Important Information About mRNA & iDNA Covid Vaccines
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The Spike Turns Many Types Of Proteins Into Prions
…Including The P53 - All These Prions Turn Other Normal Proteins Into Prions! This Is Catastrophic

Renowned Pathologist Ryan Cole Raises Alarm 
over ‘Runaway Turbo Cancers’ Among Vaxxed

COVID vaccines may disrupt hormone system
 and trigger cascade of chronic health issue

New study finds that Covid injections cause TINNITUS

Top Analyst Exposes Cover-Up of Mass Deaths Among Vaxxed Children

CHD Biologist Carolina Bourque had stroke after Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccine

It’s Clear the COVID Vaccines Are Unsafe.
 Dr. Clare Craig’s Testimony to UK’s People’s Vaccine Inquiry

Number of Children Who Died After COVID Shots Much Higher Than VAERS Reports Indicate

Bombshell: Japan’s Former Minister of Internal Affairs 
Apologizes to the Unvaccinated: ‘You Were Right, Vaccines Are Killing Millions of Our Loved Ones’

Multiple Studies Confirm Covid Shots Cause Cancer

COVID-19 Vaccine deaths are soaring

9th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules mRNA ‘Vaccines Are Slow Kill Bioweapons 
 ‘Vax’ Makers Are Now Stripped Of Legal Liability Protection

Employees Can Sue LA Schools Over COVID Vaccine Mandate 
Because Shots Don’t Prevent Transmission Appeals Court Rules

Confirmation of 2021 Hypothesis that Spike Protein Induces Accelerated Aging 
 There is an incredible danger of repeated exposure to Spike Protein

Jab forces French footballer, 29, to retire, Pakistani actor Firdous Jamal has colon cancer
 Nepalese CEO in hospital with heart issues, S Korean actress has cancer again, Sudden illness all over Italy

Covid mRNA Shots Are NOT Vaccines Say Appeals Court

Covid Injections Caused Epilepsy & Appendicitis to Surge in Children, Top Study Finds

Finally BMJ Study Links Excess Deaths and Covid Vaccines

Dr. Francis Boyle Provides Affidavit: 
COVID 19 mRNA Nanoparticle Injections Are Biological Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction

COVID-19 Vaccine-associated Mortality in the Southern Hemisphere

Dr. Chris Shoemaker - ‘Vaxxed’ Hearts work Twice As Hard 
As Uninjected Hearts - Sludge Blood Is A Killer

Japan - Billions of Vaccinated Will Die Those Responsible Must Pay

Researchers Says Covid BioWeapon Shots
 Killed 35 Million around World - Multiply x10)

Covid Injection Injuries Soared 800% Among Canadian Military after Covid Shot Rollout

After 3 Years of Censorship; Mainstream Media Now Confirms 
that COVID Jabs “May be to Blame for Increase in Excess Deaths”

CA, UK, IR: Robin Trower cancels tour; Mamie Laverock falls 5 stories after "medical emergency";
 TV host Seán Defoe has testicular cancer, TV host Adrian Kennedy has prostate cancer

Kanas City Chiefs Player Suffers Cardiac Arrest during Team Meeting

Four of my mother’s Injected friends Dead in last 6 months:

Bird Flu Scare Is a Ploy for More Mass Genetic Vaccination

Three Canadians Doctors Died at Same Hospital in Ontario

Covid Death Rates Double Among Vaxxed - Top Study

After 3 Years of Censorship; Mainstream Media Now Confirms
 that COVID Jabs “May be to Blame for Increase in Excess Deaths”

US Government cartel paid CVS, Walgreens billions
 to reject ivermectin prescriptions, push COVID shots

Scientist Blows Whistle on Cover-Up of Study Showing Covid Shots Cause Cancer

Canada School Forced 2 Death Shots On Kids For Field Trip
 And woman’s 17 Yr Old Daughter Was Dead In 39 Days

Marjorie Taylor Greene blasts Fauci during hearing: Belongs in prison

MSM Reports Study Showing COVID BioWeapon Injections
 Likely Fueled Rise in Excess Deaths

FDA Approves Moderna’s New mRNA RSV Vaccine Bypassing Independent Advisers

100 Examples of sudden & unexpected deaths while sleeping 
…These are Covid BioWeapon-Injected People

Doctors reporting mysterious rise of young people diagnosed with lung cancer

Too little too late: Covid vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths

“We designed mRNA to kill” – CIA Whistleblower?

Philippines House of Reps Investigates 290,000+ Excess Deaths Linked To Covid Death ‘Vaccine

50 Cases of collapsing from ruptured aneurysms

Renowned Cardiologist Issues Red Alert 
 ‘Cardiac Arrests Are Skyrocketing’

Top Japanese Government Official Issues Apology for Mass Vaccine Deaths

What You Should Know If You've Taken the BioWeapon
 all age groups have experienced more injuries due to the mRNA injections than all other vaccines combined

Elevated Risk Of Epilepsy, Appendicitis In Children After COVID-19 Vaccination: Study

Philippines House of Reps Investigates 
Nearly 300,000 Excess Deaths Correlated with covid ‘Vaccines

Moderna Shares Rise On Report 
US Gov't Preparing Funding For mRNA Bird Flu Vax

Nearly 20% say they know someone who has died from Covid vaccine

In memory of those who died suddenly in the US and worldwide, May 20 - May 27, 2024

17 Year Old Who ‘Loved Flowy Outfits, 
Music and Art’ Died 2 Months After Second Pfizer Shot - CHD

Horrific Blood Clot Statistics After the Jab

72 Firefighters have died recently
 COVID-19 mRNA BioWeapon mandates continue to kill first responders at a frightening rate

Federal Court Reignites Controversial COVID-19 Vaccine Lawsuit Against Mayo Clinic

I was paralysed after getting the jab... but the payout won't cover the cost of my disability:
 AstraZeneca victim lashes out at Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme

COVID-19 Vaccine Litigation Against Mayo Clinic Revived By Federal Court

Covid Vax Genocide - It IS What It IS…The Greatest Intentional Crime In Human History

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Mandates Continue to Kill First Responders at a Frightening Rate

Severe Warning Given About Covid BioWeapon Prions
 In The Donated Mass Blood Supply

deadly blood transfusions from covid vaxed donors

UK Pathologist Rules 36-Year-Old Mom 
Most Likely Died From Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine

Excess Cardiopulmonary Arrest and Mortality
 after COVID-19 Vaccination in King County, WA

Disturbing Study by Harvard Medical Doctors

mRNA Death Toll Is Bigger Than The Holocaust’ 
(No, It Is Far, FAR Bigger Than That alleged event)

Japan’s most senior cancer doctor - COVID shots are ‘essentially murder’

mRNA Shots Permanently Alter DNA of Vaxxed & Offspring

Harvard Study - Covid Shots Cause Sudden Deaths, Strokes

Debunking the lie that COVID ‘vaccines saved ANY lives once and for all

NHL Player Brock Boeser out of Game 7 with DVT blood clot and NHL's most vaxxed team, 
Vancouver Canucks, are out of Stanley Cup Playoffs - 10 more Athletes clotting suddenly - Makis

Confessions of a NZ Surgeon - I was forced against my will by Ardern, Hipkins and Bloomfield
 to have three mRNA jabs to keep my job - Horrible Injuries And Side Effects

Injured by two Pfizer jabs - CHD Video

Miscarriages Surge in Vaxed Women 
 ‘Millions’ of Babies Murdered

COVID Vaccination is the real cause of Long COVID
 researchers refuse to acknowledge It

Covid BioWeapons cut global life expectancy by two years (How About 20?)

UK ONS now admit that deaths in the vaccinated
were categorised as unvaccinated in 2021

Turbo Cancer Deaths Surge in Vaxxed Teenagers And Young Adults

Study finds Pfizer’s COVID-19 injection has MORE Than 500 times allowable levels of DNA contamination

Obesity and diabetes are vax induced autoimmune diseases

Died Suddenly: 60 COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated Nurses From Around the World

Australian Doctor Got Turbo Brain Cancer After Two COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

Likelihood of DEATH from Covid mRNA jabs 
a hundred times greater than from flu vaccines, research reveals

Renowned Oncologists Demand Covid Shot Ban over Soaring ‘Turbo Cancers’

60 Doctors from around world, who Recently died suddenly

Victory: Federal Court rules
 University of Colorado vaccine policies "motivated by religious animus"

Harvard Study - Covid Shots Cause Sudden Deaths, Strokes

Aunt developed Turbo Cancer after Pfizer

New Zealand: Covid-19 vaccine death of Rory Nairn -
 report highlights failures in informing consumers of risks

Billions Expected To Die
 In Coming Years From Covid ‘Vaccines’

mRNA Vaccine’s Diabolical Molecule can trigger Cancer

Covid Shots Linked to Surge in Rare Autoimmune Disease, Study Finds

Flesh-eating streptococcal disease cases skyrocket in Japan 
in just 1 year, surge followed covid vaccine rollout

COVID-19 And Vax Contributed To Increase In Rare Autoimmune Disease In 2021: Study

Ex-CDC Director Says It's High Time To Admit Significant Side Effects Of COVID-19 Vaccines

CDC Admits Covid Shots Killed 500,000 Children And Young Adults - (It’s FAR Higher Than That)

65 Coaches who died suddenly From COVID-19 mRNA BioWeapon mandated jobs

University's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Violates US Constitution: Court

"COVID-19 vaccines are “essentially murder”
Top Japanese oncologist says 

Ex-CDC Director Admits Covid Shots
 Caused ‘Significant Side Effects’ Among Young, Healthy People

Cancer Patient Dies Suddenly from Blood Clot at 34

TURBO CANCER Lymphoma under age 40 are a Tsunami

COVID Jab killed 29 yr old daughter - CHD

25 Yr Old BoA Analyst Dies Suddenly Of Cardiac Arrest
 While Playing Soccer At Industry Event

Six Vaccinology-illiterate US Presidents 
Have Promoted Big Pharma’s Fast-tracked Experimental Vaccines

Young Women suffering heart attacks 
2-3 years after COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination - it's not slowing down

Alarming Increase in New Cancer Cases

Renowned Oncologist Drops Bombshell States Flatly...Ivermectin Cures Cancer

Leader of Slovakia Shot After Demanding Investigation Into COVID ‘Vaccines

Over $13 Million Paid Out In Vaccine Injury Claims In Australia

36 Case Reports of Cancers After mRNA COVID Injections

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