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The number of homeless is about to skyrocket in the US 
as 3.8 million renters will likely be evicted in the next two months

Blain: This Is A New Game, What Comes Next Isn't Pretty... 

US needs a ‘miracle’ to avoid recession – Stephen Roach 

The real state of U.S & global crop losses 

Biden declares emergency over Mississippi water crisis

US Border Chief Reportedly Says Migration Crisis Caused by Biden's No Consequences Policies 

Sanctuary City NYC Buckles As Migrant Hotel, Intake Center Plans Fall Apart 

NYC struggling to house busloads of migrants as hotel, intake center plan falls apart 

The American Kleptocracy: A Government Of Liars, Thieves, & Lawbreakers

Children’s hospital CEO ‘won’t back down’ on controversial operations – leaked email 

10 Facts Electric Vehicle Advocates Don't Want You To Know 

Poll: Biden Approval Falls, Holding Near Low End of His Presidency 

Russia rakes in more oil revenue than ever

Ground Beneath Zelensky’s Feet Is Shifting 

Six Months Into Ukraine’s Collapse, the World Has Changed Forever 

The conflict in Ukraine is precipitating the end of Western domination 

"U.S. Out of Korea": 
Joint Military "Decapitation Drill" against North Korea. DPRK Missile Launch Is "Self-defense"

Abolish NATO or Convert It to Serve Peace. Jan Oberg

CO2 Doesn't Cause Climate Change
Updated List Of Previously Posted Articles
Proving That Carbon Emissions Don't Cause Global Warming/Climate Change

Russia shuts down natural gas flow to Europe

Gazprom To Slash NatGas Deliveries To France's Top Utility As Squeeze Worsens 

Western sanctions standing in way of Russian gas flow to Europe: Moscow

No - In The Name Of Biden
"How In The Name Of God":
 Shocked Europeans Post Astronomical Energy Bills As Terrifying Winter Approaches

China Is Aggressively Reselling Russian Gas To Europe 

Mikhail Gorbachev dies aged 91 

Ukraine’s military suffers over 1,200 casualties in failed offensive — Russian top brass 

Russian Defence Ministry: Russian Army destroys more than 1,200 Ukrainian fighters in one day

Kiev regime sacrificed hundreds of its soldiers’ lives for sake of media hype — DPR head 

West is real architect of crisis over Ukraine — Russian Foreign Ministry

‘Dangerous game’: Russian diplomat slams Europe’s position on Zaporozhye nuke plant 

Kyiv will arrange provocation to stop IAEA delegation from entering Zaporizhzhia NPP

Ukrainians deliberately targeting Zaporozhye plant to unleash radiation crisis — official

Iraqi protesters withdraw from Baghdad’s Green Zone after Sadr’s call to end violence

Iraq’s PM threatens to quit if political stalemate drags on

Iran Closes Border With Iraq, Flights Paused From Gulf Carriers, On Fears Of New Civil War 

Iran reopens main border crossings to Iraq, flights restored

Iran hails Iraqis’ tactfulness, says always rooting for a stable, powerful Iraq

Top Israeli court rejects second petition to release hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner Awawdeh

Saudi man handed 18-year prison sentence for social media activism on Twitter

COVID “Vaccines” Destroying Human Fertility. Dr. Christof Plothe 

Why the COVID Jab Should Be Banned for Pregnant Women 


America = Babylon
Why Are So Many Bad Things Happening To America In 2022?

Survey: More Than 40% of Americans Think Civil War Likely within A Decade

Peter Schiff: Student Loan Forgiveness Is Pure Inflation 

"Don't Be Fooled By Recent Strength... A Post-Dollar World Is Coming" 

American Drivers Go Deeper Into Debt As Inflation Pushes Car Loans To Record Highs

Luongo: The Era Of Woke Is Over

Made-In-America EV-Battery Production? Metals Needed Suggest No Time Soon 

Elon Musk Warns The World Needs Oil & Gas Or "Civilization Will Crumble" 

Oil Surges As Supply Takes Center Stage 

US Oil Reserves Near Four-Decade Low 

NASA Scrubs Moon Launch After Engine Problem

Putin predicts unipolar world to be superseded by model based on sovereignty of nations 

US artillery stockpiles ‘uncomfortably low’ after Ukraine aid

Double standards: Have H&M and IKEA left Israel after missile attacks on Gaza Strip?

USA makes fundamental miscalculations about Russian economy

Joe Biden's Demand of Unconditional Surrender to Russia Will Fail 

‘Return money stolen from Afghans’: Russia tells US to pay for 20-year occupation 

Moscow: US afraid inhumane acts committed by Azov terrorists will be made public 

CO2 Doesn't Cause Climate Change
Updated List Of Previously Posted Articles
Proving That Carbon Emissions Don't Cause Global Warming/Climate Change

Message To Climate Change Fanatics
It's The Sun Stupid!

Sunspots & Solar Storms = Extreme Weather/Earthquakes/Volcanic Eruptions
Electromagnetic Activity Induced By Solar Storms Causes Changes In Global Wind Currents & Weather Patterns
Increasing Electrical Energy Heats Up The Interior Of The Earth Causing Greater Volcanic & Earthquake Activity
Watch For It In The Days Ahead

 It seemed like sunspot AR3088 would never stop exploding. Over the past four days, the strangely-magnetized active region produced more than a dozen M-class solar flares: 
Each X-ray peak in the graph above produced a corresponding shortwave radio blackout on Earth. No part of our planet was untouched. More than half of the explosions also produced a coronal mass ejection (CME). Earth dodged them all. Only one and maybe two delivered glancing blows of no consequence. All the rest sailed harmlessly into space. The simple reason why: AR3088 was never facing Earth. Most of the explosions occured while the sunspot was approaching or even rounding the sun's western limb. If the sunspot had been facing us, we might now be experiencing strong geomagnetic storms with spectacular low-latitude auroras.

Alert level raised at Mayon, new eruption at Semisopochnoi 

Europe Plans "Emergency Intervention" In Power Market As All Hell Breaks Loose

A third of Pakistan under water – official 

Macron Insulted Africans’ Intelligence by Claiming That Multipolar Powers Manipulate Them

Julian Assange Submits His Perfected Grounds of Appeal 

Ukraine Fatigue? British War Support Wanes Amid Energy Hyperinflation

Radioactive leak at Zaporizhzhia NPP would be equated to attack on NATO

IAEA inspection team arrives in Kiev

NetEase: Russia surprises everyone with its gold strategy

Russia's Kinzhal hypersonic missiles rattle NATO's nerves

West has always been seeking to discredit Russia’s nationalities policy — Putin

Kremlin Says Ukraine's Much-Heralded Counteroffensive In South Already "Failed Miserably"  

Ukraine’s counter-offensive attempt has failed – Russia 

Russian troops defeat Ukrainian troops as they go on offensive

Senior cleric Sadr withdraws from Iraq's politics as country's political stalemate worsens

Several Killed As Baghdad's Green Zone Unravels, White House Denies Embassy Evacuation Reports 

Iraq’s Sadr gives followers ‘one hour’ to withdraw from Green Zone

US occupation cost Syria $107.1bn in oil, gas sector losses: Damascus

Russian envoy: Israeli airstrikes in Syria green-lit by US, expose West’s hypocrisy

US must end its support for terrorism, occupation of northeastern Syria, says Iran’s UN envoy

Russia: US-Led Coalition Unable to Control Militants in Syria’s Al-Tanf 

Weaponization of Water: Turkey Flexes Its Muscles Over Syria and Iraq 

Unusual Toxic Components Found in COVID Vaccines, ‘Without Exception’: German Scientists

Unknown Cause Becomes the Leading Cause of Death in Canada - Doctors Baffled 

Experts ‘Baffled’ As 30 Young, Healthy Fully Jabbed Doctors Suddenly Drop Dead 

COVID-19 Vaccines and Informed Consent 

Unvaxxed Coast Guard Cadets Given 24 Hours To Leave Campus

Judge Rules COVID Vaccine Mandate For DC Government Workers Is Unconstitutional 

Religious Shield Against COVID Vaccine Mandate Goes to US Federal Appeals Court 

Legal Challenges To Pentagon's Vaccine Mandate Just Getting Started, Military Insiders Say


America Is Falling Apart 

Bannon on Collapse of Civilization:
 Great Reset ‘So Destructive You’re Not Going To Be Able to Turn This Around’

West’s actions may slow down forming of multipolarity but will not stop it - Lavrov 

Bloomberg says Russia can afford complete halt in gas supplies to EU 

America Imported Over $6 Billion In Goods From Russia Since Ukraine Invasion

"Back Door Oil Sales", Washington is Furious. It Can’t Stop a Prospective Russian-Iranian Oil Swap Deal 

US Hints to Israel's Gantz It's Preparing Military Option Against Iran

Ukrainian Assassin Who Bombed Russian Darya Dugina, Found STABBED TO DEATH

How Corrupt Is Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky? 

US 7th Fleet says its warships transiting Taiwan Strait

Mount St. Helens magma chamber is recharging! 
More than 88 earthquakes rattled the dangerous volcano in last 30 days instead of the 17 quakes reported normally on average 

CO2 Doesn't Cause Climate Change
Updated List Of Previously Posted Articles
Proving That Carbon Emissions Don't Cause Global Warming/Climate Change

The Phoney Nitrogen Crisis:
 The Netherlands Is Ground Zero for Global Famine Agenda. Precipitating “30,000 Farmers Out of Business”

Ignorant and Stupid Politicians Committed to Nuclear War: 
The Unthinkable: "Money and Mistakes" are the Driving Force behind World History

"This Is Beyond Imagination": Polish Homeowners Line Up For Days To Buy Coal Ahead Of Winter 

Medvedev sees gas prices in Europe reaching 5,000 euros before yearend 

US Federal Reserves causes European markets to fall down

Russian Diamonds Flow Back On Global Market As Western Sanctions Fail 

Get out! F**k you!: Watch Macron get heckled by bustling crowd on visit to Algeria as he calls for new pact between nations

Pakistan floods: Death toll rises to 1,061 as government seeks foreign aid

Torrential rains trigger deadly floods in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Storms cause severe flooding in Culiacan, Mexico

UK to Reportedly Run Out of Arms and Funds for Ukraine by End of 2022

Russia practically eliminates remnants of Ukraine’s Air Force 

Ukraine goes on offensive on the southern front

Palestinians condemn Israeli settlers’ unprecedented storming of al-Aqsa mosque through Lions’ Gate

Reports: Palestinian Fighters Open Fire on Israeli Forces Across West Bank 

Major Damage After Israel Attacks Sites in Western Syria 

Drinking water in Yemen’s Hudaydah contaminated with radioactive substances, heavy metals: Report

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East


The End Is Nearing 
A World Slowly/Openly Turning Away From The USDollar

Falling Military Recruitment Is Another Sign Of Waning Faith In The Regime 

FOOD COLLAPSE: California’s ongoing drought has left over half a million acres of farmland unplanted 

California electric company admits it will NEVER be able to charge everybody’s electric vehicles 

Warning: Gates-Funded Factory Breeds 30 Million Mosquitoes a Week for Release in 11 Countries

Wave of lawsuits coming against psychiatrists and doctors who rubber-stamped transgender mutilations and surgeries

Russian diplomat denounces US `diplomatic’ efforts to fuel tensions across globe 

US & NATO Don't Care How Many Ukrainians Die, Ex-Senator Richard Black Boasts in Viral Video 

Pentagon Signs Deal to Make Air Defense Systems for Ukraine

US Navy warships enter Taiwan Strait amid tension with China

US Navy ‘Woefully Ill Equipped’ To Fight China in Upcoming War, Commanding Admiral Says

NATO’s Article 4 and Article 5 Jeopardize American Sovereignty at the Norfolk Naval Base 

CO2 Doesn't Cause Climate Change
Updated List Of Previously Posted Articles
Proving That Carbon Emissions Don't Cause Global Warming/Climate Change

Europe energy crisis bites as continent braces for bitter winter

Ukraine – Europe’s Main Supplier of Human Organs

China Puts Military on Alert After US Warships Sail Through Taiwan Strait 

What China's Worst Drought on Record Looks Like

Artillery hits Zaporozhye nuclear dump

Ukraine Has Fired 17 Shells at Territory of Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant, Russian Military Says 

Russian forces destroy US ammo depot in Dnepropetrovsk Region 

Israeli settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque compound again in provocative move

Russia grows closer to Iran to counter Western sanctions

Health Ministry: Over 630,000 Under-Five Yemeni Children 
Suffer from Acute Malnutrition Amid Saudi-Led Aggression

Triple or Quadruple COVID-Vax Recipients Now Developing SORES -- **NOT** Monkeypox

Medicine Regulators admitted in October 2020 
that they knew the COVID Vaccines would cause Heart Damage, Blood Clots, harm to Children & Death 

UK Gov. confirms 9 in every 10 COVID Deaths over the last year have been among the Fully/Triple Vaccinated 


Clash of the Climate Eggheads

CO2 Doesn't Cause Climate Change
Updated List Of Previously Posted Articles
Proving That Carbon Emissions Don't Cause Global Warming/Climate Change

Mark Of The Beast
WEF Advisor Says Humanity Will Wear Biometric Sensors 
Tracked By Big Tech and Government 

"Abuse Of Power": WaPo And WSJ Slam Biden Student Loan Handout; Penn Wharton Sees Trillion Dollar Cost 

Federal Court Strikes Down Texas Ban On Young Adults Carrying Guns In Public 

Dow Plunges More Than 1,000 After Fed Chairman Says Americans Should Expect ‘Pain’ 

All the way to Odessa 

Report: Russia Still Earning Billions from US Trade 

Foreign Affairs: Pope Francis supports Russia's stance on Ukraine and NATO

Not even Pope Francis is safe from Kiev's wrath: Holy Father is latest subject of Ukraine's fiery judgment 

Western-imposed order provides for racist division of world — Russia’s top diplomat 

Russia responds to Zuckerberg’s FBI revelations 

US Pressures India to Imitate Europe’s "Self-sabotaging Energy Policy" 

South Korea, "This Land is Not a U.S. Base": US Media Ignores Major Anti-US Military Protest in Seoul 

Every Single Member of Congress Is Willing to Let Yemeni Children Die

Sunspots & Solar Storms = Extreme Weather/Earthquakes/Volcanic Eruptions
Electromagnetic Activity Induced By Solar Storms Causes Changes In Global Wind Currents & Weather Patterns
Increasing Electrical Energy Heats Up The Interior Of The Earth Causing Greater Volcanic & Earthquake Activity
Watch For It In The Days Ahead

Minor G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible on Aug. 29th when a high-speed stream of solar wind is expected to hit Earth. The gaseous material is flowing from a southern hole in the sun's atmosphere. There is also a 50-50 chance that a partial halo CME will strike on Aug. 29th; "50-50" because forecasters aren't sure if it's a farside or a nearside CME. Its coin-flip arrival would further boost the odds of a storm. THE EXPLOSIONS CONTINUE: For the second day in a row, the sun is crackling with M-class solar flares. The strongest today, so far, is an M4-class flare from "perpendicular sunspot" AR3088. The blast sent a towering shock wave through the sun's atmosphere, recorded by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory: Debris from the explosion might be heading for Earth. Weekend images from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) will reveal the trajectory of any emerging CME.

Vast Sunspot Has Grown 10 Times in Size in Just 48 Hours

Pakistan declares emergency as devastating floods affect millions

Summer floods disrupt life in Istanbul's most crowded district - 2nd such event in 10 days 

Philippines - 4,300 displaced by Tropical Storm Ma-on (Florita) - 7 inches of rain in 24 hours

Six Unexplainable Ancient Artifacts 

Europe Is Now "Powerless"
 And Its Inflation And Recession Are About To Get Even More Brutal 

Russia will supply gas to EU in required volumes if its arms are not twisted — official 

‘Never’: Maria Zakharova Rebukes State Dept Over Call to Move Away From Kosovo is Serbia Narrative

Sputnik News Agency Repels Massive DDoS Cyber-Attack 

Assange Files Appeal to Stop US Extradition 

World of Trade: South Korea Signs $2.25 Billion Deal with Russia Nuclear Company 

Germany's Scholz sets limit on weapons for Ukraine 

Scholz's own party wants Germany to stop arming Ukraine, continuation brings only more death and destruction

Russia says it destroyed US-made howitzer used to shell Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

Ukraine charges Chechen President Kadyrov. He responds. Don.

Foreign mercenaries extremely disappointed in Ukrainian commanders

Medvedev: Russia can't stop war even if Ukraine drops NATO bid

US fighter for Ukraine Joshua killed by DPR troops, ombudsperson says

Ukrainian Forces Fire at Zaporozhye NPP, Several Shells Land Near Storage of Radioactive Isotopes

Kiev Cuts Last Power Line to Zaporozhye NPP, No Way to Deliver Electricity to Ukraine - Authorities 

Peacemaker of death 
This Ukrainian website threatens hundreds of thousands with extrajudicial killings — some are Americans

Dozens of Palestinians injured as Israeli forces attack anti-settlement protesters

The US Has Conducted 3 Consecutive Days Of Airstrikes In Syria 

Russian forces: Syria intercepted nearly half of Israeli projectiles during recent strike

Turkish military forces, allied militants shell villages in Syria’s Raqqah: Report

Israeli F-16 Missile Attack Damages Syrian Science Center

Saudi-led coalition holding 3 Yemen-bound fuel ships in violation of UN-brokered ceasefire

Frontline Doctor Warns - We Have Been Living Through The Crime Of The Century

CDC Finally Admits COVID Mutations Hobbled Vaccine Effectiveness


What's Worse Than Inflation?
 Depression + Inflation 

"Does It Even Matter If The Fed Hikes 50 Or 75bps?
 It Won't Prevent The Multiple Trainwrecks Coming Our Way" 

Peter Schiff: Washington Goes Full Orwellian 

Obama's Chief Economic Advisor Blasts Biden's "Reckless" Student Debt Bailout 

Initial Jobless Claims Resume Uptrend, Massive Divergence From Payrolls 

The Numbers Tell Us That Americans Are Rapidly Losing Hope As We Head Toward 2023

Major US Retailers Warn: Lower-Income Consumers Are In Trouble

West Should End Its Support to Kiev to Escape Devastating Consequences
 Military Expert Douglas Macgregor

Government Not Of The People 
Government Of The World Economic Forum
Barring A Complete Economic Collapse Or Nuclear War Before Then
Only The Rich Will Drive Cars While The Poor Will Walk Or Ride Bikes In Future California
California to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Vehicles in just 13 Years

US congresswoman ‘swatted’ by police 

Twitter declined to remove sex video exploiting minors, 
according to lawsuit supported by powerful watchdog groups

Gender dysphoria is covered by disability law, federal court rules

US governor DeSantis says little elf Fauci should be chucked across the Potomac 

How US and Allied News-media Deceive the Public, to Believe What the Government Wants Them to Believe

Africa is Not For Sale: Sixteen SADC African Nations Reject
 "Countering Malign Russian Activities in Africa Act" (H.R. 7311)

US Has More Nuclear Weapons Carriers Than Allowed Under New START Treaty, Russian Diplomat Says 

Western forecasts about Russian economy were wrong

Don't go searching for terrorists, they are not hard to find 

Journalists who challenge NATO narratives are now information terrorists 

Climbing Natural Gas Prices Could Force US To Slash Exports To Europe 

Chinese firm defies US sanctions, ships Venezuelan oil to offset debt

Sunspots & Solar Storms = Extreme Weather/Earthquakes/Volcanic Eruptions
Electromagnetic Activity Induced By Solar Storms Causes Changes In Global Wind Currents & Weather Patterns
Increasing Electrical Energy Heats Up The Interior Of The Earth Causing Greater Volcanic & Earthquake Activity
Watch For It In The Days Ahead

A small magnetic filament on the sun erupted yesterday, Aug. 25th, hurling a partial halo CME into space. NOAA forecasters say there is a 50-50 chance it will hit Earth on Aug. 29th. The glancing blow, if it occurs, could spark a minor G1-class geomagnetic storm with auroras around the Arctic Circle. STRONG SOLAR FLARE ACTIVITY: Sunspot AR3089 is crackling with a series of intensifying M-class solar flares. The strongest so far (Aug. 26 @ 1216 UT) registered M7 and caused a shortwave radio blackout over much of Europe and Africa. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the extreme ultraviolet flash: We do not yet know if this explosion hurled a CME into space. Confirmation awaits fresh data from SOHO coronagraphs. Meanwhile, AR3089 appears to be on the verge of producing an X-flare. 

Strangely magnetized sunspot may reflect unusual happenings on the sun 

Texas Declares Disaster in 23 Counties Due to Floods 

Heavy rain causes damage and flooding in Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico

Section of Interstate 10 washed away in flash flood in Riverside County, California

Heavy rains and floods affect Manabao, Dominican Republic

Ongoing heavy flooding in Afghanistan causes 6 more deaths, severe economic damage

Indonesia - Deadly floods and landslides in West Papua; floods affect thousands in Sumatra

Floods claim 30 more lives in Sindh, Pakistan death toll reaches 293

Europe's Leaders Working Against Their Own People
It's Not Russia - It's Europe's Own Leadership 
They're Following A Brain Dead U.S. President Into Hell
Or The World Economic Forum's Crazy Climate Change Agenda
Stupid Is As Stupid Does
Global Economic Depression 
U.K. "Sharpest Economic Contraction" Since 1709. European Economies in Straightjacket 

America’s Recipe for Systemic Disintegration

"End Of Abundance": Macron Warns Of "Major Tipping Point" 
And "Great Upheaval" As Difficult Winter Approaches 

Macron lying about source of economic crisis - Le Pen 

German MP Says Russia's Nord Stream 2 "Only Sensible Solution" To Energy Crisis 

UK nearly doubles energy price amid worsening cost-of-living crisis

UK Government Warned Of "Civil Unrest" Over People's Inability To Pay Energy Bills

UK Consumers Face 80% Rise in Energy Bills from October as Regulator Raises Price Cap 

Gas price in Europe above $3,200 per 1,000 cubic meters first since early March 

EU branded ‘third world’ economy 

Workers Stage Strikes Across Europe Amid Rising Cost of Living

The Energy Crisis: A Cold Winter Ahead for Europe and Syria

Germany Is Venezuela? Toilet Paper Shortage Looms Amid Energy Crisis 

Spanish Official Warns Of "Winter Of Great Suffering" 

Tesla, Nio EV Charging Stations Go Dark As China Rations Power 

Belarusian aircraft reconfigured, can carry nuclear weapons — Lukashenko

Damage to Europe's largest nuclear power plant revealed (VIDEO)

Government Not Of The People 
Government Of The World Economic Forum
Canadian climate ministry will have arms storage and detention rooms - media 

"I'm Afraid" - Czech President Blames "Green Madness" For Energy Crisis

Colombian President's Motorcade Comes Under Fire From Unknown People

Poll shows 81% of Russians trust Putin

Putin issues decree to increase army’s standard strength by 137,000 as of 2023 

Sputnik News Agency Under Massive DDoS Cyber-Attack

Number of Russian Military Personnel to Increase by 137,000, Reach 1.15 Million 

Russia and India no longer need US dollar – BRICS president 

Russia places bounty on neo-Nazis 

European Aid to Ukraine Grinds to a Halt

Ukraine printing money to cover deficit - MP

Russian ex-president envisions military junta in Kiev 

Russia reports destruction of eight Ukrainian warplanes 

Russian troops make signficant advance in Ukraine – Moscow 

A Nut Job Extraordinaire
Ukraine: Zelensky Vows to Fight Until The End Without Any Concession

Ukraine shells shopping mall in Donetsk – DPR officials

Video: Kiev's Military Operations "Switched to Terrorist Strategy"

Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Was Cut From Power Grid For 1st Time In History

Israel Rules The U.S. State Department
Pentagon Confirms US Troops Were Wounded In Syria Rocket Attacks

US Base in Syria Near Iraqi Border Hit by Rocket Fire, Iraqi Security Source Says

US Launches More Airstrikes in Syria, Says Four Killed 

US Prepared to Strike Iran-Backed Militias in Syria Again, State Dept. Says 

Israeli Airstrikes in Syria's Hama Province Wound Two Civilians 

Syrian Air Defenses Repel Israeli Attack over Tartus, Hama

US rejects Iran’s additional demands to restore 2015 deal 

Iran slams ‘illegal’ US military presence, repeated attacks in Syria

Russia and Iran move to create global gas cartel – media —

Active US Military Service Members: 
Significant Increase in Cancers, Myocarditis, and Pericarditis Resulting from Covid-19 Vaccine 

Federal Judge Protects The Religious Right Of Marines To Refuse COVID Vaccine 


Russia Is Destroying The Ukrainian Military From Afar
More U.S. Weapons Will Not Help Ukraine Win This Kind Of War. By Using Satellite Surveillance, And Unsurpassed Russian Intelligence, Combined With Precision Missile Strikes, The Russians Simply Wait, Watch, And Destroy, As New Weapons Enter Ukraine. Using The Same Strategy, Whole Military Battalions Are Being Systematically Destroyed As They Congregate And Move About On The Battlefield. The Russians Can See A Dog Running On The Ground From Space. Their Missiles Can Hit Targets With Pin Point Accuracy At Hypersonic Speed. The Russians Have Complete Air And Space Dominance Over The Entire Battlefield. This Is Not A Traditional Ground War. It's A New Kind Of War Never Before Used To This Degree In Modern Warfare. Standard Ground Based Weapons Supplied By The U.S. To Ukrainian Troops On The Ground Are Totally Useless. These Weapons Are Simply Destroyed As They Arrive. Unless Ukraine Can Counter With Equal Or Greater Air/Space Superiority They Cannot Hope To Win This War. Using This Same Technique The Russians Can Slowly Destroy The Entire Ukrainian Military. As The U.S. And It's Allies Continue To Waste More Resources And Money Supplying Ukraine With Useless Weapons, They Are Falling Into A Trap, And A Long Term Russian Battle Plan With A View Towards The Disintegration Of U.S./NATO Weapon Supplies, And Western Financial Instability Resulting From Economic Sanctions Backlash, In Preparation For A Coming War With NATO, Which The Russians Are Already Preparing For In Advance Even As I Write. It's Becoming Quite Clear That President Biden And The U.S./NATO Military Command Are Lousy Military Strategists, And No Match For The Russian Military, Which Has So Far Out Gunned And Out Maneuvered The West In Every Way. The Western Financial/Economic System Will Not Withstand Much More Self Imposed Devastation Via Economic Sanctions, Which The Russians Have Also Successfully Circumvented, And Will Completely Collapse Before The Russian War With NATO Even Begins.
More Billions To Ukraine As America Falls Apart

US Details Its Largest-Ever Weapons Package for Ukraine 

Priorities: Western nations pledge $85bln for proxy war in Ukraine, 
nearly double the amount the UN needs to help over 200 million people

Poll: Americans Increasingly Doubt Ukraine Support 

Russian Envoy: Goals of Moscow’s Operation Being Accomplished Consistently, Successfully 

MoD: Russian Iskander Missile Hits Railway Station, Eliminating 200 Ukrainian Troops 

Six months into Ukraine's collapse, the world has changed forever 

Into The Black Hole - Six Months Of War With No End In Sight

Here Is The True Source Of Inflation
The U.S. Global Military Empire Costs More To Maintain And Run Than Tax Revenue And Treasury Sales Can Provide
The Cost Overrun Is Paid For By The Federal Reserve, Which Increases The Money Supply To Purchase U.S. Treasures That Make Up The Difference. The Increasing Money Supply Cheapens Dollars Already In Circulation Which Thereby Increases Inflation And Makes The U.S. Global Military Empire That Much More Expensive To Run. This Of Course Requires Even More Money Creation And Treasury Purchases In A Never Ending Inflationary Death Spiral That Must Ultimately End In Collapse. The Only Cure For Inflation Are Drastic Cuts In U.S. Government Spending Which Nobody In Government Is Even Talking About. It's Become Obvious That Government Officials Intend To Collapse The U.S. Financial/Economic System Rather Than Give Up Their Global Military Empire. The Russians And Chinese Know What's Coming And Need Only Bide Their Time As The U.S. Self Destructs Into Financial Oblivion. It's Just A Matter Of Time.
Infographic: US Military Presence Around the World 

NATO Abandons Diplomacy, Says No Longer ‘At Peace’

Growing Number Of Economists Anticipate Recession Will Hit By Middle Of Next Year: Survey 

"Tsunami Of Shutoffs": 20 Million US Homes Are Behind On Power Bills 

Major Food Crisis Coming In 2023? – "Prices Will Be On Steroids After The Election"

Oil Spikes After Local Media Reports No Iran Nuclear Deal

BRICS President: Russia, India No Longer Need US Dollar 

Gender Is Not Cosmetic - It's Genetic
Every Single Cell Within The Human Body Can Be Identified As Either Male Or Female
Hormones And Surgery Cannot Alter This Genetic Makeup And Are Only Cosmetic
Woman suing psychiatrist for approving gender transition after just ONE meeting 

Leftists Crushed in School Boards Across Florida

US Secretary of State Blinken Returns Empty Handed from Africa Tour 

In Stunning Post-Fukushima Shift, Japan Revisits Nuclear Power As Global Energy Turmoil Worsens

Venezuela halts oil shipments to Europe demanding new concessions under US sanctions, rejects oil-for-debt deals 

Macron warns France of a new era of sacrifices and the end of abundance 

EU: Controlled Demolition

Half Of UK Households Will Be In Fuel-Poverty By January

China builds most advanced radar known as dragonfly eye to watch Taiwan

Russia will not accept NATO quarters in Ukraine - Medvedev

Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missiles may strike NATO base in Romania before they know it

Russia: US Afraid Inhumane Acts Committed by Azov Terrorists Will Be Made Public 

Less Than Third of UN Member States Support Anti-Russian Statement on Ukraine 

Evidence of Ukrainian shelling of Zaporozhye provided to UN 

Ukraine Uses NATO Ammunition in Attacks on Nuclear Power Station. Dangers of Radioactive Leaks 

Military expert predicts turning point in Ukraine special operation

Iran slams US strikes as ‘violation of Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity’

No Business Being There In The First Place
US Troops Wounded in Rocket Attacks in Syria After US Airstrikes 

Three American forces injured in rocket attack on US-occupied bases in Syria

2nd Round Of US Airstrikes Over Syria As Militias Fire Rockets On Occupied Gas Fields

Iran Denies Links to Groups the US Bombed in Syria

Day 2 of Army drills: Iranian drones destroy mock targets with precision weapons

Iran says it received US response on nuclear deal 

Iran, Russia to sign gas swap deal ‘very soon’: Minister

US threatens NATO member Turkey with sanctions over ties with Russia


Clot Shot Victims Dying Right & Left
Another athlete drops dead: Cyclist Rab Wardell dies two days after winning Scottish title

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