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Victory For Workers
Supreme Court Blocks Biden's OSHA Vaxx Mandate

Collapsing Covid Narrative
The Truth Is Finally Coming Out

Vaccines Don't Work & Vaccines Kill More People Than Covid
CDC Director: 
COVID Policies Have Failed and Must be Abandoned 

Article Below Is A Must Read For Everyone
Needle Nazis Please Pay Close Attention & Read This Article
Israel's Top Immunologist Bares The Facts For All To See

"Doomed To Fail" 
 Top Immunologist Blasts Global COVID Response Driven By "False Propaganda" 
In the end, the truth will always be revealed, and the truth about the Coronavirus policy is beginning to be revealed. When the destructive concepts collapse one by one, there is nothing left but to tell the experts who led the management of the pandemic – we told you so. Two years late, you finally realize that a respiratory virus cannot be defeated and that any such attempt is doomed to fail. You do not admit it, because you have admitted almost no mistake in the last two years, but in retrospect it is clear that you have failed miserably in almost all of your actions, and even the media is already having a hard time covering your shame. You refused to admit that the infection comes in waves that fade by themselves, despite years of observations and scientific knowledge. You insisted on attributing every decline of a wave solely to your actions, and so through false propaganda “you overcame the plague.” And again you defeated it, and again and again and again. There is currently no medical emergency, but you have been cultivating such a condition for two years now because of lust for power, budgets and control. The only emergency now is that you still set policies and hold huge budgets for propaganda and psychological engineering instead of directing them to strengthen the health care system. This emergency must stop!

Louisiana Nurse Blows the Whistle:
 “We Have Had More Children Die from the COVID Vaccine Than of COVID Itself”

Jake Tapper: If someone is in the hospital for a broken leg
 and have COVID, it's misleading to call it COVID hospitalization 

The COVID-Omicron Crisis: 
The Roadmap Towards a Worldwide Financial Crash, Inflation, Digitization

Thousands of Miscarriages Following COVID-19 Injections 
Reported in VAERS Are Being Censored as an Entire Generation Is Being Sterilized 

Why Did US Deaths Shoot Up 40% Above Normal Last Year?

Fauci Should Go Into Hiding
People Who's Friends & Relatives Have Been Murdered By Covid Kill Shots
May Seek Revenge On Those Who Have Pushed Vaccine Mandates

Watch: Fauci Accuses Rand Paul 
Of Using COVID For Political Gain And "Kindling The Crazies"

Fauci confronts Rand Paul over murder plot

Ivermectin Works Throughout All Phases Of COVID 
According To Leaked Military Documents

Nurse Stuns School Board: 
Everyone Who Died with Covid Should be Considered Murdered (Video)

US Consumer Prices Soar At Fastest In 39 Years, 
Real Wages Tumble For 9th Straight Month

US Consumer Prices Show Biggest Spike in 40 Years

Interest Rates Still Cannot Rise: Here's Why!

BREAKDOWN: Basic services and supply chains
 are rapidly breaking down all over America

Are You Ready For $4 Gas Prices This Spring? 

The Pure Evil Of The Biden Regime
Biden Admin Compiling Database
Of Religious Objectors To Vaccine Within Obscure Agency

Biden Job Approval Plummets To 33% 
As Majority Think US Democracy In Danger Of Collapse

Poll Shows Biden with 33% Approval Rating 

US in a downward spiral under Joe Biden: Analyst

Survey: Over 75% of Americans Believe Political Instability
in US Bigger Danger Than Foreign Threats

December 17th 2021: "Pax Americana" is Dead? 
The End of U.S. Hegemony, Officially Announced? 

US veterans getting brain cancer and struggling to get benefits: Report

Cannabis could prevent Covid, study claims

Geomagnetic storm watch issued for Earth: Impact possible late Saturday 

Black Alliance for Peace
 Condemns the Policies of the U.S./EU/NATO Axis of Domination in Ukraine

Where Are the Realists? 
US Foreign Policy Endangers Americans without Delivering any Benefits 

Blinken on CNN: Unrelenting Bellicosity,
 Full-court Offensive for Control of Former Soviet Territory

Desperate For More Recruits, Army Offers $50,000 Signing Bonus 

New Year Brings New All-Time High For Shipping's Epic Traffic Jam 

Russia Is Finally Learning
You Can't Make Deals With The Devil
You Can't Negotiate With A National Government That Thinks To Rule The World By Divine Right
That Stupidly Endangers It's Own People And Nation By Defending All Nations Within It's Self Asserted Sphere Of Imperial Rule Over The Planet
That Is Out To Crush Any Competition Or Any Nation Or Nations Seeking Multipolar Rule Of The Planet
That Assumes That All Other Nations And National Borders Are De Facto Already Under U.S./NATO Rule
That Russia's Borders Are Not It's Own To Defend And Are Already Under U.S./NATO Imperial Rule
Washington Gives Cold Shoulder to Russia’s Security Concerns

No Progress Made in Russia-NATO Meeting, But More Talks Possible

Russia and NATO: Politics does nothing, relations escalate to the host point

NATO: We Won't Give Up "Right" To Station Troops In States Ringing Russia

NATO chief warns of ‘real risk’ of war as talks with Russia end

Ukraine has the potential to start a war between Russia and the USA

Democratic Sen. Introduce Defending Ukraine Bill to Collapse Russian Economy

New US Sanctions Against Russia Could Personally Target Putin

Russia won’t be intimidated by ‘crippling’ sanctions, ambassador to US says 

Russia Lays Out Security Demands At NATO HQ Amid Live Fire Exercises Near Ukraine

Russia deploys TOS-1 thermobaric rocket launchers near Ukraine

Putin’s Next Move Is a Mystery. Just the Way He Likes It. 

USS New Mexico nuclear submarine is heading towards Russian borders

Russia's new 949AM submarines will be most heavily armed subs in the Russian Navy

Pepe Escobar: After Kazakhstan, the color revolution era is over

Blinken Left Humiliated after Kazakh President Announced Withdrawal of Russian-led Peacekeepers

Press review: CSTO peacekeepers due to exit Kazakhstan and Russia cuts back dollar assets 

US, Iran at Odds Over Guarantees and Verification for Sanctions Relief 

Saudi warplanes target Yemeni hospital amid increased airstrikes

Lebanon transportation, labor unions go on strike to protest economic crisis

"We Failed": Danish Newspaper Apologizes 
For Publishing Official COVID Narratives Without Questioning Them

"Political Power to Silence and Penalize Physicians 
who Question Certain Views on COVID-19": Open Letter to Dr. Harmon and the American Medical Association (AMA) 

"Bastille 2022": Building a Worldwide Movement Against "Corona Tyranny"

Europe's FDA Warns Against Vaccine Boosters,
 Expresses Concerns Over Immune Response

Repeat COVID-19 vaccine booster shots
 trigger regulator warning about immune-system risks 

U.K. government says vaccinated are dying 
at a rate 286% higher than unvaccinated 

Stephanie Whitmore: pregnant Australia woman’s baby 
suffers in utero brain bleed,  stillborn 12 days after mother's second Pfizer mRNA injection

High Recorded Mortality in Countries 
Categorized as "Covid-19 Vaccine Champions". The Vaccinated Suffer from Increased Risk of Mortality 

Dr Mike Yeadon: The variability in serious adverse events
 by vaccine lot is the “calibration of a killing weapon”

Ronald McDonald House to evict families with young children who are unvaccinated 

Canada to Announce Mandatory COVID Vaccinations Soon 

Video: Every Canadian Needs to Push Back Against Forced Vaccinations


Vaccines Don't Work
It's Time To Face Reality About The Vaccines 

What they REALLY mean by living with Covid 

Hidden Military Documents Reveal NIH Intent
 To Create SARS-CoV-2 Using Gain-Of-Function Research 

US Sen. Rand Paul driving violent threats against me: Fauci says

mRNA pioneer Dr. Robert Malone warns 
of ‘full-on media warfare’ to implement Great Reset agenda

Over Reaction To Covid By World Governments
Has Caused The Global Supply Chain Crisis & Not The Covid Virus

"Uncharted territory": Lockdowns & ongoing supply chain issues
 threaten global economic outlook - World Bank -

U.S. Postal Service Asks Biden Regime for Vaccine Requirement Waiver
 Ahead of “Potentially Catastrophic” Staffing Shortages

Former Border Commissioner:
"We Have Lost Control Of The Southwest Border"

Biden Seeking Advice From Russia Hawks
 On How To Handle Ukraine Talks 

Washington Wants Nuclear War
Morons In Charge Actually Believe That A Nuclear War Is Winnable & Survivable
Endangering The Lives Of Americans While The Elite Slink Silently Into Their Bunkers
Insane Satanic Rulers Are Attempting To Rule The World Or Destroy It In Trying

Washington says it won’t consider Russian proposal to end NATO expansion 

"There Will Be No World Without Russia" - Putin
Kremlin says no room for optimism about US talks over Ukraine

Russian Lays into White House Comments on Talks as ‘Misguided’
 Kremlin Says No Room for Optimism About Negotiations

U.S. Will Be A Smoldering Hole In The Ground
If Russia and USA exchange nuclear blows,
 the States will suffer colossal damage

The U.K. Will Cease To Exist
If NATO attacks, Russia will knock UK out first
 all others will fall like dominos

If The U.S. Doesn't Remove It's Missiles From Russian Borders
It Will Soon Have Russian Missiles On It's Border - Article Further Below
Envoy: US Needs to Remove Its Military Capabilities from Russian Borders 

Russia harbours plans to build military bases
 and deploy missiles in Cuba and Venezuela

NATO Membership 
Means That The U.S. Will Be Destroyed In A Nuclear War Defending Other Nations
Once Again We See That The U.S. Global Military Empire Trumps National Interests And Survival

Buchanan: Where Does NATO Enlargement End? 

Two experts warn US: ‘Sanctions don’t work on Russia’

Putin stamps out the fire in Kazakhstan and Ukraine 

God Is About To Intervene Big Time
Increase In M6+ Earthquakes Globally

2 powerful earthquakes of magnitudes 6.8 and 6.6 hit Alaska
 - 3 of such strength globally within 12 hours

Cyprus earthquake: Powerful 6.6 magnitude tremor rocks region shaking homes 

Iran eyes new era of economic relations as minister visits Syria

Yemeni forces inflict massive losses on UAE mercenaries,
 Daesh terrorists in Shabwah: Army spokesman

Ansarullah: Saudi-led coalition’s use of Iraq war footage ‘ridiculous, pathetic’

Islamic Jihad warns Israel against tempting ‘regional war’

Elderly Palestinian man dies after being beaten by Israeli forces in West Bank

Report: US quietly ditches project to pipe Israeli gas to Europe

Video: New Findings About the COVID-19 Vaccines.
Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and Dr. Sam White

More Evidence of the Lethality
 of the Experimental (Not Yet Thoroughly-tested) COVID "Vaccines" 


Tax the unvaxxed! Quebec wants to tax people unvaccinated against COVID-19

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