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"Dangerous" Heat Dome Shifts Eastward, 
Triple-Digit Temps Expected For Southeast

BREAKING: Supremes Flee DC 
Ahead of Rulings on Abortion, Gun Rights, More – Watch LIVE 

Texas just went nuclear, 
announcing they want to secede from U.S. in 2023 
as GOP pushes for referendum vote and declaring that 
President Joe Biden was not legitimately elected...

American Fighter Killed in Ukraine

Russia can’t guarantee that captured Americans
 won’t face death penalty — Kremlin 

Captured US mercenaries ‘should be held
 responsible’ for their crimes - Kremlin spokesman 

Pompeo Summoned by Spanish Judge
 over Claims US Plotted ‘At Highest Level’ to Kill Assange 

Netherlands Joins German, Austria
 in Reverting to Coal Power Amid Energy Crisis 

Pakistan's Ex-PM Blasts US Imperial Arrogance, Role in His Ouster

Putin: Russian Military to Receive First Sarmat ICBM in Late 2022

Ruble hits 7-year high vs dollar 

Moscow explains EU gas cuts 

Lithuania bans rail cargo to Kaliningrad

Russia demands Lithuania
 lift transit ban against Kaliningrad region 

Russia Demands Lithuania Lift "Openly Hostile" 
Blockade; Panic Buying Ensues

Russia threatens Lithuania 
because of Kaliningrad blockade: Look at Ukraine and see

Diplomat warns Lithuania repercussions on the horizon
 over Kaliningrad rail transit ban

Casus belli&: What Kaliningrad blockade means for Russia 

No blockade of Kaliningrad, 
Lithuania only complying with EU sanctions, Borrell says

Peskov: Ukraine Conflict Will Be Long Crisis,
 Russia Will Not Trust West Anymore 

LPR divulges Washington’s plans
 to deploy NATO bases in Donbass republics

Russia Warns Ukraine Could Become
 Platform for Creation of Bioweapons 

Ukraine delivers three strikes 
at Black Sea drilling rigs, Crimean leader reports

Russia Reveals Number of Victims from Drilling Rig Strikes

Third-Party Missiles Possibly Used 
in Attack on Crimean Drilling Platforms - Lawmaker 

Russia to strike Ukraine's 
decision-making centers after oil rigs attack

Russian Bastion systems 
strike airfield in Odessa to destroy Bayraktar UAVs

Russia uses new high-precision 
305 aircraft missiles to strike military target in Ukraine

Israeli PM to dissolve Knesset after coalition collapses
 paving way for fifth election in last five years

Netanyahu: We're preparing for elections, 
but may form government without it

ISIS Attacks North Syria Bus, Killing 15 Pro-Govt Fighters

Cases of Brain Damage in Children Skyrocket 
Following COVID-19 Vaccines 


Biden Is Shoving The Green Agenda 
Up America's Exhaust Pipes
Ready Or Not Here It Comes
There Is Just No Way That Solar Power & Electric Cars Can Be Become Mainstream In The U.S. Economy Within The Next Ten Years Or More
Shutting Down Fossil Fuel Production Now Before A Reasonable Transition Period To Electric Systems Is National Suicide
Biden Administration is Full Of Environmental Extremists Who Want It Now Regardless Of The Consequences
"Why Biden's Attacks On Energy 
Are "Absolutely Insane"

U.S. Recession By Year's End
Sorry Chair Powell, 
Even FRBNY Is Now Forecasting Serious & Accelerating Recession Risk 

Our Economy In A Nutshell 

US oil reserves running low 

As The World Dumps The Dollar & U.S. Dollar Assets 
Inflation Will Accelerate As Excess Dollars Come Flooding Back Home
And The Fed Prints More Money To Pay For The Unfunded U.S. Global Military Empire Abroad

China And Japan Cut US Treasury Holdings
 As Federal Reserve Hikes Rates

Washington Gov. predicts 
summer full of blackouts, destruction, and death 

The old world is over: 
Key takeaways from Putin's first major speech
 since Russia's military offensive in Ukraine 

Anti-Satellite Weapons: 
Threatening The Future Of Space Activities

Reimagining The World Economic Forum

House Democrats Propose 1,000% Tax On AR-15s 

1 In 4 Expats On The Verge Of Renouncing Citizenship 

Yellowstone River flooding is a 1 in 500-year event (videos and pictures) 

When The Lies Come Home 
After lying for months, the media are preparing the public for Ukraine’s military collapse...

Videos Of Americans Captured In Ukraine
 Broadcast On Russian TV - US Reviewing Footage

Macron faces 5 years of gridlock 
after stunning parliamentary defeat

Energy Transition Goals At Risk 
As EU May Label Lithium As Toxic 

EU’s new plan won’t save Eurozone – media 

Transgender athletes are banned by world swimming's governing body FINA 
from competing against women: Separate open category will be set up  

Canary Islands earthquake swarm - Mount Ibu erupts 

Germany Rations Gas Amid Russian Cuts, 
Mandates Return To Coal For Electricity Production 

British Army’s New Top General 
Tells Troops to Prepare to ‘Fight in Europe Again’, ‘Defeat Russia’

Did Europe's Latest (& Little Noticed) Anti-Russia Move
Just Push The World Closer To WW3? 

Luongo: Russia's New Rules

Azov battalion commanders surrendered in Mariupol 
taken to detention center in Moscow 

US weapons supplies to Kiev 
won’t force Russia to comply with Washington rules – Lavrov 

Ukraine Says "Prepare For The Worst"
 In Donbas; Kharkiv Will Likely Be Next "Frontline City" 

Ukraine says lost control of Severodonetsk village amid Russia's advances

Injuries reported after strike at Russian drilling platforms in Crimea 

Ex-President: Russia Should Wait for US to ‘Come Crawling Back’ 

Report: Russia Becomes China’s Top Oil Supplier 

Russia Attacks US-Backed Fighters In Syria At American Outpost 

Attack on bus in Syria’s Raqqah kills two civilians, eleven troops

Efficacy Estimates For Pfizer’s Vaccine 
For Young Children Come Under Scrutiny

Life Insurance Payouts Jumped 163% During First Year Of Vaccine Rollout


Biden is the worst president of the 21st century
 Administration is a comedy of errors that isn’t funny

Biden Is Shoving His Green Agenda 
Up America's Exhaust Pipes
The Biden Administration's Ignorant Energy Policies: 
Higher Gas Prices Are Only The Beginning 

Exposed: Why Long Journeys in Electric Cars Are a Nightmare 

The Burnout is Real: Biden Aides Reportedly Tapped Out
 as WH Faces Staff Upheaval Pre-Midterms

A Great Laugh 
As Fearless Leader Hit's The Ground
Watch: Biden Bails On Bike 

Absolute Explosion of Inflation to Hit US in 13 Days, 
Affecting Mid-terms, GOP Pollster Warns 

U.S. Economy Is Going To Collapse, Top Investor Says

Consumer are spending less because of inflation, economic fears 

Who Cares About Ukraine?
The U.S. Is Ruled By Imperialists 
They Think Ukraine Is More Important Than The Welfare Of U.S. Citizens
US willing to risk economic pain and global hunger to win in Ukraine

More Economic Backlash On The American Consumer
Washington sanctions Chinese and UAE firms 

It's All B.S. & Propaganda
New Reuters Survey Finds 
That Trust In Mainstream News Is Rapidly Declining 

Report: Trust in Media Plummeting Worldwide as People Avoid News

America's belief in God hits new low 

If The Streets Of America Are This Chaotic Now, 
What Will They Be Like When Things Really Start Hitting The Fan? 

Poll: Quarter of Americans Living Abroad
 “Considering” or “Planning” to Renounce Citizenship

Janet Yellen: The Lingering Legacy
 Of A Decades-Old Monetary Policy Freak Show

Sauna-like heat dome is set to smother 50 MILLION Americans 
with temperatures exceeding 100f 

The Woke Agenda Is For The Eventual Legalization Or Decriminalization Of Pedophilia
It's Being Accomplished In Stages. Transgender Ideology And Drag Queen Kiddy Shows Are Just The Beginning
These Ideologies Are To Normalize Homosexual Pedophilia To The American Public With A View To Eventual Legalization
It's A Selfish And Self Serving Movement Of Sexual Gratification Using Innocent Children As Targets Of Sexual Exploitation
President Biden Brought This Nightmare Down On The American People And Is Using Children As A Political Tool
The Homosexual Lobby Is A Very Powerful Force In The Halls Of U.S. Governess And Pays Big Bucks For Political Favoritism
It's Obvious That Biden Is Well Paid To Push A Homosexual Agenda On America's Children Regardless Of The Harm It Will Cause
Transgenderism Is An Entry Level Front For The Indoctrination Of Children Into The Homosexual Lifestyle
Biden Is A Psychopathic Insane Imperialist Who Craves Power Over The Future Lives And Well-being Of American Children
His Social Changes Will Ultimately Result In The Cascading Collapse Of Trust In The U.S. Government
It's The Beginning Of The End Of An Evil And Satanic Empire Who's President Is As Decadent As Caligula Of Ancient Rome

Public Schools
Government Sponsored Institutions Of Social Engineering
Run By Sexual Predators Masquerading As Teachers 
Woke Hawaii teacher 
busted for grooming 13-year-old, sexually assaulting him on video

A Hunting Ground For Sexual Predators Seeking Fresh Victims
Disney employee nabbed in child sex predator sting 

Entry Level For Children Into Homosexual Lifestyles
NYC mayor: Drag queens core to what our city embraces

It's Cosmetic Only - You Can't Change Gender
Gender Is Determined At The Genetic Chromosome Cellular Level. It Can't Be Changed. Every Cell in The Human Body Is Genetically Male Or Female.
Gender Changes Using Surgery Or Drugs Are Cosmetic And Don't Change Anything At The Cellular Level. You May Appear To Be Male Or Female After
Making The So Called Transition, But It's Phony And In Appearance Only. A Simple Tissue Sample Will Reveal Either Male Or Female Characteristics Even After
Transitioning. The Permanent Alteration Of Natural Physical Attributes Can Only Result In Physical, Mental, And Spiritual Conflicts Later In Life. 
I literally lost organs: Why detransitioned teens regret changing genders 

Russia With Its Energy Can Be Modern ‘Noah’s Ark’ 
as West Buries ‘Green Transition’: Rosneft Chief

EU is committing energy suicide – Russian oil chief 

Russia: EU Could Fall Apart Before Ukraine Joins

St. Petersburg sets the stage for the War of Economic Corridors 

West moving towards war in space – Roscosmos chief 

First Stage Of Militarisation Towards War
China signs order allowing armed forces operations abroad,
 including disaster relief, security, and safeguarding national sovereignty 

Thousands March Through London Over Cost of Living Crisis - Videos 

One Grenade Gets Them All
Over 50 Ukrainian generals and officers
 killed in missile strike – Russia 

Not Fighting Russians
U.S. Weapons Used To Terrorize & Kill Civilians In Ukraine
Then Blame It On Russia With False Video Coverage

Ukrainian shelling kills five – DPR 

Donetsk authorities urge city residents
 not to leave shelters amid relentless shelling

Five injured in Ukrainian strike on Donetsk – DPR

Moscow: Kiev Sends Film Crew 
to Stage False Flag ‘Russian Strike’ on Civilian Homes 

US considers doubling 
rocket launcher deliveries for Ukraine – Politico 

Thieves Wrapped In The American Flag
US military trucks smuggle wheat crops
 from northeast Syria to Iraq again: Report

UAE mercenaries rape of six minor girls 
sparks fury in Yemen’s Hudaydah

‘Live in Fear Liar’: 
Soleimani’s Daughter Blasts Pompeo 
Over New Tale on Why US Murdered Her Dad

Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Worker in West Bank 

Exclusive: More Vaccine-Injured Pilots Speak Out 
as Groups Pressure Airlines, Regulators to End Mandates 

South Korea: 90% elderly vaccination rate, 
large spike in excess mortality 

Jeopardizing Children's Future Lives & Health
Based Upon Government Lies And Vaccine Propaganda
For The Sake Of Profit And Mass Genocide
There Is No Medical Or Scientific Reason To Vaccinate Babies
The Long Term Health Risks Out Way The Benefits 

Oregon pediatricians ready for COVID vaccine
 for babies, toddlers, preschoolers

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