Important Information About mRNA & iDNA Covid Vaccines
Please Review This Growing List Of Articles & Videos Before You Decide To Be Injected With mRNA Vaccines

Tennessee Lawmakers pass bill targeting mRNA vaccines in food

A Turbo Cancer “Dual Diagnosis” Phenomenon in the COVID-19 Vaccinated

A Doctor Tells The Truth About The Vax Injured 
They All Seem To Be Getting Worse And Are Dying

27% of Saudis in ‘Bombshell’ Study Experienced Heart Issues After mRNA COVID Shots

Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Persons Up 66%

Lausanne University Hospital In Switzerland Finds 
That Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Causes Chronic Urticaria In Many! 

CDC Releases Hidden Trove Of COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Reports

Multiple Deaths, Thousands of Cardiac Injuries Reported to V-safe, Latest Data Dump Reveals

Autopsy Confirmed COVID-19 Vaccine Myocarditis Deaths
 Australian dad drops dead 48 hrs after his 1st Pfizer COVID 5 
Autopsy Cases and our myocarditis paper wins 1st place

UK - TV Host's pal dies of cancer, Martin Griffiths quits UN, goalie has a stroke, 
Oz fitness guru’s brain aneurysm, Spain - Bertín Osborne battling long Covid’
 NZ Real Housewives star has skin cancer; British Airways pilot incapacitated mid-flight

Govt IS Injecting Livestock With mRNA Vaccines

Criminal Complaint vs SwissMedic/mRNA Vax

Moderna Developing mRNA Vaccines for Diseases Linked to COVID Shots - Satanically Hilarious

Turbo Lung Cancer in under 40 year olds - 12 Cases

‘Fantastic’ Soccer Player Dies Suddenly at 24

Ex NFL Star Died suddenly At Grandma's Home at 35

Vaccinated People Show Long COVID-Like Symptoms 
With Detectable Spike Proteins: Preprint Study

25 Years Wiped from Life Expectancy Of Fully-Vaxxed

Cancer Deaths Spiked in 2021 & 2022 
after Starting mRNA BioWeapon Injection Campaign (gosh)

Triple-Jabbed #1 Twitch Streamer in Shock After Receiving Cancer Diagnosis at Age 32

Horror Video Shows Endless Number Of Vax Murdered

Doctors Report Mysterious Worldwide Cancer ‘Epidemic’

COVID-19 Vaccine Myocarditis Not Healing > One Year After Diagnosis

The Era Of Informed Consent Is Over 

Excellent wel-written paper on the danger of mRNA technology that is in the mRNA COVID vaccines
 it’s a bioweapon, it's deadly, And it was made to kill

Media Begins Warning Public of Soaring Cancer Rates among Vaxxed - Mass death nearing

IGG4 antibodies seen in the vaxed are not normally seen in humans 
Another BioWeapon Kill Bonus

Died Suddenly...And Then Run Over!

Heart failure In Navy pilots up 973% - Schwarzenegger, Strawberry, Roberto Duran, 
Damian 666 all down with heart disease Dr. Dre brain aneurysm, had three strokes in 2021 & more

COVID-19 vaccination linked to rare neurological disorder 
that causes pain, muscle atrophy and paralysis

Princess Kate is part of an unfortunate new trend of more cancer cases among younger people’

Australia, we have a problem - Graham Hood, former Qantas captain,
 on the lethal ‘vaccine’ mandate for ALL airline personnel - Video

mRNA Injury Stories - 24 Yr Old healthcare worker in Nashville 
developed a baseball size brain tumor - 15 cases

S Korean Preprint Study Warns That COVID mRNA ‘Vax’ Can Cause 
A Variety Of Blood Disorders Including Aplastic Anemia! 

COVID mRNA Vaccine Injury: New Migraines Are a Dangerous Sign

Heart-Scarring Detected Over 1 Year After COVID-19 Vaccination: Studies

Warning = COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines 
Can Cause Subacute Thyroiditis - Thailand Medical News

Hidden Study identifies issues with mRNA vaccines that could have fatal consequences

Moderna Vaccine Recipients Have Greater Risk Of Developing Chronic Condition: Study

Hong Kong Study Finds That COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Activates CD57+ NK Cells
 That Leads To Acute Myocarditis! - Thailand Medical News

Cambridge Scientists Admit mRNA COVID Jabs Causes Unintended Immune Responses
 In Up To 33% Of Recipients INTENTIONAL & Deagel Forecasts - Thailand Medical News

Three Soccer Players Collapse on the Pitch on Live TV 

Fraud Pope Francis condemns antivaxxers - 
says NOT taking the covid injection is an act of suicide - The Church Is Dying…Fast

Japanese Preprint Calls For mRNA VaccinesTo Be Suspended 
Over Blood Bank Contamination Concerns

William Makis MD on X: "NEWS: I've been very concerned about Kate Middleton being COVID-19 Vaccine Injured.
 I may have been correct. If The Princess of Wales had COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines and then developed cancer, 
this could indeed be COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancer. 

Six Vaccinology-illiterate US Presidents Have Promoted Big Pharma’s Fast-tracked Experimental Vaccines

Excess Deaths and Depopulation: Shall We Sit Around in Our Insouciance and Permit This to Happen?

Covid Mandates, Pandemic Treaty. Demand to Exit The WHO:
 Open Letter to the People of Switzerland, the Federal Council and Parliament

FDA Settles Ivermectin Case, Agrees To Remove Controversial Stop It Post

DNA contamination in Covid vaccines DOES get into human cells, new evidence shows

Turbo Cancer Deaths Surge in Vaxxed 15 to 44-Year-Olds

Vaxed blood is poisonous and contaminated - Avoid ALL Transfusions, If possible

Cardiovascular, Neurological Damages from Transfusions
 with Blood of Vaccinated People - EXPLOSIVE STUDY

Global data reveals cancer cases among young people have increased by 79% in 30 years - 
The IMPORTANT Question Is How Much Since 2020?

Of Spike Proteins and Rabies - 
How the Spike Protein Mimics Rabies May Explain Many Sudden Deaths

Internationally Renowned Footballer, 44, Dies Suddenly

Cambridge Scientists Admit Current mRNA COVID Jabs 
Causes Unintended Immune Responses In Up To One Third Of Recipients 

Global cancer phenomenon: UK, Japan, South Africa, 
among dozens of countries suffering mystery spikes of tumors

Video: Australian Pilot Captain Graham Hood 
Urges Australian Government to Stop the COVID Shots

Vaxed blood is poisonous and contaminated Avoid Transfusions at ALL l

Pro-Vax Reporter Dies Suddenly of Heart Attack at 54

Three outspoken evangelists of the mRNA clot shot 
have had their vaccine ministries come to sudden and sad ends

To All COVID Vaccine-Injured, Watch This Video. Fraud Is Identified, Y
ou Were Tricked and Lied To to Take an Unsafe Vaccine

937% Increase in Heart Failure among Bioweapon Injected US Military Personnel

Doctors Warn COVID-19 mRNA Jabs Can Cause Primary Cutaneous CD4
 Small-Medium T-Cell Lymphoproliferative Disorders And Cutaneous Lymphomas - Thailand Medical

Fox News Reports COVID-19 Shots Contain Toxic DNA and Cancer Viruses

Couples “Dying Suddenly”: Michelle DiPoala Had a Hemorrhagic Stroke 
and 2 Days Later Her Husband Actor/Director Joe Kowalski Had a Heart Attack

"Extreme Events": US Cancer Deaths Spiked In 2021 And 2022 
In "Large Excess Over Trend"

CDC Study Confirms COVID Jab
 Lowers Life Expectancy By Up To 24 Years An official new study

Severely BioWeapon Injection Injured Man,
 Mike O’Mara, Speaks Out Near His End

Monstrous Amyloid Clots inside Vaccinated Dead after mRNA Shots

Pfizer’s “Secret” Report on the Covid “Vaccine”. Beyond Manslaughter.
 The Evidence is Overwhelming. The Vaccine Should Be Immediately Withdrawn Worldwide

Harvard Medical School Professor Was Fired Over Not Getting COVID Vaccine

US Navy Medic Shut Down for Releasing unclassified DOD Data
 Showing a 937% Increase in Heart Failure Among Va