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Syrian Air force Now Safe From U.S./Israeli Attacks
Syria moves all its fighter jets to Russian base

Trump’s missile attack on Syria was justified with fake intelligence: experts

U.S. Doing It Wrong
Bombing Urban Areas Kills More Civilians Than ISIS

US principle: ‘If anybody gets killed by them, they deserve it’ 

Syria in Past 24 Hours: Over 10 Civilians Killed in US-Led Coalition Airstrikes in Raqqa

Doing It Right
To Avoid Civilian Casualties
 Urban Areas Must Be Liberated From ISIS By Ground Forces & Not Air Power
Syrian Army Training More Special Forces for Street-Battle against Terrorists

Syrian, Russian Fighter Jets Crush Al-Nusra Centers in Northern Hama

Tens of Terrorist-Held Towns Liberated by Syrian Army since January

Moscow demands OPCW explain how White Helmets emerged unharmed in Syrian sarin attack

Russian Foreign Ministry says no steps taken to investigate chemical incident in Syria

Are You Into Slavery?
 Then You Should Definitely Be Backing US Regime Change in Syria

Tillerson B.S. Warns That Iran Is Evil
Just Take His Word For It
No Evidence, No Intelligence, No Support For Anything He Says About Iran
Tillerson warns unchecked Iran could follow path of North Korea 

State Dept Tries to Torpedo Nuclear Deal, Admits Iran Complying 

Yemen crisis: ‘Made in the USA’ 

Trump's Saudi Buddies Still Playing Terrorist Games With U.S. Sponsorship
Senior Politician: S. Arabia Relocating ISIL from Syria to Yemen

Over 100 Saudi-Backed Sudanese Militias Killed in Ta'iz Province

Lavrov: US Spreads Chaos, Russia Puts out the Fires

“Making America Great Again”
 by Reducing the World to Ashes?

Nuclear War Will Not Cure The Faltering U.S. Economy
Is World War The Twisted Cure For a Doomed Economy? “Signals for War Are Fiscal”

US Supercarrier Went Off Course Because White House, Pentagon Miscommunicated

Mighty US Fleet Sent to Vanquish North Korea Sailed for Days in the Opposite Direction

Everything Is Always Military Force
The U.S. Never Considers Diplomacy?
North Korea warns of super-mighty preemptive strike as U.S. plans next move

Putin sends troops to Russia's border with North Korea

Nuts At The Helm
There Is No Effective Military Response To North Korea
There are At Least Six Nuclear Reactors In Both North & South Korea
There Is No Way To Prevent Attacks & Destruction Of These Nuke Reactors In An All Out Ground & Air War
The Result Will Be North & South Korean Nuclear Wasteland For Thousands Of Years To Come

‘Sword stands ready’: Pence vows ‘overwhelming & effective’ response to N. Korean attacks 

A Dangerous Delusion For U.S. Warmongers
U.S. Cannot Survive A Nuclear War With Combined Russia/China
McMaster Is Deluded, Trump Hasn't Divided China and Russia

Putin: Falsification, Manipulation of History Lead to Global Disunity

Russia Understands What War Really Means 
Does the United States?

So Much For The Usefulness Of The MOAB
US Troops Fighting ISIS Fighters at Site of MOAB Bombing 

Will You Turn Away Family, Friends And Neighbors At Your Door When America’s Day Of Disaster Arrives?

Doug Casey Says the EU’s Collapse Is Now “Imminent”

By 2020 Two-Thirds Of Wild Animals Will Have Been Wiped Out 
Over A 50 Year Period As Mass Die-Offs Accelerate All Over The Planet

Device that can literally read your mind invented by scientists 


America Aggression: A Threat To The World

Russian state media says Donald Trump is more dangerous than Kim Jong-un 

North Korea Warns Nuclear War Could ‘Break Out At Any Minute’

North Korea: ‘All Out War’ if U.S. Uses Military Action

Three US Aircraft Carriers Directed Toward South Korean Shores

US Deploys Two More Aircraft Carriers Toward Korean Peninsula: Yonhap

Russia, China Send Recon Ships to Track US Carrier Near North Korea 

Russia, China Dispatch Listening Ships to Track US Carrier en Route to North Korea

Trump Considering "Kinetic Military Action" On North Korea Including "Sudden Strike"

North Korea and the Risks of Miscalculation

Trump's National Security Adviser Says All Options on the Table for North Korea

America’s Peace Making Nukes vs. North Korea’s WMD:
Simultaneous Nuclear Weapons Tests by U.S. and North Korea

Pence: Syria, Afghan Strikes Are Message to North Korea 

US Cyber Attack "Sabotaged Kim's Missile Launch", Former British Foreign Secretary Claims

Putin congratulates Assad on 71st anniversary of Syria’s independence

US failed to take precautions to avoid civilian casualties in Syria mosque airstrike – HRW

Over 50 Civilians Killed, Injured in US-Led Coalition Airstrikes in Eastern Syria

Turkish Soldiers, Kurdish Fighters Exchange Heavy Fire in Northern Syria

Trump and Erdogan Scheme Against Assad

Russian Defense Ministry: White Helmets Staged Sarin Gas Attack

Dragon Eating It's Own Tail In Perpetual War
U.S. Both Supplying & Fighting ISIS
Treasonous Activity Getting Maximum Number Of Coalition Forces & Civilians Killed While Prolonging The War Indefinitely

US Continues to Airdrop More Aid Packages to ISIL Terrorists in Northwestern Iraq

6 months of Mosul onslaught: Thousands of civilians killed in terrorist capital siege 

President Rouhani Stresses Need for Increasing Iran's Deterrence Power

Yemen: Over 30 Saudi-Backed Militias Killed in Ta'iz Province

Lavrov: Russia Strongly Suspects Ukraine Ruled by Idiots

Russia's Largest Bank to Facilitate Direct Gold Trade Between Russia and India


The Emperor Speaks With Forked Tongue
This Is All About Military Support Of The Global Beast Empire
The Elimination Of Russia And It's Allies Blocking U.S. Domination Of The World
There Are Always Diplomatic Choices Before Choosing War
‘We have no choice’
Trump justifies US strikes, military buildup & posturing 

Trump has lost control over the Pentagon

Russia warns US 
against ‘Syria-style’ actions in N. Korea

Pence: Era of Patience With North Korea Is Over

South Korea: North’s Failed Missile Test Threatens ‘Whole World’ 

First They Will Then They Won't
U.S. Administration Of Conflict & Confusion
McMaster ‘Doubts’ US Will Send More Troops to Syria 

Why Isn't U.S. Blaming Iraqi Government As It Did Syria?
ISIS launches 2nd chemical attack in Mosul in 2 days, injures 6 Iraqi soldiers

U.S. Military Bungling And Stumbling Along
More Civilians Killed in US-Led Coalition Airstrike in Eastern Syria

US-Led Coalition Conducts Suspicious Heliborne Operation in ISIL-Held Regions in Deir Ezzur

Iran: McCain's Meeting with MKO Leaders Indicates US Continued Support for Terrorist Groups

Deputy Top Commander: Netanyahu's Strategy Defused by Iranian Armed Forces

Yemenis protest Saudi bombing & ‘traitors supporting war of aggression’ (VIDEO) 

Yemeni Army Kills 11 Saudi-Led Troops in Jizan, Snipers Shoot Dead 15 Pro-Hadi Militias in Ma'rib

Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Hits Chile - US Geological Survey


A Government of Morons

Trump's Base Turns On "Flipper-In-Chief"

Trump dumps campaign pledges, goes ballistic in Syria & Afghanistan

Trump gives generals more freedom to make decisions in ISIS fight

‘Generals having grand time’ testing weapons as Trump tries to placate critics

Don't Let the Media Make You Fear War With North Korea
Turn off Your iPhone and Go for a Walk


Damascus to Trump: Look at yourself before calling Assad ‘an animal’ 

Blast hits bus convoy near Aleppo 
women & children among dozens killed (GRAPHIC IMAGES) 

Syria's Coastal Missile Systems on Alert to Respond to US Strikes

US Strike at Shayrat Airbase Fails to Damage Syria's Advanced Planes, Military Equipment

Key Town in Western Damascus Comes under Full Control of Syrian Army

Terrorist Group Plotting to Carry out Chemical Attack
 on Syrian Army in Eastern Damascus

Syrian Commander: Terrorists Using Chemical Weapons in Hama Battles

Kurdish Forces Hand over More Villages to Syrian Army in Northern Aleppo

Militant: Ankara Annexing Parts of Northern Syria to Turkey

Tens of Turkey-Backed Militants Killed, Wounded in Intensified Infighting in Northern Aleppo

Turkey goes to polls 
in referendum on expanding president Erdogan’s powers

‘Yes’ leading in Turkish referendum
 with a quarter of votes counted – media 

Iraq: ISIL Launches Chlorine Gas Attack in Western Mosul

Iranian DM: IRGC Navy to Receive New Cruise Missiles

40 dead as massive floods hit Iran (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) 

Deputy Top Commander: Iranian Army to Give Crushing Response to Aggressors

Iran, China Ink Contract to Redesign Arak Heavy Water Reactor

Iran Blames Supporters of Terrorism for Death of over 100 Civilians in Syria

Neocon John Bolton Urges Ending North Korea

N. Korean missile fails, blows up ‘almost immediately’ after launch – Seoul & US military 

North Korea missile test: Latest launch blew up almost immediately

Forget the ‘mother of all bombs
’ meet the Russian-made ‘daddy’ 

Nukes around the world: 
Which countries have them and how many 

Humanitarian hypocrites
 20mn face starvation but Western focus is on Putin and Assad 

Mike Cernovich Threatens to Drop The Motherlode
 Of Washington Dirt That Will Destroy Marriages If Steven Bannon Is Fired! 

Roger Stone: CIA Director Mike Pompeo should resign after ripping WikiLeaks

LIST: Here Are the Retail Stores
 Taking Hits, Closing Hundreds of Locations 

Le Pen Faces Disaster In Election After "Monumental" Computer Error

Le Pen blasts Trump for reversing stance on NATO


Where Oh Where Has U.S. Diplomacy Gone?
To Cruise Missiles, Gravity Nukes & MOAB'S Everyone
There Is No Military Solution To The North Korea Conundrum 

US successfully tests new nuclear gravity bomb

US Conducts Successful Field Test Of New Nuclear Bomb

US Defends Use of MOAB in Afghanistan, Despite Questionable Results

ISIS - The Real Anti-christ
I Would Say That Killing Christians Is Anti-christ - Wouldn't You?
Cheering for Regime Change in Syria? 
You Support the Murder of Christians

On The Job Training Required
Trump does opposite to what Obama did, Russia must teach him how to act in Syria – ex-US diplomat 

BRICS Issues Joint Statement: Illegal Military Intervention in Syria Is Unacceptable

Syria: Watching the Jordanian Border

 Russia, Iran, Syria discuss redeployment of US weapons to Jordan’s border

 US strike worsens prospects for Geneva talks — Assad’s adviser

First You Will & Then You Won't
Confused & Conflicting Messages Still Coming Out Of Washington
Trump adviser Gorka: No full-on war in Syria, & this is not the Bush administration

Pentagon Denies Reports US May Attack North Korea Over Nuclear Test Plans

US Prepared to Strike North Korea if Missile Test Appears Imminent

Signs Of Rampant U.S. Military Incompetence
Doesn't Bode Well For War With North Korea
For The Third Straight Month, The US Killed More Syrian Civilians Than Russia

US-Led Coalition Airstrike Blows Up ISIL Chemical Weapons Cache in Deir Ezzur, Kills Scores of Civilians

Iran the Destabilizer 

Israel orders demolition of mosque in West Bank

God Bless The Merciful
Russian medical aid arrives in Yemen: Video

New Korean War may break out ‘at any moment’ – Chinese FM 

China Warns North Korea Conflict Could Happen ‘At Any Moment’ 

Cruise Missile Diplomat Arrives On The Scene
USS Stethem conducting operations in S. China Sea – Navy 

Eye For An Eye
Pyongyang parades new ICBMs & submarine-based missiles in founding leader’s honor (PHOTOS, VIDEO) 

N. Korea blasts US ‘military hysteria & aggression’ in Syria, vows to mercilessly foil provocations 

 Russian senator calls for taking possibility of US attack on North Korea seriously

Nuke War With China/Russia A Big Mistake
U.S. May Nuke Both But Be Reduced To Radioactive Ashes For Trying
WW3 - North Korea expert warns Russia and China may JOIN FORCES

‘CIA chief Pompeo treats American people as enemies’


The Psycho Revealed 
Trumpenstein Removes His Mask 

Is That Armageddon Over The Horizon?

Trump Takes the Cake:
That Awful Moment When It Really Hits You
 That the World's Most Powerful Country Is Run by the World's Stupidest Man

WW3 - Donald Trump closes on Russia as US soldiers in Europe after MOAB 

Trump Abandons Economic Reforms To Embrace War Spending 

Is This The End Of The Trump Presidency?

US Airstrike on North Korea Risks Leading to 5-6 Chernobyl-Type Disasters

NBC: US May Attack North Korea If They Anticipate a Nuclear Test

North Korea Said To Be Preparing Nuclear Device Detonation
Test Site Is "Primed And Ready"

North Korea readies for war? Kim Jong-un orders evacuation of Pyongyang 

‘Riskier than striking Syria’: Beijing warns US against attacking North Korea 

Trump Claims North Korea Problem to Be Taken Care Of

Before attacking North Korea, please try everything else

‘We are sending an armada’: Trump ready to eliminate N. Korean ‘menace’ with or without China 

Visualizing Korea's North-South Military Divide

‘We will go to war if they choose’
 N. Korea warns ‘aggressive’ Trump not to provoke Pyongyang 

N. Korea to strike US bases in Asian Pacific & S. Korean presidential palace if US attacks – KCNA 

China says North Korea tension has to be stopped from reaching irreversible stage 

Japan Preparing to Evacuate 60,000 Citizens From South Korea

Where Will You Go When North Korean Agents Release Biological Weapons In Major U.S. Cities? 

 Kremlin warns against provocations as North Korea tensions mount

Jared Kushner Causing ‘Mayhem Meddling in National Security Council - Report

Russia warns US not to repeat Syria strike

Syria May Ask Russia to Deliver
 Buk, Tor Air Defense Systems - Russian Lawmaker

Russia, Syria & Iran demand no further US strikes on Syria – foreign ministers 

Tillerson backs down on ultimatum mission to Russia 

Trump May Send Up To 50,000 Troops To Syria

 Russia, Iran and Syria vow to countinue war on terrorism

 Russia, Iran, Syria discuss redeployment of US weapons to Jordan’s border

US withholds info on Syria chemical attack because it proves nothing — Russian military

US-Led Coalition Airstrike Blows Up ISIL Chemical Weapons Cache in Deir Ezzur, Kills Scores of Civilians

Assad Rudely Points out That Gas Attack First Responders Are Either Liars or Magic Sarin Wizards

Baby-Killing Sarin Bomber Bashar Assad Negotiates Safe Passage for Thousands of Civilians

Assad: Syria Would Never Use Chemical Weapons Against Civilians. We're Not the US (VIDEO)

Obviously False: MIT Professor Questions White House Claims Sarin Was Dropped by a Syrian Plane

Report: McMaster Wants to Send 50,000 US Troops to Syria 

Turkey gambles on Syria and Moscow eyes Riyadh's aid in terror fight

Zakharova Skewers Turkey: Test Your Kebabs for Sarin Before Sending Chemical Experts to Syria

US drops largest non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan, first time used in combat 

“Mother of All Bombs” Never Used Before Due to Civilian Casualty Concerns

Trump's US military drops MOAB bomb in raid on ISIS caves in Afghanistan 
- one of the biggest bombs ever- a 21,000lb GBU-43 bomb with mushroom cloud that can be seen for 20 miles

Trump’s ‘mother of all bombs’ kills 36 suspected ISIS militants – Afghanistan 

1st video released of US mega-bomb strike against ISIS 

‘How many civilians killed there?’ Twitter rages as Trump drops mother of all bombs on Afghanistan 

‘US mega-bomb usability limited, but makes dramatic show of force to Syria, N. Korea & Russia’ 

The Level Of Military Incompetence Doesn't Bode Well For U.S. In A Real  War Scenario
US-led coalition airstrike mistakenly killed 18 SDF ally fighters in Syria on April 11 – Pentagon 

US Airstrike Kills 18 Kurdish Fighters Near Raqqa

US Denies Hitting ISIS Poison Gas Depot in Eastern Syria 

Doubling Down on America’s Misadventure in Yemen

Australia is sleepwalking into confrontation with China 

CIA's Pompeo rips WikiLeaks as hostile intelligence service abetted by Russia 

CIA Director Blasts WikiLeaks as Hostile Intelligence Service

‘Brought to you by agency which produced Al-Qaeda & ISIS – Assange trolls CIA chief

US Oil Assets Could Fall Into Russian Hands If Venezuela Defaults

The Dow Falls Another 138 Points As Geopolitical Shaking Forces Investors To Race For The Exits

Saturn's moon Enceladus may support alien life - NASA (WATCH LIVE)


You Can't Believe A Word President Trump Says Anymore
From This Fable Uttered From His Lying Lips
Trump says US not going into Syria, calls Assad ‘an animal’ 

To His Actual Show Of U.S. Military Force In Syria
Large U.S. Military Convoy 
Seen Heading To New Base In Northern Syria

To His Obvious Cover-up To Hide More Lies
Trump Withholds Syria-Sarin Evidence 

Whitehouse Document Shows No Proof Of Syrian Involvement In Gas Attack
The Nerve Agent Attack in Khan Shaykhun, Syria 

To These Trump Whoppers
Trump Flips On Five Core Campaign Promises In Under 24 Hours 

Trump: NATO Is ‘No Longer Obsolete’ 

Trump wants toget along with Russia but says NATO no longer obsolete

Trump Is A One Term President As His Former Supporters Jump Ship
Caesar Only Died Once

Update for Trump Voters

President Trump In Bed With Anti-Christ Wahhabism & Terrorists
U.S. Intelligence Source: 
Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Launched From Saudi Base

U.S. Fools & Idiots Now Leading The World To WWIII
Russia Slams “Absurd” Trump Demands,
 Warns Tillerson “Don’t Strike Syria Again”

‘Nodding like bobbleheads’
 Putin slams NATO’s support for US violation of intl law in Syria 

Russia Vetoes UN Resolution Condemning Syria ‘Gas Attack’

Syria ready to provide OPCW investigators access to Shayrat airbase — UN envoy

U.S. Hits ISIS Depot With Hundreds Killed By Gas
But No Media Condemnation Of U.S. As They Did The Syrian Government

 Hundreds poisoned

 in US-led coalition’s strike on IS depot in Deir ez-Zor

Moscow Reiterates Syrian Air Force Struck Terrorist Chemical Warehouse April 4

Tillerson Meets Putin; Visit Polite But Major Differences Remain

 Lavrov doubtful talks with Tillerson will show any results soon

Lavrov Outclasses His American Guests — Again

Putin: Trust With US Deteriorated After Trump Took Office 

Trump says Russia relations may be at ‘all-time low,’ praises Tillerson trip 

Russia backs Syrian army because it’s most effective force in fighting ISIS - Ambassador Yakovenko

US Commander Wants More Troops in Syria to ‘Fight ISIS’ 

Trump Brags About Eating the "Most Beautiful" Chocolate Cake During Syrian Missile Strike Decision 

US trying to ‘blur’ Syria raid aftermath

Russian Media: 36 Lost US Missiles in Syria Airbase Attack Likely Intercepted by Russian Air Force

There Was No Way for Russia to Shoot Down Trump's Syria Cruise Missiles

Stephen F. Cohen: Russia Is Preparing for the Possibility US Will Start a War

‘If Iran is ‘a failed’ state, why is US so concerned about Tehran’s influence in Mideast?’

This Points To Israeli Control Of U.S. Government
US Calls on Hezbollah
 to Immediately Withdraw From Syria. Come and Get Them?

More U.S. Lies & Deceit
U.S./Saudi/Israeli Alliance Using Jordan As A Staging Area For War Against Syria
Military Expert Warns of Jordan's Likely Participation in War on Syria

Russia: Over 220 Towns Taken Back from ISIL in 2017

 China Puts Troops on Nationwide High Alert Over North Korea

China Warns North Korea Situation Has Hit "Tipping Point", Threatens "Never Before Seen" Measures 

‘Riskier than striking Syria’: Beijing warns US against attacking North Korea

North Korea to perform nuclear test to mark Day of Sun

US, N Korea Military Confrontation Looms for April 15

No light at end of this tunnel, US can’t win Afghanistan war

Ann Coulter: "I Don't Care If It Was Assad Who Used Chemical Weapons, I'm Tired Of Regime Change"

Major U.S. Financial Crisis May Be The Only Way To Prevent WWIII
Peter Schiff Warns:
 "Nothing Has Changed Under Trump... We're Headed For A Major Crisis"

Sleepwalking toward World War III…
 like clockwork, the next 25-year cycle of mass human suffering and death begins NOW

Harvard scientists to test atmosphere protecting aerosols 


Vladimir Putin says US is preparing to bomb Syrian capital 
and will blame devastation on Bashar-al Assad's forces 

Putin says chemical weapons incident in Syria’s Idlib could be a provocation

Putin Calls US Allies Brain-Dead Dolls for Their Mindless Support of Syria Missile Strike

Putin Considers Russia's Options as US Military Junta Prepares to Pounce

No sign Putin seeks to cool friction with US

 Moscow urges to prevent new US strikes on Syria

 Kremlin dismisses calls on Russia
 to distance itself from Assad as absurd

 Pentagon aims to weaken Syrian government’s forces 

Putin: Trust between US & Russia degrading under Trump

Tillerson issues ultimatum to Russia after meeting with top diplomats at G7 summit 

Tillerson to Ask Lavrov for No-Fly Zones in Syria
 Lavrov to Laugh and Laugh

Reasonable Request Shows Why Russia and Iran Are So Dangerous

Human Rights Official: Khan Sheikhoun Chemical Attack Orchestrated by Israel

Israeli defense chief ‘wouldn’t be surprised if somebody assassinates Iranian president’ 

"What If?" Ron Paul Asks The Two Most Important Words

Syrian govt has no chemical weapons, ‘absolutely no need to use it’ – Russian MoD 

US Threatens Further Attacks on Syria 

New anti-Russia sanctions rejected:
 ‘US & UK cannot dictate to other G7 members’

Tillerson should use Russia trip to ‘apologize for spreading less than truth’ – ex-Powell aide 

Militants in More Towns Join Peace Agreement with Syrian Gov't

Kurdish-Led SDF Takes Control of Raqqa-Damascus Highway in Northeastern Syria

Saudi-Backed Troops Military Positions in Ta'iz Hit Hard by Yemen's Qaher Ballistic Missile, Sudanese Officers, Soldiers Killed

Expert: U.S. Could Be Planning Strike on North Korean Nuclear Reactor

Trump Administration Preparing Options to Confront North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un desperate
ready to strike US, defector says 

Source: Military Strike on North Korea Coming Soon

Russia Worried US Will Attack North Korea 

North Korea Threatens Nuclear Retaliation If US Attacks 

Trump: North Korea ‘Looking for Trouble,’ US Will ‘Solve the Problem’ 

How The Donald Proclaimed Himself the Empire's Spanker-In-Chief, 
Killed His Presidency and Became a Laughing Stock

Neocons Have Trump on His Knees

‘Major problem of US govt 
 President surrounded by warmongers’ 

 Russian-made ‘eternal’ disc to store data for 100,000 years

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