CO2/Carbon Dioxide Doesn't Cause Global Warming/Climate Change
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The Sun Is Biggest Cause Of Climate Change
Make Hay While the Sun Shines
 by Joel Smalley

Unveiling Climate Mysteries 
 Debunking CO2’s Role in Global Warming

Cows Do NOT Cause ‘Climate Change’ - Top Study

Idiot Gore Said the Ice Caps would be Gone by 2014

Why climate change ISN'T going to end the world 

More Than 1,600 Scientists Sign Declaration: 
“No Climate Emergency” Exists at All

CO2 Does NOT Cause Global Warming
 Evidence from peer-reviewed scientific You won't hear on the news

BBC, Guardian raise alarm about deadly heatwaves
 in Mali and Burkina Faso, despite little rise in average temperatures last 85 years

Professor Valentina Zharkova and the Little Ice Age which has already started 

Human-caused carbon emissions 
have no discernible effect on climate, study finds

Feds Using ‘Data’ from Temperature Stations
 That No Longer Exist to ‘Prove’ Global Warming

Video: Climate – The Cold Truth. 
The Massive Scam which Promotes Global Warming / Climate Change

Hidden Behind Climate Policies, 
Data From Nonexistent Temperature Stations

Islands that climate alarmists said would soon disappear
 due to rising sea found to have grown in size

Massive retrospective adjustments made
 to temperature databases used to promote Net Zero

New Study Finds No Evidence
  Of A CO2-Driven Warming Signal In 60 Years Of IR Flux Data

32 Climate Hoaxes That Are Now Supporting For WWIII 

Climate The Movie: Watch Here

There's Been No Increase: 
Scientists Debunk Climate Change Claims About Hurricanes

Watch the game-changing new film
 that explodes climate change and net zero Lies

Is climate change to blame 
for the atmospheric rivers impacting California? The evidence says ‘No

Natural Influences Driving Sea Level Rise 
Overlooked in Media’s Climate Coverage, Heritage Report Says

Very Bizarre: Scientists Expose Major Problems With Climate Change Data

Drastic And Irreversible Climate Geoengineering Worries Scientists

Cambridge University Climate Scientist 
Denounces Climate Emergency As Noble Lie

Pure Junk Science:
Researchers Challenge Narrative On CO2 And Warming Correlation

Earth is entering a new era of Global Cooling

"If You Want To Control People,
 You Have To Control The CO2" 

Trillions Spent On Climate Change 
Based On Faulty Temperature Data, Climate Experts Say

Carbon Dioxide (CO2): "The Gas of Life"

Biden's natural gas shutdown won't help the environment, 
but it will make you poor, cold, and miserable

Young Audiences Question Climate Alarmism,
 Prompting Calls To Censor Content 

CO2 Climate Change Theory Is a Big Lie 
Used to Control Humanity – Harvard Professor

Climate Fraud In New Zealand

Why Are "Hottest Year" Ever Headlines Spiking Right Before A Polar Vortex? 

Ted Nugent slams ‘bullsh*t’ climate change as scam

Make-Believe Crisis

Green Energy Waste Overlooked In Climate Agenda

Ominous Rumblings From The Climate Change Cult

Himalayas have been getting COLDER,*
Nature Geoscience journal reports

Unprecedented ice mass gain over Antarctic sheet
 between 2021 & 2022, outpaced mass loss

The Climate Scam Revealed by COP28

1500 Scientists Say “Climate Change Not Due to CO2” 
The Real Environment Movement Was Hijacked

COP28 President's "no science" remark blows holes in carefully curated Net Zero narrative 

Embarrassed experts flip-flop, now warn: Will snow more heavily in coming years!

The climate scaremongers
 Hurricanes aren’t getting to Be more frequent...

Climate Scientist Says It's Unreasonable 
To Call Climate Change An Existential Threat

Leading Russian polar scientist: 
Cooling begins in 2030...Climate crisis a Globalist Scam

Tucker Obliterates John Kerry with ‘Facts’ on Climate Change - Watch

Volcanoes, Iceland and Climate - CO2 Coalition

Three Graphs That Show There Is No "Climate Crisis"

The Climate Change Mental Asylum
 CO2 Fanatics Suffering from Ideological Insanity

Latin America sees misinformation on climate change, study says

Antarctica Ice Retreated Thousands of Years BEFORE CO2 Rise Say Scientists

Recycling Eco-Myths Is The Existential Threat

The climate-change religion: How long before human sacrifices?

West Antarctica temperature FALLS 2°C in 20 years

Nearly 2 Billion People In The World Don't See Climate Change As A Threat

17 Questions to Challenge the Climate Change Crisis 

1500 Scientists Say “Climate Change Not Due to CO2”  
The Real Environment Movement Was Hijacked

Climate Change - The Big Lie 

The Fraud of the ‘Climate Change’ heat death inferno - A Total Hoax

Climate Change Is The Number One Problem Of... No Nation?!

Era Of Unquestioned And Unchallenged Climate Change Claims Is Over

This Summer Was Not Even in America’s Top 10 Hottest, Say Scientists

Climate scientists admit they have a 90% chance of being wrong about Arctic sea ice

Greenpeace Canada Co-Founder Admits We Are Not In A Climate Crisis

The Delusional Climate Countdown – A Holistic Appraisal of Real Climate Change

Real climate scientist debunks crisis claims

Climate models wrong on East Pacific... 
We don't know why this cooling is happening

Lies, Damn Lies, and the Sierra Club 

A Cleverly Staged Hoax’
 Former German TV Meteorologist Slams Climate Hysteria

17 years of near-zero trend in September sea ice demolishes claim that more Co2 means less sea ice

Thousands of Scientists Unite to Expose Climate Crisis Hoax

Meteorologists, Scientists Explain Why There Is No Climate Emergency

Another Stupid Los Angeles Times Climate Alarmist Propaganda Claim

Quinn: Fake Climate Narrative Is Easily Debunked

The climate scaremongers: Shoddy dams to blame for Libyan floods, not global warming

The Climate Emergency Is A Hoax

1500 Scientists Say “Climate Change Not Due to CO2” 
The Real Environment Movement Was Hijacked

Oil and Gas and Climate Change Fakery

Prominent Scientist Admits To Pushing "Preapproved" Climate Change Narrative To Get Papers Published

Antarctica suffers coldest August since 2002, planes grounded due to extreme freeze

Corporate Media Gripped A Nation In "Climate Anxiety" Despite Scientists Who Say No Emergency

The Giant Science Lie that Underpins the Entire Collectivist Net Zero Political Project 

Over 1,600 Scientists Sign No Climate Emergency Declaration

GOP Pres candidate Vivek ‘The Climate change agenda is a HOAX’

German Scientists - Global Warming Is A Corrupt, Fear-Mongering Scheme Headed By Super-Rich

The religion of climate alarmism

World Climate Declaration: There Is No Climate Emergency

“Dangerous Corruption of Science. There is No Climate Crisis”: 
Nobel Prize Winner Dr. John F. Clauser Endorses “World Climate Declaration”

Scientist admits that climate hysteria is ‘a manufactured consensus based on deception and fear-mongering

Climate Maps Manipulated to Mislead the Public

Two Princeton, MIT scientists say EPA climate regulations based on a hoax

The fake climate consensus 

What heatwave? Latest data show July temperature in U.S. was normal

Ex-Climate Alarmist Spills the Truth About the Climate-Change Industry’ 
 Says It's Manufactured Global Warming Consensus

Overwhelming consensus Says the climate crisis is artificially fabricated’

What Sky News Did Not Tell You About Antarctic Ice 

Great Barrier Reef coral growth holds on to recent record gains 
 defies ongoing doomsday predictions

Climate Experts Criticize Alarmist Rhetoric Over Summer Temperatures

The Global Warming Hoax Is A Rerun Of A Plot As Old As Mankind

Top Climate Scientists Rubbish Claims July was the Hottest Month ever 
 Says Public Is being ‘Misinformed on a Massive Scale’

MSM Wrong FL Sea Water Is Not Setting Records

BBC still playing fast, loose with climate facts

Nobel Prize winner who doesn't believe climate crisis has speech canceled

Sea ice extent above average around Svalbard Norway 
despite high sea surface temperature in northern Atlantic

Feverish BBC Reporting On European Heatwaves 
Debunked By Actual Temperature Readings

It's not climate change that's causing heat waves this summer but no one wants to explain why 

“Corruption” of Climate Science: Nobel Laureate John Clauser Speaks Out

Global Warming? We Are in One of the Coldest Periods Ever!

Leading Climate Scientist Expresses Doubt About Truth Of The Global Warming Movement

The Lancet distorts the data to make heat deaths look worse...

Record Breaking Heatwave in Europe? 

Is Global Warming Causing Massive Heatwaves?

Heatwaves Have Fallen in the United States Over the Last 75 Years

Don’t Be Fooled! Here’s How NOAA Perpetuates A Climate Crisis Rainfall Myth

Godless Fake Science. The Importance of Truth 

Climate models come with dangerous CO2 warming baked in, code review finds

Even NOAA "Runs Away" From Hottest Day Ever Claim After Media Hysteria 

10 Million Yr Old Tree Fossil Proves Climate Change Is Natural…Not Caused By Humans

The Climate Crisis that Never Was ...Exposing Global Warming Lies

2022 Nobel Prize Winner says there is No Climate Crisis

Impact of volcanoes on climate underestimated by ALL computer models, Cambridge study reveals

Epic Fail - Climate Models Greatly Overestimate Corn Belt Warming

1500 Scientists Say “Climate Change Not Due to CO2”
 The Real Environment Movement Was Hijacked

Climate Disruption: It’s Not Due to CO2

Carbon dioxide is the building block of all life on Earth

New study destroys doomsday glacier narrative: 
Today's ice 8 times THICKER than last 8000 years

Deliberately Exaggerating the Risks of Climate Change
 is Undermining Public Trust in Science and Destroying Young People’s Mental Health

The Corruption Of Climate Science 

The data shows sea levels have been falling for over 100 years in Scandinavia.
 But the IPCC decides they're rising

California’s Mean Annual Temps Were Up To 3.8°C Warmer Than Today During The Last Glacial