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Russia’s coronavirus cases near 400,000 - Russia

78 more coronavirus patients die in Moscow in past day — crisis center - 

Coronavirus May Be a Vascular Disease, Which Explains Everything

Alabama coronavirus cases surge to new high as state reopens 

Covid-19 in the US: With the pandemic entering a new phase, world health experts shift focus to new hot spots 

Coronavirus: Renters struggle most with pandemic costs, report says 

 Iran Identifies 2,282 New Coronavirus Cases, 57 Deaths

Schiff: Over-Leveraged Zombie Companies Threaten Economic Recovery

-51.2%! Atlanta Fed Now Expects Staggering Collapse In Q1 GDP 

Nearly Half Of Small Business Owners Expect To Close Down Permanently

US consumer spending sinks by record 13.6% in face of virus

US savings rate hits record 33% as coronavirus causes Americans to stockpile cash, curb spending

Corporations raise $1 trillion in bond market after Fed aid, double 2019 pace

There Will Be A Lot More Rioting, Looting, And Civil Unrest As The US Economy Continues To Crumble

This Is A Full Societal Breakdown 

All Of The World's Money & Markets In One Visualization

Baby Boomers Panic Hoard "Covid Campers" To Escape Big Cities As Second Wave Threats Emerge 

Snyder: A Society On The Brink Of Complete And Utter Chaos

US Threats Disrupt Iran's Fuel Deliveries to Venezuela 

Fourth Iranian tanker carrying gasoline enters Venezuelan waters

 Iran’s 4th Tanker Anchors at Venezuelan Port

Govt. employees return to work in Iran, mosques to reopen

Americans should know that Persian Gulf is not American lake: Former US diplomat

Who are the secret puppet-masters behind Trump’s war on Iran?

Iran Strongly Deplores US New Sanctions

IMO Chief Vows to Pursue US Threats against Iranian Tankers Legally

 Official Blames US Sanctions for Shortage of Helicopters in Iran's Air Emergency

 Senior Iraqi MP: Suppression of Protests Displays US False Human Rights Claims

 Iran Urges US to Listen to Protesters’ Voice

Russian military, diplomats to negotiate agreement with Syria on more facilities & maritime access 

New Speaker Underlines Iran-Russia-Turkey Negotiations on Syria

Saudi propaganda is demonizing Islam and the Palestinian cause

US to sell Patriot missiles, bombs to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

Israeli Troops Reportedly Open Fire in Disputed Land on Border With Lebanon 

Palestinian George Floyds Ignored by Int'l Community

One dead after shooting at protesters in Detroit during Floyd rally

Mayor declares curfew for Minneapolis rocked with protests against police brutality

Protests flare across US over police killing of African Americans

Are WHITE SUPREMACISTS causing mayhem in Minneapolis? 
Minnesota governor says YES, citing unconfirmed reports and ‘suspicions’

WATCH: Looters ransack Louis Vuitton, police HQ and smash BANKS as Portland erupts in protest 

‘Tear gas’ sprayed as riot cops face off against angry crowd outside White House amid nationwide George Floyd protests 

Justice center housing Portland sheriff’s office SET ON FIRE by rioters 

Pageant queen wife seeks DIVORCE from Minneapolis cop charged with murder of George Floyd 

WATCH traditionalist AMISH people protest in Minneapolis... peacefully, of course 

Denver rioters SMASH WINDOWS of Colorado Supreme Court 

Events in Minnesota expose human rights problems in US — Russian foreign ministry

George Floyd protests spread nationwide

ANALYSIS: George Floyd was deliberately murdered,
 right on schedule to unleash race riots across America to cause even more chaos

Videos: Officer Charged as New Footage Shows Several Cops Kneeling on George Floyd 

Minneapolis Rioter: "We're Gonna Start Coming To The Suburbs" 

Denver driver RAMS road-blocking protesters angry at police killing of black man in Minnesota 

Minnesota National Guard Arms Troops After FBI Warns of Credible Threat - General 

Fired Minneapolis officer charged with murder in death of George Floyd 

No Lives Matter: 1268 white people were shot to death by US police-state Nazis in the last few years 

Nationwide Chaos: NYPD Precinct Attacked, CNN Vandalized, Treasury Breached As Mayors Beg For Calm 

Trump Announces New Measures Against China

US Destroyer Sails Near China-Claimed Islands, Adding to Mounting Tensions

Trump accuses WHO of becoming puppet organization of China

US to restrict entry for Chinese postgraduates, scientists — White House 

Trump announces unprecedented action against China 

China's 1st Home-Built Carrier Tests Weapons At Sea Amid No Off Ramp Ratcheting US Tensions 

There is ‘no bigger thug’ than Trump

US may introduce new sanctions against Russia’s Nord Stream 2 as gas project approaches final stage 

US deals blow to international cooperation in healthcare — Russian diplomat

Snowden’s residence permit automatically extended until June 15 - Russia

Russian Ambassador to US Calls on Washington Not to Turn Space into Combat Zone 

Russia and China masterfully destroy USA’s most powerful weapon – shale oil industry

Russia starts building first strategic PAK DA flying wing bomber

Biolabs Ringing Russia’s Borders: What’s the US Really Doing at These Facilities?

Russia's Arctic Empire

Just released video testimony shows Planned Parenthood admitting to illegal baby parts sales 

Sun's strongest solar flare since 2017,
 noctilucent clouds reach "rare" intensity over Sweden, cosmic rays up 18% since 2015 


Russia records 30% rise in daily coronavirus deaths

Over 104,000 people contract COVID-19 across the world in past day

Moscow’s coronavirus recoveries top new cases for 5th day running 

North Korea one of few countries who dodged COVID-19 epidemic, Russian envoy says -

555 workers at Tyson Foods plant in Iowa test positive for coronavirus, state's department of health confirms

Blood clots fill lungs of black coronavirus victims, study finds 

Nearly 300 Healthcare Workers Have Died From Coronavirus

98.1% Of COVID-19 Deaths In Massachusetts Had An Underlying Health Condition

COVID-19 immunity lasts only six months, reinfection possible

No hope for herd immunity following antibodies survey, scientist says

 Iran Reports 2819 New Coronavirus Cases, Nearly 115 Thousand Recoveries

Iran says coronavirus figures decreasing, virus being eradicated

South Korea Closes Schools Just Days After Reopening As New Cases Spike, Africa Confirms Another 5.5k Cases

Ron Paul: There Is One Good Thing About The Lockdown 

New study: Lockdowns destroy nearly twice as many years of life as the coronavirus

Pending Home Sales Plummet 35% YoY - Biggest Drop Ever As Buyers Forfeit Deposits 

Around 2 BILLION people may lose their jobs in the next couple of months due to pandemic

White House To Bury Predictions That Could Undercut Trump’s Economic Fantasy

Coronavirus puts full Social Security benefits at risk years earlier than expected, researchers say 

Walmart Now Sells Used Clothing As Unemployment Nears Great Depression Levels  

Savings Rate Soars To Record Highs As American Consumer Spending Crashes By Most Ever

Futures Drop As Markets Brace For Trump's China Response

Von Greyerz: US Gold Confiscation Would Be Folly

Minnesota National Guard Activated In Response To Social Unrest 

Rioting In Minneapolis Is So Bad, The Fires Show Up On Air Quality Maps 

Minneapolis police station torched as protests grow over police killing of black man

Minneapolis ‘WAR ZONE’: Rioters take over POLICE STATION amid clashes, fires & tear gas 

LOOTING & ARSON rage through St. Paul & Minneapolis as emergency declared over escalating police brutality protests 

Dozens arrested in NEW YORK as protests over George Floyd’s death spread nationwide 

GUNFIRE heard as massive Denver solidarity demonstration for George Floyd turns violent 

Several people shot as enraged rioters try to FLIP police van in Louisville

Their Lives Mattered Too: Before George Floyd, Cops Killed 400 Others in First 5 Months of 2020

‘Don’t throw money at black Americans to riot’: 
Candace Owens spars with Soros-funded NGO over alleged hand in Minneapolis unrest

Coincidence? George Floyd and now-former officer
 Derek Chauvin worked overlapping security shifts at south Minneapolis club 

Trump calls protestors in police killing of black man ‘thugs’

US Accuses Iran Tankers of Being Distraction From Venezuela's Problems 

US threatens to sanction tankers carrying fuel to Venezuela

 MP: Fuel Delivery to Venezuela, Message of Iran’s Might, Dignity

 Iran's 4th Fuel Tanker Arrives in Venezuela's Special Economic Zone

Iran says US must show respect or keep humiliating itself

Iran promises ‘good nuclear news in reaction to recent US bans

Iran UN envoy: Desperate US move to end sanctions waivers ‘pulls final plug’ on JCPOA

FOURTH oil-filled Iranian tanker reaches Venezuelan shores defying US pressure 

Envoy: Iran, Venezuela Negate US Unilateralism

Iran slams ‘desperate attempt’ by US to ramp up ‘maximum pressure’ campaign by ending sanctions waivers 

 AEOI Blasts US’ Decision to Blacklist Iran's Nuclear Scientists

 Three Border Guards Martyred in Anti-Terror Clashes in Northwestern Iran

Footage of Children Pelting US Convoy With Stones Released by Syrian Media 

Foreign Ministry: EU decision to renew
 coercive measures on Syria unveils the falseness of the stances and statements of its officials

Burning wheat fields, stealing crops…. 
Systematic policy of US and Turkish occupation in Syrian al-Jazeera region 

Greece Sends Military To Build The Wall Amid Renewed Turkish Migrant Chaos Threats 

Trump Signs Executive Order Stripping Social Media Companies Of "Liability Shield"

US Destroyer Sails Near China-Claimed Islands, Adding to Mounting Tensions 

US-China strategic rivalry has entered high-risk period: top Chinese officer

America Must Exercise Restraint on Hong Kong

U.S.-China Tension Only Set to Get Worse: ‘There Is No Off Ramp’

All-out combat feared as India, China engage in border standoff

Thanks, but no thanks? Trump rebuffed after offering to mediate India-China border standoff 

Escobar Warns India, China Teeter Toward Border Clash As Beijing Flexes Its Muscles 

Russia Spotted 21 Foreign Spy Jets Close to National Airspace Over Past Week

Before nuking Russia, USA wants to nuke Belarus

Russia Readies Test Of Nuclear-Powered "Doomsday-Drone" Torpedo 

Macron on the brink: Humiliation for French President as seven more MPs abandon his party 


Documentary Proof: University of North Carolina Generated COVID-19 

Russia demands access to CIA Lab they say created COVID 19 

US coronavirus deaths pass 100,000 as country reopens

‘Unmitigated disaster’: Fury as UK suffers highest rate of excess deaths per million in the world during Covid-19 crisis 

South Korea BRINGS BACK restrictions amid fears of coronavirus 2nd wave 

Russia again reports record-high 174 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours 

Coronavirus uses same strategy as HIV to dodge immune response, Chinese study finds

Moscow to reopen all retail, allow visiting parks on schedule from June 1 

The CDC Slashed The COVID-19 Fatality Rate To A Fraction Of Earlier Estimate Used To Justify Lockdowns 

"Target Is Being Looted" - Social Unrest Worsens In Minneapolis 

US police fire tear gas as protests continue over cop killing of black man

US police kill blacks with brutality matching Israeli military’s

Minneapolis mayor calls for arrest of officer that killed George Floyd

LOOTERS ransack shops as Minneapolis descends into chaos after police killing of black man 

Minneapolis police investigate ‘homicide’ amid reports of ‘looter shot dead by pawn shop owner’

Stores set ABLAZE in Minneapolis as police struggle to contain anti-brutality protests (VIDEOS) 

"Minneapolis Is Burning" - Buildings Torched, Stores Looted, Protests Over George Floyd Intensify 

WATCH protesters block Los Angeles freeway, attack police cars as George Floyd rallies escalate into riots 

A Black Swan With Teeth - Peter Schiff Warns, We're Entering "Dangerous Territory"

Amtrak Seeks Billion Dollar Bailout, Prepares To Slash 20% Of Workforce As Ridership Crashes 

Oil falls as surprise US stock build douses demand recovery hopes

Boeing cutting more than 12,000 US jobs, thousands more planned amid coronavirus crisis

Over 40 Million Jobless In 10 Weeks - "Nobody Ever Imagined It Would Get This Bad So Fast"

Boeing is the Tip of the Layoff Iceberg

Blain: "There Is Nothing Normal About What Is Happening" 

San Francisco embraces 3rd world tent cities as a new way of life 

US Military Using New Data Collection System Designed For War in Pandemic Response

Coronoavirus: Lockdowns prompt raft of lawsuits against states

GE is saying goodbye to its 129-year-old light bulb business 

 Venezuelan President Appreciates "Courageous" Iran for Sending Fuel Shipment

 Oil Minister Welcomes Iranian Tanker with Joy, Says Venezuela Lucky to Have Iran's Support

US ends ALL BUT ONE sanctions waivers for Iran nuclear facilities 

US Ends Sanctions Waivers for Iran Nuclear Site Work

Trump administration ends last remaining sanctions waivers in Iran nuclear deal

U.S. gives Iran a choice: Negotiate or manage economic collapse

Third Iranian tanker enters Venezuela’s territorial waters

 Iran's 4th Fuel Tanker Nears Venezuelan Waters

Maduro thanks Iran for sending oil tankers; slams US for disrupting fuel shipments to Venezuela

More than 100 domestically-built missile-launching speed boats join Iran’s naval fleet

Iran, Venezuela said no to US unilateralism on behalf of whole world: Envoy to Caracs

DM: IRGC Speed Boats Tighten Security Belt in Persian Gulf

Russians Partially Reopen Vital M4 Highway in NorthEastern Syria 

Burning wheat fields, stealing crops…. Systematic policy of US and Turkish occupation in Syrian al-Jazeera region 

Fire breaks out in harvested wheat fields in Abu Rasin area, Hasaka countryside

Locals in al-Qahira and al-Dushaisha villages in Hasaka countryside intercept US armored vehicles 

Extinguishing 18 fires that erupted in agricultural lands and forests in Daraa 

 Turkish occupation mercenaries killed in a fight between them in Ras al-Ayn countryside 

Czech traveler: Syria cradle of beauty, security and prosperity 

Trump after another arms sale to Saudi: Menendez

 Dismissal of US State Department Inspector Demanded by Saudi Crown Prince

Turkey Committed ‘In Principle’ to Activating Russian-Made S-400 Missiles, Erdogan's Spokesman Says

Saudi-led coalition conducts 47 new airstrikes on Yemen

Yemeni army warns Saudi aggressors of dire consequences if air raids continue

Congress is poised to pass far-reaching Israeli wish list 

Bombshell Audio Leak
 Powerful Zionist Groups Hold Meeting, Plot Latest Strategy to Deprive Americans of Free Speech (Audio)

Despite pandemic, Israeli army shoots at water tanks in Palestinian village 

In Landmark Decision, Pompeo Tells Congress Hong Kong No Longer Independent From China 

"Revolution Of Our Times": Hundreds Arrested As Hong Kong Protests Escalate

Pompeo Cuts Off Special U.S. Trade Relationship With Hong Kong 

Chinese parliament passes national security bill amid raging Hong Kong protests

Watch: Russian Jets In Another "Unsafe" Intercept Of US Spy Plane Near Syrian Airbase

In 1984, Orwell Was Describing the Repressive Tactics and Propaganda of the British Empire, Not the USSR

The Only Force Which Can Stand Against Western Secularism Is God - a Russian Orthodox Christian View

Huawei CFO's battle against US extradition dealt major blow with Canadian court ruling 

Senator Says China Tariffs Will Now Apply To Hong Kong As Beijing Approves "National Security" Law

Trump the joker

Trump Shows Signs of Panic as Coronavirus, Campaign Wear On 

Propaganda, hysteria and truly foul breath in the West

Arizona sues Google for ‘misleading’ users by secretly tracking their personal data on smartphones 

White House says Trump will sign an executive order on social media 

White House Plans To Empower FCC To Regulate American Social Media Giants

Google Joins Facebook in Banning, America's #1 Conservative Webzine

Moscow refutes continued US allegations of Russian jets in Libya 

Trump's arms control ploy: From Open Skies to open season for nukes 

Watch: Russian Jets In Another "Unsafe" Intercept Of US Spy Plane Near Syrian Airbase

Locust Invasion: Indian Farmers Cry For Relief As Country Hit By Second Plague 

Greenhouse Effect Does Not Exist, Will Never Exist

Greenhouse Effect Does Not Exist, Will Never Exist


You Have No Rights On Social Media
All social media websites, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and all the others, are private/corporate owned entities. To use their services you must first agree to their polices. You essentially have no rights and you can be restricted, expelled, or censored at their discretion. Freedom of speech and constitutional rights have no meaning under such circumstances because you are using their website and agree to their terms of use. In fact, these websites and the owners thereof, are well within their own constitutional rights because such websites are basically private property and they have all the rights while the users have none except for what the property owner allows. They can restrict information and conversation to within a pre-determined box over which they can approve or censor at will. They have the right to do this because they own the website and you are allowed to use their property only with their approval and within their terms of use. I laugh when I hear people complain about constitutional rights and freedom of speech while using social media because it simply doesn't apply. The owner has all the rights and the user has none. It's the same as if you invite a person into your home. You have the right to throw them out or restrict their behavior and they have no right to do as they want or remain if asked to leave. In fact, they can be forcibly expelled by police if they refuse to go. It's the same with social media. You are on their property and have no rights when asked to change or delete content or your account is closed. If these websites are owned by corporations in collaboration with each other, or bought out by a single corporation, it becomes possible to control all content and restrict users to a predetermined censorship agenda. In a fascist environment where the line between government and corporations merge, as in the good old U.S.A., it becomes possible for the government to control content and propagandize at will. Anybody who thinks that social media is an exercise of freedom of speech is deluded. Think about it the next time you use social media. 

Virginia Reports Record Jump In New Cases Two Weeks After Reopening

"Like It Was Designed To Infect Humans": COVID-19 Cell Culture Theory Gains Steam

Russia’s coronavirus case tally rises by 8,915 in past day 

Confirmed Coronavirus Infections Pass 5.5 Million Worldwide As UK Nears 50k Deaths

CDC Warns Of "Unusual Or Aggressive Rodent Behavior" Due COVID Lockdowns 

Protesters condemned for hanging Dem governor’s effigy from tree

Lockdowns Made No Difference to Virus Course, Infection Rates Went Down When They Were Ended 

The lockdown's turned the US into a despotic, cash-strapped basket-case succumbing to power terror with obedience

Who is performing human experiments and why?

The Federal Reserve's endless money printing will cause a hyperinflationary depression 

"This Ship Is Sinking" - The Economy Is Holed Below The Waterline 

Era of US military presence in region ending: IRGC deputy commander

Iran Tankers Arrive Safely in Venezuela After US Threats 

Iran’s condensate refineries take teeth out of US sanctions

 FM Spokesman: US Lacking Authority to Judge Other Nations

Envoy: US Not Attacking Iranian Tankers Shows Still Some Wise Officials in Washington

 Iranian DM Hopes for More Unity among Islamic States

Yemeni Intelligence Official Opens Correspondence with Iran Intelligence Minister

Video: Hezbollah forces train to boost readiness against Israel

US military presence in Iraq aimed at protecting Israel’s security, interests: PMU leader

Israel will not miss historic opportunity to annex West Bank: Netanyahu

Netanyahu’s corruption charges, annexation plan spell the beginning of the end for Israel

Venezuela's Maduro: Venezuela and Iran Will Never Kneel Before US 

 President Maduro: Tankers Symbol of Courage of Iran, Venezuela

 Cuban President: Iranian Tankers Break US "Unacceptable" Blockade on Venezuela

Russia, China Won’t Accept US Nuclear Superiority

EU acknowledged China's rise, ‘end of US-led system before our eyes’

Chinese media TROLLS Pompeo, depicting him using dollars to lure Hong Kong protesters to hell

This is China's Domestic Matter's: 
Russian FM Lavrov Slams US for Trying to Pressure Beijing Over Hong Kong Security Bill

Russia ramps up gold production, adding to country's huge bullion reserves

Remembering The Biggest Empires In Human History

The selfishness of the USA

America the Terrified: What is making this superpower so sensitive?

Trump's Withdrawal from Open Skies Raises Questions about New START 

NATO Members Hope to Preserve Open Skies Treaty

Trump Administration Discussing New Nuclear Test, First Since 1992

The US Will Subsidize Its Loss-Making Shale Industry for Geopolitical Reasons, Will Not Allow It to Fail

Trump’s struggles to stand still didn’t go unnoticed during Memorial Day visit to Arlington

Unexplained anomaly weakening Earth’s magnetic field is EVOLVING and SPLITTING in two, warn scientists 

India's worst locust attack in 27 years, and worse is yet to come 

‘We’re doomed!’: Terrifying scenes as massive LOCUST swarm invades Indian city


"Madness" - Focus On The COVID-19 Death Rate

Death toll passes 350K, Americas emerge as new epicenter

Covid-19 and HIV use same tactics to evade our immune systems 

Russian scientists hope to begin HUMAN TESTING
 on Covid-19 vaccine within weeks, having tried it on themselves first 

USA Plan: Militarized Control of Population. The "National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan" 

Corona Tyranny – and Death by Famine 

China Confirms 200 New Cases In Wuhan As India's Outbreak Passes 150k

Russia’s economic activity reaches 79% of pre-crisis figure, minister says 

‘Something isn’t right’: U.S. probes soaring beef prices

Poll: 37% of unemployed Americans ran out of food in past month

Taxpayers Are on the Hook for 98 Percent of the Fed’s $6.98 Trillion Balance Sheet

Evidence Suggests U.S. Financial Crisis Started on August 14, 2019

BlackRock Begins Buying Junk Bond ETFs for the Fed Today: It’s Already at Work for the Central Bank of Israel

Monarchies account for 40% of global debt 

Money Printing Can't Trump a Depression 

Central banks are creating fake markets

Is A Blow-Off Top Setting Up 

Trump tweets states should open up ASAP as death toll nears 100,000

Disapproval of Donald Trump Climbs Higher As Coronavirus Death Toll Nears 100,000 in U.S.

Trump Is Not Healthy -- He Is Not Well at the Worst Possible Time

Trump: I Can and Will Start Wars Whenever I Please

Trump teases ‘very interesting & powerful’ action after China calls US sanctions ‘bluff’ over Hong Kong 

Take that, Trump! Venezuela’s oil shipments from Iran show how alliances can help defy US sanctions

Venezuelans Celebrate as Third Iran Tanker Docks

Third Iranian tanker enters Venezuela’s territorial waters

Iranian fuel breathes new life into Venezuelan refinery deactivated by US sanctions

Iran Foreign Ministry: Time for intl. community to stop US war machines

Iran's New Parliament Disavows US

 Envoy: 9 Ton Venezuelan Gold for Iran’s Oil, “LIE”

Yemeni Intelligence Official Opens Correspondence with Iran Intelligence Minister

Three US Soldiers Wounded in Convoy Ambush in Eastern Syria

US-Kurdish patrol ambushed in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor, eight injured 

3 US soldiers, 5 members of Qasad injured in attack by unknown gunmen in Deir Ezzor countryside

US occupation brings in a convoy of military equipment to Hasaka countryside 

Syrian Grain Foundation finishes preparations for marketing wheat crops 

Turkish occupation forces burn agricultural lands west of Ras al-Ayn 

Erdogan’s regime and Israeli occupation entity … increasing trade relations, fake hostility 

US redeploys additional military equipment to northeast Syria 

Hezbollah chief warns of Israeli plan for Palestinian state in Jordan

Video Allegedly Shows Hezbollah's Elite Troops Train, Shoot at Targets Marked with Star of David

Israel snubs Beijing to give mega desalination project to local firm days after Pompeo warned about Chinese money 

Is War Next? 

China’s president orders military to prepare for war

Hong Kong parliament debating security bill amid tightened security

NATO rejects Russia’s offer to MUTUALLY freeze military drills amid Covid-19 pandemic

Russia denies US claim of sending fighter jets to Libya

Russian fighter jets intercept US spy plane above Mediterranean 

Russia’s unmanned underwater drone Poseidon disassembled

Russia begins building first strategic stealth bomber

Putin: Experts say Russia passed peak of COVID-19

Putin confirms support for Palestinian statehood 

US is number one enemy of free trade in world today

US House Republicans to sue Pelosi over remote proxy voting in pandemic

Riot cops fire tear gas & rubber bullets as HUGE crowds march in Minnesota after police-involved chokehold death 

Powerful 6.1 earthquake hits off Vanuatu Coast 


Coronavirus updates: More than 5.4 million infected, over 345k dead

Chomsky slams ‘megalomaniac’ Trump over ‘chaotic’ coronavirus response

Russia reports less than 10,000 COVID-19 new cases for 10th day in a row

The Top Twelve Lies about Covid19

"Shocking": Americans Flood Beaches, Trampling Social Distancing Rules 

CHART OF THE WEEK: The Unemployment Rate Signals The Dow Jones Index To Crash To This Level 

The Student Debt Bubble Implosion:
 $1.68 trillion in student loan debt and a big portion is not being paid while COVID-19 is only making it worse

Trump and Pompeo Back Down From Iran as Second Tanker Reaches Venezuela 

Second Iranian tanker reaches Venezuela's exclusive economic zone

Iran Tankers Arrive Safely in Venezuela After US Threats 

 Tanker Arrival Deepens Iran-Venezuela Brotherhood, Friendship

 Iran Deplores Foreign Meddling in China's Internal Affairs

 Iran Reports 2180 New Virus Infections, 83% Outpatient

Iran, Iraq Underline Heightened Anti-Terrorism Cooperation

Syrian troops destroy terrorist unit in Raqqa province's southwest, says online paper 

Russian, Syrian naval forces conduct joint exercise to protect Tartus port 

Syria: US Pushing Turkey to Break With Russia, Back al Qaeda 

Iran congratulates Lebanon on anniversary of Israeli defeat

Erdogan vows to protect Palestinian lands amid Israel’s annexation plans

Italian lawmakers call for urgent action to stop Israeli annexation plans in West Bank

3 civilians killed as Saudi-led warplanes hit northern Yemen on Eid al-Fitr

Watch: Tensions Explode As Israel Blocks Aqsa Mosque On Eid Holiday During COVID-Lockdown 

US Military Holds Live-Fire Drills in Persian Gulf 

Hong Kong Rioters Fighting Against Their Own Country

US slaps sanctions on 33 Chinese companies and institutions, 
dialling up the tension amid the lowest point in US-China relations

5.8 quake hits New Zealand, shakes buildings in Wellington

US withdrawal from intl. treaties suggests new Cold War resumption: Analyst


Drones cast new light on mystery of Nazca Lines Archaeology 


The Bible And Extraterrestrials
The Bible most definitely acknowledges the existence of extraterrestrial life and previous visitations by beings from other worlds. It can be found in Genesis 6. The Bible differentiates between Angels and extraterrestrials in that the beings described in Genesis are not called Angels, but are called, "sons of God." This is very important when you realize that we are all sons and daughters of God, and that the beings mentioned in Genesis are equal to humans as intelligent beings created by God. The obvious difference is that they came from some extraterrestrial origin, and if they existed then, they must surly exist now. This is Biblical confirmation that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. These beings, or sons of God, further compounded the issue by mating with humankind, which further proves that they were physical beings like ourselves, and produced children, which are described as giants, and mighty men, and men of renown. I take this to mean that not only were some of these offspring actual physical giants, which were possibly genetic mutations caused by the mix of human and alien genetics, but that there were whole civilizations with great and mighty accomplishments well known throughout the world. There are today in many places throughout the world, the ancient ruins of past civilizations that far exceed the capabilities of modern science and technology to duplicate today. There are ancient myths and legends of monstrosities such as giants, mermaids, centaurs, and cyclops, as well as the Greek gods, and superhuman beings such as Apollo, Atlas, and Hercules, as well the Nordic gods of Odin, Loki, and Thor, just to name a few. I believe that these ancient legends have a basis in fact, and represent the same beings, and superhuman characters mentioned in the Bible, which were the mighty men, and men of renown. In any case, something went wrong as a result of the unholy mix of human and extraterrestrial DNA, which resulted in genetic monstrosities such as giants, and the degeneration of humanity into a very violent and evil race which displeased God greatly. God wanted to destroy these evil and violent beings. However, Noah, pleased God, and was perfect in his generations. What does this mean? Simply put, it means that Noah was of pure human descent, and had no genetic mix with the extraterrestrials in his blood line. Therefore, he and his sons, and their wives, were spared from destruction by the flood that God brought upon the world to rid it of the extraterrestrial/human mix that plagued the planet. In this way God purged the alien blood line from the earth, and restored humanity to it's original genetic makeup. I know that this reads like a science fiction story, but it's exactly what the Bible does tell. This incredible story is also backed up by the Book of Enoch, which further elaborates on the details. I strongly suggest that anyone reading Genesis 6, also read the Book of Enoch, as a supporting document. The bottom line is that the Bible acknowledges the existence and visitations by extraterrestrial beings very early in the history of humanity. It can therefore be deduced that there are intelligent beings created by God elsewhere in the universe, and that there is always a possibility that humanity will once again meet similar beings in the future when God does allow. 

A Great Victory For Freedom Of The Seas
No Nation Has The Right To Curtail Free Trade On International Waters 
Venezuela hails arrival of Iranian fuel as landmark in struggle for sovereignty

First Iranian tanker crosses into Venezuela’s economic zone as US ships spotted nearby - tracking data 

Venezuela Hails Iran for Fuel Supply

NYT includes MURDER VICTIM in controversial front page list of Covid-19 deaths 

Russia reports 8,599 new coronavirus cases, a record low growth since May 1 

Virus may be spreading uncontrolled in 24 states, study suggests 

Georgia coronavirus hospitalizations on rise in last week

Experts worry about case spikes as Americans try to go back to normal

The Science is Conclusive: Masks and Respirators do NOT Prevent Transmission of Viruses

Heat Wave To Hit California As Power Prices Set To Soar 

Hertz Files For Bankruptcy As Lockdowns Crush Rental Car Industry 

As Americans lose their jobs, Senate gears up to give Israel A MINIMUM of $38 billion over 10 years 

Bankruptcy Tsunami Begins: Thousands Of Default Notices Are "Flying Out The Door"

The Economic "Reopening" Is A Fake Out 

Hundreds call for ‘end to tyranny’ in anti-lockdown protest at California state Capitol

Record High Grocery Prices As Farmers Smash Eggs & Dump Milk

U.S. labor market struggles as layoffs spread despite businesses reopening 

Global Tourism To Suffer Crushing Blow In 2020

The pandemic could reshape the world order. Trump's chaotic strategy is backing the US into a corner 

Elite US Marine Unit Conducts Live-Fire Drills In Persian Gulf "Message To Iran" 

IRGC Commander: No Concern, Iran’s Defense at Highest Level

President al-Assad receives congratulatory cables on occasion of Eid al-Fitr holiday 

International Business Times: Trump Ordered Syria’s Wheat Crop Burning

Tens of pro-Turkish mercenaries killed or injured due to infighting among them in Idleb and Aleppo countryside 

Pro-Turkish mercenaries set fire to wheat and barley fields in Hasaka countryside  

Iraqi deputy PM in Riyadh as neighbors watch Kadhimi's moves

Netanyahu in the dock: First serving Israeli PM faces criminal charges

Netanyahu Slams Corruption Trial Against Him as Attempt at Toppling Me, in Any Way Possible

Protesters Gather Outside Jerusalem Court as Netanyahu Corruption Trial Begins 

US asks Israel to sever burgeoning ties with China: Paper

Israel - an enemy of America

"We Must Stop Kowtowing To Beijing"
 Former UK Gov Warns "China Has Betrayed Hong Kong" With New Security Law 

Protest erupts in Hong Kong over proposed security law

Fumes & scuffles as riot police fire tear gas amid renewed anti-govt unrest in Hong Kong 

Washington pushing US & China to ‘brink of new Cold War,’ Beijing warns

‘Pure fabrication’: Head of Wuhan lab DENIES claims virus leaked from there, says ‘we didn’t even know it existed’ 

‘NO QUESTION’ US in COLD WAR 2 with China – Florida senator

Former Envoy Calls for Forming Club to Contravene US Sanctions

US is stuck in Cold War thinking; 
Plan to spend Russia & China ‘into oblivion’ in arms race will bankrupt only America 

Trump isolating US by ripping up international treaties

Over 60% of Russians Approve of Putin's Performance 

Russia's Ryabkov Mocks Pompeo Claim That Russia Uses Open Skies Treaty to Identify Targets

How Russia is Saving Global Gold Market Amid Shortages of Physical Precious Metal

Where Is There Global Warming?
North America has set 233 new all-time monthly low temperature records in May (so far) vs just the 18 record highs


Inner Earth Is Getting Hotter
The article below, concerning the weakening of the earth's magnetic field, goes to prove that the interior of the planet is getting hotter. How so? Because it's a simple fact that molten iron/magma will not hold a magnetic field. It's the more solidified portions of inner earth that hold and project a magnetic field. Therefore, if the deeper portions of the planet are heating up because of increasing electrical energy - previous news archives page 1, then the sphere of molten iron/magma surrounding the core is heating up as well, and increasing in size and mass. This increasing amount of molten material would not be able to sustain a magnetic field. The net result would be a weakening of earth's magnetic field in direct proportion to the amount of molten material within, which is exactly what is happening. The rising internal temperature of the planet would also explain increasing global volcanic and earthquake activity, as magma currents within the earth become more turbulent, expand, and pressure builds and vents through volcanoes. The continents which float on this inner sea of molten magma would become more unstable due to the increasing pressure and turbulence below, and earthquakes would become more prevalent. Areas of the planet already prone to earthquake activity, and where major fault lines exist, become even more unstable. Another byproduct of this process is global warming, as the increasing internal temperature of the planet radiates outward through the earth's crust and warms the oceans and trade winds above, and melts the sea ice and glaciers from below. 

Where is all of this leading? A geophysical pole shift of planet earth is a possibility. Not a geomagnetic pole shift, but a geophysical pole shift, whereby the continents of the planet will occupy different geographic locations relative to the geophysical poles. There is strong evidence that this has happened before in the history of the planet, such as areas of Antarctica that were once home to rain forests - article below.  It could be a cyclic event which happens repeatedly over time. How can all of this equate into a geophysical pole shift of the planet? It has to do with viscosity, adhesion, and imbalances in the weight distribution of the planet. As the interior of the planet heats up, the magma upon which the solidified outer crust of the planet, and the continents ride, loses it's viscosity and adhesive properties. Owing to imbalances within the spinning planet caused by melting glaciers, and topographic changes above and below the seas, and the rising and lowering of land masses, and the ocean floor, as the result of the global earthquake activity, there is an imbalance or wobble in the earth's rotation - article below. When the adhesion between the outer crust of the planet, and the molten interior weakens because of the reduced viscosity of the super heated magma below, the outer crust of the planet, driven by the imbalance of the spinning earth, will break free, and like the entire skin of an orange, slip around the molten interior to a more balanced equilibrium, so that the continents will occupy different geophysical locations relative to the poles, while the actual central axis of the planet remains unchanged. These changes would be entirely dependant on centrifugal force and weight distribution of a spinning body. There is Biblical support for what I have written here as follows, "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea" - Revelation 21:1. The new heaven is of course due to the altered positions of the stellar constellations in the sky relative to previous positions prior to the pole shift, and the new earth is likewise because of the changed positions of the continents relative to previous positions and the geophysical poles. The Bible therefore indicates that a geophysical pole shift of earth is to come.
Earth's Magnetic Field Mysteriously Weakening In Specific Locations, Throwing Off Satellites And Spacecraft

Antarctica Was Once Home To Rainforest, Say Scientists 

Planet Earth Wobbles As It Spins, and Now Scientists Know Why

China reports zero new Covid-19 cases for FIRST TIME as pandemic finds new ‘epicenter’ in South America 

Russia registers under 10,000 new COVID-19 cases for 8 days in a row

"We've Never Seen Numbers Like This" - Trauma Doc Sees Post-Lockdown Suicide Wave Starting

Iran Reports 1869 New Coronavirus Cases, No Deaths in 14 Provinces

 US COVID-19 Deaths Top 96,000

South America is a new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, WHO says

As Unemployment Filings Top 38 Million, McConnell Vows to End Enhanced Benefits

US economy won’t recover soon & Federal Reserve ‘should go out of business,’ Ron Paul tells Boom Bust

43 states have record unemployment. See where your state ranks 

US billionaire wealth skyrockets to over $3 TRILLION during pandemic 

PURNELL: Ignoring the National Debt Means Massively Burdening Future Generations 

Doug Casey on the Economic Outcomes of the Coronavirus

Jim Rogers: The future for young people in America is a nightmare

The Path To Monetary Collapse

Worst Unemployment Spike In History - 1 In 4 American Workers Has Filed For Unemployment Benefits In 2020

Two years of escalations: Looking back at US-Iran tensions after nuclear deal pullout 

US Concerned by Growing Iran-Venezuela Ties

Trump Is Risking Starting a War with Iran and Venezuela Simultaneously

Iran monitoring US military, to respond to threat to interests anywhere in world

Rouhani Vows to Counter US Hostile Act against Iran’s Tankers

Iran: Shrines, cultural sites to reopen; workers to return to work

US breach of international obligations will definitely end up in anarchism

Quds Day: Unmasking Zionist collaborator in White House

Zionists always accuse their opponents of wrongdoings they do

 FM Spokesman: Noble Iran Never to Accept Captivity

 Iran: US Violating Int'l Laws, Norms

 Rouhani Vows to Reopen Shrines, Resume All Jobs

Zarif: Palestinian Resolve Unbreakable Even by Nukes

Ayatollah Khamenei: Everyone must assist in holy struggle to liberate Palestine

Not even nuclear weapons can break Palestinians’ resolve

Hezbollah says Palestinian land should return to its rightful owners

US support for Israel’s West Bank annexation anything but ‘peaceful’

Israel poses ‘most serious threat’ to peace 
& its WH backers must be held accountable for Palestine ‘apartheid’

Iran to Establish Online Embassy to Palestine

Trump Extends 2003 National Emergency on Iraq 

International Business Times: Trump Ordered Syria’s Wheat Crop Burning

Qara 8 gas well put into services to support electric power stations 

Large amounts of weapons, ammunition left behind by terrorists found in Daraa countryside 

Turkish occupation brings reinforcements to its illegitimate bases in Hasaka countryside 

Trump Administration Discussing New Nuclear Test, First Since 1992 

US Clears More UAE Arms Sales, Despite Evidence of Past Violations 

Khashoggi’s fiancee rejects family pardon offer to killers

US manufactured emergency to sell arms to Saudi Arabia

Relatives of Saudi defector target of harassment at home

Hungary Votes 134-56 to End Legal Recognition of Trans People

US to add 33 Chinese companies to economic blacklist

San Francisco sanctions once-shunned homeless encampments

No, there is not a parallel universe in Antarctica where time runs backwards 

Trump designates houses of worship as essential, orders US governors to reopen them NOW

USA tries to twist Russia’s arms to end START-3 talks by proxy

In new Fox News poll, Biden beats Trump, angering the president

Digital Currencies Could Threaten US Geopolitical Power, Warns JPMorgan 

Locust Swarm From Pakistan Entered India Earlier Than Expected

Buchanan: What Does Winning Mean In A Forever War? 

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