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Going Green Means Riding Horses And Pulling A Plow
There Will Be No Electricity To Charge Electric Cars
Generated Electrical Output Capacity Will Never Support A Full On Nation Wide Change To Electric Vehicles
More Coal & Oil Will Be Necessary To Run Electric Generating Plants To Support Electric Vehicles
Inflation Will Double The Cost Of Electric Vehicles & Cost Of Battery Replacement Will Triple 
Electric Cars Will Become Disposable And Unfit For Used Car Resale Because Of Battery Replacement Issues
Buy An Electric Vehicle $80,000 And Rising - Use It For A Few Years Until The Battery Goes Bad - Let It Rust In Back Yard

Here Is What Biden Actually Could Do To Lower Gas Prices... 
But Is Blocked By Environmentalists

Inflation Was High Before Ukraine: 
Powell Tosses Biden Back Under The Bus

There Is Only One Cause Of Inflation (Money Creation)
Watch Live: President Biden Reiterates Putin Price Hike's Narrative 

"Showbiz", "Gimmick": Pelosi, Obama Dismiss Biden's Push
 To Suspend Federal Gas Tax Into Midterms 

Oil Giants Warn Of Much Higher Prices
 For The Next 3-5 Years Amid Lack Of Supply 

EIA: US Refining Capacity Sinks To Near Decade Low

Typical Of The Stupid Jerks In Biden Administration
Biden Economic Adviser Asserts 
That More Government Spending Will Solve Inflation Crisis

Ron Paul: Fed Rate-Hikes Are Too Little, Too Late

Emperor Joe Goes Full On Dictator
Biden's Nanny State Comes For The Smokers 

Biden Isn’t Coming For Guns
 He’s Coming For Ammo Says Report 

IRS buying up massive amounts of ammunition 
while Biden regime tries to shut down CIVILIAN ammo supply chain

Homeland Security Asks All Federal Employees
 To Consider Volunteering At The Border

Exile on Main Street: 
The Sound of the Unipolar World Fading Away 

US could lose new Cold War 
to Russia and China, says Nobel Prize winner 

Moscow vows response
 after US bars Russian aircraft from picking up diplomats

NATO pushing for Kaliningrad CATASTROPHE
 by provoking Russia into global nuclear war

Billionaire explains why US sanctions against Russia have backfired 

Biden anticipates ‘waiting game’ 
between Western Europe and Russia 

As propaganda about a Ukrainian ‘victory’ retreats,
 is a split emerging in the West?

Russia's global GDP growth gamble versus the West 

Global Planned Financial Tsunami Has Just Begun 

Journalists from around the world 
demand Julian Assange's immediate release

Biden's Kill Shot Mandates Taking A Toll
Fort Bragg lost over 80 soldiers 
from “sudden” and “unexplained” causes, 
and stopped reporting on the deaths after June 2021 


Magic Kingdom For Child Molesters
Get woke, go broke 
Disney stock has plummeted 50% in around one-year

Report: Six Major US Cities on Pace 
to Pass Historic 2021 Violent Crime Totals Halfway Through 2022 

Former Russian President Laments 
Low Quality of Current European Leaders

Ukraine War Blows Up EU's Superpower Delusion

Alarm stage: Germany enters Phase 2 of emergency gas plan

China Warns US, EU Restrictions 
Against Russia Would Hurt World 

Putin: Russia's Macroeconomic Policy
 Shows Effectiveness Against Sanctions 

Putin switches Russia's foreign debt payments in Russian rubles

Putin Says Russia Will Redirect Exports to BRICS Nations 

Golden Ruble: Russian Think-Tank
 Proposes Stablecoin To Overcome Western Sanctions

BRICS developing new global reserve currency – Putin 

Indian retail chains may open in Russia 

US embassy in Moscow gets a new address 

France just had a major political shake-up 

Taliban Urge US to Unfreeze 
Afghanistan's Assets After Earthquake 

Russia conducts military exercises 
with simulated missile attacks against Estonia 

Kaliningrad governor says blockade
 of region deliberate, rules out mistake 

Russia Warns Against Article 5 Talk in Kaliningrad Standoff 

Lithuania Says Prepared for Russian Retaliation 
Over Kaliningrad Embargo, Doesn't Expect Military Action 

Press review: How Russia can strike back
 at Lithuania and will oil top Lavrov’s Iran tour

Russia warns Lithuania
 its citizens will feel the pain over Kaliningrad, EU calls for de-escalation 

Russia Claims Hundreds of Casualties 
During Strike in Ukraine 

Russian Refinery Says It Was Struck 
By Drones Flying From Ukraine

US Military Transfers Convoy 
Laden with Munitions Enters Northern Iraq from Syria

Flights to Resume at Damascus Airport After Israeli Assault

Children infected with three viruses at a time
 because COVID measures have worn down immune systems 

Doctors Unite to Send Powerful Message to CDC & FDA
Stop Targeting Kids Because Emergency Phase of COVID-19 is Over

If Vaccines Are Safe, How Will They Explain These Google Results?

Pfizer Classified Almost All Severe Adverse Events 
During COVID Vaccine Trials ‘Not Related to Shots’

The "Killer Vaccine" Worldwide. 7.9 Billion People 


Chevron CEO Slams Political Rhetoric 
In Scorching Letter To Biden 

Inflation Is Americans Top Concern 

Just The Opposite Is True
Inflation Will Undo The Green Agenda - Hopefully
CNN Analyst Suggests
 Inflation Is Needed To Achieve Green Agenda

Drought-Stricken Lake Mead 
Less Than 150 Feet From "Dead Pool" 

Here Comes More Supply Chain Chaos:
 US Ban On Xinjiang Imports Starts Today

Bill Banning Imports 
From China's Xinjiang Region Takes Effect 

Is Fed Chair Powell's "Soft Landing" Even Possible? 

Second American killed in Ukraine combat: US State Department

Enormous Sunspot Aimed at Earth,
 May Unleash Powerful Solar Flare Upon Our Planet 

Zuesse: How Did America Become Ruled
 By Its Military-Industrial Complex?

Strong earthquake 
kills at least 950 people in Afghanistan

Monsoon floods submerge parts of Bangladesh

Marine Le Pen will not let Macron use France for war with Russia

EU to ban Russian gold. 
Switzerland urgently buys 3 tons of gold from Russia

Mexico will ask Biden to free Assange – president 

Ankara Hasn’t Seen ‘a Single Advantage’ 
to NATO Membership, Should Cut Ties, Turkish Media Says

African presidents boycott meeting with Ukraine's Zelensky 

Maduro calls for lifting Western sanctions on Russia 

The West will never be able to regain Moscow's trust - Kremlin

The United States and Ukraine Intend to “Expel” Russia 
from the UN Security Council. Washington and Kyiv Accuse Moscow
 of Blowing Up Ukrainian Storage Facilities for Radioactive Waste 

China’s oil imports from Russia
 surge amid Ukraine war, US-led bans

 Massive Show of Force 
China Sends 29 War Planes into Taiwan Air Defense ID Zone

Russia to keep reinforcing its Armed Forces
 with consideration of new threats — Putin

Putin announces deployment of S-500 air defense systems 

Russia warns Lithuania 
of serious consequences over Kaliningrad rail blockade

 Lithuania Warned - in Writing!

Lithuania expands Kaliningrad blockade

Diplomat warns Lithuania 
repercussions on the horizon over Kaliningrad rail transit ban 

Russian security chief unmasks Western NGO ploys
 to turn Kaliningrad into German autonomy 

NATO engaged in ‘direct aggression’ against Russia,
 Moscow must defend itself – senator

Russia to collect evidence
 of Ukraine’s use of 155 mm weapons — deputy envoy to UN 

Poland Can Close Sky Over Western Ukraine From Russian Missiles 

Ukraine strikes Russian oil rigs again to seize Snake Island

Russia pushes deeper 
into Ukraine’s Donbass amid Kaliningrad row

Britain Says Ukraine Used 
US-Made Harpoon Missile to Sink Russian Tugboat

LIVE UPDATES: Ukrainian Forces Shell DPR 
With More Than 30 Shells Overnight 

Kiev Says Sophisticated German Artillery Now Deployed in Ukraine 

Russian Forces Capture Several More Settlements in Luhansk Region

Moscow: Ukraine Used Turkey-Made Drone, 
Anti-Ship Missiles to Attack Russian Gas Rigs

Lebanon, Syria, Egypt sign gas import agreement

Israeli parliament votes to dissolve 
in step towards fifth election in three years

US Occupation Troops Steal Wheat from Syria to Send to Iraq

AIDS-Like "Chronic Covid" is Taking Over Europe, Australia and NZ

FDA “Approves” COVID Vaccine for 6-month-old Babies
 Despite 179K Deaths Within 60 Days of Vaccination in England Alone

12,500 VAERS Records Deleted: 
Past 9 Weeks, Injuries and Deaths Just Vanished 

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