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German Bundestag Committee
 Russia's Syria Campaign is Legal, US Should Leave

Israel Attacks Bases in South Syria
 Syrian Air Defenses Intercept Some Missiles

Israel strikes Syrian army positions near Golan Heights
 vows to ‘decisively protect sovereignty’

 Syrian air defense repels Israeli strike on military positions in al-Quneitra 

Israel Launches New Attack on Syrian Army Positions in Quneitra to Support Terrorists

US softens stance on Iran sanctions amid warnings

Poll Shows Germans Want US Troops to Withdraw From Germany 

Trump Demands NATO Nations Raise Military Spending to 4% of GDP 

Trump Hammers NATO. Good! Let's Get Out!

US must explain military presence near Russia borders’

US Announces Additional Tariffs on $200 Bln in Chinese Goods

China shocked by US actions in trade dispute 

"Shocked" China Set To Hit Back At Trump "In Other Ways"

US-China trade war a warm-up 
for global financial crisis, warns investor Mark Mobius 

The US Has Been in
Slow-Motion Collapse Since ... About 2005

 Putin extends Russian counter-sanctions until end of 2019

Trump wants to whip Merkel for letting Nord Stream 2 happen, threatens her with sanctions

Kremlin: Nord Stream 2 would not make Germany dependent on Russia

Has The PBOC Taken Control of The Gold "Market"? 


Bushwhacking & Popular Syrian Uprisings
Plus Rapid Advances By The Syrian Army
Making It Increasingly Unsafe For U.S./Terrorists Inside Syria
Syria: Terrorists Retreat from Border with Jordan

Senior Kurdish Commander Killed
 in Bomb Blast in Northeastern Syria

Another Notorious Terrorist Commander Killed
 by Unknown Gunmen in Northwestern Syria

Most Stubborn Terrorist Commander
 Surrenders to Syrian Army in Dara'a

Fresh Wave of Tension Covers Regions
 under US-Backed Forces Control in Eastern Syria

US has no clear strategy for Syria — Russian defense minister

Sorry, There Is Zero Chance of Putin Ditching Iran in Syria

Exclusive: Assad Drops Bomb on Putin/Trump Confab

After Netanyahu-Putin summit, Israel must decide on a war with Iran in Syria

President Trump's Foreign Policy Is As Backward As Israel's
Trump's delusional Iran oil gambit is decades too late 

U.S. Does Exactly The Same Thing
US accuses Iran of using diplomats as cover for terrorism 

Contesting America? 
China pumps reconstruction money into Middle East amid US trade war

China makes serious preparations for hot war with USA

President Trump Delusional Over Russian Threat
Trump says ‘Germany totally controlled by Russia’ through gas supplies

 American elites inflaming tensions between Moscow, Washington, says Russian defense chief

U.S. Like Israel Is Withdrawing From The World
 US plans to withdraw from INF Treaty — Russian defense minister

Sudanese Paper: US Putting Cap on Allies' Crimes in Yemen

Uncertainty, tension in world affairs push Moscow & Beijing together – Russian defense minister 

Foreign investment in the United States plunged 32% in 2017

Soybean prices plunge to a 10-year low

Why the Dow is getting left in the dust


Russia: 90 Syrian villages, towns join government truce

Another Notorious Terrorist Commander Killed by Unknown Gunmen in Northwestern Syria

US-Backed Militias Continue to Suppress Popular Uprising in Northeastern Syria

Militants in More Dara'a Regions End Battle with Syrian Army

Turkey-Backed Militants Engage in Fresh Clashes Again in Northern Syria

Corpses still rot under Raqqa rubble after US-backed liberation – but West nowhere to be seen 

Syrian/pro-Iranian column from Daraa heading to Syrian-Israeli-Jordanian border junction 

Israel vows ‘harsh response’ if Syrian troops enter demilitarized zone on Golan Heights 

First VP: US Treasury Turned into War Room against Iran

Germany: Continued Oil Sales, Investment in Iran Europe's Priority

Chinese Refiner Halts US Oil Purchases, May Use Iran Oil Instead 

South Korea denies halt in Iran oil imports

The Critical Chokepoint That Could Send Oil To $250

Mideast Christians See Russia - Not the US - as Defender of Their Faith

Spaceman Trump Is Taking Imperial Hubris to a Whole New Level

Here's Why Hillary Is Running Again in 2020


Bushwhacking & Popular Syrian Uprisings
Have U.S. Sponsored Terrorists Running Scared
Senior US-Backed Militant Commander
 Assassinated by Unknown Attackers in Northeastern Syria

More Tribes in Aleppo Underline Support
 for Syrian Army to Expel Foreign Occupiers

Several Terrorist Commanders Flee Southern Syria to Jordan

More US-Backed Militias Killed
in Bomb Blast in Eastern Syria

US Sends New Military Convoy to SDF in Hasaka

Syria: Rebels Played Russian Roulette, and Lost

More Militant-Held Regions in Southern Syria Join Peace Agreement

Kurdish Militia Willing to Hand over Oil Facilities to Damascus Forces

Eastern Syria: Kurdish Militia Willing to Hand over Oil Facilities to Damascus Forces

Syrian Air Defenses Greatly Improving
Syrian air defense repels ‘Israeli attack’
 on airbase, downs several missiles – state media 

Syrian State Media Reports Air Defenses Hit Israeli Warplane, Thwarting Attack 

Syrian Missile Shield Repels Israeli Invasion of T4 Airbase

Syria shoots down Israeli warplane. Will Israel destroy Syria now?

Money Can't Buy Peace
Trump-Kushner Palestine plan is dead on arrival 

The Trump-Kushner Delusion on Palestine

Israel: We will not allow Gaza to be rebuilt

Big Mouth Tweetie Bird Sends Oil & Gas Prices Soaring
Iran: Trump’s Tweets Have Added $10 to Cost of Oil

Not Mistakes But Intentional Lunacy
US repeats mistakes about Iran: Ron Paul

Iranian Parliament Research Center Presents Major Anti-Sanction Program

Money Can't Buy Saudi Military Victory
Yemen Houthi Leader Urges Mobilization Against Saudis Along Coast 

No Trial. No Proof. Just Murdered
Suspected US drone strike kills 7 al-Qaida members in Yemen

For Greater Israel
Saudi coalition acting on behalf of Zionists in Yemen

Christians could vanish from Middle East due to murderous indifference of world govts, Pope warns 

Hard to Fathom the Recklessness
 American Workers, Farmers at Risk as Trump Escalates Trade War With China

Russia Joins the Global Trade War

Confirmation - Reports Of Bugs And Birds Nearly Gone

Oh Great! Just What The World Needs Right Now
US Army Discovers New Explosive Material
 "More Powerful Than TNT"


Washington Has False Self Image
 Views The U.S. As Center Of Global Trade & Finance
When In Fact The U.S. Is Totally Dependant On The Global Community Of Nations For Survival
The World Will Turn Against The U.S. & Form Alternative Economic Systems 
US started biggest trade war in history
 China forced to retaliate – Beijing

Moscow slaps retaliatory duties on US imports

Bank of England Governor Warns Trump Trade War Will Have Worst Impact on US 

Israel Moving Against The U.S. Consumer
Washington's Support Of Israel Against Iran Is Weakening The U.S. Economy
U.S. Consumers Will Be Forced To Pay Much More For Gas & Plastics
Get ready for $250 oil
 if Iran blocks key shipment route in Middle East, analysts tell RT 

Trump’s order for OPEC
 to reduce prices is insulting – Iranian oil minister 

Russia can spearhead super OPEC alliance
 to dominate oil market & limit US influence – analysts 

Russia FM: Trade With Iran Will Continue Irrespective of US Demands

It's Too Late For U.S. To Put Iran Back In A Box
President Trump's Predated Ideas Are Out Of Step With Modern World
Iranian FM: World Standing against US

Iran Wants World Powers to Fully Compensate Them for US Sanctions 

Efforts to Save Iran Nuclear Deal From US Bring China, Russia, EU Closer Together

Italy will not buy F-35s anymore, mulls walking out of existing contracts – Defense Minister

Syria Victorious Over U.S. Sponsored Terrorists
Syria will clear the Jordan border and Daraa soon

Syrian Army Frees Nine Key Checkpoints at Border with Jordan

Syrian War Report – July 6, 2018: Syrian Army Retakes Multiple Points On Border With Jordan

Rebels in Southern Syria Reach Deal to End Violence 

Terrorists Forced to Accept Syrian Army Reconciliation Terms after Suffering Heavy Defeats in Dara'a

Popular Uprisings & Bushwhacking 
Will Force U.S./Allies/Terrorists Out Of Syria
Trump Is on the Way out From Syria
 Damascus and the Russians Believe

Popular Resistance against US Occupiers on Rise in Eastern Syria

Several US, SDF Forces Killed in Deir Ezzur

One Killed, 19 More Wounded in Bomb Blast at Anti-Turkey Protest in Manbij

US-French Military Convoy Enters Raqqa Airbase to Confront Popular Uprising

More US-Backed Militias Killed in Attacks by Unknown Gunmen in Northeastern Syria

US Dispatches More Military Aid to SDF in Hasaka

Lavrov's Remarks on Syria

Kurds Continue Meetings with Damascus over Delivering Control of Occupied Regions

Scores of Saudi mercs killed in Yemeni drone strike

Yemen on Brink of Catastrophe as U.N. Envoy Pushes for Truce 

Arab Daily: S. Arabia Using Israeli Weapons against Yemen

Netanyahu goes full theatrical against Iran – Middle East Monitor

Netanyahu Regime Cuts Off Funds to Palestinians

Trump Is Meeting Putin to Do Netanyahu's Bidding


Syrian Govt Calls on Refugees to Return Home

 Twenty-seven communities in Syria’s southern de-escalation zone join government’s side

The Battle in Southern Syria Is Coming to an End: Israel Bowed to Russia’s Will

Israel Capitulates on Buffer Zone, Accepts Syrian Army Will Advance to 2011 Positions in Golan

Militants Hand over Israeli, American Missiles to Syrian Army in Dara'a

Popular Uprising against Terrorists Reported in Dara'a amid Syrian Army Advances towards Nasib Border-Crossing

Syria: Pro-Government Tribal Forces March in Raqqa City

ISIS Roadside Bombs Target US Convoy in Eastern Syria 

‘Dehumanized, discounted, marginalized’: Syria’s victors defying airbrushed US narrative

Strength of Russian-Backed Syrian Army Has Rebels, US-Backed Kurds Conceding Without a Fight

Victims of US Airstrikes Found in Mass Grave in Raqqa

Russia resumes Daraa air strikes, calls Iran’s exit from Syria “absolutely unrealistic” 

Another Saudi Coalition Wedding Massacre in Yemen 

With Port Invasion of Hold, Saudi Forces Move to Attack Yemen's Houthis Along Coast 

US Attempts to Cut Iran Exports Could Provoke Global Oil Price Spike 

Rouhani: US Unable to Isolate Iran

Iran Warns Trump's Oil Ban Is Self Harm

US, Israel Form Working Group to Plot Against Iran 

Iran May Block Oil Transit Via Strait of Hormuz if US Levies Sanctions - IRGS 

US ‘stands ready’ to keep Gulf open as Tehran warns of ‘consequences’ if Iran's oil exports hampered 

Major Chinese banks ditching US dollar to prop up domestic currency 

Russia ramps up yuan & gold share in its reserves 

Chinese officials court EU nations to get allies in trade row with Trump – report 

Chinas Commerce Ministry: US Tariffs to Hit Global Supply Chains

US opening fire on entire world, including self

Russian Army to get 6 unrivaled weapons in coming years – Moscow 

Russia Gets $63.5 Billion Windfall From OPEC+ Deal

‘To prevent veterans’ suicide, US should stop waging wars across the globe’ 

Bali volcano explodes, sending rocks & flares of lava into the air (PHOTOS)

It’s not a conspiracy theory – your phone really is watching you, research finds


Ceasefire Talks with South Syria Rebels Restart With Jordan Mediating

Syrian Rebels Lose a String of Southern Towns as Frontline Collapses 

Israel Boosts Military Presence in Golan, Seen as Message to Assad

This moment will go down in history: the US has given up on the overthrow of Assad in Syria 

Russia Sees Threat of Iran-Israel Strife Escalating in Syria – Foreign Ministry 

US Military Presence in Syria No Longer Makes Any Sense - Syrian Parliament Sec. 

Residents cheer Syrian army entering southwest towns

Forced Recruitment by US-Backed SDF Reported Again in Deir Ezzur

Britain Claims It Bombed Syrian Troops in Syria in Self-Defense

Syrian Army Advancing towards Border with Jordan as Peace Talks with Militants Fail Again

Ankara Attempting to Annex Occupied Lands in Northern Syria

US-Backed SDF Militants Under Surprise Attacks in Raqqa

Report: Kurds Show Willingness in Talks to Go Back under Damascus Rule

US Military Convoys Arrive in Syria's Manbij

Dara'a: Syrian Army Capturing Border-Crossing with Jordan

Iran Aims to Keep Oil Exports Flowing Despite US Sanctions 

MoA - On The Path To Failure - U.S. Attempts Violent "Regime Change" In Iran

Iranian Military Reports Mystery US Ship With Chemicals Onboard in Persian Gulf 

Judiciary Chief Warns of US-MKO Collaboration to Foment Insecurity in Iran

Iran Blames US Policies for Spread of Human-Trafficking, Rejects Washington's Allegations

Iranian Scientists Treat Spinal Cord Injury in Rats

Yemeni Army Test-Fires New Ballistic Missile

Yemeni Army Launches Attacks on Saudi Positions in Jizan, Asir 

Yemeni Army Captures US Commander 

Arab States Reportedly Warn US Not to Unveil Mideast Peace Plan

American Evangelicals Are More Supportive of Israel Than American Jews - Pew Poll

Switzerland chooses gold bullion over paper wealth backed by US dollar  


‘We don’t need the West’
 Assad to ban foreign money from Syria reconstruction 

Nothing Civil About War in Syria, Says Assad 

Assad says US after pretext for intervention in Syria

Is Trump Admin Actually Supporting Russia's Assault
 on Al-Qaeda in Southern Syria?

U.S. Military Occupation Of Syria
Cannot Continue For Long 
In The Presence Of A Popular Syrian Uprising & Bushwhacking Of U.S. Terrorists
US Likely to End Deployment
 in Al-Tanf Base in Eastern Syria

Attacks on US-Backed SDF Intensifying in Eastern Syria

In Surprising Turn
 US Sends "Farewell Message" To Proxies In Syria's South 

Syria Accuses US, UK, France of Backing Terror Through Support for White Helmets

Russian Army Busts Nusra Filming Fake Footage to Accuse Russia, Syria in Idlib

Rifts Widening among Terrorists over Peace with Syrian Army

Israel Pines For Destroyed Terrorist Armies
Strikes Out In Useless Missile Attacks Against Syrian Allies 
‘2 Israeli missiles’
 strike near Damascus airport – Syrian state media

Israel Launches Missile Attack on Damascus Int'l Airport

Israeli jets strike Iranian cargo plane unloading munitions in Damascus 

Signs Of Syrian Victory Over Terrorism
U.S. Forced To Evacuate It's Terrorist Commanders From War Zones
US-led helicopters evacuate
 two Daesh commanders from eastern Syria: Report 

‘US-led coalition airlifts Daesh cmdrs. in eastern Syria’

US Conducts More Heliborne Operations to Rescue Foreign ISIL Commanders in Hasaka

The U.S./Allies Are The World's Foremost Supporters
 Of State Sponsored Terrorism 
Ben Rhodes Admits Obama Armed Jihadists
 In Syria In Bombshell Interview |

US, UK Financing 54 Militia Groups
 in Syria Despite Trump Vow to ‘Get Out’ 

Trump Is Putting the Kurds up for Auction
 Only Talks With Damascus Can Save Them

Turkey will continue advancing in Syria

The U.S. Continues It's Atrocities Against Iraq
Defending Terrorists Against Legitimate Iraqi Military Opposition
Iraq's Hashd says
 US behind air raid, vows retaliation

PMF says will respond to US deadly airstrikes 

Iran Stresses Continued Military Aid 
to Syria as Long as Damascus wants

US Lawmakers Want Iran Blacklisted From International Financial System

Nations Finding Ways Around The Dollar & U.S. Financial System
Once Established There Will Be No Return & The U.S. Will Ultimately Suffer Isolation
India preparing to pay in rupees for Iran oil

Top Security Official: US Dream to Confine Iran Not to Come True

Judiciary Chief: West Pursuing Irano-phobia Project to Loot Regional States

US-Orchestrated Rape of Yemen 

Yemeni Houthis shoot 6 ballistic missiles at Saudi capital 

‘More conflict, more money:’ West not interested in peace in Africa, says mercenary leader 

Trump Threatens Escalated Trade War

US dollar will crash & burn
 because of trade war with China – investor Peter Schiff 

Beijing signals yuan devaluation to protect its exports from Trump’s tariffs 

Need to Revive Regional Trade Agreements to Counter US Trade Policy: Economist 

Europe Warns Of An Upcoming "Trade Apocalypse"

The World Transformed and No One in America Noticed

Manipulation of Gold and Silver by Bullion Banks Is “Undeniable” 

Ron Paul: Here's 21 Trillion Reasons
 To Question The Role Of Government In America

B.S. From The Very Beginning
Nothing But A Global Taxation Scheme
 30 Years Of Global Warming Forecasts Have All Failed

Unlocking prehistoric genetics: California scientists successfully grow Neanderthal mini-brains

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