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Using The Dollar As A Weapon Of War
Big Mistake For U.S. Imperialists
They Destroy The Nation For Imperial Rule Over The World

Dollar has political & economic problems as deep-in-debt US exploits it as leverage – Jim Rogers

World's Reserve Currency Taking A Dump
Ex-Finance Minister Names Alternative to Dollar  in Russia After Greenback Dumped From Wealth Fund

NATO Chief Creates His Own Concerns
Aggressive NATO Military Operations On Russia/Belarus Borders
Main Cause Of Closer Cooperation Between The Two
NATO Must Instigate War To Justify It's Own Existance
NATO chief voices concerns over closer cooperation between Moscow and Minsk 

Even UFO's Are Justification For More War
Caitlin Johnstone: US corporate media wastes no time using UFO report to promote arms race 

Report: San Francisco School Enrollment 
Plunges as Mostly White Families Flee District

US port workers refuse to unload Israeli ship

Biden Pentagon, State Department at odds over pride flag 

Federal Judge Overturns California's Ban On Assult Weapons 

‘It’s happening & it’s probably spreading’: 
Canadian health officials baffled by MYSTERY deadly brain disease 

War With Iran Would Fast Become A War With Russia/China
Russia, Iran to sign visa waiver deal for tourist groups

Iran, Russia finalize date for launch of construction works on Sirik Power Plant

US Piracy: Iranian crude seized, redirected and sold

US sanctions become blessing in disguise for Iran’s energy sector 

A Decade On: The West's Dirty War on Syria Continues 

Syria condemns illegitimate entry of a Dutch and a French delegation
 into the Syrian territories in collusion with QSD militias

Dignitaries of Syrian clans, tribes 
affirm support to uprising of Manbej locals against QSD practices 

A number of Turkish occupation mercenaries injured in two explosions, Aleppo countryside 

Turkish Mafia Leader unveils involvement of Erdogan’s relative in supporting al-Nusra in Syria 

Drones target Ain al-Asad military base housing US forces in western Iraq

Turkey ‘strikes’ Iraqi refugee camp that Erdogan threatened to target, Kurds say civilians killed – reports 

Nutanyahu Will Not Go Out Quietly
A Psychopath Won't Give Up Control Easily
Israeli spy chief warns of US Capitol-style violence as Netanyahu faces ouster

Israeli war minister demands cancellation of right-wing parade in al-Quds

Israeli forces suppress rally in Sheikh Jarrah, arrest female journo

10 Israeli hasbara arguments you may have encountered, but didn't have answers to 

 Yemen Launches Retaliatory Drone Strike on Airbase in Southern Saudi Arabia

Sunspots Are Proven To Have A Direct Link To Extreme Earth Weather
Increased Earthquake & Volcanic Activity Are Also Linked To Sunspot Activity
Watch For Extreme Weather Events & Earthquake/Volcanic Activity In The Days Ahead

Sunspots Facing Earth

Extreme Global Weather Patterns
Evacuations, flood warnings as rivers rise in northwestern British Columbia

Threat of flooding in coastal Louisiana and Texas after waterlogged spring 

Storms and floods strike across western Germany 

Film of flooded street in Reims, France

Earthquake Swarm In California Portends Of Bigger Events Soon To Come
Significant earthquake swarm impacting southern California 

Rand Paul says he and his family 
have received ‘death threats’ as result of clashes with Fauci on Covid-19 

Epidemiologists Say CDC Exaggerated Outdoor COVID Risks 

Julian Assange's Family Begins US Tour To Demand His Freedom

"Malicious Communications": Scottish Feminist Criminally Charged For Tweets Opposing Gender Self-Identification

Social Media Is Designed For Suppression Of Free Thought
Twitter SUSPENDS progressive feminist author
 Naomi Wolf after slew of tweets opposing Covid-19 vaccinations

Project Veritas releases video of Zuckerberg
 and top exec detailing punishment for Facebook whistleblowers 

Twitter suspends organization for announcing they will release more Fauci emails 


Stagflation Signals Soaring As Factory Orders Tumbled In April 

One way companies are concealing higher prices: Smaller packages

Labor Shortage Hits Epic Levels: Record 48% Of Businesses Can't Fill Job Openings 

IRS: California Shrank by 165K Taxpayers; $8.8B in Gross Income 

Houseboats Evacuated From California's Lake Oroville Amid Megadrought 

Protests in Minneapolis turn violent after police shoot Black man to death

As Police Brace For A “Summer Of Violence”, Murder Rates Are Absolutely Exploding All Over America

Pentagon rejects push to end policy prohibiting pride flags 
at bases, despite having Biden as new commander-in-chief – report

Virginia parents file lawsuit against school board over equity ambassador program 

No tsunami warnings after two 5.9 magnitude earthquakes hit off Oregon coast 

US uses dollar to wage economic, political war, says Putin

First stretch of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline completed
 on Friday morning Putin reveals, despite vehement US objections to scheme 

Putin Takes Nord Stream 2 Victory Lap: 
"Either Buy Cheaper, Cleaner Gas From Us" Or "Dubious" US Shale

German Ambassador Says US Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 Contradict International Law 

Putin shares impressions about his talks with Belarus president

 Putin: Allegations of Russia’s Involvement in Cyberattacks on US Meatpackers Ridiculous

US ban on investing in Chinese companies 
has the opposite effect, it strengthens China & diverts money from Wall Street 

 Beijing Vows to Retaliate After Washington Slaps New Sanctions

Main Cause Of Trouble In The Middle East
U.S. Unconditional Support Of Israel
With Big Brother U.S.A. Always In Support Of Israel No Matter What - Article Below, There Is No Israeli Incentive To Make Any Compromises To The Palestinians Or Any Neighboring Nations. When A Superpower Nation Is Always Standing Behind In Support, No Matter How Arrogant Or Forceful Israel Becomes, There Is No Point In Negotiations Or Peace Treaties, Because Israel Never Has To Face The Direct Threat Of War Or The Consequences Of Losing A War. It's The Fear Over The Consequences Of War That Make For Peace Negotiations, Without Of Which There Is No Incentive.

US promises ironclad support for whoever leads Israel

Israel’s ‘change government’ means the oppression of Palestinians is set to get a whole lot WORSE 

American money is funding racist Jewish supremacist settler gangs in Israel and helping to fuel anti-Arab violence

Hamas warns of fresh ‘confrontations if Israel continues violations

Support for Israel is even dropping among evangelical Christians 

Qatari FM rules out normalization with Israel after Kuwait

Qatar ‘funnelled millions of dollars to Nusra Front terrorists in Syria’ 

Blatant lies of the West keep Bashar Assad in power for four years

 US Journalist: Torture Rife in Prisons Run by HTS Terrorists in Syria

More than 60 percent of American troops left Iraq: PM Kadhimi

 Turkish President Announces New Gas Reserves Find in Black Sea

Yemen won war; Saudi, US in no position to dictate terms to victors, says Foreign Policy

Bahraini opposition condemns raising unconventional flag over US embassy

White House is Planning a ‘Graceful Exit’ for Anthony Fauci 
After Leaked Emails Show Pattern of Deception and Coverups Surrounding COVID Scandals

CDC caught removing Covid vaccine injury reports from VAERS 

Danish Authorities Shut Down Access To Bitchute Over "Dangerous" COVID-19 Information 

COVID-19 Has Forever Destroyed Americans's; Trust In Ruling Class Experts


Dead And Paralyzed After The Covid-19 "Vaccine"

7 U.S. Teens Developed Heart Inflammation After Second Pfizer Vaccine, New Study Shows 

 Study: 7 US Teens Report Heart Inflammation After Second Pfizer Dose

Has Drug-Driven Medicine Become a Form of Human Sacrifice?


"America Jobs Plan"? Biden’s Disastrous "Infrastructure" Bill

The Senate Parliamentarian Just Ripped The Heart Out Of The Democrats' Agenda

(Not) Living Large On Social Security 

Stocks Jump After Biden Signals Major Changes To Tax Proposal To Win GOP Support

Poll: Voters care more about ending endless wars than confronting enemies

‘Neither legal nor constitutional’: 
Virginia teacher who was put on leave for opposing gender pronoun rules SUES school district 

The Rise of the Ex-Vangelicals

Over 15 Million Americans Remain On Government Dole, Despite Record Job Openings 

US worker shortage is real and getting worse by the day: Chamber of Commerce

Food Prices To Soar Higher 
As California Farmers Destroy Crops Because Dust Bowl Conditions Continue To Spread

Gold to Gain Momentum in 2021 - Here's Why

New world order being formed before our eyes,
Russia’s deputy defense minister tells RT ahead of key Moscow security conference 

Possible Disconnection From SWIFT System Will Not Be Disaster for Russia, Envoy to EU Says

SWIFT May Suffer Losses If Russia Is Disconnected, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Says

"We'll See $200 Oil": Russia & OPEC Ministers Blast IEA's Net Zero By 2050 Plan As "La-La-Land"

Belarus to cut US diplomatic staff, tighten visa procedures over sanctions

NATO’s Rearming of Ukraine Under Sea Breeze 2021 Guise Is for Future Conflict in Donbass 

Biden adds 59 Chinese companies – including Huawei and military firms – to investment blacklist 

US keeps up spy plane flights over South China Sea, in ‘huge increase’ from 2020

Top Chinese mouthpiece suggests country prepare
 for nuclear war with US as Wuhan lab leak theory gains momentum

Zarif: US economic terrorism prevents Iran from paying for food, let alone UN dues

Zarif: Netanyahu meets same fate of anti-Iran co-conspirators in history’s dustbin

Mass gathering of Aleppo citizens in celebration of Dr. Bashar al-Assad winning the presidential election 

Turkish occupation mercenaries killed in infighting in Hasaka countryside 

Ankara-backed militants transfer Syria’s cultural heritage, antiques to Turkey

Iraqi PM: Baghdad Never to Submit to Foreign Dictates Concerning PMF

Muslim nations must mobilize against Israel to remove it from Palestinian territories: Houthi

Thousands of Yemenis rally in Sa’ada to slam US, Israeli crimes against Muslim nations

Israel uses excessive force against Palestinians in occupied territories, supports armed gangs: UN

2,000 families without shelter after Israeli aggression on Gaza: Palestinian official

Settler leader: Bennett, Saar have promised there will be no settlement freeze 

Israel’s anti-Netanyahu coalition leaders pledge there will be no settlement freeze

Israeli Commander: Gaza Attacks First Stage of Wider War

Biden Will Support Funding to Replenish Israel's Iron Dome 

Israel's assault on Gaza a huge economic gamble

Americans Refusing To Take It
So The U.S. Poisons The Rest Of The World
Biden announces US plan to donate 25 million doses
 of coronavirus vaccine to the rest of the world 

US Government Safety and Health Authority (OSHA)
 Suspends Requirement that Employers Report Vaccine-Related Injuries 

"They Do Not Have The Authority": 
Ron DeSantis Tears Into CDC Guidelines On Businesses

Not Hesitancy - Outright Refusal
US Government Just Spent $3 Billion on Combating Vaccine Hesitancy 

Cheers to COVID? Anheuser-Busch to Offer Free Beer in Support of Biden's Vaccine Push 

West Virginia Offers Gun, Trucks, & Piles Of Cash To Encourage Vaccinations

NoVaxx Rebellion; Resist, Refuse, Reject

57 Top Scientists and Doctors Release Shocking Study 
on COVID Vaccines and Demand Immediate Stop to All Vaccinations

Vaccine ingredient “not for human use”

Depopulation and the mRNA Vaccine

Video: "These People Killed Millions": 
Dr. Andrea Stramezzi on Preventable COVID Deaths and Culprits 

Man Who Developed CDC Vaccine Tracking System
 BBC Radio Personality – Among the DEAD Following COVID-19 Injections

Big Pharma now taking out Big Tech: 
Oracle VP dies of “covid” after receiving second vaccine injection 

Fully vaccinated Mayfield Heights man hospitalized with COVID-19

Woman Who Nearly Died After J&J Vaccine
 Stuck With $1 Million Medical Bill, Says Government Should Pay 

Vernon Coleman’s latest

If You Still Believe the Mainstream Narrative on COVID, Then Answer These Questions

Almost 40% Of Recent Covid Victims Died Primarily of Other Conditions 

The Etymological Animal Must Slip Out of the Cage of Habit to Grasp Truth

“It’s all Bullsh*t” – 3 Leaks that Sink the Covid Narrative 

6.1 magnitude earthquake hits eastern Indonesia 


The Woke Purge Is Coming For The Military 

Larry Fink: Inflation Will Be A "Pretty Big Shock" 

Go To The Stores And Stock Up Now Because Things Are About To Get Really Crazy

More Workers Are Quitting Their Jobs Instead Of Returning To The Office

Biden's Budget Plan May Lead The US To Weaker Growth And Less Jobs 

Half of US states to end Biden-backed pandemic unemployment early

The Outsourcing of America’s Food 

JBS Meat Plant To Reopen Sometime Today

Pentagon annual report declares 85 civilian deaths in recent US actions

 UN: Over 100 Million Workers Forced into Poverty by COVID-19 Pandemic

House Lawmakers Call on Pentagon to Give Israel More Military Aid 

Bibi’s done? Anti-Netanyahu coalition notifies Israeli president 
that it has formed new government after Arab party joins 

Lapid informs president he can form government removing Netanyahu from power

History made as Arab Israeli Raam party joins Bennett-Lapid coalition 

Gaza: Gearing Up for the Next War 

Israeli Military Says US Should Learn From Gaza Operation and Copy Its Tactics 

 Zionist views on Non Jews: "Non Jews Are Beasts to Serve Us as Slaves"

Russia: Pentagon To Use War Games To Smuggle Weapons
 to Ukrainian Army, Extremist Formations for War in Donbass 

SWIFT will ‘shoot itself in the foot’ by disconnecting Russia — lawmaker 

Russia's $186 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund Dumps All Dollar Assets

Cold War Over EU Skies: Germany Blocks All Inbound Russian Flights In Huge Escalation

China's "Artificial Sun" Sets World Record Running At 120 Million Degrees For 101 Seconds

Guterres: Iran loses UN voting rights for failure to pay dues

Massive Fire Continues at Refinery in Tehran for Second Day 

Leader's Top Aide: Resistance Reversing Balance in Favor of Yemenis against Saudi-Led Coalition

Syria’s liberation, close ties with allies high on Assad’s agenda in new term: Aide

Israel pursuing ultimate goal of destroying Iraq, annihilating its people: Asa’ib leader

Pentagon chief, MBS discuss Yemen war as Saudis take more blows on battlefield

 Gaza Declares UNRWA Chief Persona Non Grata over Praise of Fatal Israel Raids

Israel Spots Probable Link Between Pfizer Vaccine, Myocarditis

Absolutely NOT safe and NOT effective: FDA and CDC lied about vaccine efficacy
 to obtain ’emergency authorized use’ (EAU) for highly-suspect human medical experiment using mRNA 

Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines 
in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains How the Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months 

Leading Immunologist: ‘We Can’t Hide Down A Hole Every Time There’s A New Variant’


Booster shot: U.S. begins study testing mix-and-match Covid vaccine doses

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