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Germany warns US against imposing sanctions on Nord Stream 2, 
says no country has right to ‘dictate’ its energy policy 

South China Sea: Chinese military told not to fire first shot in stand-off with US forces 

‘Those who play with fire will get burnt:’ China warns US against Taiwan ties

US Revises Iran Arms Embargo Plan, Hopes to Avoid Vetoes

Iran envoy to UN: Softened US resolution can’t get UNSC on board

Rouhani: US will hopefully face defeat in anti-Iran bid at UNSC

US maliciously working to use UN itself to destroy world body: Iran FM

US sanctions wall collapsing, but Iran’s economy not

Iraq cancels Turkish defense minister’s visit, summons envoy over deadly drone strike

Lebanon’s Beirut reeling one week after explosion

Three Israeli tanks cross border fence to enter Lebanese territory

Israel closes key Gaza crossing to ‘all goods’

Israel begins bulldozing villagers homes in West Bank

Where will we live?: Palestinian girl weeps as Israel razes her home

Russia rejects concerns about COVID-19 vaccine, stresses safety

Europe's last dictator Lukashenko starts the fire of civil war in Belarus

Belarusian police use LIVE FIRE against protestors overnight, 1 person injured 

‘Hard times are here’: UK suffers WORST economic meltdown in Europe with over 20% GDP contraction

Wave of evictions sweeps US amid impasse over coronavirus protections

Food Bank Strains Emerge As Economy Falls Off Fiscal Cliff  

Escape From New York: Wealthy Residents Flee In Droves As The City Degenerates Into A Hellhole 


Lebanese government quits amid fury over Beirut blast 

Beirut, Govt Resigns. Israeli ex MP: “A blast as a nuclear bomb. I hope it was Us”. 

Lebanon's Prime Minister To Step Aside, Clearing Way For 3rd Government In Less Than A Year

Breaking: Lebanon government collapses, sort of 

Lebanese PM to announce resignation of government soon amid widespread protests - minister

Analysts: French president advancing Israel interests in Lebanon

IDF publishes photos purporting to expose Hezbollah precision missile factory 

Pentagon/Esper: Beirut May be an Attack…we made a mistake’

Christians in Beirut: We witnessed jets and a missile flying overhead just moments before the explosion

Trump had 4 yrs for diplomacy with Iran, but opted to make worst mistakes: Govt. spox

‘Zero chance’ for US resolution on Iran arms ban as UNSC readies for vote

 IRGC Deputy Commander: No US Official Valuable Enough to Be General Soleimani's Direct Ransom for Revenge

 IRGC Deputy Commander: US Democrats, Republicans No Different to Iran

 Caretaker of Industry Ministry: Iran’s Distance from Oil-Oriented Economy Worrying US

US Plans To Build Up Syrian Proxy Forces to Guard Oilfield

Netanyahu on Syria: We will do what is necessary to defend ourselves 

Explosions hit U.S. coalition supply convoys in Iraq: sources, military 

Explosions reported as Iraqi Shiite militia targets US military convoy near Kuwait border – security forces

Explosions hit US coalition supply convoys in Iraq

US court summons Saudi crown prince over alleged assassination attempt

Tensions with Greece reignite as Turkey holds military drills, resumes energy exploration

Israel planning to destroy al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestinian leader warns

Netanyahu blames Washington for stalled West Bank annexation, says Trump ‘busy with other things’ 

Hamas Sends ‘Message’ to Israel With Barrage of Rockets Fired Into the Sea 

Elliott Abrams — a fanatical neoconservative Zionist

Elliott Abrams going to be involved in black op against Iran: Expert

Elliott Abrams — fanatical neoconservative Zionist — arrives with Beirut nuke

Chaos In Chicago: Bridges Raised To Prevent Gun-Toting Looters Getting Downtown

We are coming for you, Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot warns criminals and vigilantes after a night of mass looting, unrest 

Seattle’s 1st black female chief RESIGNS after city council chops police budget & officers’ salaries 

Trump Says US National Guard Ready to Act Immediately to Secure Portland

Police Warn Portland Is Lost if Mayor Doesn't Stop Riots

China Mobilizes Invasion Craft On Coast Near Taiwan As Top US Official Arrives In Taipei: Report

Mnuchin: US Won't Allow TikTok to Continue as a Chinese-Owned Company

US unveils blueprint to seal off Chinese tech giants

China slaps sanctions on 11 US lawmakers, citizens, in retaliation against the Trump administration 

China Faces Food Shortage As Droughts, Flooding, And Pests Ruin Harvest

Russia vows to reciprocate Slovakia’s expulsion of diplomats as US hails move

Rules for thee but not for me: Pompeo denounces proposed Russian law as ‘burdensome’ limitation on US propaganda outlets 

US Senators Threaten German Port With ‘Crushing’ Sanctions Over Russian Pipelaying Vessels

Russia becomes first country to approve COVID-19 vaccine, says Putin

Covid-19 pandemic numbers stabilizing around the world at last – AFP tally 

Russian COVID-19 vaccine to enter circulation on January 1, 2021 -

RDIF CEO: Russia Has Received Requests for 1 Billion Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine From Over 20 Countries 

Key Things to Know About First COVID-19 Vaccine Registered in Russia -

 Global COVID-19 Cases Top 20mln, US Accounts for A Quarter of Patients

Americans renouncing their US citizenship in droves: Report

Fed Commitment To Let Inflation Run Isn't A Promise; It's A Threat 

‘This is the most unloved gold bull market I’ve ever seen’

Trump's order to stop evictions is "toothless, at best," expert says

Trump unemployment insurance executive order will cost states billions

Trump’s Latest Executive Orders Are a Political Stunt

Hard times: One in four Americans have missed a bill payment since COVID-19 emerged - Study Finds

Out of work and with families to feed, some Americans are lining up at food banks for the first time in their lives

California's immense pension dilemma 

Information: July 2020 Rent Report

Small farmers left behind in Trump administration's COVID-19 relief package

Global Lockdowns Set To Plunge 100 Million Into Extreme Poverty

Scientists discover new kind of powerful, BOOMERANG earthquake which generates underground ‘sonic booms’ 

Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Hits Honduras, USGS Says 

Massive dragon-shaped windstorm headed for Chicago 

Powerful derecho storm wreaks havoc across US Midwest leaving 1.1 million without power

Trump press conference interrupted after shots fired outside White House 

Most US voters don't think Biden will be able to finish his full four-year term if elected president - poll 


Lebanon ministers: Cabinet will stay to resolve crisis

Lebanese PM calls for early elections, blames corruption for Beirut blast, massive protests 

Is France helping Lebanon, or trying to reconquer it?

Escobar: Who Profits From The Beirut Blast? 

 Israel blew up Beirut to hell 

Lebanon: The Beirut Blast, Destablisation, Chaos an attempt at Regime change 

Who Nuked Beirut? 

US website reveals Saudi disinformation campaign to blame Hezbollah for Beirut blast

Israeli TV still pushing Hezbollah involvement in Beirut explosion, 
claims Lebanese org. wanted ammonium nitrate for third war with Jewish state

Iran advises against politicization of Lebanon tragedy

Iran calls on US to lift sanctions on Lebanon, urges against ‘politicizing’ Beirut blast

Leading US magazine: Iran-China deal bad news for West’

Senior Mufti: Most Iraqi Shiites, Sunnis Ready to Fight for Expelling US

Syrian tribe declares popular war against US forces, SDF

A company of thieves run by Washington to steal Syrian oil

Youth martyred by Qasad gunfire in Qamishli 

UN, Saudi to blame if stranded oil tanker explodes: Yemen

Saudi Arabia Has Turned Off the U.S. Oil Taps Again

Is The OPEC+ Alliance Coming To An End? 

Defiant Erdogan Says Turkey Has Resumed Mediterranean Gas Exploration & Drilling

Islamic Jihad warns Israel against escalating aggression against Palestinians

Israel’s Coalition Gov’t Teeters on Brink of Collapse as Cabinet Meeting Canceled Over Budget Battle 

Israelis widen calls for resignation of Netanyahu

Martenson: It's Time To Position For The Endgame

Blain: "The Brutal Reality Of Slowdown Is Becoming Clearer" 

Postmaster General, a Trump crony, admits slowing the mail 

Political Interference With USPS Is Unprecedented. Save the Post Office, Now.

AG Bill Barr says socialist BLM protesters have created urban guerrilla warfare because of their desire for a left-wing utopia

Social Media Imposing Modern-Day Hays Code on Political Speech

The evilness of America's ruling class 

US hits 5 million Covid-19 case ‘milestone’, according to media tallies 

California Will Soon Be Paying $1,250 To People Who Test Positive For Coronavirus

US-China relations: America is looking to outgun PLA in Indo-Pacific, observers say

Germany Pullout: Esper Says Troops are Moving Closer to Russia 

China slaps US with sanctions on Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio & others in retaliation for Hong Kong policy

Dollar’s Share of Russia-China Trade Falls to Record 46% Low, Hinting at New Financial Alliance

It's time to rethink our Russia policy say 103 American foreign-policy experts in open letter 

Britain's NATO-driven policy towards Russia is 95% deterrence & 5% dialogue - Russian ambassador to UK 

WATCH: Indonesian countryside plunged into darkness as volcano unleashes towering column of ash 

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits North Carolina, most powerful in the state since 1916 


Would You Demonstrate And Riot If Your Town Were Just Blown To Bits?
I don't think so. I know that demonstrating would be my last choice after such a disaster. Instead of demonstrating, most people would assist the government in the investigation and help it to recover from such a loss. I smell a setup here. It's very convenient that these anti-government protests in Lebanon could be organized after such a devastating event. It smells strongly of a planned event bent on regime change by some foreign power. I smell Israel and U.S. State Department involvement. If that be the case, was the explosion a preplanned event made to synchronize with pre-organized demonstrations, and a pre-staged media event? Certain news sources and social media seem to focus on demonstrations and riots, and feed off of this stuff, and cause more problems by propagating the issue into sensationalized news and videos. The same can be said about the demonstrations and riots happening in the United States. It's a self fulfilling money making proposition. The riots create the news and the news media perpetuates the riots while the people rioting get free publicity and further support. These are pre-planned media events for political purposes. It's not normal human behavior to riot and demonstrate so soon after such a devastating event with so many dead and injured. People are usually too much in shock to participate in demonstrations. I suspect that very evil people caused this tragedy to happen, or are taking advantage of it to push their own regime change agenda. It smells to high heaven.   

Was Israel responsible for the Beirut explosion?

 Israel Destroys East Beirut with ‘new weapon’ 

Beirut, Calling out the cynical exploitation of the disaster

Law enforcers regain control of Beirut’s center, ministries captured by protesters

 US Supports Unrest in Lebanon in Hope of Regime Change in Blast-Devastated Beirut

Russian Ambassador Says US Attempts to Pressure Lebanon Will Strengthen Hezbollah 

Lebanon's President Rejects Calls for International Probe in Beirut Incident

Death Toll, Number of Injured People Continue to Rise in Lebanon

 Iran: US Should Account for Supporting, Sheltering Terrorist Groups

Russian Foreign Ministry criticizes agreement between QSD militia 
and US oil company as flagrant violation of international law and Syria’s sovereignty 

Saudi Arabia hit hard by low oil prices as Aramco posts massive loss

WATCH: Thousands of protesters surround Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem 

Are Trump and Adelson Now at Odds Over Netanyahu and Israel? 

US sanctions on China will trigger more job losses in US 

US Oil & Gas Production Plunges the Most Ever: The Great Bust, Phase 2

As Democrats dither, Trump signs executive orders providing economic relief to millions of Americans 

David Stockman: The Biggest Threat to Your Prosperity

Labor Dept. Trumps Its Own Numbers

Global COVID-19 cases surpass 19.6 million, over 727K dead

US hits 5 million Covid-19 case ‘milestone’, according to media tallies 

55% of coronavirus patients still have neurological problems three months later: study 

Moving US troops ‘closer to Russia’s border’ is necessary to ensure ‘collective security’, Pentagon claims 


Lebanese President: We Will Investigate "Possible External Interference" In Historic Beirut Blast

‘External interference through rocket, bomb or other act’ possible cause of Beirut blast – Lebanon’s president 

“Beirut Massacre by a Missile!” Lebanon President and Italian Military Expert said “Thermal rings the proof” 

Did the Missile/Fertilizer/Fireworks Explosion Miss the ‘Warehouse?- New Impact Photos 

Source: Israel Planned the Nuke Attack on Beirut Years in Advance, Exactly How they Did it

Over 60 still missing as Lebanon rejects bid to dilute truth

Hezbollah chief says impartial probe necessary into Beirut blast

‘Scene from a post-apocalyptic movie’: Russian rescue operations begin at the very epicenter of Beirut explosions 

Lebanon Explosion: Several Arrested over Beirut Tragic Incident

Syrian Embassy in Beirut: In an initial outcome, 43 Syrian martyrs in explosion hit Beirut Port

No colonial power can return to Lebanon, President Aoun says, rebuffing Macron

Elliott Abrams — the worst choice for US special envoy for Iran

Hook’s resignation signals failure of US foreign policy on Iran

"No Difference Between John Bolton, Brian Hook Or Elliott Abrams": Iran FM

Report: UN set to reject US push to extend Iran arms embargo

 Iran Opens World’s Largest Methanol Plant on Persian Gulf's Coasts

 Iran’s Aluminum Output Rises 50% despite Economic Pressures

Infighting erupts among Turkish-backed militants over stolen objects in northern Syria

First grain-carrying train arrives in Sbaineh silos, Damascus countryside coming from Tartous port 

QSD militia besieges several villages and towns in Deir –Ezzor countryside to disperse demonstrations demanding their expulsion

Human Organs’ Traffic in Syria ignored by UN: Sana and CBS videos on White Helmets, Al Qaeda & Turkey Crimes 

UN Condemns Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen That Killed Children 

Young Palestinian woman succumbs to injuries from Israeli fire

A woman martyred, dozens of Palestinians injured in Israeli occupation attacks on Jenin 

"Greater Israel": The Zionist Plan for the Middle East 

Global Splintering Escalates Amid "Delusional" Markets 

Russia's General Staff reveals conditions for the use of nuclear weapons

Russia Warns It Will View All Incoming Missiles as Nuclear 

Trump: "This May Be The Last Time You'll See Me For A While" 

As Trump Advances Ban, CIA Says No Evidence of TikTok Giving Data to China

Trump’s WeChat Ban Brings Cold War With China Into a Billion Homes

US marks 160,000 COVID-19 deaths as economic relief talks fail in Washington

Farmageddon Continues As Bankruptcies Rise 8%  

Trucking Company Refuses To Deliver To Cities Calling To "Defund The Police"

US sanctions Hong Kong leader; China blasts barbarous move

‘Maybe I should send Trump $100 for asset freeze’: Chinese official mocks Washington over Hong Kong sanctions 

China firmly opposes U.S. missile deployment in Asia-‎Pacific, Europe 

US ex-commandos sentenced to 20 years in prison over failed attempt to depose Venezuela's Maduro


More Video Evidence
Lebanon Disaster The Result Of Israeli Missile Attack
If true, and even if the missile attack was conventional as opposed to nuclear, as some are now suggesting - articles below, it is an unequivocal act of war for which Israel must bare full responsibility. Some contend that Israel may have bombed a nearby warehouse containing weapons, and didn't know about the fertilizer stored nearby, and inadvertently touched off the explosion that leveled the port area of Lebanon. At this point it really doesn't matter what the intended purpose was, or even if the missile attack was nuclear or conventional. Whenever any nation launches a missile attack on the city of another nation there is always the risk of unintended consequences. Therefore, most governments would not engage in such dangerous activity. However, Israel is run by a government willing to take such risks. The frequent missile and bombing attacks on Iraq, Syria, and Gaza, are recent examples of such Israeli aggression against it's neighbors. Recent hostility between the Israeli Government and the Lebanese Hezbollah may have been the motive for such Israeli aggression. Recent comments by the President of Lebanon - article below, suggest that this may in fact be the cause. If a missile attack is proven to be true by the Lebanese Government, Israel may have just touched off a regional war that will have far reaching consequences for the future survival of Israel as a nation, and the future of U.S. military operations in the region. Such a war will drag in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Russia, and China. Israel may have just gotten what it has long been seeking, a war with Iran. It may regret the outcome of such action.
‘External interference through rocket, bomb or other act’ possible cause of Beirut blast – Lebanon’s president 

Breaking: Israel Bombed Beirut? 

Breathtaking: Case Closed, Infrared Video Reveals Details of Israeli Nuclear Missile (6 missile videos/3 of them new) 

Israel Hits Beirut with Nuclear Missile, Trump and Lebanese Govt. Confirm(New Infrared Images from 2 cameras) 

 Rescue Operations Continue in Lebanon's Capital as Death Toll Continues to Climb

Iran's Zarif: US, Israel nukes threaten our region

IRGC Top Commander: Iran Not to Leave Lebanese People Alone

 FM Zarif: Iran Stands by Lebanon

China: We don’t agree with US in pushing for extension of Iran arms embargo

 Iran Expanding Cooperation with Foreign Countries' Ports

Superhawk Elliott Abrams Named Special Envoy on Iran 

Pompeo says US will extend arms embargo against Iran one way or another

Iran says Pompeo may also be forced to leave after Hook’s departure

There is no political solution to the Syrian conflict thanks to US and Turkey's continued belligerence 

Russian MoD: Illegal US presence in areas of ٍSyrian al-Jazzera hinders Syrian dialogue

The Council of Sheikhs and Notables of the Syrian Tribes, standing together in one trench against the US and Turkish occupations

Health Ministry provides all facilitations to receive Syrians affected by Beirut Port’s explosion 

US-backed Qasad militias steal equipment of General Electricity Company in Hasaka

Turkish Lira Crashes To Record Low, CDS Spike As Plan Z Fails

Fresh Saudi airstrikes leave nearly two dozen civilians dead in Yemen’s Jawf

At least 10 killed in airstrike in northern Yemen 

Yemen cemetery struggles to dig enough graves as coronavirus spreads

Saudi Arabia seeking to partition Yemen since 2011: Secret documents

Ex-Saudi official: MBS sent kill team to target me

Hamas calls for formation of national committee to defend Jerusalem al-Quds

False rocket alarm sounds in northern Israel along Lebanon border

Israel strikes Gaza from air for 2nd time in a week

Israel strikes ‘underground terror infrastructure’ in Gaza in retaliation for ‘explosive balloons’ 

Ahead Of "Big Jobs Numbers", Initial/Continuing Claims Offers Positive Surprise 

New Survey Confirms Second Wave Of US Layoffs Is Well Under Way 

The dollar is close to a Wile E. Coyote moment when it drops off the cliff & plummets 

Continued Unemployment Claims Are Still Above 16 Million

Millions of Workers Suffering From Repeat Layoffs

If The "Market" Never Goes Down, The System Is Doomed

Von Greyerz: The Nightmare Scenario For The World

European Funds Post Stunning $835 Billion In Trading Losses For First Half Of 2020 

Next coronavirus relief package must include a big defense boost, GOP leaders argue

Children, people aged over 70 develop highest levels of COVID-19 antibodies, study reveals 

California Has Been Under-Counting COVID-19 Cases For Weeks; Global Total Tops 19 Million

Poll: About three quarters support bringing troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan

‘These are killers’: Giuliani blasts BLM as ‘terrorist group’ that ‘hate white people’

Pompeo Wants US to Cut Ties With Chinese Tech Companies 

China's defense minister warns US over dangerous moves

Russia has created world’s 1st Covid-19 vaccine, will be registered next week – Health Ministry 

6.3-magnitude earthquake hits Prince Edward Islands region south east of South Africa 


200,000+ left homeless in Beirut as city is ‘devastated’ by shock blast, governor explains 

Pentagon chief says Beirut blast likely an ACCIDENT, as Trump doubles down on possible ATTACK claims 

Trump walks back claim that Beirut explosion was caused by bomb 

Stunning Satellite Images Of Beirut Blast Epicenter 

Before and after: Russian space agency satellite images capture shocking destruction caused by Beirut explosion 

Hezbollah Linked To Stockpiles Of Ammonium Nitrate Uncovered In Europe: Report

Lebanon ARRESTS ALL port officials as images are thought to reveal the poorly stored ammonium nitrate which blew up Beirut 

Lebanon has no financial means to cope with explosion aftermath, economy minister says 

Explosion in Beirut: Criminal negligence or unexpected turn of events?

 Analyst: US, Israel Beneficiaries of Beirut Explosion

War Drums Beat In The Middle East After Thousands Of Casualties In Beirut Explosion

 Iran Sends 1st Consignment of Humanitarian Aid to Lebanon

US Navy Seizes Iran-Bound Ship Carrying Pharmaceutical Supplies Off China: Fars 

Little-known U.S. firm secures deal for Syrian oil -

 US ramps up Syrian oil plunder and Russia-EU carbon border adjustment talks 

QSD militias seize part of the grain silos administration in al- Hasaka and expell Workers by force of arms

Iraqi PM listens to protesters’ demands at sit-in site in Baghdad

US spy agencies identify suspected undeclared nuclear site near Saudi capital: Report

Do black Americans really support defunding the police? 
Over 80% want cops to stay & keep patrolling their communities, poll shows 

Millions of Americans facing prospect of permanent job loss: Economists

We Are Experiencing Economic Devastation on a Scale That America Has Never Seen Before

Gone for good? Evidence signals many jobs aren't coming back

Republican senators grow anxious over direction of stimulus talks with no deal in sight 

U.S. Borrowing Breaks Fresh Records, Shifting Focus to Fed

China's Three Gorges Dam Near Collapse - Look

6.4-magnitude earthquake hits off Vanuatu - USGS 

Isaias Aftermath: 2 Million Still Without Power Across Northeast; At Least 12 Tornados Confirmed 

NEO – Trump’s Secret War Plan for the South China Sea


Beirut explosion: Huge blast rocks Lebanese capital wounding thousands 

Beirut "Like A War Zone": Terrifying Blast Shockwave Rips Through City 

July 31: Israeli defense minister threatens to bomb Lebanon infrastructure

Netanyahu rattles the saber some more: Lebanon's Hezbollah is playing with fire

Israel Hits Beirut with Nuclear Missile, Trump and Lebanese Govt. Confirm (continually updating) 

Israel: Nuke bombing of Beirut Retaliation against Hezbollah Attack on Golan 

‘A bomb of some kind’? Trump says US military officials ‘think’ deadly Beirut blast was an ATTACK 

Trump Beirut remarks ‘wildly irresponsible’, ex-aide says

Beirut blast: Two-week state of emergency declared in ‘disaster-stricken’ city

US Ready to Offer All Possible Assistance to Lebanon Following Massive Explosion Near Beirut Port 

Israel Has Offered Humanitarian, Medical Aid to Lebanon After Beirut Blast, Defence Minister Says

President: Iran Ready to Send Medical Aid, Treat Injured People in Lebanon

Al-Moallem expresses Syria’s sympathy with Lebanon, readiness to put all potentials to help it 

 US Seizes Ship Carrying Zeolite for Production of Oxygen Concentrator for Coronavirus Patients in Iran

Trump’s Iran policy disastrous, doomed to fail

Iran: Oil deal between US firm, SDF militias lacks legal validity

Israeli Helicopters Attack Southern Syria, Strike Army Positions

Israel Bombs Southern Syria After Claiming That Hezbollah Tried to Attack IDF

Did Mike Pompeo Mislead Congress About Syria's Oil? 

SDF militants kill civilian in protest against US military presence in Syria

Authorities seize large amounts of weapons left behind by terrorists in southern region, including US, Israeli-made mines 

Clashes break out during Jordan protest against crackdown on dissident teachers

Why Gold $3000 Is Next: Bank Of America's Full Must Read Client Call Transcript

"Something's Awry" - Blain Warns Of "Gathering Wave" In The Real World 

World Govt's Eye Blockchain As Dollar's Power Wanes, Says Ripple CEO

Bring on the ‘eviction tidal wave’: 40 percent of US renters face homelessness as landlords & tenants are encouraged to go to war 

Global coronavirus death toll tops 700,000 — Johns Hopkins University

Global COVID-19 Deaths Top 700,000, Victoria Suffers Another Record Despite Toughest Lockdown Yet 

Off you go, then! Most Germans in favor of US troops’ pull-out from their country – poll 

Buchanan: As Goes The Filibuster, So Goes The GOP

China Steps Up Massive Combat Readiness Aerial Drills Over South China Sea

NATO Tense as China Makes First Arms Sales in Europe 

We’ve spent a TRILLION dollars on statins to lower cholesterol, yet cardiovascular deaths have gone UP – it’s achieved nothing

Mainstream media’s power to influence crumbles as nearly 9 in 10 Americans see high or medium level of bias, new poll shows

Bias and commercialism is killing MSM news and causing an exodus of respected journalists who’ve had enough

Were the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki a War Crime and a Crime Against Humanity?

Connected-Car Cyber-Attacks Have Skyrocketed, Up 99% In The Past Year


Russian COVID Vaccine Successfully Tested on Humans as Volunteers Show Immune Response 

Russia warns US global deployment of missiles will meet response

Russia sees Trump’s Poland deployment as ‘very provocative’: Analyst

Global COVID-19 cases top 18.3 million, over 694,000 dead

Riled up Pompeo slams Iran-China deal, threatens with sanctions

Industrial area near Tehran goes up in flames as Iran suffers string of mysterious fires & explosions

 How IRGC's Buried Ballistic Missiles Tear Up Ground to Become Iran's New Surprise Weapon

Iran’s Judiciary Chief Blasts US, Europe for Sheltering Terrorists

Deputy Commander: Iran Able to Develop Navy to World Level

Iraqi Telecommunication Firm Accused of Collaboration in Assassination of General Soleimani

Israel strikes Syrian military targets near Damascus, IDF calls it ‘response’ to failed border attack 

Material damages in an Isrseli aggression on some military points towards Quneitra 

Three injured after Qasad militia opened fire on demonstrators in Deir Ezzor Countryside 

A soldier from Turkish occupation forces found dead in Ras al-Ayn 

Four children killed, two injured as cluster bomb explodes in Yemen’s Ma’rib

Thousands of Yemeni patients at risk of death due to ongoing siege: Health Minister

It's Now Virtually Impossible To Get A Bank Loan As Lending Standards Soar

Is The Dollar Standard Slipping Out Of Control? 

Ron Paul: Europeans Are Waking Up To Government COVID Tyranny. Why Are Americans Still Asleep?

Shootings, Murders Spike By Record In Portland After Disbanding Gun Violence Reduction Team 

Blockbuster: Trump Faces Arrest for Fraud according to Manhattan DA (criminal charges pending) 

Nord Stream 2 Construction Can Continue, Danish Energy Appeal Board States

Tropical Storm Isaias Moves Up the US East Coast 


Iran arrests ringleader of US-based terrorist group: Intelligence ministry

Trump's policy on Iran disaster for everyone involved

Terrorists organizing murder from their safe havens in US, EU: Iran’s Zarif

Iran elected to chair Executive Board of United Nations Human Settlements Program despite US obstruction

Russia: Iran’s nuclear capacity absolutely legitimate

 Iranian FM Stresses Updating Long-Term Cooperation Agreement with Russia

Did the US bomb Syria on false grounds? The American media is ignoring leaks from the OPCW 

Syrian Army Uncovers Organ Trading Hub Of Turkish-Backed Militants In Southern Idlib

Syria condemns in strongest terms agreement signed between Qasad militia and U.S. oil company to steal Syrian oil

Syrian Government Slams US-Kurdish Oil Deal 

Syria says US ‘stealing’ oil after American energy firm signs deal with Kurdish rebels 

Lebanon's foreign minister resigns amid economic crisis

It is now the Israel-led coalition that is destroying Yemen

Israelis hold largest anti-Netanyahu rally in Jerusalem al-Quds

Thousands demonstrate against Netanyahu as Israel protests gain strength 

12 people arrested as Israeli police break up sit-in during largest anti-Netanyahu protest in Jerusalem 

‘North Korea TV can learn from them’: Netanyahu lashes out at Israeli media over ‘one-sided’ coverage of protests 

US House passes spending package valued at $500mn for Israel’s missile systems

US website: Israel trapped in Hezbollah strong deterrence net

Israeli warplanes launch fresh air raids in Gaza Strip

Israeli military says killed four people at Syria border

Armed Israeli settlers assault Palestinian families in West Bank as kidnapping resumes

Dozens of Palestinians suffer suffocation after occupation forces attack west of Jenin 

Those who call the coronavirus a “hoax” are making a huge mistake: 
These twelve questions reveal the TRUTH that no one dare utter

Singapore: COVID-19 Patients Have T-Cell Immunity 

Any disinfectant can kill novel coronavirus — Russian chief sanitary doctor -

After Covid, what next?

Stockman Slams "Lockdown Lunacy" - Your Government Ordered Depression Has Arrived

Blain: "Massive Consequences Are Coming..."

Extra $600 in unemployment benefits ends: "It's an impossible situation"

As Rent Moratorium Expires, Landlord-Tenant Battles Begin 

Democrats Reject One-Week Extension Of $600 Unemployment Boost Amid Otherwise Productive Talks

US companies looking to return home from China face significant problems 

A Record Amount Of Physical Gold Was Just Delivered On COMEX, Here's Why

Massive mail delays hit the postal service under Donald Trump's new postmaster-General 

Federal Agents at Protests Renew Calls to Dismantle Homeland Security

Why we should not save Portland, Seattle or any other liberal city that's collapsing into anarchy -

Recent Photo Proves Trump Seriously Ill, IV Bruise Not Covered by Makeup This Time 

Pentagon: US Troops from Germany to be repositioned closer to Russia’s borders 

National Guard Reorganizes to Prepare for War With Russia and China 

Germany, France to end dependence on US in arms production: Report

Amid escalating tensions, US warships sail mere miles off coast of China -

House passes six-bill, $1.3T spending package for 2021

Shallow 6.0 magnitude earthquake off Papua New Guinea


President Trump & Pompeo Are Destroying The Empire
U.S. imperialism is destroying America as the cost of sustaining the empire bleeds the nation of all it's wealth. The same fate was the end result of all previous empires including the Roman Empire, British Empire, and the Soviet Union. Empires simply don't work because the cost of sustaining and expanding the empire eventually overtakes the ability to financially sustain such endeavor. The military support of an expanding empire is usually enough in itself to eventually bankrupt the empire. There is also a corrupting factor which leads to internal decay and the disintegration of leadership which usually takes place near the end or downfall of such empires. The Roman Empire, for example, suffered from these circumstances, as the Roman Emperors got crazier and more decadent while the empire neared it's final end. America is no different in this regard. The current crop of American leadership from both the Democratic and Republican Parties, are the worst I've ever witnessed in my short 73 years on this planet. This fact alone means that the U.S. Global Empire is nearing it's end. Both President Trump, and his henchman Pompeo, have proved to be first class nut jobs who's gross mishandling of U.S. foreign policy has now become the single greatest cause in the demise of the empire. There is no need for an anti-imperial revolution because these two psychopathic characters are by themselves single handedly destroying the empire totally and completely. By the time of the November elections there won't be anything left for the next crop of nut jobs to destroy. The Dollar will be dead. America will be financial basket case. Social destruction will be pervasive. Global alliances will be gone. The only thing these two misguided individuals understand is force and the stick. There is no carrot or reward for good behavior, only threats of punishment, withdrawal, economic sanctions, and war. These tactics wouldn't work on children in a school yard and much less on the leaders of nations. Human nature is such that without reward punishment becomes rebellion. Rebellion = downfall of the empire. To coin a phrase, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Some people cannot handle power. President Trump and Pompeo are proving this to be absolutely true. As with the Roman Emperors, many of whom thought of themselves as gods after ascending to power, punishment became foreign policy, and rebellion was the eventual downfall of the empire. So it is with modern day America, that is now surrounded by enemies of it's own creation, and growing rebellion on a global scale. Having the ability to control a business or corporation has no bearing on one's ability to control a nation. Without previous experience in the governess of a nation, a simple business man can be overtaken by the power of office and degenerate into a tyrant. Drunk with power, and thinking of himself as a god, punishment becomes the fate of all those who dare disobey. Hale Caesar! 

Dumping the dollar: Record gold price justifies Moscow's choice to abandon greenback & bet on precious metal 

Schiff: "The Dollar Is Not Just Going Down; It's Going To Crash"

Gold Goes TINA

US Printed More Money in One Month Than in Two Centuries

The Great Unraveling Has Begun 

Ficth Revises United States Credit Outlook To "Negative" 

Economist: A surge in evictions could lead to financial crisis

Smith: Martial Law Is Unacceptable Regardless Of The Circumstances

Trump says fed agents to stay in Portland to finish cleanup of anarchists, agitators

Make America Constitutional Again?

When Corporate Power Is Your Real Government, Corporate Media Is State Media 

Global death toll reaches more than 683.000 by coronavirus

Caught: Trump Hiding COVID Hospitalization Figures

 US Records Biggest Single-Day COVID-19 Deaths Since May

Iran Leader: No Talks With US, Iran Won't Give Up Nuclear Program 

Pompeo: US Would Take Action If Iran Arms Embargo Ends

Pompeo: Trump’s Iran Strategy Has Not Achieved Its ‘Ultimate Objective’

US sanctions aimed to hurt Iranian people

US bases in Persian Gulf should be dismantled: Scholar

US maximum pressure policy on Iran ‘costly’ failure: Chief nuclear negotiator

Iran to pay compensation for downing Ukrainian plane and if Tehran stalls Kiev will take legal action 

Iran Arrests Ringleader of US-Based Terrorist Group

Turkish, Iraqi presidents reiterate resolve to maintain strong ties with Iran

PMU official: US only concerned about looting Iraqi oil, never thinks about nation

 Iraqi MP Reveals Saudi, UAE Plot to Free Terrorists from Al-Hout Prison

US Takes Unprecedented Step Of Imposing Sanctions On Assad's Teenage Son

On the 75th founding anniversary, the Syrian Arab Army is more determined to defeat terrorism and its supporters

US cannot disarm Lebanon’s Hezbollah through sanctions: Russian ambassador to Beirut

Egypt Receives Advanced Russian Fighter Jets Over US Lingering Sanctions Threat 

Russia aims to begin public Covid-19 vaccinations in October, starting with medical workers & teachers – Minister of Health 

Clinical trials of Gamaleya center’s coronavirus vaccine are over 

Moscow notes unscrupulous US attempts to accuse Russia of dangerous missile defense plans 

In 3rd Intercept This Week, Russia Scrambles Fighter Jet Against US Spy Plane Over Black Sea

US-German relations are beyond repair as result of decades-long clash of views & ideas. Troop pullout is only a symptom 

Trump says he will BAN TikTok in US within 24 hours 

Escobar: The Heart Of The Matter In The South China Sea 

Why The Iran-China Oil Alliance Is So Important

California's sinking coastal hotspots revealed in new survey 

A sizable earthquake just hit Los Angeles, and the clock is ticking for the West Coast of the United States 

Hurricane Isaias Barrels Towards Virus-Infected South Florida  


USDollar, Bond Yields Tumble After Greatest Economic Collapse Ever 

Why Even A Small Uptick In Volatility Could "Kick-Start A Massive And Painful Domino-Like Liquidation Event" 

Deal on US coronavirus aid bill elusive as jobless benefit nears expiration

The Downfall Of The Beast Empire Draws Nearer
Dollar crash will topple the entire US ‘house of cards’ economy by year end – Peter Schiff 

What Is Gold Telling Us?

U.S. weekly jobless claims rise again, total 1.434 million

Unemployment Claims Rise For the First Time Since May

Dunkin-donut is closing 800 US locations 

Almost 30 Million Americans Went Hungry Last Week As Recovery Stalls 

San Francisco Sliding Into a Fiscal Abyss 

How the eviction crisis will impact each state

Capitalism = Money = Anarchy
God = National Unity & Prosperity
Anarchy is the End Result of Capitalism

Trump vows to deploy National Guard to quell Portland's ‘beehive of terrorists’ if feds fail to stop unrest by ‘tomorrow’ 

Portland hits feds with $500 fine every 15 minutes fence stands outside besieged courthouse 

Record 12.1% collapse in second quarter eurozone GDP

Eurozone: Worst GDP Contraction In History

We Thought It Was Just a Respiratory Virus

78% of COVID-19 patients show signs of heart damage after recovery

Coronavirus deaths climb in US as new cases appear to plateau

US Frowns Upon Iranian Grocery Store in Venezuela

Trump's Desperate, Last-Ditch Effort To Hike Tensions With Iran 

Ayatollah Khamenei rules out any letup in resistance to US

IRGC drills in the Persian Gulf: Iran prepares to counter possible US aggression

Pompeo: US expanding scope of Iran metals sanctions

Iran won't stop ballistic missile & nuclear programs despite US pressure – Supreme Leader 

 Supreme Leader: American Nation, Not Others Main Enemy of US

 Rouhani: No Limits for Expansion of Tehran-Doha Ties

Iran’s Underground Missiles and the Drones and Satellites that make them deadly 

 IRGC Ends Massive Wargames, Warns Aggressors of Crushing Response

Syria to build a replica of Hagia Sophia with Russia's help 

War In Syria For Harvesting & Sale Of Human Organs
U.S. has Been Supporting White Helmet Terrorists
More Bad Karma = God's Judgment To Befall America As A Result 

No Problem: UN on White Helmet Turkish Al Qaedic traffick of Syrian Human organs exposed on SANA, CBS videos 

Washington Forcing Starvation & Genocide On Millions Of People
American Economy Will Never Recover So Long As This Evil Continues
US Sanctions Syria, Threatens Anyone Doing Business With Them

Pompeo - A Demonic & Satanic Demon Of War
Deaths of "300 Russians" in Syria sent warning to Moscow, Pompeo says

Israel Will Not Be Spared As Babylon Goes Down
Israel Moves Advanced Missile Systems To Lebanese Border On Fears Of Hezbollah Attack 

Hamas warns Israel of consequences over al-Aqsa Mosque attacks

Pompeo Leads The Charge Towards National Suicide
U.S. Is Not Able To Withstand The Economic Impact Of Decoupling With China Under Current Circumstances
China May Fall But So Will The United States
It's Official: Pompeo Has Declared Cold War With China

China conducts ‘high-intensity’ aerial drills in S China Sea, amid tensions with US

China completes its global satellite navigation system rivaling GPS, GLONASS & Galileo 

China urged to develop its own international payment system to counter risk of US financial sanctions

Philippines: Can’t afford to go to war with China over sea row, Duterte admits in national address 

Russia intercepts US spy planes over Black Sea for fourth time in a week

If you can be banned from Twitter for questioning transgenderism, why are accounts advocating pedophilia still on the site?

Federal Election Commissioner Says Trump Can't Delay Vote; Pompeo Says Up To DOJ

Tropical storm Isaias moving toward Florida becomes a category-1 hurricane

4.2-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Northwest of Los Angeles, USGS Reports 

Storm Isaías leaves nearly 500,000 without electricity in Puerto Rico - flooding and landslides also hit the island -

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