahrain opposition continues 

‘Arab NATO’ reserve force to fight terrorism is ‘myth & propaganda’ 

Iran says it built 3rd underground ballistic missile factory, vows to increase capabilities 

 Iran builds third underground missile plant

Lost B.S.
All Of These Weapons Went To ISIS
US Army lost track of $1 billion worth of arms & equipment in Iraq, Kuwait 

Too Many Incidents To Be Accidental
U.S. Intentionally Killing Civilians To Soften Up Population
Destroying Civilian Resistance To Terrorist Domination
US-Led Coalition Airstrikes Kill 18 Civilians in Western Raqqa Again

Afghanistan No Different Than Iraq & Syria
U.S. Caught More Than Once Helping ISIS & Fighting Them At The Same Time
Moscow Accuses US of Supporting ISIS in Afghanistan

Several US Soldiers Killed in Clashes with Yemeni Tribal Fighters

China warns ‘unpermitted’ US patrol to leave disputed waters in S. China Sea

NATO, an American-made mechanism for geopolitical control of Europe

Crippled Fukushima Nuclear Facility
: Record High Fatal Radiation Levels, Hole in Reactor Detected 


President Trump's Upside Down View Of Terrorism
Is From Israeli Perspective & Not In American Interest
Saudi Arabia Is The True Source Of Global Terrorism 
Only Israel Considers Iran A Threat From A Geographic Perspective
Iran Is No Threat What-so-ever To The United States
Trump's Is Putting The Nation Of Israel In The Middle Of U.S. Middle East Policy
Trump's Islam Speech in Saudi Arabia Paves Way for War With Iran

Trump's Backward View Is A Disaster For U.S. Middle East Foreign Policy
Turns War On Terrorism On It's Head In A No Win Scenario
U.S. Is Supporting Source Of Terrorism & Fighting It At The Same Time
Trump's Mideast Tour Paves the Way for War With Iran, Ex-CIA Official Warns

Iran's Shiite Militia In Syria Are Assisting Russia & Syria
Fighting Saudi Sponsored Terrorist Threatening Syrian Civilization With Extinction
They Are Not Terrorist Militias As Trump Wrongly Characterizes The Situation
Only Israel & Saudi Arabia View Iranian Militia In Syria As A Threat

Trump Complies Perfectly With the Saudi Line 

Targeting Iran or England, terror has one origin’

Blood Money To Murder More Civilians
Petrodollars making Mideast West arms depot

Trump’s Art of the Deal in the Middle East: Selling wars and terrorism

A Ray Of Light In The Darkness
Sen. Rand Paul to Force Vote on Massive Saudi Arms Deal 

U.S. Creating Perpetual War By Arming Terrorist Regime
China: US-Saudi Arms Deal Endangers Regional Security

Intentional Killing Of Civilians
 Technique Used To Induce A Chaotic Environment More Conducive To Terrorist Insurgency
US Killed Record Number of Civilians in Past Month of ISIS Strikes

Russia’s defense minister slams reports on chemical weapons in Syria as unreliable

Several US Troops Wounded in Yemen Ground Raid 

Like a Rat: Daesh Leader al-Baghdadi Flees Mosul as Terrorists are Liquidated

Turkey Double Dealing Again
Turkey to Form 10,000-Fighter Army to Battle Kurdish Forces in Northern Syria

Russia Had Better Anchor This Loose Cannon
Syrian Kurds Await Reaction of Damascus, Moscow to Ankara's New FSA Army Training

The Dragon Ready To Pounce Because Syria Is Winning War
US-Led Coalition Deploys More Forces in Al-Tanf Border-Crossing in Southern Syria

Possible End Of Beast Empire By End Of Year
Take Away It's Charge Card & The Empire Will By Itself Crumble
Is This When The Money To Wage Endless War Finally Runs Out?
David Stockman Sounds The Alarm
 - Fiscal Bloodbath, Market Crash To Occur "Between August And November"

Breaking News
Russian Forces Deploy near Syria's Border with Jordan

The sources said that a Russian Mountain Operation Brigade battalion has arrived in the Southern provinces of Dara'a and Sweida. The sources further added that the Russian battalion is duty bound to fortify the Syrian Army positons in the region and seal the country's border overlooking Jordan where the Syrian forces have recently gained the upper hand. A military source confirmed on Sunday that a group of Russian paratroopers and special forces arrived in the Southern province of Sweida, after the US-led coalition fighter jets targeted heavily a military convoy of the Syrian pro-government forces near the town of al-Tanf at the border with Iraq. The source told AMN that the Russian military personnel arrived in the region to advise the Syrian government troops in Southern Syria, while also helping to deter any potential response from the US and Jordanian forces that carved a niche in Sweida and Homs provinces. According to some media activists, the Russian forces were planning to build a base along the Sweida province’s border with Jordan. Other media reports suggested that they were allegedly meant to engage the enemy forces and help the government troops capture the Iraqi border-crossing.

God Bless Russia & Protect Syria

Syria Securing It's Borders While U.S. Ready To Strike From Jordan
Sweida: Syrian Soldiers Continue to Advance
 against Terrorists towards Al-Tanf Border-Crossing

Bombing Civilians Keeps Syrian Society In Chaos
 Helps To Keep U.S. Sponsored Terrorists In Charge
Tens of Civilians Killed
 Wounded in US-Led Coalition Air Attack in Northeastern Syria

Time For U.S./Israel To Face Reality
Iran Is A Regional Power And Cannot Be Put Back Into A Box
Denial Of This Fact Can Only Lead To Future war

US stirring up ‘Iranophobia’
 to boost arms sales to Arab nations – Tehran 

General Staff of Iranian Armed Forces Blasts Regional Arab Rulers for Pursuing Israel's Plots

EC Secretary Warns of S. Arabia's Dream to Become 2nd Saddam

Saudi Arabia Is Not The Center Of Arab World
Battle Lines Will Be Drawn (Sunni Versus Shiite) - (Iran Versus Saudi Arabia) = War
‘Arab NATO’ reserve force to fight terrorism is ‘myth & propaganda’

What Illogical Wacko Nut Job Idea Have They Come Up With Now?
Trump Approves New Pentagon Strategy to “Annihilate” ISIS

President Trump's View On The Middle East 
Is From A Israeli Perspective & Not In The Interest Of The United States
In The Israeli View Everything Is Reversed & Saudi Arabia Is An Ally While Iran Is The Enemy
From An American Perspective Iran Should Be The Ally & Saudi Arabia The Enemy 
Bitter irony: Trump talks about fighting extremism from birthplace of Wahhabism

Trump Has It Backwards
A Complete Disaster For U.S. Middle East Policy
How Can You Be Outraged by Assad, and a Happy Guest in Saudi Arabia?

U.S./Israeli Efforts To Divide
Lavrov warns Syria’s plight will drag on if efforts to divide it continue

Russia's top diplomat says Syria settlement requires Iran’s participation

Iran, Turkey Underline Strengthening Astana Talks to Resolve Crisis in Syria

Everything Is Charged To The U.S. Credit Card
Tax Payers Pay Interest On National Debt
Trump budget to cut Medicaid, food stamps
put taxpayer first, officials say 

Mercenary Armies, Bombs & Missiles Charged To U.S. Credit Card
While Money For U.S. Infrastructure & Social Nets Are Diverted To Global Beast Empire 
Trump's Budget Will Slash $1.7 Trillion In Entitlements, Cut Food Stamps By 25%


Ansarullah Leader: Trump's Visit to Riyadh Aimed at Disintegration of Arab States

Donald of Arabia: A Disgusting Spectacle

US to Supply Saudi Arabia With THAAD, Patriot Missile Systems

Trump Signs "Single Largest Arms Deal In US History" With Saudi Arabia Worth $350 Billion

Saudi-Led Arab NATO
Will Destabilize Mideast, Unleash Massive War in Region

‘What’s the protocol?’ Trump arrives in Israel to be met by ‘friend’ Netanyahu 

Iranian Speaker's Advisor: Trump's Visit to S. Arabia Aimed at Gifting Security to Israel

Aleppo: People in Al-Bab Rally against Turkish Army, Allies

Turkey to Set Up New Militant Army in Northern Syria

More Turkey-Backed Militants Killed in Clashes with Kurdish Fighters in Northern Syria

Russia Is Counting on Hezbollah
 to Help Spearhead Eastern Syria Offensive

World Leaders Gather in Beijing While the US Sinks into Irrelevancy

Another Hanford emergency: Signs of another leaking tank 


Regional & World War Cometh Soon
Neanderthals Turn World Upside Down In Return To The Sixties 
President Trump Is The Worst U.S. Disaster Ever To Hit The Middle East 
 President Trump's alignment with Wahhabist/Sunni-Saudi Arabia - articles below, in relation to the ongoing wars involving a primarily Shiite/Iranian alliance, including Lebanon's Hezbollah, and backed by Russia - articles also below, who are jointly fighting mercenary terrorist armies in both Syria and Iraq, proven to be funded and trained by the U.S./Saudi alliance, now also training more terrorists in Jordan, in an effort to bring down the Syrian Government, is not only igniting a regional conflict between Sunni-Saudi Arabia and Shiite-Iran, but is also morphing into a proxy war re-visit of the U.S. versus the Soviet Union, as it was back in the 1960's. It's a return to the stone age, as the myopic Neanderthal Trump Administration ignores and rewrites all recent history, and evidence to the contrary, that has since been learned by generations of informed people around the world, and in particular the Middle East, since WWII, about the true cause of war and terrorism, as it relates to the U.S. and it's allies, and regime changes throughout the world, past and present, and the cold war with Russia, and the ramifications thereof. 

These Neanderthals have put the U.S. right back into the cold war days of the 1960's. It's as if the previous mistakes and lessons of the past never existed. We are now told to believe without any evidence or proof, that Iran is the source of terrorism, contrary to all we have since learned about Saudi Arabia as the true culprit, and that Russia is the world's biggest threat, also contrary to any evidence of Russian military advances anywhere on the planet. These lies are being dictated by a bunch of slick, extremely wealthy, welled dressed, stuffed shirt, fat cat bankers, and real estate billionaires, aligned with land developers in Israel, who have designs on greater condo developments and expansion across the Middle East, along with Henry Kissinger zombies, and ancient iguana military mad dogs, and Neocon warmongers, who never seem to die or go away, but keep surfacing and re-appearing like Dracula in a never ending horror movie. 

What recent terrorist activities have been proven against Iran? None! What actions has Russia taken that would justify U.S./NATO military buildup on Russia's border? None! Forget the Nazi invasion of Europe and Russia, and WWII. Forget the Cuban missile crisis, or the cold war, and the many lessons and treaties leading to détente' and the nuclear missile treaties, and the balance of power doctrine of mutually assured destruction. Forget the Korean War and Viet Nam wars, both of which could have been avoided by the U.S., and which resulted in deaths of millions of people to no good end whatsoever. Forget the previous U.S./C.I.A. instigated regime changes and puppet governments that plagued the people of Iran. Forget the U.S. military invasion and occupation of Iraq, or the U.S./NATO destruction Libya. Forget the now proven and admitted financing of mercenary armies against the Syrian Nation, and the subsequent and resultant murder of millions of people in both Iraq and Syria, caused by U.S. regime change, and the financing of mercenary terrorist armies by close U.S. allies such a Saudi Arabia, which also caused the refugee crisis now plaguing Europe. None of it ever happened. Why? Because President Trump and the Washington monkey people say so. That's why. 

We are in very serious danger at the hands of people who re-think the world as they want it, and ignore all the resultant dangers thereof. The U.S. has declared unofficial war on Russia, and the Syrian conflict is really all about U.S. reluctance to accept a growing Russian influence in the Middle East, hence the increased support of U.S. allies in the region no matter how demonic, or despotic, or hated by the rest of the Middle East inhabitants. This is the reason for President Trump's hatred of Iran, which is not based upon any evidence or proof of terrorism, but is actually based upon Israel's hatred of Iran, because of it's competition for regional resources, and economic development, which Israel wants' for itself, but also because of Iran's alliance with Russia, which is also hated because it's the last nation on the earth preventing the United States from ruling the world. Greed is U.S. doctrine. It wants all the world or nothing at all.

Breaking News
Russian paratroops move to Syrian border triangle
Military tensions on Syria’s borders with Iraq, Jordan and Syria jumped another notch Monday, May 21, on Day 2 of Donald Trump’s foreign trip, with the arrival of the first Russian ground troops in southern Syria for taking up position opposite US and coalition elite units.

Is Russia Finally Learning Not To Trust U.S. Backstabbers?
Increasing Military Resistance To Illegal U.S. Incursions Into Syria
Russian Special Forces Arrive in Southern Syria
 after Recent US Air Raid on Army Convoy

Evil Plot Revealed
U.S. Neocon Gangsters Diverted Illegal Profits
To Hire Mercenary Armies That Have Devastated Syria & Iraq
Pentagon overbills US military for fuel to pour surplus into ‘slush fund’ – report 

U.S. Rhetoric Reveals Unofficial War Against Iran & Russia
Deputy Top Commander Blasts US Secretary of State's Anti-Iran Remarks

True Patriots Cannot Be Defeated When In Defense Of Their Own Nation
There Will Be Fierce Unrelenting Resistance To U.S. Military Incursions From Jordan
This Has Become A War For Syrian Survival And Woe To Any Enemy Who Dares To Invade
Syrian Army Retakes Control of Strategic Region near Border with Jordan

Syrian Army Calls US Bluff: Advance Towards Iraq Border Continues

Syria & allies push back at US-held border post

U.S. Now Making Many Enemies Across The Middle East
These Unfortunate Murders Will Now Be Avenged Against The U.S./Allies

Hizballah’s elite force sustains heavy casualties from US air strike

Iraq & Syria Alliance Against The U.S.
When President Trump Sided With Saudi Arabia
He Made Enemies With Syria & Iraq Who Know Saudi Arabia Is The Source Of ISIS Funding Against Them
Lebanese, Iraqi Popular Forces to Assist Syrian Army
 to Restore Security to Damascus-Baghdad Road

U.S. Becoming The Enemy
Iraqi Forces Now Zeroing In On U.S. Targets
Iraqi Units Open Fire at US Jets Operating over Syrian Desert

Erratic B.S. - It Was Intentional
‘US is erratic on Syria’ 

President Trump Makes More Enemies
Saudi Arabia Not Well Liked By Other Middle East Nations Now Plagued By Terrorism
Everybody But President Trump Knows That Saudi Arabia Is The True Source Of Terrorism
Trump strikes arms deal with Saudis worth $350bn, $110bn to take effect immediately 

Israel Pits Saudi Arabia Against Iran
For It's Own Regional Gain After Their Mutual Destruction
SPECIAL: Jared Kushner Working for Israel
 to Enable Saudi Arabian Nuclear Attack Against Iran 

U.S. Sides With Sunnis Against Shiites
 And Divides The Middle East Into Two Warring Factions
Many People Have Warned About Not Taking Sides In This Ancient Squabble Between Sunni & Shiite
But U.S. Neanderthals Must Be Re-educated Every time They Go To The Restroom

In Saudi Arabia, Tillerson argues Iran is Trump's top Gulf region concern

Deputy Top Commander Blasts US Secretary of State's Anti-Iran Remarks

Iran imposes new sanctions on US-linked companies 

Not Only Destruction Of The Middle East
But Now Saudi Arabian Radical Wahhabist Ideology Invades Europe
Saudi Wahhabi Missionaries and Arab Donors Active in Kosovo Germany Admits

Fat Cat Bankers Care Not For Whom They Kill
But Only For The Money They Make
Yemen Will Now Be Further Devastated By Saudi Butchers
America’s cash cow: ‘Trump does not value the Saudis, only their money’

Arab Analyst: Saudi Capitals at US Service

They Were Defiant To The End
US and Japan confirm N. Korea conducted missile launch 

Who Cares About Donald Trump?
Grieve Instead For The American People
Betrayed By Neanderthal Politicians & Would-be Emperors Out To Conquer The World
Paul Craig Roberts Laments "The Assault On Trump" 

Every Killer Drone and Missile Or Bomb Fired Or Dropped Is Charged To The U.S. Credit Card
While The National Infrastructure Disintegrates & Civilization Descends Into Crime & Chaos
Americans Are Fleeing Major Cities: 
“Only A Matter Of Time Before Widespread Rioting, Looting And Civil Unrest Becomes Commonplace”

A Quarter Of American Adults 
Can't Pay All Their Monthly Bills; 44% Have Less Than $400 In Cash

High-altitude nuclear weapons testing impacted space weather during Cold War video


It's Time To Call It Like It Is
U.S. Still Backing Terrorists To Bring Down Syrian Government
Russian Desire For Partnership With U.S. In Fighting Terrorism Is Just Plain Foolishness
Fighting ISIS Is A Cover For Acts Of Aggression Against Russian/Syrian/Iranian Alliance
US Airstrike on Syrian Army 
Proves Washington's Fake Claims about War on Terrorism

U.S. Using Jordan As Staging Ground For Terrorist Mercenary Army
Recruitment & Training Of Terrorists Against Syria Continues Unabated
Senior Syrian Official 
Terms US Air Attack on Army Convoy as State Terrorism

U.S. Fighting Iranians In Syria For Israel/Saudi Arabia
Israel Can't Take Iranian Competition For Regional Economic & Military Development
U.S./Israel Using Saudi Arabian Radical Sunni-Wahhabism & Terrorism Against Iranian Shiite Alliance
US Warplanes Conduct Air Raid on Syrian Army Convoy Near Border with Jordan

Syria Says US Airstrike Killed Several Soldiers Near Jordan Border 

U.S. Has Taken Sides In Ancient Sunni Versus Shiite Conflict
President Trump's Closer Ties With Saudi Arabia 
Means The U.S. Can No Longer Be Trusted As Neutral In The Middle East
The U.S. Sunni Alliance Will Take Any Opportunity To Back Stab Russian/Syrian/Iranian Shiite Alliance

‘Sucking up to Saudis is long US tradition, every president does it’ 

Is the US-Russian Race for Eastern Syria
 Headed for a Military Confrontation?

Syrian Army Reinforcements
 Pour into Desert despite US Airstrikes

 Washington’s calls on US allies to stop contacts with Assad encourage terrorists — Lavrov

 UN calls for avoiding escalation of Syrian conflict following US airstrike

U.S. Atrocities Against Innocent Civilians Continue Across The Middle East
No Trial - No Evidence - Just Murdered
U.S. Drone Strike in Yemen Killed Men
 Who Had Nothing to Do With Al Qaeda, According to Relatives

Washington/NATO Instigating Nuclear War With Russia
 Preparing Survival Bunkers For The Elite
While The American People Will Be Left To Die In Horrific Radioactive Wasteland 
Inside The US Government's Plan
 To Survive Nuclear War (While The Rest Of Us Die)


U.S. Should Get Out Of Syria
Russia Should Stop Encouraging U.S. Participation In Joint Anti-terrorism Action
U.S./Allies Have Now Joined Terrorist Groups Against Russia, Iran & Syrian Government
When Will Syrian Skies Finally Be Closed To All Foreign Military Aircraft?

Syrian Army Ready to Foil US-Led Plan
 to Create Buffer Zone in Southern Part of Country

US Coalition Bombs Pro-Government Forces in Southern Syria

US Warplanes Attack Pro-Assad Forces in Southern Syria

Mission Creep B.S.
 Attack Was Deliberate Pro-terrorist Act Against Syrian Government
Mission creep: US & UK forces getting sucked into Syrian hot war

US-led airstrikes on Syrian forces hit tank & construction equipment, casualties likely 

Results Of Misguided Russian Encouragement
Of Continued U.S. Involvement In Syrian Anti-terrorist War In Syria
US-led coalition strike against Syrian forces
 ‘absolutely unacceptable’ – Russian Foreign Ministry 

US air strikes pound pro-Assad forces in Syria

US-led coalition confirms airstrike on pro-govt convoy in Syria citing threat to US partner forces

US: Syria Restoring Its Territory Will Not Be Accepted

Peace in Syria — The West's Greatest Fear

Will Trump Order Another Missile Strike Against Syria?

 Syria’s UN envoy slams claims about prison crematorium as Hollywood joke

Pentagon Broke Safe Passage Deal With ISIS – Its Allies Will Pay the Price

Report: ISIS Spends Most of Its Resources Fighting the Syrian Army

Ex-CIA Officer: Trump Lies about Assad's Chemical Attack against Idlib

Iraq, Syria Discuss Direct Military Cooperation Against ISIS 

Why is Saudi Arabia bombing its own people?

‘You might get shot any time’
 Saudi forces raid Shia town as Riyadh welcomes Trump 

Donald Trump Said Saudi Arabia Was Behind 9/11
 Now He’s Going There on His First Foreign Trip.

Salvation Gov't PM Warns of Saudi
 UAE Plots to Disintegrate Yemen

23 civilians killed in suspected Saudi-led coalition airstrike in Yemen – report 

Ahead of Trump Trip, Netanyahu Reportedly Begs President Not to Move US Embassy

This Guy Flip Flops So Much You Can't Believe A Word The Media Reports About Him
White House: Trump Rules Out Moving Israel Embassy

Many People Now Regret Voting For Latest Liar-n-chief
 Russian senator says preparations underway in US to impeach Trump

Replacement Won't Be Any Better
The Republic Is Gone To Nut Orchard Everyone

Impeachment odds: Record bets online that Trump won’t last until year-end 

Washington Viewed As A Nut Orchard
Nuts to Impeach Nut After Nut Fired Nut
 When Nut Refused to Drop Nuts Conspiracy After Nut Won Election Against Nut?

Finally - Justice Wins Over Injustice
Swedish prosecutor drops case against Julian Assange 

US: China Is Elbowing in on Russia's Unprofessional Interception Atrocities

Beijing and Moscow to Pour $15 Billion Into Developing the Far East

How Russia and China Would Wage War Against America: Kill the Satellites

China's Top Crude Exporter: Russia Reaps the Rewards of Bypassing the Dollar

Dr. Putin Diagnoses US Political Establishment With Incurable Stage 4 Stupidity

Dollar, stocks weighed down by real-life House of Cards

The Dow Plunges 372 Points As Trump Impeachment Talk Reaches A Fever Pitch On Capitol Hill

West Coast Seismic Alert
 2 Alaskan Volcanoes Erupt As Earthquake Swarms At Mount St. Helens Raise Concerns


It's Time For The U.S. To Completely Withdraw From Syria
Russian's Continued Support For Joint U.S./Russian Anti-terrorist Operations In Syria Is Not Workable  
The Syrian Army, Iranian Military, and Russian Military have reduced ISIS to a manageable threat, and continued U.S. involvement is now working counter to Syria's stabilization and ongoing peace efforts. Washington is wasting money and resources by continuing it's illegal and unwanted military involvement in the Syrian conflict. The American people should be outraged over the rising U.S. national debt as Washington continues to charge it's useless military efforts within Syria to the U.S. credit card. The U.S. is further agitating the situation by the indiscriminate killing of civilians which acts as a recruiting agent for terrorists, and further destabilizes efforts to reestablish civilization and rule of law. The Russian Government should stop encouraging U.S. involvement in joint anti-terrorist operations, and align itself with the United Nations, Iran and Syria, and call for the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces from within the borders of the Syrian Nation. The United States is not required for the final defeat of ISIS and should just get out of the way. The Syrian Army is now poised to reestablish complete control of it's borders and the total defeat of all insurgences within it's territory. The American People thought with the election of President Trump that the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria was forthcoming. However, it now appears that the President's subsequent alignment with Saudi Arabia and Israel, and the anti-Russian, anti-Iranian Neocon presence within Washington, has forced a change in his campaign promises, and Washington simply refuses to accept a Russian/Iranian presence within Syria, despite the total defeat of ISIS, and successful peace efforts inside Syria. U.S. sponsored regime change in Syria has completely failed and has no chance of regaining momentum under current Russian/Iranian military operations. Even the assassination of President Assad of Syria, as called for by members of the fanatical and barbarous Israeli Government - article below, will not reverse the Syrian victory over ISIS, or the reestablishment of Syrian sovereignty over the nation. U.S. military operations from Jordan are equally useless and will be met with equal resistance from Syrian forces, and can only contribute to continued instability and ignite a possible regional war. 
It's time for the United States to completely withdraw from Syria. 

Syrian Army rapidly advancing on UK/US Special Forces base – reports 

Hundreds of Syrian Special Forces Dispatched to Southwestern Damascus, Fresh Operation Expected

Time to assassinate Syrian President Assad & get to his allies in Iran – Israeli minister 

Israeli Minister: Time to Assassinate Assad 

Abomination Of Desolation Standing Where It Shouldn't 
Report: US Official Promises Israeli Embassy Move by End of Trump’s Term 

US Denies Launching Airstrikes on Syrian Town That Killed 42 Civilians 

Tens of Civilians Killed, Wounded in US-Led Coalition Air Attack in Northeastern Syria

Syria Condemns Strongly US-Led Coalition Air Raids against Civilians in Raqqa, Deir Ezzur

Syria Denies US Allegation They Are Cremating Prisoners 

Syria Dismisses US Allegations about Executing, Burning Prisoners as Lies

Syria: Egregious Lies and Crimes Are The Foundation of Western Foreign Policy

Spokesman: Iranian Gov't Stops Implementation of UNESCO 2030 Agenda at Leader's Order

Commander: Iran Puts into Operation New Air Defense Missile Systems

Ansarullah Ready for Biggest Operation to Defend Yemen's Territorial Waters

Russia Reacts To Trumpleaks: "We Want Nothing To Do With This Nonsense"

NATO is making up Russian threat to justify its own existence – former French intel chief 

State of Denial: The Economy No Longer Works As It Did in the Past

Liar-in-chief Has Lost Favor With Support
New Poll Shows More Voters Support Trump Impeachment Than Oppose It

The Push for Trump’s Impeachment 

If the U.S. Attacks, Russia Will Support North Korea


More Reinforcements Dispatched
to Damascus to Join Syrian Army Operation at Border with Iraq

Hezbollah Dispatches Hundreds of Fighters
 to Syria's Homs to Face US-Backed Militants

Russian senator rips US claims of ‘Syrian mass executions’ as ploy to torpedo peace talks

US Airstrike Kills at Least 30 Syrian Civilians Near Iraq Border

Tens of Civilians Killed in US-Led Coalition Airstrikes near Syrian Border with Iraq

ISIL Hunters Accuse US President of Supporting Terrorists in Syria

Turkey’s War on Kurds Increasingly Crosses Borders

Jewish life in Iran was ′always better than in Europe′

Deadly rhetoric
 Saudi Arabia opens war of words with Iran 

Trump and Netanyahu Butt Heads for First Time Over Embassy Move

Putin aligns with Xi in crafting the new world (trade) order 

‘This isn’t fake news’: Trump coverage detracting from Africa & Middle East famines, UN agency warns

Ann Coulter on Trump presidency: All of the Trump true believers are petrified

Push for Convention of the States to rein in government gains steam

Financial Weapons Of Mass Destruction
 The Top 25 U.S. Banks Have 222 Trillion Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives

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