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The Great Divide Widens
A Nation Divided Cannot Stand For Long
After Biden Takes Office The Political Division Will Still Remain
Poll: Trump's Approval Rating Rises After DC Protests

Trump's impeachment would only serve to further divide US nation - White House

After calling for ‘seamless’ transition, Trump says he’ll skip Biden’s inauguration

Pelosi Fears "Unhinged" Trump Using Nuclear Codes, Eyes Impeachment Vote Next Week 

Pelosi consults with military brass on how to keep NUCLEAR CODES out of Trump’s hands 

Trump and hypocrisy


The parallels between the broken, failed & divided state of 1990s Russia and today’s America are fascinating 

Increasing The Money Supply Won't Fix The Unfixable
The Dominos Have Already Begun To fall. 
Nothing Can Prevent The Economic/Financial/Monetary Collapse That Is Coming. Increasing The Money Supply, Or adding More To The National Debt Will Only Make Matters Worse. This Is Not A Good Time To Be President Of The United States. Whoever Is In Power At The Time Of The Financial Collapse Will Get The Blame
Biden says economic package will be in the trillions of dollars

"The Price Will Be High": Biden Calls For "Trillions" In Fiscal Stimulus 

Peter Schiff: We Don't Get Any Government For Free 

The American Empire has fallen, though Washington may not know it yet 

Another Form Of American Exceptionalism
Thinking That Russia Or China Give A Rodent's Rectum About U.S. Political Turmoil
The Idea That Any Nation Would Seek To Invade An Already Collapsing United States Is A Delusionary Vision Of Self Flattery
The United States really isn't worth invading or occupying. This is another form of false American bravado, and American exceptionalism. Thinking that this failing nation, with it's disintegrating infrastructure, and it's collapsing economy, and it's political and social divide, is worth either Russian or Chinese time and resources to influence the U.S. political agenda - article below, or to attack and occupy an already self destructing nation is pure fantasy. America's sense of self worth is greater than what other nations value. In the modern world there is no incentive to invade and occupy a large nation like the United States. There are no natural resources contained in the United States that cannot be obtained via more peaceful ways other than war and military occupation. The real estate is vastly over valued. Trying to suppress a hostile population of millions of people following a military occupation would cost more than it's worth. The only thing the Russians and Chinese are concerned about is being left alone, and removing or protecting themselves from U.S. economic sanctions, and U.S./NATO military buildup and excursions near their borders, and creating missiles and nuclear bombs powerful enough to reduce the United States to a smoldering hole in the ground should it initiate a nuclear strike upon them first. It's America's global military and financial empire that is causing all the problems in the world, and the other nations are simply reacting to same.

‘Putin’s wildest dream’: 
Russian President celebrating storming of US Capitol Building, say liberal pundits & politicians 

No Freedom Of Speech On Privately Owned Social Networks
Leaders Of Nations Should Not Be Using Twitter or Facebook In The First Place
The idea that privately owned social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are somehow constitutionally bound to offer free speech platforms is totally false. When in someone else's house you must follow their rules. These are privately owned domains and they are totally within their rights to demand compliance to their rules when using their platforms. When you sign up for an account you must also sign an agreement of policy terms. If you don't follow their rules, and if you are censored, or your account is deactivated, there is nothing you can do about it - articles below. These people and the social media platforms they represent are perfectly within their constitutional rights to restrict usage of their privately owned domains. Politicians and leaders of nations should be using their own privately owned, or state owned, media outlets for public addresses and official public statements, and not privately owned social media platforms. If a politician, political or national leader, is stupid enough to use privately owned domains for their political discourse, then they are dumb enough to be setting themselves up for censorship. It's just that simple.
Emily Ratajkowski Says Facebook Banning Trump Gives Zuckerberg Too Much Power

Trump's account has been permanently suspended - Twitter administration 

Twitter bans Trump campaign account as Reddit & Discord join Big Tech drive to purge president & supporters from online platforms 

Trump Responds to Twitter’s Permanent Account Suspension

Trump staffer suspended on Twitter after ‘offering’ account to president 

Shock and glee: Twitter’s ban of US President Donald Trump evokes shadow of Orwellian corporate dictatorship 

Media & Democrats are launching second war on terror – against Americans – Glenn Greenwald warns 

Parler SUSPENDED from Google Play Store, faces imminent BAN from Apple App Store 

Mexico leader condemns Twitter, Facebook for blocking Trump 

Mozilla Being Primarily A Web Browser Should Stay The Hell Out Of This
Mozilla says ‘deplatforming’ Trump isn't enough, 
wants to shield internet from ‘bad actors’ as users uninstall Firefox in disgust 

 Ayatollah still can tweet? 
Trump supporters point fingers at Iran’s leader… just as he runs into trouble with platform too

Twitter strikes again: Iran’s supreme leader’s tweets about ‘untrustworthy’ UK & US vaccines deleted 

A Very Wise Move For Iran
Protecting It's Citizens From A U.S. Assault On The Human Genome
This Will Become A Global Catastrophe As Many More Deaths Will Happen Over The Years As A Result Of This Insane Experiment
The United States Government Will Ultimately Be Blamed
 Iranians Not Examinees for Foreign Vaccines

‘Completely untrustworthy’: Iran BANS import of coronavirus vaccines from US and Britain 

Covid-19: Iran cancels Pfizer order after Khamenei bans vaccines from UK and US  

Health Care Professionals Are Aware Of The Danger
mRNA Vaccines Cause A Permanent & Irreversible Danger To Health

Vaccine rollout hits snag as health workers balk at shots

Israel: 4 Dead and Hundreds Infected With COVID-19 After Receiving the Pfizer mRNA Vaccine

27-Year-Old Canadian Healthcare Worker Fainted and Suffered Multiple Seizures After Taking Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine

Legal Challenges Will Be Forthcoming
This Is Discrimination Against Millions Of People Who Can't Take mRNA Vaccinations Because Of Allergic Reactions
And Those Who Refuse To Be Vaccinated By vaccines That Alter The Human Genome
Denmark to roll out coronavirus ‘vaccine passport’ for travelers in early 2021 

For Politics They Will Cripple And Kill Millions Of Europeans With U.S. Sponsored Genetic Poison
EU will dictate to members their Covid-19 vaccine deals, 
Hungary warned against talks with Russia, China & Israel 

Lockdown without end in the UK? Boris Johnson has shown Brits the finger 

Nearly Half Of U.S. Voters Believe Health Officials Have Been Misleading With COVID Data

 Donald Trump's parting gift to the world? It may be war with Iran

Watch: 700 Iran Navy's Fast Boats Swarm Persian Gulf As US Conducts Another B-52 Flyover 

Iranian ship arrives at Venezuelan port in defiance of US sanctions

 Deputy DM: Foreign Visitors Dumfounded by Iran’s Achievements

 MP: Iran to Expel IAEA Inspectors Unless Sanctions Lifted

A stand in protest against Turkish occupation, QSD militia practices in Qamishli 

For years, US sought to orchestrate Capitol siege-style incident in Lebanon, Nasrallah says

‘US democracy is a lie’:
 Hezbollah leader Nasrallah says Capitol siege is result of Trump’s ‘criminal’ tactics used in Syria, Iraq

Syria Will Be Illegally Occupied By U.S. Troops Until The Empire Finally Collapses
Soon The Outhouse Will Collapse Into It's Own Self Made Dung Hole
Biden Appoints Mideast Advisor Who Resigned Over Trump Syria Withdrawal

Biden's Choice Of War Hawk Victoria Nuland For State Department Position is Ominous, Analyst Warns 

Israeli troops injure dozens of Palestinian protesters in West Bank

THE Mossad’s Infiltration of America

BofA: Bitcoin Is Now "The Mother Of All Bubbles"... This Is How It Could Burst 

Kim says US ‘biggest enemy” of North Korea no matter who occupies White House

Kim Jong-un says North Korea plans to develop ties with Russia, China 

India to go ahead with purchase of S-400 system despite US sanctions threat

The Pictures of Stonehenge They Don’t Want You to See

More Evidence That Global Warming Is A Fabricated Lie
The Earth Is Now Entering An Ice Age|
Extreme freezes and snowfall batters parts of world 

Intense cold wave hits Taiwan, rare snow in mountains that haven't seen any in years

Beast from the East brings snow & ice as much of UK hit by severe Winter weather 

Cold wave freezes parts of China 

China Power Demand Hits Record As Polar Vortex Split Pours Arctic Air Into Region


Karmic Law
Karmic law is very real. What goes around comes around. As you sow, so shall you reap. U.S. politicians don't believe in God, and least of all karmic law. The American People are more interested in domestic problems and pay little attention to the crimes committed on a daily basis by their own government abroad. U.S. politicians, from the President on down, think they can go about the world bombing, and murdering, and causing all manner of chaos and destruction in foreign lands without any retribution. This is where they are very wrong. Karma works on an individual as well as on a national level. By their acts of aggression, economic sanctions, and the use of mercenary terrorist armies to murder, maim, and rob the people in foreign lands, and the use of chaotic political and social demonstrations fabricated to bring about violent regime change - article below, the politicians have brought the wrath of God and karmic judgment down upon America. The political and social chaos now being witnessed in Washington, and in the nation as a whole, is demonstrative of karma in action. What America has done abroad has now come home to roost. Unless the U.S. Government changes it's course dramatically in foreign relations, and stops the military and economic aggression abroad, there will be even greater chaos that will befall America. Turn back America before it's too late. Karmic law and the judgment of God are upon the United States for it's ongoing and unceasing crimes against humanity in many nations around the world. Millions of people have been murdered and harmed by America's actions abroad. Unless things change dramatically, there will come such karmic retribution upon America as to tear the United States apart, and bring total destruction to this land, as it has brought to other lands. 

Electoral chaos sown by superpower abroad doesn’t go down well at home

Everyone Back In The Pool...

The Election Is Over. Here’s the Truth About Trump. 

MSM Already Using Capitol Hill Riot To Call For More Internet Censorship 

Trump denounces ‘heinous attack’ on US Capitol, says he is fully committed to ‘smooth & orderly’ transition

Trump White House disavows ‘violent rioters’ at US Capitol, says it’s ‘time to unite’ under Biden 

Capitol rioters may be charged with sedition & insurrection, all options ‘on the table’ says Justice Department

"Not Happening": VP Pence Refuses Democrats' Demands To Invoke 25th Amendment 

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger calls for invoking of 25th Amendment 

Impeachment Begun: President Biden calls the violent pro-Trump riot at the Capitol an ‘insurrection’ and ‘domestic terrorism’ (powerful)

Blockbuster: Some among America’s military allies believe Trump deliberately attempted a coup and may have had help from federal law-enforcement officials 

Pelosi, Schumer call for urgent removal of Trump from power

US Capitol police officer dies of injuries from riot from Trump supporters

US authorities file charges against 55 individuals after DC protests, prosecutor says 

Betsy DeVos resigns post as education secretary, says Trump’s ‘rhetoric’ fueled Capitol Hill riot 

WATCH: DC law enforcement holds massive vigil for fallen police officer killed during Capitol riots

US Assistant House Speaker Reportedly Plans to Proceed With Impeachment If Pence Doesn't Oust Trump 

Trump himself faces TEN YEAR sentence
 because of his Monuments Act and execution for murdering Officer Brian Sicknick

Trump tells aides he wants to pardon himself in final days of presidency: Report

Russia Unironically Chastises US As "Not Up To Modern Democratic Standards"

Miami doctor, 58, dies within three weeks of receiving Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine

Only the Beginning: Heinous Side Effects and Death from Covid Trans-Human Injections

More Horrible Facial Paralysis In People Who Took The Covid EXPERIMENTAL Vaccine 

Moderna’s mRNA injections are an “operating system” designed to program humans and hack their biological functions

POLL: Most say they will not get Covid-19 vaccine 

Iran to sue US, Israel over assassination of top nuclear scientist

US seizes $7mn of Iran assets in latest ‘highway robbery’

FM: Iran Concerned About Trum's Unchecked Nuclear Power

Ratcheting Up Iran Tensions, US Flies B-52 Bombers to Persian Gulf 

South Korea Seeking Release of Tanker Seized By Iran 

Ayatollah Khamenei: Election fiasco, paralyzed economy show what big idol US has turned to

Iran can easily enrich uranium to 90% purity: AEOI spokesman

IRGC unveils strategic underground missile base on Persian Gulf shores

 Envoy Underlines Iran’s Support for Yemen

 Iran’s Security Official Rebukes Trump’s Insanity

Syria: Israeli occupation aggressions on Syria prove coordination between Israeli terrorism and Takfiri one

German parliamentarian: Erdogan violated international law in Syria and Iraq 

Turkish occupation targets with artillery shells the vicinity of Ayn Essa town north of Raqqa 

Senior Muslim cleric warns any Israeli temple in Al-Aqsa Mosque will ignite regional war

Gantz, Netanyahu At Odds Over Biden Administration's Iran Policy 

Israeli Military Deploys Air Defenses to South, Claims Threats From Yemen

Imagine an American politician saying I don't want to be elected president with African American votes — that's Israel! 

Pompeo Threatens New China Sanctions, Says Ambassador to UN Will Visit Taiwan 

China says US playing with fire in Taiwan, Hong Kong

A Glimpse Of China's Mysterious Stealth Bomber Shown In Video

US stocks have a long history of shrugging off civil unrest

Lance Roberts: GMO's Jeremy Grantham Is Correct, There's An Epic Bubble In Stocks

U.S. labor market recovery faltering; layoffs hit record in 2020 

Increasing Volcanic & Earthquake Activity Around The Pacific Rim
Indicates That West Coast Of The United States Has An Increasing Probability Of Major Earthquake Activity Soon
6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes near Isangel, Vanuatu

Magnitude 6.3 earthquake hits off New Zealand's Kermadec Islands 


Pelosi, Schumer Urge Trump To Demand All Protesters Leave Capitol, As National Guard, FBI Deployed 

DNC Headquarters Evacuated; Explosive Device Found At RNC

Congress scheduled to reconvene after pro-Trump protesters cleared from US Capitol

Congress confirms Joe Biden as president-elect after Trump supporters stormed US Capitol building 

‘It’s not protest, it’s insurrection’: 
Biden tells Trump to ‘demand end to siege’ on Capitol 

DC mayor extends emergency order until after Inauguration Day as police confirm 4 fatalities amid US Capitol unrest 

‘This is a time for extreme courage,’ 
Trump tells Mike Pence in plea to ‘veto’ Congress’ Electoral College certification 

Capitol Declared Secured Woman Shot During Standoff Has Died; Confirmation Process To Resume Tonight 

Rep: Trump Guilty of Murder in Death of Woman Terrorist…Should Face Arrest

Trump sits idly by amid Capitol occupation but condones teargassing BLM protesters

Pence chief of staff barred from White House after Trump berated the VP for refusing to block vote certification 

White House officials quit or consider resignation in wake of Capitol takeover by Trump supporters

 White House Aides Head for Exits After Chaos at Capitol

 White House Deputy National Security Adviser Resigns in Wake of Trump’s Response to Riots

 Trump Reluctantly Pledges Orderly Transition on January 20

Administration Officials Discussing 25th Amendment for Trump Following Violence at Capitol

 Democrats Talk About 25th Amendment, Impeachment After Capitol Riots

Congress-Cabinet Discussing Removal under 25th Amendment

Congress rejects GOP attempt to challenge Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania 

Ossoff defeats Perdue, shifts balance of power in Senate

US Democratic Party wins majority of seats in Senate after runoff elections in Georgia

Will US implode from within now?

Chaos and crisis in Washington

New Great Depression Coming In 2021 

We Are at War 

What To Expect In 2021: Madness, Mayhem, Manipulation, & More Tyranny

World's Top Economies Brace For $13 Trillion Debt Maturity Vortex

Caitlin Johnstone: Americans fixate on America, 
as their gazes are manipulated away from where their leaders carry out atrocities 

Cutting off US’ feet from region smallest part of Iran’s harsh revenge: Army’s chief commander

European Powers Criticize Iran, But Concerns Ring Hollow 

Events on Capitol Hill show Western democracy is ‘fragile & vulnerable,’ Iran's president claims

 Iran Warns IAEA of Israel’s Clandestine N. Program, Calls for Tel Aviv’s Instant Endorsement of NPT

Rouhani: US Events Shows Failure of Western Democracy

Iran issues Interpol notice for 48 US officials, including President Trump 

Iraqi court issues arrest warrant for Trump over assassination of Gen. Soleimani, PMU deputy cmdr.

Syrian air defenses thwart Israeli aggression

Israel Attacks Sites Around Syrian Capital, Targeting Shiite Bases 

Syrian air defenses respond to ‘Israeli aggression’ around Damascus

The army air defenses confront Israeli missile aggression over southern region, shoot down most of them

Turks Fear Russian Advance On Syria’s Al-Bab

President al-Assad congratulates members of Armenian Orthodox denomination on occasion of Christmas 

Jewish groups respond to violence in DC with ‘outrage,’ ‘disgust’ and criticism of Trump

Netanyahu Aides Worry Biden's Iran Policy Will Be Shaped by Obama People 

NYSE Pulls Another Reversal, Says It Will Delist Chinese Firms 

U.S. considering adding Alibaba, Tencent to China investment ban -sources 

As US confirms its descent into chaos and depravity, emboldened China looks on with growing confidence 

Beijing likens Capitol storming to Hong Kong protests, hopes US can enjoy ‘peace, stability and security as soon as possible’ 

China warns of heavy price after US sanction threats over Hong Kong

Sanctions Not Designed to Harm Friends, but India Will Have to Make Choice on S-400, US Envoy Says

New US Navy Strategy Calls to Confront Russia and China in the Arctic 

EU No Longer Recognizes Juan Guaido as Venezuela's President 

Merkel ‘saddened and angered’ by US Capitol storming, blames Trump’s refusal to admit defeat 

‘Disturbed, distressed & saddened’: World leaders react after violence grips US Capitol, urging calm & ‘respect for democracy’ 

Stanford researchers developing single-dose nanoparticle Covid-19 vaccine that doesn’t need cold storage 

Norwegian Nursing Home Patients Dead After Receiving First Dose Of Pfizer COVID Vaccine

As Lockdown 3.0 descends on Britain, the time for reason and argument is over. Only dissent will save us now 

500 people evacuated from the area around the Merapi volcano, Indonesia after thick clouds of smoke expelled

Global Warming Is A Lie
Earth Is Actually Entering Another Ice Age
Kugaaruk, Canada suffers a record -47C (-52.6F) with a windchill below -60C (-76F)

6.1-magnitude earthquake hits 60 km SSW of Gorontalo, Indonesia


Rate Of Adverse Reactions To COVID Vaccines Already 50x Higher Than Flu Shot 

Investigation launched as 2 people die in Norway nursing home days after receiving Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine 

Family calls for more research after young doctor left paralyzed in wake of taking Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in Mexico 

COVID Mass Vaccination Experiment: Prepare For The Worst With This Health Protocol 

‘Risk for future generations’?
 Peru clashes with Pfizer over Big Pharma’s legal immunity for Covid-19 vaccine side effects

Developer of Russia's Sputnik V Vaccine Stands Up for Its Reliability

EU medicines regulator approves Moderna Covid-19 vaccination

Epidemiologist Says Influenza Cases Are Being Counted As COVID-19

This Is Why The New Mutant COVID Strain That Is Ravaging South Africa Has Scientists Extremely Worried..

‘If there is any hostage taking, it is Seoul’: 
Iranian govt demands $7 bln returned after seizing South Korean tanker 

South Korean Warship Patrolling Persian Gulf After Iran Seizes Tanker 

Iran urges South Korea to behave ‘rationally’ over seized tanker

Iran says has serious evidence of Israeli involvement in scientist assassination

Iranian Parliament Passes Law Requiring Destruction Of Israel 

US Imposes New Sanctions on Iran 

Israeli DM Falsely Accuses Iran of Seeking Nuclear Arms 

 Security Source: Iran Done with Tolerating Israel, Punishment Awaiting Netanyahu Now

Iran Confirms Plans to Install 1,000 More Centrifuges 

Moscow Calls Iran's Decision to Enrich Uranium to 20% a Step Away From Nuclear Deal 

Israel, Saudi tempting US into war with Iran in Trump’s final days: Commander

Report: Threat of Revenge For Iranian Gen. Soleimani Broadcast in NY 

Iran Urges Interpol to Issue Red Notice for Assassins of Gen. Soleimani

Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Claims Trump Has Plan to Provoke Iran to Armed Conflict 

US aggression against Iran could ignite global catastrophe

The brink of war

Iranian Armed Forces ‘have fingers on trigger:’ Iran warns US

Saudis Call For United Front Against Iran, Reach Gulf Detente With Qatar

OPCW, its teams serve as tools in hands of states hostile to Syria: UN envoy

Bushwhacking Of U.S. Terrorist Mercenaries Continues In Syria
Five QSD militants killed in two attacks in Raqqa Countryside 

What Part Of 'Get Completely Out Of Iraq' Doesn't The U.S. Understand?
Only hundreds of US troops will remain in Iraq: PM Kadhimi

Mysterious energy source melts Tel Aviv sidewalks video

Let’s remove Israel from American politics 

The U.S. Has Lost More Than 110,000 Restaurants,
 Setting The Stage For A Commercial Real Estate Collapse Of Epic Proportions

ADP Prints Big Surprise Drop In Employment In December 

Catastrophe Is All Around Us

Los Angeles County Is Riskiest Area In The US: FEMA 

Investing Legend Turns Apocalyptic: 
Bursting Of This "Great, Epic Bubble" Will Be "Most Important Investing Event Of Your Lives"

Assange denied bail by British court, forced to stay in high-security prison 

Julian Assange Gets A Bit of Breathing Room 

Global Hubris and Arrogance Will Bring On a Great Humbling

China Hits Back at Pompeo's Nuclear Madness 

Pompeo Hints at Placing Evil Cuba on Terror List 

New Venezuela parliament sworn in, US-backed Guaido out

Pence won’t interfere in election count despite pressure from Trump

Washington D.C. Bans Guns, Calls Up National Guard Ahead Of Pro-Trump Election Protests

Trump supporters clash with DC police in BLM plaza ahead of ‘Save America’ rally

US Judge Blocks Trump Sanctions On International Criminal Court Prosecutors 

US breaks all rules in international politics - Kremlin

The Only Reality For Washington Is Money
The Highest Bidder Gets The Gravy
Lobbyists For Special Interest Groups Pay Off Politicians To Get Their Way With Structuring Social Laws. The LGBT Lobbyists Are One Such Group With Unlimited Financial Resources. Politicians Don't Care About Destruction To Society Or Representing Their Constituency. They Only Care About Money And Who Pays The Most To Get Their Way. That's Why We Are Witnessing This Movement In Washington To Go With The LGBT Movement. Even Though It's Out Of Touch With Reality - Article Below, Money Talks And B.S. Walks. The Congress No Longer Represents The People But Only Special Interest Groups At The Expense Of The People. The Cure For This Government Pandering To Minority Sexual Lobby Groups, That Are Forcing Unwanted Social Changes On The Rest Of Us, Is To Ban Lobbyists From The Hall Of Governess And Prohibit Direct Financial Gain To Politicians For Political Favors. Return Government To The People And Away From Financial Corruption And Greed. These Despots Who Masquerade As Representatives Of The People Are Destroying The People For A Few Dollars More. The LGBT Group Already Have Complete Freedom Within The Confines Of The Current Social Order To Exercise Their Sexual Preferences. But For The Government To Change All Of Society Around These Minority Sexual Views And Habits Amounts To Favoritism And Displays A Government Granting Favors To The Highest Bidder.

Out of touch with reality 
Tulsi Gabbard rips fellow Democrats after Congress imposes new rules on gendered language

Comedian Rowan Atkinson: Cancel Culture "Like A Medieval Mob"

6.2-magnitude earthquake hits Kermadec Islands region 

Major signs the next little ice age has just started! 


2020 Was A Snack, 2021 Is The Main Course 

"Be Prepared" - Blain Fears 2021's "No-See-Um" Moments

Rabobank: 2021 Spookily Corresponds Exactly To….1937 

Peter Schiff: Will 2021 Be The Year The Chickens Come Home To Roost?

The American System is One Big Grift 

Despite Lockdowns, December Manufacturing PMI Revised To Highest Since 2014 

Assange Wins. The Cost: 
The Crushing of Press Freedom, and the Labeling of Dissent as Mental Illness 

Assange ruling confirms US prison's grim record, experts say

Julian Assange ‘free to return home’ to Australia if extradition to US is blocked – PM 

US Extremely Disappointed With UK Judge's Ruling on Assange, Vows to Keep Seeking Extradition

George Galloway: I’m happy my friend Julian isn’t being sent to a US gulag. But this shameful episode is a huge stain on Britain

Iran and the West

US Accuses Iran of Nuclear Extortion Over Increased Enrichment 

Israeli Defense Minister Says Events With Iran are Possible 

IRGC Commander: US Eyeing Disintegration of Regional States

 Judiciary Chief: Trump Sure to Pay for Gen. Soleimani’s Assassination

 Iran: South Korean Tanker Should Compensate for Environmental Damage

South Korea's Military Dispatches Anti-Piracy Unit To Gulf After Iran Seized Tanker 

‘Without fear of death’: Xi Jinping orders Chinese army to be ready to fight ‘at any second’ 

 China Calls on US to Stop Spreading ‘Fake info’ About Beijing

New York Stock Exchange Reverses Plan to Delist Chinese Firms 

Health authorities on alert after nurse DIES following vaccination with Pfizer’s Covid-19 shot in Portugal 


Dr. vernon coleman: Make No Mistake, this is Genocide

Prof. Demores Cahill Explains why people will start dying after having the mRNA vaccine

Technocratic Tyranny:
 NY State Legislature Proposes Detaining Citizens ‘potentially dangerous to the public health’ 

Lin Wood drops major bombshells: 
Entire world controlled by pedophile extortion and blackmail schemes, ensnaring top influencers like Justice Roberts

Japan: Radiation Levels at Fukushima Plant Worse than Thought

Not tonight, Mike! Moscow mocks Pompeo, comparing him to Napoleon after bizarre ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ tweet salvo 

So Much For Global Warming
Global temp plunges 0.26C in a month: "The next ice age has just started"

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