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Washington's Hostility Getting Worse With Each Passing Day
Bullies Lose There Power When All The Kids In The School Yard Band Together And Fight Back
Similarly, the nation's of the world will band together for mutual economic survival against the increasing war rhetoric, political hostility, belligerency, and economic sanctions from Washington, now affecting almost half the population of the world. The American People had better know that the tide is turning very quickly, and such continuing actions from Washington will be met with increasing resistance internationally, and what the U.S. is doing to to the nations of the world will be turned against it. As economic sanctions continue to be used against more and more nations, with increasing frequency, these same nations are being forced to move outside the sphere of the U.S. Dollar and banking system for mutual survival. In it's bid to rule the world, and force other nations into compliance with U.S. imperial demands, Washington is destroying the very foundation of it's own global power base, the Dollar, and the Federal Reserve Banking System. I say Washington, because it's not just the Trump Presidency that is to blame, it's the entire government, and both houses of Congress, and the Senate that are equally to blame. The coming November elections won't change a thing. Washington is sanctioning America into isolation, as the nations of the world band together to fight for their very survival against the growing military and economic terrorism and political tyranny emanating from the barbaric American Regime. 

There is no image of partnership with nations being projected by Washington, only the bullish demands of a nation that assumes it has the right to rule the world. The United States is now governed by a godless, and satanic group of individuals that will stop at nothing in there bid for global supremacy. Murder, assassinations, military force, war, economic sanctions, terrorism have become their working tools because the end justifies the means. What is most serious to both Israel and the United States is the growing unity between the various Muslim Nations in the Middle East. The Muslim Nations have a historic tendency to squabble amongst themselves, and up until now have had difficulty banding together in any unified front. This has been used by Israel in a divide and conquer tactic to keep the Muslim Nations divided against each other to promote continuing U.S. and Israeli domination of the Middle East. Those days are now past, and what we see happening now is a growing unity between nations such as Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen. Turkey still has ambitions to regain it's control of the Middle East, as it once did during the Ottoman Empire, but there is much resistance against Turkey from the other Muslim Nations, and it's very doubtful they will ever succeed. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are still dominated by the U.S. and Jordan is walking the fence, but with the Israeli annexation of more Palestinian lands, Jordan will move closer to the Muslim alliance with Iran. The point is that as these nations continue to band together, the U.S. will be forced out because most of the Muslim World knows and understands that it is the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Israel that are the major cause of terrorism that has destroyed their nations and the prospects for peace in the Middle East. As the U.S. is forced out, China and Russia will move in to fill the void. 

Here we see the fulfillment of Revelation 17: 16. as follows: "And the ten horns which you saw upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire." The Ten Kingdoms are: Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Persia now called Iran, Egypt, Basrah, Baghdad and Mosul = Iraq. In the final days of Babylon = America, these Ten Kingdoms will help destroy the Great Whore, which represents the global U.S. financial and economic system. This of course includes the oil resources that gives the Dollar it's strength. We may also conclude that U.S. economic sanctions against Middle East Nations are driving the Ten Kingdoms to abandon U.S. interests in the region, and moving into the global community of nations opposing U.S. economic sanctions, and joining in alternative economic and financial systems that bypass the U.S. systems, which is further destroying the U.S. global empire. It's now happening even as I write, and exactly as Biblically foretold. The karmic backlash against U.S. imperialism, and crimes against God, and humanity are building up steam as the social and economic systems within America continue to decline - articles below. God forbid if there is a war in the Middle East that destroys the Saudi oil resources, or there is a major disaster such as a great earthquake that devastates the West Coast of the United States, both of which are becoming more likely with each passing day. Unless America, and Washington, stop the hostile actions against the world at large, there is great trouble ahead for America, as Washington continues to bring the wrath of God, and the wrath of nations down upon their own heads.

 28 Million More Americans Could Wind Up Homeless Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic

There Are Already Nationwide Shortages Of Aluminum Cans, Soda, Flour, Canned Soup, Pasta, & Rice

Soaring Inflation To Send Gold To $5000 "Doomsday" Fund Predicts 

Father Of Credit Risk Modeling Has Ominous Warning Over "Insolvent" Companies Piling Up Debt

US banks warn of much more economic pain ahead

Over 50 Million Americans Have Now Filed For First-Time Jobless Benefits Since Lockdowns Began 

It Starts: Mortgage Delinquencies Suddenly Soar At Record Pace 

In Less Than 14 Days, The Government Will Sever Its $600 Per Week Unemployment Lifeline 

Reality Check Incoming? Job Gains Appear To Be Slowing Or Reversing In July 

Industrial Production Rises But It is Far Below the Pre-Covid Trend

This Is A Financial Extinction Event 

US Retail Sales Soar In June Led By Clothing Demand

Ron Paul: Will the Federal Reserve cause the next riots? 

Black Lives Matter leader declares war on police: We pattern ourselves after the Nation of Islam" 

Critical Shortage: Your Elected Sheriff needs Personal Protection Equipment, and your help 

Coronavirus Deaths Are Rising Right on Cue 

America Should Prepare for a Double Pandemic 

Man, Covid-19 Just Keeps Getting Worse...

Bad News - Washington Will Manipulate & Politicize Such Data As It Pleases
CDC no longer to control COVID-19 data, hospitals to send data to Washington

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Adverse Reactions In "More Than Half" Of Trial Participants

Second stage of testing of Russian COVID-19 vaccine to conclude on August 3 

China Rocked By "Unprecedented" Surge In Bank Runs 

Stocks Slide After Enraged China Summons US Ambassador To Protest "Vain Attempts" To Punish Beijing 

US sanctions gangster logic and bullying: China's top Hong Kong office

America declaring China’s territorial claims illegal is all bark & no bite. The US is militarily & economically impotent

US Hostility Drives Several Anti-China Measures

US announces policy of all-out support for China’s rivals in territorial disputes

Is Israel at War With Iran? 

Terrorist attack on coronavirus aid convoy leaves 2 dead in western Iran

Iran ready to help Afghan govt. advance national peace process: Deputy FM

Iran world’s fourth largest producer of honey: Official

Putin stresses futility of sanctions pressure against Iran in phone talk with Merkel

 Iranian, Russian Presidents Discuss Development of Ties, Confrontation against US Unilateralism

 20 New Electricity, Water Projects Inaugurated in Iran

 Basiji Member, Local Official Martyred by Anti-Revolutionary Terrorists in Western Iran

 Commander Underlines Iranian Ground Force’s Equipment with Hi-Tech Weapons

 Iran, Afghanistan to Accelerate Implementation of Joint Agreements

Speaker’s Advisor: General Soleimani in Possession of Video, Audio Files of US-ISIL Talks

Media Conceal—or Celebrate—Depriving Syrians of Food and Medicine 

Turkish Proxies In Syria Went Out Of Control, Attack Joint Turkish-Russian Patrol 

National stand in Qamishli countryside against US and Turkish occupation forces 

Moscow: Some Western states use humanitarian aid delivery mechanism in Syria for political purposes 

More than 17 thousand hectares of chickpeas in Sweida harvested 

Iraqi parties and popular delegations express support to Syria in face of “Caesar Act” 

Explosion targets another US logistic convoy in Iraq: Local media

Lebanon Turns To China Amid Crisis After Cold Shoulder From US & Gulf 

Saudi Airstrike Kills at Least 25 Civilians in North Yemen 

Yemen calls for suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia amid war crimes

New US sanctions will not have serious impact on TurkStream, expert says 

‘Unfair competition’: Moscow blasts US move to enable sanctioning of Nord Stream 2 and TurkStream pipelines 

Press review: US to target Nord Stream 2’s EU creditors and Russia cracks down on US cult 

"Get Out Now": Pompeo Prepares New Sanctions Over Nearly Complete Russia-Germany NS2 Pipeline

Russian lawmakers seek to ban gay marriage 
& adoption of children by LGBT couples following approval of constitutional changes

‘Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy rolling over in their graves’: Diplomat rips Trump’s EU jab 

Fertility rate: Jaw-dropping global crash in children being born

US conducts second military operation off Venezuela’s coast

Are U.S.-Backed Forces Turning West Africa’s Sahel Region Into a “Killing Field”?

Russia to blame for landmines found in Libya, says US Africa Command in another self-serving ‘bombshell’

As The CIA Launches More Cyber Attacks There Will Be More Attacks On The U.S.
What Goes Around Comes Around - The U.S. Infrastructure Is Ill Prepared To Defend Against Such Attacks
Once Again The American People Will Be Made To Suffer For U.S. Imperialism

Secret Trump order gives CIA more powers to launch cyberattacks

‘Now I Am Become Death’: The Legacy of the First Nuclear Bomb Test 

More & More Main Stream News Is Driven By Social Media Nonsense & Herd Mentality
Not Just American Journalism, But RT For Example, Often Posts What's Trending On Social Media
We’re allowing left-leaning Twitter to kill American journalism 

Get Out Of Social Media
It Stifles Freedom Of Thought & Free Speech
Alleged screenshots of internal Twitter tools suggest platform maintains user ‘blacklists’ despite denying practice for years

Twitter puts verified accounts on LOCKDOWN after massive hack hits billionaires, politicians & celebrities 

Instagram users report direct message problems after Twitter suffers massive security breach 

‘Coordinated social engineering attack’: Twitter confirms employees with access to internal systems targeted in bitcoin scam hack

‘Tough day for us at Twitter’: Twitter unmutes most blue checks after bitcoin scammer hack, says ‘functionality may come & go’  

Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos And Others Hacked
 In Unprecedented Twitter Attack And Bitcoin Scam; Over $100,000 Stolen In Minutes


Revelation 18 & Karma
Having no better word to describe the Christian concept of God's judgment, I am using the word 'Karma' here in context with the events prophesized in Revelation 18, and the final demise of Babylon. Put another way as Jesus explained it, "Those who live by the sword will die by the sword." - Matthew 26: 52. In the Old Testament we find the following, “For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” - Hosea 8: 7. Simply put, it means that what goes around comes around. Put still another way, " Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap." - Galatians 6: 7. This applies not only to individuals but to nations as well. Unfortunately, the leadership of America has separated itself from God, and thinks itself immune from Karma, and God's judgment. The events described in Revelation 18, as applied to the downfall of Babylon, are most definitely karmic, and the result of God's judgment on Babylon for crimes committed against heaven, Earth, and humanity. The United States is Babylon of Revelation, and current events are the outcome of karmic law, and God's judgment upon America. As Revelation 18 does explain, "Thus with violence will Babylon be thrown down." - Rev. 18: 21. Therefore, based upon what I have written here, there will be no economic recovery in the United States, and things are going to get much worse from here. Washington thinks itself above international law, and spiritual law as well. Even is spite of the social and economic destruction now plaguing America, the crimes against humanity continue unabated. Forty percent of the world's population live in countries that have sanctions imposed on them by the United States. That's almost half the population of the planet, held down, and starved, because of U.S. economic sanctions, for no reason but the expansion of U.S. imperial designs and domination of the planet. 

In addition to these crimes, we can add murder via assassination, endless war, threats of war, terrorism, and genocide against whole populations, as in Yemen, and elsewhere. Although America is not directly bombing these starving people into oblivion, it is supplying the weapons, and by default condoning atrocities committed against these people, and will reap karmic results thereof, even as complicity with murder gains the same punishment as those that commit the murder. I highlight articles below with an asterisk * that attest to what I am writing here. Is there hope? Yes, if the people of America turn about face and return to God, and force their government to stop it's ongoing crimes against humanity. So far I don't see this happening, and in that context there is no hope, and I envision things getting much worse in the weeks and months ahead. The social destruction propagated by godless political opportunists, socialist, anarchist, and communists, will continue. Churches will be destroyed. Lawlessness will prevail. Covid-19 will inflict more death and illness, and lockdowns will continue. The full extent of the economic damage already inflicted to America hasn't yet been realized, but over the next few months, until the end of this year and beyond, it will become increasingly clear as millions of unemployed people run out of unemployment benefits, and millions more are evicted from their homes, and food shortages become common place. The government is only stalling the inevitable, and can't support the jobless and homeless for an extended period of time. The stock market currently soaring will come crashing down when these events unfold, and investors finally realize that there will be no recovery. The truth is that much of the financial and economic trouble were already in progress before the virus became known, and even if there is a vaccine to control the virus, the damage to the financial system, and the economy before and after the Covid-19 Virus epidemic will snowball and domino downward even with the Fed creating money out the wazoo. The Dollar already in danger because of U.S. sanctions abroad, will be further destroyed by the Fed's Dollar duplicity into infinity. There is a financial and economic crash coming soon. It's just a matter of time. Pray because the wrath of God is upon America, and upon us all, because crimes against humanity continue even unto this very day.

US sanctions threaten dollar as world's reserve currency *

US Unemployment Claims Rise by Another 1.4 Million, Hit New Record of 33 Million

Fed officials warn on thick fog ahead for U.S. economy as recovery concerns deepen 

El-Erian Warns "Financial Stress From COVID Is Far From Over"  

Consumer Prices Soar By Most In 11 Years In June On Rebound In Fuel Costs

"Lockdown 2.0" Will Ensure The US Remains In An Economic Depression Through The 2020 Election

Banks Know A Big Crash Is Coming & Gold Is Their Only Defense Against It
Central Banks Buy Another 40 Tons Of Gold In May

Banks Brace For A Historic Crash With Record Loss Provisions 

We Need $10B to Pay Contractors’ Coronavirus Expenses, Pentagon Tells Congress 

Lockdowns Return Across India As COVID-19 Cases Near 1 Million

COVID-19 vaccine trials show it is safe and well tolerated, says Defense Ministry

Covid-19: Absence of leadership in USA and UK

Skid marks on a rainbow CROSSWALK are now a hate crime? Suddenly, I see merit in defunding the police 

Churches Burning, Virgin Mary Statues Vandalized Across US as Police Probe Far-Left Protest Links 

Convicted terrorist linked to BLM group 

America, You've Been Blacklisted: McCarthyism Refashioned For A New Age 

Jack Heart: Disband the police and elect sheriffs

Buy A Home Computer & Stop Using Your Cell Phone For Internet Service
Turn Off Your Cell Phone When Not In Use & Use It only When Traveling
Go Back To Land Line Phone Service In Place Of Cell Phone

Google faces $5 BILLION lawsuit over tracking users's activities even in ‘private’ mode 

China Warns US Sanction Threats Are Inciting Conflict in South China Sea *

Beijing slams ‘troublemaker’ US for undermining peace in South China Sea, denies allegations of creating ‘maritime empire’ 

China to reciprocate US sanctions after Trump ends Hong Kong special status

Beijing vows tit-for-tat sanctions & says retaliation INEVITABLE unless US changes course after Trump signs new HK legislation 

Australia Needs To Decouple From China As "Second Cold War" Looms

US Is Trying to Start a Nuclear Missile Arms Race With China / Russia to Hurt Their Economies *

To Block Trump’s Troop Withdrawals, Congress Turns An Old Tactic Upside Down *

House panel targets Trump's war powers in spending bill

Mary Trump’s Message for Donald: ‘Resign’

Pentagon: US Has Withdrawn From Five Afghan Bases as Part of Pullout

What caused blaze on US Navy ship? A false flag or cyberattack?

US military networks vulnerable to cyberattacks: Top commander

Iran and China Turbo-Charge the New Silk Roads

Iran turned tables, proved America to blame in JCPOA case: Rouhani

The U.S./Israel Have Been Sponsoring Terrorism For Years
Speaker’s Advisor: General Soleimani in Possession of Video, Audio Files of US-ISIL Talks

President Cautions G4+1 against Damages of Extending Iran's Arms Embargos

Arab Paper: Iran Able to Impose Heavy Expenses on Israel by Military Agreement with Syria

 Gov’t Spokesman Criticizes Seoul’s Blocking of Iran’s Money

IRGC Quds Force Commander Warns of Hard Days for US, Israel

 DM: US Not Able to Extend Arms Embargos against Iran

Iran Inaugurates Biggest N. Gama Irradiation Site

China-Iran "Strategic Accord" To Give Tehran $400 Billion Boost Over Next 25 Years 

Press review: Moscow slams politicizing Syria aid and combat rages on Azeri-Armenia border -

Here Is Another Example Of Karmic Backlash That Will Bring Down Saudi Arabia For Crimes Against Humanity
Saudi Regime Is Balancing On Brink Of Collapse Amid Economic Crisis And Setbacks In Yemeni War 

Yemen bombardment: Saudi-led warplanes target residences, kill civilians *

 Ray Al-Youm: Ansarullah’s Missile Strikes on Tel Aviv Likely

 Yemeni Official Threatens S. Arabia with More Missile Attacks

‘Sick of Corruption’: Thousands of Israelis urge Netanyahu to resign

NASA Touts ‘Solid’ Ties with Russia as Roscosmos Chief Dismisses US Artemis Project as ‘Political’


Karmic Backlash Continues To Destroy America
Result Of Years Of Endless Wars, Terrorism, And Economic Sanctions Against Targeted Nations
Starving, and Murdering Millions Of People In An Imperialistic Binge To Rule The World
America's Leaders Think Themselves Immune From The Results Of Their Own Actions

Instead They Have Brought The Wrath Of God Down Upon Our Heads
What Has Been Done To Other Nations Will Now Be Done To America

Soros donates $330M to radical BLM groups, includes movement to end policing as we know it 

The Left's "Boycott" Of Goya Has Backfired Spectacularly As Conservative Customers Clean Out Store Shelves

RED NOVEMBER: How the Democratic Party Has Brought America to the Brink of Socialism

Trump Declares Himself “King of Israel,” the “Second Coming of God” 

The U.S. Economy Continues To Tank
The "Biblical" Default Wave Arrives: Here Is The Avalanche Of Bankruptcies Unleashed By Coronavirus 

The Fed Is Trapped In QE As Interest Rates Can't Rise Ever Again 

States Going Into Financial Collapse
California now less than 90 days away from financial collapse… ANARCHY to follow

Blain: Investors Are Making "Very Dangerous Assumptions"

Virus Epidemic Real Or Not Is Destroying The Economy
California Orders Bars, Gyms & Indoor Dining To Close In Biggest COVID-19 Reopening Rollback Yet

California governor Newsom sends #RecallGavin2020 trending after new lockdown order shutters bars & restaurants

Immunity to COVID-19 could be lost in months: UK study suggests

Hong Kong virologist claiming coronavirus cover-up tells Bill Hemmer Reports We don't have much time

Over 13 mln people diagnosed with COVID-19 globally

The U.S. Continues To Do Unto Other Nations That Which Brings About It's Own Demise
Assassinations, Economic Sanctions That Starve Millions, Terrorism, Military Occupations, Support Of Genocide, Violent Regime Change - articles below
Washington's policy of ‘maximum pressure’ hits brick wall

China: World must stop US push to reinstate Iran sanctions, kill JCPOA

 UN Rapporteur Warns Against Murder of Military Officials by States After US Assassination of Gen. Soleimani

Severe bread shortages loom for Syria as fresh U.S. sanctions grip

U.S. Sponsored Terrorists In Action
There Will Be No Healing Of America Until This Stuff Stops
Militant captured in Syria says trained by American instructors to use US arms

Captured Syrian militants tell media they are US-trained, sent to spy on Russian, Iranian & Syrian facilities 

Roadside bomb hits Russian-Turkish patrol in Syria, injuries reported

Joint Russian-Turkish patrol hit by militant bomb in Syria, servicemen injured 

US occupation brings military reinforcements to Ghwairan neighborhood in Hasaka

National stand in al-Rashwanieh in Qamishli countryside calling for expelling US, Turkish occupations 

Iran executes CIA spy; another agent of US, Israel on death row

 Spokesman: Iran to Continue Military Cooperation with Syria until Annihilation of Terrorists

Yemen: Drones, Missiles take out Saudi Patriot Missile System 

Yemen war: Ansarullah says to unveil new ballistic missile after striking Saudi sites

US sends surveillance aircraft to watch Chinese coastline as Taiwan starts major military exercise

Beijing’s claims in South China Sea ‘unlawful’, says US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo 

China to slap sanctions on Lockheed Martin over Taiwan arms sale

Beijing Sanctions Lockheed Martin Over "Torpedos For Taiwan" Arms Deal 

Beijing says US seeks to ‘disrupt peace’ in South China Sea after Washington formally rejects China’s territorial claims 

US swaps Venezuelan fuel oil for Russian products 

Russia-led Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Could Be Completed Soon

Iceland earthquake swarm reaches over 10,000 quakes, largest in 40 years 


Washington Has Only Itself To Blame
Crippling U.S. economic sanctions have forced Iran into the Chinese Sphere. The dummies in Washington were warned in advance that this would be the end result of economic sanctions against Iran. They did it anyway. In the process the U.S. will lose greater influence in the Middle East, as Iraq and Syria will also move into the Russian and Chinese spheres. Economic sanctions only starve the people of the targeted nations, and force these nations to restructure their economies around the U.S. Dollar, and banking system. In the long run Iran will grow and prosper while the U.S. loses it's imperial grip on the world. Washington morons are using force when sugar may be a better way. The proper way to build an empire is not through force and economic sanctions, but by friendship, mutual cooperation, and offering economic incentives to attract willing partners. This is exactly what the Russians and Chinese are doing in the Middle East, and they will take over the Middle East and push the United States into increasing isolation.
US Warns Iran and China Against Major Investment and Security Deal 

Iran-China deal to ditch dollar, bypass US sanctions: Leader’s advisor

 Deputy Minister: US Losing Strategic Advantages of Iran Due to Hostility

‘Iran open to long-term roadmaps for cooperation with friendly countries’

The assassination of General Solemani Was The Greatest U.S. Blunder Ever Made In The Middle East
When you murder a national and regional hero, it makes a martyr of him, that will be used to unite nations against you.
‘Faced with an assassination similar to Soleimani’s, West would declare war’

Here Is An Example Of Nations Uniting Following The U.S. Assassination Of Solemani
More Will Soon Follow Until The U.S. Is Forced Out Of The Greater Middle East
Kataib Hezbollah vows to drive US troops out of Iraq

 Police: Tehran Medical Center’s Blast No Act of Sabotage or Terrorism

Iran Says Radar Operator "Forgot" To Make Crucial Adjustment, Leading To Airline Downing

UN Security Council Agrees to Resume Aid In Northern Syria 

Two terrorist drones downed near Russian base at Syria’s Hmeymim 

Eight Insurgents Killed After Militants Launch Unsuccessful Attack on Syrian Armed Forces in Idlib 

UN: 700 Die In Syrian Camp For ISIS Families - "Explosive" Situation For Renewed Terrorism 

Saudi-Backed and UAE-Backed Yemeni Fighters Clash in Taiz

Washington Sells Weapons To Saudi Arabia To Be Used For Genocidal Extermination Of The Yemen Population
Saudi Airstrike Destroys House, Kills 10 Civilians in North Yemen 

This Will Eventually Result In The Downfall Of Saudi Arabia & Another U.S. Loss In The Middle East
As The U.S. Loses Ground In The Middle East, Israel Will Become Increasingly Isolated & Surrounded By Armies - Like 21: 24
Official: Yemen in Possession of Extensive Intel on Targets in S. Arabia, UAE, Tel Aviv

Yemeni forces strike strategic positions in Saudi Arabia with drones, missiles

Yemen’s Houthis agree to give UN access to stranded oil tanker: Sources

Has Israel infiltrated Hamas's military wing?

West Bank village mourns Palestinian killed by Israeli forces on nighttime stroll 

3 Palestinian inmates continue hunger strike against Israel’s administrative detention

We Are In The Final Days Before The Return Of Christ & The Arrival Of The Kingdom Of God
Following the collapse of Babylon, which is now already underway - Rev. 18, and the desolation of Jerusalem by surrounding armies - Luke 21: 24, which is likewise already underway, there will come the great day of arrival. It looks to be that if Israel is to inherit the lands Biblically promised to them, it won't be until after Christ's return. The way things are going now, and the serious mistakes being made by both Israel and the United States, in the Middle East, there is no time remaining for the development of Greater Israel. Once the United States goes down, and the enemies that already surround Israel realize that big brother U.S. is no longer able to defend Israel, that's when the stuff hits the fan.
Delusional Israeli UN ambassador nutjob says West Bank belongs to Israel because God says so in the Bible 

Imperialism Will Be The Death Of America
George Washington Tried To Warn Americans About Foreign Policy Today 

WHO reports over 230,000 new infections of Covid-19, marking a new record daily rise

Number of COVID-2019 cases across globe up by over 230,000 in past day

Coronavirus: Florida reports more than 15,000 new cases, shattering record

Tests of Russia's COVID-19 Vaccine Conducted in Compliance With Regulations

Putin says COVID-19 fatalities in Russia are much lower than in other countries 

People Are Going To Be Shocked: Bannon Claims Wuhan Lab Employees Have Defected, Are Working With FBI

There Will Be No Social Or Economic Recovery For Imperial Babylon - Rev. 18
Next Will Come The Natural Disasters - Fire, Flood, Wind, Famine, & Earthquake
This Is The Payback For The Destruction, Famine & Death The U.S. Has Brought To Other Nations

Why is crime spiking in NYC? ‘People can’t pay their rent’ and need to shoplift to feed their children, says AOC

"Tsunami" Of Evictions Could Make 28 Million Americans Homeless This Summer Alone 

Oil Set To Plunge As OPEC Seeks To Boost Output By 2 Million Barrels 

Coronavirus bringing record $1 trillion of new global corporate debt in 2020: 

Goldman Expects A 60% Drop In Q2 EPS, Much Worse Than Consensus

The World Is Drowning In Debt 

The "Too Big To Fail" Banks Are Getting Ready For Their Worst Quarter Since The Financial Crisis

China sanctions US officials in retaliation for bans over Uighur Muslims

Tit for tat: China blacklists US Senators Rubio, Cruz & other officials in response to sanctions over Xinjiang 

Venezuela Receives Shipment of 840,000 Packages of Insulin Drugs From Russia 

Magnitude 5.1 Earthquake Registered in Venezuela, USGS Reports 

Extreme Heat Dome to Fry U.S. With Record Temperatures


Endless War & The Demise Of Babylon
The United States actually began it's now accelerating collapse back in the 1950's with the Korean War. That's when the powers of imperialism began to override those of the more nationalistic political agenda. Ruling and policing the world began to take precedence over national requirements and they began to siphon off the nation's wealth in imperialistic endeavor while the nation's infrastructure was left to rot. The nation's military had to be built up in preparation for global requirements, and other expenditures such as foreign aid had to be devised as payola for mercenary national alliances within the growing U.S. global empire. Propagandized foreign threats such as Communism, and the Soviet Union, were built up way out of actual proportion, to justify increasingly larger expenditures that were needed for a global military buildup and U.S. military domination of the world. The Soviet Union was never a real threat to the U.S., until the U.S. began to threaten the Soviets by building up an overwhelming nuclear arsenal, which was sold under the guise of national defense, but could also be used offensively, and threatened the Soviets with a U.S. initiated nuclear first strike. This forced the Soviet Union into an expensive cold war arms race, not because of any intended war, but as an equal balance to the growing U.S. threat of a nuclear first strike. The cold war brought down the Soviet Union because of it's inability to financially sustain the Soviet Empire with the growing cost of cold war weapons development. 

Actually none of the propagandized threats to American were real, but it kept the American Public in line with the intended imperialistic interests. North Korea, Vietnam, and the Soviet Union were never a direct threat to the United States. It was U.S. imperial ambitions, under the guise of anti-communism, that got America involved in the Korean and Vietnam wars, which could have been easily avoided if not for U.S. designs of global military domination and subjugation of these regions, nations and people. The cold war could have likewise been avoided much earlier on by negotiation, and treaties, which was later done with much success, but by that time the U.S. had total military supremacy with bases all over the world, and paid mercenary NATO allies, surrounding the Soviet Union, and so it didn't matter anyway. Washington Politicians became increasingly more concerned with control and domination of other nations, and containing Russia, and communism, than the problems and issues of the local constituency for which they were elected. The Korean war was very expensive in terms of lives and financing, and ended in a draw. Even still, Washington imperialists continued to siphon off America's wealth in the interest of the next imperial war, which was the seemingly endless Vietnam war, and the buildup of U.S. military might and military bases around the world. The U.S. Dollar at that time was still backed by gold, which hindered the growing imperialistic ambitions of Washington because it limited the amount of money available for the ongoing Vietnam war, and the advancement of U.S. imperial designs abroad. A fiat currency was now required because it would allow unlimited expansion of the money supply for imperial requirements, whereas a gold backed dollar limited it's proliferation to the value of gold. Because of the expensive Vietnam war, which was still ongoing at the time, and the other military demands of the U.S. Empire, President Nixon was forced to take the Dollar off the gold standard, or the empire would have been forced to a standstill.

 Now the empire was suddenly free to expand with an unlimited money supply. In addition to this, it was during President Nixon's tenure as President that the U.S. Dollar became the world's reserve currency, because of a deal involving Saudi Arabia, which decreed that global oil sales would henceforth be denominated and transacted in Dollars. Now the American Global Empire had real power, because not only was it able to create an unlimited money supply with which to finance an ever growing military empire, but now it's financial and banking system would likewise dominate the world with all the financial perks involved with that. It further strengthened the Dollar and enforced greater imperial control over all the nations on the planet. He who controls the money supply controls the world. It also elevated the U.S. economic system to a weapon of war, by forcing nations to comply with US. imperial dictates, or face economic terrorism, and economic sanctions, designed to starve the people of the targeted nation, so as to create rebellion and civil war in the interest of regime change. The Vietnam War finally ended, and was even more expensive than the Korean War, and with the same end resulting in no real gains for the empire. Nevertheless, now supported by an unlimited money supply, and complete control of the global financial system, the empire moved on towards it's goal to conquer the world, with an eye to the subjugation of the Middle East and the encirclement of Russia and China. 

All of the wars in the Middle East, were started or instigated by the United States, in the interest of it's own imperial expansion, or by it's mercenary ally Israel, in the interest of it's own imperial expansion. In 1956, the six day war began with the Israeli invasion of Egyptian Territory. Israel seized all if it's currently disputed territory during this same period. Since then, all of the following wars including the Iraq/Iran war, were instigated by the United States. The U.S. persuaded Saddam Hussein to invade Iran, which started the eight year war, and also ended in a draw, after which the U.S. failed to bring down Iran as was the plan. The subsequent invasion of Iraq, by the Bush Administration, was likewise a war for imperial expansion, with designs on the the further subjugation of Iran and Syria afterward. Saudi Arabia, and Israel, were already within the U.S. imperial bag, and the addition of Iraq, Iran, and Syria would have been a real prize. This was further emphasized by the introduction of mercenary terrorist armies by the Obama Administration, and continued by the subsequent Trump Administration, to fight as U.S. proxies, to destroy the governments and civilization of the targeted nations. This lineup also included Afghanistan, which by right of it's strategic location between Iran, Russia, and China, made it ripe for U.S. conquest under the guise of the war on terrorism. The terrorism inflicted against Iraq, and Syria, and Iran, and the terrorist armies thereof, were largely supplied by Saudi Arabia, funded by the United States through Saudi Arabia, and aided by Israel, because of it's own designs of a Greater Israeli Empire that it planned force upon the Middle East. Of course Iran, is the greater threat because of it's competitive interests in the region. Syria is targeted because of it's long term alliance with Iran, and because of it's strategic location. 

All of these wars for the advancement of U.S. imperial expansion, have resulted in the deaths and suffering of millions of people. The people of Syria have suffered horrific tortures and genocide at the hands of terrorists armies unleashed upon them by Saudi Arabia, under U.S. and Israeli sponsorship. Iraq likewise has lost millions of people not only in the U.S. invasion of Iraq, but also as a result of the Iraq/Iran war also instigated and supported by the United States. The people of Afghanistan have lost millions of people during the course of this seemingly unending war, with direct involvement by the U.S. military. The people of Cambodia, Vietnam, and North Korea have lost millions of people via U.S. wars in their nations. I'm not going to go into WWII because there may have been reasons for some military action against Nazi Germany, and Imperial Japan, but there are those who say that millions of deaths in that war could have been avoided by treaty, and navel blockades, instead of the fire bombings, and nuclear bombs, dropped on Japan, and the fire bombing of civilian targets and cities in Germany by U.S. allied command. The point is that the U.S. is responsible for millions, upon millions, of civilian deaths as a result of it's unceasing and endless wars in the interest of it's own imperial expansion, and the desire to rule the world. This brings me to the real point that I wish to make. The U.S. is Babylon of Revelation 13 & 18 by virtue of it's inclusion in the lineup of empires that rule over Baghdad, Iraq, the location of ancient Babylon, and by virtue of it's likeness and Image to the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great, including the demonic desire to conquer the world. Revelation 18 tells us that Babylon, a.k.a, the Beast Empire, is finally destroyed by God as follows: "And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth. This can only mean that the United States will be destroyed because of the Karmic backlash, or a judgment of God, because of the suffering, and death, inflicted upon millions of people in the years following WWII. 

Even as I write, the U.S. is still obsessed with endless war, and continues it's relentless persecution and terrorism of the Syrian People, by stealing their oil, and supporting terrorist armies still entrenched in some areas there. Also against Iran, who's people have died and are still suffering under strangling U.S. economic sanctions, as well as Yemen, who's people are starving because of an economic blockade, while their cities are bombed daily by Saudi Arabia, with U.S. weapons, in full support by the United States. This lineup also includes the continued U.S. military occupation of Iraq, and the still ongoing war in Afghanistan, in spite of the internal political, social and economic strife now plaguing the United States as a nation. It's still waging economic terrorism against Venezuela, Russia, and China, and threatening nuclear war against Russia and China, simply because these nations are threats to the U.S. global empire, and refuse to yield to U.S. imperial demands. This is the reason that the U.S. will not recover from the current economic downturn which will quickly, if not already, turn into a full blown economic depression. This is what the U.S. has brought to other nations, and so the same will be measured double unto you, as per the words of Revelation 18. I fear that unless the U.S. makes an immediate about face, and repents for it's numerous war crimes abroad much worse will be visited upon the American People. What is now happening to America it has already done to other nations. The color revolutions with the resulting riots and demonstrations in other lands, and the terrorism, and the economic hardship inflicted upon others will now come home to roost. It is the judgment of God that justice prevail. Turn back America before it's too late. Stop the endless wars and suffering inflicted on humanity.

How Do I Know This Stuff?
Because I Lived During These Times And Remember Them Well

Wartime Without End, War Powers Without Check

Seattle Officials Back Defunding Police By 50%, Mull 911 Overhaul 

Burning barricades, ‘sound weapon’: Protest at Oregon courthouse continues as arrests, injuries mount

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What Is a Fatal Dose of Fentanyl? 

Expert warns the US is approaching one of the most unstable times in the history of our country

US Single-Day COVID-19 Cases Top 70k For First Time; In India, Cases Top 800k: Live Updates 

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U.S. sets record for new COVID cases third day in a row at over 69,000 

Dozens of Florida hospitals max out of ICU capacity amid surge in COVID-19 cases

Serbian police arrest 71 protesters, including Brit, as mayhem over Covid-19 restrictions continues 

Adam Creighton on Australia's Economic Suicide as It Reimposes COVID Lockdown 

Russia ‘successfully completes’ human testing of COVID-19 vaccine 

Used Vehicle Prices Spike By Record 9% YoY As Worried Consumers Abandon Mass Transit

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For First Time Since The Great Depression, Americans Must Wait In Line For The Most Basic Essential Items 

"We Are In Irrational Exuberance": Mike Novogratz Warns Stocks Are "Unhinged From Reality"

Job losses, bankruptcies and store closings are all at apocalyptic levels as the US economic collapse rolls on -

Drumbeats of the Epocalypse: The Economic Death March Has Come to Town! 

Iranian media indirectly blames Israel, US for being behind Natanz incident 

 Iran's UN Envoy: General Soleimani's Assassination Clear Example of State Terrorism

Deputy FM Reveals US Demand for Iran’s No Reprisal for Assassination of General Soleimani

 Official: Iran Never Trusts US, Europe

 Ex-Afghan Minister: Pentagon Investing for Iranophobia in Afghanistan

 Minister: Iran Aims to Enter Global Market with Higher Oil Production

Iran to contribute to security of Syrian skies amid continuing Israeli air strikes 

Watch US Armored Convoy Retreat As Syrian Army Threatens Fire In Tense Standoff 

Securing Syrian Oil? US Troops Reportedly Smuggle Trucks Full of Country's Crude to Iraq... Again 

UN Security Council adopts Syria cross-border aid resolution, but refuses to address humanitarian costs of sanctions 

US military convoy blown up in Iraq's Diwaniyah: Reports

‘US military supply convoy’ attacked & torched in Iraq 

Hezbollah deputy head: Israel does not have ability to survive

Lebanese protesters rally in Beirut to condemn US intervention in domestic affairs

Saudi crown prince prime suspect in Khashoggi murder case: UN official

 Yemen to Use Seized US-Made Weapons to Develop Military Power

Ex-Israel spymaster admits: Iran can’t be stopped in nuclear bid

Thousands in Tel Aviv protest Netanyahu cabinet's ‘ineptitude’

Trump: Something Big Will Happen With Venezuela & "We'll Be Very Much Involved" 

‘Another phony hit job’: Trump slams NYT for ‘made up’ story about alleged Russian bounties in Afghanistan 

Russian-US relations hit rock bottom, Kremlin says 

Russian FM Lavrov Warns About Rising Risks of Nuclear Confrontation 

Russia continues stockpiling gold, adding $2.7 billion to forex reserves 

China’s massive floods move east, battering communities along Yangtze River


Excuses Are Like Noses
Everybody's Got One
I run this whole ship by myself. This includes news updates, commentary, and the website/domain. I use spell check to speed up the proof read, but sometimes there are errors that I don't catch right away. Please be forgiving if I fail to catch a misspell from time to time. I usually correct the errors in due time. I have no staff to back me up. Sometimes I can look at an error for hours before I notice it. Too many words and not enough eyeballs...

U.S./Israel Trying To Instigate War With Iran
The Trouble Is That If They Get Their War It May Not Be To Their Advantage
The Persians Have Been Busy Building Thousands Of Missiles In Numerous Hidden Sites
Israel Is Definitely On The Hit List And Even If Israel Nukes Iran The Destruction To Tel Aviv & Jerusalem Will Be Devastating

Iran explosions: Did Israel and the US just start a cyber war?

Factor In Hezbollah & Hamas Surrounding Israel With Armies & More Hidden Missiles
You Have A Recipe For An Epic Battle Of The Century

Iran to Retaliate Once Foreign Hand Proven in Natanz Incident

Experts: Israeli Attack on Iran Site Similar in Complexity to Stuxnet 

Iran says to develop oil industry despite sanctions; local firm inks deal

Gen. Soleimani: When the US distorts facts to portray assassination as self-defense

25-year deal with China is a shrewd, opportune move by Iran

 Iran Stresses Determination to Develop Strategic Ties with China

UAE, Saudi Arabia stall on US initiative against Iran

‘We will not surrender’: Iran vows to make more oil despite crippling US sanctions 

Iran-Syria accord first step to defang US Caesar sanctions: Assad's top aide

The U.S. Continues Stealing Oil To Pay For Terrorists To Bring Down The Syrian Government
How Can The U.S. Expect Economic Recovery While It Steals Oil From Suffering War Torn Nations?
God Judges America Harshly For Such Crimes Against Humanity

US military tankers smuggle crude oil from Syria’s Hasakah to western Iraq

Syrians Clearly Don't Want The U.S. In Their Nation
While The U.S. Degenerates Within An Illegal Military Occupation Of Syria Continues With Hostile Intent
What Have The Syrian's Ever Done To The United States To Deserve Such Treatment?

US convoy forced to move back by Syrian army in Hasakah

Russia, China veto Western-backed UNSC resolution on Syria aid

Army thwarts a wide attack launched by Turkish- backed terrorist groups in Lattakia northern countryside

Lebanese protesters rally in Beirut to condemn US intervention in domestic affairs

This Also Includes Iraq Not mentioned In The Headline
Biggs, Massie call on Trump to remove troops from Afghanistan 

China, Russia Veto Extending Syria Aid Routes Into Turkey 

Turkish president Erdogan signs decree turning Istanbul's Hagia Sofia into a mosque after court ruling 

Evil Unto Evil
The U.S. Continues To Supply Arms To Saudi Arabia Used In Genocidal Attacks On Yemen

UN warns nearly 10 million people facing acute food shortages in Yemen

Chinese Virologist Flees Hong Kong, Accuses Beijing Of COVID-19 Cover-Up

Goldman Spots An Ominous Turning Point In The US Coronavirus Pandemic

Phoenix Mayor Lied About Morgues Bringing In Refrigerator Trucks To Store Overflow COVID Bodies

Phoenix, Arizona hospital runs out of morgue space, requests REFRIGERATOR TRUCKS as Covid-19 fatalities mount 

"I'm Not Apologizing" - Goya Foods CEO Reacts To Cancel Culture Attacks Over Trump Support

The Main Stream Media Is Owned By Maybe Five Corporations That Control All News Sources
There Will Be No Freedom Of Press Until These Controlling Factors Are Broken Up In Anti-Trust Actions
As Long As Mass Media Propaganda Exists, Democracy Is A Sham

 Looks Like Sweden Was Right After All 

Washington Has Done It's Best To Destroy U.S./China Relations
Without Regard To The Economic Blowback On The American People
It's Clear That Imperialism Now Rules Over Nationalism Within The Halls Of U.S. Governess
It's More Important To Rule The World Than To Care For The Economic Interests Of The American People

Trump Says Phase 2 Trade Deal "Unlikely", Relationship With China "Severely Damaged"

US Slams China's South China Sea Exercises, Plans Announcement to Respond

US slaps sanctions on Chinese officials for horrific abuse of Uyghurs and ethnic Kazakhs

Hong Kong will stay China’s financial gateway to the world, former top banking official says

There Won't Be An Economic Recovery For Babylon - Rev. 18
Rickards: Economy Won't Recover Until At Best 2023 

Market heads into worst earnings season in 12 years amid worries virus is slowing recovery

Global public debt, fiscal deficits to reach all-time high, IMF warns

Retail bankruptcy filings keep coming, coffee habits change

"It's Going To Be A Mess" - Quarter of NYC Renters Haven't Paid Since March 

China Passenger Car Sales Slump 6.5% In June After Dead Cat Bounce In May 

A New World Order for the Coronavirus Era Is Emerging 

St. Louis police serve warrant & confiscate rifle from ‘Ken & Karen’ couple who brandished guns at BLM protesters

Insanity Now Rules Over America
Whom The God's Would Destroy They First Make Mad
‘All who don’t kowtow to BLM must be destroyed’ – this new Inquisition wants to dismantle the America we know 

Buchanan: The New Systemic Racism That Is Coming

The Groupthink Pandemic

Biden immigration plan grants citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants

A Wave Of The Future
NEW: Easily Create a Free Blog on the Blockchain Which Is Impossible to Censor

The Buildings Went Down In Freefall
This Can Only Be Achieved By Controlled Demolition Of The Supporting Foundations
This Is A Fact That Can Easily Be Substantiated Via Stopwatch While Viewing The Buildings In Collapse
It's A Scientific Fact That Buildings Cannot Freefall Unless The Support Structures Are Suddenly Removed
9/11 News Coverage: How 36 Reporters Brought Us the Twin Towers’ Explosive Demolition on 9/11 

SYSTEM UPDATE: How the House Armed Services Committee Works

Price of making US stay? Trump says he doesn't want to leave NATO but allies 2% spend is too little

Americans Will Be Squeezed Until The Nation Goes Up In Flames
Major Tax Increases Are About To Slam America As Cities & States Want You To Pay For COVID Fallout 

Kim's Sister Rules Out Further Talks With Trump, Vows Peace As Long As "U.S. Doesn't Touch Us" 


Without The Main Stream Media Where Would Demonstrations Be?
It's All A Carefully Organized Photo & Film Opportunity
Choreographed Racial Discord Has Hijacked The Real Issues
The Real Issues Are:
The militarisation of the nation's civilian police departments. Military equipment and arms sold or given to civilian police departments. Civilian police receiving military training in Israel. The militarisation of the nation's police since 9/11 has resulted in the following: Police brutality and unnecessary police shootings against the general public. Unconstitutional asset forfeiture. Illegal search and seizure. State surveillance. Plea bargaining of the innocent into prison. The privatization of the nations prisons into money making corporations that require full occupancy guilty or not. State privacy invasion. The list goes on. Don't buy into the racial issue because it only serves to detract from the real issues that require social change. The racial riots and vandalism of public property are paid for and organized by political activist groups and political organizations funded by the likes of George Soros, in league with the owners and operators of the main stream media outlets, of which there are only a few. They are set up and staged media events with deliberate attempt to sabotage the political process. This is fortified by social media hit squads that demoralize and stifle any public dissent or open discussion and debate. They use in-crowd mentality, fear of gang rejection, and peer group pressure, and threats to employers and businesses to stifle debate. The use of social media such as Twitter, and Facebook, for any political or social discourse should be strictly avoided by any free minded person because it will be used against you. President Trump has made the mistake of using Twitter for his political and social discourse and look what it's got him. If nothing else, it will be the main reason he loses the election. Don't make the same mistake. Close Twitter and Facebook accounts. It's better to say nothing than to use social media outlets. If the democrats gain control of the government in November, there will be no changes in the ongoing establishment of a police state. In fact, it will get much worse after they gain power. Most if not all socialist governments tend towards greater police authority and public restriction. Taxes will rise, and the endless wars will continue. The Republicans offer nothing better. There are no political solutions to the problems facing America, and no elected President of any political party will make changes to the status quo. Only a return to God, common law, and the Ten Commandments, and the Constitution of the United States, can save America now. I don't see this happening. The end result is the continued disintegration as per Revelation 18, until Babylon goes into perdition.
Don't Buy Into The Racial Issue Because It Only Serves To Divide & Detract From Real Issues That Require Social Change
All Lives Matter To God And A True Democratic Republic
The Police State Is An Equal Opportunity Civil Rights Abuser Against All Races

The open letter against cancel culture was a ray of hope… until some signatories canceled themselves out of it 

Fearing Cancelation, Public Figures Withdraw Support For Open Letter Decrying Cancel Culture 

The Fragility Of The Woke 

Why police pay nothing for military equipment

Efforts to Censor Backfire, Traffic Surges After Ban From Anti-Free Speech Google

Internet witch hunts derive from ‘profound’ desire for self-purpose, signatory of open letter critical of cancel culture tells 

Tyranny Without A Tyrant: The Deep State's Divide-And-Conquer Strategy Is Working

Do they care? Minneapolis business owner left with nothing after riots calls out city officials for failing to help 

9/11 memorial to lost firefighters destroyed by vandals in New York State

Arizona Declared World's Biggest COVID-19 Hotspot As Deaths Top 2,000

The "Second Wave": Politics Influences the "Science" of COVID-19. Flawed Data, Flawed Models

Coronavirus: Why Everyone Was Wrong. It is Not a "New Virus". "The Fairy Tale of No Immunity" 

World Suffers 3rd Straight Record Jump In New COVID-19 Cases As US Sees Disturbing Spike In Deaths

Russian Defense Ministry’s clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine enter final stage 

Virus Unrest Turns Violent As Serbs Protest Being "Lied To For Political Ends" 

A Massive Warning Of Un-Sustainability 

Coronavirus Bankruptcies: How Covid-19 Is Impacting Business

Almost 50 Million Americans Have Now Filed For First-Time Jobless Benefits Since Lockdowns Began

US negotiator Robert Lighthizer says ‘I don’t know what the end goal is’ in trade war with China 

Why Washington's War on Huawei is Not Working

Series of ‘explosions & power outages’ reported near Tehran

Witnesses refute rumors about blast, power outage near Tehran

Iran says not surprised by Western concerns about strategic ties with China

Iran warns of consequences if foreign role in Natanz blast proven

Lying, accusations major elements of US foreign policy: Iran

UN rapporteur : US drone killing of Iran's General Soleimani sets dangerous precedent

The Awful Truth About Syria, Russia and Iran 

Iran to help Syria with Air Defense to repel US, Israeli Attacks 

Chemical Weapon Watchdog Demands Syria Issue Report on Alleged 2017 Attack 

Russia Submits Draft UNSC Measure to Deliver Syria Aid Via 1 Crossing for 1 Year - Envoy 

UNSC Blocks Russian Draft on Syria Aid Delivery Via 1 Border Crossing, Diplomatic Source Says 

National gathering in Qamishli countryside against US, Turkish occupation forces 

U.S. Using Stolen Syrian Oil To Fund Terrorism
An army checkpoint intercepts a convoy of armored vehicles for US occupation in Mansaf Tahtani village in Hasaka countryside 

Hasaka’s citizens drill surface wells to ensure water in light of continued cutting water by Turkish occupation 

U.S. Funding Saudi Aggression Against Yemen
Yemen vows retaliation after Saudi Arabia destroys civilian vessels

Two Of The Ten Kingdoms Ready For War Against Each Other
War Footing: Egypt Answers Turkish Naval Drills With Own Large Exercise On Libyan Border 

Macron urges Israel to nix West Bank annexation amid growing international outcry 

Israel’s plan to annex occupied West Bank risks outburst of regional rage, Russia warns

Israeli soldiers kill young Palestinian in West Bank

This Isn't Going To Fly
If That's The Case, Most Of America Should Be Given Back To American Tribes Because Of Broken Treaties
Manhattan next? US Supreme Court opens Pandora’s box with ruling that half of Oklahoma is ‘Indian country’ 

Decoupling From China Will Be Tough On America In The Long Run
Digging in on rare earth, the next front in the US supply chain war with China 

Prepare for India border row to escalate, Chinese strategists warn Beijing 

TV Mentality
If It's On TV Or Printed In The Main Stream News They'll Believe It Without Proof
Here's the Demographic Data on Americans Who Believe the Russian Bounties Baloney - It's Depressing

NYT that headlined The Russians paid bounties to the Taliban to kill US troops, quietly admits zero evidence on page 19

General Milley Tells US Congressional Panel No Evidence of Russian Bounties in Afghanistan 

Russian Bounties Chutzpah: Actually US Taxpayers Have Paid Out Billions to the Taliban 

Kremlin says homophobic claims are going too far

Russia to promote idea of inadmissibility of nuclear war at UNSC P5 summit — Lavrov

US, Russia Finalize Planning for Space Security Exchange at End of July

U.S. Nut Jobs Believe That Nuclear War Is Winnable
‘They want to win’: NUCLEAR confrontation becomes likelier as US races for global domination, Russian FM says 

US sells Patriot upgrade package to Taiwan to deter ‘regional threats’

India to buy Venezuela oil under swap deal amid US sanctions

Ghislaine Maxwell Placed in COVID Isolation Amid Fears She'll Soon Be Found Dead 

Trump Is Trying to Hide US and Israeli War Crimes by Attacking the International Criminal Court

Two-thirds of Americans disapprove Trump's handling of coronavirus, race relations: Poll

UK Commits "Highway Robbery" Of Venezuelan Gold, Says Academic

Astronomers spot four mysterious, UNIDENTIFIED circular objects in outer space 

Tropical System Could Bring Heavy Rainfall To New York City

Volcanic Upsurge Around Pacific Rim Continues Unabated
Volcanic island in Pacific Ocean having vigorous growth spurts 

 Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs 

China’s massive floods move east, battering communities along Yangtze River


California, Arizona Shatter COVID-19 Records As Global Case Total Nears 12 Million

US hits record high in daily COVID-19 cases as outbreak prompts tough actions

Global COVID-19 Cases Top 12mln, US Accounts for A Quarter of Patients

Breakthrough: Tuesday 4:20 PM, Vienna, America is Given a COVID Cure, Will it be withheld? 

Arizona is Awash in COVID 19 and Testing is a ‘Shitshow’ (Trump wrong, COVID loves heat!) 

Hong Kong, Tokyo Report New Single-Day Coronavirus Records; US Deaths Are Starting To Climb

The Great Race Bait: Don't Fall For It Conservative America 

George Floyd’s harrowing final moments revealed in new transcripts as rookie cop asks court to dismiss manslaughter case

Violence sweeps U.S. as systemic liberalism handcuffs police 

Portland Police See 240 Percent Yearly Increase in July Shootings

I was born in New York, and I’ve never seen the city so scared and uninhabitable. I fear we’re on the brink of a second civil war

In An Insane World, Madness Looks Moderate And Sanity Looks Radical

US Budget Deficit Hits A Record $863 Billion In June, A 100X Increase

Retail Apocalypse Accelerates - 8,700 Stores Closing, Number Set To Rise 

The American Economy In Four Words: Neofeudal Extortion, Decline, & Collapse

More Than 8,700 Stores Are Closing In 2020 So Far—A Number That Will Surely Rise

The retail bankruptcies and store closings just keep coming. For some merchants, the pandemic was ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back.’

United Warns It May Cut 36,000 Employees

Walgreens Drags Down Dow As Q2 Sales Slump; Company Cuts 4,000 Jobs 

California Utterly Failing As 2 Million Residents Waiting For Unemployment Checks

83% Of German Firms With International Exposure Warn of Collapsing Revenues 

Ala: Using drones by some states to practice terrorism is due to Security Council’s failure to deter them

US denounces UN report on Iran general's unlawful killing

UN report on General Soleimani’s assassination draws US ire

Iran, China roadmap serves interests of both nations: Senior official

 ‌Iran, Austria Agree to Broaden Relations

 Official: Iran, Iraq Trade Ties Increase to $10bln

Official Underlines Need for Expansion of Iran-Armenia Ties

Iran, Syria Sign Military, Security Agreement

Iran signs military deal with Syria to boost air defences, counter US pressure

Iran's top cmdr., Syria's defense minister sign agreement to boost military, security cooperation

UN Syria commission never went to Idlib, obsessed with blaming Damascus – Lavrov 

UN Security Council rejects Russian-backed resolution on aid delivery to Syria

Farmers implement the entire cultivation plan for all crops in Homs northern countryside 

Russian Defense Ministry: Al-Nusra terrorists preparing to stage new chemical provocations in Idleb 

44 industrial, craft facilities start production in Tartous province since beginning of 2020 

Iraq intelligence chief sacked in latest military shakeup

US general: American forces to stay in Iraq for foreseeable future

Iraqi president censures Turkish ‘military violation’ of Iraqi soil

Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen’s Houthis ‘destroys explosive boats’ in Red Sea 

Israel's Sabotage of Natanz Shows Shift to Direct Attacks on Iran Program 

Israel inviting ‘serious risk’ with media hype about Natanz blast

Israeli occupation forces arrest 20 Palestinians in the West Bank 

China says relations with US facing most serious challenge ever

Dollar gives ground to higher-risk currencies as Chinese shares soar

Ex-wide receiver catches 3-year-old thrown from burning building in Phoenix, Arizona 

19,380,000 people now affected by the flooding across China 

Japan flooding kills at least 60 people - 550,000 told to evacuate - 4 inches of rain in an hour


Wayne Dupree: Want America back from these anarchists? Be prepared to fight for it 

Violent Crime Is Surging Dramatically In Major Cities All Over America 

Real Estate Expert Warns Exodus From Cities Will Last Two Years 

As a trans woman, parent and teacher, I say JK Rowling is absolutely right; it’s child abuse to push kids towards changing sex 

BLM Teacher Says 2+2 Only Equals 4 Because Of "Western Imperialism" 

J.K. Rowling, Noam Chomsky among dozens to call for end to cancel culture

"There's No Price-Discovery Mechanism" - Gundlach Warns Fed "Desperation" Has Removed All Signals From Markets

US Trucking Volumes Soar 45% YoY Ahead Of July 4th Holidays 

Five More US Airlines Reach Loan Agreements With US Treasury, Mnuchin Says 

Fed policymakers worry growth plateauing, pledge more support 

Deep European Recession Forecast For 2020 

San Francisco Delays Reopening Restaurants, Bars As US COVID-19 Deaths Surpasses 130,000: Live Updates 

World updates: Coronavirus cases top 11.8mn, deaths surge past 544K

‘Hidden epidemic’ after Covid-19: Scientists sound alarm as strokes, nerve damage reported even in mild and recovering cases

US Breaks COVID-19 Daily Record with +60,000 New Cases

US Tops 3 Million COVID-19 Cases As ICUs In Florida, Texas Hit Max Capacity

Worldwide coronavirus infections close to 12 million cases 

Iran Records Highest Single-Day Surge in Coronavirus Deaths

MASSIVE protests rock Serbian capital after new Covid-19 lockdown announcement

This again? New coronavirus lockdown triggers second wave of panic buying in Australia 

US Economic, Military Pressure Drive Deeper Venezuela, Iran Ties 

Iran: Enemy propaganda meant to undermine strategic partnership deal with China

US assassination of Gen. Soleimani an act of state-sponsored terrorism

Iran Denies Anti-Revolutionary Media Claims on Explosion at N. Facility

 MP Declares Parliament's Plan to Reciprocate Any US Piracy against Iranian Oil Tankers

China Inks Military Deal With Iran Under Secretive 25-Year Plan

Iraq reopens border to Iranian goods after three months

Russia, China veto draft resolution extending cross-border aid in Syria without approval of its government 

Russia to propose UNSC resolution on Syria aid delivery after veto

Nebenzia: Russia to introduce new draft resolution on aid delivery in Syria 

China renews call for lifting unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria 

Homs production of fig expected to reach 2,912 tons 

Czech Parliamentarian: Erdogan’s regime responsible for fueling crises in Syria, Libya 

UK resumes arms sales to Saudi Arabia, says ‘possible’ war crimes in Yemen are ‘isolated incidents’ 

Report finds UK enabled ‘unlawful’ Saudi-led naval blockade of Yemen, as London resumes arms sales to Riyadh

Houthis Say Saudi Coalition Launched Over 60 Airstrikes on Yemeni Land in Past 24 Hours 

Bin Salman preparing new charges to seek $15bn settlement from ex-rival: Report

Saudi Air Force brags about shooting down $200 Yemeni drone with $2-million AA missile fired from a $100-million F-15 -

Hezbollah: US policy of starving Lebanon serves Israel's interests

US Ambassador Informs Power-Starved Lebanon Importing Electricity From Syria Is “Banned” 

Palestinians lose legal battle to save Jaffa's 200-year-old Muslim cemetery 

Arab Paper: Israeli-Affiliated ISIL Group Arrested in Gaza

The Beast That Has Controlled America for 150 Years - Jewish-Owned Media

Russian Christians Protest Sodomy at US, UK Embassies in Moscow

Political Alignments in US Drive New Wave of Russia!, Russia!, Russia! Hysteria

New Constitution Means Russia’s Political Stability Strong While the West Sinks

China says will join arms control talks if US reduces nuclear arsenal

China threatens to impose reciprocal visa restrictions on US citizens over Tibet 

Disasters Rage Across China, Affecting Tens of Millions 

Specter of the most dangerous tropical storm season since Hurricane Katrina looms for US, Caribbean 

White House Official Indicates Support of US Military to India in Border Stand-off with China

There seems to be no cure for Washington's warmongering syndrome

Triso: Nuclear ‘Power Balls’ That Could Eliminate Reactor Meltdowns 

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