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Think Back To When You Were 8 Years Old
Most people can't remember much from those early childhood years. Why? Because a child's cognitive apparatus has not yet fully developed at 8 years old. This is a fact. Ask any Pediatrician. How can a child who has not yet fully developed mentally be expected to make decisions regarding sexual orientation? - Article below. This is child exploitation at it's worse. There must be child protection laws enacted to prevent this from happening. This is especially true if it entails sex change operations and hormone therapy. Leave the children alone. Children must be protected from sexual exploitation. It is outrageous that a public official running for the Presidency of the United States should expound such ideas. Children must be educated within the boundary of physical reality and their actual physical attributes, male or female, or they will not be able to properly cope with life as a male or female in reality. Most children of that age already have well established physical and mental attributes of either male or female. To force them otherwise can only result in stress, turmoil, and psychological damage. Children who are forced into pretending that they are the opposite sex will developed psychological problems that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. It will cause them to go down roads and investigate things that they would not naturally have done otherwise, and this too will lead to psychological issues later in their lives. Children are not fully developed and should be left alone. Unfortunately they are pray to sexual predators who's only thoughts are temporary self gratification and not the permanent damage they are causing to an innocent child. Transgender indoctrination at this early age is a doorway to the sexual exploitation of children. It will be used to break down the laws governing the legal age of consent, and result in exploitation by child molesters and pedophiles. If a child is legally allowed to make a transgender decision, which is based upon sexual orientation, an extension of sexual preference, then it follows by legal precedence, a major factor in legal decisions that later become law, that ipso facto, children are legally allowed to have sex at any age, and this will then set the pedophiles lose on children while being protected by law. I'm not kidding. That is exactly where it is going if these ideas are left unchallenged. Remember the words of Jesus, Luke 17: 2, "It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble." Children must not become centerpiece for arguments of sexual preference by virtue of their ignorance and innocence.
Joe Biden says 8 year olds are capable of choosing to be transgender 

Here Is Another Transgender Perversion Being Forced Upon Biological Females
A Guy Thinks He's Female And Therefore He Legally Is?
If That be True, Then If I Think I'm A Dog Can I Live In The City Pound?
Public Schools Have Become Experimental Laboratories For Social Engineering
If You Don't Want Your Children To Become Laboratory Rats For The Insane Get Them Out Of Public Schools. Here Is A Clear Mandate To Close Down The Public School System, And Return To Home Schooling, Or A Government Subsidized And Private School System Where General Education Is The Goal And Not Social Engineering Based Upon The Latest Political Agenda. Get Politics And Social Engineering Out Of The Classrooms. That Is The Parent's Responsibility. 

Biden Again Pledges To Sign Bill That Would Force Public Schools To Allow Male Athletes Into Girls’ Sports

Here Is A False Prophet And A False Prophecy That Has Lead Many Astray
God made a covenant = contract with Abraham, regarding his future as the father of nations and lands associated with same. To say that Abraham was Jewish is totally incorrect insomuch as the Jews were non-existent at that time and later appear as one of the twelve tribes of Israel which were established by the son's of his grandson Jacob. The nation of Israel then consisted of twelve tribes and God's covenant with Abraham by default actually applied to all twelve tribes. The tribe of Judah was but one of these twelve tribes. Therefore, not all Israelis were Jews, but all Jews were Israelis. There was even a time when the Jews were at war with Israel which was then ruled by ten tribes. The ten tribes were eventually scattered and lost to history except the tribes of Judah and Levi, which remained as Jews during the time of Jesus. The ten tribes that were previously scattered became many of the nations of Europe, thus fulfilling the covenant. The Jews during the time of Jesus were later conquered and exterminated by the Romans, and dispersed throughout Europe following the collapse of the Roman Empire. The people of modern day Israel have no biological linage to Abraham, and are actually descendants of European converts to Judaism who later migrated to the newly established nation of Israel circum 1940's. There is no spiritual significance to the creation of the modern state of Israel. God's covenant with Abraham doesn't apply to the people who now inhabit the location of ancient Israel. Christian Zionism is a false religion based upon a false fulfillment of Bible Prophecy. It cannot and should not be used as a justification for the illegal occupation and seizure of land now populated by others or nations now occupying same. The Jews of modern Israel aren't God's chosen people. 

Christian Zionism: Cyrus Scofield was Rothschild’s puppet 

The "Titanic" Analogy You Haven't Heard: Passively Accepting Oblivion

The Media Is Now Openly Pushing Secession As The Election Nears

Is the U.S. facing a political civil war? 

The American Revolution - The Sequel

Has Our Luck Finally Run Out? 

The Illusion Is Failing 

Get Out While You Still Can!
What If The Fires Have Been Caused By Magma Hotspots?
The Result Of Increasing Volcanic And Earthquake Activity And A Warning Sign Of Much Larger Events To Come
California Is Blaming Its Crippled Economy On Climate Change

Armenia & Azerbaijan declare ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ in Nagorno-Karabakh starting Sunday

Iran Threatens Response To Errant Missiles On Its Territory From Nagorno-Karabkh Conflict 

Iran claims victory over US as UN arms embargo expires 

Iran’s UN mission hails end of ‘unjust’ arms embargo

 Envoy: Iran to Trade Arms Only Based on Own Defense Policy

 Iran’s Foreign Ministry Announces Definite Expiry of Arms Embargo

Rouhani: Govt. foiled ominous US plot to disintegrate Iran

QSD militia kidnaps more civilians in al-Jazeera area 

US, Syria Enter Secret Negotiations, a Deeply Censored Story

Sectarian violence can’t return to Iraq: PM al-Kadhimi on Salahuddin massacre

Israeli delegation to fly to Bahrain to sign cooperation document

95% of Bahrainis against normalization deal with Israel: Opposition tells UN

Oil Shorts On Notice After Russia, Saudis Agree To "Cooperate Closely" To Keep Energy Market Stable

US deliberately distorts Russia’s reasons for refusing proposals on New START

Russia to respond to US missile deployment in Asia Pacific: Envoy

Beijing Views US Consulates As "Hostile Forces", Orders Monitoring Of Diplomats: Leaked Documents

In "Blunt Message" China Warns It Might Detain Americans If US Prosecutes PLA-Linked Academics


Prices Aren't Rising It's The Dollar That's Sinking
Hyperinflation Is Here

The Source Of Hyperinflation
Budget Deficits Are Added To The National Debt Which Is Now Over Twenty Seven Trillion Dollars. The National Debt Is Serviced Primarily By The Sale Of U.S. Treasuries On A Global Scale. The Difference Between National Debt Requirements And Actual Treasury Sales Is Covered Via The Creation Of New Dollars So That The Federal Reserve Can Purchase Additional Treasuries Required To Service The Debt. More Money Equals Less Dollar Value Or Inflation. Inflation Is Therefore Directly Related To Insufficient Purchase Of U.S. Treasuries To Service The Debt. The National Debt Is Never Actually Paid Down But Simply Rolled Over Into New Debt Or New Treasures To Cover The Old. This Means That The Sale Of U.S. Treasury Bonds Required To Service The National Debt Is Compounded Accordingly. There Is New Debt Constantly Added To The Old. The Rising Volume Of Treasury Bonds Required To Service The Debt Also Requires Higher Interest Rates To Attract Greater Treasury Sales With Higher Yield. However, The National Debt Has Become So Large That Higher Interest Rates Would Drive The U.S. Government Into Insolvency. Therefore, Interest Rates Are Being Suppressed At Near Zero To Prevent The U.S. Government From Going Belly Up. It Has Nothing To Do With The U.S. Economy. The Artificial Suppression Of Interest Rates Causes Lower Bond Yields And Means Less Bonds Purchased. This Requires The Creation Of Additional New Money So The Fed. Can Buy Up The Difference. More Money Of  Less Value Equals More Inflation. The Ponzi Scheme Has Therefore Reached The End Of The Line. The United States Is Caught Up In A Financial Bind From Which There Is No Exit Except Financial Insolvency. With Increasing Government Deficits As Far Out As The Eye Can See, The Creation Of New Money Will Continue Until The Dollar Becomes Worthless. A Devaluing Dollar Makes U.S. Treasuries Less Attractive And Compounds The Problem Even More. An Additional Problem Related To Artificially Suppressed Interest Rates Is That Cheaper Lending Rates Are Causing Massive Debt And Market Bubbles. This Coupled With A Growing And Unsustainable National Debt, And Hyperinflation Caused By Same, Will Eventually Bring Down The Entire U.S. Financial And Economic System. If There Is A Major War Or Natural Disaster The Time Line For Collapse Will Be Shortened That Much More.
US Budget Deficit Triples To Record $3.1 Trillion In 2020 As US Spends 90% More Than It Collects

Faith In Dollar Assets Declines As The Value Of The Dollar Declines
People Begin To Dump Dollar Assets Such As U.S. Treasury Bonds
This Leads To Even More Money Creation To Make Up The Difference And Greater Dollar Devaluation

Foreigners Dump US Treasurys In August, China's Holdings Drop To Almost 4 Year Low 

Goldman Sachs: Dump Dollars, Buy Silver 

US Industrial Production Unexpectedly Tumbled In September

Why Are So Many Americans Suddenly Relocating, Buying Guns, & Storing-Up Huge Quantities Of Food? 

Huge swaths in US feel excluded, sick of election circus

San Francisco looks to rename 44 schools, 
expunging the likes of Washington, Lincoln and even FEINSTEIN for their impurities 

Paul Craig Roberts: Life Within The Matrix Is Our Future

The Stormtroops Of Regime Change And Counter-Revolution 

Global COVID-19 Cases Top 400k In 24 Hours For First Time
As Outbreaks Flare From Midwest To Europe: Live Updates 

‘Putin’s proposal a non-starter’: 
White House rejects Russian call to extend nuclear arms control treaty 

Russia weighs military cooperation with Iran after arms embargo expiration: Foreign Ministry

Iran ready to start arms trade with ‘many friends’ after UN embargo lifted: Envoy

Tyrant on steroids: Trump hits Iran with threats, sanctions and profanity

Iranian IRGC Quds Force Commander Warns Tehran Will Definitely Avenge US Killing of Soleimani 

Envoy: Iran's Missiles Effective Means of Deterrence

 Iranian Speaker's Aide: Tomorrow Too Late for US Withdrawal from Region

US Drone Strike Kills Two al-Qaeda Figures in Syria 

Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries cut drinking water off Hasaka city and its western countryside 

Turkish regime recruits Daesh terrorists to take revenge on its political opponents 

One child martyred due to Turkish occupation’s attack with missiles and artillery on Ayn Issa town in Raqqa countryside

Iraq's Hashd Sha’abi fighters, govt. forces foiling Daesh infiltration bids on Syria border: Military official

Any transaction that benefits Israel not permissible: Iraq’s Ayatollah Sistani

US threatens ‘serious consequences’ if Turkey puts into operation its Russian S-400 missile systems

Death Toll Mounts in Nagorno-Karabakh

Israeli forces attack, injure Palestinian protesters in West Bank

Is Israel about to launch another war against Gaza or even Lebanon?

Israel’s arsenal of nuclear, chemical warfare poses greats risk to Middle East peace: Syria UN envoy

Zionist Sheldon Adelson injects $75 million into flagging Trump campaign

US pursuing policy of regime change in China: Expert

US Aircraft Carrier Enters South China Sea 

Unequal & unsafe: Piers Morgan slams transgender athletes
 being allowed play women's rugby, heaping pressure on English union

Japan expected to dump over 1 MILLION TONS 
of radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific, fishermen fear ‘catastrophic impact’ 


Goodbye Middle Class: Half Of All American Workers Made Less Than $34,248.45 Last Year

8 million more Americans fall into poverty due to pandemic: Study

Portland Protests Have Been "Hijacked By Criminals"
 And Downtown Residents Are Now Pleading For Law And Order 

New coronavirus infections rise to record highs in U.S. Midwest and beyond 

Coronavirus infections in the United States exceed the 8 million threshold 

California Braces for Another Day of Heat, Wind and Wildfires

Biden Is A Weirdo
If They Are Below The Age Of Legal Consent They Cannot Legally Make Such Decisions
Joe Biden says young children who decide they want to be transgender should face zero discrimination

Fox News founder Murdoch predicts landslide victory for Biden

Pepe Escobar: POTUS Punk Vs. Dem Dementia

The 2020 Election Bamboozle: We Are All Victims Of The Deep State's Con Game

Putin proposes to extend New START without preconditions for one year minimum 

Air Force Boasts New Hypersonic Missile Will Hit 1,000 Mile Target In Under 12 Minutes 

NEO: America’s Military, Murdered or Murderers? 

Scientists: ‘Herd Immunity’ totally fake, likely a population ‘elimination’ plan 

COVID-19: France Declares Public Health State of Emergency 

Venezuela's COVID-19 Battle Is Badly Hamstrung By The 31 Tons Of Gold Stolen From Its Treasury 

Iran scientists ready to counter US bullying concerning use of nuclear energy: AEOI

AEOI: Iran's Nuclear Scientists Ready to Confront US Coercion

No disruption in operation of Iranian ports despite cyber-attack: Official

US-backed SDF forces set free 100s of Daesh terrorists in Syria’s Hasakah

Iraq Militias: Ceasefire With US Hinges on Full Military Pullout 

Iraqi anti-terror groups’ truce with US short-term, depends on troop withdrawal: Legislator

Israel Advances More Settlements as Knesset Approves UAE Deal

Israel demolishes EU-funded Palestinian school in occupied West Bank

Israel approves over 12,000 West Bank settler units since Jan., sets new record high: Watchdog

Netanyahu’s bravado shows how humiliating UAE, Bahrain normalization deals with Israel are: Hamas

Fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh Rages On, Despite Ceasefire

US Steams Warship Through Taiwan Strait

Xi Jinping Tells Elite Troops "Prepare For War" As US Destroyer Sails Through Taiwan Strait 

Japan to release Fukushima contaminated water into sea: Reports


There Is No Continuous Status Quo
Things Very Often Change In An Instant
Belief In A Lasting Continuity Makes Society Unable To Adjust To Sudden Change
That Is Why Americans Are Seldom Prepared For Disaster 

Why We're Doomed: Our Delusional Faith In Incremental Change

American's Being Fooled Again
New Boss Is The Same As The Old Boss Either Way
The Least Important Election Of Our Lifetimes?

American Job Losses Will Become Enormous Problem Down The Road Leading To Perdition
"Temporary" Layoffs Turning Into Permanent Job Losses

Almost 900,000 Americans Filed For First-Time Jobless Benefits Last Week But California Chaos Continues

Bankrupt Restaurant Chains Hand Their Keys To The Lenders 

Wells Tumbles As Revenues Plunge, NIM Hits Record Low, Warns On Payment Deferrals

Peter Schiff: "Nothing Bullish" About A Biden Win, Sees "Gold Replacing Dollar" 

Fed Vice Chair Makes "Shocking" Admission: Fed May Never Be Able To Stop Manipulating The Market

Stocks are going to crack pretty hard, and here's what one billionaire says investors should do to prepare 

S&P Futures Fall, Naz Tumbles On Goldman Tech Downgrade, "Stimulus Pessimism"

A Quick Reminder Of How Venezuela Ran Out Of Food: Does This Look Familiar?

Fear of more wildfires in California as winds pick up

Rep. Doug Collins Introduces Resolution To Remove Nancy Pelosi For Lack Of Mental Fitness 

Hollywood Is Dying, And The Elites Don't Care..

It's Clear That President Trump Is Out To Exterminate The Iranians
Economic Sanctions Are Used Instead Of Gas Chambers
No Ovens Are Required To Incinerate The Bodies

US's cruel sanctions on Iran amount to collective punishment of millions of innocent lives

President Trump's Only Rival For The Genocide Award Is Adolf Hitler
Delivery Of 2 Million Flu Vaccines To Iran Blocked By US Sanctions On Banks 

 This Is Genocide On A National Scale Never Before Witnessed In History
Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ on Iran a crime against humanity

Iran envoy to UN: Ordinary citizens fall victim to US economic terror amid outbreak

U.S. Forcing Iran Into Russian/Chinese Sphere
This Will Later Be Regretted As Washington/Israel Will Face A Growing Russian/Chinese Military Alliance In The Region
Imperialists Never Think Long Term & Only Punish Resistance In The Current Spectrum
This Will Eventually Lead To Their Ultimate Demise

Chinese and Iranian cooperation thwart US ‘maximum pressure’ campaigns

 Iran, Russia Underline Boosting Trade Exchanges

IAEA boss: Israel lies about Iran

Iran warns against US, Israeli, Saudi nuclear threats to global security

Iranian Envoy: Thousands of N. Warheads Threatening Human Lives

Deputy FM: Iran Opposed to Foreign Military Buildup in Region

 Iran: Human Rights in Danger by US Unilateralism

How rock star Roger Waters was hung out to dry by Amnesty and Bellingcat for his views on Syrian ‘chemical attack’

Israeli Troops Entered Syria, Destroyed Two Military Outposts

Israel Confirms September Attacks on Syrian Military Targets 

A stand in Qamishli in protest against seizing schools and closing them by QSD militia 

No Syrian militants going to Nagorno-Karabakh: They ‘have things to do’ in their country, says Turkey’s Erdogan 

Turkish Lira Hits Fresh Record Low As S-400 Test Commences On Black Sea 

Nagorno-Karabakh Fighting Escalates, Death Toll Rises 

Press review: Russia doubts Turkish peace plan and foils Trump’s ploy for election points

Israel Approves Over 2,000 New Settler Homes After Deals With UAE, Bahrain

Another Indication That The U.S. Government Has Been Usurped By Israel
This Has Lead To A Genocidal U.S. Foreign Policy Dominated By Israeli Concerns At U.S. Expense
Congress wants to let Israel nix US weapon sales

U.S. Won't Accept Russian Anti-Covid Vaccine For Use On Americans
Let's It's Own Citizens Die Because Of U.S. Imperial Politics
Putin Says Second Russian Anti-COVID Vaccine Registered by Vector Centre, After Gamaleya

Third Russian COVID-19 vaccine can be registered in a month

Sea Monster washed ashore: One-of-a-kind Soviet FLYING WARSHIP filmed lying on Caspian coast

EU Readies Sanctions Against 6 Russians, 1 Company In Retaliation For Navalny Poisoning

Dangerous delusions: US claims arms control ‘agreement’ with Russia for Trump election points 

Russia's Top Diplomat Voices Doubt on Extension of New START

China warns US against ‘provocative actions’ in Taiwan Strait

Trump’s latest arms sales to Taiwan aimed at winning votes by ‘getting tough’ on China… but risks war 

Blain: "The Chinese Must Be Laughing Their Heads Off..."

Italy Reports Record New COVID-19 Infections, ICU Occupancy Surges

Europe Reacts As Countries See Highest-Ever Coronavirus Numbers 

WHO Europe Director Says Governments Should Stop Enforcing Lockdowns

G-20 suspends poor nations debt payments for 6 more months

German Air Force training for NUCLEAR war as part of NATO’s ‘Steadfast Noon’ exercises 

Fifth of countries at risk of ecosystem collapse, analysis finds


Russia Already Has Proven Covid-19 Vaccine That Works
The U.S. Government Would Rather Allow U.S. Citizens To Die & Destroy The U.S. Economy Rather Than Ask Russian For Vaccine
Here Is Further Proof That It's The United States And Not Russia That Is To Blame For The Return To 1960's Cold War Mentality. This Means That The U.S. Government Has Become A Self Serving Empire With No Concern For The Republic Or The American People. The Military/Political Standoff Between The U.S. And Russia/China Is A U.S. Invention To Perpetuate The U.S. Empire And Military Domination Of The Planet. It's The United States And Not Russia/China That Is Edging The World To The Extinction Of Humanity Via Global Thermonuclear War. The Upcoming Presidential Elections Won't Save The Republic. Here We Witness More Proof That The Biblical Prophecies Of Revelation 17 Have Already Come To Pass. The Beast That Was, Is Not, Yet Is, Has Risen From The Pit To Bring Perpetual War To An Otherwise Peaceful Planet. If So, Then The Prophecies Of Revelation 18 Are Now Upon Us And The Downfall Of Babylon Is Now Happening. The United States Is The Beast Empire And It's Downfall Has Already Begun As Biblically Foretold. Covid-19, Economic Destruction, Financial Ruination, Social Rebellion And Mob Violence Are Just The Beginning Of Even Greater Destruction To Come. There Are Major Earth Changes Soon Coming That Will Make For A Different Topography Of The Land. It's Good That Many People In The United States Are Vacating The West Coast Of The United States. The U.S. Government Has Been Monitoring This Area Via Satellite And Ground Based Devices And Is Aware Of What Is To Come. Warning Signs Have Already Been Detected In The Form Of Increasing Earthquake Swarms In Critical Areas Near The San Andreas Fault And The Cascadia Subduction Zone. These Are The Result Of Ever Increasing Earthquake And Volcanic Activity Around The Pacific Rim That Is Bringing Greater Instability To These Critical Areas Along The West Coast Of The United States. It's Ready To Rip At Any Time. Similar To The Disregard Of The Covid-19 Vaccine Already Developed By Russia, And The Safety Of The American People, The U.S. Government Has Decided To Allow The American People To fend For Themselves Rather Than Give Advance Warning Of The Impending Disasters About To Befall The Nation. These Coming Earth Changes Will Make For Great Hardship For Those Who Remain. Perhaps The Mass Exodus From California As A Result Of The Negative Changes In Local And State Government And The Social Strife In The Larger Cities May Be A Godsend In Disguise. Some People Are Getting Out While The Getting Is Good. 
Russia offers to help US with Covid-19 vaccine; US says no

US drug maker halts clinical trial of Trump COVID-19 ‘cure’ over safety concern

IMF warns of potential greater impact from pandemic crisis 

IMF warns of ‘sharp adjustment’ in financial markets

Here Is More Evidence Of Increasing Volcanic Activity Beneath The Oceans
This Is The Real Source Of Global Warming And Not Caused By Human Industrialization
This Cannot Be The Result Of Green House Gas Emissions Because It's The Deep Sea
The deep sea is slowly warming

This Is All A Scam To Tax World Economies And Governments For Global Warming 
Even Though It's Not Caused By Human Industrialization
The Great Reset: Unelected World Leaders Use COVID to Launch Sinister Climate Agenda 

The Earth's Weather Has Actually Been Getting Colder
Energy Traders Brace For Cold Plunge 

Peter Schiff: The Best Of Times During The Worst Of Times

Peter Schiff: will Biden or Trump win? Outcomes for taxes, inflation, markets

JPMorgan's Kolanovic Has A Warning For Those Expecting A Crushing Biden Victory

Guardian: Biden over Trump by 17, leads in every category (only the Mossad can save Trump…again) 

What's He Hiding?
Trump Brings Tax Return Case To Supreme Court

Former White House doctor says Biden's not up to the job mentally 

Article: Fed Announces It Will Quit Printing Paper Money 

US killing dollar with addiction to ‘ever-increasing doses of monetary heroin’ – Peter Schiff

Eurozone to crash by 8.3% in 2020, historic and aggressive financial injections softened blow - IMF

Towards a New Gold Standard? Or a Currency War with China? 

States See $31 Billion of Taxes Disappear Due to Covid Recession

Our Simulacrum Economy

Over 34,000 Health Experts Sign Declaration Against COVID-19 Lockdowns, Petition by Epidemiologists Claims

More Than Half Of All Americans "Plan To Stockpile Food And Other Essentials" For The Chaotic Months Ahead

Soaring Food Costs Send Producer Prices Higher In September

"Guillotines, Motherf*cker": Colorado Democratic Committee Member Caught On Hidden Camera Talking Violent Revolution

US Seized Iranian Gasoline, But Legal Battle Ensues on If They Can Sell It 

Rouhani: Iran entitled to free arms trade in days with UN ban expiry

 Rouhani: Iran Free to Buy, Sell Weapons from October 18

Deputy Judiciary Chief: Iranian Nation Not to Forgive Europeans’ Collaboration with US Sanctions

 Iran Grappling with Third Wave of Coronavirus with over 4,800 New Cases

 CBI Governor Hopes for Transfer of Multibillion Dollar Iranian Assets from Iraq

Iran’s funds in Iraq over $5 billion: Top banker

Evil Has A Way Of Destroying Itself
Infighting Threatens to Tear Syria's Ahrar al-Sham Rebels Apart 

Here We Go Again - They Never Stop
Militants delivered chlorine barrels to White Helmets for false flag gas attack in Syria’s Idlib: Russia

Russian Ministry of Defense: Terrorists and so-called “White Helmets” 
prepare to stage false flag chemical attack in Idleb southern countryside 

Disgraceful And Illegal Use Of U.S. Military Troops Violating International Law
US Moves to ‘Secure the Oil’ in Syria by Building New Base in Crude-Rich Deir ez-Zor

America/Turkish Sponsored Terrorists Getting Bushwhacked In Syria
Three QSD militants killed in countryside of Hasaka and Deir Ezzor 

Kata’ib Hezbollah: All weapons must be pointed at US positions in Iraq

Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict raises spectre of pan-Turkism in Iran

Nagorno-Karabakh Clashes Continue as Ceasefire Fails

Turkey Threatens Armenia With Direct Military Intervention In Karabakh War 

Turkish media discuss Putin's veto on Ankara's participation in Nagorno-Karabakh crisis talks

UAE official accuses Palestinians of ‘ungratefulness’ after criticism of Israel ties

Hezbollah Member: US Not Able to Bar Resistance Membership in Lebanese Cabinet

Lebanon, Israel hold 1st round of indirect demarcation talks

Israel extends coronavirus lockdown as finance minister warns of businesses ‘collapsing’

Olive Branches and Nuclear Bombs in Israel

US Flew 60 Spy Planes Near China's Coast in September 

The U.S. Doesn't Negotiate - It Dictates On The Premise That It Rules The World
That Is The Reason That All U.S. Treaties Will Expire
Russia Rejects US Envoy's Comments on New START Extension

Russia rejects conditional US offer to extend New START

Russia Ready to Include 2 Out of 5 New Weapons in New START Treaty, FM Lavrov Says 

Russia disagrees with Turkish idea that military solution in Karabakh possible — Lavrov 

Moscow Will Respond in Kind to Sanctions Against Russia Over Navalny Case, FM Lavrov Says 

Russian Navy Based in Kamchatka on Alert Amid Approaching Cyclone 

Russian FM Lavrov Says Moscow May Stop Dialogue With EU if Bloc Doesn't Respect Russia

European Oil Companies Will Not Tolerate Poland's Attempt To Cancel Nord Stream 2

American Children Have Become Targets Of Corporate Pedophilia
Close-up Camera Shots Of Children's Groins Cannot Be Misunderstood
Cuties is merely misunderstood, Netflix co-CEO says, and idea of censoring storytelling is surprising in 2020 America

The Mysterious Death of Stanley Meyer and His Water-Powered Car 

Solar Power Costs 2-3 Times As Much As Wind, Fossil Fuels and Nuclear


How to kill a thriving metropolis in 7 months: 
NYC’s Covid-19 failure is a vicious spiral directed by a sadistic political regime 

Escape From San Francisco: Sales Tax Revenue Plunge "Worst In The State" Amid COVID Exodus

The Long Trail from ‘Truckers for Trump’ to the Loving Arms of Moloch

Kim Jong-un’s massive new ballistic missile is final proof that Trump’s confused approach to North Korea has failed 

Is War With China Becoming Inevitable?

US Moving Forward With Three Arms Sales to Taiwan 

China warns Asian nations to guard against US strategy of sowing division

Anti-Chinese Racism Sets Stage for New McCarthyism 

Trump administration pushes the US war on Iran into high gear

 Iran’s Judiciary to Establish Special Court to Prosecute US Crimes

US military building new base in Syria’s oil-rich Dayr al-Zawr: Report

Russian military delivered humanitarian aid to a village in Syrian province of Hama 

Terrorists killed in Chechnya came from Syria to conduct terror attacks — Chechen leader 

Militants Conduct 15 Attacks in Syria's Idlib De-Escalation Zone, Russian Military Says

Iraqi Militias Confirm Attacks on US Troops Have Halted 

13 ISIS Fighters Reported Killed by Islamist Rivals in Northern Syria

Jordan king swears in new government led by PM Khasawneh

Turkey: Armenia Must Leave Occupied Azeri Land

Germany warns Turkey against ‘provocation’ in Mediterranean

Erdogan continues to pursue an old, failed course 

Yemen Child Killed, Five Civilians Wounded in Bombardment of Taiz School

Israel's Cabinet Approves UAE Normalization Deal 

21 Israeli soldiers injured in massive brawl between troops at training base

Russian scientist warns COVID-19 is more insidious than we know it

Madrid Court Strikes Down Spanish Government's Local Lockdown Measures

‘Murder hornet’ tagged with tracking device escapes
 as Washington state struggles to find & destroy nests before ‘slaughter phase’


The Great California Exodus Accelerates 

Portland police crack down on BLM protest, arresting dozens over fear they could attack precinct

Portland police declare riot after mob topple Lincoln & Roosevelt statues during ‘Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage’ 

Organizer of Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish anti-lockdown protest arrested, charged with ‘inciting to riot’ 

Start prepping! Electric grid ‘prime target’ of terrorists, ‘profound threat,’ says council

Greg Mannarino: It's Time To "Wake Up" Because "You haven't Seen ANYTHING Yet!"

Yes, We Are Headed for Violent Civil War

Adjustment Day Looms As America's Headed For Violent Civil War

What Goes Around Comes Around
A Nation That Causes Civil War In Foreign Lands Will Suffer Same
US Hearings Reveal Washington's Covert Support for Color Revolutions Around the World

Blain: Things Just Ain't Working

Good Historical Article On America's Awful Treatment Of Iran
Trump to Iran: Don’t “f**k around with us” 

It's Genocide Plain & Simple
One Man's Hatred Of An Entire Race Of People

The undeniable cruelty of Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ on Iran 

 Iran: US Suffering Sanctions Madness

 Leader: Iran to turn ‘maximum pressure’ into US ‘maximum disgrace’

Iran: Oct. 18 will be day of ‘historic defeat’ for US

US sanctions designed to impact Iranian people psychologically: Expert

Spokesman: UN Arms Embargos against Iran to Expire at Weekend to Inflict Historical Defeat on US

Iran: US Court Order to Pay $1.4bln to Ex-FBI Agent’s Family “Ridiculous”

 Iran’s Human Rights Council Urges World to Fight off US Sanctions on Humanitarian Trade with Country

 Iran Domestically Manufacturing over 90 Percent of Refinery Parts

Proof Of Netanyahu's Lies About Iran having A Nuclear Bomb By End Of Year
IAEA: Iran Lacks Uranium to Make Even One Nuclear Bomb

Iraqi Joint Operations Command: Coalition Needed to Fight ISIS 

 Arab Media: US Desperately Asking Iraqi Resistance Groups to Stop Attacks

Iraqi armed groups agree conditional suspension of attacks on US targets 

Fighting Rages in Northern Yemen, Both Sides Claim Heavy Losses Inflicted 

Nagorno-Karabakh Ceasefire in Tatters With Heavy Overnight Shelling 

Majority of Arabs deem normalization with Israel a treason

Israeli forces storm West Bank refugee camp; a dozen Palestinians injured

Israeli occupation to build 500 new settlement units in Bethlehem 

The Atlantean Conspiracy: The Zionist Jew World Order

Apocalyptic fires cause devastation across Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey in video and pictures

Kremlin: System of fighting COVID-19 created in Russia enables it to avoid full lockdown 

Putin Trolls Biden: Communists & Dems Share Common Values While Trump Record Hard On Russia

Russia Is Expanding Its Energy Influence In Africa

Study warns US farmland is now 48 TIMES more TOXIC to insects:
 Are neonicotinoids to blame for the impending “insect apocalypse?” 

Covid virus ‘survives for 28 days’ in lab conditions 

WHO Official Urges Halt to Lockdowns as Primary CCP Virus Control Method

Poisionous furry puss caterpillars have been sighted in Virginia

Australian Media Finally Calls Out Davos Great Reset Agenda

Anti-Lockdown Protesters Decry Government Restrictions In Berlin As Virus Cases Surge

US Army To Receive "Astonishingly Powerful" Electric Robot Tank 


The United States Military Openly Stealing Syrian Oil
This Looks Very Bad To The World
It's disgraceful that An American President, and Commander and Chief of U.S. Armed Forces, should order U.S. Service Personnel to flagrantly violate international law, and disgrace themselves and their uniforms by illegally entering a nation during peace time, and openly steal Syrian Oil, in full view of numerous international witnesses, like common thieves after pirate bootie. Does the President even care what this looks like to the rest of the world? Do the generals in charge of this thievery know how disgraceful it is to use U.S. Troops as thieves in open violation of international law? This looks very bad to the rest of the world and casts a bad light on the U.S. Military. It's like the Nazi march into France during WWII. How does this benefit America or aid in it's national defense? It's all for Israel. The U.S. makes itself look bad while Israel hides behind big brother and dances gleefully at the hardship this imposes on the Syrian People trying to rebuild their nation after their horrific and heroic fight against ISIS. The oil stolen by American Military Bandits would go a long way to feed the hungry and rebuild the infrastructure of Syria. The Emperor of America, a callous man without a heart, is a psychopath who very seldom even smiles, except in mocking exaggeration, has chosen the people of Iran and Syria for extermination. When will the gas chambers and ovens be deployed? No. Economic sanctions are better and the preferred method of extermination by our fearless leader. It kills many people but it's not as obvious. It's a way of practicing genocide and extermination of entire nations and people without the need of ovens to destroy the bodies. Israel and the United States have become united in their genocidal quest to destroy entire nations and races of people. Israel now commands U.S. Troops in the Middle East. Iran and Syria are both on the hit list. Do the American People even care? Do they wonder why bad times have now befallen them? The evil that the Empire does in foreign lands must come back on the American People. It's a universal law of justice. You reap what you sow. Not only individually but nationally as well. There will be no recovery or prosperity for a nation who's government steals food from babies, and murders the innocent, and puts hardship upon people who have done nothing to the American People that deserves such inhuman treatment.
Another US convoy smuggles Syrian oil to Iraq

US occupation convoy laden with stolen Syrian oil leaves Hasaka heading for Iraq 

US Convoy Flanked by Choppers Has Reportedly Reinforced Positions in Hasakah City, Syria

Syrians Are Bushwhacking U.S. Backed Terrorists
What Would American's Do If This Were Happening In Their Country?
Three QSD militants killed, others injured in attacks in Hasaka, Deir Ezzor countryside 

Russia's strategic intervention in Syria five years on - An unpardonable blow to the US empire 

US forces must leave Iraq or will be forcibly expelled: Kata'ib Hezbollah 

 Iran’s Non-Oil Exports Rise in One Month

 Ex-FM: Trump’s Vulgarity to Unite Iranians

Lame-duck Trump better not threaten a warrior nation like Iran: Envoy

Iran Will Become A Major Power In The Middle East With China's Help
Iran, China hold fruitful talks on strategic partnership: FM Zarif

IAEA: Iran ‘doesn’t have significant quantity’ of material for nukes

UAE: Turkish base in Qatar source of instability in Persian Gulf

Defying anti-protest pressure, tens of thousands call on Netanyahu to resign

‘Bibi, you are destroying my future’: Anti-Netanyahu protesters defy lockdown, clash with police in Tel Aviv

Israeli settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque under protection of occupation forces 

When the choice is between Trump and Biden, American elections don’t seem that democratic 

No 2nd stimulus? Time to admit both parties want to destroy the average American

Breakdown In Civilization Is A Breakdown Of Religion In America
Instead Of Demonstrating, Rioting & Shooting Each Other In The Streets Like Idiots
Americans Should Be Praying To God For Economic Recovery & National Unity
There are no political or military solutions for what ails America. Riots only destroy whatever remains. Demonstrations are staged media events that expend energy but actually do nothing. The politicians don't really care. Only a return to the ideals embraced by Christianity and God's commandments will return normality to America. Brotherly love, and help thy neighbor, between people and races, are ideals that seem to have been forgotten. Prayer and common belief in God are the only hope, but the leaders of America are afraid to even speak the word God. 'All you need is Love,' a song by the Beetles in the 60's, is now totally beyond the comprehension of the cell phone generation. The Beatles would be ridiculed by Facebook and Twitter today. The U.S. Government has become a godless entity with no moral or spiritual leadership available or spoken in public for fear of unfavorable Tweets and Facebook ridicule by anarchists, atheists, and the homosexual/transvestite community, who now own the government. Those communists and political activists that are leading Americans down the path of violence and revolution have themselves no clear replacement for what they destroy. Socialism, and Communism are just another form of tyranny because it still requires persons, committees, or military force, to impose so-called community, or national laws upon the individual, and to take from the rich to give to the poor. All this while those in charge wine and dine in exquisite decorum while the average person works hard for very little. Both political parties are the same. The new boss is the same as the old boss. Money is the grease that lubricates the wheels of government. Those groups and people with money run the show. When the money is gone there is no government. When God and Christianity are gone it's a government of barbarians. When people are without God there can be no unity.

Complete Breakdown Of Civilization Has Already Begun 
And Total Anarchy Will Follow The Upcoming "Meal Shortages" That "Feed America" Is Warning Us About

One person killed after shots fired in Denver amid rival BLM & right-wing Patriot rallies, suspect in custody

"Patriot Rally" Attendee Killed By Security Guard In Denver

Conservative shot and killed by NBC News affiliate's security guard at Patriot Rally in Denver 

The Second Act Will Be Worse Than The First: Lockdowns Are Not The Answer

Delta adds insult to injury in hurricane-ravaged Louisiana

Poisoning the Pacific details US military's secret dumping of poison into Far East

Is Gold Cheap At $2000 An Ounce? 

Number of coronavirus cases worldwide tops 37 million - Johns Hopkins University 

No to ‘permanent fear campaigns’: Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters decry government restrictions in Berlin 

Lesson not learned: Europe unprepared as 2nd virus wave hits

Europe’s Economic Recovery Is a Summer Memory 

Pyongyang shows off BRAND NEW intercontinental ballistic missile during military parade, according to experts 

Russia-Brokered Ceasefire Between Armenia & Azerbaijan Already On Verge Of Unraveling

Shelling of cities dashes hopes of ceasefire in South Caucasus

Russia reports over 13,600 new coronavirus cases, highest rate since start of pandemic 

China Blasts Latest US Navy Deployment Near Paracel Islands: "Halt Provocations!" 

Shallow M6.0 earthquake hits Easter Island Region, Chile 


Reminds Me Of Hitler's Genocide Of The Jews During WWII
President Trump Has A Psychopathic Hatred Of Iranians/Persians & Seeks Their Extermination
He Is Obsessed With The Extermination Of Iran By Any Means Including War & Economic Terrorism. This Unprovoked Hatred Of An Entire Race Of People Reveals Genocide Akin To Adolf  Hitler's Hatred Of Jews. It's Disgraceful That America Should Be Ruled By Such An Openly Racist Psychopath In These Times Of Pandemic Emergency. The People Of Iran Are Targets Of An Insane Madman Who Hates Them Simply Because Of Their Race & Nationality. Despite U.S./Israeli Propaganda To The Contrary, Iran And The Shiite Muslims Are Not Terrorists, And Have Been Instrumental In The Defeat Of ISIS Throughout The Middle East. It's The United States And It's Ally Saudi Arabia, And The Sunni Muslims, That have Been The Main Orchestrators Of Terrorism In The Middle East Including Both Syria And Iraq. It's Obvious That President Trump Is A Front Man For Israel And Netanyahu And Parrots The Same Hatred Of Persians As Do The Israelis. It's Genocide Plain And Simple. There Is No U.S. Advantage To Such Action.
Trump Tells Iran Not to F**ck Around With US 

Tehran hits back at Trump over outburst of profanity: Iranians not intimidated

New US sanctions on Iran ‘terrorist, cruel’ effort to prevent medicine, food purchases amid COVID-19: Rouhani

Iran Armed Forces rush to health sector’s aid as COVID-19 rages on

FM Zarif in China to further expand strategic partnership

 IRGC Deputy Commander: Numerous Unidentified Popular Groups Stand in Alliance with Iran Worldwide

Rouhani: US New Sanctions, Propaganda Tool for Domestic Use

Deputy FM Urges World to Counter US Unilateralism

Envoy: General Soleimani's Assassination Clear Instance of US State Terrorism

 Senior Diplomat: Fresh Anti-Iran Sanctions Causing Further Disgrace for US

US- backed QSD militia kidnaps more than twenty young men in Raqqa and Hasaka 

NAM countries call on Israeli occupation to withdraw from Syrian Golan 

Clashes among terrorists on sharing stolen materials cause casualties in Tal Halaf in Hasaka

WATCH: ‘Huge waves of fire’ suddenly spread across Syrian countryside, sending rescue workers scrambling 

In war-torn Yemen, a bombed school brings back hope to children 

Yemen’s Ansarullah slams awarding 2020 Nobel Peace Prize to World Food Programme

Armenia, Azerbaijan Agree to Ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh 

Armenia, Azerbaijan accuse each other of new attacks after ceasefire

Israel to massively expand settlements after UAE normalization

Rosenberg: We Are In A Depression 

Gold Soars Above $1900 As USDollar Plunges

59 Million Americans Expect Income Losses Ahead Of Presidential Election  

The United States National Debt Is The Main Cause Of Economic Problems
U.S. Imperialism Is The Main Cause Of The Debt
The national debt is forcing the Federal Reserve to hold down interest rates to keep the government from defaulting on it's debt obligations. Should interest rates be allowed to rise, the national debt, now officially over twenty seven trillion dollars, but unofficially much higher then that, would trigger a U.S. default because the interest payments on such an amount would be more than the U.S. Treasury could endure. This artificial suppression of interest rates coupled with the monetization of the debt by the creation of new money to cover overextension of debt to revenue expense is the main culprit in the ongoing demise of the U.S. financial system, and the devaluation of the Dollar. The main reason for the constantly inflating and unsustainable national debt is the military demands of supporting a global military empire. With military bases all over the globe, in excess of actual U.S. defense requirements, over the last twenty years, it's easy to see how the U.S. has gotten itself into this financial bind. The more recent use of private contractors to support global military demands, at wages far in excess of what is paid to legitimate military troops and personnel, has further inflated military cost. Add to this the hiring of mercenary armies, a.k.a. terrorists, to engage in regime change against governments and nations that oppose U.S. imperial expansion, who are also getting monthly pay checks, and you have a global cost of U.S. military expenditure at levels far higher than at any time in previous history. Most of this military expenditure is to police the planet in the expansion and support of U.S. global imperial domination of the earth, and not for the direct defense of the nation. 

This has happened before in the history of empires, including the Soviet and British Empires, which in like fashion grew so large as to break the bank so to speak. Empires simply don't work for this very reason. Cost eventually becomes too much to handle. Despite the ongoing growth of U.S. debt, now in a default category without the constant manipulation by the Federal Reserve, there is not one iota of discourse from anybody in government, from the President on down, including those now running for office, on the curtailment of military expenditures in support of U.S. imperial demands over and above actual national defense requirements. Russia for example spends far less than the U.S. for it's national defense but has achieved military equality with the U.S. simply because it is not supporting a global military empire. It's main focus is on national defense. This is where the U.S. has gone astray. The cost of the military demands to police the entire planet, with military bases all over the globe, and the support of armies, on the borders of nations far from home, in support of a global military empire, will be the downfall of the United States, even as other would-be empires of the past have fallen in likewise fashion. It's just a matter of time. Current actions of the Federal Reserve, with the suppression of interest rates, and the monetization of the national debt, a.k.a. Q.E. and Financial/Economic Stimulus, are a clear sign that the end is near. The politicians that rule the nation have opted for empire over the Republic of America, and will bring down the nation before they bring down the empire. They will curtail Social Security, Medicare, and the U.S. infrastructure before they will curtail the empire. This has all been tried before and failed. It will fail again. 

Those who support a global U.S. military empire over the republic are traitors to America and the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately this includes almost the entire government, and those now running for office. The problem is that the national debt is never really paid off but simply rolled over into new debt, and added to as time goes on. This means that the cost of U.S. military bases to cover the planet is compounded over time, and continues to burden the latest figures with accrued interest and added cost. In other words, the debt acquired for support of global U.S. military bases twenty years ago is still with us today, and must be added to current cost to establish an actual cost. As the article below indicates, the cost of U.S. military bases in 2017 was $150 billion per year. It's much higher now. Add to this the unpaid balances from the previous twenty years, that was never paid off, but rolled over into new debt, plus accrued interest, and you get some idea of the problem. It's well into multiple trillions of dollars. Add to this the cost of aircraft and missile systems stationed abroad, and the cost of troops, and private contractors, and mercenary armies, also rolled over for the last twenty years and you have trillions more. It's all a scam to fool the American People. Nothing is ever paid off. It has just been continually added to, and rolled over until the Federal Reserve was forced to suppress interest rates to prevent government default on the debt. Tax revenue simply will not foot the bill. It's an unsustainable amount over the long run and soon it will destroy the nation. Is the military domination of the planet worth the price? Does it really add to America's defense or is it simply a gleam in a politician's eye? Hail Caesar!

US Federal Debt Will Soon Be Larger Than Any Time in History, American Budget Watchdog Claims

The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases

This Is Spending In 2017
It's Gotten Much Higher Since Then
US Spending Over $150 Billion Annually On Overseas Military Bases

US Plan: Weapons Anywhere on Earth in One Hour

US Covid-19 cases hit two-month high, 10 states report record increases

‘Brain Fog’ COVID causing significant long-term cognitive deficits in most sufferers 

Covid-19 will push as many as 150 MILLION people into extreme poverty by 2021 – World Bank 

Democrats Planning a Coup if Trump Wins in November 

Former CIA veteran: Trump and Netanyahu alliance is bad news

Trump used aborted fetus cells in private COVID treatment

Blockbuster: Trump touts Fetus Stem Cell Cure in COVID Stock Scam, Even Denials are Fake 

Faith leaders back Biden in sign Evangelicals running away from Trump madness

Hurricane Delta weakens after making landfall in storm-battered Louisiana

Google is giving data to police based on search keywords, court docs show 

China Tells US to Halt Provocations in South China Sea 

Chemistry Nobel to “TechMothers” of Twin Babies with Altered DNA. 
Their Human Embryo Tests used by Chinese Geneticist Convicted for Genetic Manipulation

Huge solar flare bursts from the Sun on October 6 and we got very lucky 

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