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A Great Win For The Empire
A Great Loss For The Nation
Another massive rip off for America under the guise of national Defense - article below. Where is this money coming from? The Federal Reserve will create the money as required and pass it on to American consumers as inflation. Here are the facts - from the article below: U.S. federal estimated tax revenue for the year 2021 from all sources equals $3.86 trillion. Deduct $1.373 trillion from payroll taxes that cover Medicare, Social Security and unemployment insurance and that leaves $2.487 trillion for operating expenses. Now deduct $778 billion for so-called national defense, and an additional $1 billion for Israel, and that leaves only about $1.5 trillion to run the nation. It's not nearly enough to pay for government spending, and has created a $966 billion budget deficit - article below. These are estimates and don't include off budget expenditures which are considerably more. Rounding to the nearest $trillion, the government is spending at least $1 trillion more than it's taking in. It's no coincidence that the amount of military spending just authorized by Congress, is just about the same as the deficit. About $1 trillion. This huge expenditure is passed off as national defense but it's actually used to fund a U.S. global military empire that extends around the planet with over 800 military bases globally. This is way more than would be required to defend the U.S. mainland, and amounts to U.S. global imperialism plain and simple. This $1 trillion deficit is added to the national debt now at over $28 trillion, but this is pure smoke and mirrors, and doesn't mean a thing in actual reality. What really happens is that the Federal Reserve becomes the fat banker, and theoretically loans the money to the Federal Government with interest, but it's money that doesn't really exist, and must be created as required by expanding the money supply. This additional created money is passed on to the American consumer and financial institutions as inflation. More dollars = less value. This not only drives up the cost of goods, but drives up the cost of financial instruments such as stocks and bonds, and is creating financial and investment balloons, which are not really gaining in value, but are suffering from the same inflationary rise in prices. It causes the stock market to artificially rise because it's valued in Dollars, and it takes more Dollars to buy the same stock as it did last year. It's all inflationary and caused by an ever decreasing value of the Dollar. The bottom line is that the U.S. Government cannot afford to be funding an ever expanding global military empire. Rather than cutting expenses, the government has decided to continue on with it's ambitions to police and rule the planet at the expense of the nation and the American consumer. It can only end in one way. Complete financial and economic collapse. The Dollar will become toilet paper.
House Passes Massive $778 Billion NDAA's Adding $25 Billion to Biden's Request 

US Federal Tax Revenue by Year

US House approves $1 billion for Israel's Iron Dome missile system

Peter Schiff Slams "The Fed That Cried Taper"

Spike In California Jobless Sparks Surge
 In Americans Applying For First-Time Unemployment Benefits

Vax Mandates = Political Suicide
Michigan Gov. Whitmer Bans Masks/Vaxx Mandates
 As Polls Crash, Re-Election Fight Looks Grim

New York's New Gov Threatens To Replace
 Unvaccinated Hospital Workers With Foreigners

Federal Workers Sue Biden Over Vaccine Mandate

 Hospitals are killing health freedom advocates by denying them life-saving treatments 

Now vaccine-pushing scientists want to turn your GROCERIES into mRNA vaccines 

Texas lawmaker rips Biden over impeachable offenses
 urges Gov. Abbott to disregard him

What Biden's Vaccine Mandate Means for You

US murders up 30 percent in largest increase on record 

18 Months to Flatten Civilization 

UK Scientists Think COVID Will Likely Resemble "Common Cold" By Next Spring

COVID-19 In Norway Can Now Be Compared To The Flu, Says Health Chief

Pope Claims His Critics Are Performing "Work Of The Devil"

The Revenge of White Colonialism Motivates the AUKUS Alliance Against China

Taiwan mounts urgent response 
after 19 Chinese PLA jets, including two nuclear-capable bombers, enter its air defense zone 

Sulfur dioxide cloud from Spain’s Canary Islands volcano
 eruption to sweep over France, with hints of acid rain

 US Special Envoy for Haiti Resigns in Protest over Deportations

US votes for sanctions on Nord Stream 2 despite record energy prices crippling Europe 

Volcanoes Erupting All Around The World
Something Big Is About To Happen
Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts 

Video: Kiev Targets Civilians in Eastern Ukraine as Punishment for Crimea Election 

China Declares All Virtual Currency Transactions
 "Illegal", Sending Crypto Prices Tumbling

Second tanker ship carrying Iranian fuel to Lebanon arrives in Syria’s Baniyas port: Hezbollah

Assassinating General of Peace most obvious example of US terrorism: Iran FM

‘Serious progress’ made between Tehran and Riyadh
 over Gulf security – Iranian foreign ministry

 Syrian Army Retakes More Cities in Dara'a as Millitants Surrender

Militants give up weapons as Syrian Army advances in Dara’a province

Erdogan: US Not Acting Honestly with Turkey, Ties at Low Point

Lebanon at risk of complete blackout by end of September, Beirut’s electricity company warns

Yemeni armed troops, allies wrest complete control over Bayda province: Army spox

35 Killed in New Round of Fighting in Southern Yemen

Yemeni armed forces fire ballistic missile at base run by Saudi mercenaries in Ma’rib: Report

House Passes Amendment That Would End US Support for Yemen War 

House Votes to Give Israel Extra $1 Billion in Military Aid 

US Democrats Introduce Bill Backing ‘End to Israel’s Occupation’

The Covid Crisis Was A Hoax From The Very Beginning - Chuck Baldwin

How Can You be Content 
with a Counterfactual Explanation of an Orchestrated “Pandemic”? 

Indisputable Science. Diabolical Crimes against Humanity: 
"I Refuse to be Silent": Stephen Lendman

Video: Dr. Mike Yeadon Talks About COVID Lies with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Pulmonary Nurse of 31 Years Testifies 
How he Unknowingly Killed Patients by Following COVID Protocols


American Medical Association Instructs Doctors to Deceive -

Physicians Declaration: Global COVID Summit in Rome, Italy

CDC Panel Considers Delaying Booster Jabs Decision By 1 Month To "Wait For More Evidence"

WATCH: Swiss police use rubber bullets,
 teargas and water cannons to disperse Bern protest against Covid passports 

Project Veritas: Outrage as FDA employee caught saying African-Americans
 should be vaccinated against their will: "Blow-darts is always the answer" 

A Possible Marburg-RiVax Final Solution


US House Republicans file impeachment articles against Biden


Opening US borders to illegal migrants amid Covid
 proves Democrats have no love for America, only for holding onto power -

Employees sue United Airlines
 over discriminatory vaccine mandate, potentially thousands face firing

New Hampshire House Speaker Files Bill to Block Vaccine Mandate

Biden Pushing For Dishonourable Discharges
 Court Martials For Troops Who Refuse Vaccines

FBI robs 800 safety deposit boxes, 
steal people's life savings, claiming cash smelled like drugs 

Watch: Liberal Media Darling George W. Bush Confronted By Iraq Veteran

All we can do is cry - La Palma volcano leaves trail of devastation

La Palma eruption update for Sept. 22nd in videos and pictures 

Russia and China Promote Masculine Virtues – The US Celebrates Sissy Men 

Stunning Interview Sees China Warn "23 Million Australians"
 That US Pact Now Makes Them "Target" For Nuclear Attack

Morrison’s Dangerous Fantasies Represent a Danger to Australia’s Future

‘Workers have no interest in war with China’:
 Australian trade unions slam nuclear submarine deal with US & UK 

Germany says Russia is fulfilling its obligations under European gas supply agreements 

World must counter US ‘oppressive sanctions, 
blatant terrorism’ against Iran: Amir-Abdollahian

Fifth Iranian fuel shipment enters Lebanon

Iran says pleased with ‘progress’ in talks with Saudi Arabia

Syria urges immediate withdrawal of Turkish troops from northern regions

 Military Official: 3 American Combat Units to Leave Iraq by End of September

US kicks off Central Partnership Station exercise
 in Lebanon amid soaring anti-American sentiments

Millions ‘a step away from starvation’ in Yemen
 females disproportionately affected, warns UN official

Yemeni Forces Liberate Large Territory in Ma’rib 
in Grand-Scale Offensive Against Mercenaries

Over 560 Israeli settlers storm Aqsa Mosque in occupied al-Quds

Australian police attempt to keep reporters from covering Covid-19 protests
 back off after news outlet threatens legal challenge 

Melbourne, reeling from protests 
against Covid-19 restrictions, sets new world record for longest lockdown 

Zero-COVID Goon Squads 
Crack Down Hard in Melbourne, Protests Shot Up, Citizens Repressed 

Breaking the Resistance: 
Melbourne police disperse co-opted anti-lockdown protest with teargas and arrested 200 

The Left Cheered When Australians Gave Up Their Guns
 Now They’re Being Shot By Their Own Government in the Streets.

Australian Police will be fired in 2 weeks if they don't get injected

More Evidence That They Know the Covid Vaccine
 Is Killing and Maiming People and Yet They Continue Their Death Program 

Thousands of Fetal Deaths and Injuries 
Now Reported Following COVID-19 Injections of Pregnant Women 

30,000+ Women in UK Report Menstrual Problems
 After COVID Shots, But Menstrual Issues Not Listed as Side Effect

Vaccines Failing Against Serious Disease, Data From Israel Suggests 

Covid Cases Fall in the Least Vaccinated Countries 

Sue Them All
Tie Up Vaccine Mandates In Extended Court Proceedings
More Than Half Of US Companies 
To Impose Vaccine Mandates, New Survey Finds 

FDA greenlights Pfizer booster shots for elderly 
& those aged 18+ at ‘high risk’ from Covid-19, leaving room for interpretation 

Pfizer Says COVID Vaccine for 5- to 11-Year-Olds 
Is Safe and Shows ‘Robust’ Antibody Response, Experts Say Not So Fast 

Washington elementary school walks back
 ‘insane’ rule asking students to wear masks WHILE EATING 

The COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate: 
Letter to President of the University of Guelph: Prof. of Virus Immunology

‘From October 20, the Covid pass and vaccination
 will be abolished on the entire territory of the EU’ – French Doctor


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