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IRGC chief: No US military commander safe if Iranian commanders threatened..(timing?)

Breaking/Unconfirmed/Direct: US Prisoners Taken After Afghanistan Crash (updating) 

Iran Allegedly Claims it Shot Down CIA Command Plane Over Afghanistan

Middle East Monitor: CIA chief behind Soleimani assassination killed in downed plane in Afghanistan 

New Questions in CIA Crash: Landing or taking off from airstrip at infamous Ghazni Prison? 

Syrian War Report – January 28, 2020: Maarat Al-Numan Is Liberated

Washington’s peace plan for Israelis & Palestinians ‘one-sided’,
 US ignored UNSC resolutions – adviser to Iranian president 

Hamas calls Trump's Mideast plan aggressive, Jerusalem proposal nonsense

US will ‘proudly’ open a new embassy in proposed ‘Palestinian capital’ in east Jerusalem - Trump 

‘Jerusalem is not for sale, your conspiracy deal will not pass’ 
– Abbas reacts to Trump's Middle East peace deal 

US disgraceful, imposed plan is treason of century: Iran

Iran’s Zarif slams US plan as ‘nightmare’ for region, world

Palestinians rage as Trump prepares to unveil Mideast plan

Trump’s pro-Israel Mideast deal sparks shock and ire

Trump outlines contentious Palestine scheme, says Quds will be Israel’s ‘undivided capital’

Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ is about ignoring Palestinian rights
 & legitimizing Israel’s occupation – Turkish President Erdogan 

 - Palestinians Furious at US So-Called Middle East Peace Plan, Burn Trump Image

Netanyahu indicted for corruption in three cases, in first for a sitting PM 

Israeli says it plans to assassinate director of Turkey’s CIA, the MIT, Hakan Fidan

Iraq: US Faked Embassy Rocket Attack, a ‘false flag’

Daesh has escalated attacks in Iraq, Syria since US assassination of Iranian general: Residents, monitor

US Halts All Weapons Deliveries To Iraq As Local Demands For Troop Exit Grow

Iran cannot access $5 billion of its energy money in Iraq: Official

Iran Calls for Muslims’ Unity against “US’ Treason of Century”

Saudi Arabia complicit in US assassination of Lt. Gen. Soleimani: Iran Foreign Ministry

 Report: Major Parts of Strategic City in Idlib Liberated by Syrian Army

American’s retreat from Confrontation with Russia Over Syria

Trump Threatens to Veto House Bills Opposing Iran War

Pentagon Now Says 50 Suffered Brain Injuries in January 8 Iran Missile Attack

US special forces losing discipline over repeated deployments: Pentagon

How The U.S. Regime And Its Allies Enforce Their Smears And Their Other Lies

Pentagon To Pursue "Very Aggressive" Expansion Of Hypersonic Weapons Testing

3M is cutting 1,500 jobs in a global restructuring 

Harley-Davidson's stock tanks as motorcycle sales continue to slide 

"It's Time To Sell" - Charles Nenner Warns "Market Will Go Down 40%"

Could coronavirus be the recessionary catalyst that triggers a global economic downturn?

China hands over coronavirus genome to Russia, enabling scientists to start on vaccine 

Freeport-McMoRan CEO Fears "Global Black Swan" As "Devil"-Virus Sparks Record Copper Collapse

Powerful 7.7 Earthquake Hits Between Cuba And Jamaica, Tsunami Possible

Tsunami warning issued for Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Cuba after magnitude 7.3 earthquake 

Jamaica earthquake news: Caribbean rocked by two huge tremors 
near Cuba and Cayman Islands, with buildings evacuated in parts of US

Major 7.7 magnitude quake hits Caribbean off Jamaica: USGS

Magnitude 6.1 aftershock hits near Cayman Islands – USGS 

WATCH: UFO spotted in skies over Mexican volcano seconds after ERUPTION 

Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico stages dramatic nighttime show

Jamaica earthquake: Huge shallow 7.7-magnitude tremor hits off island's coast - tsunami warning issued -

A Plague Of "Billions" Of Locusts Threatens To Create Horrific End-Times Famine Across Africa


Sources: Murderer of Soleimanai Killed With Spy Plane Shot Down over Afghanistan(warning/unpleasant photos) 

CIA Middle East chief, Soleimani Killer and Bin Laden Hunter, dead on Jet in Afghanistan

Taliban Claims It Shot Down US Spy Plane Over Afghanistan 

Taliban says it gunned down U.S. military plane in Afghanistan, killing all personnel onboard

Mystery Air Crash in Afghanistan, 83 Dead, Is it a US Plane as Markings Show? (Denied by Pentagon)

USAF Plane Downed in Central Afghanistan, Taliban Shootdown Claimed -

Taliban repel Afghan forces’ attempt to reach US spy plane crash site

The US dropped more munitions on Afghanistan last year than any other time in the last decade

AIHRC: Civilian Casualties from Afghan Airstrikes Increasing 

How Washington is ‘Liberating’ Free Countries 

The Three Countries Vying For Ultimate Power In The Middle East

Veterans of Foreign Wars urges Trump to apologize over downplaying brain injuries

Dead President Walking? 

Fresh Russian-US Confrontation Reported in Syria 

Maarat Al-Numan Is About To Fall To Syrian Army

Turkey helping terrorists conduct false-flag chemical attacks in Idlib, Aleppo: Syria

Terror groups plan false-flag chemical attacks in Idlib, Aleppo: Syrian military

Underwater bombs damage Syria's offshore oil facilities

Syrian Army Continue Rapid Advance in Idlib, Controlling Key Areas West of Aleppo

Syrian Army Tightens Noose on Terrorists in Idlib’s Key City

 LGBT Israelis Barred from Adopting Russian Children 

Trump's delusional deal of century will be dead on arrival: Zarif

Iran slams Trump’s ‘delusional’ Middle East peace plan, calls on US to accept Tehran’s proposal instead 

Assassination of Iran's general proves US leads global terrorism: FM

Iran-Russia ties advancing against US will: President Rouhani

New York Times wages war on Iran because of Iranian sovereign independence

Will Russia Provide Missiles to “close the entire sky” over Iran? 

Iranian general warns of retaliation if US threats continue

Lacking Evidence, Pompeo Blames Iran for Rocket Fire on Baghdad Embassy 

The Unbearable Hypocrisy of US Sanctions on Iran 

Motion to withdraw from Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons treaty filed in Iran’s parliament 

Official: Iran Exports $9bln Worth of Goods, Services to Iraq in 9 Months

 Iraqi MP Terms Rocket Attack on US Mission "American-Zionist Plot"

 Iraqi Popular Forces Views US Embassy Rocket Attack as False-Flag Operation

 Ex-Lawmaker Blames Baathis, Sunni Extremists for Rocket Attack on US Embassy

Iraq Protest Death Toll Soars Past 600 After Fresh Weekend Unrest 

Retired U.S. Army Officer: America Needs to Leave Iraq (Now)

US Stops All Arms Deliveries to Iraq 

US Demands Iraq Protect Baghdad Embassy After Rocket Attack

A Million Iraqis Asked Us To Leave – We Should Listen -

- Iraqi MP: S. Arabia Fomenting Insecurity in Dhi Qar to Help Terrorists Flee

NEO – Iraq sovereignty: To be or not to be, that is the question 

FM: Saudi Arabia Doesn't Want US Troops to Leave Iraq

‘Not at Our Expense’: Jordan’s King Reportedly Slams Trump’s ‘Peace Plan’ Ahead of Its Release

Palestinians reiterate rejection of US ‘deal of the century’

Palestinians brace for the worst ahead of Trump’s ‘peace plan’

Icelandic volcano swell signals potential eruption

Possible magma accumulation on Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland

Mount Etna spews lava again after spectacular explosions -

Israeli PM Netanyahu officially indicted over corruption charges after he withdraws immunity bid 

‘Nobody ever gets points for saying anything good about Russia’: 
Stephen Cohen says, as Rep. Schiff spreads ignorance about Putin

Who needs Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ and Russia to fight Iran sanctions -

The global financial system is at a point of no return -

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists warns of "civilization-ending nuclear war" 

Assange Case Exposes UK's Solitary Confinement Torture Loophole


U.S. Troops Being Used As Cannon Fodder In Syria & Iraq
There is no justification for putting U.S. Troops in harms way when there is no direct threat to U.S. national security, and no declaration of war by the U.S. Congress. One U.S. Soldier is now dead in Syria, and numerous others have suffered brain injuries in Iraq, and God only knows how many other injuries and deaths have gone unreported because of the Pentagon's inability to come clean with the American People. If the American Troops already killed and injured in Iraq, and Syria, were conscripted draftees, there would now be antiwar demonstrations across the nation, but because it is an enlistment military, it seems that the American People, The President, Congress and even the Pentagon, have deemed U.S. forces in the Middle East as expendable. The surprising thing is that even when given a good excuse to leave Iraq and Syria, because both nations have officially requested that U.S. forces leave immediately, the U.S. still refuses to go. There is no excuse for the continued presence of U.S. Troops in Syria And Iraq. These nations with the help of Iran and Russia, are now able to defeat and contain ISIS without any help from the United States.

It's obvious that there is another reason for continued U.S. presence in these nations, and it's not related to terrorism or national security. It's Israel and U.S. imperialism plain and simple. We have a situation in which a U.S. President and Congress, have allowed a foreign government to make foreign policy decisions in the Middle East, at the expense of U.S. service personnel, who are now being put in harms way, in the middle of a Sunni/Shiite war, instigated by Israel and Saudi Arabia, against Iran, Iraq, and Syria, for their own regional benefit and U.S. imperial aspirations over the region. It's even worse when the U.S. Military, and the Pentagon, go along with these shenanigans, and willingly sacrifice U.S. Service personnel in areas where there can be no lasting U.S. military advantage, and no lasting long term U.S. presence. Unless the U.S. is willing to declare war, and put many more thousands of U.S. Troops in Syria and Iraq, and invade Iran, there is no way that a few hundred U.S. combat troops, or even a few thousand, can hold out forever against the growing anti-American sentiment that is brewing in these nations. It's suicide. The Pentagon, and Washington, must know this is true, and are therefore intentionally using U.S. Troops as cannon fodder, to be used and killed while Washington takes time to save face, where it now has absolutely no legal justification to be there in the first place. 

Another US Soldier Dies In Syria Under Trump's "Secure The Oil" Mission

Breaking: Trump’s Guilt Unquestionable
 as Parnas Releases Full Recording of Trump Confession(1:23 video unedited) 

Trump Talks Like Mafia Don on Tape Calling for Removal of Ukraine Ambassador -

Americans send apology letter to Iranian nation for Trump’s aggression

US senators push Pentagon on Syria strategy after withdrawal uproar, Gen. Soleimani's assassination

U.S. Troop Surge Is Not In Syria, Iraq Or Enough To Invade Iran
20,000 US Troops Have Surged Into Mideast Since Last Spring To Counter Iran

President Trump Moves More Loonies & Religious Fanatics Into The Whitehouse Forum
White House faith advisor Paula White's sermon commanding "satanic pregnancies to miscarry"

Iran Gave Advance Warning Of Missile Attack On U.S. Base In Iraq
Crazed U.S. Commander & Chief, President Trump, Allowed U.S. Troops To Remain Anyway
The Result Is Numerous Brain Injuries From Explosive Concussion & Other Unreported Deaths Hidden From Public View
U.S. Troops are being used as cannon fodder because of President Trump's insane hatred of Iran. The U.S. Congress and President Trump are putting U.S. Troops in harms way, while at the same time agitating the situation with assassinations, and forcing close encounters with Russian Troops, who are legally in Syria, performing anti-terrorism operations. U.S. Troops are being killed and injured not for U.S. national security issues, or for defense of the nation, but because of Washington's inability to face reality.

80 people dead in Iran's missile attack on US bases in Iraq 

Time for Congress to end undeclared wars and bring troops home 

Fearless Leader Would Rather Spend More On Global Military Empire
While Cutting Social Security Retirement Insurance
Trump to Slash Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security Benefits? 

Crude Crashes As Asia Trading Opens; Stocks Slump, Gold Jumps, Yuan Dumps 

Protests held across world to condemn Trump's anti-Iran policies

Iran Declares It's Passed Low Uranium Enrichment Threshold For A Nuke 

Baghdad march, Lebanon's govt. formation dealt heavy blows to US: Top Hezbollah officia

 Analyst: US Plotting to Seize Oil Wells in Kirkuk

Trump Regime Blocks Iran's Fars 

 Iran's Judiciary Chief Vows to Meet US Officials in Court

Leading Iranian News Agency’s Website Blocked by Us “illegal move”. Cyberwar going on… 

Trump on killing Soleimani: I was covering my ass

 Rouhani: US Looking for Creating Rift among Iranians

Iraqi Parliament wants immediate withdrawal of US troops due to violation of agreement and Iraq's sovereignty

Another Senseless Casualty Of President Trump's Insanity
How Long Will Congress Continue To Allow The Needless Deaths Of U.S. Service Personnel
Censored/Suppressed: One American (US Army SF) Dead in Syrian Oil Theft Battle with Russia 

Trump Regime Reviving ISIS in Iraq 

5 rockets land near US embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone (VIDEOS) 

Fresh Rocket Attack Scores Direct Hit On US Embassy In Baghdad 

Three Rockets Hit US Embassy in Baghdad 

Demonstrations in Baghdad as Sadr Calls for New Protests Against US -

Airstrikes Target Afghan Militias Along Syria-Iraq Border 

 Iraqi Popular Forces Deny Role in Sunday Attack against US Embassy

U.S. Troops Not Welcome In Syria
U.S. General Committed To Continued U.S. Military Occupation Of Syria
Question Is: How Long Can A few Hundred U.S. Troops Keep The Syrian People From Their Own Oil?
General Says US Committed to Fighting in Syria 

How Long Will Russia Be Deterred By A Few Hundred U.S. Troops?
US, Russian forces skirmish in northeast Syria

Syrian Troops Retake Idlib Towns, Approach Key City Maarat Numaan 

Syrian Army Cuts Terrorists’ Crucial Supply Route in Idlib

Yemenis refuse to surrender to US-NATO-Saudi coalition 

Palestinians threaten to give up Oslo Accords over US-crafted deal of century

Trump’s Threat to Dispossess Four Million Palestinians by Violent Annexation of East Jerusalem and West Bank -

Palestinians reiterate rejection of US ‘deal of the century

Nobody Takes Trump's Deal of the Century Seriously - Former Oslo Accords Negotiator - 

Trump’s “Fraud of the Century”. – 

Israel strikes Gaza in response to rocket fire & balloon launches 

China starts developing vaccine against novel coronavirus 

Mount Etna spews lava again after spectacular explosions 

Strong magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes Solomon Islands -

Unprecedented swarms of voracious locusts to hit East Africa, Mideast, leaving behind barren earth -

FarsNews Agency - Presidential Advisor Denounces Trump’s Remarks against FM Zarif

The Black Swan Event Begins –

Stock market a ‘Ponzi scheme’ that eventually must collapse – Guggenheim 

Huge stock market bubble forming with an inevitable 60% plunge, strategist warns 

Cruelty To Animals Gets More Media Coverage Than Beheaded Christians


Queen of Armageddon: Satan Walks with Me, 
Cultist Become Chief Military Advisor to Trump 

Iran getting new batch of Russian air defense systems

 Activists Deride American Style of “Freedom of Expression”

Former Minister Urges FATF to Take Action against Trump for Terror Attack on Iranian General

 Tehran Condemns Anti-Iranians Discriminations in US

Iran's Fars News Knocked Off Web By US Treasury Order

 Domain Blocked under US Sanctions

 FNA Still Fighting to Take Back Original Domain

 Iran Hails Massive Anti-US Rallies Held in Baghdad

FM Zarif urges Trump to base US foreign policy on facts not Fox News headlines

President Rouhani: Iran Ready to Help Disaster-Hit Turkey

- Iran Warns US about Rule of Warmongers over White House

Syria forces close in on key militant-held city in Idlib: Monitor

US troops block Russian forces’ way to oil fields in northeastern Syria

Middle East Council of Churches calls for lifting of economic blockade on Syria 

Syrian forces advance towards key Idlib city as terrorists block civilians' exit

 Syrian Army Approaches Gate of Key City in Idlib Province

 Syrian Army Liberates 3 Villages in Idlib Province

Iraqi security forces raid protest camps after Sadr supporters withdraw 

Houthi fighters gain ground in Sana'a, pro-Saudi militants claim tactical withdrawal

8-year-old Palestinian boy found dead, suspected to have been kidnapped by settlers

Israel bans senior Palestinian cleric from entering al-Aqsa Mosque for 4 months

US-crafted Israeli-Palestinian plan ‘fraud of the century’

Two Iran War Votes In House Will Seek To Halt Trump Preemptive Strikes 

One in Four Americans Say Trump Should be Tried for War Crimes Over Soleimani Killing 

20,000 US Troops Have Surged Into Mideast Since Last Spring To Counter Iran

Are You Ready for the Market Crash? 

Chinese virus death toll rises to 56, with nearly 2,000 infected nationwide & more cases confirmed abroad

Over 100 remain in hospitals after powerful quake in Turkey - Erdogan

Third US Coronavirus Case Confirmed In Orange County, 40 Reported In Shanghai 

TEPCO Proposes 44-Year Plan To Decommission Fukushima No. 2 Nuclear Plant

Breaking: Ukraine Begins Naval Blockade of Crimea…NATO Awaits Russian Retaliation


Elections Will Not Cure What Ails The U.S. Beast Empire
The Bible Clearly Indicates That The Beast Empire Is Ruled By The Dragon - Revelation 13-17
Any Person Who Is Elected President By Default Becomes A Puppet Of Satanic Forces = The Beast, a.k.a. anti-Christ
For example, President Trump while running for election promised to withdraw U.S. Troops from Syria and Iraq, but now after becoming President, refuses to vacate either nation even when asked to do so by the people and governments of these nations. He now supports assassinations, war, thievery, and regime change, within these nations, and refuses to remove U.S. military occupation troops. What has caused this change? The Bible - Revelation 13-17, indicates that the Beast Empire, in it's final days, is ruled by the beast that was, is not, yet is. It is an ancient demon of war, that rises from the pit in the later days, to resume it's conquest of the world, even as it empowered Alexander the Great of ancient Grecia to conquer much of the known world of his time. It's deadly wound is healed because it has been resurrected in modern times to once again bring perpetual war to the planet. It is known from history that Alexander the Great was consumed by a lust for imperial conquest, and engaged in perpetual warfare, and battle, right up until his death by natural causes. It was said that he had miraculous powers on the battlefield, and was unstoppable in his advance towards world domination. 

The Bible tells us that it was the Dragon who gave Alexander his power, seat, and great authority - Revelation 13. It is the same Dragon which now empowers the U.S. Beast Empire, and any person who is elected President will be possessed and consumed by the same evil that also consumed Alexander. We are witnessing the results of this demonic possession and control by President Trump's sudden change in behavior, and his new found lust for perpetual war, murder, and conquest of nations, in the same light as Alexander. It's too late to save him because the blood of innocence and premeditated murder have already stained his being, and he is now in full possession and control of the Dragon. It matters not if he is impeached or not, or if he is reelected or not, because anybody taking his place is doomed to the same fate because the same demonic force is covertly ruling in the background, and will likewise convert anyone elected or appointed to the Presidency to demonic and evil ways. The very fact that the United States continues to occupy Iraq, the location of ancient Babylon, marks it as the Beast Empire. It is the eighth empire in a Biblical lineup that includes the previous seven heads = empires, of the First Beast of Revelation 13, all of which ruled the same location of ancient Babylon. This makes the United States the eighth, which is of the seven, exactly as Biblically foretold - Revelation 17.

The United States is now doomed to the final completion of these prophecies, as it descends into perdition, and is punished by God for it's murderous crimes against humanity - Revelation 18. The only thing that can save it from final judgment and destruction is a complete reversal of it's people back to God, repentance, and Christianity. I don't see this happening, and time is running out. I don't think that humanity, or the Dragon, will be allowed to destroy the Earth that God created, and before that day arrives, and a nuclear war happens, the forces of Heaven and the Earth will be unleashed by God, in a torrent of natural disasters that will remake the maps of the world, and bring down the Beast Empire overnight, or in one hour as the Bible does indicate. These forces are building up even as I write, and strange things are happening around the Pacific Rim Of Fire, and the increasing volcanic and earthquake activity is sure to bring much destruction along the west coast of the United States. It's no longer a question of if, but when. It's only a matter of time. The devastation will be so great that the entire nation will be impacted. When these things happen, the military might, and the economic system that supports the U.S. global military empire will be wiped out. The world of nations will be forced into a new paradigm without U.S. domination or military protection and occupation. Even the nation of Israel will be changed insomuch as it will not have the United States to protect it anymore. It would be best if the nation of Israel were to make peace with it's neighbors now while there is still time, or it will be overrun by enemies of it's own making, when the U.S. is no longer able to protect them anymore. 

Diminished by Trump: US being removed from both Europe and the Middle East 

New Debacle Today! Trump Planning Nuclear Strike on Russia…Soon (updating) 

Votes Scheduled on Iran War in Congress

Senators Seek Clarity on US Military Mission in Syria 

Report: Israel Retains Security Control Over Palestine Under Trump Deal 

Idiot' Trump had better pull out troops from Iraq voluntarily: Hashd al-Sha’abi leader

Total US Censorship: Demonstrations in Iraq for US Removal

US seeks to divide Iraq in three in order to maintain troop presence

Americans desperately looking for exit door in Iraq: Former UK envoy

Trump’s Hell in Iraq. “Mercenaries killed rioters. Isis Fighters deployed”. Great Shia’s rally against Us 

Syrian Army Reportedly Suffers Huge Casualties In Idlib. What’s Going On? 

Breaking: US Fires on Russian Helicopters in Syria (videos-no reported casualties) 

Syrians in Golan protest against Israeli plan for wind turbines

Iranian news agency says its website offline worldwide down 'due to US sanctions 

Breaking: Pentagon, 34 US troop diagnosed with TBI 
(traumatic brain injury) from Iran Missiles, Trump calls them “headaches” 

34 US troops suffered brain injury in Iran’s revenge strike for Soleimani’s killing – Pentagon

Iran Says Drone Used in Soleimani Strike Came From Kuwait

Iran’s Zarif hits back at Saudi official over ‘normal state’ remarks

Iran Leader: Martyrdoms, public turnouts herald unique event

Huge crowds attend mass funeral for young dissidents in Saudi Arabia's Qatif

2007: Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney Deemed Soleimani “Untouchable”…and were so right 

Yemeni troops, allies seize strategic areas east of Sana’a from pro-Hadi forces

US Admits Yemen's Houthis Aren't an Iranian Proxy as the Death Toll Climbs

Israel / US are on Track to Murder 6 Million in Yemen, a REAL Holocaust, 
Not the Fake One that Never Happened in WW2

Palestinian Authority demands cessation of Israeli settler attacks on places of worship

U.S. Dollars Will Not Help Israel Once The Empire Has Collapsed
Because Israel: Retreating US gives billions more in military aid for Israel's security

Signs Continue To Point To A Coming U.S./Global Economic Failure
"Not Out Of The Woods Yet" - US Manufacturing PMI Stumbles For 2nd Straight Month

U.S. Shale Patch Sees Huge Jump In Bankruptcies 

Soybean Prices Plunge To Six Week Low On Lack Of China Buys 

Russia Can Win the Propaganda War: Stronger Defense of Christian Values Will Defeat Globohomo

‘No Turning Back’: US Militarizing Space Exacerbates ‘Existential Danger’ of Global War 

Assange's solitary confinement ends following pressure from lawyers and fellow prisoners -

Cancer Is An Immune System Deficiency
The Cure Is Simply To Train The Human Body To Recognize And Destroy Cancer Cells
Immune discovery may treat all cancer

Scientists In Britain May Have Just "Accidentally" Found A Cure For Cancer

Stomach Bacteria Is Also related To The Human Immune System
Gut power: Stomach bacteria may slow - and even reverse - Parkinson's disease -

China Deploys Military To "Assist" With Coronavirus; Second US Case Confirmed In Chicago |

Why The Coronavirus Is A Real Threat To Oil Markets 

Chinese authorities announce first CURED coronavirus patient discharged from hospital in Shanghai

Chinese doctor battling coronavirus on ‘front line’ of outbreak epicenter in Hubei dies as death toll hits 41 

At least 4 dead in E. Turkey 6.8 earthquake ‘felt all the way to Tel Aviv’ (PHOTO, VIDEO) 


Stock Market Totally Disconnected From Economic Reality
Fueled By Federal Reserve Funny Money Stocks Hit Record Highs While U.S./Global Economy Tanks
Prepare For The Fulfillment Of Revelation 18 & The Global Economic Crash That Will Soon Follow
International Cargo On US Great Lakes Plunges 7% 

Chinese Auto Sales To Face "Big Downward Pressure" In 2020

Not Ready For Economic Collapse: Only 41% Of Americans Have $1000 To Cover An Emergency

‘Nobody is disrupting world trade more than Trump and the US,’ Professor Wolff tells Boom Bust 

The Future Of What's Called "Capitalism"

First, They Think You're Crazy...

The Debate Is Over: In Two Months "Not QE" Officially Becomes QE 4 

$180 Billion Asset Manager:
 "There Is No Way Out, Fed Policies Can No Longer Be Exited Without Provoking The Next Crisis"

Iraqi People Band Together To Evict U.S. Occupation Army From Their Homeland
While U.S. Covertly Supports Resurgence Of ISIS & Sunni Head Choppers To Justify Their Continued Illegal Presence
Iraqis set to join 'million-man march' against US as anger soars over Salih-Trump meeting

Million-Man March kicks off in Baghdad to demand US troop pullout (VIDEO, PHOTOS) 

Iraqis march in 'millions' to call for expulsion of US troops

We want them out: Iraq protesters call for US troops exit 

US seeking to carve out Sunni state as its influence in Iraq wanes

 Senior MP: US Attempting to Reactivate ISIL in 5 Iraqi Provinces

Unidentified Drones Attack Militia Base on Iraq-Syria Border

How a Hidden Parliamentary Session Revealed Trump's True Motives in Iraq -

Patriot missile system deployment violates Iraq sovereignty: Lawmaker

US Ambassador Denies Any Talks With Iraq on Removing Troops 

Syria Wins Back It's Territory While U.S. Sponsored Terrorists Kill Each Other
Lavrov to UN envoy: Damascus regained control over border zones adjacent to Iraq, Turkey 

SYRIA: Infighting Continues Between Militants in Aleppo's Eastern Countryside 

Europe to avoid triggering sanctions, will tolerate Iran's JCPOA suspension steps: WSJ

U.S. State Sponsored Terrorism Is Now Out In The Open For The Whole World To See
Once Confined To Covert Support Of Terrorists To Destroy Syria & Murder Thousands In Fake Muslim Atrocities
The U.S. Has Now Graduated To Open Threats & Use Of Assassination Against State Military & Political Leaders
In So Doing The U.S. Has Revealed Itself To Be A Rogue Nation Without Moral, Religious Or Ethical Standards
Any Criminal Act Is Justified As A Means Towards A U.S. Global Imperial Dictatorship

 Iran: Threatening to Assassinate New Commander of IRGC's Qods Force Shows US State Terrorism

- Russia Rebukes US Threat of Assassinating Iran’s New IRGC Qods Force Commander

- Senior Cleric Hails IRGC’s Timely, Firm Response to US Crime

Basij Commander: US Bases No More Credited after IRGC's Retaliatory Missile Strikes

Israel Is In The Crosshairs Once The U.S. Is Evicted From The Region
Best To Make Peace Now Before It's Too Late
Palestinians warn Israel, US as Trump discusses new peace plan

Several Palestinians injured as Israeli forces storm Al-Aqsa Mosque

Doomsday Clock Hits 100 Seconds To Midnight As Viral Pandemic Sweeps Globe

Breaking: US Air Force Recon Flights Turned Back by Russia 

NATO’s Defender Europe 20 exercises only increase chances of war with Russia, not diminish them 

Fearless Leader To Cut Social Services While Driving U.S. Debt To Unsustainable Levels
While Supporting Insane Levels Of Military Spending Not For Defense But For U.S. Imperial Domination Of The World
Trump Promises To Cut Medicare And Social Security If He Wins A Second Term

U.S. Security State History Of Torture, False Imprisonment & Murder
Assange Extradition: US Government Claims Foreign Journalists Aren’t Protected by First Amendment -

They Killed King For The Same Reason They Killed Kennedy 

The American Chaos Machine - Mad Policies For A Mad World 

China On Edge Of Chaos: "7 Cities, 23 Million People Under Quarantine" 

40 Million Quarantined, 900 Infected As Wuhan Hospitals Overwhelmed By Patients

Coronavirus Pandemic Simulation Run 3 Months Ago Predicts 65 Million People Could Die


Recession Arithmetic: What Would It Take?

Mainstream Media Admits We're In "An Auto Recession" – And It Just Continues To Get Worse

To ‘Make America Great Again’ Trump Added a $1 TRILLION Deficit in 2019—Just Like Obama

Who the hell cares about the budget? Trump tears into critics of mounting federal spending and debt under his watch

IRGC Commander & "Soleimani Ally" Shot Dead By Masked Assassins On Motorcycle 

Legal Opinion: Why the US MUST Leave Iraq

Salih, Trump discuss American troop drawdown from Iraq

Iraq Sunni leaders spooked by possible US troop pullout

 Hashd Al-Shaabi, Iraqi Security Forces Start Anti-ISIL Operations in Najaf, Karbala

US Commander: Troops in Iraq Face More Threats From Shiites Than ISIS 

Trump: Iraq Happy With US Presence, Future Will Be On Our Terms

Trump Downplays Troop Injuries in Iraq as Headaches

US likely to deploy anti-missile system to protect American troops in Iraq

 Footage Shows "Joker Revolutionaries" in Iraq Fabricating Violence Scene in Iraq

40 Syrian forces killed, scores wounded in militant attack in Idlib

Up to 40 Syrian troops killed, 80 injured as militants stage SIX attacks in Idlib – Russian military

Trump Threatened Euro-Poodles With 25% Car Tarrifs If They Didn’t Blow Up the Iran Nuclear Treaty

US threatens to assassinate new chief of elite Quds Force of IRGC

Iran’s new Quds Force chief will meet SAME FATE as slain Gen. Soleimani if he follows path of killing Americans – US envoy 

Iran’s Zarif Has a Told-You-So Moment After Trump Threatens EU With New Tariffs in Davos

Lebanon's New Hezbollah-Backed Government Meets After 3-Month Vacuum Amid Crisis 

Smoke and violence in Beirut as Lebanese protests continue after new government formed (VIDEOS)

Why America Lost Turkey and Kicked the US Out of the Black Sea 

Exclusive: Trump Planning Nuclear Strike on Russia…Soon 

Russia would annihilate the US in a nuclear war – 

Why Moscow is Invulnerable to US Missile Attack 

Dead Hand: Russian Real-Life Doomsday Machine

Exclusive: USS Detroit Retreats from Venezuela Coast After Sukhoi “Hello” 

The Americans abolish UN, international law and entire international security system

US Army Begins Largest War Exercise In Europe In Decades  

Deadly Distractions: Laying The Groundwork For The Next Civil War 

Asteroid EXPLODES over Earth after travelling from beyond Mars (VIDEO) 

US satellite being raced out of orbit due to risk of imminent EXPLOSION which may damage neighboring space tech 

Second city shuts down all public transport amid deadly virus outbreak in China 

First Case of Coronavirus From China Reportedly Confirmed in Singapore - Sputnik International

55% say media are ‘corrupt’ and exaggerate news

Leftists Celebrate 12-Year-Old Kids Getting STD Screenings Without Their Parents’ Knowledge


Viral NEO: Pompeo, New US Policy Authorizes Drone Strikes on Russian, Chinese Leaders

 Russia Terms US Assassination of General Soleimani against Human Rights Norms

Pompeo’s remarks confirm US meddles in independent countries’ affairs, says diplomat 

Hashd Al-Shaabi Cautions Against US Heliborne Relocation of ISIL Terrorists to Iraq

- MP: Protest Rallies in Iraq Aimed at Meeting Political, Economic Demands, Not Iran

How a Hidden Parliamentary Session Revealed Trump's True Motives in Iraq 

Syrian Fighters Abandon Libyan War, Flee Towards Italy: Report 

Russia in Syria: Modern Weapons and Successes, How Shoigu change the Russian Army 

Saudi-led coalition resumes airstrikes near Yemeni capital

‘Ridiculous’: US disarmament envoy slams Iranian MP for proposing $3mn bounty on Trump’s head 

 Pentagon Admits More American Forces Treated After Iran's Missile Attack, Number Could Increase

Trump Lied Again: More Wounded US Troops Medivaced After Iran Destroys US Base 

 President Rouhani: US Sanctions, Pressures against Iranian, Venezuelan Nations Crime against Humanity

Everyone I don't like is Hitler: Netanyahu shamelessly compares Iran to Nazis 

US Airstrike Kills 15 Civilians in Western Afghanistan 

Putin Eliminates the Medvedev Faction From the Kremlin

US sanctions helped Russia to boost oil exports in 2019 

Disunity Is Now America’s Leading Characteristic 

US dollar collapse will happen this year, gold fund manager tells RT’s Keiser Report 

The End Of US Military Dominance: Unintended Consequences Forge A Multipolar World Order 

Monstrous Yellowstone Volcano Could Erupt Any Moment with Catastrophic Consequences, Expert Warns -

IMF warns of new ‘Great Depression’,
 Russia ahead of the curve due to increased cash & gold reserves 

Global pandemic, here we come? 
Deadly Chinese coronavirus arrives in US as Russia, India & others boost border screenings

‘Adapting & mutating’: 
China confirms 9 deaths, 440 cases in coronavirus outbreak, vows close cooperation with WHO 

Pope Francis Calls For Marxist Economic Summit 


United States Not Of Christ
Murder, Assassinations, War, Regime Change, Economic Sanctions
These are not the works of true Christians, who believe in love and peace between neighbors and nations. We don't change nations and relationships for the better by applying force and warfare. We change relationships by love, forgiveness, diplomacy, friendship, mutual assistance, honored treaties, and cooperation. You can win more friends with sandwiches than you can with bombs. As Jesus said, "Those who live by the sword, die by the sword." This is not the tone nor the direction of current U.S. leadership, and there aren't any candidates waiting in the wings that are of true Christian values. This means we are doomed to die by the sword, and the results of evil ways. There are no more white knights to ride in and save us.

A satanic force has taken control of the United States, which has increasingly turned to the most vile and evil ways to enforce it's will upon the nations and people of the entire planet. All nations have become enemies of the U.S. State Department, and are looked upon as vassal states, used as pawns, and forced to pay for U.S. protection, like some mob based protection racket. Nations must pay for U.S. protection or be destroyed. Constant pressure is put upon nations via the use of terrorism, war, economic or monetary control and manipulation, that force nations to pay by the continued use of the Dollar, which force U.S. dictates upon world order. Those nations that don't comply or refuse to go along with U.S. dictates, as for example, Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iraq, and Iran, are branded as enemies, and become targets for war, terrorism, economic sanctions and assassinations. In fact, by it's constant meddling in world affairs, and in other nations, the United States has become the most dangerous adversary to world peace and prosperity in the world today.

Nations once allied with the U.S. are now forced to form their own alliances, and independent economic and financial systems, to avoid U.S. financial and economic pressures designed to force compliance with U.S. dictates abroad. This must eventually lead to the downfall of the U.S. Beast Empire, insomuch as it's monetary system is the world's reserve currency, especially when applied to the global oil trade, and gives it power and authority, but not before great damage and death is brought to the inhabitants of Earth. The United States/NATO, have become a danger to the entire earth, and all life on the planet, by nuclear and military buildup, and military activity and threats near the borders of other nations, that are not doing anything even remotely similar along the borders of the United States. It's simply intimidation at it's ugliest, and it's causing an arms race in those nations that feel threatened by a U.S. pre-emptive military strike, which now threatens to unleash a global thermonuclear war, and destroy all flesh upon the planet.

These events were all Biblically foretold, and the United States is the Beast Empire. It's leaders are driven by a demonic lust for war, and conquest, as the embodiment of Revelation 13-17, and the resurrection of the Beast from the pit, which is a demon of war. It's the Dragon who gave Alexander the Great, his power, seat, and great authority, and who's deadly wound is now healed, because it has risen from antiquity, to once again plague the earth with violence, war, and imperial conquest. It's the rebirth of ancient Grecia, the birthplace of democracy, in modern times, and it's continued insatiable lust for conquest that lead Alexander to weep because there were no more worlds to conquer. But even as we have seen the fulfillment of Revelation 13-17, we are now poised for the fulfillment of Revelation 18-19. The United States must now go into perdition, as the scales are balanced, and God enacts judgment upon it, and all kings and nations that have participated in the mass slaughter of the saints, and the innocent will be included.

As we enter the time of the fulfillment of Revelation 18, we will see a great global economic crash the likes of which has never been witnessed before. All the merchants of the Earth will weep and morn because there is nobody to buy their merchandise anymore. It will certainly be brought about by great evil and corruption from within the system itself, but most likely, since it's a judgment by God, it will be brought about by a natural disaster, causing the smoke of that great city to be seen rising. It will happen very quickly, within one hour, which again indicates the result of some very sudden natural catastrophe, such as earthquake or volcanic activity, on a scale that brings down the entire kingdom of the Beast Empire, and it's global economic system overnight. In fact, we are now beginning to see the emergence of increasing volcanic and earthquake activity along the West Coast of the United States, as well as in the central portions of the nation, and many people are now warning of impending catastrophic earthquakes that will soon strike the nation. It's time for repentance and prayer, and to warn people to prepare for what is very soon to come, and be ready for hard times to come.

A Plague Of Locusts, Earthquakes In Diverse Places, And Weather That Has Gone Completely Nuts 

Viral NEO: Pompeo, New US Policy Authorizes Drone Strikes on Russian, Chinese Leaders 

US now openly confronting Russia over Syrian oil…another bloody nose coming or worse?

Trump regime shifting Daesh terrorists from Syria to Iraq

Regardless of how the Iraqis feel, the US should leave

Multiple rockets hit Baghdad’s Green Zone, trigger sirens at US Embassy 

Iraq's Shia armed groups meet over US aggressions: Spokesman

 MP: US Forces to Fully Evacuate Iraq by Yearend

US Officials Admit Covert Tech Program Is Fueling Iran Protests

Iranian MP says Iran would be protected if it had nuclear arms:

Iran MP: $3 million reward for whoever kills Trump

Yemen's Houthis Kill 111 Soldiers in Missile Strike

At tense Virginia rally, gun rights activists vow their fight is just getting started

Huge dust storms in Australia hit central New South Wales | Australia news 

Countless cars and windows damaged as hailstorm tears through Canberra, Australia -

Giant hail, apocalyptic dust storms batter bushfire-weary Australia

Are Consumers Nearing the End of Their Road of Debt? 


Israel floods hundreds of acres of farmlands in Gaza

US Forces In Tense Showdown With Russian Convoy On Blocked Syrian Highway 

Iraqi Militia Leaders Met Over US Aggression 

Dozens wounded as Iraqis renew protests to pressure on government 

Note to Trump: Iraq is Not a U.S. Colony 

Baghdad to send delegates to Russia, Ukraine, China to buy latest air defense — Iraqi MP

Iraqi Hezbollah to Set Up New Base at Borders with Syria

Iran has a shockingly strong war-crimes case against Trump over Soleimani's killing — and it could win 

Iran Reconsidering Downing of Airliner, Evidence of Cyber Attack Surfaces 

Yemen's Houthis Kill Over 100 Soldiers in Missile Strike 

‘The days of US global hegemony are numbered’: Scholar

Pompeo says gangland-style hit on Soleimani was "Restoration of Deterrence",

Virginia braces for gun-rights rally as worries over violence, hate groups and militias grow |

Stock Market More Overpriced and Perilous Than Anytime in History

Philippine volcano recharging, scientist says, as shops, hotels told to keep shut


Serpent Eating It's Own Tail
This was once thought to be an ancient symbol for the endless circle, or eternity, but it seems that current events may now have given it a new meaning, as in endless war. It now seems that the U.S. is using a new twist on an old failed Vietnam war tactic, which went like, "We had to destroy the village to save it", as a general procedure in the Middle East. In this case substitute nation for village and you get the idea. Instead of U.S. Troops burning a village, to save it, substitute U.S. mercenaries burn a nation so the U.S. can save it. The general plan is to take both sides of a war, by supporting mercenaries that destroy local life and property, and thereby justify your own military presence as defenders. Or at least as an excuse to sell them U.S. arms. Both the cause of the war and the defenders at the same time. Thereby causing needless death on both sides, and extreme stress to the society, people, and local government. All done for purposes of domination over that nation, or regime change, which is a puppet regime by any other name. 

I pity poor Iraq, that made the fatal mistake of trusting the U.S., and inviting them back in, even after the previous war disaster that was perpetrated by the U.S. against Iraq, all based on lies and government propaganda. Now Iraq is unable to make the U.S. leave under threat of financial destruction. Making things even worse for the Iraqis, the U.S. is now flying in terrorist mercenaries to force U.S. dictates on the Iraqi Government, and as an excuse for their continued presence. At first I found it hard to believe, that the U.S. is causing terrorism, and fighting it at the same time. However, Syrian, and Iraqi armies, and governments, have amassed much evidence of clandestine U.S. air operations moving terrorists from one location to another and have caused me to realize that it's all true. 

God only knows how many U.S. citizens, and soldiers, have been casualties in this insane war scheme to perpetuate political power and imperial rule over other nations. The U.S. is now openly using terrorist assassinations as an excuse to fight terrorism, of which it is the cause. Anyway you put it, it's pure evil of the most vial kind. Let this be yet another sign that the United States is the Beast Empire and the eighth and final empire to rule the location of Babylon = Iraq, before the arrival of the Kingdom of God. The U.S. Government has been usurped by an ancient demon of war and conquest, a.k.a., the Dragon, and great evil now stalks the halls of Washington. The New York, 9/11 terrorist attack was the beginning of it's rule. That's when the Dragon rose from the pit as the beast that is, and his deadly wound was healed. A false prophecy, as expressed in the Book of Revelation, as the False Prophet, has fooled many Christians into actually supporting the Dragon, and the Beast Empire, as a God, or of God, whereas it can do no wrong, even in the face of outright murder and diabolic endeavor. These prophecies have come to pass exactly as Biblically foretold. It's now a matter of time before the final chapter unfolds.
 Security Expert: Washington Relocating ISIL to Iraq to Nullify Parliament's Pull-Out Decision

US Transferring ISIL Terrorists to Western Iraq Again after Hashd Al-Shaabi's Cleansing Efforts

Allies warn Trump that ISIS is on the rise again. But it’s precisely because of America that Islamic State will never be defeated 

US deliberately assassinated Soleimani to destabilize the region — Foreign Ministry

Troop Injuries "Emerged Days After": Pentagon's Shifting Iran Attack Casualty Narrative Gets More Absurd 

 Why Did The Transponders Turn Off?
False Flag? Fmr CIA Officer Suggests US Hacked Ukrainian Plane Transponder To Provoke Iran Shootdown

Latest Middle East War Scheme RevealedWe Hold These Truths

Pompeo’s New War, Two Christian Archbishops Killed at White House Orders…in Syria

How The US Wages War To Prop Up The Dollar 

"We're Ready To Fight":
 1000s Expected At Massive Gun-Rights Rally At Virginia Capitol 

Virginia Gun Sales Soar As Dems Consider Draconian "Assault Weapons" Ban 

Agencies Seized Retiree’s Life Savings Because He Carried It in Cash

Men in name only: New study shows testosterone levels in American males are dropping dramatically. Why would that be?

Russia's entire cabinet resigned en masse 
in a plan that would help Putin keep power indefinitely. Here's everything we know.

Uncle Sam Just Used Its Financial Nuclear Weapon Again 

Living On Borrowed Time 

Yemen: Saudi-US-Israel Backed al Qaeda Training Camp Gets the “al Assad” Treatment, Dozens Dead

US Military Jams GPS Across East Coast As FBI Seizes Night-Vision Devices

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