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Recovery Hopes Fade As US Wholesale Inventories Unexpectedly Plunge In June 

Boeing Posts Massive Loss, Burns $5.3 Billion As Aircraft Production Slows And Debt Explodes

Bye, boomer: the coming cull of workers over 50

U.S. renters owe $21.5 billion in back rent; Republicans offer no eviction relief

Over 62 Million People Had No Pay Last Week

US Q2 GDP Crashes By A Record 32.9%, Worse Than Great Depression

Continuing Jobless Claims Spike As Almost 50% Of Lost Jobs "May Be Gone Permanently"

"Markets Are Nearing Their Limits": Futures Falls, European Markets Tumble After German GDP Crashes

Bye Bye Benjamin! Russia & China speed up de-dollarization process: most trade no longer conducted in greenbacks

Senate GOP coronavirus bill includes $29.4B for Pentagon 

Snyder: We Are In The Process Of Completely Losing America

Federal occupying force to pull out of Portland, Oregon governor announces 

Seattle Mayor Says U.S. Agents Have Left the City 

Why Texas Is In Trouble

US surpasses 150,000 virus deaths as experts urge reset of approach

China, Germany Suffer Alarming Jump In New COVID-19 Cases As "Second Wave" Spreads

Trump's Approval Rating Sinks to 17-Month Low as Election Looms Closer

Biden Tells Reporters He Doesn't Know Where He Is

US Arms Treaty Pullout Fuels Race for Hypersonic Weapons

Pentagon Team Pushes Dangers of Old Nukes in Seeking Funding for New Ones

Dealing with US, Russia must keep its gunpowder dry at all times

Wiser elements in Washington establishment get Iran’s message: Analyst

US: Irresponsible for Iran to Attack Dummy Ship During Military Exercise

US presence root cause of insecurity in West Asia: Ayatollah Khamenei

Iran military satellite relays full-scale image of US base

Iraq’s anti-terror fighters will never surrender to US: PMU chief

Sanctions pretext to violate Syria's sovereignty, support terrorism: Jaafari

Turkish occupation launches shelling attack on al-Tawila village in Hasaka countryside

Israel turning mosques into synagogues, bars 

Police said weighing ban on protest marches amid fears of further violence 

A mutilation of young lives: 
How the radical transgender bandwagon is wrecking girls’ bodies and destroying their mental health

Virus-Infected Florida In Cone As Tropical Cyclone Nine Set To Strengthen

Thousands of US troops to begin moving out of Germany within weeks – Pentagon chief

Esper Outlines Plan to Cut 12,000 US Troops From Germany

Trump says US won’t protect Germany
 as it ‘pays Russia billions for energy’ in 1st tweet after Pentagon announces troop withdrawal 

Reduced US military presence in Europe means calmer atmosphere, Kremlin says

China's Military "Will Definitely Retaliate" If Trump Stages October Surprise: State-Run GT

Donald Trump is ‘willing to accept more risk’ to counter Beijing aggression, says US official 

America accuses China of what it does itself

The United States Faces Irreparable Damage in a Cold or Hot Conventional War with China and its Allies


Fed Extends Emergency Lending Programs Through End Of Year 

Goldman Warns "Real Concerns Are Emerging" About The Dollar As Reserve Currency; Goes "All In" Gold 

Banks Slash Credit Card Limits As Economic Crisis Not Over

"Wobbly" Markets Tread Water Ahead Of FOMC As Asian Covid Cases Surge 

China Has Quietly Cut Dollar Usage In Cross-Border Trade By 20%

"Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen": Imminent Eviction Wave Is Coming To These States 

Russia aims to become world’s first country to approve coronavirus vaccine 

Some COVID-19 survivors lose ability to walk and must relearn motor skills 

78% of COVID-19 patients show signs of heart damage after recovery

Fears Of "Third Wave" Intensify As China Suffers Biggest Jump In COVID-19 Cases Since April

US forces asked to stay in bunkers as Iran fires missiles amid drills: Reports

Commander: Iran First Country to Fire Ballistic Missile from Underground

Rockets pounded U.S. bases In Iraq following Hezbollah-Israeli Escalation on Lebanese border 

In Rare Compromise, Turkey Pauses Gas Exploration Near Greece After EU & US Pressure

Is China's Massive Three Gorges Dam On The Edge Of Failure? 

China says disputed islands in East China Sea are its territory

How LGBT nonprofits and their billionaire patrons are reshaping the world 


America's Major Cities Are Being Turned Into War Zones, And It's Not Going To End In November

When It Comes To Economic Suffering, Some Parts Of The US Are Feeling It Far More Than Others 

Dollarpocalypse Sends Gold, Silver, & Crypto Soaring 

Spot Gold Soars To Record High As Dollar Freefall Accelerates 

The economy could fall off a fiscal cliff 

The United States Will Not Recover Raising Taxes Or Printing Money 

Greyerz – Brace For Collapsing Global Stock Markets And Skyrocketing Gold Prices

US mayors urge Congress to block Trump federal deployment against protesters

An assault on the US govt: AG Barr says anarchists hijacked legitimate protests to sow chaos & destruction 

Coronavirus will spread in ‘one big wave’ & won’t go away as seasons change – WHO 

Iran’s IRGC holds massive aerial, naval drills off Hormuz Strait

Watch Iran fire missile & overtake mock US aircraft carrier during Strait of Hormuz war games 

More Explosive Leaks From OPCW Show Trump Bombed Syria On False Grounds 

Iraqi PM orders swift investigation into deadly Baghdad protest

Ismail Haniyeh: Hamas rejects $15-billion aid from major powers conditioned on disarming

Lebanese Hezbollah: Israel claim about border clashes aims to fabricate fictitious victories

France-Turkey naval clash: Proxy war in Libya enters a new stage

Turkey On The Warpath

Armed resistance sole way to end Saudi-led war on Yemen: Ansarullah

‘Do not repeat this mistake:’ Israel’s Netanyahu threatens Hezbollah after group denies ‘infiltration’ at Lebanon border 

Watch: Israel Reinforces Troops Near Golan Heights Fearing Hezbollah Retaliation To Strikes On Syria

In Israel the Push to Destroy Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque Goes Mainstream

How Israel's Third Temple Movement Rebranded Theocracy as "Civil Rights"

The Untold Story of Christian Zionism's Rise to Power in the United States

Trump says no vaccine by year’s end as US virus cases hit 4.31 million

China urges India to join nations resisting US hegemony

Seismologists register magnitude 6.1 earthquake off Alaskan coast 

Will Trump be a Dead Man Walking before Election Day? 


Babylon Is Falling
Karmic backlash continues to devastate America but the satanic brood in Washington still don't get it. Those in power think that their hostile actions towards the world at large hasn't any repercussions in their own land, but they are so wrong, and are about to bring more destruction down upon the American People. They still continue to disrupt peace and threaten the entire population of the planet with continuing economic terrorism, wars, threats of war, and illegal military occupations. The United States is not an island, and cannot exist in isolation. These things done against other nations of the world will come back to haunt. Washington is run by barbarians who seem to think that the U.S. is capable unto itself, but they are totally wrong, and the economic destruction and resulting social upheaval is about to get much, much worse. Washington Governess is more concerned about building and maintaining a global military empire than the problems now facing the nation. The nation burns while the empire fiddles. Karma as defined in Revelation 18, is God's judgment upon Babylon for it's crimes against heaven, earth and humanity. America will be brought down unless there is a complete about face in the actions of the people, and the government. Violence will beget violence, and what is done to other nations will be done to America, only double, as Revelation 18, does imply. There will be more attempts by the central bank and government to stall the inevitable downfall of the economy by economic stimulus = borrowing, and money creation, but none of these actions will work simply because the economy doesn't work from the top down, but rather from the bottom up. There is no way that the system can continue to work with millions of people unemployed, while the banks survive on government bailouts to invest in the stock market, as businesses collapse for lack of a consumer base. The essence of Revelation 18, is that the merchants weep because no one buys their merchandise anymore. That's exactly what is now transpiring in America, and in the world for that matter. We are witnessing the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy. Babylon is falling, and will continue to fall until it is completely thrown down. Not my words but those of the angel of Revelation 18. There can be no unity without God. There can be no economic recovery as long as America continues to destroy the economies of other nations.

Federal forces stretched thin? Triple whammy of pandemic, riots and now hurricanes puts Trump administration to perilous test 

US Recovery Stalls As Food Bank Lines Reemerge  

Over 40% Of US Adults Are Susceptible To Severe COVID-19

Hong Kong Imposes Toughest COVID-19 Restrictions Yet As "Third Wave" Worsens

US Economy Is Flatlining

Coronavirus relief: Kudlow says next round will include $1,200 stimulus checks, extension of eviction moratorium

Clock Just Ran Out on $600 in Weekly Unemployment Benefits

Charting The Retail Devastation: Here Is The Stunning List Of US Store Closures In 2020

World Trade Continues To Slide As Recovery Sputters 

Spot Gold Soars To Record High As Dollar Freefall Accelerates

Riots are driving Portland’s small businesses under, but mainstream media wants to sell you a different story

Protests erupt nationwide in solidarity with Portland demonstrations

Oregon AG loses court motion to restrain feds from stopping rioters in Portland -

Let It All Burn (Or Not) 

Eight in 10 Americans believe country headed in wrong direction: Poll

US claims ‘no one’ wants to allow Iran to buy & sell weapons as arms embargo set to expire 

Are US Air Force pilots now Sanctioned Passenger Airline Terrorists? 

Mahan Air Passenger Undergoes Surgery on Spine After US Jet Incident 

 Speaker’s Aide: Details Show US Warplanes' Trouble for Iranian Jetliner No Incident, But Planned

 Indian Envoy: US Unable to Dictate Delhi Concerning Iran

In Message To Turkey, France & Egypt Conduct Joint Naval Exercises In Mediterranean 

Israel arrests two Hamas-affiliated Palestinian legislators in West Bank

AIPAC praises $3.8b in Israel defense assistance after it sails through Congress

Netanyahu said eyeing loophole to ditch Gantz, form right-wing coalition 

As tensions soar in north, Netanyahu warns Syria and Lebanon against attacks

Hezbollah says ready to confront any Israeli aggression

Israeli military says its drone crashed in Lebanon

Israeli settlers set fire to a mosque in al-Bireh 

Trump regime gangsters declare War on Europe

US Military Flies Record Number of Planes Near China's Coast in July 

Militarizing Space: US Plans What Russia and Other Countries Oppose 

Russian Navy to be armed with hypersonic nuclear strike weapons: Putin


The Recovery Has Reversed: What Goldman's Real-Time Indicators Reveal About The State Of The US Economy

The Numbers Tell Us The "Economic Recovery" Is Dead And Businesses Are Failing At A Staggering Pace 

Gold Versus The Financial System's "Hubristic Swindle" 

Martenson: We Are On Our Own In The Post-COVID World 

Big chains filed for bankruptcy and closed stores every week in July 

Obama's Top Economist Warns Of Catastrophic Risk To Economy If Stimulus Lapses

Las Vegas Casinos Are Making Another Round Of Brutal Furloughs And Layoffs 

Seattle Police Abandon Residents As Antifa Uses Twitter, Facebook To Organize Nationwide Protests

US warplanes harassed Iran civilian plane two times in 6 minutes: Informed sources to Press TV

Why US harassed Iranian Mahan Air Flight 1152

Harassment of Iranian airliner ‘blatant example of US terrorist acts’ in region: Envoy

US has long history of committing terrorism against civilian planes: Analyst

 Envoy: Iran to Launch Every Legal Move to Convict US Aerial Piracy

 Vice-Speaker: Harassment of Iran’s Civil Plane, Sign of US’ Fear of Revenge for General Soleimani’s Assassination

 Syria’s Envoy: US Warplane Threat to Iranian Plane Aimed at Confusing Damascus Defensive System

Eight civilians martyred in blast of booby-trapped motorcycle in Ras al-Ayn city

US-led Coalition Hands Control Over Seventh Military Base to Iraqi Forces 

Official: Iraqi PM’s Recent Visit to Iran Indicates Tehran-Baghdad Deep-Rooted Ties

Turkey Rejects US & EU Calls To Cease East-Med Gas Drilling As Greece Threatens Military Action 

Saudi Arabia, mercs have looted 48 million barrels of Yemeni oil: Minister

Israel tells Lebanon's Hezbollah it didn’t intend to kill its fighter

Anti-Netanyahu protesters violently attacked as thousands rally against Israeli PM again

Israeli surveillance drones violate Lebanese airspace over two dozen times

Anger Over Israeli Decision to Demolish Palestinian COVID-19 Hospital Ahead of Deadly Second Wave 

Watch: China Answers Houston Closure With Raid On US Consulate In Chengdu 

China Successfully Launches 3 Non-Military Satellites in Earth's Orbit

Coronavirus cases hit 16 million worldwide, fatalities at over 644K

Covid updates: U.S. coronavirus cases soar, deaths top 1,000 for four consecutive days 

 WHO Says There Will Be No Return To The Old Normal, COVID-19 Will Get Worse And Worse And Worse 

Scientists Uncover Evidence That a Level of Pre-Existing COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 Immunity Is Present in the General Population

Indiana Sheriffs refuse to enforce Statewide mask order that makes not wearing one punishable by 6 months in jail -

Tens Of Thousands March In Russia During Second Week Of Anti-Putin Protests 

Very serious threats: US reportedly ramps up pressure on Nord Stream 2 contractors

Diversionary tactics: Moscow dismisses US/UK propagandistic claims it tested new space weapon 

Donald Trump's suburban horror show 

Venezuela to challenge UK’s ruling that denies access to its gold stored in Bank of England vaults

Iceland's Mount Hekla shows signs of high magma pressure 

6.3-magnitude earthquake hits South Sandwich Islands region 

Hanna Drenching South Texas, Northern Mexico With Heavy Rain as it Slides Inland


We Are About To Find Out What An Economy Looks Like When You Throw Tens Of Millions Into Unemployment Overnight

The Number Of Permanent Business-Shutdowns Is Rising

Eviction Moratorium Expires Today, Putting Millions Of Renters At Risk  

Spot Gold Tops $1,900 For First Time Since 2011

US’ Cold War with China in a global economy puts allies in crossfire & will cause SEVERE damage

It's Happening Again... Investors Dump Everything China 

Chinese researcher accused of hiding military links taken into custody in San Francisco 

FBI hunts for ‘Chinese military spies’ all across US as Pompeo calls for global crusade against Beijing 

US officials force entry into shuttered Chinese consulate in Houston soon after evicted staff left 

Pompeo Lays Out New US Cold War Against China 

‘These outlaws must be stopped’: Iranian FM tears into US, says Mahan Air jet incident could lead to disaster

Zarif on US harassment of Iranian plane: ‘Outlaws must be stopped before disaster’

General Soleimani’s murder by US was act of war against Iran and Iraq: Analyst

Flagrant violation: Iran protests US jet approach at UN

 Speaker: Americans Lying on Fighter Jets’ Hostile Move against Iranian Airbus

 Official: Harassment of Civil Plane No Matter of Boast

‘CENTCOM lying; US warplanes harassed Iran airliner in Lebanon airspace’

 Official: US Fighters Harassed Iran’s Civil Plane in Lebanese, NOT Syrian Space

Lebanon, Iran to sue US over harassment of airliner in Syria

Hezbollah condemns US military’s harassment of Iranian plane as ‘terrorist act’

OPCW leaks show US cover-up of illegal Syria bombing: American weekly

2 injured in IDF helicopter strikes on Syrian military targets

Hezbollah fighter killed in Israeli strike near Damascus

Israel’s illegal strikes on Syria may spell unexpected backlash

Israeli helicopters strike positions in Syria’s Quneitra province: State media

Turkish occupation mercenaries loot the citizens’ properties in Afrin, Aleppo countryside

 Iran, Iraq Reopen Khosravi Border Crossing

Rockets Hit Base of US-Led Coalition in Iraq, No Casualties Reported

US-led forces withdraw from Iraqi military base near Baghdad

Coronavirus: Israeli court rules Palestinian prisoners have no right to social distancing 

Hezbollah capable of targeting Israeli offshore gas rigs in Mediterranean: Israeli commander

Top US military general visits Israel, stresses need to pressure Iran

A Stress Test For A Straining Superpower

Trump’s All-Stick, No-Carrot Approach Has Brought Two US Adversaries Together

Trump's America

Trump's hint that he may not concede election is America's tipping point

Intel Drop, July 24, 2020: Trump secretly cancels election

Trump lets US arms dealers sell more killer & spy drones abroad, reinterpreting ‘outdated’ arms control rules 

Praising Space Force, Trump Says He’s Thwarted Russian, Chinese Plans to ‘Dominate the Cosmos 

37 Senate Dems Join GOP to Approve $740 Billion War Budget 

Patriotic Dissent: How A Working-Class Soldier Turned Against "Forever Wars" 

San Francisco Mayor Blasts Woke White BLM Supporters For Hijacking Movement

Americans Are Buying Guns In Record Numbers & The Washington Post Isn't Pleased

Blow-Up Event Could Crush US Dollar as Multi-Trillion Debt Mounts, Ex-IMF Deputy Head Warns 

Schiff: The End Of The Dollar Standard 

Young Americans Have Used 33% Of Their Total Savings During COVID-19 

Copper Prices Stall After Massive Surge Amid Waning Recovery And Rising Sino-US Tensions

Russia denies US, UK accusations of testing space weapon

More Fallout From Iran/China Deal: India Loses Farzad-B

Very Active Tropics - Hanna Barrels Toward Texas, Gonzalo In Caribbean, And Douglas Approaching Hawaii

WATCH: DC bombarded with lightning so intense it prompts jokes about alien attack 

Putin always keeps his word, France’s ex-President Sarkozy says 

With Constitutional Changes, Russian Lawmakers to Legally Ban Marriage & Adoption by Sodomites

Russian Space Chief Questions NASA Plans, Praises Partnership With China

Russian medical center files bid for WHO tender for coronavirus vaccine 

Vaccination against coronavirus infection to be free of charge in Moscow — mayor 

Completion of Nord Stream 2 to Cut Europe Gas Prices by 25%, Consulting Company Says

WHO reports one-day surge in coronavirus cases by over 284,000 

China's Three Gorges Dam At The Brink 


Pompeo: US Will No Longer Tolerate China 

Pompeo To Essentially Call For A People's Uprising In Communist China 

China Stole At Least $1 Billion In Trade Secrets & Research From US: State Dept

China Must Retaliate After US Closes Houston Consulate

China orders US to close consulate in Chengdu city in tit-for-tat move

China Shutters American Consulate In Chengdu As "New Cold War" Heats Up 

FBI hunts for ‘Chinese military spies’ all across US as Pompeo calls for global crusade against Beijing

China urges US to discard cold war mentality after Pompeo’s ‘biased speech’

 US-China diplomatic feud to heat up and Russia, NATO flex Arctic muscles

 Envoy: US’ Ugly Image Exposed by Closing Chinese Consulate General

US Fighters Buzz Iranian Airliner, Causing Injuries 

Tehran says AMERICAN, not Israeli fighter jets endangered passengers of Iranian airliner over Syria 

A Near-Miss Over Syria and Our Illegal Military Presence

Iran to legally pursue US act of terrorism against its Beirut-bound flight

Iran Calls for ICAO's Immediate Probe Into US Threats Against Mahan Passenger Plane

 Minister: US’ Threatening of Iran’s Civil Plane Act of Terror

 Iran’s Ex-Representative at ICAO: Interception of Passenger Plane Breaching Chicago Convention

‘Trump ordered by his Israeli masters to assassinate General Soleimani’

 Iran’s UN Envoy Underlines Exit of Illegal Foreign Forces from Syria

White Helmets collude with terrorists in Syria under humanitarian guise: Russia

China calls for lifting the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria immediately 

National stand in al-Watutiya village in Qamishli countryside demanding the US and Turkish occupations to leave the country

Water amounts coming from Alouk station reduced by half due to being controlled by Turkish occupation and its terrorist mercenaries

US Commander: ISIS Not Resurging in Iraq, US Can Cut Troops 

Iraqi MP urges expulsion of all US forces, says slow drawdown not acceptable

Iraq to soon begin construction work on railway link to Iran: Iraqi official

 Official: Iraq Determined to Further Expand All-Out Ties with Iran

Dozens arrested as police clear large anti-Netanyahu rally in Jerusalem 

Protesters attacked, arrested as thousands rally outside Netanyahu residence

Israel orders demolition of more Palestinian facilities in West Bank

Palestinians say Israel stole ancient baptismal font from Bethlehem town

Rand Paul: It’s Time To Demilitarize the Police 

Trump to Send Federal Agents to Multiple Cities Soon

Oregon judge bans feds from arresting or using force against ‘journalists & legal observers’ at Portland protests

Federal forces ‘on standby’ to enter Seattle, if protests turn violent & local cops need support 

Whitehead: The Federal Coup To Overthrow The States And Nix The 10th Amendment Is Underway

‘It’s not the city we know’: Portland business owner targeted by looters tells RT ‘failed leadership’ has led to ‘warzone’

Over 30 Million People About to Lose $600 in Unemployment Benefits

"V-Shaped" Recovery? - NYC's Live Camera Feed & Real-Time Traffic Data Suggest Otherwise

Initial Jobless Claims Reaccelerate For First Time Since March Led By VA & CA 

S&P Futures Fall, "Panic Selling" In China As US-China Spat Escalates 

India Suffers New COVID-19 Record As Outbreak Worsens In Asia, Europe

Google Bosses Have Far Too Much Power to Decide What Americans Know - Their Censorship Is Completely Out-of-Control

Nearly 75% Of Adults Say Social Media Companies Wield Too Much Power And Influence Over Politics

German officials: US threats against Russia pipeline harm ties

US claims Russia just tested an ‘anti-satellite weapon’ in orbit

Chechnya’s Kadyrov announces sanctions against Pompeo

Russia Delivers First Arctic Oil To Key Ally China 


China's Global Times Warns Retaliation For Houston Consulate Closure Will Cause US "Real Pain"

Bomb & death threats made against Chinese Embassy in Washington – Beijing blames US government 

‘US must stop slander and smearing’: China rebuffs allegations it stole Covid-19 vaccine data 

Trump hints at closure of more Chinese consulates as China fumes 

New Poll Shows More White Americans Now Oppose Black Lives Matter Than Support 

Nearly half of Americans think ‘cancel culture’ has gone TOO FAR... but 2 in 5 admit participating in it 

America under total Censorship Lockdown as it circles the drain 

St. Louis Prosecutor's Office Busted Altering Evidence; Reassembled Non-Operable McCloskey Pistol To Classify As Lethal

Trump Authorizes "Surge" Of Federal Agents Into Cities Plagued By Violence, Including Chicago

Oakland mayor slams ‘terror tactics’ & votes down further police budget cuts after protesters vandalize her home with BLM graffiti

Federal officers in Portland may have been permanently blinded by lasers, officials say 

Portland Mayor Tear Gassed By Federal Agents During Wednesday Protest

US sets new single-day record of COVID-19 deaths as total cases nearing 4 million

California Suffers Record Jump In New COVID-19 Cases; Ohio Gov Makes Masks Mandatory

Pandemic And Hair Trigger Flash Points: An Explosive Situation

US on collision course with a double-dip recession: Leading economist

The world is going back to a gold standard as the US dollar is about to collapse - Peter Schiff 

More Than Half of Business Closures are Permanent

Blain: Excess Liquidity Is "Blinding Idiots To Dangerous Reality"

Global Stocks Rise To Pre-Covid Highs As Earnings Optimism Eclipses US-China Row 

Baltic Index Sinks To 1-Month Low As Global Rebound Hopes Fade 

Quincy Institute: New US Paradigm for the Middle East: Ending America’s Misguided Policy of Domination 

Iran’s top security official: Harsher revenge awaits perpetrators of Gen. Soleimani’s assassination

Key senator mounts pressure on Trump to declassify report on Soleimani strike

US turned into rogue state after leaving Iran nuclear deal: Zarif

 Iranian Speaker Underlines Regional Stability, Economic Growth after US Withdrawal

 Rouhani, Al-Kadhimi Agree to Form Joint Committee to Implement Iran-Iraq Agreements

US-made Ninja Bomb used again in strike on Northern Syria 

Five civilians martyred, two injured in car bomb blast in Ras al-Ayn city 

Turkish Forces Move Deeper Into Iraq to Fight Kurds 

Turkey warns Egypt of ‘dangerous military adventure’ in Libya

Turkey Will Send More Troops To Libya If Egyptian Forces Breach Border

"War" Top Trend On Greek Twitter As Military On High Alert Over Turkish Drilling Incursion 

Israeli military reinforces northern border after Hezbollah threats

Election 2020: The Worst Case Scenario Is The Most Likely One 

US ‘late to the party’ in the Arctic after ‘aggressive’ Russia & China, but will still ‘succeed,’ says Pompeo 

Twitter admits hackers read private messages of 36 VIP users in massive breach, hopes only one ‘elected official’ among them

Active leak of sea-bed methane discovered in Antarctica for first time -

6.2-magnitude earthquake recorded west of Tofino, British Columbia -

Tropical Depression In Atlantic Becomes Tropical Storm Gonzalo, Headed For Caribbean

WATCH: Eastern US lashed by 2 ferocious ‘once-in-50 years’ storms in just TWO WEEKS


Riots Will Cause Government Shift Towards Greater Police State
Causing The Exact Opposite Of Intended Outcome
Violence Begets More Violence - When Will They Ever Learn? Or Was It Planned That way?
Dear Black Lives Matter Supporters, Chicago's Latest Riot Is On You

New York mayor threatens to sue if Trump sends federal troops

WATCH: NYPD clears out ‘Occupy City Hall’ camp after weeks-long standoff 

Most BLM Protestors Seem To Be White People
Rioting Under A Phony Cause Not Supported By Most African American People
The Intended Purpose Is Chaos By Using Racism As An Excuse For Violence
Black man with American flag tries to stop rioters 
from damaging Federal Courthouse in Portland, says “None of you guys represent Black lives” 

Karmic Backlash
Iran Getting Stronger While America Faces Increasing Hardship
The Evil That America Is Doing Abroad Is Coming Home To Roost
Turmoil at Home, Turmoil Abroad: Israel and the U.S. Escalate Their War Against Iran

The U.S. Assassination Of A National Hero Will Never Be Forgotten
President Trump Will Have This Hanging Over His Head For The Rest Of His Days
The Iranians Will Keep A Bounty On Trumps Head No Matter If He Remains President Or Not
Leader: Iran to deal US ‘counterblow’ for Gen. Soleimani’s assassination

Iran Initiates A Russian/Chinese Alliance
War With Iran = War With Russia/China
Strong Iran-Russia ties guarantee global peace, security

 FM Zarif: Extension of Iran-Russia Long-Term Treaty on Agenda

Zarif says delivered ‘important’ message to Putin, agreed on strategic cooperation deal

Iran to launch special trade office in China

Outsiders seeking to sell arms in Middle East: Iran's mission in Kuwait

 Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Bypasses Sanctions by Production of Hi-Tech Copper Electrodes

Iran Forming Close Alliance With Iraq/Syria
War With Iran = War With Syria/Iraq = Regional War
Iran: Neighbors must join hands to expel evil US from region

Iran finalizes deals to rehabilitate, develop Iraq’s power grid

Extending Iranian Arms Embargo Will Destroy Nuclear Deal, Foreign Minister Zarif Warns

‘We’ll never forget’: Iran’s supreme leader meets Iraqi PM 
& vows to ‘strike a blow’ to US in revenge for killing of Soleimani

Iranian parliament chief urges Iraq to pursue Gen. Soleimani’s assassination case

 Iran, Iraq to Finalize Foreign Currency Agreement

Iraq PM Won't Allow Threats to Iran From Iraqi Soil 

Iraqi PM Hopes for Flourishing Economic Ties with Iran

Extending Iranian Arms Embargo Will Destroy Nuclear Deal, Foreign Minister Zarif Warns

Syrian chief election official estimates parliamentary vote turnout at 33%

Decrease in participation in People’s Assembly elections due to coronavirus, presence of Syrians abroad 

U.S. soldier killed in overturned vehicle accident in Hasaka countryside 

Israel Will One Day Regret These Attacks On Syria When U.S. Backup Goes Down
Current Financial/Economic/Social Events In The U.S. Don't Bode Well For Long Term Military Deployment In The Middle East
Grospic: Israeli aggression on Syria new example on violating international law

Israel Responds With Force To Iranian Plans To Deploy Air Defense Systems In Syria 

Pistachio production in Hama exceeds 32 thousand tons 

Liberating Israeli-occupied Golan Heights national priority: Syria UN ambassador

Erdogen Is A Terrorist Who Wants To Re-Establish The Ottoman Empire
The Freedom & Safety Of The Syrian People Is None Of His Business
Turkey to remain in Syria until its people are ‘safe & free’ – Erdogan 

Netanyahu’s plans to annex West Bank could unleash new extremism wave in Middle East

Thousands rally against Israeli PM over coronavirus fallout, corruption charges

Israeli farmers sue the military over its Iron Dome air defense system, alleging ‘radiation exposure’ and a ‘land grab’ 

A Suspected Murderer Makes A Good Ally?
One Murderer Helping Another Is Normal U.S. Foreign Policy
Kushner says MBS, suspected of Khashoggi's killing, has made missteps but a good ally

Latest on pandemic: Global caseload at over 15mn, death toll past 616K

Kiss American Economic Recovery Goodbye
 US COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations Continue to Climb as Death Toll Nears 141,000

Trump admits pandemic will ‘get worse’, urges Americans to wear masks

World Recovery Running On Fumes As Virus Pandemic Reemerges

Coronavirus Infections 13x Higher Than Reported In Some Parts Of US 

Goldman Spots An Ominous Inflection: Labor Market Recovery Has Stalled Out 

Capitalism may not survive 2020 global crisis, which will cut deeper and last longer than many predict

Suze Orman: $600 unemployment, other stimulus ending, is a perfect financial storm

American scientists ‘embarrassed by Trump’s breadth of knowledge’

November Election Promises More Endless War No Matter Who Wins 
The Problem Is At The Congressional Level & This Vote Proves It
House Democratic Leadership Teams Up With Republicans To Keep US Troops in Afghanistan 

House Passes 2021 NDAA in a 295-125 Vote 

House Defeats Amendment To Cut Defense Spending Levels by 10% 

House Votes to Block Funding for US Nuclear Test

2020 election: Experts fear post-election crisis as Trump sets the stage to dispute the results in November 

Soon The Nation's Police Will Be Riding Around In Tanks Instead Of Patrol Cars
Americans Will Have To Show I.D. At Every State Crossing
Senate rejects broad limit on military equipment going to police

Russia’s first COVID-19 vaccine ready, deputy defense minister says 

Turkey Supports Azerbaijan to Cause Instability in Russia's Soft Underbelly, the Caucasus

Russian Ministry of Health Recommends Banning Wi-Fi, Cell Phones in Schools Due to Radiation Health Risks

UK mouthing off about Russia again

Watch Out Washington
Soon There May Be A Reward For All Your Heads
What Goes Around Comes Around

US offers $5-million reward for information on Venezuela’s chief justice

Washington Isolating America From The Rest Of The World
One Day Americans Will Wake Up Surrounded By Enemies Of U.S. Own Making
The United States Is Going Down The Same Road As Israel
Or Is Israel Going Down The Same Road As The United States?
Hard To Tell Just Who Is Pulling The Strings Anymore

German businesses working on response to US Nord Stream 2 sanctions 

China says US ‘abruptly’ ordered closure of consulate in Houston

China Furious After US Abruptly Orders Closure Of Houston Consulate Sparking "Unprecedented Escalation"

The World Must Unite Against This Satanic EX- CIA Nut Job
Pompeo: World Must Unite Against China 

US Hopes to Build Coalition of States to Force China to Change Its Behaviour, Pompeo Says

Pompous B.S.
China Has The Capability To Sink Any U.S. Ship In Their Vicinity
Esper: US Ships Won't Be Stopped by Anybody in South China Sea

China evacuates thousands after floods threaten villages

An Indication That Christianity Is Gaining Strength In China
China Orders Christians to Take Down Images of Jesus from Their Homes

A nervous watch on the Three Gorges Dam

Quit Twitter & Be Free
Twitter bans ‘QAnon activity & content’ in sweeping censorship move… bringing national attention to fringe conspiracies

6.0-magnitude earthquake hits Fiji region: USGS

West Coast Of The U.S. In Danger Of Major Earthquakes
A huge M7.8 earthquake occurred in the sea off of Perryville, Alaska, with tsunami warnings and numerous aftershocks ongoing even as I write. This was accompanied by an M5.4 earthquake in the Cascadia Subduction Zone, in the sea off of Tofino Canada, and a M3.2 in the Cascadia Subduction Zone on the Coast of Lodge, Oregon, and another quake of M2.9 also in the Cascadia Subduction Zone, in the sea off of Ferndale California. The Cascadia Subduction Zone is held in place only by friction between the Juan De Fuca Plate which is subducting beneath the North American Plate. When this friction is overcome by force, or is melted away by subterranean heat generated by pressure, the lip of the North American Plate which is being pushed back in the subduction zone will snap back and cause a gigantic earthquake of M9-10, which will devastate the West Coast of the United States, from Vancouver Island, in Canada, to Northern California. Because of recently discovered earthquake faults linking the Cascadia Subduction Zone to the San Andreas fault in California, there is a potential for an earthquake in either locale to set off an earthquake in the other. This would cause further destruction to California, all the way to San Diego. It is therefore important to realize that any earthquake activity along the sea coast from Alaska to California, could cause a destabilization in the Cascadia Subduction Zone, by shifting tectonics, which increase the pressure and thereby increase the possibility of a sudden violent release of the locked friction zone. I caution people living along the West Coast of America to remain ever prepared for this possibility. Please review earthquake map below.

Alaska rocks under 7.8M earthquake, triggers tsunami warning 

Tsunami warning issued for several hours after magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit offshore Alaska 


No Riot News Posted Here
Rioters Feed On Mass Media Reporting For Support
Stop Reporting Riots & They Will Disappear
What bothers me most about riot news is that for the most part these incidents are localized affairs limited to four major cities, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and New York. In the small town in which I live it's so peaceful you could fall asleep on main street. The news media seizes upon these local events which go global, and makes it seem as if America is falling apart at the seams. Why should people in Bum Shoe, New Mexico, for example, be concerned about riot news in New York? Federal involvement in these riotous cities is also a mistake because once again it makes a local problem a national problem. It's up to local police and government to deal with their own problems. If the local governments are unable or unwilling to police the situation themselves, then changes have to made at the local level. If the people at the local level are unable or unwilling to make changes, then it's time for the people who dislike the area to move to another location, and let those who enjoy mob rule remain. A mass exodus from such cities will by itself correct the problem as tax revenue falls, and businesses close or vacate the area. Eventually peace will prevail as the local government is forced to police the situation by virtue of self survival. These media propagated riots, paid for by political opportunists, are strictly for political purposes in the final days leading up to the Presidential Election in November. Who can tell which political party is responsible? The sad truth is that political parties have become more important than the nation itself, and when that happens there remains only division and warfare. The trouble is that partisanship is so deeply engrained in U.S. Government at all levels, that it's now impossible to get anything done to the extent that anarchy reins supreme. The death of America will be the result of political parties that have curtailed the free exercise of representative government, which is a death sentence for any republic. If America could abolish both the Republican and Democratic Parties, and eliminate paid lobbyists from the halls of governess, and return to a true representative government, peace would prevail once again in the land. All of this media hyped violence, bloodshed, and racial tension, is the result of partisanship tearing the nation apart.

Rand Paul: No place for feds rounding people up at will in Portland

Today's Version Of The Lord's Prayer By 15 Yr Old Student...Who Got An A+

The Results Of Not Teaching American History In U.S. Schools
When I Went To School Way Back When, American History Was Mandatory
Another Reason To Rescind Public Education & Return To Private & Home Schooling
Ben Shapiro on Fox News poll on nation's founders: Results are devastating to the future of the country

Hundreds of scientists rebuke Trump over coronavirus response

Russia Is First Again
Clinical Trials of Russian COVID-19 Vaccine Wrapping Up, Vaccine Safe, Researchers Say

All Volunteers Gain COVID-19 Immunity After Using Vaccine at Russia's Sechenov University 

And Again
Two Russian latest nuclear-powered subs to carry hypersonic weapons 

US slaps sanctions on Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov 

Russia will find way to respond to US sanctions against Kadyrov, says diplomat 

In The Long Run It's The American Consumer That Will Pay
US is pressing the accelerator to trash relations with China

South China Sea: beware of US ‘sabotage’, Beijing warns Southeast Asia

China loses chances to make yuan reserve currency

UK suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong in latest escalation against China

Syrian Army intercepts ‘hostile targets’ above Damascus

Syrian air defenses intercept Israeli aggression on southern Damascus

Drone Wars Open New Phase Of Conflict In Syria 

Workers of Hasaka Electricity Company continue their sit-in in protest against its closure by Qasad groups 

Saint Mar Elias Cathedral in Aleppo reopened after acts of rehabilitation 

Israeli strikes in Syria: Iran reveals extent of losses & warns Tel Aviv 

Iran FM heads to Moscow with Rouhani’s message for Putin

First geothermal power plant in Iran to steam out of inactive volcano

Iran Reconstructs the US Global Hawk Drone It Shot Down Last Year 

 Iran Launches First Marine Trade Line with China

 Ex-Chinese Envoy: Only US Stands Opposed to Expansion of Iran-China Ties

 Judiciary Chief: Iran Differentiates between Protest, Unrest

Iraqi PM in Tehran for high-level talks on first foreign visit

Tehran, Baghdad will jointly sue US for assassinating Gen. Soleimani: Iraq

Egypt Authorizes Sending Troops to Libya, Risking Clash With Turkey 

Ismail Haniyeh: Unified Palestinian position thwarts Israel’s annexation plan

Palestinian factions to hold ‘historic’ unity rally in Gaza against Israeli annexation

Israeli bulldozers raze Palestinian lands near Bethlehem for settlement expansion

China’s President Xi stresses Palestinian right to statehood

Bankruptcies surging as coronavirus levels the U.S. economy

NYC Landlords Slash Prices On Third Of Rentals As Newyorkers Flee

America's Addiction to Lockdown is Resulting in Lower Wages 

Commercial Mortgage Delinquencies Near Record Levels 

World's Largest Producer Of Small Gasoline Engines Files For Bankruptcy 

Plato called it! Earth is made entirely out of cubes… at least on average

House Votes to Block Funding for US Nuclear Test 

War and the environment: The disturbing and under-researched legacy of depleted uranium weapons

War and the environment: The disturbing and under-researched legacy of depleted uranium weapons

Hong Kong Outbreak "Out Of Control" As City Suffers Record Jump In New COVID-19 Cases: Live Updates

Volunteers participating in Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine trials develop antibodies 

Russian Defence Ministry Says COVID Vaccine Trials on Another Group of 20 Volunteers Over 

Russia Boosted International Reserves by Over 10%, Gold Stockpile by 28% in One Year 

Maria Butina recalls the nightmare of jail time in US 

Russia's credit rating intact despite global economic slump and lockdown

Gold price set to soar over 20% this year, Russian analysts predict

 Russia Foils the US policy of China’s ‘containment’ 

China kills US attempt to strangle Iran 

Chinese Ambassador Says US Must Make a Fundamental Choice

The US Has No Place in the South China Sea Dispute 

Are China-US relations drifting closer towards war? 

US doing disgusting things to create rifts between China, neighbors: Beijing mission in Myanmar

China: At least 14 dead as Yangtze river rises 50 feet above flood level - 33 other rivers at record levels

Meltdown risks rising due to virus surge and China, Ed Yardeni warns

Pompeo Corruption: Lining his pockets while America dies… 

Iraqi Kurdistan no staging ground for anti-Iran attacks: Barzani

Two Rockets Fall Near US Embassy Inside Baghdad's Green Zone, Source Says 

Iran always prepared for dialog with regional states: Foreign Ministry

Iran executes US, Israeli agent who spied on General Soleimani

Two civilians injured in shelling attack by Turkish occupation in Qamishli City 

Saudi Arabia postpones Iraqi PM's visit after King Salman hospitalized

US, Saudi Arabia doing utmost to split Iraq away from Iran

Italy's deadly Stromboli volcano suddenly explodes again without warning

6.5-magnitude quake hits off Tonga: USGS 


President Trump - Wanted For Murder
Judiciary Statement: Iraq Seriously Pursuing US Assassination of General Soleimani, Al-Muhandis

FM Zarif in Iraq to discuss regional security, US assassination of Gen. Soleimani

Israel Is Trying To Instigate A War Between The U.S. & Iran
Leaders Of Israel Have Become Arrogant & Over Confident Because Of U.S. Backing & Defense
The Iranians If Provoked To War Will Launch An All Out Missile Attack On Israel First
Then A Protracted Ground War That Could Last For Years

It's doubtful that Israel could survive such a war without U.S. military Support. Therefore, it's Israel's intention to get the U.S. directly involved in such an escalating conflict. The U.S. is currently undergoing severe social and economic challenges that look to be getting worse as time goes on. A collapse of the U.S. financial/economic system at this point cannot be ruled out. Extreme social disorder is in the cards with massive unemployment and financial hardship just down the road. Under these conditions it will be increasingly difficult for the United States to defend Israel in any protracted war. It would be wise for the leaders of Israel to understand these facts and back down from further intimidation of Iran. Once the Iranians and other Muslim Nations realize that the U.S. is unable to come to the aid of Israel, that's when they will fight back with sudden furry & overwhelming force. Sure, Israel can nuke Iran, or hit Iran's nuclear reactors, with intent to poison Iran's population with nuclear fallout, but not before very serious damage is done to the Israeli infrastructure including Israel's nuclear reactors, high on the Iranian hit list, which will likewise poison the Israeli population with nuclear fallout as well. The odds of Israel winning such a war while surrounded by the armies of hostile Muslim Nations that have be long provoked by Israel to war are not good. Watch out Israel because the war you seek may be your last.

Iran Puts Air Defenses On High Alert Following Unexplained Blasts 

Encouraging sabotage in Iran can ignite full range escalation, Tehran warns

Another power plant hit by explosion in Iran, authorities blame transformer – state media 

 FM Zarif: Region Needs Tranquility, Iran Wants Powerful Iraq

 Top Security Official Calls on US to Acknowledge Defeat Rather Than Continuing Bluffs

Syrians vote in parliamentary elections as war winds down

The Goal Of U.S. Economic Sanctions
To Starve Civilians Of The Nations Targeted
To Foment Social Unrest Against Their Own Governments In The Interest Of Regime Change
US sanctions are part of a multi-front war on Syria, and its long-suffering civilians are the main target

White Helmets Implicated in Cash Embezzlement and Fraud Scandal

Sweida peach production expected to reach 1,386 tons 

Netanyahu bribery trial resumes amid protests, judge delays witness phase until January 

Protesters clash with police in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv on eve of 2nd hearing in Netanyahu’s corruption trial 

Here Is Why There Is So Much Confusion About Covid-19
Type One Is More Like A Common Cold Or Flu Whereas Type Six Will Kill You
Six distinct types of COVID-19 identified

WHO reports record rise in global COVID-19 cases for 2nd day in a row

Vaccination against new coronavirus will not interfere with other inoculations - expert 

Health Minister Expects Russian Vaccine Against COVID-19 to Be Registered in August 

More Statistical Fraud: Florida, Texas, Colorado - All Caught Inflating COVID Cases and Deaths - 21st Century Wire

The new normal: Overwhelmed morgues, crowded hospitals, older Americans stuck at home

Goldman: States Containing 80% Of The US Population Have Paused Or Taken Steps To Reverse Reopening 

World Suffers 2nd Straight Record Jump In New COVID-19 Cases As US Deaths Surpass 140k: Live Updates 

Worldwide coronavirus death toll surpasses 604 thousand 

The Covid-19 era oil crash is different, V-shaped recovery unlikely 

Jesus Was Neither Black Or White
(Research on ancient skeletons in Palestine) 
Suggests that Judeans of the time were biologically closer to Iraqi Jews than any other contemporary population, and thus in terms of physical appearance the average Judean of the time would have likely had dark brown to black hair, olive skin, and brown eyes.

Antifa/BLM Vs. Christianity

‘Jesus matters!’ WATCH Christian activist dump paint on de Blasio’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural in New York

Nantes cathedral fire: Arson suspected as 400-year-old organ destroyed in violent blaze -

Social Engineering Has No Place In Higher Learning
Kick The Culture War Off Campus

U.S. Aircraft Carriers Are Obsolete Sitting Ducks
One Hypersonic Anti-Ship Missile Launched By Air, Sea, Or Land, Can Sink A Carrier 
Along With Billions Of Dollars In Air Craft & Thousands Of Personnel

China can eliminate US aircraft carriers at will

China flooding: 14 killed at Three Gorges Dam on Yangtze River as water peaks 

Setting Pompeo loose on the concept of ‘human rights’ is a warning the US is about to violate a lot more of them

Dump Social Media & Cell Phone Use
It Doesn't Serve The Interest Of Free Thinking People
Turn Off Your Cell Phone When Not In Use To Avoid Tracking & Privacy Issues
Buy A Home Computer For Internet Use

Facebook Deplatforms Former Employee Who Questioned BLM/Diversity Narrative

6.5-magnitude quake hits off Tonga: USGS 

Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits Iquique, Chile 


Violence Will Achieve Nothing
By Violent Acts They Defeat Their Own Movement
Most People Will Not Sign On To A Violent Revolution
It Isn't Necessary & It Turns People Off
It's The Governments Of These Cities That Are Allowing Violent Civil Unrest For Political Reasons
It's The Main Stream News Media That Sets Up Pre-Staged Photo & Video Events To Promote These Demonstrations

Homeland Security Chief Wolf blasts Portland city leaders for failing to quell violent mob, protect citizens 

Live Camera Feeds Reveal NYC Is A Ghost Town 

Have You Noticed That A Good Portion Of The BLM Agitators Are White?
Most African Americans Are God Loving Hard Working People
‘You’ve the biggest nose I’ve ever seen’: Black Portland cop details racist abuse dished out by white BLM protesters 

"We're Going To Hell In A Handbasket" - David Stockman Slams Washington's "Clown Brigade"

BLM Organizer Charged on Six Counts of Child Sex Abuse, Possession of Images of Underage Girls

Those Who Live By The Sword Shall Die By The Sword - Jesus
Jesus Preached Non Violence & His Image Is Still Persecuted To This Very Day
They Would Do Well To Heed His Warning Instead Of Destroying His Likeness
Martin Luther King Achieved More By Non-Violent Demonstrations Than The BLM Movement Will Ever Do

This is an attack on the church; Jesus statue beheaded at SW Miami-Dade Catholic church 

A Bigger Picture

U.S. Colleges Have Become Cesspools Of Social Engineering
Teaching Hatred & Justification Of Violent Behavior
This Can Only Happen Because Of Government Funding
Another Reason That U.S. Colleges & Schools Should Return To Private Funding & Home Schooling

Walter Williams Blasts The Despicable Behavior Of Today's Academicians

It's Easier To Pretend Our Economic System Works And Just Blow Endless Asset Bubbles

BofA Admits This Is A Massive Tech Bubble; Reveals How It Will End 

Still Searching for That V-Shaped Recovery 

You Haven't Seen Anything Yet
Just Wait Until Unemployment Runs Out For Millions Of Americans
That's When The Serious Social Crisis Will Begin
Unemployment & Coronavirus: Workers Filed 1.3 Million Jobless Claims Last Week as COVID Crisis Intensified

Business bankruptcy spike forecast as Paycheck Protection Program ends 

Gold Steadies at $1,800 on Safe-Haven Appeal Boosted by COVID-19 Spike, Flaring US-China Spat 

Debt fatigue, not coronavirus, is destroying America

Straight Up = Straight Down
Stock Market Crash 2020: Welcome To The End Game

US unemployment boost ending as jobless claims top 51 million

As big U.S. banks let customers delay payments, loan losses remain unclear 

One million person infected with coronavirus around the world in less than 100 hours 

Miami-Dade ICUs Hit 107% Capacity As Florida Suffers Record Week Of Deaths

U.S. reports 77,200 new coronavirus cases, shattering one-day record

Texas eclipses grim benchmark with 300,000 coronavirus cases

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti: 4,000 People In City Dead From Coronavirus

Georgia Hospital Worker Sounds Alarm: I Have Never Ever Seen Anything Like This

Millions of kids told full return to school in fall unlikely

Brazil coronavirus cases reach two million, doubling in less than a month 

Realizing They Over-Reacted to COVID, Russia Reopens Borders, Restarts International Flights

The Russians Are First Again
Russian COVID-19 Vaccine Developers Say Ready to Share Data With Foreign Colleagues 

Russia to Make Coronavirus Vaccine Available for General Public During Phase 3 Trials 

Canada's First Mask Murder? Ontario Police Kill 73-Year-Old Man After He Refused To Comply With Local Mandate

Rouhani: 25 million Iranians have lived down coronavirus

US General Predicts Iran Will Respond to Recent Israeli Attacks 

Iran sizes back oil tanker hit by US sanctions; vessel anchored off Iranian coast

White Helmets co-founder stole aid money destined for Syria 

A stand in protest against US, Turkish occupation of Syrian territories in Farfara village, Qamishli countryside 

Turkey will be the death of NATO – its recent clash with fellow member France off the coast of Libya is an early symptom

US Lawmakers Propose Bill to Sanction Turkey for Acquiring Russian S-400 System 

"Four Times Worse Than Exxon Valdez Disaster": Decaying Oil-Laden Tanker Off Yemen A Ticking Time Bomb 

Israel pushes towards ‘final solution’ for Palestine

Israel’s Gantz wants annexation plan shelved: Ministers

UN rapporteur slams Israel for ‘collective punishment’ against Palestinians

Palestine to sue American tech giants Google, Apple over deletion from world maps

Devastating Floods Along China's Yangtze River Spark Fears About World's Biggest Dam

US Has Two Carrier Strike Groups in South China Sea as Tensions Rise

Whom The God's Would Destroy They First Make Mad
US officials have ‘gone mad’ in dealing with China: Beijing

China rising to become Germany’s top export destination

China, Russia, Iran call for measures to confront ‘US unilateralism’

US Spy Planes & Drones Observed Stepping Up Operations Over South China Sea

Washington's War Against Earth
Making America Feared Again: The Trump Administration Considers Resuming Nuclear Weapons Testing

Another Reason To Discontinue Cell Phone Use
Buy A Home Computer Instead
BlackRock alert: New malware can steal passwords and card info from over 300 different Android apps 

It's The U.S. & Not Russia That Will Go Broke This Time In Cold War Weapons Race
US needs billions to adjust missile shield for hypersonic missiles — Russian official 

Israeli Study Claims to Successfully ‘Reverse’ Brain Aging 

Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits Iquique, Chile 


God First - Not America First
Washington Continues It's Wars Against The World
While The Empire Fiddles America Burns
They Care Not For The Nation But For The Imperial Domination Of The World 
Terrorism - Bloodshed - War - Murder Of Civilians - Economic Sanctions * articles below
America Has Not Even Begun To Pay For It's Continuing Crimes Against Humanity # articles below

 Multiple geopolitical fires are smoldering, but what happens next fall in the US may overshadow them all 

‘Europe’s energy policy made in Europe, not Washington’: Defiant Germany again hits back at US targeting Nord Stream 2 pipeline  *

Unemployed Americans Spent More With $600 Weekly Boost Than Before Pandemic; That's About To Go Away  #

Millennial Renters Abandon Their Plans To Buy A Home #

US economy was an ‘ENORMOUS BUBBLE’ before Covid-19 & pandemic is just the pin #

Restaurant reopening reversals are a disaster for farmers #

Bankers Make Billions From Fed Money Printing As Double-Dip Recession Fears Surge #

It Starts: Mortgage Delinquencies Suddenly Soar At Record Pace  #

Soon, You Will Need To Wear A Mask To Enter Virtually Every Major Retail Store In America #

Iran to strengthen military ties with Syria despite US sanctions 

Tehran warns Seoul over ‘unacceptable’ freezing of Iranian oil money

Zionists will see Iran’s upper hand, if continue their mischief: Armed Forces spokesman *

Iran condemns latest Saudi air raids, calls for UN intervention to save Yemeni lives *

 20 New Electricity, Water Projects Inaugurated in Iran

US continues to arm terrorists in Syria’s al-Tanf,  *
trains them for terror acts: Top Russian official

Syria, Russia call on Washington to strictly commit to international law and withdraw from areas it occupies in Syria *

Three Russian soldiers injured as unknown drone strikes Syria’s Hasakah: Report *

Unidentified Warplanes Struck Turkish-led Forces In Syria. Turkish Spy Plane Crashed Near Iraqi Border *

Powerful Explosions Rock Ammo Dump of US-Backed Militia in Northeast Syria, Report Says  *

US-backed QSD groups abduct a number of civilians in Deir Ezzor countryside  *

Two earthquakes take place near Deir Ezzor and al-Mayadeen cities 

Ambassador Ala: Syria stresses importance of punishing the Israeli occupation for its crimes against Palestinian people 

Zakharova affirms the importance of People’s Assembly elections in Syria

Washington Supplying Arms To Saudi Arabia To Murder Children
Yemen Is America’s War Too 

25 Civilians, Many Children Killed in Saudi Attack on North Yemen Party *

Wounded children treated in Yemen hospital after Saudi airstrike hits residential area  *

Yemeni tribes reject Saudi compensation, seek revenge for Jawf bloodshed *

Hamas bans activities of Saudi-owned TV channels in Gaza over false reports

Israel Hoping to Start a War With Iran Before US Elections  *

Hundreds of protesters swarm Netanyahu’s home again

Former senior health official warns of ‘long’ winter lockdown as Israel reimposes Covid-19 restrictions amid uptick in new cases 

Israel demolishes more Palestinian homes in occupied West Bank

Punishing People Today For What Happened In Past Generations Is Nuts
I never Owned Slaves & My Family Are 1930's Depression Era Immigrants
Why Should I Pay Reparations For The African American Slave Trade Of Pervious Generations?
I Would Move Elsewhere Before I'd Pay A Dime In Taxes To Be Used In This Manner
North Carolina City Unanimously Approves Reparations For Black Residents #

Stop Pretending The BLM Protests Were Peaceful  #

Time, work & Christianity are ‘white people’ things?
 US GOVERNMENT-FUNDED museum now promoting crackpot ‘anti-racism’ theories 

Connecticut Catholic church defaced with SATANIC  #
& ANARCHIST symbols, as spate of vandalism attacks targets Christian sites 

‘We’ve seen this happening all over the country’: #
 Statue of Jesus BEHEADED inside Florida church in alleged hate crime 

Saying ‘pro-life’ is racist and should be banned, says Rolling Stone writer  #

Russia may finish first in race for coronavirus vaccine, says expert 

Georgia Governor Overrides All Local Mask Orders 

U.S. shatters coronavirus record with over 77,000 cases in a day  #

The Tech Cold War Between The US And China Will Cost $3.5 Trillion In Just The Next Five Years *

Is America Up for a Naval War With China?  *

China-Iran Deal Is a Major Blow to U.S. Aspirations in Central Asia 

Attacking China will not save Trump's presidency 

‘China’s goal is to replace you’: AG Barr warns Hollywood, Big Tech & US academia not to ‘kowtow’ to Beijing 

US Destroyer Sent to Venezuelan Coast to Challenge Maduro *

Venezuela slams ‘sneaky’ entry of US destroyer as 'provocation *

U.S. War Against The Earth Itself
US scientists urge government to renounce nuclear tests

Twitter vows ‘aggressive’ security measures after ‘approx. 130 accounts’ were hit by hack attack on blue checks 

Earthquake & Volcanic Activity Around The Pacific Rim Getting Worse
The West Coast Of America Is In Serious Danger Of Major Earthquakes
7.0-magnitude quake hits off Papua New Guinea coast 

Azerbaijan threatens to strike Armenian nuclear power plant

Julian Assange: Damage to the soul of a nation

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