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Pure Insanity Rules The Land
Of Whom Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad
Bounce This Article Against The Three Just Below
Biden hires organization to help bring expelled illegal aliens back to U.S.

US holding 10,000 migrants in squalid conditions under Texas bridge

"This Is Illegal" - Republican Senator Blasts FAA Decision 
To Ground Drones Filming Texas Bridge Border Chaos

The horror of the Haitian migrant camp in Texas
  shows why America MUST end its woke approach to immigration now

Democrat Insanity Peaks 
As Biden Shutters Pipelines Then Is Baffled When Gas Prices Rise 

Inflation Is A Hidden Tax On The American People
The Empire Thrives At A Rising Cost To The Nation 
Americans Panic Over Soaring Inflation, Buying Conditions Hit The Worst On Record 

Food Is More Expensive Than Almost Anytime In The Past 60 Years

Restaurants Remove Crab From Menus Due To Skyrocketing Prices

U.S. Economic Sanctions = Inflation
U.S. Economic Sanctions/Terrorism Has Caused A Global Revolt Against The Use Of The Dollar
Weaponizing The Dollar Causes Nations To Group Into Non Dollar Denominated Trading Partnerships For Protection Against U.S. Sanctions
Less Dollars Over There = Currency Devaluation = Inflation

De-dollarization: Global status of greenback shrinking
 as countries look to trade in alternative currencies, says Bank of Russia 

The Cost Of Imperial Expansionism 
Is Passed On To The U.S. Consumer As Inflation
Despite Being Almost $29 Trillion In Debt, And The Fact That Tax And Bond Revenues Are Down, There Has Been No Cuts In National Spending. The Binge Goes On At America's Expense. The Empire Trumps The Nation And It's People. The Imperialists In Washington Simply Don't Care. Example: Troops And Aircraft In Australia - Article Below. Why? It's Another Imperial Military Base Added To The Growing List Of About 800 Or More Located All Over The Planet. Of Course It's Billed As National Defense Or Containing China, But It's Imperialism Nevertheless. Why Contain China? Because It Threatens The U.S. As The Sole Ruler Of The World = Imperialism. There Is No Money To Pay For This On Going Rip Off, Cloaked As National Defense, And So The Federal Reserve Simply Increases The Money Supply As Required = Inflation, To Keep The Empire Going, And Passes It On To Americans As Inflation = Hidden Imperial Tax. None Of These Inflation Generating Funds Are Used To Feed Hungry Americans, Or Rebuild Highways, Bridges, Or Dams. It's To Support, Protect And Expand The U.S. Global Military Empire. A Nation Destroyed So That Dictators Can Rule The World. By Their Deeds You Can Judge Their Mindset. The Biden Administration Is Just Another Imperial Regime Determined To Maintain A Dying Empire At The Expense Of The Nation. In The End It Will Fail Anyway, But At What Cost? 
More US Troops & Aircraft Will Deploy To Australia After New Counter China Pact Unveiled 

Isolating China = U.S. Imperial Protectionism
‘AUKUS’ Military Alliance Is Another Western Attempt to Isolate China

 The U.S. And China Are Closer To War
  Than Most Americans Would Dare To Imagine 

Conrad Black: "None Of This Can Go On Much Longer"  

Gone To Graveyards Everyone?
Where Did All The People Go?

 Are millions of vaccine victims disappearing into mass graves?

"I refuse to give in to it"
...Biden Openly Threatens GOP Governors Who Don't Obey His Pro-Vaccine Policies

 24 US States Threaten Legal Action over Biden's Vaccine Mandate

The four biggest problems with Biden's vaccine order 

"You're not American!"...
Black Patriot Raises Hell in Brooklyn Restaurant for Being Denied Service [Video]

Occupy Democrats Praises Landlord 
For Ordering Tenants to Get Vaxxed or Get Evicted

Watch: Tourist Attacks NYC Restaurant Hostess Over Vaccination Proof To Dine  

Judge in New York Temporarily Halts
 State's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Liberals gasp! Ron DeSantis was right
 about monoclonal-antibody therapy - now he must pay 

So Much For Bringing America Together
Biden Administration Has Proved To Be The Most Divisive Ever
Almost Half Of Americans Disapprove Of Biden Vaccine Mandates, New Poll Finds

 NYC's Demand That Diplomats Follow Vaccine Mandate Creates Uproar At UN 

Victor Davis Hanson: The Death Of Science 

 Report: Almost Half of New Gun Buyers in US Women

San Diego City Council Bans Ghost Guns

7 Signs Your Friend Or Family Member Has Fallen Victim To The Woke Mind Virus

Infanticide By Mail & Cell Phone Appointment
More Money For These Psycho's In Body Parts & Organs
Planned Parenthood Rolls Out Abortion by Mail
 in DC Metro Area, Telemedicine Appointments Already Booked Solid 

They Simply Don't Care
U.S. Imperialists View Civilian Casualties As Acceptable Collateral Damage 
US to admit Kabul drone strike killed 10 civilians, incl. 7 children
 and NO ISIS-K terrorists, no one will be punished – reports 

France RECALLS ambassadors from US and Australia
 citing ‘exceptional gravity’ of AUKUS submarine deal 

Appeals court overturns controversial ruling 
on child gender treatment in UK; doctors CAN prescribe puberty blockers to under-16s

 Chinese Military Slams US Warship as Troublemaker to Peace in Taiwan Straits

Two eruptions at Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico on September 17 -

The Winner in Afghanistan: China 

Shakes His Imperialistic Tree
US senator says ‘unnerving’ 
to see sanctions meaningless amid Iran fuel shipments to Lebanon

 FM: Iran Resolved to Broaden Bilateral Ties with Russia

US slaps new sanctions on Hezbollah
 after group brings Iran fuel to Lebanon

Syria suffers widespread blackout
 after ‘attack’ on gas pipeline feeding key power station – electricity minister 

Electricity Minister: Electricity returns to all Syrian provinces 
after terrorist attack targeting Deir Ali and Tishreen Plants 

Turkish occupation and mercenaries shell Dardara village in Hasaka countryside 

Syrian tribes oppose presence of foreign troops, vow to counter separatist plots

 Washington, Baghdad Agree to Reduce US Troops in Iraq

We will not let plots aimed at Iraq’s PMU 
dissolution materialize: Badr Organization leader

 Israeli Forces Injure Dozens of Palestinian Protesters Across Occupied West Bank

Israel is ramping up and manipulating Iran-
US tensions again in order to stop a new nuclear deal 

Peace activists decry Biden’s betrayal of pledge to end US support for war in Yemen

Hundreds take part in anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne, 235 arrested

Australian police clash with anti-lockdown protesters
 after failing to suppress dissent with overwhelming force, threat of arrests



FDA Says It's O.K. To Kill Off The Old People
FDA advisory panel votes AGAINST vaccine booster shots
 for all, approves for over-65s and high-risk

Don't Be Fooled
Same Poison With Different Names
All 3 Major Vaccine Companies Suddenly Have Name Changes
 for Their Covid Shots — And People are Already Confused 

U.S. to buy hundreds of millions more doses of Pfizer vaccine to donate to the world -

Not Even Childhood Is Sacred To These Fiends
Pfizer to seek COVID vaccine EUA for kids soon

Covid's Willing Executioners

Texas father DEPLATFORMED by GoFundMe
 for raising money for son who died after taking Pfizer vaccine

I Am Afraid 

 Covid Vaccines Don't Work 

Overuse Of Vaccine Negates Efficiency
Israeli researchers can confirm 
only 12 days of protection from COVID-19 virus with booster shot -

Los Angeles County to roll out new vaccine mandate

Medical Staff Shortages Feared in France
 as Health Care Workers Balk at COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates


Beast Empire On It's Last Legs
Can't Last Another Three Years Without A Financial Implosion
When The U.S. Global Military Empire Goes Down It Will Take It's Allies Along For The Ride
We are now in a waiting game. Waiting for what you may ask? Waiting for a black swan financial event, or a war, or some other natural calamity, or calamities, to set off a cascading series of financial and economic events, that will trigger the final demise of the U.S. global military empire. It just can't continue as it is without something major happening to bring about a financial and economic crisis. When it finally happens it will be sudden and without warning. The U.S. is now just one war, or a major natural disaster from collapse. Anything that causes a major shakeup of the markets, or a sudden economic downturn for the worse, and it's all over. The United States Government is now so deep in debt that the Federal Reserve must keep interest rate suppressed to keep the government from defaulting on it's debt obligations. It can never be paid down. Just a few percentage points higher and the interest on the national debt which is now approaching $29 trillion, and the government will be financially wiped out. 

The government is in fact already bankrupt and it's only the constant manipulation of the markets by the Federal Reserve that keeps the whole thing going. Tax revenue and bond revenue are down because of Covid lockdowns nationally, and a global backlash from U.S. economic terrorism abroad. There have been no major cuts in U.S. spending or borrowing despite this economic downturn. It's business as usual as the U.S. global military empire continues it's expansion - articles below, without regard for the economic and financial crisis brewing in the homeland. The Federal Reserve keeps supporting the failing regime by buying up bonds, and expanding the money supply, to make up for depleted revenue. This cannot go on much longer. Inflation as a result of too much money and not enough stuff - article below, is now rampant across the nation. It's a death spiral that is out of control. Inflation is causing a rapid rise in the cost of supporting and maintaining the U.S. global military empire abroad, and the Federal Reserve must continue to expand the money supply to meet this ever expanding cost. In so doing, the Federal Reserve is causing greater inflation, and forcing an even greater rise in the cost of supporting the global military empire, and so on, and so on, in a death spiral that must ultimately lead to a total collapse of the Dollar and the U.S. financial system. The only possible way out is for the U.S. to initiate immediate cuts in spending, which would include a major cutback in global military spending, but this would mean giving up it's imperial dreams of ruling the world, and the imperialists in Washington have obviously decided to bring down the nation before giving up on that dream. Empires are self destructive because expanding cost eventually overrides financial capabilities. 

This insanity simply can't go on. So, we are now in a waiting game for the entire house of cards to collapse. How far can you expand a currency to meet the rising cost of imperialism? We are about to find out. The imperialists in Washington are obviously relying on an extended status quo, and that everything will continue on as usual without any dramatic change well into the foreseeable future. They think to keep the present expansion of debt and the money supply going on indefinitely. How long can the status quo continue without some dramatic event happening that changes everything? We are about to find this out as well. History shows that major events can happen very suddenly and without warning. For government to jeopardize the financial future of a nation based upon a belief in a never ending status quo in these times of such global uncertainty is just plain nuts. Climate changes, and global earthquake and volcanic events are on the rise. The possibility of a major war anywhere on the planet have increased ten fold. Financial bubbles are extreme and could pop at any time with little or no warning. Government should be cutting back on spending and preparing financially for unforeseen events based upon current world events and not expanding debt and dreams of empire. The unprepared who are living on credit and from paycheck to paycheck cannot withstand any sudden changes in the status quo. It is the same with government. It's just a matter of time before the entire outhouse goes up in flames. Be prepared because the government isn't.

The Illusion Of Getting Rich While Producing Nothing 

Peter Schiff: Too Much Money; Not Enough Stuff 

As McConnell Rebuffs Yellen Over Debt Limit Limbo,
 Democrat Infighting Risks Delaying $3.5 Trillion Package By Weeks Or Months 

Ida Sends Number Of Americans On The Dole Back Above 12 Million 

FAA imposes no-fly zone for drones 
after shocking footage shows 10,000+ migrants packed under Texas bridge 

Blaming Biden’s ‘sheer negligence,’ 
Texas governor to SHUT DOWN border crossing points to stop migrants ‘overrunning our state’

US Regulator Approves Creation of Nuclear Dump in Texas Despite Opposition From Local Authorities

Video: Permanent Banishment of Vaccine Passport. 
A Nationwide Movement against Joe Biden's Tyrannical Approach: Senator Scott Jensen

Workers Are Being Put in "The Line of Fire":
Organized Labour and Mandatory Vaccines 

Vaccine Mandates ‘Potentially Harmful, Damaging Act,’ Physician Says

Twilight's Last Gleaming. Biden's So-called Vaccine Mandates. Judge Napolitano

"Infringement Upon Individual Liberties": 
Arizona Attorney General Suing Biden Administration over COVID Vaccine Mandate 

Vaccine Mandate Is The Kiss Of Death For The Democratic Party
F**k Joe Biden? Looks like US voters may do just that come next year's midterms 

The New Federalist Party: 
Biden Move Forward With The Greatest Federalization Push Since Adams

Could Biden Nominate Anti-Gun Activist David Chipman As "Gun Czar"?

Powell Orders Review Of Fed Ethics Rules After Trading Disclosures Spark Mass Outrage

Shocking report exposes how US defense contractors
 have wasted trillions through fraud and corruption 

Record Shattered: 61 Container Ships Stuck Waiting Off California 

Failed axing of California governor
is a victory for the most successful experiment in socio-political brainwashing ever 

Bull Malarkey
Blinken Claims US Will Stand with Australia Against Pressure from China

Expansion Of The U.S. Global Military Empire
Not Really In The Interest Of Australia
 Australia Says More US Troops to Come,
 Work on Missile Development After Nuclear Sub Deal

Spanish authorities warn of potential volcanic eruption 
on resort island after 4,222-tremor ‘earthquake swarm’ 

Spanish officials fear volcanic eruption on La Palma

Earthquake swarm triggers volcano alert on Spain's La Palma 

Here Is One Such Unforeseen Event 
That Could Bring The U.S. To A Financial Demise
Megatsunami Scenario - La Palma Landslide 

Russia completes tests of S-500 air defense system, starts supplying equipment to forces

Russia Threatens to Take Measures Against US Over Interference in Elections, Foreign Ministry Says 

US Military’s Iron Dome Missile Defence System May Be Deployed in Ukraine

Shanghai alliance SCO grants Iran full membership

Lebanon's top clerics praise Iran’s support despite undergoing toughest US sanctions

Iran’s Raeisi to Pakistan's Khan: 20-year US presence brought destruction, massacre to Afghanistan

Syrian army forces make fresh gains in Dara’a, raise flag in another town

 Iraqi Resistance Group Says US, Israel Behind Recent Attack on PMU

US State Department approves $500mn helicopter maintenance deal with Saudi Arabia

 Biden Administration Approves A Major Military Deal with Saudi Arabia

Video: Riyadh Left Out in the Wind as Houthi Drones and Missiles Rain

Italy makes Covid-19 health pass mandatory
 for all workers & anyone without it faces suspension with NO PAY 

COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Mandatory In Italy For All Private Sector Workers: Officials 

New York Orders Compulsory Masking of Toddlers 
Aged 24 Months and Above in Kindergartens 

France suspends 3,000 healthcare workers 
for failing to get jabbed against Covid – health minister 

Florida landlord says tenants must get COVID-19 vaccine or move out 

MUST WATCH!!! Funeral Director Blows the Whistle on Covid

EXCLUSIVE: COVID Whistleblower Claims the VAERS Reporting Database 
Tracking Vaccine Complications is WRONG and Undercounting by a Factor of 100!

Intentional Homicide
Proof Of The Presidents Intentional Disregard Of Vaccine Deaths
Biden Told OSHA to Hide Info on Vaccine Side Effects – Lara Logan [VIDEO]

AZ Vax Side Effects Identical to radiation Burns Of The Skin

VAX ATTACKS: Singapore seeing chronic illness explosion 
after reaching 81 percent vaccination rate

Stop the Covid Holocaust! Open Letter

Local Detroit TV Asks for Stories of Unvaxxed Dying from COVID
 Gets over 180K Responses of Vaccine Injured and Dead Instead 

The Gene-based "Vaccines" Are Killing People. 
Governments Worldwide Are Lying to You the People, to the Populations They Purportedly Serve 

Facebook Determines What Is & Is Not Harmful Thought
People Still Using Facebook Are Therefore Ignorant By Default
Facebook censors German anti-lockdown movement 
under new rules to prevent real users from organizing & amplifying ‘harmful’ ideas 

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