Important Information About mRNA Covid Vaccines
Please Review This Growing List Of Articles & Videos Before You Decide To Be Injected With mRNA Vaccines

 Too Little, Too Late - Pure Political Tricks 
Trump Finally Mentions ‘Adverse Events’ Of The BioWeapon For The FIRST TIME 
 Calls On Big Pharma To Release ’Safety’ Data Immediately - Tens Of Millions Have Been Murdered Or Mortally Wounded

‘Pfizer Gave Me Guillain-Barré Syndrome’

German Health Authorities Say They Have Yet to Evaluate Covid BioWeapon Injuries
 Because There Are Too Many of Them

Turbo Cancer: Teachers Are Being Decimated by Aggressive and Metastatic Cancers 
After COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Mandates

Want To Bet?
Bill Gates: You Don’t Have a Choice

 Astonishing Proof of mRNA Genocide! 
Comparing Overall England Death Rates According to Vax Status

Pennsylvania High School QB Needs Miracle After Collapsing Mid-Game, Family Says

Nagoya Uni prof continues post-vax death analysis

WATCH as Ed Dowd warns about WARLORDS ruling the world in the coming COLLAPSE
 So many millions of people have been injured or killed by the jabs that there are no longer enough workers available 
to fuel the American economy. As someone who has long worked in finance, this is extremely concerning to Dowd, 
who called this a "black swan" event, the likes of which this country has probably never before seen.
The ongoing collapse will be a slow and incremental one, in Dowd's view, boiling the frog just slowly enough 
that most Americans will probably be none the wiser about what is really going on until it is already far too late.
"In five years, there will be warlords operating certain parts of the country

Ultra Pro-BioWeapon ‘Vax’ Trump Finally Begins To Try To Politically Wiggle Away 
From His ‘Warp Speed’ And ‘It’s A Beautiful Vaccine’ BS
 Don’t Allow Him To Skate - Most EVERYONE Knows It’s a BioWeapon Now

CDC Repeatedly Advised People With Post BioWeapon Injuries To Get More Doses

COVID-19 Vaccine and Booster Hesitancy: 
How Do mRNA Vaccine Con-artists and Big Pharma Drug Pushers 
View Those Who Don’t Want Their Toxic Products Anymore?

Double Vaxxed and Double Boosted Jill Biden Tests Positive for COVID--Again

 Fitness Enthusiasts Are Dying Suddenly. 16 Sudden Deaths Examined 

Video: Pilot Tim McAdams, Aged 59, Had Two Cerebellar Strokes Three Weeks After Second Pfizer Shot

Watch: Fauci Squirms As CNN Anchor Confronts Him With Data Showing Masks Don't Work

Trump Lockdown Tyrant Does 180, Says No New Mask Mandates 

CDC Data Reveals COVID Vaccine Could Take 24 Years Off Of Men’s Lives

Expiration Dates For Billions Of Vaxed Nearing

More evidence of covid vaccine harm emerges 
while politicians begin to push more covid ‘vaccine’ BioWeapon Injections

Dozens of death certificates list COVID-19 vaccination as cause of death

FDA, CDC Hid Data On Spike In COVID Cases Among The Vaccinated: Documents

Florida Doctor Reinstated After Losing Board Certification For Criticizing COVID-19 Vaccines

Hospital that fired nurses for refusing BioWeapons Is now begging them to return

"Screw Your Face Diapers!!" Mask Mandate Return Sparks We Will Not Comply Trend

Federal Court Rules Against FDA Over Anti-Ivermectin Posts

GOP Lawmaker Questions DOJ About $280 Billion In Lost COVID Relief

New Study Finds ALL New COVID Variants
 Were Made In A BioLab (Setting Up Next Kill Shot Booster And Rigging 2024 All At Once)

Video: Covid-19 “Pack of Lies”: 
Crimes against Humanity. Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

 Why Won't COVID Lockdown Tyrants Admit They Were Wrong?

CDC Responds To Mask Mandate Claims

MS Governor Refuses To Implement COVID Mask Mandates

Sen. Johnson Claims CDC Abused Authority,
Engaged In Censorship Campaign Of COVID-19 Vaccine Posts

Br Nathanael - Trump Still Brags About Being ‘The Grandfather Of The ‘Beautiful Warp Speed Vaccine

Conflicting Evidence Of mRNA Technology Raises Serious Concerns About Rush For Use In New Vaccine Development

Secretive Covid disinformation unit worked with security services

Mask Toxicity: Four Studies Document Toxic Materials in Masks that Leach Out Many Carcinogens!

Fired Professor Wins Key Victory In Free Speech Case Over Mask, Vaccine Policy

Gates - People who resist the coming mRNA Vax tsunami will be excluded from society

Dr. Kevin Stillwagon Explains Why You Should NEVER Take A Booster Shot - Excellent Visual Explanation

Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Causes Marked Decrease in Immunity in Children: Study

Biden Admin’s Push for Everyone to Get New COVID Vaccine Is ‘Irresponsible’. Dr. Jay Bhattacharya

Dr. Kevin Stillwagon On Injected Pilots And The Great Dangers Facing The Flying Public

Three Phases Of The Covid BioWeapon Mortality 
What Most Of The Injected Have For A Future

Pfizer KNEW Its ‘Vaccine’ Was Killing Unborn Babies 
Can You Spell Genocide? There Is NO Doubt About It

COVID-19 Vaccines: Proof of Lethality. Over One Thousand Scientific Studies

Video: Oncology Prof. Angus Dalgleish, Warns About COVID-19 Vaccine-induced Turbo Cancers

A New COVID Variant? Ron Paul Warns "They Want Us To Shut Up While They Do It Again"

How The BioWeapon Stops Pilot Hearts 
 Huge Danger Of Pilots (And Everyone) Dropping Dead From Often ASYMPTOMATIC Myocarditis - How The Booster Kills

Whistleblower who disclosed myocarditis spike in military after COVID vaccine rollout goes public

COVID Reemerges: Why You Shouldn't Panic

CDC Now Refusing New COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports In Its V-Safe Program

The Covid “Killer Vaccine”.
 People Are Dying All Over the World. It’s A Criminal Undertaking

Republicans In Nine Florida Counties Adopt Resolution Calling For Ban Of COVID Vaccines

Spartacus Actor Barry Duffield Shares His Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Injury Story

Here We Go Again - Biden to Ask Congress for More Cash for Killer ‘Vaccines

CDC warns latest COVID-19 ‘variant BA.2.86 infects the FULLY VAXED, admitting the vaccines don’t work

Pfizer Documents Show COVID-19 Vaccines Contain Potentially Harmful Modified RNA, Not mRNA 

Graphene COVID Kill Shots: Let the Evidence Speak for Itself

COVID mRNA Vaccine Injury Series: Mysterious Strokes in Young Women

COVID mRNA and Pregnancy: Skyrocketing Deaths of Vaccinated Pregnant Women. Dr. William Makis

Patient Advocates, Physicians Say "Don't Give In To Fear" About New COVID Variant

Election Variant: Citizens Push Back Against Mask Mandates

Woman denied organ transplant due to Vax status Dies

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: 
The COVID Pandemic Farce Served as a Trial Balloon for the New World Order

Video: COVID Lockdown Measures Contribute to Economic Destabilization
 and Undermine Civil Society. Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

Other Vaccines Are Deadly
One HPV Vaccine Killed My Son’ 
 Teen Went To the doctor for a sports physical at 14 yrs old... And Was Given The Death Shot

Shocked!? CDC Says New COVID-19 Variant Could Cause Infections In Vaccinated People

Pilot Incapacitation: Student Pilot Went into Cardiac Arrest Behind the Controls Mid-flight

Video: Oncology Prof. Angus Dalgleish, Warns About COVID-19 Vaccine-induced Turbo Cancers

Return of COVID Restrictions? Do NOT Comply, Be PREPARED!

What we learned from the first round of Covid hysteria: Will you be fooled again?

Military Members Kicked Out For Refusing COVID Vaccine Seek To Have Their Discharges Upgraded

Not a Single Court in the Western World Is Willing to Examine the Covid-19 Evidence.
 “Crimes against Humanity” Revealed by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Will You Comply?

Review These Photos Before Deciding To Take The Jab
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome After Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

A Startling Compilation: Neither Safe Nor Effective

More Covid Injections Means More Death and Injury - Roberts

51 yr old triple vaxed CT woman spends weeks in hospital 
for extensive surgery to unblock two major digestive arteries - Guess why

Cardiologist Regrets Vaccinating Young People At His Clinic - That Was A Mistake On My Part

Rand Paul On Return Of COVID Measures: "These People Have No Shame"

Why The COVID Delusion Continues

Secret Letter To CDC:
 Top Epidemiologist Suggests Agency Misrepresented Scientific Data To Support Mask Narrative

Leprosy cases on the rise after COVID-19 vaccination

Blood Clots in the Legs, Lungs and Hearts of Young People (COVID-19 Vaccinated). 
Grammy Winner Tori Kelly, NFL Cleveland Browns Marquise Goodwin

Former U Houston Basketball Player Dies Suddenly at 23

Caleb White, 17-year-old No. 3 high school basketball player in Alabama, dies after collapsing on court

We won't be fooled again

Time for your Eighth Covid Vaccine Dose: 
Pfizer Says Latest Booster Won’t be Tested on Humans but It Works Great on Mice!

Turbo Cancer: Social Media Influencers on Youtube, Instagram, TikTok Are Getting Turbo Cancers

Is This The Real Reason "Eris" Cases Are Spiking? 

Biden regime to reinstate COVID-19 restrictions beginning with mask mandate 
as "COVID cases rise", say TSA and Border Patrol whistleblowers

Pilot Deaths: Flight from Nagpur to Pune, India, Collapsed at the Boarding Gate, Died in Hospital

The Covid “Vaccine”: A Bioweapon Disguised as a Medical Cure?

BOMBSHELL: Pfizer Gave Australian Employees COVID Shots From Separate Batch

USAF reveals 17 people have died at Tinker base since January, 11 
due to natural causes, 6 remain under investigation

Forced Into Taking COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines, Nurses Are Developing Advanced Turbo Cancers

Researchers Discover Concerning Cancer Trend In Young Adults

Another One? Boeing Dreamliner Pilot Suffers "Fatal Cardiac Arrest" Shortly After Takeoff

mRNA ‘Vaccines Have Caused Irreversible Heart Damage to BILLIONS of People
These Lives Have Likely been Severely Shortened

More than 94% of all leprosy outbreak cases Are occurring among covid-jabbed victims

Dying in Sleep: Young People Are Still Dying Suddenly in Their Sleep

More Canadians Dying in 2023 
 Media Silent The Death Tsunami Is Gathering Momentum

USAF Won't Reveal Causes of 17 Deaths at Tinker Air Force Base This Year - Guess...

Ex Olympic Swimmer Dies Suddenly at 43

Pilot Died in Flight: Aug. 14, 2023 LATAM Flight LA505 (MIA-SCL) Miami to Santiago, Chile

Teenagers Dying Suddenly in Australia, UK, Ireland

CDC data show over 118,000 US children died suddenly
 after the covid jab rollout (What Is The Real Number?)

COVID jabs linked to 2,500% increased risk of early onset dementia

Most NHL Players Allegedly Took The Jonestown Jab
 21 Year Old Prospect Dies Of Turbo Brain Cancer - Just Diagnosed 2 WEEKS Ago

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination Campaign Is Mass Homicide

180 Canadian Doctors Have Died Suddenly
 Since the Rollout of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines in December 2020

Teenage Athletes Are Still Dying Suddenly at Unprecedented Levels in US and Canada

 FDA Drops Ivermectin Bombshell

Rand Paul: "No Clearer Case Of Perjury 
In The History Of Government Testimony Than Fauci"

modRNA - They Are Poisoning Us

Biden Admin Concedes There is No Evidence 
Behind Recommendation for 6 COVID Booster Shots EVERY YEAR

"Significantly Worse Outcomes" 
 Scottish COVID Inquiry Savages Lockdowns And Vaccines

Report - Nearly 120,000 young adults, children Murdered By COVID BioWeapon shots
There Are MANY More Deaths Not Admitted To

Fauci Lied And 120,000 Children Died
 Secret CDC Report confirms Hundreds of Thousands of Youngsters ‘Died Suddenly’

Growing Concern BioWeapon Heart Damage in Adolescents May be Permanent (And Their Lives Have Been Shortened)

Atlanta Hawks Player Suffers Horrible Clotting And Other Severe Trouble
 Right After Injection - His Wiki Page Has Been Purged Of ANY Mention Of The Crisis

Covid vaccines are "disproportionately" harmful 
and up to 98% of injuries are being missed, says senior Conservative MP

COVID Vaccine Myocarditis Relapses in Teenage Boys
 Following Apparently Complete Initial Recovery: Italian Researchers

Growing Number Of Leprosy Cases Reported After COVID-19 Vaccination

Covid vaccine makers' stocks crash as sales drop off a cliff

COVID-19 Vaccine Spike Protein in the Brain? 

The Deafening Silence About the Vax

Died Suddenly on Vacation:
 Collapsing on the Beach. Covid Vaccinated while on Holidays

Heart-Scarring Observed In Children Months After COVID-19 Vaccination: Study

Retired Suddenly: NFL Players and International Soccer Players Injured 
After Taking COVID-19 Vaccines. Pericarditis, Arrhythmia, “Heart Conditions”, Blood Clots in Legs & Lungs

Connecticut court upholds state ban on vaccine religious exemptions

Risk of stroke skyrockets in vaccinated with onset of Covid infection

mRNA Covid jabs have caused silent heart damage to tens of millions of people, a shocking new study suggests

New Evidence Suggests Vaccinated Can Transmit Covid-19 Vax Antibodies Through The Air

"Your Injections Are Killing Our Young People" 
 Pfizer, Moderna Reps Slammed During Heated Aussie Senate Hearing

COVID boosters cause MUCH more damage to the heart than previously believed

Some Vaccinated Children Have Heart Scarring After Myocarditis 
According To Long-Term Study (Where Is The Parental Outrage?)

Bombshell - Pfizer Employees Were Given A *Special Vax Batch*
… Different From What Was Forced Into The General Population

BioWeapon Shots No Longer Required for Medicare Providers 
But 100+ Colleges Still Mandating the Death Injections From Students

mRNA COVID Vaccines and Pregnancy: 
Turbo Cancers in New Mothers (COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated)

Turbo Cancer in Doctors: 
Top Breast Cancer Surgeon and Top 20 Oncologist Influencers

Worker Fired Over Refusal To Receive COVID-19 Vaccine Wins Job Back

Collapsed Suddenly: 18-year-old Colombian World Cup Star Linda Caicedo Collapsed at Training

mRNA COVID Vaccines May be Triggering ‘Turbo Cancers’ in Young People: Experts

mRNA Vaccine: The COVID-19 Spike Injury You Need to Know About

Watch: Rand Paul Says He Has Fauci "Dead To Rights"

"Too Big To Hide" - Ed Dowd Slams COVID Vax Injuries "Cover-Up... It's A Crime"

Risk of Stroke Skyrockets With COVID-19 Infection After BioWeapon Injection

Pediatrician Fired After Raising Alarm On COVID Vaccines During US Senate Event

Subclinical Heart Damage More Prevalent Than Thought After Moderna Vaccination: Study

Brain Aneurysms: People Who Died Suddenly From Aneurysms 
(Likely COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Injury to Blood Vessels)

Why do people’s personalities suddenly change following COVID Vaccination? – The Expose

Rise In Type 1 Diabetes Among Young People Linked To COVID BioWeapon

Techno-Hell: Pfizer mRNA Flu Shots Soon to Hit Pharmacies Worldwide

COVID Vaccines Show 24 Times More Adverse Reactions Than Others

63,060% increase in Europe Child Deaths following EMA approval of Covid BioWeapon

Europe’s Child Deaths Soared in 2022, Confirming BioWeapon Depopulation Fears

mRNA Covid injections have caused silent heart damage to tens of millions of people ...shocking new study

BioWeapon Kill-Off Being Carried Out By Death Cult Thats Taken Over US & World

The Covid Pandemic Was a Complete Orchestration - Roberts

Will the Largest Organized Mass Murder in World History Escape Accountability? 
"Covid was an Orchestrated Pandemic" 

Dr. John Campbell - One in 35 Suffer Myocardial Injury after COVID Booster Injection

Live Collapse: 54-year-old Former Soccer Goalkeeper and ESPN Analyst 
Collapsed Live on Air on July 23, 2023. He “Urged People to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine.”

Grammy-Winning Singer Tori Kelly Collapses In Public, 
Rushed to LA ICU with Severe Blood Clots In Lungs And Legs - Seems BioWeapon Related

SARS-CoV-2 Spike S1 Subunit Induces Hypercoagulability - Amyloid Clots

A Universal AIDS

Dr. William Makis Warns Of Danger To ALL Pregnant Women Who Take BioWeapon - Video

Many People Fully Vaccinated for COVID Are Now Going Blind

UK Turbo Cancer Update - Breast Cancer for Ages 24-29 Up 174% from Trend

Cardiac Arrests: Young Women Are Dropping Dead Everywhere. 
COVID-19 Vaccine Myocarditis in Women Is Up to 1 in 30 Per Jab

Pro Vax Mexico Celebrity Doc Dies Suddenly At 42

Ex-footballer collapses mid-commentary on live TV

Serious Doubt About COVID-19 Vaccine Safety 
After Forced Release Of 15,000 Pages Of Clinical Trial Data

CIA, DoD & Rockefeller Confirmed As Deagel Planners Current real-world data on excess deaths 
in the West strongly suggest Deagel’s depopulation forecast is on track to be hit Via The BioWeapon

Covid Vaccine Jab: Brain Bleeds in Young People

Censored: UFC Fighters Are Exposing COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

U.S. Army Surgeon in Tears: Top Brass Ordered Silence on Vaccine Injuries

US Military Confirms Myocarditis Spike After COVID Vaccine Introduction

Across the West, People Are Dying in Greater Numbers. Nobody Wants to Learn Why

Censored: UFC Fighters Are Exposing COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

The Covid Vaccine Causes Seizures in Young People

After Long Silence On Long Vax, Science Magazine Links Autoimmune Disorders To COVID Shots

Report Warns ‘Sickness Explosion’ in UK Costing Billions Per Year 
The UK is being gripped by a “sickness explosion” which is costing the economy £15 billion a year, experts warned.

a Million Americans ‘Missing as US Endures a Crisis of Early Death

Former Iowa Football Player, 23, Dies Suddenly

Doctors Dying Suddenly: 
Do Doctor Couples Who Inject mRNA Together Die Suddenly Together?

NYT casually drops a truth bomb: about 30% of "COVID deaths" weren't from COVID

Zero Amish children diagnosed with cancer, diabetes or autism

Lancet study on Covid vaccine autopsies finds 74% were caused by vaccine
 Study is removed within 24 hours

Dr. Peter McCullough on mRNA Caused Turbo Cancers 
And The Horrific Damages Of The Spike Protein…As We've Said For Over 2.5 Years - Video

Cognitive Impairment in Adults – What Role Did COVID Vaccines Play?

Jabbed animals continue to die suddenly at zoos throughout the world 
 From Elephants To 4 Lion Cubs - They Are Being Killed Just Like Humans

VAERS data clearly shows BioWeapon Jabs are unmitigated disaster for pregnant women

Pfizer And Moderna Put Cancer-Causing Chemicals in the COVID Jabs - McKernan

Video: “Definitive Proof the COVID-19 Vaccines are Causing Death”. Kim Iversen Interviews Peter McCullough

Young Teachers (COVID-19 Vaccinated) Who Died Suddenly During March 2023. 14 Sudden Deaths Examined

Turbo Cancer of Salivary Glands: 
Tragic Story of 33-year-old Californian Woman 
Whose Life Was Destroyed by Three Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

Dying of Influenza: "2023 Will be Deadliest Flu Season.
" Why COVID-19 Vaccinated Young Australians Are Dying of the Flu, and How Their Deaths 
Will be Used to Push New mRNA Influenza Vaccines

Brevard County, FL GOP Formally calls CoVid-19 injections BIOWEAPONS - Vid

Brevard County GOP Exec Committee Landslide Vote To Ban mRNA Covid ‘Vax’ 
Deeming It And The Virus A ‘Biological And Technological Weapon

Govt Reports prove Pfizer & Moderna purposely Made Deadly Batches of the CV ‘Vaccines

Pfizer lied & 1 Million Germans Died in less than a year due to VAIDS according to Secret Government Data

FDA confirms Modified Spike Protein used in mRNA COVID-19 ‘Vaccines
 is NOT Safe And Is More Dangerous than Unmodified Spike

Authorities Think COVID ‘Vaccine may cause ADE And VAIDS Due To So Many Severely Harmed People

COVID Vaccines Harm Newborns, Study Proves Moderna Worse Than Pfizer...Higher Dose

Over 1 Million Americans are likely severely injured by the COVID ‘Vaccine’ BioWeapon 
- Kirsch (Multiply that By 50-100 And You’ll Be Closer to Correct)

COVID-19 Vaccines: Proof of Lethality. Over One Thousand Scientific Studies

mRNA; from COVID-19 to Cancer

Veteran-Owned Clean Beef Company 
Says It Would Rather Shut Down Than Accept mRNA Injections In Cattle

German Pathologists Prove Criminal Coverup of COVID Shot Deaths

Germany to Scrap Up to 200 Million COVID-19 ‘Vaccines

Vaxxidents? Auto Insurers Hit By Worst Crisis In "30 Years," Sends Premiums Skyrocketing

Young Teachers (COVID-19 Vaccinated) 
Who Died Suddenly During April 2023 to May 2023. 14 Sudden Deaths Examined

Media Continue to Lie About Gene Therapy Jab

Multiple Sclerosis: Neurological Injury That can be Caused or Exacerbated by COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

Multiple Sclerosis: Neurological Injury That can be Caused or Exacerbated by COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

Cover-up! Our Landmark COVID-19 Vaccine Autopsy Paper 
(74% of Sudden Deaths Were Caused by the Vaccine) Was Censored by Top Medical Journal Lancet Within 24 Hours!

Santa Clara University Students Must Take COVID Vaccines Or Withdraw

Big Surge In SEVERE Myocarditis Cases In NEWBORN Babies And Infants In The UK - The War On Children

Dutch rocker, Wimbledon star, Portugal's president All collapse

Florida Provides the Latest Proof That the Covid Vaccines Did Not Save Lives

Peru Reports Big Rise In Guillain-Barre syndrome Gosh…wonder What Caused it...

Microbiologist Releases Study Linking Covid-19 Vaccine
 To Increased Cancer Risk And Other Troubling 'Side Effects'

Transverse Myelitis: Severe Neurological Injury 
Caused by COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. Nine Horror Stories

Alarming Sevenfold Increase In Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Linked To COVID-19 And Vaccine

36 bodybuilders died suddenly in 2022 Guess why...

Comprehensive study - ZERO Amish kids suffer from cancer, diabetes or autism – WHY?

From Turbo Cancer to Sudden Heart Failure The Never-Ending Tragedy Of the ‘Vaxed

17 Yr Old Football Player on Life Support After heart Stops On Field

MSM Normalizing Next Phase of VAIDS: What is ‘long vax’? 
Symptoms linked to COVID-19 shot Baffle Docs

mRNA COVID ‘Vaccines Have Created a New Class of Multi-Organ/System Disease 
- CoVax Disease Children from Conception on Suffer Horrible Effects

CA Physician arrested & prosecuted for Telling truth To Vax-Injured Patients - Video

International Science Journal Publishes Article 
Calling for COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines to be Reclassified as Gene Therapies

Healthcare Workers Are Dying Suddenly

Firefighters Are Dying Suddenly. 
Another COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine-Mandated Group Suffering From Injuries & Deaths

Blood Clots: Major Problem with Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. 
Some Are Lucky to Survive Like NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders

Aneurysms Are Killing Social Media Stars: 
30-Year-Old Bodybuilder Jo Lindner Dead After Four COVID Jabs,
35-Year-Old Pregnant Instagram Star Jackie Miller James in a Five-Week Coma

Dr. Denis Rancourt: COVID Injections Have Killed 13 Million People Worldwide

Lancet Study on Covid Vaccine Autopsies Finds 
74% Deaths Caused by Vaccine…Study is Removed Within 24 Hours To Hide Results

Seizures reported in children after mRNA Covid BioWeapon Injected In Them - Pure EVIL

Over 300 Damaged Canadian Soldiers Launch $500 Million Lawsuit 
Against Military Over COVID Vax Forced Injection Mandates

The Covid-19 Vaccine Applied at the Level of the Entire Planet.
 It’s A Criminal Undertaking

A Systematic Review Of Autopsy Findings In Deaths After The Covid BioWeapon Injection

Shocker - Fully Vaxed Man Comes Home From Surgery Sees His Wound Open Up 
And Spew Huge Clots! How Can The Human Heart And Body Function With This Kind Of Destroyed, Sludge Blood Filling The Bloodstream?

Cardiovascular deaths from mRNA ‘vaccinations’ probably enormously underreported

UFC fighter reports blood clots after COVID shot - Also says mom killed by jab

Video: Upholding Freedom in Canada. 
Bill C-278: Repealing Trudeau’s Covid Vaccination Mandates for Employment and Travel

Unvaxxed Amish death rates 90 times lower than rest of America

14 Professional Soccer Players Died Suddenly in the Past Six Months. Five Dead in the Month of June 2023!

Covid Vaccine Injury Treatment: 
Fasting for 48-72 Hours Creates Autophagy

The Horrible Truth Is Becoming Clear - 
Birth Rates Dives Since 2021 - mRNA Continues Killing Masses Of Unborn Babies
 And Sterilizing Millions Of People - Berenson

Mystery cluster of Mad Cow Prion Type Of brain disease 
striking healthy Canadian adults robbing them of ability to talk, walk - Vax Caused?

Actress Dies By Assisted Suicide Following Devastating COVID Booster Injuries

Bodybuilding Star Dies At 30 Post ‘Vax

UK: Since the vaccine rollout there has been an inexorable rise in excess mortality

Serious adverse events from Pfizer's mRNA vaccine are not "rare"

The Covid-19 Vaccine Applied at the Level of the Entire Planet. It’s A Criminal Undertaking

Bombshell “Leaked” Pfizer “Confidential Report”: 
“Trading in Death and Disease”. 393 Pages of Vaccine “Adverse Events”

cardiovascular deaths from Covid-19 mRNA BioWeapon Injections Hugely Underreported Say Peer-Reviewed Studies

New Research Paper: mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Are Gene Therapy Products

Turbo Cancer Leukemia (AML): 40-Year-Old COVID-19 Vaccinated, From Diagnosis to Death in Four Days.

Biden Admin Stiffing COVID Vaccine-Injured Americans Over Medical Claims

Experts Reveal Major Shortcomings With FDA Analysis Of Safety Outcomes In COVID-19 Vaccinated Recipients

cardiovascular deaths from mRNA Covid jabs Are hugely underreported - peer-reviewed studies

New York woman loses teeth after Moderna mRNA booster shot,
 blames COVID mouth’... reveals epidemic of post-injection teeth damage

Annual numbers of excess deaths in the US 
relative to other developed countries are growing at an alarming rate - (Vax Deaths)

School Buses and City Buses Crashing:
 COVID-19 Vaccinated Drivers Are Having Medical Emergencies Behind the Wheel, Risking Many Lives!

Breast Cancer under 40 is Exploding because of The BioWeapon Injections -
 From 47,000 In 2022 To 297,000 (and counting) Already In 2023 - These Women Have Been Ruined And Had Lives cut Short

Dr. Denis Rancourt - Covid injections have killed 13 million people worldwide - No, Multiply That By About 100

Japan Weekly Excess Deaths vs COVID Boosters Pattern
 Is Most Deaths Occur With, And Right After, Booster Injections - Graph Is Damning

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Destroy Your Immune System. 
Cleveland Clinic Proved It, But Negative Vaccine Efficacy Was Known as Early as Dec. 2021

CDC Reports confirm .6 Million US Children & Young Adults have died
 since the FDA OK'd the COVID-19 BioWeapon - (Multiply .6 By At Least 10)

Pseudo-scientist Peter Hotez promotes UNLIMITED Covid BioWeapon Injections for little Children 
As as part of the Fauci disinformation agenda and the ‘vaccine' violence propaganda campaign

Over 300 Canadian Soldiers Launch $500 Million Lawsuit Against Military For COVID Vaccine Mandates

Moderna Cooking Up New Covid Injection Version - No One Will Know What Is Really In It Or What Proteins It Causes To Be Made

Over 500 Excess Heart Deaths A Week In England Since COVID-19 Began

Data shows 63,060% increase in Child DEATHS 
since rollout of Pfizer’s COVID BioWeapon jab for children in Europe

New: Another study identifies high rate of severe myocarditis cases post COVID vax

Shane Warne's death precipitated by Covid mRNA vaccine say leading doctors

Covid vaccines, the frail elderly, and "healthy vaccinee" bias

Dr. Ryan Cole - Cancer Taking Off Like Wildfire

Confidential Pfizer Document Shows the Company Observed
 1.6 Million Adverse Events Covering Nearly Every Organ System

COVID mRNA Vaccines and Pregnancy
Stillbirths Right After Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination, When the Fetus “Dies Suddenly”

Cardiologist warns COVID vaccinations may have caused severe heart damage in over 100 million Americans

British cardiologist calls for mRNA vaccines to be suspended due to heart risks

Spike in deaths corresponding to Covid vaccine rollout found in peer-reviewed analysis of Japan and Germany

All-Cause Mortality Up After Mass COVID-19 Vaccination

New Cleveland Clinic study confirms negative efficacy of Covid vaccine: Boosted 33% MORE likely to get Covid

MHRA admits that it missed Covid vaccine safety signals

Ivermectin Could Have Saved Millions of Lives, Why Was It Suppressed

Military Members Kicked Out For Refusing COVID Vaccine Seek To Have Their Discharges Upgraded

Govt data shows COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ HARM the immune system – 
Facebook admits it was wrong to label that ‘misinformation’

28 Yr Old Bellator Boxer in ICU after Heart Attack

All COVID-Infected At Health Conference Were Vaccinated: Study

Turbo Breast Cancer: South African Mayor, 42-Year-Old Marlene Vermaak Van Staden 
Had a Lump After COVID-19 Booster Shot, It Was Stage 4 Turbo Breast Cancer. She Died 10 Months Later

Vaccines Cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

People Up To Date With COVID-19 Vaccines More Likely To Be Infected: Study

Top Canadian politician apologizes to unvaccinated,
 we were wrong… And makes unprecedented promise...

Turbo Lung Cancer: 
24-Year-Old UK Paramedic Coughed Up Blood and Died Within Five Months of Stage 4 Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Bombshell Video: The “COVID Pandemic” Was the Result of Extensive Media Propaganda: “Nobody Is Safe, BE AFRAID!”

First German Lawsuit Brought Against BioNTech Over COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

Burn It Well Done Before Eating It
The US Meat Supply May Soon be Widely Contaminated with mRNA Proteins From Biotech “Vaccines”

Monkey Virus DNA Found in COVID-19 Shots

British cardiologist calls for mRNA vaccines to be suspended due to heart risks

Turbo Gastric Cancer: 
Diagnosis to Death in 12 Days, Tragic Story of a 49-year-old Army Nurse

mRNA & Pregnancy: Infants Who Died Shortly After Delivery, 
Born to Mothers Who Were COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated During Pregnancy!

Supercharging the Launch of mRNA Products Will Have Dire Consequences 

VAERS Is Cleverly Hiding 182 Child Deaths Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines. 
You’ll Never Find Them. These Are Some of the Most Shocking COVID-19 Vaccine Child Death Stories But They’re Hidden From Public!

Spike Protein In BioWeapon Damages Mitochondria

COVID Shots Associated with Increased Risk of Blindness

We Tried to Improve COVID Vaccine Labeling — The FDA Said ‘No Thanks’

Turbo Colon Cancer: 
Diagnosis to Death in Three Weeks, the Tragic Story of a 44-Year Old Ohio High School Teacher Jeff Clark

Pilots incapacitated, falling ill, suffering medical emergencies
 - in the US (3), UK, Ireland, Romania and Australia since March, 2023

Vaccinate to Vacate the Planet? 

Doctors all around the world are now AWAKE and saying Never again!

Experts ‘Astounded’ After FDA Rejects Request to Add Health Risks to COVID ‘Vaccine Labels

More Than 100 Young Children Suffered Seizures After COVID Vaccination: Study

Video: Macron Faked Vax. French Politician of 20 Years Announces Vax Wrecked Heart and Government Fakery 

600,000 Americans Per Year Are Dying From COVID Shots 
Says Top Insurance Analyst (We Feel This Is Very Conservative)

Pilot Deaths - Four Fully-Vaxed Singapore Airlines Pilots Died Suddenly In May 2023

COVID Propaganda Roundup - Pfizer Knew mRNA Shots Sicken Infants in April 2021

The Immune System Attacks Every Single Cell And Organ In The Body That Has Spike On Cell Surface
 Think Of It As Transplant Rejection Of The Entire Body No Wonder People Are Terribly Sick, In Painful Misery

The most damning evidence to date of vaccine heart damage and death 

How The BioWeapon Disables The Body’s Symptom Generating Alarm’ System 
Why People Can Be Dying Of Cancer, Etc And Not Have A Clue

Disturbing Rise in Cognitive Problems in 2023

Nurse Injured By COVID-19 Vaccine Heading To Trial Against Former Employer

Pericarditis: The Other, Less Talked About COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine-
Induced Heart Inflammation that Disables or Kills You

Naomi Wolf - No more normal placentas since The COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Vaccinated Veterans MORE Likely to Die from COVID, VA Study Proves

Abnormal Surge of Brain Abscesses in American Children, CDC Says

Stupid Trump Refuses To Disavow His Huge Role In Mass ‘Vax’ Injuries And Deaths
  Instead Doubles Down On His ‘Heroic’ Role - Calls Shots One Of The Greatest Achievements Of Mankind

Exclusive: New evidence FDA, CDC hid early data on myocarditis spurs questions of criminal coverup

Bad Batches (“Hot Lots”) of Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: 
4.2% of Pfizer Vaccine Doses Are Deadly, But What About the Rest?

Family Of College Student Who Died From COVID-19 Vaccine Sues Biden Administration

Bombshell “Leaked” Pfizer “Confidential Report”: 
“Trading in Death and Disease”. 393 Pages of Vaccine “Adverse Events”

Dr. Tenpenny - There Is No DETOXING
 From This Gene-Altering BioWeapon Injection And Med Beds Are A Farce

Repeated COVID-19 Vaccination Weakens Immune System: Study

The Vax Coverup Continues

SOURCES: Jamie Foxx was forced against his will to get covid jabbed for movie,
 then developed debilitating blood clot in his brain 

Report - Doctors KILL more people than cancer

Bombshell “Leaked” Pfizer “Confidential Report”:
 “Trading in Death and Disease”. 393 Pages of Vaccine “Adverse Events”

Germany's health minister changes tune on vaccine injuries

Washington Doctor Under Investigation for Criticizing COVID Policies Wins Emergency Injunction

Covid vaccines - A colossal failure around the world

Astonishing rise in Britons with an irregular heartbeat - these are the main warning signs

Exclusive: New evidence FDA, CDC hid early data on myocarditis spurs questions of criminal coverup

Don't let them rewrite history: Ventilators KILLED people...and it was no accident

Stillbirths are skyrocketing in the Post-Covid Vaccination Era, leaked Hospital Email reveals

37 year old Italian personal trainer, swimmer & triathlete Claudio Rais jumped to death,
killed himself after catastrophic effects of Pfizer & Moderna Malone, Kariko, Weissman (Fauci) mRNA technology

Biden Regime Faces First-ever U.S. Lawsuit Over COVID “Vaccine” Injuries, Deaths 

Most Important Medical History Lesson We Must Never Forget 
One of the most egregious lies spread by mainstream media hosts and health authorities like Dr. Anthony Fauci 
and Dr. Rochelle Walensky was that the COVID “vaccine” would stop the spread of infection, thereby ending the pandemic.
 It was a provable lie, because none of the COVID shots had ever been tested to see if they could prevent the spread of infection

Robotic Pills for Gastrointestinal-Tract-Targeted Oral mRNA Delivery

Bio-Weapon ’Time Delay’?
The Body’s Symptoms Reflex Is Shut Down - 100s Of Millions Are Likely Dying And Don’t Know!
Figure skater Piper Gilles has ovarian cancer, goalie Heinz Lindner has testicular cancer, cyclist Jan Polanc retires 'heart irregularities’
cricketer Heath Streak treated for cancer, Golfer Michael Hendry diagnosed with leukemia, 
footballer goes into cardiac arrest in Liverpool, Oz footballer goes into cardiac arrest mid-game

Died Suddenly – Multiple family members or couples dying suddenly shortly after COVID-19 vaccination: 
Was it a bad vaccine vial? Shared genetic anomaly? Coincidence? – 11 family tragedies examined

Pfizer Crimes against our Children: Cardiac Arrest of Two Month Old Baby an Hour after Experimental Vaccine

Washington Doctor Facing Probe For Criticizing COVID Policies Wins Emergency Injunction

Will The Covid “Operation Warp Speed” stop Trump’s presidential bid?

Hank Green - 43 yr old social media influencer 
who inspired millions of fans to get the injections diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma

Died Suddenly – COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated young people who died in their sleep
 SADS is not happening, this is mRNA vaccine induced myocarditis causing sudden cardiac death (2023: 13 cases)

Bayer Head Admits COVID-19 Vaccine Is Gene Therapy

Excess deaths are off the charts in UK

600,000 Americans per year are dying from COVID shots says top insurance analyst

UK Commits £1 Billion for Moderna’s mRNA Universal Flu Vaccine Despite Lack of Scientifically Sound Data

Aussies injured by COVID jabs file first ever class action lawsuit 
against drug pushers who promised safe and effective vaccines

COVID vaccine-injured sue Biden Administration over censorship

“Severe Post COVID-19 Vaccine Syndrome”: 
Diagnosis Only Available in UK and Europe (Not in Canada or USA)

Video: mRNA Vaccine: 
New Phenomenon of Virulent Cancers. Dr. William Makis, David Knight Show

Bombshell Video: The “COVID Pandemic” Was the Result of Extensive Media Propaganda: 
"Nobody Is Safe, BE AFRAID!"

Is This Why Pediatricians Push Vaccines? 

COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries: Multiple Heart Attacks or Multiple Strokes

mRNA and Breastfeeding: COVID-19 Vaccinated Mothers Who Breastfeed 
Babies Have Serious Reactions Including Death

COVID Vaccine-Injured Sue Biden Administration Over Censorship

From a reader whose wife suffered severe post-mRNA vaginal bleeding

Since last August, 27 comedians have died suddenly (and 4 more fell gravely ill)

Experts call for investigation over catastrophe of excess deaths running thousands higher than during pandemic

‘Sad Day for Babies and Mums’: 
FDA Panel Recommends Pfizer’s RSV Vaccine for Pregnant Women

Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch Issues Excoriating Review of COVID Lockdown Policies 
Including Business Closures and Vaccine Mandates and Calls Them ‘Among the Greatest Intrusions on Civil Liberties in the History of the Nation’

Beef company CEO: "I'll shut down the company before we ship a single bag with mRNA-injected meat"

Mike Tyson let's slip that Shot Up Jamie Foxx actually had a severe stroke
 but refuses to confirm it - Pfizer wields its total dominance of Hollywood

WHO Warns Of Unusual Surge in Severe Myocarditis in Babies

Jayne’s vaccine story: I lost every hair on my body and people now think I’m a man

Spike protein in mRNA injections causes unusual blood clots 

Graphene COVID Kill Shots: Let the Evidence Speak for Itself 

15 UK newborns with severe myocarditis These Babies Are Essentially DOA

“Died Suddenly”: Bus Drivers Collapsing,
 Pilots Having Medical Emergencies, Weightlifters, Turbo Cancers and More

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch Shreds Lockdown Authoritarianism

Heartbreaking Social Media Post... Don't Give BioWeapons To Babies

Died Suddenly: Police Officers Who Died Suddenly Recently, 
Possibly Due to Injuries from COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

 Some vaccine batches far more toxic than others, analysts find

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Becomes Unavailable In US

Three Rhode Island teachers who were fired for refusing COVID vaccine were offered jobs back after settlement

Died Suddenly: Police Officers Who Died Suddenly Recently, 
Possibly Due to Injuries from COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

Scientists prove Graphene Nanobots are in the Covid Vaccines 
And shedding from the Vaxed To the Unvaxed

Report: Record 2.5mln Off Work with Long-Term Sickness as UK Unemployment Rises Again

UK charity sounds alarm on soaring blood clot deaths, 
calls on NHS to publish data it stopped collecting during lockdowns

Atty Renz unloads horrifying audio recording evidence
 of nurses ordered to MURDER COVID Patients For Hospital Profits

Study Confirms The Covid BioWeapon Injection Didn’t Actually Save Any Lives - Video

Why Are So Many Children Suddenly Dying? ...Because Of The Kills Shots Or Shedding

Media Silent as UK Data Show Sharp Increase in Excess Deaths - Campbell

Many Pregnant Women Were Forced to Get COVID Shots - Here’s What Happened to Them

Naomi Wolfe interviews Nurse Midwife Who describes how she has not seen
 A Normal Placenta In A LONG Time - They Are Calcified ...Start Video At 37:55

COVID ‘Vaccines Cause SEVERE Neurological Injuries And Complications

More Stunning Proof Of Shedding And How It Will Destroy Your Blood…And You - Photos

Man Feels Completely Normal After Covid BioWeapon Injection -
 See What Brazilian Biologist Found - These ‘Problems’ Are Likely Throughout His Body, Head To Foot

UK charity sounds alarm on soaring blood clot deaths,
 calls on NHS to publish data it stopped collecting during lockdowns

Will Lawsuits Bring an End to COVID Vaccines?

Fired Teachers Who Refused COVID Vaccine to Get Full Reinstatement and Back Pay

A ‘biomedical police state kill box’ is now fully established 
and mRNA-LNP compounds are ‘cellular genetic dirty bombs,’ warns legal researcher for US senator

9 Yr Old Boy Denied Kidney Transplant to Save His Life Because He’s Not ‘Vaxed

Official Report - Ventilators Killed Nearly ALL COVID Patients Put On Them

Pilot Death: United Airlines and US Air Force Pilot
 Lt. Col. Michael Fugett, Age 46, Died Unexpectedly at His Home on May 9, 2023

Analysis of Health Outcomes in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children: 
Developmental Delays, Asthma, Ear Infections and Gastrointestinal Disorders

A Colossal Failure Around The World 

Covid BioWeapons have caused a Dangerous & Deadly Alliance
 between Graphene, Nanobots, mRNA, and Nanotechnology

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