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Constitution Reaffirmed
The U.S. Constitution Stipulates A Right To (Life), Liberty, And Pursuit Of Happiness
Abortion Violates The Basic Right To Life And Is Therefore Unconstitutional
Supreme Court Overturns Roe V. Wade

Biden/Government Sponsored Protests No Doubt
There Are Three Divisions Of U.S. Governess - Executive - Congressional - Judicial
Biden Is Causing Political Divisiveness Between U.S. Branches Of Government
An Intergovernmental War Between The Branches Of Government Will Result In Complete Gridlock

Protests break out across U.S. after Roe v. Wade is struck down

Biden falsely says abortion ruling 
makes US outlier among developed nations 

Clarence Thomas says Supreme Court
 should reconsider contraception, gay marriage rulings

Moron In Charge
Biden Given Cheat Sheet 
That Instructs Him How To Say Hello And Sit Down 

Biden's Murderous Vaccine Campaign Continues
There Is No Medical Or Scientific Reason For This
There Will Be Hell To Pay For Such Heinous Crimes Against Children
Greater Disasters Ahead For Any Nation That Inflicts Such Harm Upon Children
Toddler tears as the nation's children begin to receive COVID shots

IMF slashes US growth forecast, 
sees narrowing path to avoid recession

Lake Mead is less than 150 feet away 
from becoming a “dead pool,” making much of the Southwestern U.S. uninhabitable

Why Are So Many Strange Pestilences 
Starting To Spread All Over The Western World?

Pozsar Was Right Again: 
Shipping Costs Soar 82,000% Amid Global Supply Chain Chaos After Ukraine 

Miami Housing Rents Jump A Stunning 41% In April 

Prepare For A Tidal Wave Of Evictions 

Guterres Says Sees Real Risk of Multiple Famines This Year 

Russia Can Destroy The U.S. With Just Four Sarmat Missiles
Can't Be Intercepted Or Stopped By Any Means After Launch
War With the Russian Federation

Powell's warning: Surprises could be in store on inflation 

Inflation Is Causing
More Americans To Be Nervous About Their Savings 

Here Is The Cause Of Inflation
Government Unable To Cover Debt Simply Prints More Money To Pay For It
As The World Moves Away From Dollar Assets And Investing In U.S. Debt
The Federal Reserves Buys Up Unwanted Treasuries With New Minted Money = Inflation

Fed Chair Jerome Powell warns 
government debt is on an unsustainable path 

The Link Between Soaring Food Prices & Political Instability 

Science Confirms No Link 
Between Carbon Emissions And Global Warming = Climate Change - Article Below*
Yet The Biden Administration Has Caused An Energy Disaster For America Based Upon A Total Fabrication Of Lies
Climate scientist says humans cause *
less than 0.05°C of global warming and warns of "anarchy" from "delusional" net zero policies 

Biden Makes America's Energy Producers Enemies Of The State
There Is No Urgent Need For A Government Sponsored Green Transition Policy
Biden Is An Insane Man Totally Out Of Touch With Reality And Leading America Down A Path Towards Total Destruction
He Makes Enemies Of Those Who Really Count And Friends With Those Who Don't Really matter

Biden Skips Meeting With Oil Executives
 to Meet With Wind Energy Executives

Here Is The Main Cause Of Climate Change
Sunspots And Solar Storms Have Long Been Known To Cause Extreme Weather
Giant Sunspot Currently Facing Earth
 And Still Growing Capable Of Emitting Powerful Solar Flares

Women Don't Exist
Biden Brought This Insanity Down Upon America
In Reality Gender Is Not What You Think You Are. Gender Is What You Physically Are. Sticking Your Finger In A Flame 
While Believing It's Ice Will Still Result In A Burn. Similarly, Thinking You Are Female While Born Male Doesn't Change Physical Reality.
Surgery And Drugs Are Cosmetic And Change Gender In Appearance Only. Every Cell In The Human Body Can Still Be Identified Genetically 
As Either Male Or Female. A Tissue Sample Taken From A Drag Queen Will Still Reveal His Male Characteristics. The Wholesale Denial Of The
Physical Laws Of The Universe By Any Government Can Only Lead To Death And Destruction Via A Lack Of Connection To Reality.

Women are being erased by wokesters 
intent on replacing them with birthing persons

I got thrown off Etsy and PayPal 
for expressing my belief in biological reality

Tip Of The Iceberg
Homosexual Men Masquerading As Women 
Out To Indoctrinate Male Children Into Homosexual Lifestyle

Pennsylvania drag queen
 charged with 25 counts of child pornography

Monkeypox cannot be considered a pandemic, expert says 

Everybody’s Guilty: 
To the Police State, We’re All Criminals Until We Prove Otherwise 

The E.U. Is A U.S. Proxy State Whereby Nobody Is Elected 
All Member States Have Given Up Sovereignty To An Unelected Body Of U.S. Cronies
They Will Destroy Europe's Energy Structure And Bring About Another European War 
Not Because Of European Necessities, But Because Of U.S. Special Interests Abroad 
EU Facing Difficult Economic Situation 
Amid Price Hikes and Energy Shortages, Swedish PM Says 

Germany warns entire industries could stop due to gas shortage 

Germany Fears Russia Could Shut Nord Stream 1 Within Weeks 

Hungary: Russia & Ukraine Ceasefire
 Only Chance To Avert Economic Crisis 

Europe Hit With Travel Chaos As Top Airline Cancels 3,100 Flights 

The European Union Is Again Close To A Meltdown

Putin: G7's Irresponsible Actions Triggered Global Inflation,
 Not Russia's Special Op in Ukraine 

EU, NATO’s Coalition for War with Moscow

Putin ally says London should be bombed first 
during World War Three

Russian arms maker mocks France's Macron 

Russia-EU ties already at rock bottom,
 hard to go any lower, says Kremlin 

Argentina's President Requests
 BRICS Membership for His Country 

India Discussing Rupee-Ruble Payment Mechanism With Russia 

Russia Is Still Earning More Than $100 Million
 Every Day From Oil Sales To Europe

Russia will not join Treaty 
on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons — MFA

Belarusian President states 
good results of integration between Moscow and Minsk 

Russia and Cuba Ready to Deepen Bilateral Cooperation

Putin's Approval Rating at 80 Percent, Poll Reveals

Russia Warns Of Non-Diplomatic Response 
Over Kaliningrad Blockade

Lithuania's blockade of Kaliningrad 
receives no support from West, Russia prepares practical response 

Lithuania Toes US Line 
by Limiting Rail Cargo to Russian Exclave, Expert Says 

Assange Put On Suicide Watch After Patel Decision, Family Says

Assange was subjected to ‘cruel’ treatment by UK: Wife

Russia shares principes declared
 by Chinese leader at BRICS summit, envoy says

US aims to Trap China in a Perpetual Taiwan Conflict 

Anglo-Saxons won't save their mercenaries captured in Ukraine

Ukraine Forces Retreat From Encircled Severodonetsk 
As Russia Achieves Hold Over Luhansk Province

Ukraine orders troops to retreat from key city as Russians close in

Severodonetsk industrial area, airport
 completely liberated — head of Chechnya 

Russian Armed Forces block Lisichansk
 from the south, take hundreds captive

Israeli forces kill Palestinian teenager
 during arrest in occupied West Bank

45-Year-Old Canadian Paralyzed After Pfizer Shot Waiting for Government to Respond

EU Renews Digital COVID Pass Despite 99% Negative Public Feedback 


US Oil And Gas Exports 
Are Fueling Higher Domestic Prices 

The Inflation Solutions 
Are Even Worse Than The Problem

Initial Jobless Claims 
At 5-Month Highs As Layoffs Accelerate

Doug Casey On Crashing Markets, 
Commodities, & What Happens Next 

First It Was Cattle Dropping Dead,
 Now Wheat Crops in Kansas Are Being Wiped Out on a Massive Scale 

Summer Preview: Rolling Blackouts, Higher Gas Prices, 
Natural Gas Rationing In Europe And A Historic Diesel Crisis 

Von Greyerz: Concurrent Deflation
 & Hyperinflation Will Ravage The World

Only 23% Of New Yorkers 
Can Afford Median Rent Amid "Incredibly Tight Market"

Fauci’s $478,188 Experiment to Turn Monkeys Transgender
and Other Ways the Government Wastes Your Money 

Everyone’s Burning Coal Except America 
 The Country That Has The Most 

Biden approval falls 
fourth straight week, tying record low: Poll

Poll: Biden’s Job Approval Rating
 Slips to Lowest Level in Months

Biden Again Blames Putin
 For High Gas Prices as Russian Oil Sales Soar

Putin suggests way out of global economic crisis

Biden holds notes that read 
YOU enter the Roosevelt Room,YOU take YOUR seat 

In Historic Win For Gun Rights, 
SCOTUS Rules NY Draconian Restrictions Are Unconstitutional 

Supreme Court:
 Americans have the right to carry guns in public

Texas Republican Party Resolution 
to Secede From US Not Legal, Pure Fantasy, Experts Say 

US Navy says it'll punish sailors
 who misuse gender pronouns intentionally 

Russia Preparing for ‘Big, Colossal War’
 With NATO, Says Major General 

US gov't body plots
 to break up Russia in name of decolonization

Russia Is Still Earning More Than $100 Million
 Every Day From Oil Sales To Europe

Afghan earthquake: 
Kabul appeals for emergency medical aid for survivors

Mass evacuations as record rainfall 
and floods batter southern China - heaviest rain in 61 years

Eurobonds for rubles:
 Russia makes first payment under new rules 

Fifth Turkish bank starts accepting Russia’s Mir cards

Italy's coalition breaking apart over lethal aid to Ukraine 

Russia Warns Of Non-Diplomatic Response
 Over Kaliningrad Blockade

Russia full of determination
over Kaliningrad situation — Kremlin spokesman 

Russia has no illusions 
EU’s Russophobic policy may change soon — Lavrov 

No link between Russia’s operation in Ukraine, 
world food crisis — Lavrov 

Lavrov: EU & NATO Seem To Be Forming Bloc for War With Russia

Ukraine Says It Received US-Provided Rocket Systems 

US to send Ukraine rocket systems, other aid in new package

LIVE UPDATES: Russian Air Strikes 
Eliminate 300 Ukrainian Troops in Kharkov and Nikolaev Regions 

Russian army seals off 
2,000 Ukrainian troops in Gorskoye-Zolotoye trap 

Attempts underway to increase presence 
of US-sponsored Takfiri terrorists in Syria: Report

Hamas calls for immediate halt
 to Israeli excavations at al-Aqsa Mosque

Mikati Chosen as Lebanon’s PM 
After Winning MPs' Majority Vote

Houthi: More Painful Retaliatory Strikes 
to Await Saudi-Led Coalition Should Aggression, Siege Continue 

Vaccine Diabolus and the Impending Wave
 of Rare Neurodegenerative Disorders 

Now Young People Are Dying In Their Sleep Regularly 

Good news! Publix Supermarkets REFUSES TO OFFER
 vaccinations to CHILDREN UNDER 5 at its more than 1,200 US stores

They Want To Give The Next Covid Jabs Without Clinical Tests 
Dr Vernon Coleman: 

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