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And Another All Time High For World Stocks

Neel Kashkari Appeals To "QE Conspiracists":
Show Me How The Fed Is Moving Stock Prices... So Here It Is

The Federal Reserve Is The Cause Of The Bubble In Everything 

Labor Market Hits A Brick Wall: Job Openings Crater The Most Since The Financial Crisis

US Industrial Production Suffers Worst Year Since 2015

Got Gold? - David Rosenberg Warns "We're Going To Have Helicopter Money"

Now, Everyone Pays The Piper: The End Of China's Economic Miracle 

Dalio: Loss Of Truth In Media Is A Threat To Our Democracy

Ayatollah Slams Trump: He's A "Clown" Who Will Betray The Iranian People 

‘Be very careful with your words’: 
Trump warns Iran’s Khamenei after ayatollah goes on fiery sermon slamming ‘American Clowns’ 

Claims That Iran Is Close to a Nuclear Bomb Ignore Reality 

 DM: US Assassination of Gen. Soliemani Cowardly Act of State Terrorism

Killing Soleimani broke international law, former Nuremberg war crimes prosecutor says -

Russian Foreign Minister: 6 -35 fighters on Iran’s borders at time of plane crash…suspected false flag 

Who Targeted Ukraine Airlines Flight 752? Iran Shot It Down but There May be More to the Story -

Pentagon insists US troops are FORCE FOR GOOD in Iraq after its parliament votes to expel them 

Trump Winning in Syria, Finally..the Nation is Starving 

Lunatic: Pompeo threatens Putin with Drone Assassination

Breaking News. Us Embassy: Alert in Italy for Terroristic Attacks

Turkey Deploys 2000 Al-Qaeda Militants to Libya to Fight Haftar 

RCFP analysis: Court orders FBI to expunge records

Revealed: The Secrets Behind Russia's Crazy 100-Megaton Nuclear Torpedo


U.S. Stock Is Market Soaring While Economic Growth Is Faltering
It goes to show that super low interest rates are not filtering down to the general economy, but instead are being used by banks to borrow almost free money which they use to gamble in the stock market. This is causing extreme over valuation of stocks way over actual economic reality. It makes the stock market as phony as the fiat currency that drives it, and it can no longer be used as a realistic comparison of actual economic activity. It's just as probable that this is an intentional ploy to keep money creation from filtering downward and causing hyper-inflation which is the usual outcome of such practices. It keeps excessive money supply at the top banking and investment level while U.S. businesses at the bottom level continue to falter as consumer purchasing power declines. The decline in economic activity is partially due to over extended consumer credit, and a widening divide and disparity between consumer prices and earnings. The average American family is finding it harder to make ends meet, and has extended credit card debt to extreme levels and is now forced to cut back on spending. 

The Federal Reserve is now caught in a bind and cannot raise interest rates. Rising interest rates would cause an implosion of consumer credit markets, and would put many American families already over the edge, into credit card default, while at the same time, the U.S. Government also way overextended, would likewise collapse into default as it would be unable to service the national debt. At the same time, the continuous ballooning of the stock market now way over actual economic reality cannot continue forever. The Federal Reserve and the U.S. banking system have finally reached the end of the line. Federal spending and borrowing is accelerating and will force the Federal Reserve into lowering interest rates to zero and perhaps even into negative territory. Because fiat money has no intrinsic value, and is essentially a debt driven commodity, zero interest rates would mean that the U.S. Dollar would no longer has any value even as a debt instrument. If you can't make money from lending money, of what value is it? It would mean that newly printed government bonds would no longer have any value. Bonds would become a parking place for money without any earning or debt value. The government would be asking people to buy bonds to support it's debt without any growth or earnings value. How long could such a system last? 

People will turn to other more substantial places to park their money, such as Gold, and wait out the inevitable debt crash that is to come, and then reinvest in whatever new monetary system is established after the fall of the current system. When interest rates go to zero and negative the U.S. bond market will crash because without value or return the U.S. Dollar will be worthless. At that point the banking system itself will crash as well as the investment balloons it has created in a failed attempt to keep the whole outhouse from going up in flames. All of this will happen unless something else doesn't bring down the house of cards beforehand, such as a war or natural disaster, that would cause a panic in financial markets, as everyone rushes for the exits at the same time. The American People would be wise to prepare for the inevitable crash that is to come. Withdraw from Dollar assets and reinvest in Gold or Silver as a long term protection of wealth. There will be a new financial system following the crash, and all consumer and government debt will be erased as a result of a debt reset. Those who own gold and silver will be able to reinvest their wealth in a new monetary and debt system whereas those invested in the old dollar system will lose it all. The Federal Reserve will not be able to prevent this and is now as worthless as the money it prints. 

More Money Creation Won't Create More Economic Growth 

"Surprisingly Ugly" - US Freight Shipments Plunge At Fastest Rate Since 2009, Hit 2011 Levels

The Fed Won't Avert The Next "Crisis"... They Will Cause It

Will The US Obsession With Sanctions Destroy The Dollar? 

Ike's Military-Industrial Complex, Six Decades Later

The Virginia Gun Rights Conflict: Best And Worst Case Scenarios

If Soleimani was a terrorist why was he fighting ISIS? 

Military chief: Iran not interested in escalation of tensions

Gen. Soleimani's assassination puts Trump in a no-win situation

Ayatollah Khamenei: US disgraced after assassination of Gen. Soleimani

‘We don’t have political problems with India’:
 Iran’s Zarif urges Delhi to defy US sanctions & resume buying Iranian oil 

US officials must face execution for ordering Soleimani assassination: Scholar

There’s No Evidence Iran Is Responsible for the Deaths of Hundreds of Americans -

‘We Did Not Think US Would Target Another Country’s Guest’ - Iranian President on Soleimani Assassination 

US threats over Baghdad’s S-400 procurement detached from reality: Iraqi MP

Iraq denies report it has restarted joint military operations with US

US forces to suffer heavy defeat if they refuse to leave Iraq: Hashd Sha'abi group

David Wurmser, Key Iraq War Architect, Advising Trump on Iran

Saudi Arabia Paid US $500 Million to Cover Troop Costs 

US military dispatches over 70 trucks to oil-rich eastern Syria: Report

Syria Should Serve as Example to Prevent Attempts to Decide Fate of the Region From Abroad - Lavrov

Israel carries out new airstrikes on besieged Gaza Strip

Russian parliament unanimously approves Mikhail Mishustin as prime minister

Roscosmos engineers develop plan to BLIND foreign spy satellites flying over Russian territory 

NATO drills increasingly resemble preparations for war — Foreign Ministry 

Lavrov excoriates US for ‘abusing its privileges’ as UN headquarters host nation -

Lavrov slams US aggressive actions as key global destabilizing factor 

Putin speaks about Russian people and Russian arms in his 16th Address to the Federal Assembly

Putin's Now Purged The West From The Kremlin

Pentagon Confirms ISIS Resurgent In Libya At Moment Turkey Transfers 2,000 Syrian Fighters 

Evidence suggests US lied about Iranian strikes on US facilities in Iraq

US military says 11 US troops wounded in Iranian missile attack despite earlier denials

7 Major Earth Changes Happening Right Now That Everyone Needs To Know About

Philippine Volcano’s Quakes, Cracks Send More People Fleeing


U.S. Problems With Russia, China & The Middle East Could Have Been Avoided
All are self made problems caused a belligerent U.S. Government obsessed with world domination and incapable of diplomacy. Non adherence to international law, and over use of economic sanctions, while using the Dollar as a weapon to subjugate nations to U.S. dictates is just scratching the surface. Pulling out of previous agreements with various nations has caused major problems with U.S. credibility, and destroyed trust in U.S. long term treaties and negotiations. Russia has been begging the U.S. to negotiate various differences for years but Washington refuses to talk. Relations with China would have never gotten as bad as they are had the U.S. used diplomacy instead of economic sanctions and trade war tactics to force China to bend to U.S. dictates. It's simply against human nature not to resist blackmail, intimidation and threats of war and financial ruination. These tactics will never work and in the long run will bring the United States to ruination. The reason is simple. No nation in the modern world is an island unto itself. By these tactics the U.S. is slowly isolating itself and when the world of nations have finally disengaged from the U.S. financial/dollar system, the U.S. will find itself totally alone. Nations now calling themselves allies will quickly turn against the United States when the chips are down.

Using mercenary terrorists in the Middle East, in an attempt to destroy the government of Syria, under the guise of an Islamic Jihad, while taking sides in a religious war between Saudi Sunnis, and Iranian Shiites, is another grievous mistake by U.S. leaders. These tactics have been used by Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump. Demonizing Iran, and engaging in political assassinations, is turning the world against the United States. Nations now view the U.S. as the greatest threat to world peace and the source of terrorism throughout the world. ISIS and Al-Qaeda are now thought to be of U.S. construct, in league with Israel and Saudi Arabia, by most Middle East Nations, as well as both Russia and China. Because of U.S. belligerency and failure to negotiate via diplomacy, Russia and China have been forced to unite in mutual self defense and to develop advanced nuclear weapons and delivery systems for fear of a nuclear first strike by the United States. World trust of the United States that once existed is no more. The U.S. Government has intentionally caused most of the problems it now faces in the world today, while blaming Iran, Russia, and China for what more appropriately belongs to them. The American People who have supported these shenanigans are going to one day wake up and find themselves enslaved by extremism, religious fanatics, and a government of barbarians intent on the total subjugation of personal freedom and liberty. 

There are frightening similarities between the United States and the former Nazi Regime of Adolf Hitler. Both are a form of Fascism, in which there is a unity of government with a military industrial complex, that makes money from war, while aiding the government in the expansion of the empire. Both control the mass media, and broadcast government approved lies and propaganda to the masses, justifying war and to suppress descent. Both use racial hatred as an excuse for war and political injustice. With Hitler it was the Jews, and with president Trump it's Iranians. Both use national superiority and exceptionalism as an excuse for war, conquest, and regime change. The idea that the American People, like the Nazis, are superior and have a right to tell other nations what to do, despite that fact that the U.S. Constitution states that all people are created equal. Both engage in torture, assassination and false imprisonment to silence opposition. A large group of people in both regimes worship the President or Chancellor as a God, and support him no matter what atrocities or murder he may do in the name of the state. Both regimes ignore international law, and use assassination, kidnapping and false imprisonment of foreign nationals. Let us hope that President Trump, like Hitler, doesn't make the same mistake of starting a war with Russia. That will be the final act of self destruction, not only for the United States, but for the world as we now know it. Keep in mind that Iran is an ally of Russia, and if push comes to shove, the Russians will defend Iran even as they have Syria. It's only Iran's insistence upon it's own self defense that has kept Russia and China out of the fray. Given the right circumstances, and crazy U.S. actions, the Iranians could ask for Russian assistance. In these days of uncertainty let each person declare whom they will serve. A nation, a man, or God?
Christian Evangelists Worship Trump More than Jesus…and Forgive Anything 

Northam Declares State Of Emergency In Virginia Because "Armed Militia Groups Plan To Storm The Capitol"

Virginia governor bans firearms at Capitol before pro-gun rally

Poll: Many Americans Oppose Killing Iranian General Soleimani 

Boy Scout Organization is a Magnet for Tens of Thousands of Pedophiles, Lawsuit Claims

Peter Schiff: Americans are in for a rude awakening -

The Fed Is At It Again: Another $100 Billion Cash Injection

The Zombification Of America - Over 40% Of Listed Companies Don't Make Money |

Reliable Buffett Indicator Flashes Stock Market Crash Warnings

Ignoring Dire Economic Warning Signs 

Senate Dems Say They Have Enough Votes for Iran War Powers Challenge 

US Threatened Auto Tariffs on Europe Over Iran Nuclear Deal 

A Tangled Web of Deception

Regime Change Rarely Succeeds. When Will the U.S. Learn? 

Unintended Consequences: Did Trump Just Give the Middle East to China and Russia?

White House abruptly cancels Iran briefings amid contradictions

US court rejects bid to seize $1.7 billion of Iranian assets

CBI Foils US Attempts to Seize Iran's Assets in Italy

FM Zarif: Iran Not to Sign "Trump Deal"

Iraq senior cleric urges protest to expel U.S. forces 

Iraq PM Backs Off Expelling US Troops 

Trump Says U.S. Troops Stayed in Syria Because I Kept the Oil

‘Iran’s proxies’ is dishonest and slanted description of ‘Iran’s allies’

Putin Reforms Russian Government Giving Parliament More Power 

All Senior Russian Officials Resign as Putin Announces Reforms That Would Weaken His Successor

US "abusing" dollar as reserve currency, Russia de-dollarizing and investing elsewhere - Lavrov 

Where Is There Global Warming?
2020: The Lowest Solar Activity In Over 200 Years 

Kind of a shock: Up to 2 feet of snow slams Port Angeles, Washington overnight 

Flash floods strike Oman as temperatures sink below zero 

Parts of Canada's British Columbia in grip of rare, extreme cold weather 

Up to 8 feet deep snowdrifts cleared away on Mauna Kea Access Road, Hawaii 

5.5 feet of snowfall in 4 days for Snoqualmie Pass, Washington 

Snow falls on Jebel Jais amid week of extreme weather in UAE -


WORLD WAR III: Ukrainian flight PS752 Western False Flag 

Can the US bomb Iran? Defense chief Esper says no, then changes mind 

PS752 Downed by Cyber Attack 

Boeing crash, new full footage and big riddle: why Canada is afraid for black-box secrets?

Iran Reports Arrests Over Ukraine Airliner Shootdown - 

Iran Jet Disaster Setup 

Iran Arrests Several Suspects over Downing of Ukraine’s Plane

Was Iranian Missile Operator Tricked Into Shooting Down The Ukrainian Airlines Plane Over Tehran?

Rouhani: Regional nations should not rest until US troops leave

Zarif urges E3 to stop 20 months of bowing to US diktat

IRGC: Multi-City Funeral of Gen. Soleimani Attended by 25 Million

 Ex-IRGC Chief: Resistance to Go on Until Expulsion of US Troops from Region

Rouhani warns foreign forces in Middle East may be in danger

Rouhani: Withdrawal from region serves US own interests, restores regional security

UK ambassador leaves Tehran 'with prior notice' following arrest drama 

‘Why do you allow the United States to bully you?’ – Iranian FM to Europe over nuclear deal tensions 

Tehran calls on Washington to apologize for ‘previous crimes’ against Iran, claims regional ‘crisis’ led to shootdown of airliner 

The Iranian Protests Are a Washington Orchestration -

Warmonger Pompeo Calls for Deterring Nonbelligerent Iran 

Iran believed to possess more than 2,000 ballistic missiles, Pentagon officials say 

 IRGC: Real Revenge to Expel US Troops from Region

 Iran: US after Syrian Oil Wells, Own Interests in Region

China defends Iran trade as US cranks up pressure

 Russian State Duma Blames US for Tensions Leading to Ukrainian Plane Incident in Iran

Rockets reported fired at Taji military base in Iraq that hosts US-led coalition troops

Iraqis must resort to resistance if US forces refuse to pull out: Senior Nujaba official

US to Iraq: ‘Vote All You Want, We’re Not Leaving!’

US Threatens to Cut Military Aid If Iraq Asks Troops to Leave 

Sadr calls for million-man march against US presence in Iraq

Katyusha rockets target Taji military base housing US forces

How The US Runs Iraq 

Syrian Army Says Israeli Jets Attacked Air Base in Homs 

Syrian Air Defence System Repels Israeli Attack Targeting Air Base in Homs - Reports 

Syrian Air Defenses Confront Israeli Aggression on Strategic Base in Homs

South Yemen Peace Deal Crumbles, Fear of New Fighting 

Allies warn Trump that ISIS is on the rise again 
But it’s precisely because of America that Islamic State will never be defeated 

Explosive: Intel Drop, Washington and Tel Aviv Plan Dismember Turkey Before Iran

"The Flying Monkeys Have Taken Over The Asylum" - Impeachment, Soleimani, & The Pull Of The Swamp

Stocks Tumble On China Tariff Headlines 

The World Must End the US Illegal Economic War. Sanctions Imposed on 39 Countries -

Trump and Esper: No Evidence, Just a “Sneaky Feeling”. Time for the Invaders to Go Home

Illinois Becomes 20th State To Force Taxpayers To Foot Bill For Transgender Surgery

America’s Crumbling Military

Senate Dems Say They Have Enough Votes for Iran War Powers Challenge 

Trump says he couldn't care less if Iran negotiates with US 

Is Trump Selling Our Troops to Saudi Arabia?

The Evangelicals Who Pray for War With Iran

Trump and Congress Double Down on Demonizing Iran

Trump deal instead of Iran nuclear deal? I agree! US president gives Twitter nod to BoJo

US as The Globe's Judge, Jury And Executioner -

Former mafia prosecutor: 
It sounds like Trump associates were plotting a mob hit against Marie Yovanovitch

What is a Normal Nation? - 21st Century Wire

Pentagon: No evidence to back Trump’s claim that Iran was planning to attack American embassies 

Chins raps US-based rights report, says HRW instigating riots

Volcano erupts on ecologically sensitive Galapagos Island

Moscow calls for collective security ‘like OSCE for Europe’ to be implemented in Persian Gulf region – Lavrov 

Putin and Assad make fun of Trump (and Israel) 

Putin and Assad caught on video mocking Trump

Five nuclear-armed states must work together to neutralize threat of ‘global war’ – Putin 

‘Misery & deaths’: Death toll skyrocketing as snowstorms and landslides continue to batter Pakistan 

Report: US failure to repel attack exposes Israel vulnerability to high precision Iran missiles 

NATO Flounders In The Middle East 

Saudi Arabia Carried Out Record Number Of Executions In 2019|


The West Is Run by Barbarians

Premeditated Murder
A Foreign Military Commander With Diplomatic Immunity On A Mission Of Peace
Was Lured & Murdered Simply Because President Trump Wanted Him Dead
A U.S. President Playing God & Acting Above The Law As Judge, Jury & Executioner
This Sets A Despicable New Standard For Political Treachery Unparallel In Modern Times

Amash: Trump claim about US embassy threats seems to be totally made up

Trump Defends killing of Soleimani regardless of ‘imminent’ threat, says he had a ‘horrible past’ 

Certainly No Example For Our Children
U.S. Chief Law Enforcement Officer & Presiding President Running For Reelection
Who Say's Reason For Murder Doesn't Matter & Thievery Is O.K.

As Four Embassy's Allegation Falls Apart, Trump Says It Doesn't Matter 

Millions Suffering & Starving 
Because Of President Trump's Insane Hatred Of Syrians, Iranians, And Yemenese
I Challenge Anyone To Name One Hostile Event By These People Against The U.S. In The Last 20 Years 

Satrap Syria: Starving the Syrian People for Personal Profit 

Trump Brags About Oil Thefts and His Personal Cut 

I Don't Vote For Political Parties But For Individuals
I Cannot Vote Or Re-elect A Cold Blooded Murderer To The Presidency
As A Christian A Vote To Reelect This Man Would Make Me An Accomplice To Murder & Future Murders
Trump's Iran Strategy May Cost Him in 2020 Election

Who's Next On The Hit List? Putin? Xi Jinping?
Pompeo: Killing Soleimani Part of a Broader Strategy Applying to China, Russia

More U.S./Israeli Assassinations Ongoing In Iraq
High-level pro-Iran militia commander in Iraq is killed by unknown gunmen  

The Long-Planned US/Israeli Assassinations In Iraq Have One Goal: Increase Political Chaos

Iraq Warns of Economic Collapse Over Trump's Threatened Sanctions 

Muqtada Al-Sadr Joins Meeting of Iraqi Popular Forces Leaders on Expulsion of US Forces

Iraq Demands Immediate Delivery of S-400 from Russia (updated) 

US Evacuates Balad Air Base in Iraq Over Patriot Air Defense Failures (unconfirmed) 

World support for more US mischief zero 

President Rouhani signs law blacklisting Pentagon, subsidiaries

Iran announces first arrests in downing of Ukrainian airliner

Airliner Protests Mount in Iran, Police Open Fire to Disperse Crowds 

 Iran Warns about Serious Response to London’s Next Anti-Tehran Move

 Judiciary Chief: US President Should Stand Trial for Assassination of General Soleimani

EU Cites American Electronic Warfare as Possible Cause of Ukrainian Passenger Jet Destruction 

Ukrainian PS752 Mystery Solved: Shot Down by Israel’s Unit 8200?

Electronic Warfare: Video shows launched Syrian air-defense missiles
 RETURNING to hit Damascus during Israeli airstrikes last November

Iran Attacks US Contractors in Syria (Conoco Phillips) Stealing Syrian Crude

Breaking: Russian Warships in Persian Gulf Provided Air Cover for Iran During Recent Escalation 

Russia to launch serial production of new PAK DA flying wing stealth bomber

The Economy, U.S. National Debt & The Financial System Are So Precariously Balanced
All It Will Take Is War Or Serious Natural Disaster To Start The Dominos Falling
12 Signs That The Economy Is Seriously Slowing Down As 2020 Begins

"This Is Insanity!" - Jim Rogers Warns Of "Horrible Time" Ahead

Budget deficit topped $1 trillion in 2019, the first time in 7 years

A Hero Who Is Paying The Price For Defending Our Freedom Of The Press
WATCH: Assange caught on camera leaving UK court in prison van after US extradition hearing 

Healthier Looking Julian Assange Filmed Briefly Emerging From Solitary Confinement

Assange May Walk Free Thanks To CIA Bumbling: Former NYT General Counsel 

Responsible Statecraft

 Official: Canada, US, France Refuse to Help Decoding Black Box

Where Is There Global Warming?
Dozens killed as heavy snow & rain hits Pakistan, triggering AVALANCHES (PHOTOS/VIDEOS) 

Up to 50 inches of new snow in 3 days for the Cascades in Oregon 

Severe storm, flooding and heavy snowfall strike Hawaii - 22 inches of rain in 24 hours, snowdrifts at least 4 feet deep 

Heavy snow in Uttarakhand, India leaves over 900 villages without electricity and water 

Snoqualmie Pass in Washington walloped by nearly 3.5 feet of new snow in 2 days -


Snoqualmie Pass in Washington walloped by nearly 3.5 feet of new snow in 2 days 

14 die as heavy snowfall, flash floods wreak havoc in Balochistan, Pakistan - snow up to 4 feet deep 

At least 17 killed as extreme cold sweeps across Afghanistan 

Snowfall hits South Sinai, Egypt 

Heavy snowfall in Turkey - 150 village roads closed -

More than 1,000 Chicago flights canceled due to severe winter weather 

Carbon Emissions Have Naught To Do With Climate Change
100 scientific papers: CO2 has minuscule effect on climate 

Philippines Taal Volcano Spews Mega Ash Cloud - Evacuations Underway, Flights Canceled 

Philippines’ Taal Volcano belches LAVA, as locals brace for ‘hazardous eruption’ & ‘volcanic tsunami’ (PHOTOS, VIDEOS News

Why so many earthquakes are rocking Puerto Rico

Recent Pacific Northwest earthquakes have a connection with the Big Cascadia Earthquake

M4.7 earthquake hits Puerto Rico in rare and frightening swarm of more than 1,100 quakes 

First Murder - Then Delusional Thinking - Followed By Insanity
President Trump Is Obsessed With The Extermination Of Iranians
Similarity To Hitler's Hatred Of Jews

Trump’s defense secretary admits he ‘didn’t see’ evidence about Soleimani planning attacks against US embassies 

Esper Saw No Evidence Embassies Were Under Threat

 Poll: +50% of Americans Believe Gen. Soleimani's Assassination Puts US Security at Risk

ABC News Poll: Majority of Americans say Trump Wrong on Iran 

Canadian CEO Blasts Trump over Downed Plane in Iran

PS752 Shot Down In Regime Change Attempt 

Iranian Students Ask for Expulsion of British Envoy

Censored/Suppressed: How Iran Beat America and Controls Our Drones 

 Report: US Used Israeli Intelligence in Assassination Operation of Iranian Commander

US wants China to stop buying Iranian oil - US Treasury

IRGC Releases Details of Accidental Downing of Ukrainian Plane

Shedding ‘crocodile tears’ and ‘dishonoring’ Persian language: Iranian officials blast Trump’s Farsi tweets 

‘Stop buying Iranian oil or face sanctions’: US in talks with China over Iran

‘Totally up to them’: Trump says he ‘couldn’t care less’ if Iran negotiates with US or not 

Iranian leadership: Revenge for Soleimani’s assassination not over 

Iranian leader approves bill that places Pentagon on list of terrorist organizations 

Israeli Intelligence Was Involved in US Assassination of Top Iranian General 

He Thinks Himself A God
Who Is Able To Make War With Him?
And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast:
 and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? - Rev 13-4
Any person who is President of the United States is by default the Beast/Anti-christ, because the dragon gives power unto the Beast, insomuch as the United States Government has been usurped and controlled by an ancient demon of war. The Bible tells us that it is the same beast who gave Alexander the Great his power, seat and great authority. The beast was wounded with the death of Alexander, but it's deadly wound is healed when it rises once again in the end times to lead another Empire into endless war and finally into perdition. The U.S. is the Beast Empire, and the President is but a puppet of the dragon who actually rules.

Trump Not a Warmonger? The Chosen One?

Trump’s Killing of Soleimani: New “Worst Mistake in US History”,

‘Confused’ Trump mocked after claiming he should have won Nobel Peace Prize for saving’ Ethiopia

US/UK Dirty Hands Behind Weekend Protest in Iran? 

Iranian MPs Ask for Expulsion of British Ambassador

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : Understanding Why Iranians Bash the US Government

Ron Paul: US Wants To "Own Iran" Like It Did When The Shah Was In Power 

Are the US and Israel looking for another coup in Iran? 

Continued Military Occupation Of Iraq = Babylon
Identifies The U.S. As The Biblically Prophesized Beast Empire
The Resurrection Of The Beast From The Pit - That Beast That Was And Now Is - Rev. 17
Pity The Iraqis For Satan Has Become Their Ruler 
US Plans Permanent Occupation of Iraq 

Iraq: US Occupied Territory

US Threatens to Block Iraq From Key Bank Account If They Expel Troops

Expert: US Plotting for Extensive Terrorist Attacks on Key Iraqi Cities

Luongo Fears "An Abyss Of Losses" As Iraq Becomes MidEast Battleground

Volley of Katyusha’s Hits Iraqi Base Housing US Detail 

Invasion and interference are the true face of America

Murderer & Thief
Trump repeats Syria intention: US troops are taking the oil

King of Jordan says ISIS on the rise,
 warns thousands of fighters moved to Libya from Syria’s Idlib, spelling more trouble for EU

Israeli concern about targeting Ben Gurion Airport during upcoming Lebanon Attack 

Jack Heart: Self Defense in Richmond 

USA admits Russia is more powerful because Moscow modernises its nuclear arsenal

If Trump Wins in 2020, Get Ready for President Don Jr.


Volcanic Activity Increasing Within The Earth
The West Coast Of The United States Is In Grave Danger
It has now been proven that melting glaciers in Antarctica are caused by geothermal heat and subglacial volcanic activity. Huge areas of the Pacific Ocean are likewise heating up from volcanic activity beneath the ocean floor. Volcanoes are erupting in Alaska, The Philippians, Mexico, and Japan. Puerto Rico is being rocked by large earthquakes one after another. Yellowstone volcanic thermo activity is increasing and geysers are venting like never before. Alaska and California are being peppered with hundreds of micro-earthquakes on a daily basis. California has experienced over 20,000 earthquakes in the last 365 days. Dormant volcanoes along the west coast of North America, that are located in Northern California, Oregon, Washington State, and Canada are showing signs of activity. People need to be warned that what is now happening volcanically on a global scale is definitely not business as usual. 

Because of the increasing volcanism, all areas of previous seismic instability are now more unpredictable and dangerous, and fault line stresses are being pushed to the limit. The micro-earthquake swarms are a serious warning that magma is moving and upwelling from deeper down, which is also indicated by the volcanoes now awakening. This adds to instability beneath the larger faults. The micro-quakes are not lessening the stress on the larger faults, most of which are already long overdue for movement anyway. On a global scale, it looks like increasing volcanic activity at both poles of the planet, as well as the equatorial regions, especially around the Pacific Rim of Fire. Some kind of larger geological cycle is being played out here. The recent reported movement of the North Magnetic Pole may also be somehow linked as it could also be related to the movement of magma within the planet Earth. 

What the ultimate cyclic outcome might be, or the worst that it can get before the cycle is completed, and a lessoning of volcanism can again be realized is anybody's guess. However, there are some people, including Edgar Cayce, the so-called Sleeping Prophet, who proposed that the current volcanism as previously described, is leading to an ultimate geophysical pole shift of the earth, which will change the position of the geophysical poles of the planet by a few degrees? and thereby move the continents to new positions relative to their previous locations nearer or farther from the equator. There are Biblical Prophecies that support this outcome. Whatever the cause or the ultimate outcome might be, the West Coast of the United States has so far not experienced any major earthquake activity as compared with other areas around the Pacific Rim. This despite numerous seismic faults, all over due for greater earthquake activity, located in critical locations, all along the west coast bordering the seriously unstable Pacific Plate. Such extraordinary luck cannot go on much longer. Something has to give, and give soon. People now living in these areas should either move or prepare for extreme hardships to come. 

Recent Snipit Of USGS Daily Earthquake Map
Notice Alaska & California

Magnitude 5.9 shock again rocks quake-stunned Puerto Rico

Another massive 6.0 earthquake shook Puerto Rico,
 and the island hasn't recovered from the last major earthquake less than a week ago

Philippine Institute of Volcanology & Seismology 
raises Taal Volcano alert level to ‘hazardous eruption imminent’ 

Volcanoes melting West Antarctic glaciers, 3 new studies confirm 

ANOTHER quake shakes Puerto Rico - 5.9m

World's Tallest Geyser Breaks Eruption Record 

Flights halted, evacuations as Philippine volcano spews ash

Majority of Americans disapprove 
of Trump’s handling of Iran, feel less safe after strike: POLL

US bears full responsibility for the tragic downing of Ukraine airliner: Analyst

Iran apologized, but Trump & other US presidents will never say sorry for what they've done to Middle East 

Iran Puppet Master: Mike Pompeo Talked Trump Into Killing Soleimani 

Soleimani assassination act of international terrorism: Chomsky

NEO: New Facts Change Everything, the Sickening Truth About Why Iran “Schooled” America 

Southfront: US Wargame shows Iran winning, beating all US forces with relative ease

New report reveals details of US assassination of Iran's Gen. Soleimani, exposes Israel's role

Qatari emir in Tehran to boost ties, discuss latest developments

USA seeking war with Iran: Send in Pope Francis, not the marines

Six reasons Donald J. Trump is the Anti-Christ

Why Trump's changing Iran story is costing him support in Congress

Official ISIS Newspaper Thanks God for Trump Killing Iran's General Soleimani 

Trump Stands Down Against Iran, U.S. Still in Denial of the New Middle East 

Putin and Merkel screw up Netanyahu’s Iran plan 

Trump has signed $4.7 trillion of debt into federal law, budget watchdog says 

An Empire Self-Destructs |

The World Bank Warns on Soaring Global Debt Levels

"If The US Does That, It'll Lose Iraq Forever" 
 Trump Threatened To Cut Off Baghdad's Access To Its NY Fed Cash

We're Staying, US Tells Iraq After Being Asked to Leave

US Rebuffs Iraq PM Request To Talk Troop Exit: It's "Our Right" As A "Force For Good" To Stay 

 Sheikh Naim Qassem: Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah to Take General Soleimani's Revenge

Hundreds mourn reporters shot dead after covering Iraq protests

Trump repeats Syria intention: US troops are taking the oil

Syrian Army Heavily Pounds Al-Nusra Front Terrorists in Southeastern Idlib


Iran says it unintentionally shot down plane

Iran: Ukrainian plane brought down 'due to human error'

‘I wish I was dead’
 Senior IRGC commander accepts responsibility for downing Ukrainian jet, says it was mistaken for missile 

U.S./Beast Empire Refusing To Give Up Illegal Military Occupation Of Iraq
This Is The Beginning Of A Protracted Guerrilla War That Won't End Until The U.S. Vacates Syria & Iraq.
ISIS will attempt to make a comeback but will not be able to overcome Russian and Iranian resistance in both Iraq and Syria. The people of Iraq and Syria are now fighting for their very existence, and will not allow the U.S. to re-establish ISIS in the region. There will be much bloodshed and war against the United States who's military forces are now branded and viewed as terrorists by the people of the region.

Within this same time period the U.S. financial and banking establishment will be going into deeper trouble, and the U.S. will be increasingly unable to afford a protracted war in the Middle East. Iran/Russia/China are biding their time waiting for the moment to come. Mounting U.S. debt is unsustainable, and interest rates are being held down by the Fed., to prevent the U.S. Government from financial default because it would be unable to service it's debt if interest rates were allowed to rise. Cheap fiat money is being funneled into the U.S. financial system and being diverted to the stock and bond markets causing huge bubbles that are likewise unsustainable. Pension plans which rely on bonds and higher interest rates to sustain retirement funds are being sacrificed in the interest of sustaining the U.S. global military empire. Millions of Americans will lose their hard earned pensions. The social impact will be devastating. 

At the same time, increasing volcanic and earthquake activity around the Pacific Rim of Fire is destabilizing various earthquake faults along the western coast of the United States. Pressure is rising and major faults are ready to rupture at any time. The biggest of course is the Cascadia Subduction Zone off Northern California, Oregon and Washington State, which is ready to unzip at any time. The same is true for the San Andreas which is connected via tectonic plate faults. Magma plumes are rising, and dormant but still active volcanoes along the Northwest Coast of the United States are showing signs of increasing activity. When these earthquake zones finally rupture the disaster will be so great that the U.S. Government will unable to cope, and because of it's already precarious financial situation will plunge into financial ruination. The people of the United States should take heed of the early warnings which are the numerous earthquake clusters in California, and other earthquake and volcanic events happening all along the western coast of the United States. 

The coming earthquakes will affect the entire nation, and bring about great hardship to all. The U.S. Government is aware of the earthquake threat now facing the nation but will not inform the people. Preparations should be made in advance of what is coming. Israel, which relies on the U.S. for it's survival will be left out in the cold as the U.S. is forced to vacate the Middle East because of it's greater troubles at home. Israel will have to face it's enemies alone and will be overrun by hostile enemies of it's own making. It would be best if the Israeli Government began making peace now in advance of what is yet to come. The Beast Empire is now going into perdition.

US won’t heed Iraq’s call for troop withdrawal, calls military presence there ‘appropriate’ 

Iraq asks US to prepare troop pullout, send team to Baghdad 

US rejects Iraq request to discuss troop withdrawal

US rebuffs Iraq's call to withdraw troops from Arab country
Iraqi PM To Pompeo: US Must Establish Mechanism For Troop Withdrawal 

 Resistance Groups Likely to Start Imminent Missile Attack on US Positions in Region

 Iran’s DM: Only US Withdrawal Guarantees End of Tension in Region

US troops won't be safe if they prolong their stay in West Asia, Hezbollah official says

Iraq Demands US set up mechanism for withdrawal of all troops 

Iranian commander says missile barrage on US targets in Iraq was the start of a series of attacks to expel US forces.

US Regional Presence Makes ME Peace and Stability Unattainable

 Experts Praise Iranian Missiles Accuracy in Attacks on US Bases

Psychiatrists: Urgent action must be taken against Trump for creating Iran crisis

US imposes fresh sanctions on Iran after Iraq attack: Mnuchin |

Trump’s Bogus “Off Ramp” Offer to Iran

Trump contrasts ‘civilized world’ to Iran, but who are the true barbarians?

House votes to limit Trump's military action against Iran without congressional approval

Trump apparently furious over war powers vote, sources say

Article: Why Trump Unconstitutionally Started a War with Iran To Serve Israel

Our Country, the United States, is a Rogue Nation and Our Leaders are Criminals 

Donald Trump Murdered Qassim Suleimani

Dear America, Assassinating Foreign Leaders is an Act of War

ISIS praises US murder of Iranian general Soleimani as ‘divine intervention’ that will help them rise again 

Putin, Erdogan See US Actions in Persian Gulf, Soleimani Assassination as Illegal - Lavrov -

Russian-Turkish agreement on Libya: Another slap in the face for Western hegemony 

Russia Captured An Unexploded U.S. Tomahawk Used In Syria, And Plans To Use It Against America

Ambassador Peter Ford: Putin in Damascus, Shoring Up the the Alliance after the Soleimani Murder 

Russia Conducts War Drill With Hypersonic Missiles Amid Threat Of War In Middle East 

The US Ponzi Economy Is Systematic Looting on a Massive Scale

‘We are going to have a horrible time,’ Jim Rogers tells Boom Bust as global debt skyrockets 

Just A Friendly Heads-Up, Bulls: The Fed Just Slashed Its Balance Sheet |

David Stockman on What Triggers the Next Financial Collapse

Truck Manufacturing Orders Plunge To Decade Low In 2019 

Insurance For Oil Tankers Jumps Amid War Threat In Middle East 

First new sunspots in 40 days herald coming of Solar Cycle 25

Snow falls on Mauna Kea, Hawaii -

Videos of snowfall in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia 

Volcano erupts on southwestern Japan island 

Historic flooding in Israel kills 7 as 50-year rainfall record broken in North, 76 years in South -

Sanctuary Cities: A Battle Over The Second Amendment Is Unfolding Across America


Was A Bomb Planted Onboard The Aircraft?
When an aircraft is hit by a missile it tends to immediately drop straight down, and the debris field would be directly beneath the impact zone. Whereas, if a bomb was detonated within the aircraft, after takeoff, shrapnel would penetrate the fuselage from within, and a resultant fire would develop in the area of the explosion. This would explain why the aircraft remained in the air a minute and a half, while attempting to return to the airport, but was unable to do so as the fire engulfed the interior and flight control capabilities.

Iranian Gov’t Issues Statement on Ukrainian Plane Crash

WATCH Ukrainian jet BURNING during minute-long descent before crash near Tehran 

Iran showcases recovered BLACK BOXES of crashed Ukrainian jet (VIDEO) 

Iran says is certain no missile hit Ukrainian plane before crash

Secret intelligence & ‘highly likelys’:
 How media created narrative around Tehran jet crash to blame Iran, Russia and Trump

Mish's Top 10 Warmongering Ideas Of The Day 

House Passes War Powers Challenge to Attack on Iran 

The Trump team’s increasingly jumbled case for striking Qasem Soleimani

US comes under fire at UN Security Council meeting for assassinating Gen. Soleimani

Trump is stepping away from the brink of war with Iran after a missile attack,
 but the roots of their dispute dangerously persist

Who Towers Behind Trump? 

Rand Paul: "You'd Have To Be Brain Dead" To Think Soleimani's Death Would Deter Iran 

The War Pigs Are Finally Revealing Themselves - And This Is Just The Beginning...

Trump's Assassination Disaster -

75% Of Registered Voters Can't Identify Iran On A Map |

Trump stands down against Iran, US still in denial of the New Middle East

 The Justice Department Is Devoid Of Justice 

The Kerfuffle War – Trump's Iran De-escalation Succeeds

Top China Expert Has Doubts Over Trade Deal As Tensions Are "Getting Worse"

Russian defense chief orders armed forces to monitor deployment of US missiles -

Not So Shocking Report: Record Number Of Guns Sold As Dems Vow To Disintegrate Rights 

"The End Stage Has Begun" - Rubino Warns "We're Past The Point Of No Return"

The Fed Can't Reverse The Decline Of Financialization And Globalization |

IRGC Aerospace Commander: Wednesday Missile Strikes Mark Start of Major Operations Across Region

Iranian FM: People, Not Beautiful Military Equipment, Rule World

Al-Hakim stresses need for withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq

If Soleimani is a ‘terrorist’, when will the US de-list ISIL?

Rockets Reportedly Hit Near US Base North Of Baghdad (Again) 

Americans must either withdraw voluntarily, or be expelled by force: Hezbollah parl. bloc

Iraq Reopens Negotiations For Purchase Of Russian S-300 Air Defense Systems

 US Terrorist Troops Evacuate Base in Hasaka

Iraq PM Confirms Receiving ‘Signed’ US Pullout Letter. Has Washington decided upon Withdrawal? 

Iraqis Want Both US and Iranian Forces Out of the Country

Several Hashd al-Sha’abi forces killed in Israeli raids on Syria: Report

US interventionist presence in region has to end as soon as possible: Iran defense chief

Killing of Soleimani wake-up call to get rid of US presence in the region – Iran's envoy to UN 

Panic mode? Iran could have ‘access’ to nuclear weapon in 1-2 years, French FM warns 

 Aerospace Commander: IRGC Cut US MQ-9 Drones’ Communication in Electronic Warfare

Report: US Drone Strike Kills 60 Afghan Civilians, Taliban Commander

Families Huddle in Dark Across a Ravaged Island, Wary of the Aftershocks

Mexico issues yellow alert after Popocatepetl volcano erupts spectacularly 


Russia Taking Over The Middle East
Russia suggests selling S-400 missile system to Iraq amid row over US troops 

Putin Should Take Control of the Iranian Situation Out of Israel’s Hands

Russia's Putin makes rare visit to Syria, meets Assad

US forced to evacuate bases on Northern flank of Syria vast new oil finds…exposing Aramco’s ties to ISIS

The Beast Empire Is It's Own Worst Enemy
U.S. Engages In Sanctions & Murder To Stop Growing Multinational World Order
Yet By Sanctions & Murder It Forces Nations To Do Just That - Go Figure!
US creating havoc in Middle East to disrupt China-Russia-Iran alliance: Scholar

Is US attempting to play an Israeli strategy out against Iran?

 The Deeper Story Behind the Assassination of Soleimani 

By It's Own Reckless Actions
 The U.S. Is Forcing The Middle East Into The China/Russia Sphere
America, An Empire on its Last Leg: To be Kicked Out from the Middle East? 

Trump, at Israel's Request, Assassinated the General Most Responsible for Destroying ISIS

Trump’s deepening Iran morass all started with one big lie 

Breaking: Dead US Contractor Who Led to Destruction of US Base
 was Blackwater Contractor Who Participated in Torture of Detainees 

Trumps backs off, under cover of new sanctions 

Iran didn’t want to kill US troops with its strike, 
it wanted to make point to Trump about its missile tech & resolve. It did that

US backing off Iran from brink of hot war ‘not unlike Trump
 but the ongoing sanctions war must end too – Ron Paul

 To The Idiots That Think This Is Over, It Ain't! |

Pelosi: House Will Vote Thursday to Limit Trump's Actions Against Iran -

Pompeo's Falsehood-Laden Briefing Echoed Uncritically by Media Outlets 

Key Iraq Cleric Sadr Says Militias Should Stand Down

Pentagon Denies Iraq Requested Withdrawal, PM Reiterates US Must Leave

The Donald's Assassination of General Soleimani – As Stupid as It Gets

Iran dismisses speculations Ukrainian flight taken down by missile

‘Harsher revenge’: Revolutionary Guards commander vows 
it’s not over after Iranian missile strikes on US forces in Iraq 

The U.S. Should Have Vacated Iraq & Syria Years Ago
It Only Remains For The Sake Of Continuing Regime Change At The Behest Of Israel
Come Home, America: Stop Policing The Globe And Put An End To Wars-Without-End

Tucker Carlson: Now is the time to pull out of Iraq for good

Buchanan: If Baghdad Wants Us Out, Let's Go! 
53% of Americans Say Trump Faking Iran Policy…He made it all up 

Exclusive: Americans say Soleimani's killing made US less safe, Trump's reckless pos; on Iran

How the Donald Assassinated America First

Rick Wiles: Ivanka Trump Is A Kabbala Practicing, Evil Woman 
Whispering Evil Things In The Ear Of Her Father

Prospects Of Revolution & Civil War Growing In U.S.
Virginia Beach declares itself Second Amendment Constitutional City 7 months after mass shooting

Out-of-state militias vow armed protest of gun control in Virginia

Virginia vows to shut down all gun ranges

Virginia Gun Grabbers Now Looking to Eliminate Privately Owned Gun Ranges 

Punta Ventana: Puerto Rico’s Famous Landmark Destroyed by Earthquakes

Australian Army tells residents they have 5 MINUTES to pack up and FLEE as uncontrollable fires descend on town


Saudi Oil Fields & Refineries Are Next

No matter what, when the U.S. retaliates on Iran for the missile attack on the U.S. military bases in Iraq, and even if the U.S. nukes Iran, the Oil resources of Saudi Arabia will be toast. Even if Israel strikes Iran first, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem will be Toast. The Iranians may ultimately loose the war, but before they go down there will nothing but ashes remaining. The U.S. economic system already on life support will go down. Oil prices will sore to hundreds of dollars per barrel. Global markets will crash. This is a no win scenario.

A U.S. President has committed an act of war, and the American People must now be prepared for the consequences. It would be best if the U.S. exited the Middle East immediately, but the powers that be are more inclined to project an image of not being pushed around, and in that regard will get the maximum number of Americans killed. Once a war like this begins, there will no end until many people are killed on both sides. Remember, that Saddam Hussein fought Iran for ten years and had to quit without victory. Americans had better gas up their cars because before this is over there won't be any gasoline available. Jobs are going to be destroyed. Global trade will come to a halt. Retirement funds will be wiped out. 

This is President Trump's insane gift to the American People after which no American will ever be the same again. This is balls to the wall war folks! This is something the American People have not experienced in recent times, and are not prepared for. It will be death on a massive scale with tit for tat retaliations going on for months to come. At some point Russia & China will be sucked into the fray, and it's almost certain they are going to side with Iran. This is the end of the United States as we have known it. The U.S. is already over 27 trillion dollars in debt and cannot financially sustain an all out war with Iran. The bond and stock markets are going to crash. Once oil hits $600.00 per barrel, the global depravities market will crash. 

We are now living on borrowed time. Once again, as it was with the Vietnam war, the question must be asked. What are we fighting for? Israel? U.S. national security? No! We are fighting a war caused by an insane President who somehow thinks that the assassination of foreign dignitaries and military personnel is acceptable and normal behavior. If the American People continue to support this madman, and don't rise up against these monsters who have invaded the U.S. Government, they are going to take the United States down and the American People will suffer years of hardship and pain as a result. Is it worth it? I wonder! 

Iran launches SECOND WAVE of retaliation strikes against US assets in Iraq 

Iran claims Al-Asad missile strike as revenge for Soleimani, demands US withdrawal from Iraq 

Iraqi militias threaten to send US troops home in coffins & target civilians if they re-elect Trump 

Netanyahu backs away from Soleimani assassination, warns ministers to ‘stay out’ of purely ‘American event’ 

Evidence? What evidence? Pompeo shows no proof of ‘imminent’ Soleimani attacks 

Trump follows Pentagon and State Department lead, says he wants US troops out of Iraq eventually – but not just yet 

Pentagon says more than a dozen missiles launched from Iran's against 2 US bases, vows ‘necessary’ counter-measures 

Trump briefed on reports of ongoing attacks on US bases in Iraq – White House 

‘Not leaving Iraq!’ Pentagon clarifies ‘poorly worded’ US withdrawal plan sent by ‘mistake’ 

Tulsi Gabbard: War with Iran would make Afghanistan, Iraq wars 'look like a picnic'

Trump informed on missile attacks at US military facilities in Iraq — White House - 

Live Updates: Iran Launches Missile Strike on US Forces in Iraq

Hard Revenge: Iran's IRGC Bombards Al-Asad, Other US Bases in Iraq 

Pompeo again declines to present evidence of imminent threat that led to strike against Iranian general -

Iranian MPs declare all of US military ‘terrorist entity’ after General Soleimani killing

Putin makes surprise Christmas visit to Syria, holds security talks with Assad —

Iran Starts Severe Revenge, IRGC Launches Attack on US Ein Al-Assad Air Base

 Iranian MPs Ask Leader to Take Tough Revenge for General Soleimani's Assassination

 Iraq's Asaeb Ahl Al-Haq: Iran, Resistance Groups to Take Revenge for General Soleimani

Iraqi Hezbollah Waiting for Iran's Tough Revenge to Act against US

Iran Fires "More Than A Dozen" Ballistic Missiles At Two US Airbases In Iraq

"We're Going To War, Bro": Elite 82nd Airborne In Largest Fast Deployment In A Decade

Iran Bombards al Asad Air Base, Puts Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan on Notice 

‘So far, so good!’ Trump tweets of US military might, set to address Americans on Wednesday over Iranian strike 

 US Erbil Airport Attacked by IRGC

Krieger: The Final Chapter In The Decline Of US Imperial Dominance Has Begun

Iran Standing Down After Proportional Attack in Accordance with UN Article 51- Zarif – 

US Coalition Partners Are Withdrawing From Iraq Over Security Concerns

Dozens of regime troops killed in suspected IS attack

An Arizona court has upheld the state’s anti-BDS law 

Trump stumbling in public response to Soleimani’s assassination

Soleimani's assassination shows US can’t afford Trump as commander in chief:

Kicking all US troops out of Middle East will be Iran’s ‘final answer’ to Soleimani’s assassination – Rouhani

Netanyahu threatens Iran with crushing blow' if Israel comes under attack 

80 people dead in Iran's missile attack on US bases in Iraq 

Six reasons Donald J. Trump is the Anti-Christ

US Army Sustains Heavy Casualties in Iran Missile Attacks

 Ex-IRGC Commander: Iran's Finger on Trigger

America, An Empire on its Last Leg: To be Kicked Out from the Middle East? -

S&P 500 futures turn positive, making back overnight drop as Iran retaliation less than feared

Asia markets 8 Jan: Violence in Iraq

"Almost Inconceivable" That Attacks In Iraq Will Mark End Of Iranian Retaliation, Experts Say 

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