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Book Of Enoch Ethiopian Translation


Analysis Of Revelation 18 & Current Events
Revelation 18: 1-10, basically defines the reasons for God's chastisement of Babylon, because of it's evil ways, in the final days prior to the return of Christ, and the arrival of the Kingdom of God. First we must identify Babylon. For the proper identification we must revisit Revelation 17. The Angel tells us that the seven heads of the First Beast of Revelation 13, represent seven kings = empires, that would come to pass before the arrival of the Kingdom of God. Five had already fallen before the Roman Empire, which ruled during that time. They were Babylon, Media Persia, Assyria, Egypt, and Greece. One is = Roman Empire. One is not yet come = British Empire. The Angel goes on to explain that there is yet one more empire, an eighth, and it's of the seven, which means that it shares a similarity to the previous seven either singularly as compared to one specific empire, or all of them. This eighth empire goes into destruction = perdition.

What empire in the world today fits the description? Of the seven previous empires, which resembles a modern empire the most? There is only one nation on the earth today that fits the description. The United States of America. Why? First we must understand the meaning of Babylon in the context of Revelation 17: 1-5. Babylon is the center of global trade and wealth, and rules over all the kings = nations of the earth. The United States is the only nation on the earth today that has completely dominated the entire global financial and economic system. It's military is stationed all over the planet. The Dollar is the world's reserve currency. This makes it a truly global empire. Next, we must look at the previous seven empires and see if there is a similarity to the United States. In two words I can define and explain the similarity to one specific empire. They are Democracy & Babylon.

All of the previous seven empires ruled the physical location of ancient Babylon = Iraq. The United States likewise ruled Iraq following the U.S. invasion of that nation, and still occupies the nation both financially and militarily, and refuses to leave. That is similarity one. Similarity two, is more to do with a single empire. It's the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great. The United States has patterned it's government after the Grecian ideal of a democratic republic. Grecian cites were similarly independent republics within the empire. The U.S. has a single king = President, which rules over it's city/states and military, as did Alexander, and it seeks total domination of the world as did Alexander. There can be no doubt as to the identity of the eighth empire foretold by the Angel of Revelation 17. It can only be the United States of America. The bad news is that Ipso Facto, the U.S. is headed for perdition = destruction.

Now we come to the chastisement, or God's judgment of Babylon. It comes in the two forms, both of which involve torment and sorrow by fire, violence,  plague and famine. The first is Revelation 18: 11-16, which describes a great global economic crash wherein it states, "And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buys their merchandise any more." The second is Revelation 18: 17-24, which describes a natural disaster that brings down Babylon very quickly, in one hour. A portion even being thrown into the sea. The global economic crash has already begun. It was started by a plague, the Covid-19 virus, and already there are food shortages which could mean a coming famine. Civil unrest and violence is expected to follow. From these prophecies we can determine that there will be no economic recovery. The second portion has yet to happen, and it can only be destruction by natural disaster, such as volcanic and earthquake activity. Fire, violence, and a submergence of land, as a stone thrown into the sea. 

If we look at the ongoing volcanic and earthquake activity now encompassing the Pacific Region, and the very dangerous earthquake faults like the San Andreas, in California, and the Cascadia Subduction Zone, along Oregon, and Washington State, both long overdue for massive earthquakes, it doesn't take much imagination to figure out what is to happen next. All I can say is buckle up, stay disaster prepared, if it's still possible to do so after the Covid-19 epidemic. Speaking of which, most economic experts explain that the global financial and economic system was already in deep trouble, and the Covid-19 Virus epidemic was simply the black swan event, or the pin, that burst the bubbles, and started the dominos to fall. It would have happened anyway. It was just a matter of time. Blaming it on the Covid-19 virus is a convenient scapegoat for the politicians who have robbed the people blind. I also fear that social violence and civil unrest are also in the cards, hence the reason for the call up of the reservist national guard. The prophecies contained in Revelation 18, are coming to pass just exactly as Biblically foretold. The return of Christ, and the arrival of the Kingdom of God, are now at the door, and only await the fulfillment of the remaining chapter. 

 When Americans Wake From The Corona-Coma, This Will Be A Different Country 

Second US Aircraft Carrier Is Facing A COVID-19 Outbreak Among Crew 

Retailers Prepare For Civil Unrest; Boarded-Up Stores Seen From SoHo To Beverly Hills 

World breaks another grim covid-19 milestone as global cases surpass 800,000 

US Reports 500+ Casualties In Deadliest Day Yet
 Confirms Largest Jump In New COVID-19 Cases: Live Updates

"This Could Turn Violent" - Italian Officials Fear South Turning Into A Powder Keg

Mortgage Lenders Demand Fed Bailout... 
After Blaming Fed For Forcing "Staggering, Unprecedented" Margin Calls 

Oil Hovers Just Above 18 Year Low After Putin-Trump Hold Phone Call 

Dallas Fed Manufacturing Survey Crashes To Lowest Level Ever 

Energy Collapse, Earnings Ennui, & Consumer Credit Cracks

For 40 years I watched ‘rampant fraud’ on Wall Street destroy capitalism, Covid-19 nailed its coffin shut 

Texas business activity falls off the coronavirus cliff 

Coronavirus drives U.S. March auto sales off a cliff

Coronavirus update: Job losses could total 47 million, unemployment rate of 32%, Fed says

Rally Fizzles, Futures Slide As Dollar Surge Returns 

Greater Depression? Shocking Images Show Horror Of America's New Breadlines

"A Multitrillion Dollar Helicopter Credit Drop": How The Fed Turned $454 Billion Into $4.5 Trillion 

US Deploys Patriot Missiles in Iraq Bases Hosting US Troops

US Repositions Troops in Iraq, Preparing for Fight Against Iran 

Iraqi PM warns against further attacks as Pentagon plans to destroy militias 

Iraqi resistance forces say fully prepared ahead of reported US operation

Is US readying itself to re-invade and occupy Iraq?

Blast near joint border halts Iran’s gas exports to Turkey

Iran-Turkey gas pipeline stops functioning after terrorist attack – gas company official 

US renews sanctions on Iran's nuclear program,
 threatens economic pressure despite calls to lift restrictions amid pandemic 

Pentagon May Keep Paratroopers in Mideast to Counter Iran

Iran: No Lasting Peace Achievable before Israel's Occupation of Palestine Ends

Saudi Airstrikes Pound Yemeni Capital, Scores of Horses Killed 

Saudi warplanes target residential areas, military college in Yemeni capital

Israel pummels Gaza Strip with aerial assault as it struggles to battle pandemic


West Faces "Social Bomb" As Pandemic Sparks Unrest Among Poorest

Dr. Fauci: "We're Going To Have Millions Of Cases" And "Between 100K & 200K Deaths"

How Long Will America's COVID-19 Lockdown Last? Here's What The Patterns Suggest 

Global updates: Over 722,000 now infected with coronavirus, nearly 34,000 dead

Saying Trump has ‘blood on his hands’ is media hype,
 New York is Covid-19 hell because government at EVERY level is broken

Beijing boasts 93% recovery rate & NO new cases
 in Hubei for sixth day after saying local Covid-19 spread ‘STOPPED’ 

US sanctions on life-saving drugs are leading Iran 
into a ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ as pandemic rages – Zarif 

Iran’s Covid-19 death toll reaches 2,757 with almost 41,500 identified cases 

Coronavirus most active at about 4 degrees Celsius, scientists say 

Coronavirus drives army command teams into infamous Cheyenne mountain bunker

WTI Crashes Below $20, Stocks Drop, Gold Pops As Trump Extends Lockdown

Global stocks and oil fall as investors brace for another wild week in markets 

Deteriorating economic conditions sink global stock markets 

The U.S. Housing Market Bubble Is Bursting as Sales Plunge

"The Industry Has Never Experienced Anything Like This Before"
 3% Of All Restaurants Have Already Closed Permanently

Great Depression 2.0? US may be headed for HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT EVER 

Oil drops as demand fears overshadow stimulus hopes

Global wave of consumer default underway, beginning in China 

On Pace For 20% Unemployment Rate (Doubling In April Alone) 

33% Don't Have $100 Saved 

US forces pack up and leave Kirkuk airbase… but pulling out of Iraq still off the table

US Repositions Troops in Iraq, Preparing for Fight Against Iran 

US deploys new troops to Iraq’s Ain al-Asad base: Report

 Iraqi Analyst: US Looking for Reoccupation of Iraq

US General: Disgraced President Trump’s Plan Against Iraqi’ Militias Likely to be COVID Fail 2′ 

Iran: Virus revealed ugliest face of US government addicted to sanctions

Iran's FM: US Should Stop War Crimes

 China Sends 7th Aid Shipment to Iran amid Combat against COVID-19

Saudis Claim US Patriot Missiles Activated In Major Yemeni Houthi Attack On Riyadh 

Yemeni domestically-built missiles, drones strike sensitive targets in Saudi capital, elsewhere

Venezuela's Guaido Urges Military, Others Back Him in Ousting Maduro 

The EU's Betrayal Of Italy May Be Its Undoing

Putin Says The Rich Must Pay For The COVID-19 Chaos


No Economy Is An Island
The global economy has officially entered a recession - articles below. The next level down will be a depression. In view of the continuing economic slowdown a global depression is definitely in the cards. In the modern world the economy of all nations are inseparably linked to each other. This includes the United States. The U.S. Government and Washington are submerged in a fantasy of imperialistic grandeur and act as if the U.S. can continue to function in a vacuum of economic isolation, but nothing could be further from the truth. All of the Fed's actions will fail to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. The U.S. Dollar as the world's reserve currency will not spare the United States from an economic crash that will result as the global economy continues to tank. As Revelation 18-11, does foretell, "And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buys their merchandise any more." Herein resides the reason for the coming U.S. economic crash. A diminishing consumer base. Not just domestically, but internationally as well. This includes goods, services, natural resources such as oil, military weapons, financial investments, stocks, and most importantly U.S. Treasury Bonds. Wealth has been replaced by debt and global debt has now reached a level unprecedented in the history of the world. Global debt has reached unsustainable levels, and fewer people and nations have the wealth to buy anymore. As the world sinks into an economic depression, the United States will not escape the results thereof. Recent unfriendly actions against other nations such as import tariffs and economic sanctions, coupled with aggressive military action, and regime change involving terrorism has created many enemies and alliances against the United States that will come back to haunt in the new world of economic uncertainty. No matter what the Federal Reserve does, and no matter what action the U.S. Government may take, there will be no escape from the financial and economic ruination that will result as the rest of the world collapses into a depression. Why? Because no nation or economy is an island.

World economy has entered a recession as bad or worse than the global financial crisis – IMF chief 

Rig Count Crashes Most In 4 Years As Oil Shock Rocks U.S. Shale 

Oil Tumbles Towards $20 As Glut Grows

Saudi Arabia failing to find customers for extra oil supply: Report

Oil hits US$5, why pumps will stay open when prices turn negative

The Unthinkable Is Happening: Oil Storage Space Is About To Run Out

No, You Do Not Hear the Fat Lady Warming Up 

Bull Market? No, The Bear Still Rules For Now

"The Industry Has Never Experienced Anything Like This Before"
 3% Of All Restaurants Have Already Closed Permanently

"There's No Gold" - COMEX Report Exposes Conditions Behind Physical Crunch 

West Faces "Social Bomb" As Pandemic Sparks Unrest Among Poorest 

China Suffers Economic Double-Whammy As Current Global Demand Collapse Follows Earlier Supply Crash 

Rosneft Abruptly Exits Venezuela, Sells Assets To Russian State, Amid US Squeeze On Maduro 

Trump admin's $15 million bounty on Maduro triggers explosive confession of violent Guaidó plot

Russia to Continue Supporting Venezuela Amid Sanctions, Coronavirus - Foreign Ministry 

Israel demolishes Palestinian homes amid coronavirus crisis

 Pentagon's New Plot against Iraq's Resistance Groups Unveiled

Top US general resists Trump administration's efforts to provoke war with Iran -

US forces use Rukban Camp in Syria as assembly line for training extremists, Russian military says 

US plans to transfer cargo to Syrian militants disguised as aid for refugees - Russian military 

Russia urges Turkey to "neutralize" terrorist groups in Syria and not try to rename them as moderates 


No Nation Is An Island
Empires are a thing of the past. In the modern world a multi-polar configuration is best suited to the changing dynamics of global economic and financial systems. This is the reality of modern times as a result of increasing population growth, shrinking world resources, ease of travel and communication. Unfortunately, the United States Government, and Washington, have embarked on a course of global imperialism. To make matters worse, the method of enforcing it's imperialistic ideals on the world is by the use of military force, terrorism, regime change, and economic/financial tariffs and sanctions. This is all being done under the guise of national defense, even though none of the nations that have become targets of U.S. aggression and terrorism have done anything against the United States to justify these actions. But, no matter how it's justified in terms of national defense, it's really imperial defense, and a form of isolationism, that simply won't work in the world today. Diplomacy is no longer the American way. Nor is a system of reward rather than punishment. It's become increasingly obvious that Christian ideals such as forgiveness, love, peace, compassion, humanitarianism, and mutual cooperation between nations, that once made the United States great, are no longer the driving force behind the U.S. Government. 

By these actions the United States Government is forcing the nations of the world to develop new weapons, alliances, and new financial and economic systems outside of the U.S. sphere of influence. The bad news for U.S. inspired global imperial ambition is that the world of nations are succeeding in their endeavor to reconfigure global systems around U.S. domination, and over time will isolate the United States. It's just a matter of time. By it's own actions the U.S. Government has become it's own worse enemy. The more pressure that it exerts on a resistant world, the more isolated it becomes. With increasing isolation the U.S. Global Empire will eventually collapse. Again, it's just a matter of time. Unfortunately for the world of nations, and as history demonstrates, imperial collapse often leads to war against those nations opposing such imperial domination. That now seems to be the course of action by the United States which is currently lead by psychopathic personalities and satanic influence. Rather than give up these outdated and unrealistic ideals of global imperialism and world domination, the United States is pushing for war against Iran, Russia, and China, the main obstacles to U.S. Imperialism in the world today. Unfortunately for humanity this can only lead to global thermonuclear war. 

I have no doubt that the ugly reality of nuclear war is coming to the world very soon if nothing is done to stop the United States and it's insane leadership from fulfilling their satanic lust for global domination and war. Putin has already said that without Russia there will be no world. In other words, Russia will strike back if the U.S. attacks, and no world will remain afterward. However, there is yet hope for the world in these words of Jesus Christ - Matthew 24: 21/22, "For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened." What does this mean? It simply means that because of those people chosen and lead by God who still remain on planet Earth during the final days of this prophecy, there will be a divine intervention in the affairs of humanity, that will save it from the threat of nuclear war that would otherwise destroy all life on the planet. This is definitely a warning that humanity will not be allowed to destroy the earth. Let this be a warning to the United States, that if it continues it's course towards nuclear war, the destructive forces of nature which are controlled by God, will be awakened, and bring total destruction to the nation, it's government, and it's people. Only repentance, and a return to God, will save the United States from the wrath of God that is yet to come. 

Breaking: Trump Denies VT Story 
on US Military Source for CV19-Further Confirmation from ‘Liar in Chief’ 

Italy’s WORST day: Coronavirus death rate highest since start of outbreak with 900+ fatalities 

US Becomes First Country To Record 100,000 Cases
 Of COVID-19, 5th Congressman Tests Positive: Live Updates

Covid-19 cases in Germany surge 6,294 in one day as death toll hits 325

Russian military support ‘much needed’ 
in Italy's critical battle against Covid-19 – Lombardy VP 

Wuhan reopens subway, allows incoming traffic 
as it phases out 2-month coronavirus lockdown (PHOTOS) 

Rouhani says Iran"s healthcare system 
ready for Covid-19 peak as it sees more than 3,000 new infections 

‘We will be where they are’:
 LA mayor says he expects city to catch up with NYC on coronavirus in DAYS 

Trump greenlights call-up of one MILLION reservists to battle Covid-19 

US passes 100,000 CASES of Covid-19
 after becoming world epicenter for virus – Johns Hopkins University 

7 anti-Covid vaccine prototypes developed by Russia’s Medical Biological Agency 

Coronavirus: Two US aircraft carriers out of action for a month |

Pandemonium In The Pacific: US Carrier Diverts To Guam As COVID-19 Cases Spike Among Crew

COVID-19: Two Major Waves of Global Infection, Towards Global Contamination? 

 US Cornavirus Cases Exceed 104,000 
After Becoming World Epicenter, Death Toll Tops 1,700 in Deadliest Day

Fed's Cure Risks Being Worse Than The Disease

UMich Consumer Sentiment Crashes Most Since Oct 2008

In Stunning Development, Dealers Run Out Of Securities To Use In Fed Repo Operations

Rabobank: There Is One Critical Element Missing 
That Prevents Us From Becoming Even Remotely Optimistic 

WTI Tumbles To $21 Handle After Saudis Crush Hopes Of Russia Detente

The Battle Begins (And It's Going To Hurt) 

Who CARES about debt? Covid-19, corporate plunder, & the US plan of unlimited bank bailouts 

Wall Street stocks tumble as US overtakes China in highest number of Covid-19 infections 

Stocks Soar To Best Week Since The 30s As Dollar & Bond Yields Crash 

Brent oil price drops below $25 per barrel - Business & Economy

Oil plunges posting fifth straight weekly loss despite stimulus efforts 

UAE's bin Zayed expresses support to Syria in phone call with Pres. Assad

Turkish Army Sets Up US Air Missile System in Idlib

Syrian, Russian committees: 
Washington transports equipment to terrorists under pretext of humanitarian aid

Commander Opposes Secret Pentagon Plan to Wipe Out Iraqi Militia 

US seeking to exploit coronavirus pandemic to commit ‘genocide’ in Iran: Analyst

 Iranian Seminary Students Offer Take Care of Western Elderly

 Iran's UN Envoy: US Claims to Spare Humanitarian Items from Sanctions Mere Allegation

Zarif: US Taking Several Iranian Scientists as Hostage amid Coronavirus Epidemic

Diplomat: US's Fresh Sanctions on Iran Inhuman Policy as Anti-Coronavirus Fight Continues

Iran Blasts US over Inciting Hatred, Ignoring COVID-19

Israeli warplanes conduct new attacks on besieged Gaza Strip

As world hunkers down, Trump moves full-speed against US foes

Trump Signs Act Backing Taiwan, China Threatens Strike Back

Bloodthirsty Pompeo, Republican neocons create suffering by sanctions: Analyst

‘The answer is no’: Trump says WSJ story on suspending tariffs is ‘just more fake news’ 

Putin’s approval rating rises after address to Russian nation due to COVID-19 


US Reports Largest Jump In New Cases, Deaths 
As "Apocalyptic" Surge Rocks Hospitals In New York, New Orleans: Live Updates

Nearly Half Of All Patients At Bay Area Hospital Are Confirmed Or Suspected Coronavirus Cases

"You Don't Make The Timeline, 
The Virus Makes The Timeline" - Dr. Fauci Contradicts Trump On CNN

US overtakes China as country with highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases - Johns Hopkins University 

Exclusive: As coronavirus spreads, U.S. military to withhold some infection data

Aircraft carrier Teddy Roosevelt sidelined to test crew for COVID-19 

Coronavirus cases in New York overwhelming hospitals in US epicenter

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests POSITIVE for Covid-19 infection 

Italy yet to reach coronavirus contagion peak, national health chief warns, as 712 die in one day 

Spain's Covid-19 death toll SPIKES again as 769 die in new single day record

Iran records 144 new Covid-19 deaths as military sets up emergency 2,000-bed hospital in Tehran 

French PM says ‘very difficult days ahead’ as Covid-19 ‘sweeps over’ country 

Israel to deploy army to help enforce Covid-19 lockdown 

US coronavirus deaths top 1,000 as the country waits for $2.2 trillion economic rescue package

US military confirms 1st Covid-19 case INSIDE Pentagon after Marine tests positive 

Coronavirus cases in Russia rise to over 1,000 in past 24 hours 

Don’t Worry, America, Jared Kushner Is Going to Save You From COVID-19

The dead bodies are starting to pile up in America as New York, 
Hawaii and North Carolina beg FEMA for “Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Teams” (DMORT)

Hospitals across U.S. consider universal do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients

 US Leads World in Coronavirus Cases, 1,300 Patients Died of Deadly Disease

Mideast Coronavirus Update: Syria, Gaza, Yemen & Iran - 21st Century Wire

COVID-19: Two Major Waves of Global Infection, 
Towards Global Contamination?  Centre for Research on Globalization

Trump Warns Suicides
From The Coming Economic Depression Will Far Surpass Those From The Virus

A Record 3.3 Million Americans Just Filed For Unemployment Benefits

The Great Dollar Shortage 

Is The Fed Trying To Inflate A 4th Bubble To Fix The Third? 

US Vehicle Sales Volumes Are Down 50%-75% In March

"It Is Likely Too Soon To Declare A Lasting Bottom" 

"I’ve Never, Ever, Ever Seen Anything Like This Before" 

Insanity: Stocks Enter New Bull Market On Day Initial Claims Hit 3.3 Million

Disaster Looms As Millions Of Americans Set To Lose Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

Corporate Socialism: The Government Is Bailing Out Investors & Managers, Not You

Fitch Warns USA's AAA-Rating At "Risk Of Near-Term Negative Action" 

Socialism for the Rich: Government Is Bailing Out Investors & Managers, Not You

Capitalism Is The Real Disease, Bailing It Out Only Makes Us Sicker

$6 Trillion for Wall Street Isn't a Stimulus, It's a Coup

World Is Totally Unprepared For What’s Ahead – SRSrocco Report

Retirees Getting Screwed - One Last Time 

China Industrial Profits Plunge Most On Record 

Blain: "The Shortest Bear Market In History Ain't Over"

Futures Tumble As Best Rally Since Great Depression Crumbles

Why Washington's COVID-19 Relief Package Must Be Stopped! 

Russia Says Oil Crash Will Cost It Only $40bn (It’s Budget Surplus Last Year Was $30bn)

Russia Is Going to Be an Investment Safe-Haven in an Inflationary Post-COVID World

Oil Plunges After IEA Hints Russia,
 Saudis Would Need To Completely Halt Production To Balance The Market

White Helmets use Covid-19 crisis to further US Coalition regime change agenda in Syria 

‘Moderate Rebels’ Push Turkey to Back Down in Idlib 

US Beats War Drums in Middle East 

US Position in Iraq and Syria Continues to Deteriorate, 
It Will Eventually be Forced Out of Both Countries

Iraq's anti-terror PMU holds drill in preparation for possible war with US

US Imposes More New Sanctions Against Iran

Coronavirus: Activists launch ‘digital protest’ to end US sanctions on Iran

Russia, China Rush Med Supplies to Iran - 
US Gov't Cynically Refuses to Help, Iranian Civilians Die

US will let coronavirus kill many: Iranian scientist detained in US

Iran slams ‘baseless’ US accusations against Venezuela’s president

US extends Iraq waivers but intensifies Iran sanctions as COVID-19 breaks records

Warring Parties in Yemen Back UN Call for Ceasefire 

US Brings Drug Trafficking Charges Against Maduro, Labels Venezuela A "State Sponsor Of Terror"

Washington brings NARCO-TERRORISM charges against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro 

US Puts $15 Million Bounty on Nicolas Maduro 

Poll: Only 3% of Venezuelans Say Guaido Is President 

‘Are those who bomb towns 
going to accuse us of terrorism?’ Maduro rips US over ‘narco-terrorism’ charge 

George Soros Is Funding Pro-Abortion Activism in the Ukraine

EU Betrays Serbia AGAIN, Withholds Medical Equipment, Russia and China Step In

China's Xi offers help to US but Trump intensifies sanctions on countries

US Warship Transits Taiwan Strait As Virus Blame-Game Escalates

Trump signs TAIPEI Act, threatening ‘consequences’ for nations that fail to toe US line on Taiwan 

Doctor Strangelove takes care of our health while he's threatening nuclear war 

Indonesian volcano Mount Merapi spews massive ash in 2nd major eruption this month 

Gunung Ibu volcano in Indonesia filmed erupting at night 

Indonesian volcano spews massive ash cloud 16,000 feet into the air 

Shallow 5.0 magnitude earthquake rattles West Texas: Like the vibration of a train, but bigger 


Spain overtakes China virus toll with 3,434 deaths - government 

Not enough rooms in hospitals,
 ‘many can’t make it and die at home’, says mayor at epicenter of Covid-19 outbreak in Italy 

Mideast Coronavirus Lockdowns Block Humanitarian Aid 

France to Withdraw All Troops From Iraq to Fight Virus 

Russia Suspends War Games to Slow Coronavirus Spread

US states desperate for coronavirus help as Trump eyes restriction ease

Covid-19 deaths pass 4,000 in Spain as Europe passes chilling 250,000 mark of those infected 

US coronavirus deaths top 1,000 as the country waits for $2.2 trillion economic rescue package 

Germany has 4,954 new Covid-19 cases & 49 deaths – RKI Health Institute

China’s Hubei province, 1st Covid-19 epicenter, reports ZERO new cases as Beijing lifts regional lockdown 

Saudi Arabia accepts UN call for coronavirus ceasefire in Yemen – reports 

Iran’s coronavirus death toll reaches 2,234 with 157 new fatalities 

‘All new trips between cities are banned’: Iran shuts down internal travel to fight Covid-19 

US military confirms 1st Covid-19 case INSIDE Pentagon after Marine tests positive 

‘Covid-19 could be seasonal’: 
Fauci warns coronavirus is likely to return in ‘CYCLES’, stresses need for vaccine 

Senate passes $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill bogged down by days of partisan wrangling 

US defense secretary issues order 
halting all travel & movement overseas for up to 60 days, Afghanistan withdrawal will proceed 

Number of coronavirus cases in Russia grows to 840 over past day 

DHS Warns NYC Morgues Near Capacity As Local Hospitals Construct Makeshift Facilities

As Bodies Pile Up, States Ask Emergency FEMA Help To Handle The Dead 

10 Amazon Warehouses Hit With COVID-19 After Workers Test Positive 

Coronavirus: Gov. green lights restrictions, cannot walk more than 100 m

The US Daily Death Rate From Coronavirus Now Exceeds Motor Vehicle Fatalities - COVID-19 News

Habituating us to a new normal - We're not going back

US Reports Largest Jump In New Cases, 
Deaths As "Apocalyptic" Surge Rocks Hospitals In New York, New Orleans: 

US stimulus just ‘another temporary bandage’ 
adding to massive amounts of debt – chief strategist tells Boom Bust 

$5 Trillion Down The Drain 

Global stock markets down on expectations of negative US jobs data 

The Housing Market Crash's First Victims Won't Be Homeowners

Forget $25, Oil’s Trading Much Lower in the Real World

"That’s A Huge Warning For What Lies Ahead": Futures Tumble After Senate Passes Massive Bailout Bill 

Investor Sentiment Fades In Asia As Eyes Turn To Jobless Claims And Rising Fatality Rates

Senate Passes "Largest Rescue Package in American History"

"It's Over..." 

Breaking: EU buckling under pressure of coronavirus

Iraq’s PMU reveals ‘US plot to exploit coronavirus pandemic, attack its bases’

Zarif slams Pompeo for spreading ‘third-rate propaganda,’ hatred amid coronavirus pandemic

FM Blasts Anti-Iran Remarks by US “Secretary of Hate”

Whistle-Blower: Several Saudi-Led Coalition Military Men Infected with Coronavirus

No lasting peace in Yemen without end to Saudi war, siege: Ansarullah

Doctor Strangelove Takes Care of Our Health. 
The Real Scenario is Nuclear War? "Senator, I am a Fan of Flexible First-use Policy"

Putin Has Been Handed a Rare Opportunity
to Destroy the US Shale Industry - He Has Brilliantly Seized It

Russia’s latest S-500 anti-aircraft missile system at final stage of trials 

Putin’s visit to COVID-19 hospital in Moscow wasn’t staged, Kremlin says 

Putin: Russia May Defeat Coronavirus in Less Than 3 Months 

Russia shuts down air communication with the world. Moscow takes unprecedented measures

ASSANGE EXTRADITION: Assange Denied Bail, Further Visits, Despite Virus Risk 


It's Not "Just The Flu": Here's Why You Definitely Don't Want To Catch COVID-19... 

India to go into COMPLETE lockdown from midnight – PM Modi 

At Moment UN Chief Urged Global Ceasefire To Stop COVID-19, Pentagon Held War Games Aimed At Iran

Trump wants to have America reopened following coronavirus shutdown ‘by Easter’ 

Situation On Riker's Island "Unimaginably Bad" As COVID-19 Tears Through Prison

"We're Deeply Concerned" - White House Calls For 14-Day Quarantine For Anybody Leaving NY: Live Updates

Coronavirus: Are US sanctions hurting Iran's response to the pandemic?

Confirmed Cases in Gaza, Blockade Raise Fear of Deadly Outbreak 

Pentagon warns coronavirus outbreak could last for months in US

German coronavirus tally: 4,191 new cases, 36 new deaths 

3 US Navy troops on board aircraft carrier in Philippines
test positive for coronavirus in first-ever case on deployed ship

LA County sheriff ordering all gun stores to close
 amid heady combination of coronavirus lockdown & too many 1st-time buyers 

CIA report from 2005 predicts 2020 COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus: Giuseppe Berardelli among 50 priests killed

COVID-19 – The Fight for a Cure: One Gigantic Western Pharma Rip-Off -

New Home Sales Tumble In March, Despite Plunging Mortgage Rates

US Domestic Flights Could Completely Shut Down Due To Pandemic

US Services Economy Collapses At Record Pace, Signal 5% GDP Plunge 

Rabobank: Many Are Questioning The Point Of Having A Market If The Fed Is Backstopping Everything

US markets bounce back on government rescue promise & Fed vow to PRINT MORE MONEY 

$14 Billion Commodity Broker Facing Crushing Margin Calls After Mortgage Hedges Go Wrong

"The Recession Poised To Hit The Global Economy Will Be Unlike Any Other In History"

A More Effective Response To The Crisis - Monetary Insanity Is Not The Solution To Monetary Excess

Stock Surge Stalls As Italy Admits 2nd Deadliest Day Of Outbreak

"The Gold Market Is Breaking Down": Gold Spreads Explode As LBMA Warns Of Liquidity Problems 

Dow Squeezes To Best Day Since 1933, Gold Soars As Dollar Dips

Dow surges 11.3 percent on hope for coronavirus stimulus in biggest one-day percentage gain since 1933

Peter Schiff: COVID-19 Is Exposing The Truth About The Economy

"The Chances Of A Greater Depression Are Increasing By The Day" Warns Dr.Doom 

California's Public Employees Retirement System Just Lost A Stunning $69 Billion In One Month 

Debt Forgivness and Nationalization Are the Answers to the Economic Crisis

White House and US senators reach late night deal on massive coronavirus stimulus package after days of talks

Stock market today: Dow rebounds more than 11% in best day since 1933 as Congress nears coronavirus stimulus deal

When You Reward Failure You Encourage Fraud

Futures Slide After Bailout Deal Struck As Schumer Says Buybacks Banned

White House, Senate Agree On "Largest Rescue Package In American History"

The European Central Bank Is Being Stretched To Its Breaking Point In Italy 

US foreign policy creates a neverending terrorist cycle: One leader killed, a deadlier one comes 

Syrian army, residents block US military convoy in Hasakah, force it to move back

 People in Northeastern Syria Expel US Forces

Nine civilians injured in terrorist attack on al-Sukariya village in Raqaa countryside

Drinking water starts to be pumped from Alouk station to Hasaka 
after mercenaries of Turkish occupation forces cut off water for three days 

SDF Releases ISIS Terrorists in Eastern Syria (video) 

Iran tightens protective measures, introduces travel bans to rein in virus spread

 CBI Governor Hopes for Imminent Release of Iran’s Frozen Assets

Envoy: All World States Want US to Lift Anti-Iran Sanctions amid Coronavirus Pandemic

 Iran, Russia Coordinate Mutual Cooperation in Anti-Coronavirus Battle

 Deputy Minister: Iran to Assist WHO in Clinical Trials of Anti-Coronavirus Drugs

 UN: US Sanctions against Iran Endanger All States in Coronavirus Pandemic

- Iran Asks for Ending Saudi-US War against Yemen

EU Shrugs Off US Sanctions, Gives Millions In Coronavirus Aid To Iran 

Pompeo Issues 5 Facts Claiming Iran Exported COVID-19 To "At Least 5 Countries"

5 Years of U.S.-Saudi War Have Left Yemen Highly Vulnerable to a Coronavirus Outbreak 

Congressionally created commission recommends requiring that women register for draft

Troops say the US military is not taking COVID-19 seriously 

Intentionally spreading coronavirus in US amounts to terrorism: Justice Dept.

Anti-aging game changer: Scientists successfully ‘reset’ cells from 114yo ‘supercentenarian’ 

Russia to speed up testing of hypersonic missile Zircon 

Watch: Putin Dons Hazmat Suit In Rare Visit To Covid-19 Patients 

Russia completes upgrade of facilities for serial production of Sarmat ICBMs -

7.2-magnitude earthquake rocks Russia's Far East, sparks tsunami alert

Videos of Powerful 7.6-Magnitude Earthquake Near Kuril Islands Emerge Online

Tsunami Warning Issued After 7.6 Earthquake Strikes Near Kuril Islands 

Explosive eruption by Shiveluch volcano in Kamchatka, Russia 


Welcome To Sweatshop Amerika! - The Next Bailout Will Be Our Last 

Dow Industrials Give Up All Post-Trump-Election Gains

US Gasoline Crashes To 50c - Lowest Since 2001 - Amid "Unprecedented" Demand Collapse 

Buyback Backlash Begins: 
Fed Will Limit Buybacks & Dividends For Companies Using Its Credit Facility

Blain: This Crisis Isn't About The Wuhan Flu... It's Much More 

Don’t just blame coronavirus for current global economic crisis – Steen Jakobsen 

Scale of current economic downturn unprecedented
 since 1929 Great Depression, French economy minister says 

Suicides from depression will be ‘FAR GREATER’
 than coronavirus deaths unless America reopens for business ‘soon’ – Trump

Virus News: Fed’s Bullard Says Jobless Rate May Soar to 30% - Bloomberg

Michael Pento: Bond Market Crash Dead Ahead 

Helicopter Money: Short-Term Relief Won't Cure Our Financial Disease

The Everything Bubble, Fictitious Capital, & COVID-19

67 Million Americans Could Miss Their Credit Payments Thanks To Virus Crisis

"It's Selling Like Toilet Paper": If You Haven't Bought Physical Gold Yet, It's Probably Too Late

Democrats Holding COVID-19 Bill Hostage Over Unrelated Demands 

Democrats block SECOND attempt to pass coronavirus stimulus in US Senate 

Kunstler: "I Doubt The Federal Govt As We Know It Can Survive This"

EU left Italy ‘practically alone to fight coronavirus, so Rome looked for help elsewhere, incl Russia 

Coronavirus cases in Russia rise to 495 over past day

Italy on the verge of collapse because of Covid-19 emergency

Coronavirus deaths in Turkey could reach 600,000, claims Turkish professor 

Chloroquine Is A Very, Very High Risk Treatment For COVID-19 

 Official: Iran Investigating Possibility of Coronavirus Epidemic as Biological Attack

Censored/Suppressed: Large Number of US Troops in Europe COVID Carriers, Returning Home Untested 

So Far, The Number Of Americans That Have Died From 
COVID-19 Is Greater Than The Number That Have Recovered 

483 people have died from the coronavirus in the USA,
and 187 have recovered… so far, the case fatality rate is 72% 

Coronavirus pandemic is ACCELERATING,
 warns WHO chief as global death toll keeps rising rapidly 

China reports 78 coronavirus cases, sparking fears of 2nd wave +World updates

US shows ‘very large acceleration’ 
in Covid-19 cases, has potential to become new epicenter of pandemic – WHO 

Coronavirus: Inslee announces mandatory statewide stay-at-home order

‘Facts matter!’ Pompeo lectures Iranian govt 
over ‘conspiracy theories’ as US sanctions deprive nation of medicine 

Iran refutes Washington’s ‘conspiracy theory’ claim on US role in virus spread

President al-Assad receives Russian Defense Minister 

People of Hamo village and army personnel intercept US occupation convoy and force it to retreat 

Turkish occupation and its mercenaries cut off drinking water from Hasaka and its surroundings for second day

US-backed troops release over 80 ISIS terrorists in Syria 

Turkey-backed terrorists breach cessation of hostilities agreement 

The Iraq Report: Iraq still in chaos 17 years after US invasion

EU to provide millions in coronavirus aid to Iran, despite US san

UK, Europe & IMF Ramp Up Pressure For Trump To Ease Sanctions On Virus-Ravaged Iran

US, UAE Ignore Coronavirus Risk, Hold Anti-Iran War Games

Yemen’s Ansarullah welcomes UN call for global ceasefire to tackle coronavirus pandemic

Saudi war leaves ‘devastating impact on Yemeni children's mental health: Charity

Yemeni attacks will continue as long as Saudi-led aggression, siege continue: Army spox

From cluster bombs to toxic waste: 
Saudi Arabia is creating the next Fallujah in Yemen thanks to American weapons 

Pompeo Heads to Qatar to Meet Taliban Officials 

Coronavirus Pandemic an Opportunity for Wars, and Peace

Like Freedom? Then You Won't Like the FREEDOM Act 

Mafia: US government threatens families of Int'l Criminal Court staff if they try Americans for war crimes 

US slashes aid to Afghanistan by $1bn IMMEDIATELY:
 touts more cuts as Taliban peace deal on brink of collapse

7 earthquakes rattle Oklahoma in 24 hours 

Antarctica's coldest March temperature on record - a global warming destroying -75.3℃/-103.5℉ 


"We Don't Have A Crystal Ball": 
Cuomo Warns Lockdowns Could Last For 9 Months Or Longer, 80% Will Be Infected: 

Italy’s coronavirus death toll jumps by 651 as number of cases nears chilling 60,000 

FEMA vows to ‘ATTACK health & safety’ of Americans 
in chilling slip as Trump activates National Guard to battle Covid-19

Coronavirus surges in New York as 4,800 new cases recorded, death toll hits 114 

New York passes 10,000 coronavirus cases, as statewide lockdown ordered 

Russia helps Italy to fight coronavirus without any strings attached — Kremlin

‘Terrified’ Package Delivery Employees Are Going to Work Sick 

A Medical Worker Describes Terrifying Lung Failure From COVID-19 — Even in His Young Patients 

1 In 3 Americans Ordered To Stay Inside As Global COVID-19 Infections Pass 350K: Live Updates

Fear... Is Here

Mnuchin: Fed To Make $4 Trillion In Business Loans, Send $3,000 Checks To Family Of Four 

US debt crisis wasn’t supposed to happen until at least 2035. Covid-19 is rapidly pushing it closer 

Stockman: The Crony Capitalist Thieves Are Back

"The Speed Of Business Erosion Is Unprecedented": 
Goldman Sees S&P Dropping To 2,000, Cuts EPS By 33%

"The World Cannot Be Saved" - 
Von Greyerz Warns Global Financial System "Broken & Bankrupt" 

European markets tumble as global health crisis takes toll on economy 

US Federal Reserve Warns of Severe Disruptions Due to COVID-19, Vows to Use All Tools to Stem Them -

37 million jobs could be lost in the coronavirus crisis and these workers will be the hardest hit, chart shows

Premature? The US debt crisis was supposed to happen around 2035. Is Covid-19 the stimulus? 

US unemployment may soar to 30% with 50% drop in GDP, Fed can provide 'unlimited support'

Senate fails to advance coronavirus stimulus package 

Monday Morning Coronavirus Package Re-Vote Rescheduled For Noon 

In Unprecedented Move, Fed Unveils Open-Ended QE

The Crash Of The "Everything Bubble" Is Here - And It's Not Going Away Anytime Soon |

China's Housing Bubble Bursts: Evergrande Cuts Earnings Guidance By 50% 

Payments-Panic & The Endgame Of Fiat Currencies 

Deutsche Bank: Helicopter Money Will Be "Disastrous" And Will Lead To Hyperinflation, "Buy Gold"

Russia Deploys Military Virologists & Equipment To Italy After Putin Phone Call

Russia has six COVID-19 vaccines in development 

Abandonment of Hajj Pilgrimmage Signals Approach of World War 3 (Islamic Prophecy) 

The 3 Pillars Of Trump's Reelection Campaign Are Shaking Simultaneously  

Media Expert: Trump’s daily briefings ‘exaggeration and outright lies’

US Officials Admit Killing Soleimani Backfired & Might Have Distracted From Covid-19 Response

Lifting sanctions is noteworthy, but Russia does not plan to be first to do it — Kremlin 

Turkey-backed terrorists cut off drinking water from Hasaka and its surroundings 

War-ravaged Syria suffers its FIRST case of Covid-19 – state media 

Iraq's Iran-Aligned Blocs Reject New PM-Designate 

Iraq Military Claims Dozens of ISIS Killed in Airstrikes 

Iran president: US offer of coronavirus aid biggest lie in history

US must lift sanctions if they truly want to help Iran fight against coronavirus pandemic — Rouhani 

 Iran Reports 1,411 New Coronavirus Cases, Raises Toll to 1,812

 FM: US Showing Total Disregard for Int’l Campaign against Iran Sanctions

 Iran Blames US “Irresponsible Haste” for Afghanistan Crisis

- Leader Calls US Officials as Cruel, Terrorist Charlatans

Whistle-Blower: S. Arabia Lying about Real Number of Coronavirus Patients

Netanyahu says unity deal with Blue and White reached 

Pulsing of Yellowstone volcano is increasing due to trapped magma below


A "Major Disaster": Army Deploys In New York State, 
Italy Confirms Record 800 Deaths In A Single Day: Live Updates

The Whirr Of Helicopter Blades: Regime Change Is Coming 

Italy coronavirus death toll hits 4,825 as 793 die in ONE DAY in biggest daily increase 

‘Worst crisis since WWII’: 
Italy shuts down ALL non-essential businesses in desperate bid to contain coronavirus spread

New York passes 10,000 coronavirus cases, as statewide lockdown ordered 

Coronavirus confines one billion to homes, death toll passes 13,000 globally

Italian Army hauls Covid-19 victims’ 
bodies to lesser-hit regions as medics decide who gets help first in makeshift tents

US to close border with Mexico for ‘non-essential’ travel in effort to stem coronavirus spread 

Italy coronavirus death toll spikes yet again, up 793 in 24 hours

US-Backed Kurds Release over 80 ISIL Terrorists in Syria

"Please Take This Seriously... It's Brutal" – COVID-19 Survivors Speak Out

The Fed Is A One-Trick Pony

You Will Sacrifice And It Will Hurt

Minsky Moment Arrives - Damage Done To Market Signals End Of Buy-The-Dip Era 

"Unprecedented" Global Policy Easing Has Failed To Curtail Credit Carnage 

The Global Economy Won't Bounce Back Soon 

The Huge Fear: How Do I Pay The Bills? 

"10% Of GDP": US Coronavirus Stimulus Package To Total $2 Trillion

 "This Is Not A Recession. It's an Ice Age..." 

"Rolling Natural Disaster" – COVID-19 Supply Chain Shock Could Trigger Global Depression 


1,028 New Coronavirus Cases Diagnosed in Iran

Trump aides clash over military escalation with Iran: Report

Russia calls on US to remove Iran bans amid COVID-19 outbreak

British petition calls on suspension of sanctions against Iran

Ayatollah Khamenei: US most evil enemy of Iran, its virus aid offer strange

US sanctions on Iran amid COVID - tantamount to mass murder

Use socks as face masks to avoid virus: Israel to Palestinians

Global arrogance, led by US, attempting to dominate Muslim world: Houthi


A Nation Lead By Murderers & Warmongers Cannot Expect Help From God
What Goes Around Comes Around - As You Sow, So Shall You Reap
Unless the American People speak up and demand that the U.S. Government begin an immediate cessation of the aggressive and unjustified economic sanctions against the suffering nations and people of the world, and remove military forces from the Middle East, and it's military buildup in Europe against Russia, and elsewhere throughout the world, and return to the Christian principals of peace that once made this nation great, there will be even greater hardships to come. Nature has a mind of it's own, and the earth has built in natural protections against destructive forces that threaten the planet. Any nation that increases the risk of global thermonuclear war which threatens all life on the planet will be brought down by the natural forces of the planet. By it's unjustified aggressive military and economic actions against the nations of the world, not in defense, but for the expansion of empire, the United States has now become the single most dangerous threat to world peace and the future of all life on the planet. As a result of it's threatening military actions, and numerous war crimes, and murder of the innocent, and the support of terrorism to sow death and discord, and to bring down governments and nations of the planet, negative forces are building against the United States that will bring much suffering to the nation and it's people. 

The Covid-19 Virus epidemic is just the beginning of sorrows now facing the people of the United States. The stock market crash is only the beginning. A financial and economic crisis not seen since the 1930's will soon follow. Although the government will attempt to blame the coming economic crisis on the Covid-19 Virus epidemic, the truth is that this crisis has been brewing for years as a result of government corruption, and the Federal Reserve Banking System, which has built a financial house of cards based upon a weak foundation of expanding unsustainable debt, market manipulation, and ballooning markets, set to fall in domino fashion. When one goes down the rest must follow. The Covid-19 Virus is just a catalyst to set the dominos falling. The Federal Reserve is now in a panic mode and creating money at an unprecedented rate, and pumping it into it's crony banks, corporations, and the federal government, all submerged in unsustainable debt, in order to save them and prevent the inevitable collapse from happening. However, it won't work simply because market forces don't work from the top down, but rather from the bottom up. When people at the bottom loose jobs, and cannot increase debt, and cannot afford to invest or purchase the necessities of life, and private businesses fail, the economic system will falter from lack of consumer participation, and the banks, corporations, and the government itself must likewise falter from lack of funds from below. Pumping money into the top echelon will only prolong the inevitable. 

The Nation's retirement funds, long since raided of cash by the federal government, and replaced by paper promises, are now in deep trouble, and will collapse because of the ongoing stock market crash, and a soon to follow bond market crisis. This has been caused by artificially suppressed interest rates, held down by the Federal Reserve, so as to prevent the financial insolvency of banks, corporations, and the federal government, now too deeply in debt to survive in a free market system. This is all being done at the expense of the American People, who's taxes, and the nations credit, are being used to bail out the government, failing banks, and corporations, while at the same time destroying private savings and retirement funds. When the retirement funds collapse there will be angry mobs with torches and pitch forks ready to reek havoc on those responsible, like in a scene from an old Frankenstein movie. Blaming the Covid-19 virus won't help them. As the system goes down there will be much hardship to follow, such as supply and food shortages, which we are already witnessing even as I write. Banks will close, and the government will be forced to contract. Public services will be much reduced.

But that's not yet the worst of it. There is trouble brewing along the west coast of the United States, and I fear major earthquakes are imminent. If such catastrophic events do happen, the problems confronting the United States will be compounded by that much more. There is ever increasing earthquake activity in the areas of the the San Andreas fault in California, and in the Cascadia Subduction Zone along Oregon and Washington State. There are also increasing earthquake clusters beneath the volcanoes of Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier located in Washington State, that may be a sign of rising magma plumes in advance of a major earthquake event in the Cascadia Subduction Zone. I pray that this is not the case but it doesn't look good for the future. There are also a number of atomic reactors located in California that will be destroyed in such an earthquake event, that will release radiation into the environment, making survival that much more difficult, as well as the destruction of water aquifers, cell phone towers, electrical power stations and transmission lines. Pray for repentance, and God's forgiveness, for the crimes this government has unleashed upon the earth, and the nations of the planet. 
Without such forgiveness this nation is doomed to reap that which it has sown. 

We are now living in the final days before the return of Christ and the arrival of the Kingdom of God. The prophecies of Revelation 17, have already been fulfilled insomuch as the beast that was, is not, yet is, which is an ancient demon of war, has ascended from the pit, and possessed the government of the United States, even as it possessed Alexander the Great, and the Grecian Empire, and drove same into a similar lust for perpetual war, imperialism, and global conquest. We are now beginning the fulfillment of Revelation 18, and the chastisement of Babylon, which is the United States, as an image of ancient Grecia, and the Great Whore, which is the global economic system based upon the U.S. Dollar. The prophesized global economic crash, whereby the merchants of the world shall weep because nobody buys their merchandise anymore has already begun. The process cannot and will not be reversed until the economic system has crashed. The smoke of her burning is yet to be fulfilled, and I fear that it will take place in the form a natural disaster, such as a great and sudden earthquake, that in one hour will bring Babylon down exactly as Biblically foretold.

Italy Declares Martial Law, Uses Army To Enforce Lockdown, As Too Many Citizens Defy Gov't

Italy reports record number of new coronavirus deaths, with 627 in one day 

President Rouhani expects virus restrictions in Iran to ease in two weeks

Are Americans All-In For A Long War On Virus?

Businesses reopening, people allowed to spend more time outside 
as China reports NO local Covid-19 cases for third day

Pentagon sends 2,600 Europe-based personnel into QUARANTINE after 35 test positive for coronavirus 

Little Rock Air Force Base declares EMERGENCY after US airman tests positive for Covid-19 

Illinois and New York Join California With Statewide "Stay Home" Orders

14 Million Americans Have Been Laid Off So Far Due To COVID-19

Stocks Plunge Into Red, Dow Dives Back Below 20k 

Trader: Asset Price Action Is Trying To Lure You Back In... Don't Be Fooled

Wall Street wild ride continues ending a week of historic volatility 

IRS Moves Tax-Filing-Day From April 15 To July 15, Mnuchin Says 

The dollar is on a tear. Here's why that's troubling 

Second Great Depression Begins? 
Goldman Now Expects A Record 24% Crash In Q2 GDP; Sees 9% Unemployment

The Crash Of 2020 Is Now Worse Than The Great Depression

After Trading Limit-Up Overnight, Nasdaq Has Crashed Into The Red

Stocks Suffer Worst Week Since Lehman Despite Biggest Fed Bailout Ever

Coronavirus and unemployment: The job losses will be unlike anything the US has ever seen

Dow tumbles 900 points to end Wall Street's worst week since 2008

Column: Global economy hit by severest shock since 1930s - Kemp 

China Auto Sales Continue Collapse,
Plunging 50% And 44% In First And Second Week Of March, Respectively

‘Utter contempt for human life’:
  Iranian FM Zarif slams US for hitting Tehran with new sanctions amid Covid-19 crisis 

US hopes both sanctions & Covid-19 in Iran will force regime change.
But it’s a MASS MURDER that will only strengthen Tehran govt

As Iran Hits 20,000 Cases, US Says Coronavirus Won't Save You From Sanctions 

Iranian president urges US public to press for removal of sanctions 

US continues blame game against Iraq, says ‘disappointed’ over protection of forces

President al-Assad receives phone call from President Putin on developments of events in Syria 

 Moderate Rebels Bite the Hand that Feeds Them

Nasrallah: US violated Lebanon sovereignty by smuggling Israeli operative out

Congress aims to hold Israel accountable for demolition of Palestinian homes

Leaving Palestinians in limbo, Israel and the PA deprive thousands of their ID cards

Putin Won't Blink First: Putin Rejects Potential US Intervention In Russia-Saudi Oil War

The Inevitable Outcome Of The Oil Price War

Oil prices should reach about $35-40 per barrel - Russia’s first deputy PM -

WaPo leaves the pack, admits polls show Crimeans prefer to be part of Russia 

Trump Nixed Calls For Large-Scale Attack On Iranian Proxies, Citing Covid-19

US military ‘successfully’ test-launches hypersonic glide body – Pentagon 

Trump administration is financed by psychopathic criminals: Analyst

Desert locust crisis to spread, endangering food security of 25 million - UN expert 


Dream Interpretation Update
On 3-8-20, I posted an article entitled, "Perhaps a dream of things to come?" that is still posted on
Previous News Archive Page 2, in which I detail a dream that I had the night before, wherein I was riding on a train with cars that had shelves along the sides that carried human bodies covered in white shrouds. The bodies were placed side by side in rows, and there were many more cars than I could see from my vantage point inside one of the cars. Then suddenly, I was in or on a sea where there was a large remnant of land jutting out into the sea, which was the remainder of a much larger piece of land that had already sunk beneath. As I was viewing this large wedge of remaining land that was still above the sea, a voice from out of nowhere loudly proclaimed, "In five seconds, all of this land has sunk into the sea." I had this dream before the latest reports from Italy of army convoys carrying bodies from towns that had been infected by the Coronavirus - articles below. At first I thought this dream was a warning about a single event in which many people would be killed as a result of catastrophic earthquake event, but since then I have come to believe that it was a warning about two different events that will happen back to back in sequence. 

I now believe that this was a forewarning of an impending large death toll from the Covid-19 virus, which is to be closely followed by a catastrophic earthquake along the coastal area of a larger continent. From current events, and ongoing earthquake activity along the west coast of the the United States, I believe that this is a forewarning of major earthquake events about to strike California, and perhaps even the entire west coast of the United States. I hope all of this proves to be untrue, but after seeing pictures of the army truck convoys with dead bodies in Italy, a partial fulfillment of the dream, I am very fearful of coming events in the United States as related to this dream. Suffice it to say, there are now two reasons to remain prepared in the days and weeks ahead. It's going to be difficult with all of the panic buying now taking place in many areas of the nation, but there are still fairly inexpensive ways to prepare. For example, dried beans and rice will last at least two years or more, and keep many people alive in times of famine and hardship. Purchase large bags, or buckets, of dried beans and rice and store them in a cool environment. A closet is a good place. Put such supplies in large plastic bags to prevent insect contamination, and check periodically for bugs, and replace as necessary. Many times bugs are already present in the form of eggs already in the food when purchased. Not always but it does happen. When the chips are down you will not go hungry in the days ahead.

"This Is A War" - 2,000 National Guardsmen 
Mobilized To Help Battle Coronavirus As Confirmed Cases Pass 10k

Trump Touts Anti-Malaria Drug To Treat COVID-19; FDA Fast-Tracks Approval 

Covid19-BioWeapon: 8 thousand dead (update). 
Cardinal Blames: “A Rich Country Sowed This Poison. UN Must Investigate”

Never let a crisis go to waste:
 US lawmakers bask in coronavirus panic while quietly building the police state of their dreams

Coronavirus update: New Mexico COVID-19 cases rise to total of 35

Coronavirus: Gov. Newsom issues statewide stay at home order in effort to slow COVID-19

Coronavirus Forces Pentagon to Limit Operations 

US Coalition Suspends Iraq Training Over Coronavirus Fears 

Dow Crashes Below 19,000 - Down Over 10,000 Points From Highs 

Blain: Why "We're Still Only In The First Phase" Of This Chaos

"Worse Than War": Italian Army Convoy Removes Coffins From Overwhelmed Town

"Very Intense Plunge": Top Hedge Fund Longs Suffer Historic Crash
 As Top Shorts Outperform... And Much More Pain Is Coming

Gold, Stocks, Inverted Curves, & "Blood In The Streets" 

Ford Suspends Dividend, Draws-Down $15bn Credit Line Fully, Withdraws Guidance 

US stocks in for another wild ride on Wall Street as coronavirus rages on 

Global corporate losses from coronavirus to top $12 TRILLION

The Median US Stock Is Now Down 50% From Its Highs As World Loses $25 Trillion In A Month 

Peter Schiff: "The Real Crash Is Here"

Stock futures fall after Thursday's modest gains

One Iranian dies of coronavirus every 10 minutes, 50 get infected every hour – health ministry 

Coronavirus: Iranian official says one person dies every ten minutes in the country

Slam Dunk Proof: Iran Threatens Missile Attack on US Bio-Weapon Labs 

Idlib Jihadi civilians run off Turkish armored patrol 

Army kills terrorists that breached cessation of hostilities agreement in Idleb countryside 

Zakharova: The US hinders political solution to the crisis in Syria 

On Iraq, is Donald J. Trump Morphing Into George W. Bush? 

 ISIS Back in Eastern Syria, Is America Helping?

 US to Evacuate Key Base on Syrian Iraq Border

Trump Rejected Calls to Attack Iran, Citing Coronavirus 

Coronavirus Is Killing Iranians. So Are Trump’s Brutal Sanctions.

Kremlin says Russia and Saudi Arabia do not wage wars over oil prices

Russian scientists decipher COVID-19 and take a photo of it

China Threatens EMP Attacks Against U.S. in South China Sea

Escobar: China Locked In Hybrid War With US

The Kabbalah and the Illuminati

NASA Warns Two Asteroids Could Cause Atmospheric Explosion Over Earth This Week


Fulfillment Of Revelation 18 Now In Progress
Global Economic Crash - Merchants Weep - Nobody Buys Their Merchandise Anymore
Prepare For Coming Earth Changes & Greater Earthquakes To Come
West Coast Of U.S. Now In Great Danger Of Major Earthquakes
Increasing Earthquake Activity At The Junction Of The San Andreas Fault & Cascadia Subduction Zone
Mt. St. Helens & Mt. Rainier Recent E.Q. Clusters Directly Beneath Cones
Major Earthquakes & Volcanic Activity Will Deal A Final Death Blow To U.S. Economic & Financial System
People Living Along The West Coast Of The U.S. Should Prepare For Greater Earthquake Activity To Come

Coronavirus Cases In Europe Surpass China's Total, 
Senate Calls 2 PM Vote On Small-Business Relief Package

Trump invokes defense production act to fight against coronavirus and lack of medical supplies 

French researcher posts successful CV19 drug trial 

Too Much Bull: 60% of Americans Think Trump is “Full of it” on CV19 

Exclusive: Inside The Military's Top Secret Plans If Coronavirus Cripples the Government

US Wants to Track Americans Over Coronavirus 

U.S. Virus Plan Anticipates 18-Month Pandemic and Widespread Shortages

The Coronavirus Hoax, by Ron Paul

Trump invokes wartime powers over corona as virus reaches Congress

Convoy of Italian army trucks haul away corpses as local crematorium flooded with coronavirus dead

For the 1st time since outbreak, China reports NO NEW LOCAL COVID-19 CASES 

Worldwide coronavirus deaths surpass 9,000 

‘America’s two-party oligarchy can’t relate to those in need’: 
Lee Camp says US coronavirus failure goes beyond just Trump 

Going down? 2nd coronavirus case confirmed 
aboard US Navy warship despite ‘aggressive mitigation strategy’ 

COVID-19. By the end of May, most world airlines will be bankrupt 

Covid-19 Deaths In Italy On Track To Pass China
As More Countries Close Borders; Confirmed US Cases Climb 50%: Live Updates

Fed Boosts Daily QE By 66% Overnight To Record $75 Billion In One Day

The Global Repricing Of Assets Can't Be Stopped

Jobless Claims Explode Higher As Virus-Impact Begins To Hit Main Street

Sheer Panic: Futures Surge, Tumble, Surge, Tumble... 

Blain: "A Global Reset Is Coming" 

"The D Word": El-Erian Warns Twin Deleveraging; Could Spark A Global Depression

The "Deeply Flawed, Immoral, & Unlawful" House Of Cards That Ben Built 

US stock markets crash as coronavirus hammers global economy 

George Galloway: Capitalism is one virus away 
from existential disaster, and only its victims' money can save it 

The global economy was deathly sick long before now, but Covid-19 will take the blame if it crashes 

The entire Trump stock rally is gone:
 Dow erases all its gains since Donald Trump took office

Peter Schiff: These Markets Are Rigged

S&P 500 Crashes Below Dec 2018 Lows, Dow Collapses Red Since Trump Inauguration

Big 3 Detroit Automakers Shutter All Domestic Manufacturing Over Virus Concerns

Delta March Revenue To Crash By $2 BIllion, April Will Be Even Worse; Unveils Massive Pay Cuts

After Blowing $4.5 Trillion On Buybacks, 
US Execs Demand Taxpayer-Funded Bailouts Of Shareholders

"We're About Halfway There" 
- Historic Carnage Everywhere Sparked By Dollar Margin Call Panic

Ten thousand point wipeout: 
Markets continue downward plunge, as coronavirus fears rattle investors 

Our Neo-Feudal Economic System Is on the Verge of Collapse

Is $10 Oil on The Horizon?

Current economic disaster is like three neutron bombs dropped on us, market analyst tells Boom Bust 

Dow loses all gains from Trump administration 

Stock market today: Stock futures point to more losses 
a day after the Dow closed below 20,000 for first time since 2017

New Armed Group Takes Credit for Recent Attacks on US Forces in Iraq

Three Rockets Strike Iraq's Green Zone

Hashd Al-Shaabi: US Soldiers Incarcerated in K1 Base Like A Prison

 Official Reveals US Assistance to ISIL Terrorists in Iraq-Syria Border Desert

Turkish occupation forces attack with artillery shells villages in Aleppo northern countryside 

Electricity restored to Tal Tamer after repairing damage caused by Turkish aggression on high voltage line

Russia denies US claim it ‘killed dozens of Turkish soldiers’ in Syria

Zarif: US ‘vengefully’ refusing to lift sanctions; all responsible for any destructive ramifications

Iran only state that can’t buy medical items from abroad due to US bans: Envoy to Madrid

State Dept Announces New Sanctions on Iran Over Iraq Rocket Attacks

 Zarif Urges Indonesia to Disregard US Sanctions against Iran

 Envoy: US Must Stop Terrorizing Iranian Nation

FM: US Sanctions Endangering Iranian People’s Life

 Envoy Asks for Int’l Campaign against Anti-Iran US Sanctions

Iran president says Iran responded, will respond to assassination of Soleiman 

US Help To Virus-Stricken Iran Comes In The Form Of... More Sanctions Of Course!

Palestine slams ‘hostile’ Israeli bills on land grab, death penalties

Washington Pushes IMF to Reject Venezuela Plea for $5 billion Coronavirus Aid

Bashing Probe of US War Crimes, 
Pompeo Threatens Family of ICC Staff With Consequences 

India & Russia plan to open new trade route via Iran despite threat of US sanctions 

Lockheed Martin promo simulates 
PREEMPTIVE STRIKES on Russian ICBM & S-400s… using CGI tech 

5.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Salt Lake City, Airport Shut Down

5.7 magnitude earthquake shakes Utah's Salt Lake City area - power knocked out, airport closed

Land begins to rise again near volcano Thorbjorn, Iceland 

6.3-magnitude quake strikes south of Indonesia's Bali


US Imposes New Iran Sanctions, Complicating Coronavirus 

Iran Warns Coronavirus Could Kill Millions as US Adds to Sanctions 

Zarif urges world states to join ‘global campaign to disregard’ US bans

Rouhani vows Iran will take further action to avenge US assassination of Soleimani 

Iran Calls for Global Campaign to Ignore US Sanctions Amidst Coronavirus Epidemic

Judiciary Spokesman: Iran Preparing Lawsuit against US for Assassination of General Soleimani

Rockets Hit Iraq Base Housing US Troops South of Baghdad 

Multiple rockets hit Green Zone in Baghdad, US coalition denies attack on Camp Taji 

Iraq envoy to UN threatens arrest of US troops for attacks on pro-Iran militias

US to Evacuate Some Bases in Iraq Following Recent Rocket Attacks 

Terrorists breach cessation of hostilities again by targeting two towns in Idleb countryside 

Yemen's Houthis Report They've Seized Province on Saudi Border 

Over 100 Killed in Heavy Fighting Across Yemen 

COVID-19: Countries see outbreaks growing, China’s effectively halts

Europe surges past Asia with Covid-19 death toll of 3,421 

Italy’s coronavirus death toll soars past 2,500 after week in full lockdown 

Oil price drops to lowest level since 2003 
as demand for energy weakens due to slowing global economy 

WTI Oil Price Drops Below $25 Per Barrel For First Time Since November 2002 

US stock markets crash as coronavirus hammers global economy 

Markets remain jittery after Wall Street's slight rebound 

British Pound Crashes to Lowest Level Against US Dollar Since 1985 

How ugly could it get? Trump faces echoes of 1929 in coronavirus crisis.

Dow Drops Below 20k, Circuit-Breakers Imminent

Did The Fed Just Purposely Try To Crash The Stock Market? 

Italian Debt Crashes Prompting ECB Intervention 

US Housing Starts, Permits Slide In February Ahead Of Virus Impact

Is $10 Oil On The Horizon?

Von Greyerz: The Demise Of The Financial System Is Imminent

How about help PEOPLE first?
 Boeing shredded for seeking ‘tens of billions’ in ANOTHER bailout amid coronavirus pandemic 

Trump Derangement Syndrome meets Covid-19 panic: 
Hollywood actress spreads conspiracy theory about Israel & coronavirus

Difference between common influenza and coronavirus infection COVID-19

STAY HOME FOR NEVADA: Governor orders closure of all nonessential businesses

Shocking images reveal how the lungs of two Wuhan residents were ravaged by coronavirus 

Coronavirus Confirmed in All 50 US States as Critical Supplies Shortage Hampers Hospitals

Lindsey Graham's New Law (EARN IT) Would End Internet Privacy for Good

Maduro Says It Costs Venezuela Triple to Buy Virus Test Kits Due to US Sanctions

Devastating swarms of locusts now headed for the Middle East - UN forecaster 

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