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How Stupid Can Government Officials Be?
The World Is An Integrated Whole, And Sanctions Cannot Be Aimed At Any Single Nation, Or Nations, Without Backfiring On The Nations Implementing The Sanctions
Energy Shortages Should Have Already Taught This Lesson, But More Self Inflicted Pain Is Apparently Required Before They Realize What Has Already Become Obvious Even To A Child
It Indicates That Western Governments Don't Care About The Welfare Of Their Own People, But Have Grouped Together In Some Hidden Back Room Consortium
Where They Conspire To Imperial Designs That Include The Domination Of Other Nations, Being More Important Than Self Survival, Or The Well Being Of Their Own People - Power Mad!

EU Agrees To $100 Russian Diesel Price Cap

EU to face diesel shortage & fuel price hike due to anti-Russia sanctions, warns Hungary's Energy Ministry

Governments Are Supporting A War That's Already Lost
The Collective West Is Getting Thousands Of People Killed For No Other Reason Than To Save Face 
They Know The War Is Already Lost, But Still Do Everything To Keep It Going, No Matter The Risk Or The Cost, Because They Cannot Admit Defeat
They Don't Care About Ukraine Or The Thousands Of Lives Lost, But Only To Force Regime Change In Russia, Which Has Already Proven To Be A Failure As Well
Russia As A Nation, Has A Right To Self Defense Under International Law, And Has No Choice But To Defend It's Borders Against Foreign Aggression No Matter What
The U.S./NATO/E.U. Alliance Have Only Succeeded In Making Russia Stronger, And Putin A Hero In Russia, And To The World, Because He Stood Up To Imperial Aggression - And Won!

Scott Ritter "Ukraine is destroyed"

Why are they doing it?

Propping up the Wobbly Dollar

Americans Continue To Flee High-Tax New York And California -- Here's Where They're Going

Your Phone Runs On Cobalt From DR Congo

Not So  Awesome"... Bill Maher Blasts "Insane Arrogance" Of Today's Woke Revolutionaries 

Antidepressants Linked To Rise In Superbugs—New Study Reveals

Report: India Ditches Dollar to Bypass Sanctions on Russian

Pfizer’s Business Model is Actual Fascism. “The Merger of Corporate Power and State Power”

The Truckers Freedom Convoy - And The Grapes of Wrath 

DeSantis Admin Revoking Liquor License From Orlando Venue For Allowing Children At Drag Queen Christmas

How the U.S. Obtains New NATO Members by Subversion, Followed by Coup, Followed by Ethnic Cleansing

Video: Say No To World War III. Abolish NATO. Michel Chossudovsky

The Chinese Spy Balloon Story As Manufactured Crisis: An Alternative Reading

US Surrounds China With War Machinery While Freaking Out About Balloons

US-China war by 2025: A self-fulfilling prophecy?

Republican Demands Biden, Harris Resign After Catastrophic Chinese Spy Balloon Spectacle 

The Chinese spy balloon story as manufactured crisis: An alternative reading 

We Are About To See The Biggest Escalation Of The War In Ukraine So Far

Russia's Medvedev warns against more supplies of US weapons, saying all of Ukraine will burn

Russia's Medvedev warns of using weapons of any kind in case of Ukraine's attack on Crimea

Former French ambassador to US says West close to war with Russia

Saudi minister warns West's anti-Russia sanctions could cause energy shortages 

Moscow: US Must Get Over Its ‘Impunity Syndrome’

They're not worried about "Russian influence", they're worried about dissent

Updated List Of Previously Posted Articles
 CO2/Carbon Dioxide Doesn't Cause Global Warming/Climate Change

Where Is There Global Warming?
Mount Washington Observatory As Cold As Mars With Record-Breaking Wind Chill

California Snowpack At 40 Year Highs...And Rising: Officials

EU-Ukraine summit members to be upset, Russia to achieve goals of special operation — MFA

Medvedev warns if Kiev attacks Crimea, retaliation is inevitable

Germany takes note of Putin’s remarks about tanks, Scholz willing to proceed with dialogue 

EU To Train 30,000 Ukrainian Troops As Kiev's Losses Mount

Russian forces push enemy from western outskirts of Dvurechnoye, Kharkov Region

Europe's food prices set to soar up to 50% higher due to energy crisis

EU to face fuel shortage, price hike over February 5 sanctions — Hungarian Ministry

French mayors warn Macron over alarming homelessness crisis 

US officials pressing Africans over Wagner Group – media

Cargo Traffic Via Russian-Chinese Border Hits Record High in January

China helping Russia to obtain key tech

Military operation in Ukraine Russian artillery kills 18 servicemen of Ukrainian armed forces in Kherson region

Wagner founder confirms fierce battles "for every street" in northern parts of Artemovsk

Ukrainian armed forces shell civilian infrastructure in Nova Kakhovka

The logic behind the terror: Why does Ukraine keep attacking civilian areas in Donetsk? 

Twenty minutes of fighting and we surrendered, says UK-Trained Ukrainian conscript

Ukraine “Forcibly Mobilizes” Citizens as Russian Offensive Looms, and Casualties Mounting

Russian ambassador: Danish mercenaries fighting in Ukraine

Israel does not want flight incidents with military aircraft in Syrian airspace — PM 

UN: Israel Martyred at Least 31 Palestinians, Razed Scores of Palestinian Structures in 3 Weeks 

Thousands of Protesters Call Israel's New Cabinet "Threat to World"

Israel is helping Ukraine by targeting Iran, Netanyahu tells Macron

Rights Group: 3,000 Cancer-Stricken Yemeni Children at Risk of Dying Due to Saudi War, Siege

Where's The Outrage?
2 Teen Boys Murdered By The Government & Medical Establishment 
It's Treated Like Just Another Day In The Life - Go Figure!
Autopsy analysis of 2 teen boys who died days after 2d Pfizer Covid-19 shot

Insane - Corporate Media Outlet Reports on Increase in Fatal Heart Disease in Young People Then Recommends Getting ‘VAXED

Project Veritas Releases SECOND Bombshell Video of Pfizer Director Admitting Worry Over ‘Vaccine's Impact on Women's Reproductive Health

At Least 1 Billion Dead or Disabled from Covid Injected Bioweapon – Dr. Betsy Eads

Covid Vaccine: Deaths in England Surge Again

"Three Long and Wearisome Covid Years"
To All You Latecomers to the Party of Truth: Two Words 


Rehash Of WWII
Specter Of German Tanks With Crosses Once Again Supporting Nazis Against Russia
Is Uniting The Russian People Towards Ukraine War Like Never Before 
West's biggest political mistake 
Serbian president on plans to send tanks to Ukraine 

Ukraine crisis Germany issues permit to export Leopard 1 tanks — cabinet spokesman

While Brain Dead U.S. President Leads Mad Rush To WWIII 
Watch: Biden Says "More Than Half The Women In My Administration Are Women"

Escobar: Ukraine War Is Desperate Move By US To Preserve Hegemony, & Prevent Multipolar World 

Why building a new world order is now an existential issue for Russia 

Empire of lies: Lavrov says world increasingly certain no one immune to West’s banditry

‘US knowingly ignored Russia’s red lines on NATO expansion’ 

Russian envoy lambasts US weapons supplies to Ukraine as deliberate escalation

US to Send High-Tech Boeing Missiles in Latest $2.2bln Ukraine Package 

Pentagon will allow Ukraine to fire long-range missiles at will

Plan to send US contractors to Ukraine revealed 

Meanwhile The U.S. Economy Continues In Downward Spiral 
NFIB Survey Suggests A Recession Is Coming

More Recession Signs: Money Supply Growth Went Negative Again In December

What Was Behind Today's "Wow, Wow, Wow" Jobs Report

Punch-Drunk Investors Will Keep Ignoring Reality...Until It's Too Late

As Consumers Max Out Credit Cards To Survive
US Credit Card Debt Reaches 18.5%, Hits Record $930.6 Billion

"Woke Ideology Has Infected Every Aspect Of American Life", Sen. Rubio Warns

Updated List Of Previously Posted Articles
 CO2/Carbon Dioxide Doesn't Cause Global Warming/Climate Change

DeSantis Moves To Eliminate Taxes On Gas Stoves As DoE Makes Major Push To Regulate

Where Is There Global Warming?

Coldest Airmass On Planet Will Be Over New England On Friday Night

Upper Midwest, Northeast bracing for arctic blast bringing sub-zero temps, life-threatening wind chills as new polar vortex system moves in

Snow turns Australian Alps into winter wonderland in the middle of summer

70 people trapped by masses of snow in Austria - up to a meter of snowfall within 24 hours

Indonesia - Foods in south Sulawesi leave 2 dead, hundreds of homes damaged

Cloud of smoke and gas erupting from volcano of Ebeko on Paramushir Island

US should get ‘filthy hands’ off Türkiye – minister

China says Russia ties deepening, urges AUKUS to cancel sub plans

Russia outshines expectations in coping with sanctions, notes Vucic

Kremlin blasts ‘canard’ that US allegedly offered to cede 20% of Ukraine's territory

Onet: Ukraine will lose in six months due to shell shortage

Response to potential strikes ‘inside Russia’ to be hard, convincing — Medvedev

Russia Continues Kicking Buttocks & Taking Down Names
Russian forces strike two Ukrainian army brigades in Zaporozhye area, top brass reports

Akhmat commando unit takes stronghold near Vesyoloye settlement, says Chechen leader

Ukrainian soldier uses chainsaw and fire to release US howitzer from ice trap

Russian troops defeat Ukrainian troops in Zaporizhzhia region

Jews Helping Nazis - Go Figure
Netanyahu hints at Israeli aid to Ukraine

Over a dozen Palestinians injured as Israeli forces raid refugee camp

JPMorgan warns of investment risk in Israel amid unprecedented turmoil

Palestinian Youth Martyred by Israeli Forces Near Nablus 

Iran, Venezuela vow closer cooperation to thwart foreign pressures

The narrative is collapsing: Thailand drops a BOMBSHELL on Pfizer

COVID-19 Vaccines: Proof of Lethality. Over One Thousand Scientific Studies

Video: 55 Performers Collapsing or Dying on Stage or Live Camera in Late 2022 through 2023

Dr. Peter McCullough unbowed after winning legal case: Wouldn't do anything different

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