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Erdogan: Operation in Syria's Afrin has begun 

 Turkey has begun operation
 in Syria's Afrin - President Erdogan

Turkish planes bomb Syrian Kurdish targets
 as Ankara-backed rebels enter Afrin 

Hundreds of Gunmen Join Turkish Army
to Attack Kurdish Regions in Northern Syria

1,000 Kurdish Fighters Deploy
 at Syria's Border with Turkey (under US Supervision

Ankara says ‘has no option’ but to attack Syrian Kurds in Afrin, starts cross-border shelling 

Turkey’s armed forces carry out strikes against Kurds’ positions in Syria’s Afrin 

Russia moving military observers in Syria's Afrin 

Turkey Escalates Shelling
 Says ‘No Turning Back’ From Syria Invasion

Moscow urges Turkey, Kurds to show ‘restraint’ amid Afrin operation launch 

Damascus to deal death blow to al-Nusra and CEFC set to seal Rosneft deal

"You Are Now Entering the American Sector"
 Will Syria Be Partitioned?

Tillerson’s Backtrack on Syrian Border
 is The Result of ‘Fragmented’ Washington 

US trying to create alternative govt
 on Syrian land – Lavrov on Afrin crisis 

US Attempts to Blame Syrian Gov't for Chemical Attacks Unfounded - Russian MoD

 Russian military in Syria evacuate civilians from Eastern Ghouta

Russian Forces Still in Kurdish-Held Afrin in Northern Syria

The Destabilizer 
Trump’s Escalating Threats Against Iran

Qatari royal: Gulf crisis to seize Qatar's wealth

Seize Land & Build More Expensive Condos
Israeli Army Considers Seizing Palestinian Neighborhoods in Jerusalem

Let's Celebrate!
Good! Saves The American People Money
Government shuts down as lawmakers still searching for a deal

Who Cares?
What happens if the US government shuts down? 

"It's All A Lie"
Self-Reflection At The Twilight Of The American Empire

American People Are Now The Enemy
Trump Signs Bill Renewing Warrantless NSA Surveillance

The Republican Supreme Court Gave Us The Police State

Nuts Running The Asylum
‘Going back to Cold War and who has the bigger guns’
 Analysts rip into US defense strategy 

Russia feels that US lacks will for cooperation in addressing global issues — Kremlin

 Trump becomes major disappointment for Russian political establishment — expert

US world approval rating plummets
 to a 10-year-low – poll 

Peter Schiff: In The Impending Collapse: 
Everything That Can Go Wrong, Will

U.S. Sanctions Forcing Russia To greatly Improve
Russian stocks surge to all-time high on strong ruble momentum 


United States Fulfilling Biblical Prophecies
U.S. Beast Empire Is The Deadly Wound That Has Healed
The Beast (That Was) Has Risen From The Pit And (Now Is)
 Resurrection Of The Grecian Empire Of Alexander The Great In Modern Times
Revelation 13 & 17 Coming To Pass In This Day & Generation

U.S/Tillerson Admit Illegal Military Presence In Syria
 Confirms U.S. Training & Support Of Terrorism To Bring Down Syrian Government
Tillerson: US Military Presence in Syria ‘Open-Ended
Will Ensure Regime Change

Tillerson touts indefinite US presence in Syria
 & Assad must go in ‘new’ plan 

U.S. Up To Eyeballs In Terrorism
 U.S. Attempts At Regime Change Starts A New War On The Syrian Border
Turkey Says Will Attack
 Unless US Withdraws Support for Syrian Kurds 

Turkey Notifies NATO
 Of Imminent Massive Invasion Of Syria To Fight Kurds

Turkish Army on Threshold of Laying Siege on Kurds in Northern Syria

Ex-CIA Officer
 US Doesn't Have Resources to Oppose Turks Over Border Force

Senior Turkish MP to Sputnik
 US Syrian Border Force May Lead to Split in NATO

Erdogan Hopes to Continue Talks on Syria With Putin Rather Than Trump 

 US border force plan blatant meddling in Syria affairs

Syria's Opposition Group Condemns US Plans to Form Border Force in Syria 

Damascus warns it may shoot down Turkish planes
 attacking Kurds within Syrian borders 

US backtracks on ‘Kurdish border force’
 Turkey cites record of broken promises 

Afrin knot: How the battle for a small Kurdish enclave
 could be the death knell for US-Turkey ties

U.S. Evacuates It's Proxy Terrorist Armies
 From War Zones To Safety In Libyan Desert
US Gives Green Light
 to Hundreds of Terrorists for Relocation to Libya from Iraq, Syria

CIA False Flag Likely
 in Drone Swarm Attack on Russia’s Syrian Base

US Plans to Recognize Kurdish-Held Regions in Syria

US Not Coordinating With Iraq
 Issue of Syrian Border Force Creation – Iraqi MoD 

‘Washington must stop spending tax dollars
 to fund regime change wars’ – Tulsi Gabbard 

Embarrassing Facts About the CIA Weapons Program for Syrian Rebels 

Saudis Transfer $2 Billion to Prop Up Yemeni Allies’ Currency 

Yemenis fire two ballistic missiles at key Saudi targets

Yemen's Houthi Rebels Claim Successful Ballistic Missile Attack On Saudi Millitary Base 

Iran's supreme leader: Saudis betrayed Muslim world 

Israel Dominates U.S. State Department
Shocking Video of Nikki Haley Groveling
 and Pandering at AIPAC Event (Israel Lobby)

Bull Dozers Will Soon Be Coming
Al-Aqsa Mosque Scheduled For Demolishment To Build Jewish Temple
Israel settlers storm Aqsa under military protection

Abomination Of Desolation
To Stand In The Holy Place Within A Year
According To The De Facto Israeli Ruler Of The United States
Netanyahu: US Embassy to Be Moved to Jerusalem
Much Faster Than People Think

Quds can be gate to peace or war; US must pick one

Abbas’ ultimatum to Trump: Choose between a Palestinian Jerusalem or war 

The Whole World 
Is Sick and Tired of US Foreign Policy

Kiev’s new ‘sovereignty laws may be preparation for war – Moscow 

Russia-China Trade Hit $80 Billion Target in 2017 After 20% Growth

Praise the Lord! Freedom House Says Trump
 "Abdicating" US Role as Worldwide Democracy Promoter

Pentagon Document Confirms Russia Developing Doomsday Torpedo
 Twice as Powerful as Largest Nuke Ever Detonated

Is Japan aiming its US-bought missile systems at Russia & China? 

China Downgrades US Credit Rating From A- To BBB+
 Warns US Insolvency Would "Detonate Next Crisis"

As No One Watched
 Trump Pardoned 5 Megabanks For Corruption Charges

Soros Pledges Renewed Fight Against ‘Dominant Ideology’ of Nationalism
 Says EU ‘on Verge of Breakdown’

Are You One Of The 170 Million Americans Drinking Radioactive Tap Water?

From plagiarism to fake news
 US mainstream media has lost the plot 

Facebook will soon filter out RT news
so this is how you fix it… probably 


U.S. Starting Another Horrific War In Syria
Using Proxy Terrorist S.D.F/Kurdish Army To Destroy Syrian Sovereignty
Taking Illegal/Occupational Control Of National Borders
Syria/Turkey/Russia Can No Longer Sit Back & Do Nothing

Syrian/Iranian/Russian War Gains Against Terrorists Will Be Undone & For Naught
Negotiations With U.S. Impossible As The U.S. Imposes It's Terrorist Designs On The Region
Fear Of U.S. Military Might Will Be Overshadowed By Patriotic Defense Of Nations Now Threatened With Destruction
Leaving War As The Only Solution
Border Security Forces to Ignite Horrible War in Syria
Senior Politician

Syrian Army Vow to End US Presence in Syria

US Playing With Fire
 by Building Terrorist Army in Syria - Turkish Deputy PM

Is Trump playing with fire by backing Kurds in Syria?

Russia FM: Zone for US-Backed Rebels Could Split Syria

US backing of SDF border guards could prolong Syria war for years

Iran's Top Security Official Warns against Military Action
 Occupation of Syria by Foreign States

Iran Blasts US Decision to Form Border Security Force as Blatant Interference in Syria's Affairs

Turkey bolsters Syria border as US force plan slammed

Forced Military Slavery Of Syrian Civilians
Will Be Used As Human Shields Against Turkish Invasion
US-Backed Syrian Kurds Mobilize Civilians
 Turkey May Attack ‘At Any Moment’

U.S./Israel Forcing What They Want
Divide & Conquer Destabilization Of Neighboring Nations
Containment Of Iranian Military Forces In Syria
Fading Trump-Putin trust 
derails de-escalation zones on Syria’s borders with Israel, Jordan 

Turkey Sets up New Passageway at Border 
with Syria as Countdown Starts for Attack on Kurds

Erdogan demands NATO take stand
 on US-backed Syrian Border Force in Syria 

 Turkey’s imminent assault on Syrian Kurds

Syrian Rebels Push US to Resume Failed CIA Arms Smuggling Scheme 

Iran Downplays US Madman Tactic as Worn-Out Strategy

Trump's Real Crime is Collusion with Israel, NOT Russia, and Covering It Up

Pakistan Threatens India With Nuclear War After Indian Army Chief's Statement

Japanese Purchases Of US Treasurys Tumble 


U.S.A. Launching Terrorist Army Against Syria
Let The World See The True Nature Of U.S. Imperialism
Once Again Training Murderous Death Squads To Exterminate The Syrian People
 US trying to form terror army in Syria

US to Create 30,000-Strong Border Force 
in Syria, Outraging Turkey 

Turkey to Attack US-Backed Syrian Kurds in Coming Days 

Erdogan vows to ‘drown’
 US-backed Syrian Border Force before it’s born, labels unit ‘terrorist army

Russian Journalists Blow Lid Off
 Alleged US Terrorist Training Network in Syria

S.D.F Is A U.S. Sponsored Terrorist Army
The Name (Syrian Defense Force) Is A Phony C.I.A. Front Organization
It Has Nothing To Do With Syria
People Of Syria Are Rising Up Against These U.S. Sponsored Terrorist Armies

Northern Syria
 SDF Unable to Face Popular Uprising in Manbij

Lavrov: Washington does not want Syrian territorial integrity 

Lavrov doubts US plans to train Kurds in Syria will help resolve Afrin crisis

What Has North Korea Done To The U.S. That Demands War?
Hundreds Of Thousands Of People To Be Killed For What?
Wouldn't Sandwiches Work Better Than Bombs?
 At Bases Across US
 Military Prepares to Attack North Korea

Military Quietly Prepares for a Last Resort
 War With North Korea 

Lavrov: Russia, China urge freeze to any confrontation on Korean Peninsula 

Trump administration afraid of competition in international arena - Lavrov 

Trump’s Iran Statement: A View From Europe 

Qatari royal claims he is being ‘held against his will’ in UAE (VIDEO) 

Bahraini Leader Reveals Al-Khalifa's Close Ties with Israel, Obedience to Riyadh

Lebanese Paper Discloses Saudi Attempts to Set Up Salafi Region at Yemen-Oman Border

UAE claims Qatari fighter jets intercepted 2nd civilian aircraft - reports

Growing number of nations banking on military might to guarantee sovereignty, says Lavrov

Russia takes legal action over US seizure of Russian diplomatic property

Russia suspects US may have full access to missile defense systems in Japan, Lavrov says

The Responsibility to Protect the World
… From the United States

New Poll Shows US Public Strongly Opposed to Endless Neocon Wars


When Logic Becomes Whatever 
I'm surrounded by illogical people with such ignorance of world affairs as to make me sometimes think I'm from another planet. I'm a stranger in a strange land. At the ripe old age of seventy, I can truthfully say that I have never experienced such total ignorance of world events, and illogical thinking, as is now the standard for most people I meet today, including my own family members. There's a total disconnect from physical reality. While I read volumes of information daily from numerous sources, and consider myself well educated on current events, the only information that most people get is from the main stream news, which is always politically bent propaganda, or normalized social deviancy, accepted by most people simply because it's on television. There's no attempt to seek alternative news sources for information outside the box. Those who do are considered conspiracy nuts. 

Take for example 'gender', which is a physical reality that can't be ignored unless surgery is employed, and even then, male/female genetic makeup cannot be altered, but nevertheless, it's now become whatever a person thinks or believes, and not what actually is. Herein is madness, because logic up until now has been based upon physical facts and laws. What goes up must come down. When people, government, or society, begin to ignore physical reality, and base laws and so-called logical thinking on whatever is deemed reality, and not what is actual physical reality, then the entire fabric upon which modern society has been based is thereby corrupted, and that society is doomed to collapse. Of course there have always been a few people who have ignored reality, and paid the price, death or otherwise, but when an entire society, or a government that controls the laws and rules that make up the society, begin to ignore reality, and make up their own reality, then those people, society, and government, are on a slippery slope that can only end in disaster. This for want of adequate advanced preparation for disasters, and other hardships, and the possible harmful ramifications that such illogical reasoning would inevitably bring to those who cannot plan future actions based upon actual reality. For example, non gender bathrooms are going to cause more rapes, groping, peeping, filming, and child molestations, then ever before, simply because ignoring reality does not change the nature of the physical beast. Has anybody actually prepared for these possible negative ramifications?

Taking this insanity to another level, is the person who develops an illness, or is in danger of potential illnesses, such as caused by smoking cigarettes, too much alcohol consumption, or long term exposure to hazardous job situations. These people continue to ignore physical warnings, or the warnings of family and friends, and with a caviler attitude, accompanied by such statements as, "Everybody dies anyway," or "I love what I'm doing, and I won't give it up," ultimately meet with danger and situations that kill and maim, simply because they ignored physical reality, and chose an illogical approach such as their own personal interpretation of reality. I recently lost a Son because of such inability to abide by reality and logical thinking. These people make up their own reality as they go along, independent of actual physical facts or reality. They fail to make the necessary changes in life required to extend or preserve their life span, and are the first to moan when faced with failing health and death. 

The same can be said about those living in earthquake prone areas in times of planetary tectonic unrest, such as around the Pacific Rim, being totally unprepared for coming disaster. They live in a world oblivious to anything but their tiny personal world of daily living, and their source of income, job, or personal ambitions, which is their entire universe, in spite of global unrest all around them. They go on until the disaster hits, and then expect the government to help them. The same with nuclear energy, and nuclear reactors, increasing all around the world, in earthquake prone areas, in an increasingly volcanic and mega quake environment, in spite of the recent Fukushima disaster, or the fact that there is no way to neutralize or store the spent radioactive fuel, except to pile it up in ever growing mounds, stacks, and piles that nobody knows what to do with. Yet, advocates of this nuclear insanity go on day after day encouraging more reactors and creating ever larger piles of radioactive death, while average Joe cares not or even knows what is about to befall him and his family.

The same with chemtrails that hardly anybody notices despite the fact that the skies are crisscrossed in obvious intentional patterns that slowly sink and spread until the entire sky and sun are blotted out. Hardly anybody notices. It's not normal jet exhaust as any jet mechanic will tell you, but obvious particulate spraying with intent to block out the sun, and climate engineering, and yet hardly anybody notices what's directly above their heads. Dittos for the coming financial and economic collapse that's obvious to only a few, and with the majority of people going about normal business totally unprepared for what is about to happen. Another example are wars that are going on globally, and caused by the U.S Government, which seem to be out of sight and mind to most people. Yet another scary example is a government that bases it's foreign policy and military options upon it's own presumptions of reality, and not actual reality, and yet possesses enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world ten times over, while intentionally provoking other nuclear nations to war, in spite of the obvious danger.
I'm sorry for this diatribe, but sometimes I just have to vent. 

Next Major Earthquake Near Fukushima That Brings Down The House
Will Make Tokyo Uninhabitable & Poison The Earth For Hundreds Of Years To Come
Fukushima Darkness: Radiation of Triple Meltdowns Felt Worldwide

Market Bubbles About To Deflate
The Dollar About To Self Destruct
"What Has QE Wrought?"
Ron Paul

Senior MP: No Need to US Presence in Iraq

Aleppo: Turkish Army, Militants Launch Heavy Attacks on Kurds in Afrin

‘Trump failed’: Iran claims win in diplomatic battle over nuclear deal 

Criminal In Charge Of The Prison
Protesters burn Netanyahu effigy in New Delhi ahead of ‘historic’ visit (VIDEO) 

This Criminal Is Leading Trump & The U.S. To Oblivion
‘Shame’: Thousands rally against corruption in Israel after Netanyahu son scandal (VIDEO) 

The Persecution of Julian Assange


One Nation Under Israel
Trump controlled by Mossad 

It's All About Real Estate, Money & Power
Jared Kushner’s connection to an Israeli business goes without scrutiny

 imagine how different it would be if that business was Palestinian

Only For Israel
Everything President Trump Wants In The Nuclear Deal
Weakens Iran's Defenses Against Surprise Israeli Attack
Recent Israeli Attacks On Syria Are An Example Of What Iran Can Expect In Future
Trump Gives World Four Months to Change Iran Nuclear Deal

Iranian Government Would Be Nuts
 To Give Up Defensive Missile Systems
‘Last chance’
 Trump waives Iran sanctions, demands changes to ‘disastrous’ nuclear deal

Iran: Nuclear Deal Not Renegotiable

Iran rejects Trump’s ‘fixes’ to nuclear deal, slams new sanctions

Don't Waste Your Breath
Trump Is An Israeli & Doesn't Care A Penney For Iran
Iranian FM Blasts Trump for Lack of Understanding

Stupid U.S. Politicians Are Hurting The Future Of U.S. Global Enterprise
They Don't Care About The Nation 
Only Expansion Of The Global Empire
Russia warns US about ‘futility and viciousness’ of Washington’s stance on Iran deal 

Iran nuclear deal survived year one of Trump’s presidency, can go the distance – former adviser 

Trump ‘setting up’ US to pull out of Iran nuclear deal, warns arms control group 

Turkey Continues To Be A Loose Cannon On Deck
Syrian State Media: Turkey Helped Rebel Counterattack in Idlib

Al-Nusra Utilizing Turkish Military Vehicles in Battle against Syrian Army in Idlib

Let The World See How Far Down America Has Gone Into Swamp
U.S. Still In The Dirty Business Of Training Terrorists To Murder Syrians

US-Backed Forces In Syria
 Release And Regroup Captured ISIS Fighters - For Round 2

 Foreign bases in Syria ‘unacceptable’
 Senior official

S.D.F. Is A U.S. Terrorist Operation 
With False Name And Nothing To Do With Syria
The Syrians Are Getting Tired Of U.S. Terrorist Stooges Murdering Their Countrymen
Popular Uprising Reported in Northern Syria
 after Cold-Blooded Murder of Two Civilians by SDF

We Hope So
Syria: Advanced Air Defense Systems Make Airspace Unsafe for Israeli Fighter Jets

 Putin discusses Syria, North Korea with Russia’s Security Council

Not Iranian Government 
Iranian Sympathizers Trying To Defend Yemen From U.S./Saudi Butchers
Murdering Innocent Civilians & Causing Unprecedented Human Catastrophe

UN Report Claims Iran Violation of Yemen Arms Embargo 

Expensive Terrorists Broke The Saudi Bank
Saudi Investment on Iran-Arabs Conflicts Fails

Don't Mess With Russia
 Russian military eliminates militants
 who shelled Hmeymim airbase December 31

Russian MoD says it has killed group of militants who attacked its airbase in Syria (VIDEO)

Not Fooling Anybody
Everybody Knows The U.S. Was Behind The Attack

Drones That Attacked Russian Bases in Syria Resemble US Military UAVs – Analyst 

U.S. A Sponsor Of Terrorism Only Feigning A Fight With Same
Russian Foreign Ministry
 US Claims of Fighting Terrorists in Syria Unconvincing

U.S. Helping Terrorists
By Indiscriminate Bombing Of Civilian Targets
 Russian diplomat blasts Western establishment for ‘conspiracy of silence’ on Raqqa

Israeli Police State At It Again
Over 100 Palestinians Injures as Israel Cracks Down on Protests

Nearly 300 Palestinians Hurt in Renewed Clashes With Israeli Police 

Israeli troops fire live rounds & tear gas at Palestinian Day of Rage ‘inciters’ (VIDEOS) 

U.S. Nutty Military At It Again
World War 3: North Korea ready to strike NOW as US bombers deployed to Guam

Want to Strike North Korea? It’s Not Going to Go the Way You Think

 "Another Step Towards Armageddon"
Paul Craig Roberts Fears

Trump’s craving for more nukes a ‘rip off’ 
that only benefits military industrial complex 

A Cold War Mentality
Trump to boost ‘usable’ nuclear weapons stockpile
 justified by Russia & China arms buildup

One Grain Of Sand At A Time
Surging Russia/China Trade Further Undermines Petro-Dollar

Watch This Video
What the Hell Are They Spraying? 
Lionel Interviews Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch 

Giza Pyramid: Scientist Suggests There is an ‘Iron Throne’ in Unexplored Cavity

Facebook shares fall 4% after news feed overhaul 


A New Poll Shows the Public
 Is Overwhelmingly Opposed to Endless US Military Interventions

"Looking For A Savior
 In A President Is A Slave Mentality"

Latest US Political Developments
 Are Weakening the AngloZionist Empire

The US Should Drop Its Quest for World Domination
 and Learn to Live and Let Live

‘US priorities are to bomb & destroy other countries, not rebuild them’ 

If President Trump Doesn't Join China's New Silk Road Then The U.S. Is Facing A Financial Crash

Walmart abruptly lays off 1,000s of workers, but raises pay for others due to tax reform 

Trump asks why so many immigrants come to US from ‘s***hole countries’ – reports 

No other word but racist
 UNHR spokesman slams Trump’s reported remarks on s***hole countries

‘Not the language used’: Trump after reports of ‘s***hole’ countries remark about African nations 

Cost of first-ever Pentagon audit to soar beyond $900 million

Another Oil Exporter Unpegs From The U.S. Dollar 

Move Over Fort Knox: Here's An Actual Look Inside Russia's Gold Vaults At Their Gold Reserves

Putin: We Know the US Was Behind
 Failed Drone Swarm Attack on Our Syria Airbase

Putin slams drone attack on Russian base in Syria as provocation

Russia knows who staged attacks on Syrian base & it’s not Turkey – Putin 

Drone Attacks on Russia-Run Airbase in Western Syria Launched from Idlib De-escalation Zone

Drones that attacked Russian facilities in Syria followed pre-programed route — expert

As Syria Moves Toward Idlib, Potential for Clash With Turkey Becomes Real – Will Russia, NATO Be Involved?

As Syria Mops Up Idlib, the US Goes for Broke Against Russia

 Syrian troops repel attacks by terrorist groups in Aleppo, Idlib and Hama

Over 50 Civilians Killed, Wounded in US-Led Coalition Airstrikes in Deir Ezzur

Challenge for US in Syria is bending Russia to its will – Senate hearing 

Trump flipflop
 US bases to stay in post-war Syria for blocking Russian-Iranian consolidation 

Top 5 Cases of Terrorists Obtaining Weapons Made in States in US-led Coalition

US-backed Forces In Syria Release Hundreds Of ISIS Members

US to Fight Iran's Presence in Syria With Aggressive Sanctions - State Dep't

Israel Bombing Syria to Show It's Still Relevant as Government Forces March to Victory

Saudi Airstrikes Hit North Yemen Market, Killing 11 Civilians 

‘New Yemeni missile system used to hit Saudi-led jets’

Putin: US interferes in other countries’ affairs, should expect mirror reply 

"Russian Agent" Trump Continues Obama-Era Saber Rattling With Russia by Arming Ukraine

‘Shrewd & mature N. Korean leader has won this round – Putin on peninsula crisis 

Kim Jong-un boasts N. Korea can withstand a century of sanctions

Pakistan Says The US Is No Longer Its Ally (And It's A Much Bigger Deal Than You Think) 

Why You Should Switch From Google Chrome to Firefox

Twitter ‘shadow bans’ undesirable voices, censors free speech – Project Veritas exec to RT

Facebook makes drastic changes for ‘more meaningful’ News Feed 


‘Trump has obsessive loyalty to Israel’

Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China

Kushner facing charge of abusing office

Kushner Seems More Into Israeli Business Ties 
Than Raging Middle East Standoff

‘Fog of war’ 
masks civilian casualties
 Airstrike deaths up at least 82% in 2017 

Drone attack on Russian bases in Syria came from Turkish-backed rebels – MoD 

 Russia’s UN envoy calls situation in Raqqa humanitarian disaster

Israel Bombing Syria to Show It's Still Relevant as Government Forces March to Victory

Israel has eyes & ears on the ground in Iran — Mossad chief 

Spokesman: Iran Ready to Speed Up Enrichment if US Breaches N. Deal

Iran Sanctions Will Help China's Petro-Yuan

Swedish Envoy Sees Reimposition of Sanctions as Grave Mistake by US

Iran's supreme leader vows response for unrest

‘Israeli raids can’t help terrorists in Syria’

Russia Accuses US of Supporting Syrian Drone Attack on Their Syria Bases 

US may have been involved in raids on Russia in Syria

Drone Attacks on Russia-Run Airbase in Western Syria Launched from Idlib De-escalation Zone

Saudi Strike Kills At Least 12 Civilians in West Yemen 

Ann Coulter: Nothing Michael Wolff Could Say About Trump Has Hurt Him as Much as DACA LoveFest

US has to buy Russian natural gas as consumer prices soar 

Make No Mistake... the Fed is Preparing For NUCLEAR Levels of QE

Simon Black: "The Day I Found Out It Was All Rigged"

Trump’s new nuke ‘posture’: Draft allows nuclear response to conventional attack and new warheads 

7.6 quake triggers warning of 1m tsunami waves across the Caribbean 

Sputnik news agency’s US provider forced to register as foreign agent 

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