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Mark Of The Beast?
At First I was skeptical of those who warned about genetic markers in the mRNA vaccine, but now with the push for vaccine passports, I have become a believer. If the Covid passport scheme is not the 'Mark of the Beast' - Revelation 13: 16-17, then it comes very close, because it's exactly as Biblically described. Because of this, and because of the increasingly sinister nature of Washington, and the government in general, and the way they are pushing these completely untested mRNA vaccines on the public, without regard to long term safety, there has got to be an ulterior motive of evil intent. U.S. Government spokespeople will tell you that the government isn't officially pushing the vaccine passports, but this is a deception, because the government is in favor of vaccine passports, but is restricted by law to enforce such a mandate, and so it's unofficially pushing the vaccine passports via corporate interface. Keep in mind that the government is paid big bucks by pharmaceutical lobbyists for preferential treatment, and corporations that produce the vaccines are also in favor of the vaccine passports because it forces a greater use of their product. It's the corporations that will enforce the vaccine passport mandate on the people by requiring such passports on public services that they directly or indirectly provide. That would include such services as busses, trains, airlines, and the like. Insurance companies can make it a mandatory requirement for business insurance coverage, or penalize businesses that don't comply. That would include bars, restaurants, sporting and concert events. The government could also offer incentives and perks, or threaten economic penalties on corporations, to force private enforcement of vaccine passports. It's enforcement by proxy.

And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Revelation 13: 16-17

I am hereby cautioning all Christians, not yet vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine, to avoid this vaccination at all costs, if not for it's dangers as an untested drug, but also on religious grounds, because it's now linked with vaccine passports, which makes these vaccines a definite candidate for the 'Mark Of The Beast' as Biblically described. There is no telling what is actually in these emergency use vaccines. There could be anything from aborted fetus protein, to mind bending chemicals, to genetic markers, or nanoparticles and radioactive particles that mark you for the rest of your life. I think there is something in these vaccines that marks you, and is detectable later in relation to the vaccine passports. There is a marker or the government wouldn't be pushing the passports. They already know that those who are vaccinated are marked. This will become proof of vaccination when you are later scanned by an electronic device, or medically tested, in conjunction with the vaccine passport. You won't be able to lie about being vaccinated, or present a forged vaccine passport, because of the markers that have already been injected into your body with the Covid jab, and without these markers being present in your body, you won't be able to pass as vaccinated. You won't be allowed to engage in public economic interaction. The marker is permanently planted in the blood or disseminates throughout the entire body and could very easily be detected by an electronic scan of the forehead, or hand, exactly as Biblically described. Please send this warning out to all Christians, to avoid the Covid vaccine, because it could very well be the Mark of the Beast. The technology is already here. Ask Bill Gates. That is the reason the government is pushing these vaccines. It's a scheme to mark the entire population for purposes of control or other yet unknown reasons of evil intent. Beware of the Mark of the Beast. 

Washington Threatens Higher Taxes On Americans
While Making No Cuts To Government Expenditures At All
The newly proposed taxation to pay for U.S. infrastructure is a scheme to bilk more wealth from the American People in the interest of the U.S. global military empire. The U.S. infrastructure has degenerated because of the long term diversion of national wealth and resources to U.S. imperialism abroad. While taxing Americans to pay for the damage caused by it's own misguided ambitions to rule the world, Washington makes zero cuts to it's global military empire, which has nothing to do with national defense, and thereby continues to plunder the nation's wealth in a vain attempt to hold on to it's already collapsing plans for conquest of the planet. It's only purpose is to continue U.S. imperialism in a world of growing multinational governess of the planet. As such, it is a monumental waste of time and money, because in the end, and ten years down the road, if the world lasts that long, and owing to it's growing economic, social, political and financial problems, the United States will be unable to hold it's imperial grip on the planet. Instead of facing reality, and making cuts to these unnecessary expenditures now, and reducing the size and cost of government, and unnecessary military expenditures abroad, while there is still time to save the nation from economic ruination, Washington proposes to increase taxes on the American People, already suffering from great economic hardship, and divert more money to the global military empire. It's now become clear that Washington intends to kick the nation to the curb, in favor of it's global military ambitions. Military industrial lobbyist are in complete control over the government. Politicians think only for the moment and have no long term concerns for the future. 

If anybody thinks that these proposed tax increases will be used for U.S. infrastructure you are very much mistaken. This is an old political con game that's been used over and over again. The American People seem to fall for it every time. There are no accounts in the U.S. government coffers. Every bit of taxation goes into the general fund. Even Social Security and Medicare taxes go into the general fund. That's why Social Security is always in trouble. Money collected from the working people under the guise of Social Security and Medicare actually goes into the general fund where it's used on everything else but what it was intended for. When President Biden says that the newly proposed taxation is for infrastructure it's a bold faced lie. All of the taxes collected for the so-called infrastructure will in fact go into the same general fund and will be used for everything else but what they were intended for. The U.S. global military empire has top priority over all other expenditures, because it's couched under the guise of national defense, and it will suck up all these additional funds intended for infrastructure just like it's been doing for the last twenty years. These newly proposed taxes, supposedly on the wealthy, will ultimately impact all working Americans, because the wealthy will simply pass their financial losses on to society, by curtailing investment in greater business and factory production, and thereby lessen employment opportunities for the working class people. Nothing is isolated in economics, and everything effects everything else. This might not be so bad if the increased taxes were actually used for infrastructure, but it will be used for the global military empire, at the expense of the U.S. infrastructure, and the lessoning of the U.S. labor market, and thereby continue the destruction of the nation as usual. The U.S. global military empire will continue to suck all the wealth and credit from the nation until the empire collapses from unsustainable cost. Americans will be left holding the bag in an impoverished nation, while those who caused the damage go into their bunkers and already prepared safe retreats. Of course it will all be blamed on Covid, while the real criminals escape undetected. Another con game perpetrated on Americans by the traitors in Washington. 

Biden's Grand Strategy Is Delusional and Dangerous

Washington's Hegemonic Ambitions Defy Multipolar Reality, Risking Catastrophic Conflict

Only 4,300 Tune in to Watch Joe Biden Speak 
on His $2.25 Trillion Infrastructure Bill That Spends Only $157 Billion on Roads, Bridges, Airports

White House Unveils Details Of Biden's $2.25 Trillion Infrastructure Plan, Massive Tax Hikes

Former Clinton Advisor Warns America Could Be A Totalitarian Regime Within Months

Ted Cruz accuses President Biden of creating manmade humanitarian disaster at US border

Hello Fed, Inflation Is Rampant And Obvious; Why Can't You See It? 

 Poll: Nearly 20% of Americans Say They Can't Afford Needed Health Care

Global chip supply chain increasingly vulnerable to massive disruption: Study finds

Moscow expresses disgust after US general 
turned arms industry lobbyist Ben Hodges says no Russians died in WW2, only Ukrainians 

Latvia begins blocking RT news site
 aimed at country’s Russian-speaking minority as outlet accuses Riga of attack on free press 

Russia-US ties in ‘deep crisis:’ Russian ambassador

Russian Envoy to US Not Expected to Return to Washington Soon

Russian troops transfer should not concern other states, Kremlin says

Organizations urge Biden to halt reckless rhetoric with Putin 

Marjorie Taylor Greene blasts COVID-19 vaccine passports: Biden's mark of the beast

Mark Of The Beast In Our Faces 
- "No Man Might Buy Or Sell, Save He That Had The Mark"........ Or A "Vaccine" Passport

Naomi Wolf: Vaccine passports spell the end of human liberty

Why is New York’s state government embracing ‘vaccine passports’ while rejecting better voter ID laws?

It’s ‘entirely possible’ vaccine campaigns ‘will be used for massive-scale depopulation’: Former Pfizer VP

BREAKING: Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down mask mandate

Dr Reiner Fuellmich begins Legal Litigation 
on the Covid-19 Fraud- The Greatest Crime Against Humanity 

Dozens in Central Florida Contract COVID-19 after Being Fully Vaccinated 

COVID-19 Vaccines Likened to ‘Software Updates’ for Your Body 

COVID Vaccine Nonsense 

Which US States Have Lifted COVID-19 Restrictions?  

Anybody Who Trusts Government With Medical Issues Is A fool
FDA Approval Of mRNA Vaccines On Emergency Basis Is Not Medically Approved Testing
No Scientific Or Medical Testing As Required By Law Has Been Done And The Long Term Effects Are Completely Unknown 
Anybody Who Allows A Medically Untested Substance To Be Injected Into Their Body Is Likewise A Fool
The President Of The United States Has No License To Practice Medicine And Should Keep His Big Mouth Shut
I'll Put My Trust In God And Take My Chances With Covid

31 Reasons Why I Will NEVER Receive a COVID-19 Vaccine 

Why You Should Avoid mRNA Vaccines
Growing List - Updated Daily
Latest News Articles You Should Read Before Consenting To An mRNA Covid Vaccination
Not Conspiracy Theories, But Daily Deaths & Illnesses Reported Worldwide As The Result Of mRNA Vaccinations
Articles, Interviews, Videos, With Doctors, Immunologists, Researchers & Scientists Concerning The Dangers Of mRNA Vaccines 

The great Covid power grab:
Why world leaders’ push for a post-WW2-style ‘Pandemic Treaty’ must be resisted 

Macron orders COVID-19 lockdown across all of France, closes schools

Only those with Covid vaccine passport
 will be able to return to their ‘daily lives’, South Korean PM says 

Finland’s govt backs down on plan to lock city dwellers 
in their homes as proposed anti-Covid measures deemed unconstitutional 

German care association calls for urgent Covid-19 lockdown as country risks running out of ICU beds 

Iran's President Sees No Serious Efforts From Biden to Revive Nuclear Deal 

Iran is deepening its relations with China and Joe Biden can choke on his concerns

Hypocrisy at its finest: 
US announces millions in aid for Syria crisis, caused largely by its regime-change policy and sanctions

China says it will stand with Middle East against foreign interference

Nasrallah: Zionist-American axis still harboring ‘Nile to Euphrates’ dream

State Dept Report Faults Iraq on Human Rights Over Shiite Militias 

Video: Strikes at US Positions in Iraq, Chaos in Northern Syria 

Yemeni FM says Sana’a ready to reach fair, honorable peace for war-torn country

Yemeni Armed Forces Advance Further Towards Heart of Ma’rib

The war against boys: 
Trying to tame all young men by educating their toxic masculinity out of them is the wrong approach 

Huge 6.6 magnitude earthquake strikes just off Kermadec Islands 

Taal Volcano, Philippines records more earthquakes, gas emissions

Italy's Mount Etna spews lava lighting up night sky 


Wayne Dupree: Goodbye, America  
nearly 250 years of being the most free & prosperous nation in history were amazing 

Peter Schiff: The One Promise The Fed Is Going To Keep

‘Nobody wants a complete ban on foreign social networks,’
 Kremlin says, but companies must be forced to comply with Russian rules

Russia, Venezuela Signed 12 Documents in Military, Financial, Energy Spheres, President Maduro Says 

China Furious As 1st US Ambassador To Visit Taiwan Since 1979 Calls It A "Country"  

Iran Rejects Ending 20% Enrichment for Some Sanctions Relief 

Biden following in Trump’s footsteps, time to abandon pressure policy: Zarif

US offers aid to Syria after killing Syrians with bombings and sanctions

 Humanitarian Routes in Syria Come Under Fire from Militants

Assad Calls Slide in Syria Pound ‘Foreign Plot

Lavrov: US uses Daesh terrorist organization to hinder political solution to crisis in Syria 

US occupation transports 40 Daesh terrorists to its base in al-Shadadi, south of Hasaka 

The West schemes to target Syria failed, Czech writer says 

More Illegally Obtained Land For Condo Developments
New Report Reaffirms US Recognition of Golan Heights as Israeli Territory 

Opportunist Who Use Human Suffering To Increase Their Own Personal Power
24 World Leaders Call For More Globalism In Wake Of Pandemic

Why You Should Avoid mRNA Vaccines
Growing List - Updated Daily
Latest News Articles You Should Read Before Consenting To An mRNA Covid Vaccination
Not Conspiracy Theories, But Daily Deaths & Illnesses Reported Worldwide As The Result Of mRNA Vaccinations
Articles, Interviews, Videos, With Doctors, Immunologists, Researchers & Scientists Concerning The Dangers Of mRNA Vaccines 

Miscarriages skyrocket 366% in six weeks due to Covid vaccines 

Dr. Mike Yeadon: The Devastating Impacts of the Covid Vaccine

Using Children As Guinea Pigs
Long Term After Effects Not Known Or Even Considered
Yes, These Children They May Be Immune To Covid for the Moment. However, The Long Term Effects To The Immune System Will Not Be Known Until These Children Are Young Adults. If There Are Problems And Deaths As A result Of This Experimentation On Children, Their Lives Will Been Destroyed And Without Their Own Legal Consent.
It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck
and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones Jesus - Luke 17: 2
Pfizer Says COVID Jab "100% Effective" On Children Aged 12 To 15

Man's Skin Burns, Swells, Then Peels Off in Severe Reaction to Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine 

Entire City in Shock as Another Italian Professor Is Dead Following the AstraZeneca COVID Injection  

Divisiveness Literally Going Viral
For a President who campaigned on bringing the nation together, the vaccine passport initiative is probably the most divisive government promoted idea that could ever be instituted. No matter what, there will remain at least a third of the American population who will refuse vaccination. There are numerous reasons for vaccine refusal including religious objections, hyper allergic people subject to anaphylaxis, people with existing immune disorders, people who simply refuse to be injected with experimental substances, naturalists who believe in natural remedies, and of course hard core anti-Vax people who simply won't take any vaccination. There are also numerous legal and constitutional issues that will bring forth lawsuits and more people who will refuse vaccination on many different legal grounds. There are people who will refuse simply because they don't like being told what to do or being forced by government goons. There are privacy issues and medical issues out the wazoo. Some states will simply refuse to cooperate as Florida is already threatening to do. It amounts to millions of people who won't take the kill shot no matter what. Will all of these people be refused normal life standards unless they have proof of vaccination? If so, then prepare for another great social divide that will tear the nation apart, and at a time when it will cause the most damage to an already troubled society. Here we have another example of the Federal Government siding with lobbyists and special interest groups, which are the Vaccine producers, in a fascist merger of government and corporate elites, who pay the most for political favoritism over the American People. Of course the mass media, also a corporate-government fascist entanglement, will demonize the unvaccinated like the Jews were demonized in NAZI Germany. Will there be concentration camps for the unvaxed hordes? Americans had better think long and hard on this. It does the nation no good, and similar to the destruction already caused by the lockdowns, it will be another nail in the coffin of freedom and prosperity. 

 Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene fiercely denounces ‘vaccine passport’ initiative 

VIDEO: Florida's Ron DeSantis Announces Executive Action Against Biden Vaccine Passports 

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: COVID Vaccine Mandate Violates Federal Law

The "Unvaccinated" Question

It’s ‘entirely possible’ vaccine campaigns ‘will be used for massive-scale depopulation’: Former Pfizer VP

Health Care Workers Bragging About Forged Vax Cards As Fake "Passports" Hit The Street

BOMBSHELL: Disposable blue face masks found to contain toxic, asbestos-like substance that destroys lungs 

Arkansas legislature passes bill to ban puberty blockers, sex-change surgery for minors

Joe Biden Is Lost - European Analyst Bravely Describes
 Joe Biden's Cognitive Decline "He's Incapable of Being President of the United States"

The Biden regime becomes the new government TERROR
 as surveillance state targets whites, patriots and Trump supporters for tracking and interrogations 

Congress looks to rein in Biden's war powers

The pending collapse of the rules-based international order is an existential threat to the United States 

Biden's Ukrainian "Putin Push" May Lead To World War III 


Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death
I'll Take My Chances With Covid Rather Than Government Imposed Lockdowns
Enough is enough: We can’t surrender our freedoms 
just because lockdowns have shown authoritarianism can curb society’s excesses

Texas COVID numbers (decrease) 17 days after mask, other restrictions lifted 

Some States Already Rejecting Unconstitutional Vaccine Passports
More States Need To Join In The Fight For Liberty
‘Huge privacy implications’ 
Florida Gov. DeSantis vows to ban ‘vaccine passports’ as Biden admin joins forces with Big Tech

People Of The U.S. Finally Waking Up And Fighting Government Oppression
Million Maskless March Planned For South Florida To Protest For Face Freedom 

The real reasons why millions of Americans will defy Covid mandates and vaccines 

Who Needs Vaccines?
When Your Chances Of Surviving Covid Are Above 99%
1.5 to 2 Billion People Have Already Had COVID
 Fatality Rate Is 0.15% — New Ioannidis Study

Lockdown Denialism Is Lethal, Repulsive, and All Around Us

Toronto Children's Hospital Recommends
 Back to School without Masks or Social Distancing. Detailed Report 

Pennsylvania's Amish Community May Have Already Reached Herd Immunity 

US Hospitals Getting Paid More to Label Cause of Death as ‘Coronavirus’

‘A fantastic milestone’: London sees no new Covid deaths for first time in half a year

Moderna and mRNA Vaccine Research 

Why You Should Avoid mRNA Vaccines
Growing List - Updated Daily

Latest News Articles You Should Read Before Consenting To An mRNA Covid Vaccination
Not Conspiracy Theories, But Daily Deaths & Illnesses Reported Worldwide As The Result Of mRNA Vaccinations
Articles, Interviews, Videos, With Doctors, Immunologists, Researchers & Scientists Concerning The Dangers Of mRNA Vaccines

Poison By Any Other Name
Introducing ‘Vaxzevria’:
 AstraZeneca renames Covid vaccine as firm fights off controversy over drug 

Canada halts AstraZeneca vaccine roll-out
 for people under 55, citing ‘substantial uncertainty’ amid blood clot concerns 

Carcinogen Ethylene Oxide Used in Covid PCR and LFT Swab Tests 

Stop COVID Testing Immediately: PCR and Quick Test Swabs May be Cancer-Causing

States Must Become Free From Federal Domination
The Federal Government Has Been Corrupted By Money, Power, And Special Interest Lobby Groups
It's Holding Back Progress Towards Peace & Prosperity Both In The U.S. & The World Of Nations

Biden calls for states to halt reopenings 
as Covid-19 cases tick upward nationally, even as some mandate-free states see declines

It's A Free Country & People Should Go Where They Want When They Want
If You Wear A Mask That's Your Right. If You Don't Wear A Mask That's Your Right Too
It Says So In The Constitution Of The United States
Naomi Wolf on Biden's Unconstitutional Push for Vaccine Passports

This Is Not Leadership - It's Fearmongering
"Right Now I'm Scared" 
 CDC Director Chokes Back Tears As She Fearmongers "Impending Doom"

Why Doesn't This Crazy Man Just Go Away?
Flip-flopping Fauci's ridiculous idea
 of masking children proves he's completely lost touch with reality

Who's President? V.P. Harris Or Obama?
‘The Biden-Harris Administration’: 
White House website puts VP in the limelight in peculiar break from tradition 

Biden regularly consults with Barack Obama on a range of issues, Psaki says 

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken Wants to Break China-EU Relations

Nike SUES Brooklyn company over ‘Satan Shoes’ in bid to salvage brand from critics 

"Heavily Armed" Antifa Protestors Clash With Proud Boys At Oregon State Capitol

Peter Schiff: The Box That The Federal Reserve Is In

Stranded Ever Given container ship refloated, Suez Canal traffic resumes – authority chairman 

The Great Nonsense Of "The Great Reset" 

Will Mankind Be Extinct In a Few Years?

Federal Judge calls left-leaning media 
a threat to US Democracy - so who will tell the people? 

Most Americans see ‘cancel culture’ as a THREAT 
to freedom, fear they could be fired for posting wrong opinion – poll

Iran seemingly rejects new reported nuclear proposal
 from Biden… before US even formally proposes it 

 Iran Urges Lifting of Anti-Syria Sanctions to Solve Humanitarian Crisis in Country

It Makes Me Want To Puke
U.S. Troops Smuggling Syrian Oil & Grain Is A Complete Disgrace To The Uniform
How Are These Despicable Acts Of Piracy In The Interest Of U.S. Defense? Let The World Bare Witness To U.S. Military Personnel Robbing Food And Resources From Hungry Impoverished People. The United States Has No Basis On Which To Point Fingers At Russia Or China For Human Rights Abuses While Robbing And Terrorizing Other Nations.
Russia: US smuggling Syrian oil, grain amid shortage of basic goods

Let The World Behold U.S. Atrocities In The Middle East 
U.S. Ignoring Pleas For Humanitarian Restraint & Continues Acts Of Genocide In Syria
Blinken Ignores Impact of US Sanctions in Plea for Humanitarian Aid for Syria

Let The World Understand That The United States Is A Terrorist Nation
Great Success! US-Backed Fighters Seize 
US-Made Missiles Heading To Other US-Backed Fighters In Syria

Russia Says Regions Not Under Damascus Control in Most Dire Straits

Syrians Bushwhacking U.S. Terrorists
One QSD militant killed, two others injured in machine gun attack, Raqqa eastern countryside 

Syrian President Assad and wife recover from coronavirus 

China affirms support for Syria’s efforts 
to protect its national sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity  

Iraqi Officials Ready to Push for Ouster of US Troops

God's Chosen People Doing God's Work?
Cut Aid Over Israeli Apartheid Say Americans: Poll 

Palestinian official: Israeli settlers forming terrorist cells 
in West Bank for attacks against Palestinian civilians

 Israel: Cabinet Meeting Canceled over Quarrel Between Likud, Blue White Parties

Hasn't This U.S. Supported Psychopath Killed Enough Children Already?
This Is Not A War It's Butchery On A National Scale
Mohammed bin Salman has lost the war in Yemen. It's time to end the humanitarian disaster

Human Shields Are Most Likely Children
Yemeni forces progress in Ma’rib amid concerns
 over Saudi-led forces using refugees as ‘human shield’

Yemen: US initiatives far from reality, prospects of peace

Putin calls on nations across world
 to create new ‘legally binding’ global cyberspace treaty, as hack attack row with US escalates 

Russian National Wealth Fund Turning To Gold, Dumping Dollars

Putin signs decree to draft over 130,000 conscripts into Russian Army in spring

Russia Concerned over Potential Failure of US to Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan by May

Autocracy vs. Democracy or China vs. America? 

U.S. Is Now The Land Of The Insane And Home Of The Warmongers
U.S. Stoking Another War In Ukraine By Sending Tons Of Weapons
Ukraine’s Military Buildup Against Rebel Donbass Continues, Summer War Feared 

Australia Imposes Sanctions on Russian Individual, 4 Companies Over Crimean Railway Bridge

Pope sends Julian Assange personal message to his jail cell, partner says 

WATCH: Volleyball players start ‘casual game’ in front of erupting volcano in Iceland 


Obama Is Running The Show
President Biden Is Incapable Of Presidency
Outside Entities Unanswerable To The American People Are Now Propelling The Beast Empire Into Perdition
And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goes into perdition - Revelation 17: 11
America Goes From Bad To Worse As There Is Now No Leadership To Restrain Those Of Evil Intent From Secretly Usurping Power 
By The Time Of The Next Election The Damage Will Have Already Been Done
Maria Bartiromo: "I Know Biden's on the Phone All the Time with Obama
 and I'm Hearing He's Running Things from Behind the Scenes" (VIDEO)

Vacant Stare, Inappropriate Smiles 
US Psychiatrist Analyses Biden's Performance at 1st Presser 

Most Americans disagree with Biden’s handling of border crisis & gun violence – poll 

New Infrastructure Will Not Come Good, Fast, Or Cheap 

Gun used in Boulder mass shooting turns out to be a pistol

‘Do you know what’s more exclusive? God-given soul:’ 
South Dakota governor spars with rapper Lil Nas X over ‘Satan’ shoes

CA Supreme Court ends cash bail for those who cannot afford to pay

Egypt Is Losing Big Bucks
Ships Pay For Passage Through The Suez Canal
Egyptian President "Prepare For All Scenarios" To Refloat Megaship 

Giant container ship stuck in Suez Canal partially refloated in 1st step to unblock one of world’s busiest waterways

Here Comes Forged Vaccine Passports
Big Money To Be Made In Underground Market Forgeries Of Vaccine Passports
Here Come The Global Vaccine Passports

Forcing People To Be Injected By An Untested And Unapproved Vaccine Is Illegal
It's One Thing To Promote Vaccination With Medically Tested And Approved Vaccines. It's Quite Another Situation When The Vaccine Has Not Been Medically Approved For General Use. Government Emergency Authorization Does Not Qualify As Medically Or Scientifically Approved. It Requires Years Of Testing To Get FDA Approval For Medical Use. mRNA Vaccines Have Not Been Tested As Required By Law. There is Definitely Legal Recourse Available For Those Resisting Forced Vaccination. It's Illegal Under FDA Guidelines And It's Against Nuremberg Code. Vaccine Passports Amount To Forced Vaccination Because It's Under Threat Of Social Restriction And Livelihood Restraint, As Well As Being Unconstitutional Because It Restricts Personal Freedom Guaranteed Under The U.S. Constitution. Bring On The Lawyers And Lawsuits. 
Breaking: Biden White House Working With Companies To Develop “Vaccine Passports” In America

Invasion Of Privacy On Steroids
Implanted "Vaccine Package" ID: 
Germany's Parliament Has Ratified GAVI's Digital "Agenda ID2020" 

Dartmouth-Brown Study Documents Media's Stoking "Vicious Circle Of Fear" On COVID

Incredible Hulk "Virus Variants" and Other COVID Science Fiction Fantasies

Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says "Second Wave"
 Faked on False-Positive COVID Tests, "Pandemic Is Over" 

Europe: 3,964 Dead and 162,610 Injured from Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Vaccines

Dr Steven Hotze, M.D., Exposes Experimental Gene Therapy

Why You Should Avoid mRNA Vaccines
Growing List - Updated Daily

Latest News Articles You Should Read Before Consenting To An mRNA Covid Vaccination
Not Conspiracy Theories, But Daily Deaths & Illnesses Reported Worldwide As The Result Of mRNA Vaccinations
Articles, Interviews, Videos, With Doctors, Immunologists, Researchers & Scientists Concerning The Dangers Of mRNA Vaccines

It Should Read 'The U.S. Is Brewing Conflict In The Ukraine'
The Brewing Conflict In Ukraine

Want A War With China? Bomb Iranian Nuclear Facilities
Strategic China agreement major element for power generation: Parliament speaker

China’s new partnership with Iran is not a full alliance, but enough to undermine US sanctions & rock global status quo 

Biden’s concern on Iran-China deal justified as it accelerates US decline: 

U.S. Breeding Murderous Army Of Terrorists In Syria
North-Eastern Syria: “We Will Kill You, 
We Have Prepared Killings for Infidels.”: ISIS Childrens’ Vow

Black: The US launches brutal war on Syria, it is necessary to stop it

QSD militia kidnaps dozens of al-Houl residents, takes them to unknown destination 

Iraqi Officials Ready to Push for Ouster of US Troops

Lebanon in danger of sinking like Titanic, says parliament speaker, warns ‘everyone will drown’ unless govt is formed 

US President Biden main loser in Saudi-led war on Yemen: Lebanese journalist to Press TV

Saudi-Led War Inflicted $111bln in Damage to Yemen’s Agriculture Sector

Top Official: UN Failed in Yemen, Its Role Declines Year to Year

Palestinians protested the theft of their land. An Israeli army officer shot one of them in the head 

China-Russia alliance can never work, despite US rivalry, observers say

 Biden's Trade Chief Says US Won't Be Lifting Tariffs on China

Will a China real estate collapse trigger the global meltdown? 

Bill Blain: Brace, Brace, Brace

Can Russia's S-400 Sale to India Trigger the Collapse of the US-led anti-China "Quad Alliance" 

UK Has Been Cooling Off Since Long Before Greta Was Born

Nuclear Energy In The World 10 Years After Fukushima 

Battery Made from Nuclear Waste Takes 28,000 Years to Run Out of Charge

Indonesia's Merapi volcano spews ash, debris in new eruption 

Guatemala's Pacaya volcano continues erupting after 50 days -

High Probability Radio Frequency Radiation Causes Brain Tumors. Expert Report 

Earthquake Activity Continuing Around Pelee
This volcano has a history of very sudden eruptions without much warning. The eruptions are very destructive and explosive pyroclastic flows. Earthquakes occurring nearby or under the volcano are possible indications of the presence of magma as a prelude to an eruption. I call your attention to the Edgar Cayce California earthquake prediction below. What makes this prediction interesting is that the area Edgar Cayce warned would be inundated by earthquakes following the greater activity of Pelee, has for the last several years already been experiencing literally thousands of micro-quakes, and numerous greater earthquakes of M3 and above. These events taken in conjunction with the growing earthquake activity in and around Mt. Pelee, gives one a sense that there is indeed something linking Pelee and the Western portion of the United States. Because of the increasing earthquake activity in and around Pelee, the eruption alert has been raised to yellow. Because of the very sudden and explosive nature of this volcano, it's very probable that it could go from yellow to red in a very short time and without much warning. Keep your eye on this one. People living in those areas of concern, both in Martinique, and California, should remain prepared.
Latest earthquakes near Pelée volcano past 14 days

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