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Declassified White House docs reveal America’s self-doubt over a potential military conflict with China 

US Cancels Top UN Envoy's Provocative Trip To Taiwan, Avoiding China Showdown 

Pelosi Names Eric Swalwell As House Impeachment Manager

Watch Live: House Votes On Impeachment After Debate

House votes to advance impeachment of President Donald Trump for the second time 

House votes to impeach Trump for ‘insurrection,’ unclear when the case will go to Senate 

Trump’s second impeachment risks giving half the US a ‘stab in the back’ narrative like that which took hold in Germany in 1919 

US House impeaches Trump again

Biden says riots in Washington incited by Trump 

‘NO violence’: Trump calls on Americans to ‘calm tempers’ amid political crisis 

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene vows to IMPEACH Biden on his first day in office, says she’ll be ‘voice of ignored voters’

 Dem Lawmaker Introduces Resolution To Abolish Electoral College: How Would It Be Done?

Caught On Video: National Guard Gearing Up With Rifles, Riot Shields At The Capitol

"Clock Is Ticking" - FBI Races To Track Down Insurrectionists Ahead Of Biden's Inauguration 

 Poll: 74% of Americans Expect More Attempted Violence During Week of Inauguration

As thousands of soldiers pour into US Capitol for Biden's inauguration, Congress orders military to vet them for Trump terrorist sympathies 

The Storming of the Capitol: America's Reichstag Fire? 

Rabobank: The Republican Party Is Headed For A Brexit-Style Civil War 

The US Has Become Too Big, Too Diverse, and Too Corrupt to Survive

A Nation Imploding: Digital Tyranny, Insurrection, And Martial Law

 Is Inflation In Your Best Interest, Or The Fed's?

Five "Interesting" Financial Tidbits

Beige Book Finds Prices Rising Everywhere

"655 People Have $4 Trillion In Wealth, But 200 Million Can't Cover A $1000 Expense"

The Fed Sent $838 Billion in "Profits" To The Treasury In Past Decade 

"655 people have $4 trillion in wealth. 200 million can't cover a $1000 expense."

World Bank Head Sees "Quiet" Financial Crisis Brewing As Pandemic Lingers 

Will 2021 Be The Year The World Loses Faith In The US Dollar? 

One of the Greatest Economic Blunders in History 

This Is Tyranny 

Recall California Governor Gavin Newsom (2020)

Pompeo is right that Al-Qaeda is active in Iran. But he’s not looking for military action… he wants to cause problems for Biden 

A week before Trump's term ends, US Treasury imposes new sanctions on Iranian foundations

Iran’s precondition for US to return to JCPOA tangible sanctions relief, not empty signatures: Zarif

Reports Falsely Link Iran's Uranium Metal to Nuclear Weapons 

Trump Administration Slaps More Sanctions on Iran

 Iran Blasts US Decision to Designate Ansarullah as Terrorist Group

 US Declares Sanction against Iran's Corona Vaccine-Production Company

 Zarif: Iraqi Arrest Warrant for Trump Result of Iran’s Pursuit

 IRGC Commander: Israel Rotten Inwardly, Iran Not Dependent on JCPOA

Iran Has Begun Assembling Key Material For Nuclear Warhead Production: UN Report

Eye Of The Storm: United States And Iran Flex Muscles Expecting New Confrontation

 Israel Launches "Deadliest Airstrikes In Years" On Syria With US Intelligence Coordination

  Syria Condemns New Israeli Raids, Urges UN Action

US-Assisted Israeli Attacks in East Syria Kill at Least 57 

  Fatemiyoun Brigade Denies Casualty in Israeli Attack on Syria

Mysterious Aircraft Pound Turkish Oil Smugglers In Syria; US Supply Convoys Are Blown Up In Iraq

Syria renews demand for implementing resolution (497) …Golan inseparable part of Syrian territory, imprescriptible right 

Israeli Forces Strike Hamas Military Site in Gaza Strip After IDF Vehicle Comes Under Fire -

Israeli settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque under protection of occupation forces

 Trump's Failure in Iraq Is About Iran

 No end to Saudi atrocities against Yemeni children

Israeli Minister Warns Israel Could Attack Iran if Biden Rejoins Nuclear Deal 

US foreign policy filth

 Australian scientists urge pause on deployment of AstraZeneca vaccine over efficacy concerns, suggest Pfizer or Moderna instead 

‘Ku Klux Klan cowboys of the White House’: Maduro unloads on Trump’s ‘extremist’ administration in fiery speech 

After months of bashing Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine, Western journalists in Moscow line up to be inoculated against Covid-19 

Turning back on S-400 program ‘very problematic’, Turkish defense minister says, urging US to consider dialogue 


Not Since The Days Of Noah
Has The Human Genome Been So Endangered
It Was Then That God, Via The Great Flood, Purged The Earth Of The Hybrid Races, And Giants, That Came Into Being When The Sons Of God Married The Daughters Of Men, And Produced Evil Hybrid Children As Offspring - Geneses 6: 2-4. Noah Was Spared Because He Found Favor With God, Because He Was Perfect In His Generations = Genome - Geneses 6: 9. Noah's Genetic Makeup Was Not Contaminated With Non-Human = Foreign DNA. If God Was So Angered By These Past Transgressions Against The Human Genome, Think Of How This mRNA Covid Vaccine Must Be Angering God Now. This Attempt To Alter The Human Genome Is Just The Beginning Of Further Transgressions To Come. I Fear That A Major Red Line Has Been Crossed Between Heaven And Earth. This Is Especially True When People Are Driven By Fear And Tricked Into Taking This Genetic Altering Vaccine, And Are Not Fully Informed Of It's Danger. This Cannot Be Allowed To Continue Because It Threatens The Very Existence Of The Human Race On A Genetic Level. Mass Extermination, And Genetically Altered Races, Are Now Possible Under The Guise Of Vaccines. It's Like A Horrific Science Fiction Movie Come True. What Monsters Will be Created? Who Monitors The Scientists Responsible For These mRNA Vaccines? What Plans Do They Have For The Future Of Humanity? What Aren't These Mad Scientists Telling Us, And What Must They Be Hiding? What Other Genetic Instructions Are Being Secretly Injected As Well? Do You Really Trust The Government And The Big Pharma With Your Genetic Makeup? Your DNA Is All That Makes You Human And It's Passed On To Your Children As Well. These mRNA Vaccines Instruct The Human Genome = DNA, To Replicate Non-Human = Virus Protein, Within The Human Body. Is It Not Then Possible To Go Much Further And Cause Trans-Human Hybrids Based Upon This Same Technology? Let's Say For Example, That Instead Of Covid RNA, Another RNA, Such As Reptilian, Or Insect, Is Injected Instead, With Genetic Instructions For The Human Genome To Replicate This Protein. What Hybrid Mutations Could Be Developed As A Result? Perhaps Giants And Humans With greatly Altered Characteristics. These So-called Vaccines Are Demonic And A Treat To Humanity. Prepare For What Is Yet To Come As The Forces Of Nature And The Powers Of Heaven Are Unleashed Upon The Beast Empire For Tampering With The Human Genome. This Is Going To Be Stopped, And I Fear What Is Coming Upon The Earth And Upon The United States As A Result.

Woman Warns Others Not to Get Moderna
 Experimental COVID Vaccine – Posts Video of Herself Convulsing

24 Dead and 137 Infected at NY Nursing Home After Experimental COVID Injections

Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!!

COVID Vaccines "Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction"
 says Wyoming Medical Doctor and Manager for Wyoming's State Public Health Department

10,000 Iranian nurses praise Leader's wise positions on vaccine, health workers

France reports 1st case of allergic reaction to Pfizer Covid-19 jab as country continues vaccine rollout 

Mexican President Says Country Intends to Buy 24 Mln Doses of Russia's Sputnik V, Earmarks $ 240 Mln

Putin considers Russian vaccine against COVID-19 the best worldwide 

US media: Trump's presidency ending in disaster

‘Careful what you wish for’ 
Trump WARNS BIDEN 25th Am. ‘will come back to haunt him’ in Texas rant on ‘free speech under threat’ 

Several House Republicans join Democrats’ bid to impeach Trump

US House advances bill to urge vice president to invoke 25th Amendment despite Pence saying NO 

‘Would set a terrible precedent’: Pence says he WON’T invoke 25th Amendment to oust Trump 

US military chiefs condemn Capitol riot as ‘sedition’ 
& urge troops to ‘stay ready’ ahead of inauguration in rare political letter 

The Unthinkable Insurrection on America Powerhouse

Georgia Man Arrested in Pro-Trump Capitol Riot Dies by Suicide

Government Should Build Enlightenment Camps For Nut Job Lawyers
PBS Top Lawyer Says Gov Should Build Enlightenment Camps 
And Remove Children From Trump Supporting Homes

Social media Stocks Take Crap Dive
Wow, That Was Fast…

Goodbye, Big Tech? People are losing trust in social media platforms, economist tells Boom Bust 

Iran's state media says Facebook deleted its main page without warning

Facebook reinstates Press TV page with 4 million subscribers, hours after mysterious ‘FINAL’ deletion 

Pompeo Abruptly Cancels Europe Trip After EU "Extraordinary Snub" In Wake Of Capitol Unrest 

US faces extraordinary humiliation as Europeans refuse to meet with Pompeo

Pompeo claims Al-Qaeda has new home base in Iran, but doesn’t provide evidence 

Zarif calls Pompeo’s ‘Iran, Qaeda link’ rant warmongering lies

Iran: Pompeo’s claims of al-Qaeda ties preposterous, shows failure of pressure policy

 Iran’s FM: 9/11 Caused by Pro-Pompeo Terrorists

End of Trump era heralds failure of economic terrorism, bullying: President Rouhani

Bullying and racism won’t prevail: Iran’s president hails Trump’s departure, compares him to former Shah 

Iran condemns US renaming of Cuba as ‘state sponsor of terrorism’

Iran Denounces US’ Labeling of Cuba as Sponsor of Terrorism

Iran, Iraq see off Trump with new push to expand trade ties

Iran Seeking to Boost Trade with Iraq to $20bln

Iran Calls for Drop of Snapback Sanctions in Future Talks

EU Demands Iran Undo Uranium Enrichment for Diplomacy 

Iran Navy starts military drills in southern waters, takes delivery of two warships

Israeli enemy carries out air attacks on Deir Ezzor and al-Bukamal area 

Israel Continues to Attack Syria as Tehran Awaits Biden Administration 

Lebanon files complaint with UN Security Council over Israeli violations

EU slams US blacklisting of Yemen’s Houthis, warns of aid delivery disruption

Kuwait’s cabinet members resign en masse

Gulf Alliance = U.S./Israel/Saudi Arabia
Demonic Despots Love Murdering Babies For The Shear Pleasure It Gives Them 
Gulf Alliance Welcomes US Designation of Yemen's Houthis as Terror Group 

EU, OIC urge Israel to drop illegal expansionist constructions in West Bank

President Trump Boot Licks Nut-anyahu
Gets A Twitter Boot In Return
Netanyahu Removes Joint Photo With Trump From His Twitter Banner 

Report: Israel Plotting How to Sabotage Biden's Return to Iran Deal 

The Trump Administration's Parting Outrage Against Cuba

Trump’s re-designation of Cuba as a terrorist state is a farce. For the rest of the Covid-stricken world, they are heroes 

Sheldon Adelson’s legacy of underwriting American militarism 

Venezuela's Maduro denounces US criminal policy at new parliament

US threatens to sanction European firms helping Nord Stream 2 pipeline

They Won't Have To Fire A Shot
China/Russia Biding Their Time Until The U.S. Collapses
It Is Written Rev. 18, That The Beast Empire Will Be Thrown Down Because Of It's Crimes Against Humanity
"And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth" - Revelation 18: 24
What We Are Now Witnessing Socially, Politically & Economically In The U.S. Is Fulfillment Of This Prophecy
I Fear Much Worse Is Yet To Come In The Form Of Natural Disasters

Upbeat Xi Says "Time And Situation On China's Side" Amid Turmoil & Pandemic Rise In US 

‘More threatening than Trumpism or Covid-19’: Scientists warn of ‘ghastly future of mass extinction’ 

M6.0 earthquake hits west of Jayapura, Indonesia


Babylon Is Falling
These Events Portend Of The Final Collapse Of The Beast Empire
Brace Yourselves Because It's Going To Get Worse From Here

The Suicidal American Empire Is Collapsing Fast, 
But Its Death Now Would Cause Unacceptable Collateral Damage

Can America be saved? 
It would have to start with some TRUTH-TELLING and unselfishness, so…not so much 

The War On Terror Comes Home 

Poll: 40% of Biden supporters expect brand-new civil war

American surveillance state now going totalitarian: Researcher

Massive Online Disinformation And Christian Hypocrisy

A Stock Market Crash Of 65-80% This Year? 

Expect the System to Go Down – Bill Holter 

WARNING: Top 1% Farmer Voices His Concerns About The Coming Food Crisis

Biden’s Go-Big Stimulus Plans Set Up Fresh Fight in Senate

Of Two Minds - 2021: If It Wasn't For Bad Luck, We Wouldn't Have No Luck At All

Just 39% of Americans could pay for a $1,000 emergency expense

House impeachment resolution accuses Trump of ‘incitement of insurrection’ 

House Democrats introduce Trump impeachment resolution claiming president incited insurrection 

House Dems Introduce Article Of Impeachment Against Trump, Have The Necessary Votes

Pelosi hell-bent on Trump impeachment amid division among Democrats

How A Snap Impeachment Could Shatter Our Constitutional Balance 

Why Both Pelosi's 25th Amendment and Impeachment Options Are Waste of Time 

FBI bulletin claims threat of ‘armed protests’ and ‘huge uprising’ if Trump is removed – reports 

FBI Warns Of "Armed Protests" Across Nation As 15,000 National Guard Deployed To Capitol  

Trump declares emergency, orders federal assistance amid Biden inauguration

Scary Times Ahead: Roger Stone Admits Its Entirely Possible Trump Ends Up in Prison 

Trump Warns Democrats: Impeachment "Witch Hunt" Is "Causing Tremendous Anger"

Slavoj Zizek: Trump’s GREATEST TREASON is the betrayal of populism

US Supreme Court Refuses To Fast-Track Trump's Election Appeal 

San Francisco Police Prepare For Pro-Trump Rally At Twitter Headquarters 

US Homeland Security chief resigns as fears rise over more pro-Trump violence

Merkel says Trump Twitter ban ‘problematic’ due to ‘fundamental right’ to freedom of opinion – spokesperson 

ACLU Warns Of "Unchecked Power" After Facebook, Twitter Suspend Trump 

Parler Sues Amazon, Asks Federal Judge To Reinstate Hosting On AWS

Ron Paul Says He’s Been Locked Out of Facebook

Twitter’s hypocritical censorship: 
Misinformation on Western Covid vaccines banned, falsehoods about Russia's Sputnik V permitted 

Twitter permanently suspends more than 70,000 QAnon accounts as social media purge continues 

GoFundMe removes fundraisers for travel linked to pro-Trump rallies due to alleged ‘risk of violence’ 

Amazon says it will SUSPEND donations to lawmakers who objected to Biden’s victory certification, joining a growing list of firms

Republican fundraising emails stopped after Salesforce said they ‘could lead to violence’

Senior House Republican Says Parler Shutdown by Rivals Breaks Monopoly Laws 

600,000 Join Free Speech Platform Gab- In One Day! 

Twitter stock crashes after company permanently bans Trump’s account 

Tech guru Durov warns Apple & Google pose threat to freedom, 
as Russian Senator says Trump Twitter ban a challenge to sovereignty 

A Nursing Home Had Zero COVID Deaths
 Then, It Vaccinates Residents And The Deaths Begin

Cuomo Reverses: Demands "Reopen The Economy" Amid Dismal NYC Vaccine Rollout

Hundreds of NYC Vaccine Appointment Slots Go Unfilled as City Demands Candidates Answer 51 Questions to Get A Shot

Vaccine Rollout Hits a ‘Snag’ as Health Workers Balk at Shots 

‘Most inoculated place on Earth’? Disneyland to become Covid vaccination ‘super site’ in Anaheim, California 

Hundreds of coronavirus versions may coexist in human body, says scientist 

California COVID Death Toll Tops 30,000, 
LA Experiencing Its Worst Disaster in Decades as Fatalities Surge 1,000% in Six Weeks

Pompeo has wilfully crossed China’s red line on Taiwan, and now the world waits to see how Beijing will respond 

Crypto Carnage Erases Over $200 Billion In Market Cap

Bitcoin Bloodbaths, Big-Tech Battered As Buck Bounce-Back Builds

Senior health official: Iran concerned UN, WHO biased in favor of inadequately-tested US technology

$100 mn of US assets to freeze in relation to assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists

Report: Pompeo to Accuse Iran of al-Qaeda Links on Tuesday 

Iran: Renegotiation of nuclear deal out of question

 840 Academics Ask IRGC Aerospace Commander to Target Any Intruding US Army B-52s

 Gov't Spokesman: Trump’s Anti-Iran Moves Backfire in America

After Arab-Israeli normalization, Al-Aqsa is in danger of destruction

Hamas warns of Israeli scheme to dismantle Dome of Rock

This Is Intentional Genocide By The Trump Administration
Born Of Pure Hatred For The Yemenis People And Shiite Muslims In General
Aid Groups Sound the Alarm Over Houthi Terror Designation 

US lawmakers: Designating Houthis as terrorist, death sentence for thousands of Yemenis

Starving Yemenis fearful of Houthi terror designations consequences

At a Yemen hospital wracked by U.S. funding cuts, children are dying of hunger

MoA - Dear Congress - Stop Wasting Time With Impeaching Trump - End His Famine In Yemen

Hezbollah: US terror designation for Yemen’s Ansarullah criminal act

Mistake Hell! It's Intentional Genocide
 Ex-US Envoy to Yemen: Designation of Houthi Ansarullah as Terrorist Group A Big Mistake

Here Is Where Pompeo Gets His Marching Orders
Pompeo meets with Mossad chief ahead of anti-Iran speech: Report

Advocacy group B’Tselem calls Israel apartheid regime for first time

 ‘This Is Apartheid’: Rights Group Slams Israeli Rule

Israeli PM orders plans to be advanced for construction of 800 new settler units before Biden sworn in

Israel Approves Construction of 800 New Settler Homes in West Bank 

Israel expects to vaccinate children against Covid-19 by March, says pandemic chief 

Taiwan’s representative visits US embassy in the Netherlands, as China condemns lifting restrictions on official meetings 

Trump Administration Designates Cuba as State Sponsor of Terror 

Cuba scolds US for ‘cynical & opportunistic’ inclusion on its list of state sponsors of terrorism days before Trump’s exit 

The situation in Italy

Italian Government On Verge Of Collapse Amid Battle Over EU COVID Relief

‘It’s all fallen apart’: Newsom scrambles to save California — and his career 

Gold outstrips foreign currencies in Russia's international reserves

Cryptocurrencies lose almost $200 BILLION in 24 hours as bitcoin plummets 

M6.0 earthquake strikes Hokkaido, Japan 

Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake on Russia-Mongolia Border 

Interplanetary shock wave sparks display of Arctic auroras 


There Are No Legitimate Reasons For Economic Sanctions On Iran
It's U.S./Israeli Economic Terrorism Meant To Destroy The Nation Of Iran
U.N. Silence Concerning These Ongoing U.S. Sanctions On Iran Condemns The U.N. With Complicity

Iran Will Expel UN Inspectors If US Sanctions Aren't Lifted

Wake Up Iran!
This Is Not The Result Of Distress, But The Outcome Of Insanity & Bigotry
It's Representative Of A Psycho-Hatred Of Muslim Shiites Wherever They Are Located
All Shiite Muslims Have Been Lumped Under A Common Israel/U.S. Designation As Iranian Proxies
This Gives The U.S./Israel An Excuse To Butcher Shiite Muslims Wherever They Are Located
Iran, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, It Makes No Difference
This Is In Reality Is A U.S. War Against Shiite Muslims Across The Entire Middle East

US sanctioned Iraqi anti-terror leader out of distress: Iran

Here Is Why Israel/U.S. Are Out To Destroy Iran
Competition For Regional Power
Pakistan’s Imran Khan: Iran capable of turning into regional economic power

Iran blasts West’s politicization of S. Korean tanker seizure and calls on Seoul to release frozen Iranian assets 

US soldiers recall devastation as Iran pounded Ain al-Assad air base in Iraq

Another Victory For Freedom Of The Sea
Iran Hails Victory While Tankers & Cargo Ships Continue Arriving At Venezuelan Port 

Psychos Don't Make Sense
President Trump Has A Psycho-Hatred Of Iranians, Yemenis, Iraqis, Syrians & Muslim Shiites
Sanctioning The Wife Of Syria's President Is Just Another Example Of His Insanity

More War by Other Means: 
Sanctioning the Wife of Syria’s President Makes No Sense to Anyone, by Philip Giraldi

Another Glaring Example Of U.S. Bias Against Shiite Muslims
Sunni Dominated Saudi Arabia Escorting U.S. Bombers Is A Direct Threat To Shiite Muslims Across The Middle East
If The U.S. Doesn't Stop These Biased Pro-Sunni & Anti-Shiite Operations It Will Ignite A Regional War Between These Two Muslim Factions
Israel & The U.S. Will Be Caught Right In The Middle While China & Russia Are Also Dragged Into The Fray
Watch: Saudis Release Footage Of Its F-15s Escorting B-52 Bomber Over Gulf In Anti-Iran Message 

A dignitary from al-Akidat tribe, his son martyred by fires of unknown persons in Deir Ezzor countryside 

Syria, Iraq discuss cooperation in domain of transport, railway connectivity 

These Are Iraqi Shiites That The U.S. Is Trying To Destroy
They Are Intentionally Being Mislabeled As Iranian Proxies To Aid In Their Extermination
Iraq Slams US Sanctions Against Key Militia Leader 

US sanctions on PMU chairman violation of Iraq’s sovereignty: Iraq's Islamic Supreme Council

Protests No Doubt Instigated By The U.S./CIA At The Behest Of Israel
Iraqi policeman shot dead, dozens wounded in Nasiriyah protests

Another Example Of Trump's Insane Hatred Of Yemenis & All Shiite Muslims
It's Genocide Masquerading As A Legitimate Foreign Policy
Trump Administration Announces Houthi Terror Designation

Houthis say reserve right to respond to US terrorist designation

Yemen, a Quagmire for Saudi Coalition and Imperialists 

All People & Nations Are Equal Under God
God Is The Creator Of All Humanity And No Single Nation Has A Right To Rule Over Another
Americans Show Little Concern For The Destruction The U.S. Is Causing To Nations & People Abroad In The Interest Of Imperial Domination
These Crimes Against Humanity & International Law Are Now Coming Home To Roost As karmic Retribution - Articles Below

Whispers In The Wind 

Fed-Driven Bubble Destined To End Badly

Five Forces Driving The 2021 Economy

"It's A Ghost Town": Debt-Laden NYC Taxi Drivers In Dire Straits 

Five Reasons Why Runaway Inflation Is Imminent According To Morgan Stanley

Capitol Hill violence was not a ‘victory’ for Putin:
 In reality, Russia fears consequences of ongoing US political instability

Capitol Police Officer Dies By Suicide Just Days After Siege

Here It Comes: Patriot Act 2.0 Aimed At The UnWoke Enemy Within

Top EU diplomat: US Capitol siege ‘wake-up call’ for democracies

Americans Aren't Concerned With President Trumps Murderous Crimes In The Middle East
Only Domestic Issues Matter 
Trump may turn to Giuliani again to defend against impeachment

Trump must be jailed for inciting deadly Capitol riot 
 former White House communications director Scaramucci 

 After Capitol Siege, Majority in New Poll Says Trump Should Be Removed from Office Before Term Ends

Pelosi Says House Will Proceed with Efforts to Remove Trump with Urgency

Give Him To The Iranians
They'll Put Him On Trial For Murder
Pelosi threatens Pence with 24-hour ultimatum
 to declare Trump ‘incapable,’ before Dems launch impeachment process

Stand In The Corner Johnny!
American's Treated Like School Children By Social Media
 Told What To Say And Think Under Penalty Of Forced Silence
Isn't It Time For Americans To Dump Childish Social Media?
Twitter Plunges After Trump Ban; Parler Site Taken Offline 

Pope Francis’ personal doctor dies of Covid-19, as Pontiff misses scheduled baptism 

India Refuses to Budge on US Threat as 100 Airmen Ready for S-400 System Training in Russia

Why the US wastes billions on nuclear weapons it doesn’t need 

Beijing urged not to overreact to Trump administration’s ‘desperate last act’ on Taiwan

Personal Excuses Not Acceptable To God When Taking A Human Life 
Very Popular Priest Explains Russian Church's Zero-Tolerance on Abortion

Gun owners ‘must stay vigilant & engaged in politics,’
 NRA says after Biden vows to DEFEAT pro-2nd Amendment group 

Another Victory For International Free Trade
The World's Most Controversial Pipeline Project Enters Its Final Phase


Pressure Grows on Trump to Leave

Pelosi Slams Trump as ‘Deranged’, Calls for ‘Prosecution’

Video: The Capitol Hill Fiasco 2021 

Nearly Half Of Republicans Approve Of Capitol Riot

Biden Will Face New Depression 

Your Preview of the Biden Economy 

A Stock Market Crash Of 65-80% This Year? 

Food Price Inflation Accelerates For Seventh Consecutive Month 

This is not our fault: Pandemic job losses leave hospitality workers with few opportunities 

The Slow Implosion Of The European Union 

Escobar: The Assange Saga - Practicing Real Journalism Is Criminally Insane 

The Boot Is Coming Down Hard And Fast

IRS Sent "Millions Of Checks" To The Wrong Bank Accounts, Tax Preparers Claim

Wiping Out $1 Trillion In Student Debt Could Soon Be Government Policy

The Pope Is A Very Uniformed Individual
This Will Cause Death To Many
The Pope, like many other people, is lumping the anti-mRNA vaccination people with the general anti-vaccination community - article below. Let me get this straight right now! I am not anti-vaccination. I believe in the medical benefits of immunization via vaccination provided that the vaccine is a standard Pasteur type inoculation. The Pasteur method is to inject a dead or inactive virus or bacterium into the subject, and the body's immune system creates an immunity to the live virus. I am in no way objecting to this form of vaccination. I do however strongly object to the mRNA vaccines which have never been used before. Instead of using a dead or deactivated virus, this method is to inject Covid RNA, with genetic instructions for the subject person's own DNA, to replicate the Covid Protein, and thereby create immunity against it. I further object to the government and doctors not informing people of the difference or the dangers of the mRNA versus the standard Pasteur vaccination, and then lumping those who object to the mRNA vaccines into the general anti-vaccination crowd, to further cloud the issue. It's criminal not to inform people of the difference. The danger is obvious to anybody with half a brain. Since the Covid Virus Protein is produced by the body's own DNA, what's to prevent the body from producing a hybrid protein composed of both human and viral DNA, and then producing anti-bodies that not only attack the Covid Virus, but now begin to attack the body as well? This would then be an genetically induced auto-immune disease. The answer is that nobody knows because it hasn't been tested and it has never been used before. Those who get the vaccination are in fact the test subjects. To add insult to injury, those who have physical or mental problems following these untested mRNA vaccinations, can't even sue, because the producers and distributors, and including the doctors, are protected by Federal Law. Many health insurance providers will likewise disallow medical coverage because of the experimental nature of these vaccines. Many people are not informed of this. The result is that if anything happens, you have to pay for it yourself.
Pope to be vaccinated against Covid next week, labels opposition to jabs ‘suicidal denial’ 

Russia Now Controls The Price Of Oil
Russia Turns Attention To US After Winning Oil War With Saudi Arabia

One-China policy ‘null & void’? 
Trump creates diplomatic hot potato for Biden as Pompeo ends all restrictions on Taiwan relations 

Iranian vaccine prioritized as Western types come under cloud of suspicion

‘Our people won’t be a testing device’: Tehran bans trials of foreign vaccines on Iranians 

 Iran-Made Vaccine Safe, Volunteers Show No Side Effect

US COVID vaccines are extremely hazardous to human health: Researcher

Young Doctor Left Paralyzed MINUTES After Taking Pfizer ‘Covid-19’ Vaccine in Mexico

Dr Eric A Nepute 40,000 adverse vaccine effects

CDC, Miami-Dade to investigate death of Miami Beach doctor following COVID-19 vaccine 

UK nurse catches COVID-19 three weeks after getting Pfizer vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccination May Be Difficult to Avoid

California Reports Record COVID Fatalities; UK 1st In Europe To Top 3MM Deaths: Live Updates

I'll Be Very Glad To See This Nut Job Go
Pompeo says Iran should not enrich uranium at any level

 Speaker: Lifting of Sanctions Important Not Washington’s Return to JCPOA

 Iran Not Concerned over Trump’s Likely Mischief in Waning Days of Presidency

Syria Now Bushwhacking U.S. Terrorists With Drones
Drone attack hits oil refineries in militant-held northern Syrian: Reports

US occupation continues to loot Syrian grain from Hasaka 

Czech researcher: International silence regarding Israeli attacks on Syria a hidden support for them 

Only Iran stood by Iraq in difficult times of anti-Daesh fight: Politician

Israel attacked Palestinian hospitals 3 times within 2 weeks: UN

Washington "One-China" Policy Dead As Pompeo Lifts Restrictions On US-Taiwan Relations 

It's All A Fabricated Lie
The bin Laden death story

5.7-Magnitude Quake Hits Taiwan Region, Local Weather Bureau Says - Sputnik International

A bomb cyclone highway is forming off Alaska in the Northern Pacific Ocean 

They Just Can't Seem To Get Rid Of Nut-anyahu
Israelis Restart Netanyahu Protests Amid Third Virus Lockdown

6.0-magnitude earthquake hits near Vanuatu - 2nd strong quake on the planet within 3 hours 

M6.1 earthquake hits near San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina

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