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Major Earthquakes Are Coming To The West Coast Of America
If you think things are bad now then you had better get ready for the hammer to fall. There are huge earthquakes in the cards for the Western portion of America. As the articles below reveal, swarms of earthquakes have been rocking California as of late. I've been warning for some time that a series of major earthquakes are about to strike California. It's not a question of if, but when? Increasing earthquake and volcanic activity around the Pacific Rim of Fire must eventually equate into major earthquake activity along the West Coast of the United States. There are two regions of concern. The San Andreas Fault in California, and the Cascadia Subduction Zone along the coast of Oregon and Washington. Both of these earthquake zones are long overdue for greater earthquake activity. Both are linked to each other and the Pacific Plate boundary. Destabilization and tectonic changes in pressure caused by the ongoing volcanic and earthquake activity around the Pacific Region must eventfully bring about greater earthquake activity in these two areas. I'm expecting not just one, but a series of earthquakes as the increasing instability spreads around the Pacific Region. When these things happen there will be little or no advanced warning except for what we are now witnessing as earthquake swarms. Take them seriously. These are warnings of greater things to come. If you think things are bad now, you wait until California is devastated by earthquakes. The entire nation will be paralyzed. There will be food shortages and mass homelessness on a scale never witnessed before in modern times. Police and government will shut down. Everything from internet services to cell phone activity will come to a screeching halt across the nation. The resulting food shortages will be nation wide. People should prepare now for far worse times yet to come. If you look at the ongoing earthquake activity around the Pacific Rim as of late - Latest Earthquakes, it's a miracle that it hasn't happened yet. We are living on borrowed time, and it is only by the grace of God that these things haven't already happened. Forget the present riots and political turmoil. When California is stricken by these devastating earthquakes it will bring the entire nation to it's knees. Those in the cities who survive the earthquakes will be too busy with simple day to day survival than to worry about political or social injustice. Take these earthquake swarms as advance warning of greater things to come.

A Swarm Of Nearly 600 Earthquakes Rattles Southern California Sparking Speculation About "The Big One" Again 

A major earthquake along the San Andreas Fault looms along its southern segment in Coachella Valley

California earthquakes swarm in state's Imperial Valley region

Trump airlifted to military hospital for COVID treatment

President Trump Experiencing "Shortness Of Breath" At Walter Reed

Shocking Poll Results Show Majority Preparing For The Civil War We Are Watching To Become Far More Bloody

The Only Thing Systematic Is the Destruction of America 

PD Lieutenant: Big Cities Will Collapse Even Sooner Than We Fear

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are about to max out their state unemployment benefits

Biden - A Catalyst To Accelerate US Decline?

GM Deliveries Plunge 10% Year Over Year In Q3

US trying to take world back to jungle age: China

For Entertainment Value Only: US fake elections exposed for the farce they are

Iran’s military ready to nip threats in the bud: Commander

Iran’s Zarif says Intl. community must pressure Israel to destroy nuclear arsenal, accede to NPT

US bullying with regard to JCPOA backfires, isolating the US

Iranian FM Labels US Assassination of General Soleimani As Terrorist Act

Official: Israel Plotting for KSA Disintegration

Iranian Fuel Stolen by US Discharges in New York 

Two Iranian-Flagged Tankers Reportedly Arrive in Venezuela as Maduro Vows to Improve Gasoline Output 

Hezbollah chief orders fighters to protect civilians while fighting terrorists in Syria

Haddad: Turkey shoulders responsibility for unimpeded movement of terrorists in region

QSD militia kidnaps a number of young men in Raqqa, force them fighting with their ranks 

OPCW: Investigation Into Two Alleged Syria Chemical Attacks Inconclusive 

Bahrainis protest normalization deal with Israel despite clampdown

Yemeni protesters censure Saudi aggression, blockade

Two years on, Turkey urges Riyadh to hand over ‘henchmen’ in Khashoggi case

Hundreds of Sudanese troops enter Saudi Arabia en route to Yemen: Report

Arrest of Hamas co-founder by Israeli security forces denounced as attempt to undermine Palestinian reconciliation 

Venezuela gets shipment of Russia-made Sputnik-V COVID-19 vaccine

US extends sanctions against Russian arms export agency 

Psychiatrist says Julian Assange is hearing voices and at high risk of suicide 

Noam Chomsky Testifies In Assange Hearing; Extradition Decision Not Expected Till Next Year


America Has No Leaders
President Trump has proven to be a very weak leader. Unfortunately there is nobody on the Democratic side that's any better. There are no voices of leadership anywhere within the U.S. political system and nobody to vote for in November. Everybody is afraid to speak the truth for fear of social media backlash. Cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest have poisoned free speech and consigned it to gang approval. The main stream news outlets are restricted by social media approval. If it's not trending on Twitter, it's not news. Even RT has turned to dung. Twitter has become the main source of news. Zero Hedge was at one time a great news source, but ever since their chastisement by Twitter, and the temporary shut down of their Twitter account, Zero Hedge has been towing the social media line, and toning down it's news so as not to offend it's social media judge and jury. A Twitter account has become more important than good news content. 

There will be an election in November. It matters not to me who wins. I don't follow leaders who spout diatribe on Twitter. I don't follow leaders who are afraid to even speak the word 'God'. I don't follow leaders who bend to mob rule and mob approval. There are no leaders in America to follow. I was born in 1947, just after WWII. During my short time upon this earth, and my tenure as a U.S. citizen, I have never witnessed such a time when no leadership of any value permeates the halls of U.S. governess. Admitted murders, psychopaths, warmongers, and a whole slew of elderly characters who despise all other nations, and push weird and perverted social changes not workable in modern society, are all that remain of government. When a guy can be made a women, just because he thinks he is, in spite of his physical appearance, we are in big trouble. When politicians are afraid to speak out against such nonsense, and go along with these changes, there are no leaders, only followers. I don't follow followers, only leaders. 

The denial of reality in the political and social sphere will result in a collapse of the system. Politicians who support such nonsense are themselves lost in delusion. A government based upon delusion cannot stand for long. Such universal opposites as male and female are the foundation of universal law and reality. When so-called leaders and a society avoid reality as a norm of business, it's all over. Such government will be overcome with delusion. A legal system cannot function without realistic axioms such as right and wrong, good and bad, male and female, up and down, and so on. When the reality of the present is replaced by the past, and people are forced to pay reparations for past injustices, then social change is become null and void, and we will forever be bound by illusion. Such government will be overthrown.

I'm not popular and I don't care. Somebody has to speak the truth. I say what I want without regard to Twitter and all the rest. The United States is the Beast Empire. Saying this offends many. I don't care if it offends the nut jobs in charge of the asylum. The United States is the Beast Empire and Babylon of Revelation 17 and 18. As such it is going down exactly as Biblically foretold. The denial of reality is the product of delusion brought on by the denial of God by the leaders of America. It's all part of the trip into perdition. The wholesale denial of reality is the beginning of compromise with satanic forces that have taken hold of many so-called leaders to the detriment of our nation. When the earthquakes come, and Babylon is consumed by delusion, I will continue to speak about reality. Even unto the end of everything. God Is the only hope for America.

Full Stream ahead!
 Denmark removes final hurdle for Russian gas pipeline to Europe 

Nord Stream 2 Nears Completion After Clearing Another Hurdle

Russia could never discredit the US empire the way these guys just did

The U.S. No Longer Negotiates - It Demands
Russia Rejects Trump Admin's New START Demands

Threat Of U.S. Nuclear First Strike 
Forced Russia To Strengthen It's Military & Weapons Systems

Hawkish London Think Tank Frets Russian Military Now Strongest Since Soviet Days 

President Trump, first lady test positive for coronavirus, set to quarantine at White House 

UK Judge to Give Decision on Assange Extradition Early Next Year

Crumbling case against Assange shows weakness of hacking charges related to whistleblowing 

Think About The Starving Millions In Yemen, Syria, and Venezuela
Brought About By U.S. Economic Terrorism & Support Of Despotic Regimes
Then You Wonder Why The U.S. Is Beginning To Suffer Food Shortages?
Food Insecurity In The U.S. By The Numbers

The Payback Will Be Double - Revelation 18
More Than One Million New Jerseyans To Become "Food Insecure" By Year-End 

In Your Dreams
New dollar backed by gold coming this October 2020?

It's More Than Political
There Is A Spiritual Divide That Cuts Right Through The Heart Of America
US political discourse is so toxic & divided that friends of 30 years no longer talk to me - The America I loved has gone forever 

US Navy conducts war games to challenge Venezuela off its waters

US rights lawyers sue Trump administration over outrageous ICC bans

Iran warns US against any miscalculation, vows dire consequences

 Iran Ready to Connect Power Grid to Europe

Envoy: Tehran, Beijing to Speed Up Growing Ties

What Part Of 'Get Out Of Iraq' Doesn't The U.S. Understand?
US Won't Hesitate to Act Against Iraq's Militias to Protect Personnel

  Senior MP Blames US Embassy for Failure of Iraq's Economic, Military Agreements

Thousands of Iraqis Commemorate Anti-Government Protests 

Syrians Are Bushwhacking U.S. Terrorists
One militant of QSD militia killed, others injured in attacks by unknown assailants in Deir Ezzor countryside 

Syria rejects any deal with Israel that will cause harm to Palestinian cause

Syria reopens Damascus international airport after months of closure over COVID-19

China's envoy describes Syria as important partner, hopes for enhanced cooperation

Moscow: Jeffrey infiltration to Syria without its approval flagrant violation of sovereignty 

Syria will remain against any agreements with Israeli enemy that do not restore rights, occupied lands 

6.0-magnitude earthquake hits off Papua New Guinea 


God Is In Control & Judges The Nations Of The World
The Worst Economic Disaster Is Yet To Come - Brace For It - Revelation17
There Will Be No Prosperity For A Nation That Forces War, Famine, And Economic Terrorism Upon The Nations Of The World

Retail On Pace For Most Bankruptcies And Store Closures Ever In One Year: BDO 

Worst drop EVER: US economy plunges over 31% in second quarter 

NYC Hammered By 40% Bankruptcy Surge, Braces For Next Wave 

US Personal Income Tumbles In August, Savings-Rate Plunges

Over 830,000 Americans Filed For First-Time Jobless Benefits Last Week

Downward spiral continues in U.S. shale as 190 companies teeter on brink of bankruptcy

Capitalism = Free Market 
When The Fed Began Manipulating Interest Rates That's When The Free Market Died
Peter Schiff Battles A Marxist: "What We Have Now Is Not Capitalism" 

The U.S. Government Is Based Upon Money
When The Money Is Gone There Will Be No Government
Civil War 2.0: "The Country Is Now Out Of Its Mind"

Charles Nenner Warns "We're In A Very Dangerous Period"

Buy Food While You Still Can
The Coming Food Shortages Will Be Sudden And Without Warning
Global Food Shortages Are Becoming Very Real, And U.S. Grocery Store Chains Are Preparing For Worst Case Scenarios 

The Continued U.S. Military Occupation Of Iraq = Babylon
Marks It As The Beast Empire Of Revelation 17
Iraq FM Faults Dangerous US Threats to Close Embassy

Rockets land near US-led coalition base in Iraq’s Erbil airport

Kataeb Hezbollah: CIA's Footsteps Seen in Rocket Attack on Residential Area in Baghdad

U.S. Economic Terrorism Against Syria
Is A Crime Against Humanity For Which America Must Pay
The Result Will Be No Economic Recovery For America

US Imposes New Sanctions on Syria 

Syria renews call for Israel to end occupation of Golan Heights, halt settlement activities

US manipulated OPCW to justify Syria strikes: Journo tells UN

US Targets 3 Persons, 13 Entities in New Syria Sanctions

Syria will remain against any agreements with Israeli enemy that do not restore rights, occupied lands

Syrians Bushwhacking U.S./Turkey Terrorists
Two militants of QSD militia killed in an attack by unknown persons in Deir Ezzor countryside

Iran: US Should Leave Syria

IAEA Inspectors Visit Second Disputed Iranian Site 

Strategic partnership deal with China will mark new chapter in bilateral ties: Iran

 First VP: Ground Prepared for Strategic Cooperation between Iran, China

U.S. Economic Terrorism Against Venezuela
More Crimes Against Humanity For Which Americans Will pay
Karmic Backlash Will Leave Many Americans Without Food

Venezuela’s Maduro announces new fuel plan as 2nd Iranian tanker arrives

Iran: Israel Biggest Threat to Int'l Peace

Lebanon under siege after port explosion and no end in sight

U.S. Supported Saudi War Crimes Against Yemen
More Bad Karma For Americans To Deal With In The Weeks Ahead
There Can Be No Peace In A Nation That Brings Such Suffering To Others

Yemeni court sentences Saudi rulers, Trump to death over roles in 2018 massacre of kids

Full-Blown War In Caucuses Rising As Turkey Vows To Help Azerbaijan Take Back "Occupied" Lands

Israel Has Many Crimes To Account For
 God Will Level The Playing Field And Bring Accountability To Israel
No Nation Is Above The Judgment Of Almighty God

Israel makes hundreds of Palestinians homeless during pandemic 

Israel Is Sending Weapons to Azerbaijan as Fight With Armenia Continues 

Israeli police arrest four protesters following new coronavirus lockdown law

Global loser: Israel’s sky-high infection rate almost 3 times any other in world

A Strike On Iran Will Be The End Of Israel
The Persians Will Level Tel Aviv To The Ground No Matter If They Are Nuked Or Not
Netanyahu Not Ruling Out Preemptive Strike Against Iran

Quenelle: Our Forgotten Salute to Zionism and Our Nazi Masters

President Trump Will Cost America Many Lives
He Has Become Demented & Deranged By His Unrepentant Murders & Crimes Against Humanity
God Will Lead Him And Those Who Follow Him To A Disastrous End

A Trump Regime Middle East October Surprise Coming? 

Trump refusal to commit to peaceful transition may lead to constitutional crisis: Matt Taibbi

The Leaders Of America Are Demonic
Leading The Nation Into Perdition - Revelation 17
They Bring Only More War & Bloodshed To A World Already Teetering On The Brink

They Torture And Imprison Those Who Reveal The Truth. They Can No Longer Discern The Difference Between Right And Wrong, Or The Past And Present. God Befuddles Their Logic And Brings Delusion To Their Already Clouded Minds. Those Who Follow These Demented Souls Will Themselves Be Blinded By The Same. The End Is Coming Swiftly To A Nation Lead By The Insane. The Blind Leading The Blind Into A Pit Of Darkness.

Gov. Newsom approves task force on ‘slavery reparations’ as taxpayers wonder how ‘broke’ California will foot the bill 

US politicians are too old and the short-term philosophy this encourages creates a vicious circle that is dooming the country 

US federal judge refuses to lift restrictions on religious events in Colorado as critics shred hypocrisy in allowing protests 

Vatican Criticizes Pompeo's Handling of China Issues 

US Conducts Show of Air Power in the Philippine Sea 

China launches largest maritime patrol ship amid rising regional tensions

The Surreal US Case Against Assange

Shallow 6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes off Tonga 


Turkish F-16 Downs Armenian Su-25 Fighter, Armenia's Defence Ministry Says

Azerbaijan and Armenia Reject Talks as Fighting Continues 

Rapid Strikes To Follow: Iraqis See US Threat To Shutter Embassy As Prelude To War

US Demands Iraq Immediately Act Against Militias

Civil war in Iraq if attacks don’t stop: Sadr 

Iran: States lecturing on human rights ignore impact of US sanctions on Iranians

Trump plans last arrow in sanctions quiver against Iran

 Iranian President: US Biggest Violator of Human Rights

 Iran Welcomes Agreement between Ansarallah, Ex-Yemeni Gov’t

In cooperation with terrorists, TMO loots Syrian wheat and barley crops from farmers 

Middle East Eye: Leaked documents expose London’s involvement in supporting terrorism in Syria

Kobza: Turkish regime adopts hostile policy towards Syria, Libya and Iraq 

Bibi at it again? Israeli PM presents new PowerPoint at UNGA, this time detailing alleged Hezbollah arms depot in Beirut 

Hezbollah takes journos on tour of alleged missile site, proves Israeli PM wrong

Kuwait swears in new ruler, prepares to lay late monarch Sheikh Sabah to rest

Israel cracks down on protests under Covid-19 ‘emergency’ pretext as country extends lockdown 

Israel restrains anti-Netanyahu protests in new coronavirus lockdown law

Hearing Reveals US Govt's Invisible Hand in Protests Around the World 

Julian Assange Could End Up at Colorado Supermax Prison 

Trump Continues the Never-Ending War on Cuba

Why Trump using every method he can to cling to power

First US presidential debate for 2020 race in Cleveland, Ohio

Disney announces 28,000 layoffs amid continued closure of Disneyland - ABC7 New York

What Major Stores Went Bankrupt in 2020?

All markets, even gold, are about to crash says investor in all cash 

NYC Hammered By 40% Bankruptcy Surge, Braces For Next Wave 

Final Q2 GDP Revision Shows US Economy Shrank -31.4%

Maduro says oil revenue down 99% as Venezuela learns from Iran

Russian Servicemen Killed Over 133,000 Militants in Syria, Defence Minister Says

The Real Reason China is Relentlessly Demonized


Turkish F-16 Downs Armenian Su-25 Fighter, Armenia's Defence Ministry Says

Armenia and Azerbaijan slaughter each other again over Nagorno Karabakh

‘Support both on and off the battlefield’: Turkey throws weight behind ‘brotherly Azerbaijan,’ in fresh escalation 

US Launches Airstrikes in Iraq from Carrier For First Time in Two Years 

US Threat to Evacuate Iraq Embassy Raises Fear of War 

It’s highly unlikely US will close its embassy in Iraq: Expert

Militants Plotting Provocations With Poisonous Substances in Syria, Russian Military Says

Trump Administration Prepares Broad New Iran Sanctions 

Iran Fuel Convoy Enters Venezuelan Waters With Needed Fuel 

First Iranian tanker carrying fuel enters waters of Venezuela in defiance of US sanctions

Covering up ’their own failed efforts’: Tehran debunks Saudi claims of busting Iranian-trained terrorist cell 

 IRGC Commander: US Incapacitated, Withdrawing from Region

 Trump threatens war with Iran in a bid to win the election 

Lebanon hits back at Israel, defends Hezbollah at UN Human Rights Council session

Leaked Documents Expose How US and Gulf Allies Send Weapons to Terrorists Under Diplomatic Cover

‘You can’t even keep the lights on!’ EPA chief mocks California’s 2035 ban on sales of gas-powered cars 

"We Just Don't Have Words" - Wildfires Spread Across California Wine Country

Confirmed COVID-19 Deaths Top 1 Million Mark, With Many More Uncounted

New Hope: Cancer Cells Self-Destruct Without Drugs?


Yemen: Evidence of potential war crime by Saudi coalition

Yemen war: Journos gather ‘war crime’ evidence at scene of Saudi-led airstrike

UK turning a blind eye to war crimes in Yemen with Saudi arms sales 

Enraged US Threatens to Close Iraq Embassy Over Militia Attacks 

Rocket Attacks On Baghdad's Green Zone Stepped Up Amid US Warning It'll Shutter Embassy 

Iran and Iraq agree to boost ties in high-level meetings

Iran not buckling under to Trump's madman theory threats

Zarif: Cowardly, vicious US killed Daesh’s No. 1 enemy

 IRGC Deputy Commander: Iran’s Harsh Revenge for US Assassination of General Soleimani Yet to Come

 IRGC Aerospace Commander Boasts of Long Range of Iran’s Marine Missiles

Russia ready to send SU 57 to Iran 

Syrian Offensive to Retake Idlib from US Backed Terrorists Imminent

Residents of Syria's Palmyra Get Russian Humanitarian Aid

Turkish prosecutors prepare second indictment over Khashoggi killing

5 arrests, some clashes as thousands protest against Netanyahu 

U.S. Judge Halts Trump's TikTok Ban, Hours Before It's Set To Start 

Some 3,500 U.S. companies sue over Trump-imposed Chinese tariffs 

China: US abusing national power to suppress Tik Tok

US judge blocks Trump administration's ban on new TikTok downloads

China to protect TikTok at ‘all cost’ 

Venezuela to Cooperate With Russia While Developing Domestic Weapons, Maduro Says

‘Eskimo Effect’: Putin Explains Avangard Hypersonic Glide Vehicle's Operating Principle 

California's Latest Liberal-Pandering Law Puts Female Prisoners At Risk


Russia Pledges Military Sales To Iran The Moment UN Arms Embargo Expires Next Month

Next US administration will have no choice but to surrender to Iranian nation: Rouhani

The censored reason why the US would torpedo the UN over Iran: Iranian strength

Is Trump Using JCPOA To Break The UN Before It Breaks Him? 

Iran has no military presence in region, only supplies defense know-how: Armed Forces spokesman

Rouhani: US Cannot Impose Negotiations or War on Iran 

Iranian Supertanker Will Defy US Threats, Ship Venezuelan Crude 

Israel won’t engage in any regional confrontation as long as Saudi Arabia, UAE fight on its behalf: Ansarullah spox

 IRGC Commander: Trump’s Assad Assassination Threat Means End of US Political Chapter

 Iranian President Urges World to Stand United against US Unilateralism

 Iranian Jewish MP: Talks with US Big Mistake

 Ex-IRGC Commander: Iran Only Soothed by US Withdrawal from Region

Spokesman: Iran Committed to Reinvigorate Syria’s Air Defense

Iran expanding economic relations in spite of US sanctions

Al-Sisi: Necessity of moving political solution to crisis in Syria forward to preserve its unity, safety and eliminate terrorism 

Another Large Blast hit Lebanon: Alleged Israeli Attack at Suspected Hezbollah Site

 US Seeks F-35 Deal With UAE by December 

Esper Vows the US Will Maintain Israel's Qualitative Military Edge 

Here Is A Big Reason For America's Decline
Study: As Many as 59 Million Displaced by America's War on Terror 

The Biggest Insult to the American Military Is Our Foreign Policy

America is no exception; nobody remains first forever

CIA releases new fiction on Putin

Putin says Russia must remain a strong presidential republic

Putin says global economy won’t recover from Covid-19 pandemic 
‘for a long time,’ calls for world trade to be freed from sanctions 

UN thanks Putin for "generous" coronavirus vaccine offer, says it will be studied by experts

Maduro: Trump administration approved CIA terrorist ops in Venezuela

How Iran is sharing lessons in resilience with Venezuela

We’re no longer in the century of humiliation! 
Why China will not cave in to Trump’s state extortion over TikTok 

Trump's accusations against China are a vile attempt to rewrite history

Prosecutor claims Assange may be FAKING his depression after doctor says extradition could trigger suicide 

When promoting Christian family values
 & querying LGBT lessons gets you fired, it’s clear the Bible is woke militia’s new target 

Deadly floods in Oaxaca, Mexico - 6.5 inches of rainfall in 24 hours 

80% Of Americans Say Post-Pandemic Food Inflation Is Impacting Their Budgets


The Beast Empire Accelerates The March To Global Nuclear War
Realizing that it's dream of global domination and U.S. Imperialism over the nations of the planet is now vaporizing because of the increasing and combined resistance of nations, the United States has opted to dissolve all nuclear arms treaties, and continue the development of destabilizing nuclear weapons and delivery systems. It seems that a decision has been made at the higher levels of government to throw all caution to the wind, and force compliance to U.S. imperial demands upon a reluctant world of nations, in defiance of international law and the danger of nuclear war, or commit suicide and take the world with it if not successful in this endeavor. U.S./NATO armies are gathering and weapons are being deployed on a global scale, and on the borders of nations targeted as enemies by the empire. Terrorists and mercenary armies are used where regular combat troops are problematical. A satanic group of individuals now holds the world hostage in their insane desire to rule the world. The Bible warned that these days would come - Revelation 13, 17 & 18. The Beast (that was) the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great, has risen from the pit and (yet is) the United States of America. It is once again on the march to dominate the world even as Alexander the Great was possessed by the same demon of war and the desire to rule the world. As the Bible does forewarn, in the later days the Beast Empire would rise in the image of the Grecian Empire, and once again bring endless war and violence to the nations of the world. The United States is that Image of Grecia. Those days are now upon us.

The U.S. Government has been usurped by an ancient demon of war and has set a similar course as that of ancient Grecia which was to rule the world. The difference is that in Alexander's time there were no nuclear weapons to endanger the world. The insanity of these people knows no bounds, and diplomacy has been replaced by dictates, war and violence. The only language these people understand is force. The Bible goes on to explain that the Beast Empire, a.k.a. Babylon, although dominating the world at the time of the end with a global economic and monetary system used the world over, will not be be successful in it's bid to rule the world. Because of it's crimes against humanity and all that are slain upon the Earth, it will eventually be thrown down and go into perdition = total destruction. The United States of America fits the bill. As such, the downfall of America is now in progress. There can be no economic recovery, social peace, or economic prosperity to a nation that has brought so much death and suffering to the world. For over twenty years the United States has subjected the world to endless war, death, and suffering. Millions of people in numerous nations have been murdered and displaced by regime change wars, and mercenary terrorist armies directly funded and sponsored by the United States, or indirectly sponsored and funded by U.S. allies with evil intent. Nations that don't comply with U.S. dictates have been targeted with inhumane economic sanctions and terrorism, leaving millions of people suffering poverty and starvation. How can any nation that does such evil to the nations of the world expect prosperity and peace within it's own borders? Revelation 18, goes on to say that God will execute judgment upon Babylon because of it's iniquities and crimes. It's no surprise that calamity now stalks the once peaceful lands of America. 

Israel At It Again?
Major explosion rocks southern Lebanon, reportedly hits ‘Hezbollah house’ 

Hamas sets 2-month deadline for Israel to end Gaza siege

US, Israel source of all acts of evil in world: Yemen’s Ansarullah leader

Iran will not renegotiate what it has already negotiated: FM Zarif

Iran will not renegotiate nuclear deal if Biden wins US presidency, Zarif says 

Iran’s Navy chief: Iranian forces will give crushing response to potential US naval threats

US blockade of Iran would be an act of war: American analyst

US will never see return of ‘non-existent’ anti-Iran resolutions: Envoy

Russia says ‘not afraid of US sanctions’ over arms trade with Iran

Venezuela: Aggressive US sanctions won’t hinder free trade with Iran

Hamas, Islamic Jihad slam new round of US sanctions against Iran

US unilateralism on Iran may come back to haunt it

Americans had talent in diplomacy but they've lost it 
Russian FM Lavrov says, as US triggers ‘null and void’ Iran sanctions 

 Commander: US Wary of Aggression against Iran Because of High Costs

 Ex-IRGC Commander: Iran Only Soothed by US Withdrawal from Region

 Sanction-Enlisted AEOI Spokesman Scoffs at US Desperate Moves

Trump is Warned by Iran, but is it Iran?

‘Without any basis in international law’: 
Venezuela blasts US sanctions on Maduro & Iran as ‘sustained aggression’

Sacrificing U.S. Troops In Syria For Israel
The Syria Boondoggle: Who's Ready to Die in Vain? 

Flees Against A Herd Of Elephants
US Sends M2A2 Bradleys To Challenge Russian Forces In Northern Syria

Syria to file lawsuit against Trump for plotting murder of President Assad

America Is A Co-Conspirator In War Crimes & Genocide In Yemen
New UN report offers grim reminder of US complicity in the brutal war in Yemen 

Palestine gives up Arab League Council presidency over UAE-Bahrain-Israel normalization agreements

Israel And The U.S. Ignore International law
Israel’s continuous overflights in violation of UNSC resolution, Lebanon’s sovereignty: UNIFIL

Israel approves hundreds of settler units after normalization deals

The United States Doesn't Use Diplomacy - It Dictates
Russia sees ‘minimal’ chances of extending New START with US: Deputy FM

Russian FM: Chances of Renewing New START Minimal

U.S. Continues To Tease The Bear
Provocative US Air and Sea Maneuvers at Russia's Borders 

Russia to Complete Registration of Second COVID-19 Vaccine by 15 October 

5.3-Magnitude Quake Hits Near Lake Baikal, EMSC Says 

Architect of Russia's Avangard gliding vehicle receives highest honors

Russia Will Find Efficient Ways to Defend Itself if New START Not Extended, Envoy to UN Says 

Washington Dissolves All International Treaties
Leaving The World Open To Nuclear War
Trump Regime Sabotaging New START Extension Talks with Russia? 

Washington Has Opted For Suicide Over Failure To Rule The World
In refusing to extend New START, the US puts the world on the path of collective suicide 

The human species is doomed 

The Use Of Tactical Nukes Risks Full Retaliatory Nuclear Response
Why there’s no such thing as ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons 

Taiwan's Military Says It Has the Right to Counterattack Chinese Warplanes

China Signals War Footing: PLA Minesweepers In Drill To "Break Taiwan Sea Mines Threat"

China’s Worrisome Edge Toward a ‘Launch-on-Warning’ Nuclear Posture

"Free Assange" - Ron Paul Rages This Is A War On Truth

World Leaders Call on the UK to Free Julian Assange 

Exposing War Crimes Should Always Be Legal... Committing And Hiding Them Should Not 

Tropical Storm Beta Makes Landfall Over Texas; Hurricane Teddy Eyes Nova Scotia

2020 Has Been A "Nightmare Year" For America, And The Economic Fallout Is Just Getting Started 

McConnell unexpectedly rejects Democrats' funding bill, leaving U.S. on the verge of government shutdown

US Suffers Most New COVID-19 Cases In 5 Weeks As Doctors Warn Of "Apocalyptic" Fall

"Paper Gold No Longer As Important" - BofA Finds Physical Demand Now Key To Gold Prices

Hog wild: U.S. has ‘out of control’ population of ‘super-pigs,’ expert says


Stocks, Gold, & Crypto Crushed As Dollar Spikes |

Gold Dives Below $1900 As Dollar Surges, Stocks & Bond Yields Tumble 

Rabobank: Is The Era Of American Global Hegemony Coming To An End ?

Beijing Reportedly Plans To Kill Oracle-TikTok Deal 

US Set To Pass 200,000 Deaths As UK Scientist Delivers Grim New Warning

The Orwellian indoctrination of kindergarteners with Critical Race Theory is outrageous and must be stopped

Israeli Pawn In The Whitehouse Becoming A Global Laughing Stock
World Of Nations Turning Against An Increasingly Isolated America
US Claims UN Sanctions on Iran Reinstated: The World Disagrees 

Fearless Leader Continues To Put Israel First & U.S. Second
Perhaps Trump Should Run Against Netanyahu In Israel Rather Than The U.S. Presidency
United Nations will not support Washington's unilateral move to reimpose UN sanctions on Iran, says organization's chief 

European Leaders warn Trump Iran ‘snap back’ sanctions are illegal

Russia, China envoys lay into US over Iran snapback claim

Russia has no fear of potential US sanctions over arms deals with Iran — senior diplomat

Pompeo outraged by EU leaders refusal to side with US over Iran sanctions

Trump’s anti-Iran agenda not only illegal, it’s also harebrained

So What If Iran Has A Nuclear Bomb? 
Israel Has A Number Of Nukes At It's Disposal
Israel Is Also Protected Under The U.S. Nuclear Umbrella. It's Very Doubtful Iran Would Nuke Israel When Faced With Such Devastating Nuclear Retaliation.
This Is Nothing But Propagandized Fear Mongering. It's Another Excuse To Demonize Iran. 

US Believes Iran Likely To Have Enough Fissile Material For Nuclear Bomb By Year's End

Rouhani says US ‘faces defeat’ as its attempt to reimpose UN sanctions on Iran met with international opposition 

Iran's Rouhani Vows "Crushing Response" After Pompeo Declares Restoration Of All Sanctions 

Iran will never succumb to US bullying, illegitimate demands: President Rouhani

‘War with no blood’: Iran’s oil minister blasts US sanctions on crude exports 

If The United States Attacks Or Bombs Iran
All U.S. Bases In The Middle East Will Become Legitimate Targets Of An Iranian Missile Attack. An All Out Regional War Will Follow With Israel In The Crosshairs. The U.S. Would Be forced To Invade Iran With Resulting Casualties In The Thousands. U.S. Troops Would Die Not In Defense Of America, But For Israel.
 IRGC Aerospace Force Commander Downplays US “Hollow” Threats against Iran

Fighting An Enemy On It's Home Turf  Would Be Murderous To Say The Least
Nuking Iran Would Initiate A Regional War That Would Last For Years 
 Statement: Iranian Army, Armed Forces at Highest Level of Preparedness to Confront Enemies

 Zarif Warns US Leaders Not to Turn US into Global Laughing Stock

 Iran Calls for Global Active Defiance of US Bullying

Top Security Official: Iran’s Active Resistance to Further Down Trump’s Drones

U.S. Stealing Oil To Fund It's Mercenary Terrorist Armies In Syria
Dozens Of US Tanker Trucks Filled With Oil Leave Syria For Iraq

U.S. Terrorists Bombed Into Oblivion By Russia
Russian warplanes strike Syria's rebel-held Idlib in heaviest bombing Since Ceasefire

US occupation brings in 60 military vehicles to its illegitimate bases in Hasaka 

Turkish-backed militants rob commuters, loot properties in northern Syria: SANA

U.S. Caught Funding ISIS
Leaked docs: US branches of Deutsche Bank suspected of facilitating funds to Daesh in Iraq

US Close To Declaring Qatar Major Non-NATO Ally, Deepening Military Ties 

Kuwaiti parties dismiss Trump allegation kingdom will normalize ties with Israel soon

U.S. Continues Supporting Saudi Arabian Genocide Of Yemen
Thousands of mercenaries hired by UAE to carry out assassinations in southern Yemen 

War crimes trials over Yemen? 

Israelis run US Treasury, use it to punish Israel's enemies

Ultra-Orthodox Jews set dumpster on fire during anti-lockdown protests in Israel 

Occupying Palestine is rotting Israel from inside - no Gulf peace deal can hide that 

Riots return to Portland as protesters attack businesses, burn flags and force motorists to pledge loyalty to BLM

US judge blocks Trump’s WeChat ban, halting removal of app from stores 

At least Trump is honest about his political assassinations 

Nations Can No Longer Make Deals With The United States
Everything Is Twisted To It's Own Dictates
Soon No Treaties With The U.S. Will Remain Standing

US envoy says Russia must agree to arms control deal
 with no NATO scaleback, or else it’s ‘happy to modernize nukes without START’

‘Obama was a schoolboy when we started hypersonic experiments',
 Russian missile guru rebuffs Trump’s claims of stealing US tech 

Russia denounces UNHRC resolution on Belarus as void

China Air Force releases clip appearing to show mock attack on US airbase

Tropical Storm Beta moving towards Texas coast with up to 15 inches of rain possible

Presidents of Argentina, Venezuela join chorus of calls decrying Assange prosecution


Trump targeted with package containing deadly RICIN poison, intercepted by law enforcement 

More nationwide demos against police brutality in US

What if Trump loses but refuses to leave office?

Police arrest 11 as wildfires clear and rioting resumes in Portland 

Pandemic’s Toll on Public Pension Plans 

US COVID-19 Outbreak Accelerates With 50k Jump In Cases As France Sees Sudden Jump In Deaths

Washington unilaterally reimposes UN sanctions on Iran 
despite opposition from UN Security Council members – including US allies 

US faces ‘more’ isolation after ‘null & void’ move to unilaterally reimpose UN sanctions, Tehran warns 

Iran on US histrionics: Sanctions are not back except in Pompeo’s imaginary world

US snapback push against Iran theatrical performance: Russia

 US claim on snapback sanctions on Iran lacks legal effect

UN chief says will take no action on US snapback push against Iran

US sanctions on Iran directed at people, not the government

IRGC Commander: Iran Able to Set Fire to All US Bases in Region

Iranian Spokesman Labels US as Rogue State

Russia to continue efforts for preserving Iran nuclear deal - Foreign Ministry

Washington tries to silence PressTV because it debunks US lies, analyst says

Official: Iran Ranks 1st in Oil, Gas Discovery in World

 Iran: Trump or Biden, No Change in US Enmity towards Iran

 FM: No Need for European Arms, Iran Able to Trade with Others

 AEOI Chief: No More Inspections of Iranian Sites Requested by IAEA

US convoy transports stolen Syrian oil to Iraq

QSD militia kidnaps dozens of civilians from al-Mansoura town in Raqqa countryside

Turkish occupation and its mercenaries attack with rocket shells Alouk village in Hasaka countryside

Democrats not serious to stop US weapons sales to the Saudis: Former US diplomat

Putin: We can now safely obliterate the United States, thanks to Trump – Bolton 

Is Russia Preparing for ‘First Strike’ from ‘Best Friend Trump’?

Russian supersonic bombers set world record for longest non-stop flight - Aerospace Forces 

Russia won't take part in any US-led coalition against China,
 wants France and UK included in new nuclear talks – ambassador

Russia to spend more on economy than on unparalled weapon development in 2021

CCP announces plan to take control of China's private sector 

US Congress Prepares to Approve Second-Largest Taiwan Arms Sale Valued at $7 Billion

Glenn Greenwald Shocks With Explanation On Why Mainstream Media Is Ignoring Assange Trial 

4.5-Magnitude Quake Rocks Southern California as Region Battles Wildfires

Southern California is rocked by a 4.5-magnitude earthquake - with tremors felt from Los Angeles to San Diego


The United States Is Pushing The World To The Brink Of War
There are at least three theaters of war brewing at the moment. In the South China Sea, against China. Along the borders of Russia in Poland, and the Ukraine, and Belarus, where the U.S./ NATO are amassing weapons and troops against Russia, and in the Middle East against Iran. These are wars the United States can't win, at least in the short run without the use of nuclear weapons. If nuclear weapons are used it will trigger WWIII and the end of everything. It's the wrong time to start a war. The U.S. is unprepared socially, economically, and politically for a major war. War with Iran would be the biggest mistake the United States could ever make at this time in history. The Iranians have had enough of U.S. bulling, terrorism, and economic sanctions against them. They won't start a war but are ready for war if it comes. The Iranians are tough fighters and as was proven by the previous eight year war with Iraq, will not give up. There are literally thousands of missiles buried and hidden beneath the desert sands in Iran and surrounding Israel. No missile defense systems would be able to defend against such an onslaught of missiles in simultaneous launch. U.S. aircraft carriers would be sunk in the Persian Gulf, and mines would be laid allowing no ships to pass. Thousands of U.S. troops would have to be deployed to invade Iran with many resulting casualties. The war would last for years and Israel as well as all U.S. military assets in the Middle East would come under immediate missile attack and destruction. Saudi Arabia, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem would not be spared. Hezbollah, Hamas, as well as all Shiite Militia throughout the Middle East would be activated to war. Syria and Iraq, along with Russia and China, would be drawn into the conflict because of their alliances with Iran. They would provide the Iranian alliance with whatever manpower and weapons required to prolong the conflict into a guerilla war that would last for years. The U.S. has a proven track record of not being able to win such conflicts. Israel would be too busy defending it's own land to help the United States. If Israel were to nuke Iran it would not stop the combined onslaught of Muslim fighters that would descend on Israel from surrounding nations. A regional war would ensue.

A war with China would be a war with Russia because these nations have already combined military resources against the United States. The U.S., already trillions of dollars in debt would be unable to finance such conflicts. Printing more money would not help the war effort. The amount of money required to fight such a conflict would be astronomical in terms of the current depreciation of the dollar. China would in all probability dump a trillion dollars in U.S. bonds on the market which would trigger a bond market mass sell off and a market crash. Riots, violence and mass protests would be triggered within the U.S. European allies would turn against the U.S. in a mass rebellion that would leave the U.S. alone to fend for itself. Russia would easily wipe out NATO forces along it's border and occupy those lands in defensive posture. All nuclear systems would go on full alert. If the U.S. launched a missile attack on Russia or China, conventional or not, it would be interpreted as a nuclear attack and draw a full retaliatory response. Donald Trump and the loonies in Washington are truly playing with fire. We are all in danger because of the lunatics in Washington. We are in the grips of a psychopathic President and admitted murderer, who is willing to push the U.S. to war with Iran, for Israel, and with Russia and China, for the military industrial money junkies who foster wars for profit. There is no reason for these conflicts other than those dreamed up by President Trump, and the other nut jobs in Washington on both sides of the political isle. President Trump is becoming increasingly deranged with each passing day, and has gone totally bonkers with war rhetoric and outright murder, and threats of murder to foreign political and military leaders. Global warfare is not beyond the scope of such a deranged individual. We pray for the intervention of God in these affairs in the interest of the future survival of humanity, and all life on planet Earth. Unless these days are shortened there will be no flesh to remain. The United States must be stopped now before it's too late. There will be no world remaining. The U.S. and it's crazy President have decided that if the United States can't rule the world, and all the nations within that scope, it will destroy the entire planet and all life there upon. May God save us from these satanic beings who now threaten us all. Never before in history has such a danger befallen the world. God help us.

 Institutional Demand Will Drive Gold Ever Higher, Von Greyerz Warns "Central Banks Are Panicking" 

UBS ‘very bullish’ on gold as bank expects bullion price to surge higher 

Peter Schiff: When Exactly Are They Going To Deal With The Debt?

Rickards: The Layoffs Are Just Beginning 

Stocks Drop To Session Lows After Pelosi Says She Is Sticking To $2.2 Trillion In Stimulus Bill Demand

Stocks Suffer Longest-Losing Streak In Over A Year As Dollar Dump Continues 

US economy in decline under crushing debt & rising power of China 

China will dethrone US as world’s leading economy this year

China Is Killing The Dollar 

Market Update: DC/Wall Street Insider Predicts Coming Shock 

In outright rejection of US unilateralism, E3 tells UNSC Iran sanctions relief to continue beyond Sep. 20

Britain, France, and Germany Spurn US Plan for Iran Sanctions 

US sanctions on Iran didn’t work, won’t either: Russia’s Lavrov

USS Nimitz aircraft carrier enters Persian Gulf after Pompeo’s threats against Iran

IRGC to enemies: We will crush your teeth if Iran's interests threatened

IRGC chief warns Trump of retaliation if ‘a hair comes off an Iranian’s head’ amid rising tensions as US threatens sanctions

IRGC chief: Iran's revenge definite but to target those behind assassination

Iran Foreign Ministry condemns attacks on foreign diplomatic missions in Iraq

Senior Lawmaker: Parliament Ready for Counter Measures against US Trigger Mechanism

 Iran Nearing Full Production at Azar Oilfield

IHRC: Call for the Arrest of Donald Trump for Conspiracy to Murder 

The US Is Deploying More Troops to Syria

US military deploys more troops, armored vehicles to oil-rich eastern Syria

Washington deploys armored vehicles to Syria & steps up air patrols after dust-up with Russian forces

US to Deploy Bradley Fighting Vehicles Into Syria

Foreign Ministry: Government of the Netherlands is the last one who has the right to talk about the Human rights 

Syrians Bushwhacking U.S. Terrorists
6 Militants of “QSD” militia killed in Deir Ezzor, Raqqa countryside 

Nebenzya: Unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on Syria hinder political solution to crisis in the country

Military vehicle of US occupation collides with civilian car in Qamishli countryside

Yemeni Houthis Vow To Fight Israeli Plots As Netanyahu Signs Historic Deal With UAE, Bahrain

France rejects US allegation Hezbollah storing chemicals to make explosives in Europe

US Envoy: Annexation Will Happen Despite Israel-UAE Deal 

Israel enforces unpopular second lockdown, protests erupt and some prepare to defy the orders 

"Trying To Break Us Down": Mass Protests Hit Israel As 2nd Nationwide Lockdown Takes Effect 

Yes, Israel should suffer a major defeat 

US Spy Planes Disguising as Civilian Airliners Near China's Coast 

China Buzzes Taiwan With Unusually Large Show Of Force Involving 18 Aircraft 

US disregards its own ‘international rules-based order’ while condemning China

Trump Calls China Bigger Problem Than Russia, Contradicting FBI 

Support For BLM Falls Further; Americans See "Protests" As Riots, Believe There Is A War On Police 

Riots Only Help Fuel Urban Impoverishment 

Caitlin Johnstone: Exposing war crimes should always be legal. Committing and hiding them should not 

Yes, The United States Did Draw Up A Plan To Drop 80 Nuclear Weapons On North Korea

It’s all S**T! American politics has literally turned crap, with fights over November’s election descending into defecation wars 

Three Cultures God Destroyed Because of Homosexual Sex

US world order: delusional fantasy or perverse reality?

Trump claims Russia created hypersonic missile after receiving info about it from US

Putin: Russia Was Forced to Create Hypersonic Weapons After US Withdrew From Missile Treaty 

Russia demands answers from Washington on whether the US is facilitating terrorist attacks in Crimea, after NBC's report 

Russia' Su-27 Scrambled to Escort US Patrol Aircraft Over Black Sea

Nord Stream 2 evolves into major battle inside Germany and all of EU

Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Project Is 97% Completed, German Official Says

Anti-Abortion Activists Protest in Berlin 

6.9 magnitude earthquake hits Mid-Atlantic ridge 

Shocking image from space shows a record 5 tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin at the same time 

"Powerful" Hurricane Teddy Strengthens To Cat 4 With Canada In Crosshairs; Tropical Depression 22 Forms In Gulf 

Pepe Escobar On The Assange Trial: The Mask Of Empire Has Fallen

I Wonder When They Will Destroy Your Face?
NASA To Spark "Lunar Gold Rush" In Move To Break China's Monopoly On Rare Earth Metals 

A DARPA-Funded Implantable Biochip To Detect COVID-19 Could Hit Markets By 2021


Peter Schiff Warns The World Is Ready To Reject The Dollar Standard 

Dollar Weakness Or Dollar Crash? 

US Treasury & the Fed like partners in crime ripping off the American public 

Let The Exodus Begin: New Jersey Raises Tax On Millionaires 

Yes, 2021 Could Be Worse 

 On the trade and military agreement between Iran and China 

Israeli Role in Blast at Iran's Natanz Facility Validated

 Envoy: Natanz N. Center Explosion Result of Sabotage

President Trump Is A Israeli Front Man Masquerading As A U.S. President
Put In Power By Followers Of A False Christian Doctrine And Zionists With Intent To Persecute The Entire Persian Race & Culture
Why? Because Israel Can't Tolerate Economic & Political Competition In The Middle East

Trump Executive Order Will Enforce Global Arms Embargo Against Iran

Iran warns of dangerous US move as Trump mulls arms trade ban

Zarif: US Taxpayers’ Dollars, Lives Spent for Votes

Speaker's Aide: Israel Deal, Trump’s Presidential Campaign Show

 Iran’s FM Stresses Washington’s Non-Participation in JCPOA

Iran, Iraq to Reinvigorate Border Security

America's Gift Of Starvation To The Syrian People
Those Who Starve Others Shall Themselves Face Starvation
There Can Be No Prosperity To A Nation That Does This To Other Nations

Syria and the Caesar Act, Why Americans Should Care 

Turkey Must Also Face The Negative Results Of It's Own Actions
Qamishli residents call for removal of US, Turkish occupation forces from Syria

Turkey dragging feet on commitments under Idlib agreement: Russia

Russian Foreign Ministry: Turkish regime procrastinates carrying out its commitments in Idleb 

Another American Gift Of Death To Syrian Children
The QSD is An American Sponsored Foreign Terrorist Group Masquerading As Syrian Nationals
A child martyred due to a land mine blast left behind QSD militia in the vicinity of Al-Susah town, east of Deir Ezzor 

People Of Syria Rising Up Against American/Turkish Terrorist Occupation
National stand for the locals of Qubbet Zaki in the southern countryside of Qamishli in condemnation of the US and Turkish occupations 

EU parliament urges arms embargo on Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi murder, Yemen war

Saudis may have enough uranium to produce nuclear fuel: Report

Another American Gift Of Death & Starvation To The People Of Yemen
The U.S. Continues To Support Saudi Arabian Genocide Of The People Of Yemen
God's Justice Will Prevail & America Is Paying For It's Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity

Congress Presses Trump Admin to Restore Aid to Yemen 

Yemen in a desperate situation as famine looms and hundreds of thousands face starvation

Bahrain witnesses 6th straight night of protest at normalization with Israel

 Envoy Calls Manama’s Israel Deal, “Al-Khalifa's Suicide for Bin Salman”

A Government Of Evil & Suppression In League With The U.S./Israel
UAE cracking down hard on anti-Israel sentiment with 10-year prison sentences: Dissident

Envoy: US seeks to replace Abbas with Israeli-backed Dahlan

Anti-lockdown protesters rally in Tel Aviv as 2nd nationwide quarantine looms over Israel

Another Waste Of Credit & Tax Dollars
It's Too late To Undo What has Taken Twenty Years To Establish
By The Time This Ridicules Plan Takes Affect, America Will Already Be In Economic Devastation
It Takes Years To Establish Economic Links & Years More To Undo & Redo Them
This Goes To Demonstrate That The Entire U.S. Government & Both Political Parties Are Detached From Reality

Senate Dems Announce $350 Billion Plan to Counter China 

The Lawless Pointing Fingers At Others
The United States Is By Far The Most Lawless Bully The World has Ever Known
Top US Diplomat For East Asia Calls China a "Lawless Bully" 

China kicks off another military drill as US envoy visits Taiwan

‘Those who play with fire will get burnt’: China issues warning & holds military drills as US official visits Taiwan 

China conducts clinical trials of 11 COVID-19 vaccines 

Christian Morals and Values Shaping the Future of the Russian World

The U.S./NATO Are Playing With Fire ON The Russian Borders
Belarus president shuts western borders, puts army on alert

Russia Remains World's Second-Largest Oil Producer in July - JODI 

Are Western attacks on the Russian Covid-19 vaccine a corporate cold war against humanity? 

Top admiral: No condition where US should conduct nuclear test at this time

Trump's election threats a distraction from GOP voter suppression

FBI warns of combustible violence on US streets ahead of November election

Cure worse than the disease? 
30 MILLION face starvation as Covid-19 economic shutdown hurts most vulnerable, UN food chief warns 

WHO warns of ‘very serious’ Covid-19 situation in Europe as France breaks own 24-hr record for new virus cases 

Libya's Haftar Announces Resumption of Oil Production, Exports

Julian Assange held back 15,000 documents to prevent harm to US government

Assange's Partner Says He is Being Stripped Naked & X-Rayed, Transported in Vertical Coffin

"This Is Ludicrous" - Newt Gingrich Slams The Soros Cover Up 

Netflix's "Cuties": It's Not The First Attempt By Hollywood To Normalize Pedophilia

Netflix ‘Cheer’ star Jerry Harris charged with producing child pornography

Thousands Saw a UFO in New Jersey. It was the Goodyear Blimp

 Opening One's Mind to the Implications of Intelligent Design 

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