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"It's Time To Pull Out All The Stops": 
Coronavirus Spreads To Nevada, Tennessee, New Jersey; Officials Believe Virus Already Spreading In NYC: Live Updates

WHO: Coronavirus Is More Deadly Than Originally Thought

Coronavirus: ‘recovered’ patient dies as China reports discharged cases falling ill again

China's Coronavirus: A Shocking Update. Did The Virus Originate in the US?

Term Repo Record Oversubscribed As Market Liquidity Craters  

Peter Schiff: They're Gonna Need A Bigger Rate Cut!

US Factory Orders Tumble In January - Sixth Straight Month Of YoY Contraction

Stocks & Credit Crater As 10Y Treasury Yields Hit New Record Low

Negative Rates In The US Are Virtually Guaranteed Now

"Super Puke" - US Stocks Crash As Credit Markets & Yields Collapse

MSCI Warns US Stocks Could Fall Another 11% As Coronavirus Outbreak Worsens

Physical Gold Will Soon Break Free From The Paper Market In Spectacular Fashion

"We Don't Know What's Going On": Wall Street Admits It Is Clueless 

Global markets slump again as the coronavirus outbreak threatens economy

Fed survey finds coronavirus impacting parts of US economy

Dow set to sink another 800 points: Fear grips Wall Street 

CORONAVIRUS: Best and worst-case scenarios for global economy 

Wall Street drops more than 3 per cent on coronavirus fears, as travel shares take beating

Sequoia Capital Warns Of "Black Swan" As Covid-19 Outbreak Persists

Meltdown: Stocks Tumble, Yields Crater As Coronapanic Infects Traders

Major Asian stock indexes fall more than 2% to cap week of market gyrations

Yield Curve Gets Ugly, 10-Year Treasury Yield Falls Below 1%
 for First Time Ever, 30-Year at Record Low, on Rising Inflation 

Pam and Russ Martens: Demand for Fed's repos
 exceeds $100 billion a day as 10-year T-bond hits lowest rate in 149 years

Oil Markets Predicting Risk Of A Global Recession

"Gold Is Going A Lot Higher"
- DoubleLine's Gundlach Warns Of "Seizure In The Corporate Bond Market"

Turkish Forces are on ‘Tactical Retreat’ 

Russia & Turkey agree on de-escalation in Idlib, Syria, after Putin-Erdogan talks in Moscow 

Russia, Turkey Agree on Common Document on Settlement in Syria - Putin 

Putin & Erdogan Announce Major Idlib Ceasefire After Tense 6-Hour Negotiations

Turkish Drones Falling in Idlib, ‘Moderate Rebels’ Gas Themselves By Mistake

Envoy: US Divided on Support for Turkey in Syria

Turkey, Russia Agree on Security Corridor in Syria's Idlib 

Turkey retaliated against Syrian military before ceasefire began 

New Putin-Erdogan deal is sugar-coating the Turks’ surrender 

S-400 air defense deployment to begin in April, Erdogan says 

Turkey’s Erdogan could be just Washington’s puppet in Syria

Turkey in Syria: Stuck Down a Blind Alley in an Unwinnable War

Syrian Army Recaptures 3 Villages in Idlib

No normal ties with Turkey as long as Erdogan supports terrorists: Assad

President al-Assad : Erdogan fights beside terrorists out of his brotherhood ideology… 
Our military priority is Idleb as its liberation means that we move towards liberating the eastern regions

‘Rare calm’ returns to Idlib following ceasefire deal as Damascus secures strategic gains

Situation in Idlib Day After Putin and Erdogan Agree on Ceasefire 

Calmness prevails in axes of operations in Idleb…
 Army is ready to respond to any breach by terrorists

Cuban Ambassador in Damascus: 
Golan is Syrian land, Israeli occupation’s measures and Trump declaration illegitimate 

Zakharova: Syria has full right to eliminate terrorists from its territories

Sirens at US embassy in Baghdad as 2 rockets land in Green Zone area – reports

Iraq's Hezbollah accuses high-ranking officials of working with US to assassinate Qassem Soleiman

Iranian General: Coronavirus Is A Manmade Bio-Weapon 

Zionist elements developed deadlier strain of coronavirus against Iran: Academic

Explaining high coronavirus figures in Iran, analysts point to advanced age of victims in epicenter

Holistic Evaluation of Assassination of General Sardar Suleimani 
 What Next for USA, for Iran, for the Region? 

Lawyers for survivors of 9/11 victims accuse Saudi authorities of targeting witnesses

Yemenis eye Ma’rib as infighting rocks Saudi-led coalition

Breaking: Gantz has votes to ban indicted Bibi from forming a government 

“You met Al-Qaeda’s medical staff’: 
US envoy to UN takes heat after proudly greeting notorious White Helmets 

Guardian: ICC Authorizes War Crimes Inquiry Against Pentagon War on Afghanistan 

Pompeo: US Will Take All Necessary Measures to Prevent ICC War Crimes Probe 

Coronavirus is US psychological warfare operation: Ex-US military officer

Perpetual Chaos: Why the Middle East Has Been Marred By America’s Presence 

Starting a nuclear conflict now ‘a political option’ for Washington, Moscow believes

Moscow says Washington’s moves to upgrade nuclear forces increase possibility of their use 

US Senate approves $8.3 billion to combat coronavirus, sends to Trump for signature

Europe falls under Turkey’s refugee pressure

Erdogan's Attempts To Blackmail Europe Are Doomed To Fail

A World No Longer Shaped By Atlantic Powers

Will The Coronavirus Topple China's One-Party Regime?

Volcanic Mount Semeru spews hot clouds as far as 3km in East Java, Indonesia


How does the coronavirus attack the human body?

"Stay Indoors" - Italy Begins Nationwide Quarantine 
For Seniors As Germany Declares Outbreak "A Global Pandemic"

Here’s what’s coming for America as the coronavirus spreads… 
city-scale quarantines, overrun hospitals, domestic flight lockdowns and MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW 

THEY LIED: Coronavirus infected patient 
that was deliberately released by the CDC in San Antonio spent two hours walking around a local mall 

California has the most coronavirus cases in the U.S.; here’s a state-by-state breakdown 

California declares state of emergency after 1st coronavirus death
… as US House passes $8.3bn emergency funding bill 

Scientists Discover More Aggressive Strain
 Of Coronavirus Responsible For 70% Of Current Infections 

A Beijing Hospital Confirms Covid-19 Attacks Central Nervous System

FEMA Is Preparing For Coronavirus "Emergency Declaration"

"In The Eye Of The Storm":
 Futures Plunge On Surge In Virus Cases, California State Of Emergency 

Premarket stocks: Extreme market volatility is here to stay 

Did Covid-19 Just Pop All the Global Financial Bubbles? 

This Wasn't Supposed To Happen: 
One Day After Fed Rate Cut, Repos Signal Record Liquidity Shortage 

Travel Sector Collapses Into "Great Crisis" Amid Slump In Flight Bookings

Oil Tanks After Russia Leaves OPEC+ Meeting 

OPEC Agrees To 1.5MM Barrel Output Cut, But Fails To Obtain Critical Russian Backing 

China Car Sales Crash 80% As Virus Paralyzes Auto Industry 

Turks are our brotherly people, no reason for them to die in Syria – President Assad 

Army thwarts two terrorist attacks in Idleb countryside

 150 Turkey-Affiliated Terrorists Killed by Syrian Army in Idlib

Putin should take a tough stance on Erdogan to make him put his tail between his legs

Russian Commentary on the Putin Erdogan Summit 

NATO says no to supporting Turkish proxy terrorism in Syria 

Roughly 80,000 anti-Syria militants enjoy Turkey's support

Turkish Army Posts in Syria's Idlib Merge With Rebel Positions

Erdogan Is in Serious Political Trouble at Home, and Outside Turkey - Is This the End?

WATCH: Fistfight breaks out in Turkish parliament after lawmaker lashes out at Erdogan over Idlib soldier deaths 

Ankara deploys 1,000 police at Greek border to stem pushback of migrants, minister says 

Turkey uses Idlib crisis to strengthen its presence in Syria, expert says 

Okamura: Turkish attacks on Syrian lands a flagrant violation of international law 

Acute crisis in Syria's Idlib demanded our direct talks, Putin says as he meets Erdogan in Moscow 

Putin-Erdogan summit: Prelude to Russo-Turkish clash or last best hope for Syrian peace? 

Those behind killing of Russian Ambassador Karlov in Turkey must be found & punished – Moscow 

Syria condemns behavior of thievery and banditry 
of US administration and Turkish regime after illegitimate infiltration of US officials into Idleb 

Syria condemns US, Turkey for illegal infiltration of officials into Idlib

Russian MOD: White Helmets attempt Chemical Attack 
while US delegation brought in as patsies-to be murdered? 

Russia sends another warship to Syria through Bosphorus amid Idlib escalation 

Terrorists poison themselves with chemical weapons in Idlib 
after trying to use them against Syrian army - Russian MоD

Syrian air defenses engage ‘hostile targets’ over Homs & Quneitra 

The army air defenses confront Israeli aggression with missiles on central region 

Cowardly: Israel Uses Two Airliners as Human Shields in Syria Attack 

The Army advances in Idleb southern countryside, foil attacks of terrorists

Netanyahu election lead shrinks, raising prospect of another Israel vote 

Palestinians protest as Israel moves to confiscate more land after elections

Israeli occupation forces arrest nine Palestinians in the West Bank 

US Attacks Taliban Positions In First Strike After Much-Hyped Truce Deal 

U.S. Breaks the Agreement it Just Signed with The Taliban

"No Child Should Feel Stigmatized": 
California Bill Would Punish Retailers With Separate Boys And Girls Departments 


 World Rocked by Coronavirus as Fatal Disease Spread Fast in Western Hemisphere

Gov. Cuomo Confirms 2nd Coronavirus Case In New York, 
Warns Virus Likely "Spreading In Communities"

"Pandemic Proportions": COVID-19 Is Starting To Spiral Out Of Control All Over The Globe

BBC Publishes Leaked Iran Footage Showing Bagged Bodies Of Covid-19 Victims Piling Up 

DoD Official Admits Covid-19 "Likely" To Be A Pandemic Within The Next 30 Days 

How does the coronavirus attack the human body? 

FEMA preparing for possible coronavirus emergency declaration

Gold Jumps, Dollar Dumps After Emergency 50bps Fed Rate-Cut

Rabobank: What Level Of Interest Rates 
Will Incentivize You To Risk The Death Of Yourself And Your Family

Sellable Rally, Or The Return Of The Bull?

Trader: "This Is More Than Just A Financial Crisis"

Liquidity Panic Is Back: Fed's Repos Massively Oversubscribed Amid Market Turmoil 

US Federal Reserve cuts interest rates to shield economy from coronavirus impact 

Unstable Balance Between Finance & Economy Accelerated Equity Market Decline 

Global Economic Growth To Half Due To Coronavirus; 
Ultra Loose Monetary and Fiscal Policies To Devalue Currencies 

Coronavirus: China manufacturing collapse confirmed as private sector factory survey hits record low 

The 10-year Treasury yield just dropped below 1% for the first time in history 

Schiff: We're On The Precipice Of A Much Larger Crisis

"It Smells Like Panic": This Is Not What Powell Had In Mind..

Not-So-Super Tuesday: Fed's Shock-And-Awe Fails, Sparks Market Turmoil 

The Next Economic Downturn May Last Forever And A Day 

Dow drops nearly 800 points after the Fed's surprising news about the economy 

Russian Military Moves in Syria

Terrorists tried to use chemical weapons in Idlib against Syrian army, 
got BURNED after substance leaked – Russian MоD 

Syria fights terrorism in Idleb and Erdogan supports it with full partnership with Israeli entity 

Syria, China sign economic and technical cooperation agreement 

The Syria Deception 

Will Idlib Be Putin's Folly Or Erdogan's Rubicon? 

Lessons on how Turks fight and how Russians fight them until they run away, only to try again 

The army shoots down two drones for Turkish regime 
in the surroundings of Saraqeb and Khan al-sobol in Idleb countryside 

US ‘willing’ to give Turkey ammo amid Ankara’s military standoff with Syrian army in Idlib 

Counting of final votes set to begin; Likud lead over Blue and White shrinks 

Turkey failed to honor Idlib deal, allowed outposts to merge with terrorist fortifications: Russia

299 Syrian soldiers "neutralized" in retaliation for 1 dead Turkish soldier in Idlib 

Russia won’t stop terror fight in Syria to solve EU’s refugee problem: Lavrov

Turkey shoots down third plane as Syrian forces retake town 

Russian Defense Ministry: EAQ (Erdogan Al Qaeda) 
merged with Turkish ‘Observation Posts’-Now Legitimate Targets for Russian Aerospace Forces

EAQ, ‘Erdogan Al Qaeda’- NATO’s Second Strongest Army learns painful lessons in Idlib 

Turkish regime admits killing of two of its soldiers and injury of 6 others while supporting terrorist organizations in Idleb

Russian Defense Ministry: Turkish regime violates Sochi Agreement, supports and arms terrorists in Idleb 

For 10th day in a row, Turkish regime’s mercenaries continue to cut off water from Hasaka city 

US tries to disrupt Russia-Turkey diplomacy amid Syria’s Idlib crisis 
with Ankara ammo offer, but only highlights its irrelevance 

Riyadh to execute 5 teenage activists

Three civilians killed as Saudi-led militia shell Yemen’s Hudaydah

Saudis Urge More Than 1 Million Bpd Oil Cut To Prop Up Prices, Russia Opposes

US suffers utter defeat in Afghanistan

Taliban Resumes Attacks on Afghan Govt Targets, Hitting Bases, Checkpoints 

US carries out airstrike on Afghan Taliban, days after signing ‘peace’ deal

US strikes Taliban as Trump’s Afghanistan peace deal risks collapse 

Historic Taliban deal unraveling after US uses conflicting wording on agreements affecting two key issues 

Louis Farrakhan slams Trump for assassination of Soleimani, saying ‘murder is your modus operand’

The Pentagon's myth of moderate nuclear war 

‘Their blood is on your hands’: Veteran confronts Biden for ‘enabling’ Iraq war & killing ‘millions’

Putin wants God and no gay marriage in the new Russian Constitution

The Myth Of Moderate Nuclear War

Physicist Says Parallel Universes Definitely Exist And We May Soon Explore Them


Coronavirus prompts a dozen schools in Washington state to close, others weigh options

Coronavirus Was Spreading In Washington State For 6 Weeks, Infecting Up To 1,500, Study Finds

Coronavirus Outbreak in US: Death Toll Rises to 6, Nearly 100 Patients Identified

WHO: “ Covid-19 Very High Global Risk. It isn’t a flu”. 118 Dead in Iran and Italy

"This Ain't No Foolin Around" 
 Jim Kunstler Warns "Fragile Markets Susceptible To Dangerous Disorder"

First Negative U.S. Yields Get Closer Amid Virus Fallout Fears

The Problem Is the Bubble, Not the Pin -

A Fed Rate Cut is Terrible Medicine for the Infected Stock Market

Why The Coming Economic Collapse Will Not Be Caused By Covid-19 

Syrian govt. forces recapture key northwestern city from Turkish-backed militants

Damascus blasts Turkish aggression in northwestern Syria, vows proper response

Army units enter Saraqeb strategic city in Idleb countryside 

 Syria: Army Resumes Offensive in Jabal al-Zawiyeh, Recaptures 2 Towns

Army crushes terrorists in a number of villages and towns in Idleb southeastern countryside 

Libyan Embassy reopened in Damascus 

President al-Assad issues decree setting date of parliamentary elections 

Turkey Shoots Down Syrian Warplanes, Kills Hundreds of Syrian Troops 

Turkey downs Syrian fighter jet as it intensifies Idlib attacks

Idlib escalation: Turkey confirms it has downed Syrian fighter jet 

A Syrian warplane hit by a missile fired by Turkish regime’s air force, downed northwest of Ma’aret al-Nu’aman

Turkey ups the ante in Syria and why the US, China are expelling journalists 

Russia, Turkey capable of minimizing risk of confrontation in Idlib — Kremlin - 

Russian military police deployed to strategic Idlib town of Saraqeb – Defense Ministry 

Russian MP’s Deployed in Saraqeb as Turkish Army Flees 

Russia ‘strongly rejects’ UN Commission allegations of war crimes in Syria, says inquiry was ‘one-sided’

Confirmed: Russia fires 14 Kaliber cruise missiles at EAQ (Erdogan Al Qaeda) Strongholds inside Syria

Iran Warns Turkey, “You Have Been in Our Sights for a Month…Beware!” 

Iraq’s acting PM steps aside after designated successor quits 

Iraq's Acting PM Resigns, Calls for Early Election 

Netanyahu's Likud leads in Israel's contested elections,
 but his bloc is one seat short of parliamentary majority - exit polls

Benjamin Netanyahu defeats Gantz, but is still short a majority 

With Ink Barely Dry On Historic Truce With US, Taliban Declares Resumption Of Operations

Erdogan warns millions of refugees heading into Europe, Ankara will not stop them

Assad Joins Forces With Libya's Hafter to Combat Turkey 

Trump’s Betrayal of Julian Assange

One of Most Influential US Pastors Says Israeli Lobby Is the Biggest Problem Facing America (Chuck Baldwin)

Exclusion zone & aviation ALERT triggered as Indonesia’s most active volcano violently erupts 

Russia's highest volcano, Klyuchevskoy erupts sends ash 20,000 feet into the air 


At Stores Across The Country, The Panic Coronavirus Hoarding Begins

Coronavirus Was Spreading In Washington State For 6 Weeks, Infecting Up To 1,500, Study Finds

Coronavirus Has Reached Community Spread Within United States: Dr. Anthony Fauci

Washington state declares emergency over coronavirus as CDC warns risk is ‘increasing’ 

2nd Death Confirmed In Washington State,
Gottlieb Warns US Cases Likely Already In The "Low 1000s": Virus Updates

Market Mutates Into A Harrowing Rollercoaster As Futures Soar Then Tumble

Market Crash Continues Ahead Of Futures Open - Navigating What Happens Next 

Global stocks fall as central bank reassurances fail to ease virus fears 

While Everyone Waits For Powell, Here's What Wall Street Thinks Will Happen Next

3 Recession Indicators Triggered by the coronavirus

Coronavirus hit stocks. California jobs, housing next?

OECD Sounds The Alarm, Warns Global Growth Could Shrink "By Half" Thanks To Coronavirus

Losing A Billion Dollars A Month - No Rebound In Sight Amid Global Shipping Slump

"This Crisis Will Spill Over Into Disaster" 
 Dr.Doom Sees 40% Collapse In "Delusional" Stock Market 

 Turkey’s Vatan Party Warns Erdogan to Step Aside US-Israeli Trap in Syria

Turkish Activists Call on Erdogan to End Intervention in Syria

Turkish drone strikes kill over two dozen Syrian soldiers in Idlib: 

Turkey playing refugee card to drag NATO into Syria: Scholar

Turkey Launches New Offensives in Syria's Idlib Province 

Ceasefire in Idlib will hopefully be achieved after talks with Putin 
 Erdogan ahead of upcoming meeting in Moscow

Erdogan to visit Moscow on March 5, Ankara confirms, as Turkey-Syria conflict escalates 

Soldier & equipment losses for Syrian Army are just the beginning – Erdogan 

Russia may start to shoot down Turkish military aircraft in Syrian airspace

Kremlin: Russia will continue to support Syria in its war against terrorism  

Russian Defense Ministry: Safety of Turkish planes can’t be guaranteed over Syria 

 Did Turkey Just Sacrifice Their Own Troops to Protect Al Qaeda? 

Iran Asks Turkey to Show Wise Behavior in Syria

Iranian Forces in Syria Warn Turkey Over Recent Drone Strikes in Idlib 

Iran advisory center in Syria warns Turkey to behave wisely

Iran and Hezbollah warn Turkey all your forces are in our line of fire

Foreign Ministry: Syria condemns, rejects Turkish aggression, affirms determination to confront it

Iran Underlines Talks as Only Solution to Crisis in Idlib

 Iran Renews Opposition to Foreign Military Buildup in Persian Gulf

Damascus says US smuggling Syria’s oil, selling it to Turkey, other countries

Two Syrian Jets Shot Down By Turkey Near Idlib As War Escalates 

See-Saw battle continues for Syria’s Idlib province 

Syria is a Sovereign Nation - Turkey Should Get Out 

Russian defense ministry denies report on Su-24 jet’s downing in Idlib 

Israel threatens to remove Iran from Syria in next 12 months 

Palestinian Authority: Israel's armed settler militias should be blacklisted 

They hate everything... and we whip up that hatred.
 Hate is what unites our camp - Netanyahu's aide exposed in leaked recording 

Sputnik journalists released in Ankara

Chaos As Thousands Of Refugees 
Charge Greek Border En Masse; 15,000 Surge Into EU Border Town

US carrier strike group enters Mediterranean amid conflicts in Libya, Syria

Russia seeks to ‘create conditions so that NOBODY wants to fight us’ – Putin

Gabbard Urges Trump: Don't Drag Us Into War At Bidding Of Islamist Dictator Of Turkey


Turkey Says It Destroyed Key Syrian Chemical Weapons Facility Near Aleppo

Thanks NATO, but what about missiles?
Ankara urges US to deploy Patriot systems to Turkey amid Idlib standoff

Turkey says Spring Shield operation launched in Syria’s Idlib 

One more Turkish soldier killed in Idlib shelling, Turkish forces ‘retaliate’ – Ankara 

Turkish forces shoot down two Syrian jets over Idlib

Syria closes northwestern airspace, downs Turkish drone

Israel admits assassinating Palestinian leader's son in Syria

Syrian army’s jet shot down in Idlib, report says

Syrians express condemnation of Erdogan regime’s aggression on Syria 

Water pumped into Hasaka City again after a week-stoppage 

Army downs a drone for Turkish regime over Saraqeb, Idleb –

Al-Jaafari: Syria will confront Turkish aggression, defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity 

Explosive: Syria’s Stolen Province: 
A Weakened France Gave Syria’s Hatay to Turkey in 1939, Now Erdogan Wants More 

 Iran: Rule of Terrorists over Syrian Lands Unacceptable

 Tehran Calls for Uprooting Terrorists from Syria’s Idlib

Iran says US has no legal right to sign peace deal with Taliban and determine future of Afghanistan 

Afghanistan's Taliban, US sign agreement aimed at ending war 

Sputnik Turkey under attack: 
Russian agency’s lead editor held by police, contact with 3 staffers lost after nationalists's; assault

Contact lost with Russian Sputnik news agency journalists
who sought police help after Turkish nationalists attacked their homes

Russian foreign ministry urges Turkey to explain Sputnik journalists’ detention -

Tulsi to MSM: Stop referring to Al-Qaeda in Syria’s Idlib as ‘rebels’ to make them seem like ‘freedom fighters’ 

Gabbard: Erdogan most dangerous dictator in the world 

Turkey Puts Armed Terrorists in Refugee Mix That Attacks Greek Border Checkpoint 

Erdogan: Expect 30,000 Refugees At Europe's Borders Saturday After Turkey Opened Gates

Covid-19 attacks global economy

2020 Crash 

Why A Bear Market Will Lead To A Dollar Collapse 

"We've Reached The Tipping Point" 
 Guggenheim's Minerd Warns Virus Will Deflate The Everything Bubble

Putin says Russia should be ready for any scenario as oil market suffers steep decline 

This past week is the worst for oil market since 2008, Putin says 

U.S. Treasury Curve Is Inverting And The Fed Will Have To Cut

Trump Regime/Western Big Lies on Syria

Trump Regime/Western Big Lies on Syria

COVID-19 Coronavirus: A Fake Pandemic? 
Who's Behind It? Global Economic, Social and Geopolitical Destabilization

 Washington Declares State of Emergency over Death of First US Coronavirus Patient, Possible Outbreak in Nursing Facility

 Washington State Declares COVID Emergency - Washington (2019-nCoV) 

First Responders Involved With Helping The Outbreak In WA Are Wiped Out - Firefighers, Medics Quarantined

 1st US coronavirus death: 
Trump imposes more travel restrictions, says risk still ‘very low’ after woman dies in Washington state 

Pope Francis and Two Aides COVID Confirmed - STORY IS HIGHLY SUSPECT - Italy (2019-nCoV) 

Autopsies offer key clues for early stage COVID-19 patients 

Coronavirus Reappearing Weeks Later In Discharged Patients 

The Coronavirus Impact on the Global Economy 

2A Under Fire In CA: Santa Clara Forms Gun Confiscation Team 

Study Suggests That Moderate Drinkers Live Longer Than Those Who Totally Abstain


Turkey Threatens War With Russia on Sunday, March I 

Russia Blames Turkey For Its 33 Troops Killed Embedded With "Terrorists"; Turkey Vows To Escalate

Russia deploys warships to Syria coast after Turkey loses 33 soldiers in attack, Erdogan begging NATO for help

Russia Sends Warships to Syria, Says Turkey's Casualties Were Their Own Fault 

Russia cites Syria agreement but Erdogan sounds belligerent

Erdogan operating as a ‘conduit for terrorism’ in Syria: Analyst

Turkey Kills Over 30 Syrian Troops, Threatens More Attacks 

‘Get out of the way, let us deal with Assad regime’, Erdogan says he told Putin regarding Idlib, Syria

Turkey will not be able to win the war in Syria, because Erdogan has his head in the clouds

Turkey's Eurasianist Moment: The importance of Idlib and Russia 

Are Russia And Turkey On A Collision Course? 

Al-Jaafari: Syria will confront Turkish aggression, defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity

Erdogan uses misleading and lying policy, claims destruction of chemical weapons facilities in Syria 

For 6-day in a row, Turkish regime’s mercenaries continue to cut off water from Hasaka city 

Nebenzya: Terrorists in Idleb continue their attacks, Syrian Army has full right to respond

Russian military sends more equipment to Syrian Army 

Syrian state media: Turkish-backed militants hit hard in Idlib

Iran urges speedy de-escalation of chaotic situation in Syria's Idlib

In Call With Erdogan, Trump Backs Turkey on Syria 

Pentagon, State Department envoy clash over sending Patriot missiles to Turkey

French terrorists fighting against Syrian govt. forces in Idlib: Report

Even NATO is unwilling to touch Turkey’s Idlib mess with a ten-foot pole 

Hypocrisy Reigns as U.S. Sanctimoniously Seizes Aid to Houthis|

Yemenis encircle strategic city in al-Jawf as Saudi countermeasures fail: Report

German MPs Sue Merkel, Ministers for Berlin's Role in Assassination of Gen. Soleimani

Greece Sends 50 Naval Vessels & Commandos To Block Refugee Wave Out Of Turkey

The threat of a nuclear war between the US and Russia is now at its greatest since 1983

US set to withdraw ALL troops from Afghanistan in 14 months if deal with Taliban is upheld – statement 

WHO Raises Global Alert Rating To "Very High" 
From "High" As Kudlow Insists Coronavirus "Won't Have Much Of An Impact" On US Economy:

WHO raises coronavirus threat assessment to its highest level

There Is Just One Question: Will The Fed Activate A Coordinated Central Bank Bailout On Sunday

US stocks continue downward spiral as coronavirus fears shock markets in WORST WEEK since 2008 meltdown

Dow slides over 3,500 points in worst week since financial crisis |

"Trump Faces An Impossible Trade-Off": Why A Global Recession Is Now Inevitable

China Reports Catastrophic Data: PMIs Crash To Record Low, Confirming Coronavirus Collapse

Gold Tumbles - Is The BoJ Back In The Market?

Gold Joins the Virus Sell-Off With Its Biggest Slide Since 2013 

Massive Reversal in Precious Metals but Fundamentals Improving

Eureka! Physicists accidentally stumble upon mind-blowing new material that could upend physics as we know it 

The left’s insistence on pushing drag culture on children will only create resentment towards queers 


Fulfillment Of Revelation 18 Is Now In Progress
The Great Global Economic Crash Has Begun
There Will Be No Recovery From Current Losses Now In The $Trillions
Next Will Follow Derivative & Bond Markets Corrections

Dow falls 1,191 points -- the most in history

"Worst Thing In My Career"
 US Stocks Suffer Fastest Collapse From Record Highs Since Great Depression

$3.4 trillion has been wiped out of the stock market in a week

Premarket stocks: The S&P 500 is plunging at unprecedented speed. It's about to get worse

We Just Experienced The Fastest 10% Correction In S&P500 History

$5 Trillion Wiped Out From World Stocks Amid Fastest Collapse In History 

Stock futures fall as coronavirus-led rout continues 

FTSE 100 and other global stocks plummet again on coronavirus fears 

World stock markets on edge amid fears of coronavirus turning into global pandemic 

Recession Risks Tick Up 

The Global Economy Was Sinking Long Before The Coronavirus Appeared 

Greatest Depression Just Began. This Is No Drill.

Why the Coming Economic Collapse Will NOT be Caused by Corona Virus 

VIXmageddon Sends US Majors Below Critical Technical Support 

Goldman Now Expects Zero Earnings Growth In 2020 

US Durable Goods Orders Show 6th Straight Month Of Annual Declines

Retail Investors Just Got Nuked: Here Are The Stocks They Are Puking 

Biggest Junk-Bond ETF Suffers Stampede With Credit-Market Freeze 

Oil prices dive to lowest in over a year as virus fears grow 

Credit Markets Are Finally on the Same Scary Page as Stocks

"Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Lost" 
As Shipping Rates Collapse Due To "Hugely Disruptive" Virus

Fiat Cuts 1,500 Jobs At Canada Minivan Plant

Rickards: How Gold Is Manipulated |

Peter Schiff: The Real Safe-Haven Money Is Going Into Gold 

Anna News Agency: Syria Report Feb. 27, 2020 

Current battle positions in Idlib as Turks retake M5 – Immense casualties underreported 

Syria: Army Establishes Full Control over Southern Idlib 

Turkish Army Is Targeting Russian Planes In Idlib With Shoulder-Fired Missiles: Report

At Least 22 Turkish Soldiers Killed In Russian Airstrike; Erdogan Holds Emergency Meeting 

29 Turkish soldiers confirmed killed in Idlib airstrike as Erdogan chairs emergency meeting on Syria

Turkey in social media BLACKOUT amid fears of all-out war in Syria 

34 Turkish troops killed in Syria's Idlib as govt. forces continue gains

Russian Airstrikes Kill at Least 34 Turkish Soldiers in Syria 

Turkey Set for Lone War as US Dismisses Idea of Reentry

Erdogan Calls Kremlin to Bail Him Out of Syria Fiasco, Pitiless Putin Lines Up Behind His Military

Russia says Turkish troops killed among terrorists, warns against op

Erdogan’s military adventurism in Syria is doomed to fail: Analyst

Syria has every right to fight terrorists in Idlib and Russia can’t interfere – Moscow 

The threat of a Russia-Turkey-NATO hot war over Idlib is a godsend for US foreign policy 

‘We fought Russia 16 times and will fight it again,’ warns Erdogan’s adviser amid Idlib escalation 

NATO offers Turkey condolences & solidarity, but no additional military aid amid Idlib crisis 

WATCH asylum-seekers march towards Europe after Turkey declares it will no longer hold them back 

Russian missile frigates passing through Turkish straits amid Idlib escalation 

Russian Navy ships transit Black Sea straits in Mediterranean deployment 

Big war in Idlib will have grim consequences for everyone, including Turkey – Russian senator 

Article 5 or ‘Oh my gosh’? What will US do after Turkish troops die in Syrian strike —

Turkey delivering airstrikes at Syrian forces in response to shellings at Turkish forces 

Situation in Idlib does not give NATO cause to retaliate — Russian foreign minister 

Russia warns the West against once again banking on terrorists in Syria -

Ankara should provide security for Russian missions in Turkey, says Kremlin 

Putin, Erdogan discuss Syria’s Idlib over the phone - Russian Politics & Diplomacy

Turkish aircraft, artillery hit over 200 Syrian army targets in Idlib 

Press review: Turkey ups the ante in Syria and why the US, China are expelling journalists

Army carries out intensive strikes against Turkish regime-backed terrorists

Tal Tamer power station out of service due to Turkish aggression

Dzhabarov: Turkey must stop protecting terrorists in Idle

 UN Recieves Iranians' Petition to Condemn US Assassination of General Soleimani

US behind annihilation of Yemeni air defense missiles during Saleh's reign: Report

Israeli Helicopters Attack Syrian Army Posts 

Israeli helicopters fire missiles at Syrian army positions, three soldiers injured

Israel approves 1,800 settler units as elections near

Netanyahu calls for annexing Jordan Valley and Jewish West Bank settlements one week before elections

 Beyond RussiaGate: Americans No Longer to Back Deep State Eternal War

Duterte says Philippines can survive without US help

Chinese scientists desperately researching coronavirus
 discover that it shares human cell binding site with HIV, Ebola 

Israeli Scientists Say They Will Have Coronavirus Vaccine "In A Few Weeks"

Britain adjourns Assange’s US extradition hearing until May

‘Fair trial threatened’ as judge rejects Assange request
to sit with lawyers: Day 4 of US extradition hearing as it played out 

America’s Endless Wars Persist Because They Don’t Exist (For Americans)

The Incompetent Sodomite Trump Just Put in Charge of ALL Intelligence Agencies

US says Chinese warship fired laser at American spy plane

US Marine Corps orders removal of all Confederate paraphernalia from bases around the world 

Anonymous Sources & Iraq War Enablers Are Now Claiming The Kremlin Is At It Again


Rabobank: Several Things Cratered Yesterday

Re-Turnaround Tuesday: Stocks & Bond Yields Are Plunging Again 

Subprime Credit Card Delinquencies Spike To Record High, Surpass Financial-Crisis Peak

Audi Suspends Electric Vehicle Production Due To Battery Shortage 

US Home Prices Accelerate At Fastest Pace In 11 Months 

GE Cut 78,000 Workers In 2019 Amid Stabilization Efforts To Thwart Bankruptcy 

Dow tumbles 400 points as coronavirus fears continue 

Bond Yields Crash To Record Lows As Stocks Suffer Worst Breadth Since DotCom Collapse 

Schiff: "US Is In A Gigantic Bubble... & Covid-19 Is Going To Be The Pin" 

Dow Dumps 2,000 Points From Highs Jawboning Is Failing To Halt The Panic 

National Debt Is $122 Trillion, Not $23 Trillion, Says Non-profit Group

Dow Tumbles Into 10% Correction
 As Futures Crash, 10Y Yields Plunge To Record Lows On Pandemic Panic

The Economic Cataclysm Ahead 

Discussing truce with terrorists in Idlib, Syria is same as surrendering to them – Moscow 

Turks and Jihadis counterattack Nayrab

Erdogan Says Turkey Will Risk Everything to Expel Syria From Idlib -

Erdogan's Nightmare: 3 Turkish Drones Shot Down In 24 Hours Over Syria & Libya 

 Syrian Army Liberates over 10 New Regions in Idlib, Hama

- Syrian Army Liberates 1,890sq/km of Aleppo, Idlib

Syrian troops repel all militant attacks on strategic Saraqib city in Idlib – military

Army units confront a large attack launched by terrorists on Saraqeb, inflict heavy losses on them 

Current battle positions in Idlib as Turks retake M5 – Immense casualties underreported 

SAA clearing S. Idlib to shorten front line with Turkey

Nuclear war ‘more likely’ after US arms subs with low-yield nukes – Tehran 

Iran raps international inaction on repeated Israeli crimes against Palestinians

Netanyahu goes ahead with settlement project, contravening intl. law

Thousands Of US Troops Return To Saudi Base After 17-Year Absence To "Deter Iran" 

UK inexplicably bars Wikileaks editor 
from extradition hearing day after Assange handcuffed 11 times & STRIPPED twice

‘Lies, lies and more lies’:
Lawyer slams day 2 of Julian Assange’s US extradition hearing, here is how it went down 

Julian Assange lawyers call US charges ‘purely political’

Assange Courtroom Drama Speaks to This Illusion of Justice - 21st Century Wire

Antarctic Glacier Melt Uncovers New Island 

Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes Tanimbar, Indonesia and is felt in Darwin, NT 

YouTube Isn't A Public Forum: PragerU Loses Conservative Censorship Case


Dow Dumps 1000 Points, Back Below 28k As Stocks Break Key Technical Levels

Dow Futures Down 900 Points, Erase YTD Gains, Below Iran Missile Strike Spike Lows

Panic mode on: Dow plunges 1000+ points on mounting fears over coronavirus spreading 

Covid Contagion Sparks Carnage As Stocks Wipe Out All 2020 Gains

Schiff: "The Whole Fiat System Is Nearing The End Of Its Life..."

oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: No, The Fed Will Not "Save the Market"--Here's Why

Markets Scramble To Stage "Turnaround Tuesday" But Bad News Keeps Coming 

Recession "Tipping Point" Triggered: 
10Y Yield Crashes Below 1.40%; Countdown To 0% Rates Begins

When Will We Admit Covid-19 Is Unstoppable And Global Depression Is Inevitable? 

Is This The Global Draghi - Moment?

Turkey Arrests Scores of Its Own Mercenaries
 for Refusing to Face Russia in Idlib…Systematic Slaughter from the Air 

The Shooting War in Idlib: 
Propaganda Victories for al Qaeda, Turkey and the US Despite Being Humiliated on the Battlefield

Erdogan Ups the Ante, 
Launches Offensive vs Syrians, Russia Intervenes With Fierce Airstrikes

Not since WWI have Turks been defeated on the battlefield in Middle East - now that's changing 

Escobar: Putin Keen To Cool Turkish Hawk Down 

Turkish-backed terrorists cut off drinking water from Hasaka city

US proposals to start dialogue with terrorists in Idlib are unacceptable – Russian FM 

Army units seize large network of tunnels, heavy weapons in Kafr Sajnah in Idleb countryside

Army uncovers workshop used by terrorists for manufacturing shells west of Aleppo 

Gatilov: Escalation of situation in Idleb a direct result of terrorists’ provocations 

Grospic: Israeli acts of aggression on Syrian territories will not stop counterterrorism efforts

General Establishment of Railways: Aleppo-Damascus railway to be put into service in May 

Iran’s revenge starts from Qom. Thanks to Fordow’s nuclear bunker plant 

Israel’s Netanyahu threatens Gaza with ALL-OUT WAR if missile attacks continue 

Israel Attacks Damascus, Killing Palestinian Fighters 

Israel Closes All Gaza Border Crossings, Bans Fishing 

Shocking, Gruesome Details Emerge 
of Israeli and US Torture of Palestinian Prisoners - Much Worse than Falluja

Netanyahu Threatens All-Out War After 90 Rockets Fired From Gaza

China Cancels Top Political Meeting As Virus Crisis Worsens 

Chinese envoy says coronavirus outbreak will be defeated, effective vaccine developed 

Red Gold: China's Stealth Plan To Use Precious Metals For World Domination

Sabotaging Kabul's Multipolar Revolution With China And Russia

Russia's Rosneft Still Quietly Exporting Venezuelan Oil Via Sanctions-Free Affiliate 

How To Know If America Is Your Enemy

Assange's Extradition Hearing Reveals Trump's War on Free Press 

Over 1,000 journalists from across the world unite in defence of Julian Assange -

Shocking study shows police chases over minor crimes kill thousands of innocent bystanders -

American Gun Ownership: The Positive Impacts Of Law-Abiding Citizens Owning Firearms


Russia deploys its ‘NATO Killer’ Smersh 300mm against Turkey, but why is Erdogan laughing? 

2,700 Turkish Vehicles Have Entered Syria in 19 Days

Russian army wiped out well-equipped terrorist groups in Syria, says Putin

Any violation of Syrian airspace will be dealt as foreign aggression: General Command

WATCH Damascus air defenses intercept incoming Israeli missiles 

The army air defenses intercept Israeli missiles that targeted Damascus vicinity, destroying most of them 

Damascus comes under missile attack from Israeli-occupied Golan Heights 

Six killed in Israeli air raid on Damascus

Syria Stands As A Mega-Embarrassment For America

 Syrian Army Regains Control of 5 New Regions in Idlib

Syrian Army Sends Over 120 Military Trucks to Raqqa

Army advances in Idleb Countryside, liberates five villages 

Sabbagh: Syrian Army’s victories over terrorism in Aleppo mean victory for humanity 

Pompeo orders Iraq's PM-designate to protect US troops despite calls for their expulsion

Iran's Hardliners Win Landslide Victory In Low Turn-Out Parliamentary Elections

Yemen says Saudi Arabia tried to eliminate pilots of downed jet

Palestinians launch rocket attack on southern Israel 

Israel confirms carrying out air strikes on Syria and Gaza

Israel intercepts 12 out of 14 missiles fired from Gaza in latest cross-border flare-up – IDF

Putin announces plans to equip Russian military with advanced hardware 

Futures Plunge, Gold Soars As Covid-19 Contagion Craters Complacency

10-Year Treasury Yield Plunges To Just 1 Basis Point Away From Recession "Tipping Point"

World's Biggest Oil Hedge Fund Plunges 8% In January Following Two Years Of Losses 

Black Monday: Dow Futures Down 800, Europe Crashes Most In Four Years; Gold, VIX Soars

Live Updates: Week-Long Assange Extradition Hearing Kicks Off at Woolwich Court 

Popocatepetl volcano eruption sends ash shooting a mile into sky

At least 8 people dead in eastern Turkey after 5.7 magnitude earthquake hits Iran border area 


Middle East News Is Critical To Following End Time Biblical Prophecy
One of the main themes of this website, is to highlight an understanding that the Ten Kingdoms, mentioned throughout the Book of Revelation, or the Revelation of Saint John, are in fact eight major nations of what we now call the Middle East. These are of course
Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Persia now called Iran, Egypt, Basrah, Baghdad and Mosul = Iraq, the Little Horn that uproots three. It's the actions and interactions of these ten kingdoms, with the Beast Empire = United States, in the final days, Revelation 13-17, which flags the approximate time of the return of Christ, and the arrival of the Kingdom of God. It's during the time of these Ten Kingdoms, in conjunction with the Beast Empire, that marks the final days before the end. We are living those days right now in present time. This of course means that we are very close to the fulfillment of the final chapters of these prophecies. Nobody can predict the exact time, but by current events we can at least know the time is very near.

Modern Israel has no connection with the Israel of the Bible, and is a modern copy, originally populated by European Jews, having no blood connection to the Jews of the Bible. Modern Israel is in reality an extension of the Beast Empire. Those Christians who think that the modern nation of Israel is likened unto the old are barking up the wrong tree so to speak. The only importance of Israel, as related to Revelation, is that it is the center or focus of interaction between the United States = Beast Empire, and those of the Ten Kingdoms. These interactions go sour in the final days, as we now see happening, insomuch as the Ten Kingdoms end up hating the Whore, which is symbolic of the global economic system of the Beast Empire, and destroy it. 

We now understand these prophecies in light of U.S. economic sanctions against some Middle East nations, which have been forced to form alternative financial and economic systems, and new alliances, with Russia, and China for example, so as to circumvent the U.S. economic sanctions against them. The introduction of these new alliances and alternative economic systems are very successful, and are becoming increasingly popular, and will soon expand to include all Middle East trade, including oil, which will destroy the U.S. Dollar, the backbone of the U.S. global financial and economic system. This of course will spell doom for modern Israel, so dependant on the U.S. for it's survival. This brings us to the prophecies of Jesus, regarding later days of Jerusalem, and it's desolation by encompassing armies - Luke 21. This could only happen if the United States was somehow put out of commission, and could no longer support a military defense of Israel. It would be wise for modern Israel to make peace with it's neighbors now before it's too late.

We are in the final days of Imperial U.S.A. By it's own actions, with expanding economic sanctions, and trade wars with a growing number of nations, it is destroying it's position as a leader and center of global economic trade. By arrogance and self glorification, and a false belief in it's own invincibility, and superiority, does Babylon fall, exactly as described in Revelation 18. There are also indications of actual physical damage, as the result of some very sudden event, where in one hour, Babylon is destroyed - Revelation 18, and there is smoke rising, which bespeaks of some natural catastrophic event, very likely a great earthquake, that brings a very sudden end to Babylon. If we look a the almost continuous volcanic and earthquake activity around the Pacific region, it's only a matter of time before the United States is hit by a series of disastrous earthquakes along the Pacific Coast. On this most scientists agree. Coupled with a rising and unsustainable national debt, as a result of it's imperial ambitions, and other financial problems related to investment bubbles, and a growing rejection of the Dollar system, in trade between nations, there is no way the United States can remain financially solvent after a major earthquake that destroys California, and other major cities along the West Coast. The Empire will collapse, or be severely curtailed. The arrival of the Kingdom of God will follow very soon thereafter. 

Turkey says its soldier was killed in Idlib as tensions between Ankara & Damascus boil over 

Watch: Turkish-Backed Jihadists 
Attempt To Down Russian Jet Over Idlib With MANPADS

Several dead, 1000+ collapsed buildings after earthquake rocks eastern Turkey 

At least 8 people dead in eastern Turkey after 5.7 magnitude earthquake hits Iran border area 

Turkey yet to fulfill Sochi agreements on Syria - Kremlin -

Syria (read ‘Russia’) Will Shoot Down Any Aircraft
 Violating Country’s Airspace-Message to Turkey-NATO (read ‘US’)

General Command: Any violation of Syrian airspace will be dealt with as external military aggression

No Crew! Pantsir Air Defense System Now Fully Automated 

FM: US dismay over return of normal life in Aleppo
 is due to its frustration and bitterness over failure of its project 

Transport Minister: Damascus-Aleppo int’l highway officially opened –

Syria: US dismayed at Aleppo liberation due to terrorist plot failure

“Million love trees for Syria”, afforestation campaign to enhance green areas 

Army units uncover terrorists’ weapons, ammo, and tunnels near Hayyan town in Aleppo countryside 

 Iranian Envoy: US Meddling Foments Tension in Region

Trump administration seeks to continue to divide and conquer the Islamic world: Scholar

Israeli forces shoot dead two Palestinians near Gaza fence

What is the US ’New Central Asia Strategy’ all about?

Why The US Is Headed Into Its Fourth Turning

Visualizing The Cost And Composition Of America's Nuclear Weapons Arsenal

The US Is World Leader In Bio-Weapons Research, Production, & Use Against Mankind

Girl Who Sued To Stop Biological Males 
From Running Girls Track Defeats Trans-Runner For Championship

Compliance 101: Gun-Toting Cops Endanger Students And Turn Schools Into Prisons

Russia’s ICBM Carrying UAV, the Yu-71 

The Eagle Owl: Russia’s System to Blind American Naval Strike Capability 

Make American Steel Great Again Backfires In Trump Lawsuit

Taliban: US to Leave Afghanistan after Agreement


Pentagon Accidentally Tells The Truth About Idlib

As Syria's War Escalates, Growing Risks of Regional Turmoil -

Army continues operations against terrorists in countryside of Idleb,
 Aleppo, destroys their headquarters, equipment and vehicles

Daesh remnants commit a massacre against 11 civilians in Syrian Badyah 

Russian Aerospace Greatest Hits: February 21, 2020, Turkish Tank Column Wiped Out, 250 Killed 

Russian bombers strike Turkish troops and Syrian terrorists in Idlib

SYRIA: Turkish-backed Militants Suffer Devastating loss in Idlib 

Turkey Requests US Jets Patrol Near Idlib To Halt Russian Air Power 

Putin & Erdogan to ‘intensify contacts’ over Syria, but no sign of peace in Idlib yet 

Russia says Turkey sends large amounts of ammo to Syria’s Idlib ahead of large-scale op

Turkish regime leads misleading media campaign on alleged losses in the army ranks –

Putin affirms necessity of respecting Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity

Iraq: Sinkhole containing 1000 “ISIS Freedom Fighter” victims uncovered in Tal 

Senators Bill Calls on US to Return to Iran Nuclear Deal 

110 US troops suffered concussion, brain injury in Iranian strike: Pentagon

Iranian companies ink 5,000-ton rail deal in blow to US sanctions

Pompeo Stresses Iranian Threat in Saudi Visit, Meets New Sultan in Oman 

Yemen: 19 Children Massacred by Saudi Airstrike on Retaliation for Downed Tornado 

Saudi Arabia Says It Intercepted Several Missiles From Yemen -

Yemeni forces hit Aramco oil facilities in western Saudi Arabia: Military spokesman

Israeli bulldozer hits Palestinian protester with boulder

Russia Is Defeating The US in the Middle East Oil Game

US embarks on dangerous game simulating nuclear strike on Russia - Russian diplomat

"NATO Go Home!"

Trump Not Giving Up On "Military Options" 
For Maduro's Ouster, Considers Naval Blockade 

Treasury Yields Plunge To Record Lows As US PMI Collapses Into Contraction 

Did The Fed Just Reveal Its Plans For A Digital Dollar Replacement? 

 Gold Is Your Only Alternative 

Alan Greenspan warns on rising budget deficits: We need very significant changes

Goldman Sachs warns of stock market correction 

China's Debts Are Coming Due At The Worst Possible Time 

Assange’s US Extradition Hearing Opens Monday: The Fight for the Free Press Is Now On 

A Truly Influential Writer Needs Your Help
 to Attend the Assange Court Hearings Next Week - Please Chip In! 

Don't Extradite Julian Assange Says Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights 

Doomsday prophecies of ancient methane
 being released as temperatures rise are WRONG, say scientists 

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