CO2/Carbon Dioxide Doesn't Cause Global Warming/Climate Change
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The Corruption Of Climate Science 

RFK Jr: Bill Gates & WEF are using climate change to control population

John Kerry targets agriculture as part of anti-human climate crusade

Climate scientists flee Twitter as hostility surges

Germany Is Turning Against The EU's Green New Deal,
 Common Sense To The Forefront

Green Projects Hit Iron Wall

Neil Oliver: There's nothing green about the green agenda...just plain old greed!

Europe is beginning to turn against the prophets of climate alarmism

Trendy vegan brands pull products as sales plummet

The data shows sea levels have been falling for over 100 years in Scandinavia.
 But the IPCC decides they're rising

The CO2 Narrative: The Truth About ‘Net Zero’: A Diabolical Agenda Sold as a Saviour Formula

The working-class revolt against Net Zero 

The Club Of Rome: How Climate Hysteria Is Being Used To Create Global Governance

Exxon Crushes Progressive Dreams That "Net Zero" Has Any Chance By 2050: 
It Would Mean Collapse In "Global Standard Of Living"

Exxon dismisses Net Zero 2050 warning it would collapse global standard of living

The Regime Intends to Shut Down U.S. Power Grid
 to Achieve ABSURD Climate Goals—This Will Decimate the National Economy 

John Kerry Declares War on US Farmers: Gov’t Farm Confiscations ‘Not Off The Table’

Greatest reset: Europe could achieve net zero 
by demolishing its historic buildings and starting again, says Italian central bank 

"It's Criminal": Central Wisconsin Communities Unite To Stave Off Looming Wind Turbine Industry

Dutch farmers preparing for battle with WEF agenda

Where Is There Global Warming?
Late spring SNOWFALL in New Hampshire covers parts of Granite State in three inches of the white stuff

The risks of eating bugs

Tenpenny On Eating Bugs and Insects - Pt 1

Tenpenny On Eating Bugs and Insects - Pt 2

California’s Mean Annual Temps Were Up To 3.8°C Warmer Than Today During The Last Glacial

IPCC admits many of its gloomy climate forecasts are of "low likelihood"

Meat is crucial for human health, scientists warn

John Kerry Would Love For Farmers To Stop Farming

Morgan Stanley Says $7 Trillion Needed To "Re-Wire" EV Battery Supply Chain In Multipolar World

3 Damning Equations to Defeat Global Warming Zealots 
The significance of this first equation, then, is that it proves beyond reasonable doubt 
that climatologists' profitable but misguided whining about the rate of future global warming
is based on a very large and very serious error of physics that has gone undetected until now 

WSJ: An EPA Death Sentence for Fossil-Fuel Power Plants: 
Biden new rule means the end of natural gas-fueled electricity 

Study finds Bill Gates lab-grown meat 25 times worse for climate than beef

American Petroleum Institute Claims The EPA Is Trying To Ban ICE Vehicles

"I'm Glad I Never Fell for the Electric Car Boondoggle" 

Just 0.3% of Scientists Agree That Humans Are Causing ‘Climate Change’

Fed's Waller Drops Bombshell: Climate Change Risks Not Material To US

Limits to Growth, Climate Change, Digitization of Everything and Worldwide Censorship
All Leading to WEF and the Behemoth Cult Commanding It

Net Zero Grid Batteries Alone Would Bankrupt America

Carmageddon: The Electric Car Fiasco

Where Is There Global Warming?
Peru: Hundreds of passengers stranded after heavy snowfall in Cusco

Battles Rage Over Biden's Clean Energy Projects As The Size And Cost Jump

Environmental Protection Not A Major Issue For Majority

The hidden costs of EVs: 
Ohio man gets $42,000 repair bill after fender bender in electric truck 

$50 Trillion For What? 
Kennedy Dumbfounds Biden Climate Peddler In Fiery Exchange Over Carbon Neutrality

RFK Jr. Says Climate Change Being Exploited To Push Totalitarian Controls

Scientists Baffled After Finding Antarctica Hasn’t Warmed For Over 70 Years

Biden Aims ‘Death Blow’ at Fishing Industry With Catch Limit, Wind Farms

75% Of Brits Think The UK Will Not Hit Net Zero Target

EU Backs Controversial Dutch Plans To Shut Down Farms In Bid To Reduce Nitrogen Emissions

CA Sets ‘Zero Emissions’ For Passenger and Freight Trains - Insanity!

Communist CA Could Phase Out Diesel Locomotives - Pushing CA Further Into Ruination

In A World First, California Bans New Diesel Truck Sales From 2036

"Net Zero" and the Transhuman Agenda: 
War Against Nature and Humanity

So You Still Want An Electric Vehicle???

1,540 Experts Agree There Is NO Climate Emergency

The Darker Side of the EV Revolution. Toxic Batteries, Nickel and Hexavalent Chromium

Senators Question Feasibility Of EPA's New Vehicle Emissions Standards 

Here Is A Major Source Of Oceanic Warming
It's Coming From Below - Not From The Air or Sun

More than 19,000 previously unknown undersea volcanoes revealed by satellite

Extinction Rebellion Founder Outed As Diesel-Using, Packaged-Fruit-Buying Hypocrite

Big Banks, Corporations Getting 90 Percent Of Biden’s Green Energy Credits: Congressional Study

War on Global Agriculture: The Unsustainable ‘Sustainable’ UN Agenda 2030

Germany's Green Energy Delusion Has An Enormous Environmental & Economic Price-Tag

The Greens are dragging Germany down with their foreign and energy policies

Despite Relentless Propaganda, Climate Change Skepticism Is Growing; New Polls Show

Biden admin preparing major crackdown on power plants that fuel nation's grid 

Junk EVs Fall Short of EPA Estimates Far More Than Gas Cars in Our Real World Testing

WEF Orders Govts To Start Limiting Food To Fight Bullsh** Climate Change

Is It Wise For Those In Power To Push EV Demand?

Biden Struggles To Convince People To Buy EVs, Only 12% Seriously Considering

The White House & Billionaires Are Getting Serious About Blocking Out The Sun

U.S. truckers sound alarm after Biden's latest green move: Matter of life and death

The CO2 Hoax, ChatGPT, and God

Yet another attempt to hide the inconvenient climate data

Climate change scandal in Australia heating up

What will the Net Zero by 2050 target really mean? 

Why "Net Zero" Is Not A Rational U.S. Energy Policy

The Biden Administration Is Once Again Tightening Rules On Vehicles Emissions

Davos WEF is Promoting Impossible Zero Carbon Green Agenda

Biden's 67% (Junk) EV policy - a dictatorial attack on the American driver and the US grid

Peak EV: Electric Vehicles Will Fade As Their True Costs Become Clear

Meteorologist says US government has an accurate measure of US temperature
 that shows no recent warming but it's hiding it

BBC goes into Antarctica climate meltdown - but ignores data showing no loss of ice

Davos WEF is Promoting Impossible Zero Carbon Green Agenda

GOP urged to denounce alarmist UN climate change report 

Finally, Europeans May Be Rejecting The EV Kool-Aid

Europe Abandons All-Electric Car Mandate. Stupidity of the CO2 Transition

‘Dictator’ biden Moves to Stop Our Vehicles
Joe-Joe Obama Just Used the EPA to Force His Expensive Green Agenda on We the People

The Climate (CO2) Hoax and the Control Matrix. Mega-banks and Corporations 

Big blow to climate change Fraud
Data shows Global temps unchanged in roughly past 9 years

32 Climate Predictions That Were Proven False

"Wind Power Fails On Every Count": Oxford Scientist Explains The Math

The Energy Transition Is A Delusion Indeed

Body blow to activists: 
Whopping 82% of Berlin's voters refused to support 2030 climate neutrality

The Implausibility Of A Net Zero Carbon Energy Future Is Now Obvious

The Devastating Environmental Side Effects of the Electric Car Boom

Climate Hysteria And Woke Gobbledegook Are Becoming Inseparable

Climate Hysteria and Woke BS Are Becoming Inseparable

EU To End Sales Of New Gasoline And Diesel Cars In 2035

Ford Motors losing billions on electric vehicles

Eminent Oxford Scientist Says Wind Power "Fails On Every Count"

Lunacy: Dem-dominated Denver suburb bans new gas stations to fight climate change

Who Funds the Fight Against Climate Change? 

Major automaker expects to hemorrhage billions from its JUNK electric vehicle business
No profits expected for years (If Ever, We Don’t Need EVs)

The huge, concealed cost of wind and solar power subsidies

Leading Economist: "Net Zero Means Higher Interest Rates"

IPCC's increasingly shrill climate armageddon fantasies gain little traction in media

EU Already Caving On Their 2035 Combustion Engine Ban, Considering Allowing E-Fuel Vehicles

Mish: Don't Worry, It Will Only Cost $131 Trillion To Address Climate Change*

Cooking Oil Shortage Looms As Biofuel Demand Surges Due To Climate Solution

The CO2 narrative: The truth about Net Zero - a diabolical agenda sold as a savior formula

It’s Not Enough To Champion Communism. They’ve Gotta Throw Climate Hysteria In The Mix 

Transcending the Climate Change Deception – Toward Real Sustainability

Climate Disruption: It's Not Due to CO2 

The deception over climate is even worse than the deception over Covid 

Here’s the truth about Britain’s net zero target – it’s wholly unrealistic

The Economic Case for Net Zero Is Zero

Nolte: ABC News Admits Electric Vehicles Are a ‘Logistical Nightmare’

Investors Start To Realize The Energy Transition Will Take Decades

Federal Agency Advances Gas Stove Proposal From Commissioner Who Floated Ban

New scientific evidence suggests temperatures have been stable in Greenland for 60 years, save for a sudden 1°C jump in 1994

1500 Scientists Say ‘There Is No Climate Emergency’ – The Real Environment Movement Was Hijacked

Big Ag Exploiting Carbon Markets to Intensify Grip on Food System: Report*

Academics Call For WWII-Style Rationing Of Food And Fuel To Stop Climate Change

When I covered climate change for Reuters I thought CO2 was certainly to blame for rising temperatures. I was wrong

1500 Scientists Say ‘There Is No Climate Emergency’
  The Real Environment Movement Was Hijacked

Geological Study Refutes Green Energy Agenda: Not Enough Metals to Replace Oil

The EU Warns "There Is No Escape" From Its ESG Environment Madness 

Navigating Contrived Catastrophes **

Where Is This "Climate Crisis" That Activists Keep Talking About? 

Oops. Scientists discover that higher carbon dioxide levels are COOLING many parts of the planet by increasing vegetation growth

Hot Air: No Global Warming for Eight Years

The "Great Zero Carbon" Conspiracy and the WEF's "Great Reset"

Scientists struggle to understand 
why Antarctica hasn't warmed for over 70 years despite rise in CO2

Climate Disruption: It's Not Due to CO2 

Lowest temperature recorded in China's northernmost city

Temperatures in northern hemisphere due to fall over next 25 years, according to six top international scientists

Fraud Al Gore Claims Oceans Are Boiling At WEF

The climate has always changed and will always change - there is no climate crisis

Transcending the Climate Change Deception – Toward Real Sustainability 

The Best Video On Climate Change That You Will Ever See

Data shows the Earth *cooled* by 0.20 degrees C. in the 35 years between 12-87 and 12-22 Climate Change Is a giant Lie, of course

No rise in temperature or rainfall for 100 years, 
in spite of climate alarmists pointing to Bangladesh as canary in coalmine

No evidence for BBC claim that Churchill, Canada is simply getting too warm for polar bears

Arctic summer sea ice stopped declining a decade ago - but scientists have hidden it

To End Climate Lunacy, Stop Treating Warming & C02 Hysterically

Global Warming? Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover At 56-Year High 

Atlantic hurricane season below average in latest blow for Net Zero alarmists

Global Warming? Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover At 56-Year High 

Northern Hemisphere snow cover is 2nd highest in 17 years

Atlantic hurricane season below average in latest blow for Net Zero alarmists

Global Warming: Ten Facts and Ten Myths on Climate Change

Climate Disruption: It's Not Due to CO2 

41% of climate scientists don't believe in catastrophic climate change, major new poll finds

Satellite temperature data show 
almost all climate model forecasts have been wrong for the last 40 years

CO2 has almost no effect on global temperature, says leading climate scientist 

Climate bombshell 
Greenland ice sheet recovers as scientists say earlier loss was due to natural warming not CO2 emissions 

Top climate scientist slams "Goebellian" climate alarm
 and "ridiculous" attempts to demonize "fertiliser" carbon dioxide

Former Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore says climate change based on false narratives 

"Nothing To Do With Man" 
 Astrophysicist Says Climate-Cultists "Are On A Gravy Train" To Make Money

Eight Year Trend in Global Cooling Shown by Satellite Record 

A Much Larger Greenhouse Effect – But Temperatures Dominated by Cooling 

“The Weaponization of Science: Politics, Vilification, and the Climate Debate” – Dr. Willie Soon 

Climate-Policy Is A Much Greater Threat Than Climate-Change 

Video: Debunking Climate Hysteria. Dr. Denis Rancourt

CO2 has almost no effect on global temperature, says leading climate scientist 

Shellenberger: Media Is Lying About Climate & Hurricanes 

Clash of the Climate Eggheads

Climate Claims Dictated by Personal Beliefs
 Political Agendas Rather Than Science, Warn Researchers 

1,200 scientists and professionals declare: 
"There is No Climate Emergency" 

The Big Green Lie Almost Everyone Claims To Believe

Volcanoes, Oceans and Weather 

Global Warming: Ten Facts and Ten Myths on Climate Change 

Pulling Back the Curtain on Junk Science: 
How Climate Alarmists Manipulate the Presentation of Data 

Climate Disruption 
It's Not Due to CO2 

Net Zero global warming alarm based on temperatures
 measured next to airport runways with hot jet engines and tarmac 

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